Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 6 Mar 1856 Earls, Caroline to Wester, George V. by Walter K. Hargus, JP 4 Aug 1861 East, D.F. to Amack, Tilla by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 3 Apr 1859 East, Martha to Williams, Pleasant by Walter K. Hargis, JP 25 Dec 1859 East, Miss Siney to King, Alexander by Jonathan Brolley, JP 8 Nov 1860 East, Thomas to Shields, Mary by J.L. Stafford, JP 8 Aug 1855 Edington, James to Scott, Elender by Jacob Mingus, MG 2 Oct 1867 Edmonds, Martha A. to Sanborn, Leonard by John Williams, MG 1 Feb 1857 Edward, James M. to McCormack, Nancy T. by Keathly Boils, OM 12 Oct 1856 Edwards, Amose Asbery to Welch, Anjaline by Keathley Bailes, MG 12 Mar 1867 Edwards, Eli to Purkins, Fountain Jane by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 1 Jan 1861 Edwards, James Newton to Davis, Mary Alphens by Keathley Boils, MG 25 Dec 1856 Edwards, Mary to Herrenton, John D. by Keathley Boles, OM 17 Mar 1863 Edwards, Miss Martha K. to Upshaw, Drew by David F. Melton, JP 23 Feb 1865 Edwards, Presby M. to Welch, Miss Easter E. by David F. Melton, JP 29 Mar 1858 Edwards, William I. to Dareberry, Levira Jane by Keathly Boils, MG 25 Jun 1867 Elkins, George to Harris, Matilda by W.F. Dugan, JP 2 Sep 1863 Elliott, James M. to Gullet, Rebecca A. by John M. Davis, JP 15 May 1856 Ellis, Artela to Lee, B.F. by William Smith, JP 20 Jul 1865 Ellis, Margarette to Vittitoe, J. K. P. by William F. Dugan, JP 2 Jul 1865 Ellis, Miss Mary to Stafford, Burton L. by Allen Kilburn, JP 2 Feb 1860 Ellison, Elisha F. to Holston, Nancy L. by Joseph H. Conner, JP 11 Nov 1855 Ellison, Jackson to Jennings, Malinda by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 7 Aug 1862 Ellison, Mahala to Silvey, Jackson by Benjamin Hays, JP 25 Dec 1856 Ellmoore, Margaret Jane to Hightower, Abner by Allen Kilburn, JP 4 Oct 1866 Embry, Martha E. to Morris, John W. by William W. Shaver, MG 10 May 1863 Emery, John to Johnson, Mary Jane by Logan Hargis, JP 10 Feb 1859 England, Josiah S. to Shackelford, Elizabeth by W. Pitt 13 Dec 1866 England, Mary Jane to Clay, William by W.L. Fannon, MG 9 Oct 1856 England, Sarah to Trimble, John C. by John Cummins, Deacon of Meth. Epis. Church South 20 Jan 1861 Epps, Isaac to Drury, Nancy by Thomas Stokes, JP 12 Jul 1855 Epps, Isaac W. to Cantrel, Coneyann by William Worthy, JP 9 Jun 1867 Esary, Isham to Atwell, Almarinda J. by Allen Kilburn, JP 20 Sep 1860 Eslick, David to Bateman, Maryann by Keathley Boles, Minister 13 Jan 1867 Eslinger, Emily to Byrd, Horner by John Williams, MG 3 Oct 1867 Eslinger, Jackson to McClure, Elizabeth by M.B. Smith, MG 15 Nov 1863 Eslinger, John C. to Tutt, Hermetta A. by George Long, MG 28 Oct 1858 Eslinger, Robert to Casteel, Alas Jan by Edmund Kindrek, JP 23 Jun 1859 Eslinger, Serilda to Cunningham, James M. by Robert Ross 6 Mar 1863 Eslinger, Syntha Ann to Robinson, Thomas by William W. Shaver, MG 20 Mar 1864 Essary, Andrew J. to Icard, Hiley C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 24 Mar 1861 