Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 30 Sep 1867 Napier, Stephen D. to Hurst, Winney by E. A. Mingus, MG 10 Sep 1865 Neasby, Julian A. to Bias, John by John M. Davis, JP 21 Jul 1864 Neemore, John to King, Amanda by R.S. Collaway, MG 29 Jun 1860 Neighbor, Nancy Lucinda to Highfield, Andrew by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Benjamin Highfield 31 Oct 1858 Neves, Thomas I. to Whittenburg, Elizabeth by Edmund Kindrek, JP 17 Jan 1867 Newcomer, John J. to Barton, Mary by Jacob Good, MG 20 Jul 1862 Newcommer, Miss Julia A. to Henslee, Thomas by John Robinson, MG 1 Jul 1860 Nichols, Frances E. to Rush, James T. by Wm Pitt, MG 8 Sep 1856 Nichols, Harrit C. to Turner, John by James H. Slavens 1 Jun 1863 Nichols, Lazarus of Wright Co. to McClure, Mary Jane by William M. Carter, MG 8 Aug 1866 Nichols, N. M. to Heckard, Margarete by John M. Davis, JP 16 Sep 1866 Nichols, Susanah W. of Wright County to Thompson, Winfield S. by Jacob Good, MG 14 Jun 1860 Nimmo, Nancy Jane to Holmes, James of Dalis County by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Robert Nimmo 20 Mar 1856 Nobles, Jane to Roods, John by Neely Pryor, JP 25 Dec 1871 Norman, John to Cooper, Sarah by Ransom Voyles, MG 4 Apr 1862 Norman, Martha to Hutson, John by I.H. Cunningham, JP 4 May 1865 Norten, Margret R. to Hifield, M.N. Jasper by J.H. Wammack, MG 20 Jul 1856 Norton, Elender Elizabeth to Highfield, Jeremiah of Dallis County by James Highfield, MG 26 Jun 1861 Norton, Jacob R. to Latimer, Jane by H.E. Smith, MG 9 Aug 1860 Norton, John to Davis, Eddy Exoney by John D. Harris, JP 5 Aug 1860 Norton, Martha Jane to Louder, George H. by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Messer Norton 3 Nov 1867 Norton, Mary to Burford, Jonathan by Geo. M. Winton, MG 25 Aug 1867 Norton, Rachael A. to Jones, James T. by L.A. Smith, MG 5 Nov 1856 Nunn, Bradford to Heard, Elizabeth by Edward Kindrick, JP 10 Aug 1856 Nunn, Dulsena to Shields, James by Thomas Boles, OM 14 Aug 1855 Nunn, Noah to Penland, Mary Jane by William Worthy, JP 21 Feb 1864 Odell, John to Rippee, Tuffend by D.W. Amose, MG 15 Mar 1857 Oliver, Andrew to Duncan, Izabel Jane by Allen Kilburn, JP 26 Jan 1860 Oliver, James G. to Amack, Cintha by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 15 Sep 1867 Onstot, George W. to Green, Cynthia by John A. Armentrout, JP 20 May 1866 Orrinder, William to Yandle, Mary Elizabeth by John Williams, MG 17 Jul 1862 Orton, Nancy A. to Hollis, John H. by James Jones, MG 12 Dec 1866 Osbourn, William C. to Keply, Susan by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 19 Sep 1866 Owen, Sarah Elizabeth to Reid, G.G. by John M. Davis, JP 6 Aug 1863 Owens, Emily M. to George, Joseph by Charles Davis, MG 17 Jan 1866 Pack, John to Haymes, Elizabeth by W.F. Dugan, JP 11 Feb 1866 Painter, William H. to Horne, Rachel A. by A.D. Delzell, MG 20 Feb 1861 Palmer, Joyner to Whittenburg, Catherine by William Worthy, JP 25 Aug 1864 Parks, Henry to Blunt, Mary Frances by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 15 Aug 1871 Patty, Cornealas to Dugan, Julia by W.F. Dugan, JP Married at Dugan's office 3 Nov 1859 Paul, Ambrose to Phillips, Hiley by Hiram Young, MG 5 Dec 1861 Paul, Martha L. to Alexander, Ezekial by Caleb Haymes, MG 23 Aug 1864 Peacock, John M. to Huff, Phebe by G.W. Haymes, MG 22 Apr 1855 Pearson, Lucinda to Coskey, John S. by J.L. Shafforn, JP 11 Mar 1858 Pearson, Mary Ann to Good, John by Thomas Boles, MG 23 Jul 1865 Pearson, Miss Elizabeth Ann to Langdon, James T. by Allen Kilburn, JP 26 Mar 1861 Peirce, Nancy Ann to Triplett, John by A.W. Minor, JP 8 Jan 1865 Pendergrass, Lucinda to Kinsor, William by Jacob Good, MG 27 Jun 1860 Penegar, John to Hagan, Catharine by James Jones, Minister 1 Mar 1866 Penland, Lorinda to Gardner, Loronzo Don by John Williams, MG 14 Aug 1855 Penland, Mary Jane to Nunn, Noah by William Worthy, JP 7 Feb 1867 Penland, Philip to Decard, Loucinda by John Williams, MG 22 Jul 1866 Petit, Seilo Ann to Greathouse, Jackson by Allen Kilburn, JP 13 Dec 1863 Pharis, Mary E. to Gentry, Mark by J.W. Haymes, MG 21 Mar 1867 Philip, Jerromiah P. to Clifton, Drucilla M. by John L. Stafford, JP 3 Nov 1859 Phillips, Hiley to Paul, Ambrose by Hiram Young, MG 27 Sep 1859 Phillips, Jesse to Pursley, Mary by J.R. Pate, JP 17 Dec 1857 Phillips, Miss Mary