Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 24 Nov 1867 Cain, Miss Rebecca to Cudney, John E. by Allen Kilburn, JP 15 Sep 1864 Cainia, Malinda to Roue, Jackson by William F. Dugan, JP 27 Jul 1860 Caldwell, Margaret to Upshaw, John by Keathley Boles, Minister 29 Aug 1860 Caldwell, Mary to Kingston, William by John Monday, JP 15 Dec 1867 Callaway, Malcom M. to Burford, Elizabeth R. by C. F. Dryden, MG 22 Sep 1867 Calvert, John D. to Derryberry, Sarah Francis by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 13 Jul 1862 Campbell, John to Conner, Effy Jane by John Brixey, MG 31 May 1866 Campbell, Lucinda to Brown, Elisha J. by Logan Hargis, JP 8 May 1856 Campbell, Lucinda to Hammonds, Benjamin by John Brixey, JP 8 Oct 1867 Campton, Emmy to Bassou, William Jefferson by James Jones, Minister of Old Regular Baptist 7 Nov 1867 Cane, Eblan to Hall, Henry by John A. Armentrout, JP 5 May 1864 Cane, Hugh to Kimbrough, Jane by William F. Dugan, JP 19 Mar 1855 Cantral, Thomas H. to Cook, Sarah E. by J.A. Patterson, JP 12 Jul 1855 Cantrel, Coneyann to Epps, Isaac W. by William Worthy, JP 1 Nov 1860 Cantrell, Elizabeth Jane to Hoosher, Jasper by William Worthy, JP 1 May 1859 Cantrell, James R. to Casteel, Miss Mahaly by O.G. Couch, JP 17 Jun 1861 Cantrell, Mary A.E. to Coskey, David J. by H.E. Smith, MG 11 Jun 1866 Cantrell, Rebecca E. to Todd, George W. by John L. Stafford, JP 16 Apr 1865 Cantrell, Sarah Elizabeth to Pitchford, Joseph by John Williams, MG 5 May 1866 Cantrell, Sarah L. to Young, Martin V. by John Williams, MG 18 Mar 1858 Cantrill, A.T. to Dunkin, Lucinda by Edmund Kindrick, JP 22 Sep 1855 Capell, Thomas to Vitetoe, Permelia by Jas. C. Slavens 19 Oct 1858 Caple, Miss Mary M. to Doughdarty, James E. by L.P. McAdoo, Minister 8 Dec 1864 Car, Christopher C. to Harper, Luisa Allice by John Cummins 18 Oct 1858 Cardwell, A.G. to Mobley, Sarah by John Brixey, Minister 15 Mar 1866 Cardwell, America F. to Kincer, William by Miles Bruton, JP 25 Dec 1859 Cardwell, Nancy to Hammons, John by J.A. Goss, JP 13 Jan 1867 Cardwell, William to Alcorne, Polly A. by John Williams, MG 18 Oct 1858 Carr, John to McCrotic, Anne by Jonathan Brolley, JP 7 Apr 1867 Carriack, Joseph to Sivels, Martha by John Williams, MG 8 Aug 1866 Carter, Caroline to Hughes, James by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 28 Mar 1867 Carter, David S. to George, Barbra by John Cummins, LP 26 Oct 1865 Case, William to Hannah, Sarah by W.F. Dugan, JP 3 May 1857 Casey, Anny F. to Plumby, Isaac by Keathley Boils, OM 5 Jan 1866 Casey, Hettey M. to Wing, Oliver G. by Miles Bruton, JP 22 May 1867 Casey, Hiram to Turner, Mary A. by John Cummins, LP 13 Dec 1858 Casey, John R. of Laclead County to Span, Mary Jane by H.A.L. Marshal, MG 28 Oct 1858 Casteel, Alas Jan to Eslinger, Robert by Edmund Kindrek, JP 5 Apr 1866 Casteel, James to Prunty, Nancy by William F. Dugan, JP 27 Mar 1867 Casteel, Louisa to Gaston, John by John Williams, MG 1 May 1859 Casteel, Miss Mahaly to Cantrell, James R. by O.G. Couch, JP 6 Sep 1856 Cathey, H.H. to Johnson, Nancy by Ambrose Cobb, MG 21 Aug 1859 