Essary, George C. to Deckard, Sarah by Allen Kilburn, JP 24 Dec 1865 Essary, James to Dill, Miss Eliza by Allen Kilburn, JP 13 Jan 1859 Essary, John to Selvidge, Sarah Jane by Allen Kilburn, JP 1 Mar 1866 Evans, Mary E. to Cloud, L.P. by John M. Davis, JP 17 Mar 1861 Evins, Margaret V. to Bartlet, John by T. J. Roberts, MG 10 Nov 1859 Ewing, Letha Jane to Barnard, A.D. by R.H. Brooks, JP 14 Jul 1859 Ezekial, Elizabeth to Mathis, Joseph by J.R. Pate, JP 2 Aug 1863 Fannon, William L. to Brown, Sarah by U.H. Shipley, MG 11 Aug 1857 Farr, Elizabeth to Maxwell, Samuel by R. S. Colloway of Meth. Epis. Church South 24 Mar 1867 Farr, Emily J. to Fesperman, James by James R. Vanzant, MG 30 Jan 1864 Farr, Jasper to Byrd, Adaline by Robert S. Collaway, MG 1 Jul 1866 Farr, Rilda E. to Maggard, David C. by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 19 Dec 1866 Felkner, Sarah to Cornelison, Cenrod by Willis L. Fannon, MG 1 Dec 1859 Felton, Jefferson Morgan to Reynolds, Eliza Ann by Benjamin Walker, MG 24 Mar 1867 Fesperman, James to Farr, Emily J. by James R. Vanzant, MG 17 Dec 1857 Filkins, James to Phillips, Miss Mary J. by George Park, JP 1 Apr 1857 Filpot, Lucinda to Robinet, Benjamin by William R. Killion, MG 3 Feb 1861 Florence, Malinda Ann to Lakey, Andrew by John Robinson, MG 20 Dec 1864 Florrence, Miss Mary E. to Stillwill, William W. by David F. Melton, JP 19 Sep 1867 Flource, Anny E. to Strotor, Sidney F. by Jacob Good, MG 15 Dec 1864 Follwell, William to Minor, Sarah L. by T.K. Wammack, MG 15 Mar 1866 Folwell, Sarah to Welch, Benjamin F. by D.W. Amos, MG 11 Mar 1858 Fondon, Miss Elizabeth to Wilson, James by Jonathan Brolley, JP 28 Sep 1866 Forbis, James to Keller, Jane by Willie Fannon, MG 20 Nov 1856 Ford, Augustus to Chaffin, Caroline by C.C. Williamson 23 Jul 1865 Ford, Augustus W. to Shipman, Elizabeth by David F. Melton, JP 8 May 1864 Ford, Leander M. to Harmon, Miss Frances by David F. Melton, JP 16 Aug 1866 Ford, Miss Mary E. to McKey, Thomas M. A. by D.F. Melton, JP 20 Oct 1859 Ford, Rufus L. to Aldridge, Miss Elizabeth J.A. by R.H. Brooks, JP 13 Dec 1860 Forkner, A.C. to Daugherty, Sarah B. by John M. Buff, JP 20 Oct 1859 Foster, Huldah C. to Boulinger, John by William Pitt, MG 20 Dec 1866 Foster, Julian J. to Turner, Lizer by Jacob Good, MG 14 Jul 1864 Foster, Mary Ann to Copening, Joseph by John M. Davis, JP 11 Feb 1866 Foster, Sarah J. to Leeds, Josiah M. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 18 Nov 1856 Franklin, William to Bowers, Elizabeth by John A. Sanders, MG 14 May 1865 Frasier, William B. to Boyd, Mary A. S. by Allen Kilburn, JP 28 Jul 1865 Frazier, Tilda to Bell, Quiny A. by Robert S. Collaway, MG 4 Aug 1859 Frederick, Mary to Burrow, Goodman by John L. Stafford, JP 31 Jul 1866 Freeman, James to Galliher, M. M. by D.W. Amos, MG 24 Dec 1865 Freeman, John to McMahan, Elizabeth by D.W. Amos, MG 17 May 1860 Freeman, Mary F. to Cox, Jess by Robert Ross, MG 9 Apr 1866 Freeman, Susan to Dill, William B. by R.S. Collaway, MG 25 Aug 1867 Frieze, Hetta to Teed, George