J. to Filkins, James by George Park, JP 17 Mar 1859 Philpot, Elizabeth to Killion, Silas L. by J.A. Goss, JP 8 Nov 1866 Philpot, W.H. to Killian, M.T. by D.W. Amos, MG 12 May 1867 Philpot, William F. to Killion, Martha P. by John Williams, MG 25 Aug 1864 Philpott, Alexander to Mobley, Ann by Benjamin Hays, JP 1 Nov 1867 Pickle, Catharine to Greaer, Dodgan by John A. Armentrout, JP 12 Dec 1858 Pickle, Mary Jane to Coffy, Joseph by Thomas Stokes, JP 15 Sep 1861 Pickle, Miss Sarah Margaret to McKinney, Shelton by John Robinson, MG 2 Oct 1864 Pickle, Sarah Elizabeth to Smith, James W. by William Worthy, JP 15 Dec 1859 Pickle, Sarinda Catharine to Whittenburg, William by Edmund Kindrek, JP 16 May 1867 Pierce, Sarah Catharine to Grigsby, Nathaniel B. by William Worthy, JP 13 Nov 1856 Pilkenton, James to Crider, Mary by Thomas Boles, OM 13 Jun 1865 Pilkeston, Matilda to Rutherford, William by John M. Davis, JP 17 Dec 1865 Pilkinton, Rebecka A. to Williams, Zackariah by Jacob M. Good, MG 16 Apr 1865 Pitchford, Joseph to Cantrell, Sarah Elizabeth by John Williams, MG 24 Aug 1865 Pitchford, Nancy Elizabeth to Conley, Calvin C. by John Williams, MG 17 Sep 1866 Pitts, Mrs. Hannah to Blythe, Absolom by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Jan 1858 Pitts, Sarah Ann Catharine to Webb, William C. of Crawford County by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of R. H. Pitts 8 May 1862 Plank, G.W. to Ward, Margaret Ann by I.A. Cottrell, JP 28 Dec 1856 Plank, William to Hurst, Rodean by R. S. Colloway, of the Meth. Epis. Church South 3 May 1857 Plumby, Isaac to Casey, Anny F. by Keathley Boils, OM 25 Dec 1864 Plumlee, Joel to Potter, Mary Jane by Miles Bruton, JP 27 Jan 1862 Pogue, Arbyzerry to Sartin, Jesse by William Shaver, MG 1 Sep 1867 Pogue, Daniel H. to Smith, Malinda C. by C.C. Davis 17 Aug 1862 Pogue, Miss Nancy to Dugger, Silas by John Robinson, MG 31 Mar 1864 Points, Mary F. to Ludicar, Franklin by John M. Davis, JP 8 Apr 1866 Popejoy, James M. to Derryberry, Rebeca A. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 23 Jun 1867 Popejoy, Rachael J. to Crowford, Augustus by John Williams, MG 13 Apr 1858 Potes, John F. to Hicks, Mary by R.H. Brooks, JP 17 Mar 1861 Potter, Alexander to Spann, Martha Ann by A. W. Minor, JP 27 Dec 1857 Potter, Hiram H. of Douglas County to Lakey, Nancy of Douglas County by John Brixey, MG 13 Oct 1867 Potter, Martha A. to Letterman, John by William W. Shaver, MG 25 Dec 1864 Potter, Mary Jane to Plumlee, Joel by Miles Bruton, JP 27 Mar 1867 Potter, Pleasant G. to Bodenhamer, Rebecca M. by Spencer Marlin, County Court Justice 6 Dec 1857 Potter, Racha J. to Derebery, Thomas G. by J.H. Wammack, MG 14 Sep 1865 Potter, Roxey E. to Smith, Leonard by R. S. Collaway, MG 28 Jan 1858 Powel, Eliza Jane to Cople, A.C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 19 Apr 1857 Powel, Thomas W. to Samsel, Eliza J. by Allen Kilburn, JP 11 Mar 1866 Price, Jasper M. to Haygan, Sarah Jane by William F. Dugan, JP 16 Jan 1859 Price, John to Strong, Louisa by James Jones, MG 20 Mar 1861 Price, Lockey C. to Arthur, William by James Jones 28 Dec 1866 Price, Miss Mary L. to Reynolds, Nathan by D.F. Melton, JP 4 Jun 1863 Price, Peter to Ship, Harriet Jane by John Gourly, JP 18 Feb 1858 Price, Rebecca Ann to Todd, George W. of Wright County by Jacob Mingus, MG 29 Aug 1858 Price, William Z. to George, Thursey Jane by Colet Haymes, LP 26 Jan 1862 Prichard, Levi to Thomas, Louiza by D.M. Johnston, MG 27 Aug 1865 Prince, Michael to Baker, Eliza J. W. by John Williams, MG 11 Sep 1865 Prince, Sarah Elizabeth to Row, John C. by John Williams, MG 5 Apr 1866 Prunty, Nancy to Casteel, James by William F. Dugan, JP 5 Mar 1865 Pumphrey, William G. to Compton, Phebe A. M. by Miles Bruton, JP 12 Mar 1867 Purkins, Fountain Jane to Edwards, Eli by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 17 Apr 1864 Pursley, Elizabeth to Crigger, Robert by Jacob Good 5 Dec 1861 Pursley, George to Butler, Saphrona by Andrew D. Delzel, MG 27 Sep 1859 Pursley, Mary to Phillips, Jesse by J.R. Pate, JP 8 Sep 1867 Pursly, James to Criger, Martha Jane by Isiah Kirk, JP 30 Apr 1865 Puryer, Lucy C. to Rhodes, Lorenzo D. by John L. Stafford, JP 13 Mar 1856 Puryer, Robert B. to Cummins, Drucilla A. by N.C. Turner, JP
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