R. by J.H. Wammack, MG 26 Jan 1864 Fry, Eliza to Hicks, James J. by J.W. Haymes, MG 22 Jul 1858 Fugate, Silvester to Robinson, Amanda Elizabeth by Edmund Kindrick, JP 12 Aug 1866 Galbraith, Frederick A. to Crawford, Mary E. by Miles Bruton, JP 31 Dec 1865 Galbraith, Mary Y. to Batie, David M. by A.D. Delzell, MG 31 Jul 1866 Galliher, M. M. to Freeman, James by D.W. Amos, MG 21 Oct 1862 Gamble, Andrew J. to Wells, Harriet by I.A. Cottrell, JP 5 Aug 1860 Gann, Henry to Gann, Martha by John D. Haris, JP 5 Aug 1860 Gann, Martha to Gann, Henry by John D. Haris, JP 22 Dec 1867 Gardner, Elizabeth to Jackson, Monroe by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 23 Dec 1866 Gardner, Jane to Jackson, Columbus by John Williams, MG 1 Mar 1866 Gardner, Loronzo Don to Penland, Lorinda by John Williams, MG 15 Jul 1866 Gardner, Martha J. to Gaston, William by John Williams, MG 29 Sep 1867 Gardner, Rhoda to Duncan, Isaac by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 2 Oct 1865 Gardner, Sarah A. R. to Chandler, James D. by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Jul 1864 Gardner, Sarah J. to Hargis, T.D. by R.S. Collaway, MG 5 Mar 1865 Gardner, Wm. J. to Whittenburg, Lydia by Wm. Worthy, JP 12 Feb 1859 Garner, Andrew to Dudley, Sarah by Allen Kilburn, JP Aug 1866 Garner, John W. to Mason, Mary by John Williams, MG 6 Sep 1866 Garner, Martha to Shield, Benjamin T. by Isaac Tullis, MG 11 Jan 1866 Garner, Martin M. to Miller, Miss Louisa by Allen Kilburn, JP 20 Feb 1859 Garner, Mary to Dudley, Gabriel by Allen Kilburn, JP 13 Apr 1857 Garner, Nancy to Lynn, George W. by Allen Kilburn, JP 10 May 1863 Garrison, Joseph D. to Givens, Kittie by Logan Hargis, JP 3 Dec 1859 Garrison, Sophrona to Huffman, F.M. by John Brixey, Minister 25 Mar 1863 Garrott, Sarah to Ball, Wm. by John Williams, MG 27 Mar 1867 Gaston, John to Casteel, Louisa by John Williams, MG 15 Jul 1866 Gaston, William to Gardner, Martha J. by John Williams, MG 11 Sep 1867 Gault, Mary T. to Kepley, George K. by J.H. Wammack, MG 27 Dec 1860 Gentry, Joiner to Smith, Marthy J. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 13 Dec 1863 Gentry, Mark to Pharis, Mary E. by J.W. Haymes, MG 28 Mar 1867 George, Barbra to Carter, David S. by John Cummins, LP 8 Jun 1856 George, James H. to Ball, Parthena Manerva by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 19 Aug 1860 George, Joseph to Blay, Lucinda Jane by Charles Davis, MG 6 Aug 1863 George, Joseph to Owens, Emily M. by Charles Davis, MG 20 May 1860 George, Mahala to McCormack, Johnson by J.A. Cottrell, JP 30 Apr 1865 George, Mahala A. to McCormack, William T. by George W. Thompson, JP 15 May 1861 George, Mary to Stever, James by John D. Harris, JP 19 Oct 1865 George, Miss Elizabeth to Hurst, Wm. Fulery L. by John Williams, MG 7 Aug 1859 George, Samuel to Wood, Dorcus Celina by Charles Davis, JP 21 Feb 1867 George, Thomas O. to Allred, Mary Ann by John L. Stafford, JP 29 Aug 1858 George, Thursey Jane to Price, William Z. by Colet Haymes, LP 27 Jul 1865 George, William to See, Henrietta M. by John Williams, MG 7 Jul 1862 George, William to Blankenship, Jane by John Cummins, MG 18 Feb 1866 Gevin, Edith Emaline to Halpain, Robert by Burgess Wright, MG 9 Oct 1860 Ghan, Jane to Stringer, James by J.D. Harris, JP 16 Mar 1859 Gibbens, A.H. to McCommack, Nancy by G.P.R. Vanzandt, Elder of the M.P. Church 15 Nov 1866 Gibbins, Elizabeth to Hartly, Daniel by J.H. Wammack, MG 4 Mar 1866 Gibbins, Lydia C. to Mullinex, John W. by J.H. Wammack, MG 17 Mar 1857 Gibbins, Rutha Ann to Vanzandt, G. R. P. by C. F. Dryden, MG 1 Nov 1857 Giddens, William G. to Clark, Caroline by Mark D. Spain, JP 5 Dec 1858 Gilbert, James R. to McCarty, Rebecca by James Johnson, JP 11 Jan 1867 Gilbert, John W. to Jones, Mary Josephine by William Worthy, JP 26 Sep 1864 Gilheath, John Presley to Hinkle, Rachael Barsheba by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 26 Jun 1856 Givens, Gabrel to Kirkland, Mahala by Ambrose Cobb, MG 10 May 1863 Givens, Kittie to Garrison, Joseph D. by Logan Hargis, JP 6 May 1866 Glen, John to Jennings, Kati by J.M. Davis, JP 8 Dec 1867 Glenn, Frances G. to Lawson, Nathaniel S. by C.F. Dugan, MG 2 Aug 1866 Glenn, Miss Mary Frances Elizabeth to McFarland, Robt. by W.H. Smith, MG 28 Jun 1857 Goforth, Wilson to Spain, Elizabeth D. by Calet Haymes 19 Feb 1857 Golliher, Maryann to Barnes, N.G. by C.C. Williamson 24 Nov 1859 Gollioun, Stephen to Hobson, Mrs. Mahaly I. by D. M. Johnston, MG 1 Nov 1860 Good, C. S. to Moore, Judah O. by J.A. Cattrell, JP 11 Mar 1858 Good, John to Pearson, Mary Ann by Thomas Boles, MG 5 Nov 1860 Good, Marthy to Blankenship, Robert C. by Jonathan Harper, MG 4 Jul 1867 Good, Thomas A. to Rose, Clara A. by J.H. Wammack, MG 30 May 1858 Goodman, John to Hilton, Matilda E. by William Hilton, MG 28 Aug 1856 Goodman, Nancy to Cornelison, Martin by Stephen Phillips, JP 23 Sep 1855 Goodnight, Joseph H. to Braden, Elizabeth Jane by John Y. Walker, MG 6 Dec 1857 Goodnight, Mandy Jane to Wilkerson, Isam by Keathly Boils, MG 24 Sep 1865 Goodnight, Mary J. to Gowors, Houston C. by J. H. Wammack, MG 27 Aug 1865 Goodnight, Mary Jane to Gower, Houston by John M. Davis, JP 28 Sep 1867 Gorman, M. to Hensley, A.M. by John A. Armentrout, JP 23 Jan 1866 Gorner, William to Copening, Mary Ann by John Williams, MG 20 Jan 1868 Goss, A. R. to Henry, Sarah Jane by Merit B. Smith, MG 22 Nov 1857 Goss, Abigail to Killion, Franklin by Burgess Wright, MG 1 Feb 1866 Goss, Daniel to Smith, Margarett by John L. Stafford, JP 12 Jan 1862 Goss, Daniel to Stillwell, Anjaline by Burgess Wright, MG 14 Aug 1864 Goss, Eli to Killion, Sarah by Benjamin Hays, JP 8 Jan 1857 Goss, Jacob to Killion, Elemine by Burgess Wright, MG 8 Mar 1866 Goss, Jacob to Baker, Minerva Ann by John L. Stafford, JP 1 Apr 1860 Goss, John to Day, Virginia A.L. by Burgess Wright, MG 12 Apr 1866 Goss, Judah Charlotte to Denney, Benjamin by J.B. Wright, MG 28 Mar 1867 Goss, Julian to Williams, Joseph by Allen Kilbourn, JP 30 Dec 1858 Goss, July Ann to Davis, J.F. by John Brixey, Minister 12 Dec 1858 Goss, M.C. of Green County to Jones, Sarah E. by C.F. Dryden, MG 3 Jan 1867 Goss, Mary E. of Greene County to Almon, John W. by James Hughes, MG 8 Feb 1859 Goss, Nety A. to Britton, Thomas by C.F. Dryden, MG 27 Aug 1865 Gower, Houston to Goodnight, Mary Jane by John M. Davis, JP 30 Jun 1859 Gowers, Joseph M. to Burnine, Sarah by Isaac A. Cathell, JP 24 Sep 1865 Gowors, Houston C. to Goodnight, Mary J. by J. H. Wammack, MG 16 Oct 1859 Graham, Margaret Jane to Ridens, Samuel T. by H.D. Moore, MG 20 Feb 1861 Graham, Rutha Ann to Moore, William by D.M. Johnson, MG 2 May 1866 Gratehouse, Ellen to Teague, John Riley by Isaac Gulles, MG 20 Nov 1864 Graves, Allen to Durham, Rachel by John M. Davis, JP 10 Sep 1857 Graves, Daniel to Wilson, Hester Ann by James Jones, MG 28 Dec 1865 Gray, Carbin D. to Mullinex, Harriett by J.H. Wammack, MG 18 Jan 1867 Gray, Maruly E. to Matney, John by Wm. Bean, JP 13 Aug 1865 Grayham, Calvin Luther to Mulenix, Sarah by John M. Davis, JP 13 Jan 1867 Grayhone, Joseph to Jenings, Mina by Spencer Marlin, Justice of the County Court 1 Nov 1867 Greaer, Dodgan to Pickle, Catharine by John A. Armentrout, JP 22 Nov 1855 Greathouse, Allen O. to Liveley, Mary by John M. Buff, JP 22 Jul 1866 Greathouse, Jackson to Petit, Seilo Ann by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Sep 1860 Greathouse, Nancy to Terry, Wm. R. by John M. Buff, JP 20 May 1858 Green, Anderson to Burks, Elizabeth T. by W.R. Hargis, JP 15 Jan 1857 Green, Bartlet T. to Turner, Anna E. by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 15 Sep 1867 Green, Cynthia to Onstot, George W. by John A. Armentrout, JP 21 Nov 1866 Green, Elizabeth to Smith, John by Jacob Good, MG 9 Dec 1866 Green, Elizabeth Y. to Burks, Hosa by Miles Bruton, JP 31 Jan 1861 Green, Francis M. to Wood, Maryann by R.B. Rogers, MG 25 Nov 1866 Green, James R. to Stroud, Martha by Isaiah Kirk, JP 5 Apr 1860 Green, James S. to Hargis, Elizabeth by R.B. Rogers, MG 13 Sep 1863 Green, Mary Jane to Hutchison, George W. by John M. Davis, JP 30 Aug 1860 Green, Patsy to Williams, James by James R. Vanzant, JP 25 Sep 1856 Green, William to Deshozier, Rosyann by Jonathan Brolley, JP 6 Jan 1861 Green, William to Williams, Elizabeth by James R. Vanzant, JP Witnessed by William Brazeal 12 Jan 1860 Greenlee, James H. to Kilburn, Martha P. by Thomas Alexander 8 May 1864 Griggby, Margrett A. to King, Benton R.P. by William Worthy, JP 2 Sep 1860 Grigsby, Mary Frances to Jones, John A. by William Worthy, JP 28 Feb 1861 Grigsby, Miss Martha Caroline to King, Isaac F. by H.A.L. Marshall, MG 16 May 1867 Grigsby, Nathaniel B. to Pierce, Sarah Catharine by William Worthy, JP 24 Dec 1865 Grigsby, Sarah Ann to Trait, John B. by William Worthy, JP 3 May 1866 Grigsby, Temperance to Umphry, Francis M. by William Worthy, JP 14 Jun 1857 Grogan, Rutha to McCarty, Thomas by James Johnson, JP 23 Dec 1855 Groves, G. W. to Burks, Elizabeth A. by R. B. Rogers 2 Sep 1863 Gullet, Rebecca A. to Elliott, James M. by John M. Davis, JP
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