Cayner, Isabellah to Hester, Yances by Jacob Good, MG 14 Dec 1859 Caynor, Emily to Willis, Anderson by C.F. Dryden, MG 15 Jan 1866 Caynor, Susan E. to Brassowe, Lemal G. by Jacob Good, MG 20 Nov 1856 Chaffin, Caroline to Ford, Augustus by C.C. Williamson 22 Sep 1859 Chaffin, Jefferson P. to McMahan, Huldah R. by D.M. Johnston, MG 16 Jul 1857 Chaffin, Sarah to Damerim, John S. by R.H. Brooks, JP 23 Dec 1864 Champ, Reuben to Hall, Kissiah by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 8 Nov 1860 Champ, William A. to Hall, Manerva by Mark DeSpain, JP 26 Jul 1866 Chandler, Eliza Jane to Brown, Neil S. by Allen Kilburn, JP 5 Jun 1859 Chandler, Emily to Wells, Jesse by Lewis Gibbens, JP 2 Oct 1865 Chandler, James D. to Gardner, Sarah A. R. by Allen Kilburn, JP 28 Feb 1858 Chapman, Martha Ann S. to Andrew, Thomas by J.A. Patterson, JP 17 Mar 1859 Childres, Martha to Hailey, Joseph by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 4 Jan 1866 Childress, Lucinda J. to Brixey, John by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 22 Dec 1864 Childress, Sarah A. to Moore, Nathaniel B. by John T. Stafford, JP 7 Mar 1861 Chineworth, Edward to Cople, Martha M. by John M. Buff, JP 30 Aug 1860 Chitty, Lorenzo to Davidson, Emily by John D. Harris, JP 1 Nov 1857 Clark, Caroline to Giddens, William G. by Mark D. Spain, JP 15 Mar 1863 Clark, Mary Jane to McCarty, William P. by John Cummins, MG 7 Oct 1861 Clay, James to Cox, Matilda by J.L. Stafford, JP 13 Dec 1866 Clay, William to England, Mary Jane by W.L. Fannon, MG 1 Feb 1857 Clemens, Thomas to Williams, Emily by James Jones, MG 24 Oct 1856 Clemmonds, James T. to Hendrix, Lucy Ann by William D. Moody, JP 2 Apr 1865 Clevenger, Lewis to Williams, Mary E. by John M. Davis, JP 28 Apr 1867 Cliftin, Thomas B. to Martin, Emily I. by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 21 Mar 1867 Clifton, Drucilla M. to Philip, Jerromiah P. by John L. Stafford, JP 16 Mar 1860 Clifton, Monroe M. to Bingerman, Elizabeth J. by John Cummins 6 Feb 1867 Clifton, Sarah to Brixey, Thomas by John Cummins, LP 26 Jan 1865 Climer, Francis M. to Weever, Mary by John Cummins 31 Aug 1856 Climer, Margaret to Robinet, Enoch by Edward Kindrick, JP 4 Jan 1857 Clirsman, Sarah to Watts, William T. by William M. Rogers, MG 17 Dec 1856 Cloud, Franklin to Bouldin, Columbia by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 1 Mar 1866 Cloud, L.P. to Evans, Mary E. by John M. Davis, JP 24 Dec 1857 Cloud, Mary Ann A. to McKnight, William I. by C. F. Dryden, MG 31 Mar 1857 Cloud, Matilda A. T. to Ross, Columbus M. by C.F. Dryden, MG 30 May 1867 Club, John H. of Green County to Coleson, Loretha of Green County by C.F. Dryden, MG 2 Nov 1862 Clymer, John to Spann, Manday by William Worthy, JP 20 Dec 1860 Coalston, John to Woods, Sarah Ann by T.J. Roberts, MG 12 Oct 1855 Cobb, Elizabeth to Mahan, Russell by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 9 Jul 1863 Cockram, Elizabeth A. to Bailey, John W. by John M. Davis, JP 14 Oct 1858 Coffey, Edward I. to Maroney, Louiza F. by Allen Kilburn, JP 22 Nov 1862 Coffey, Mariner to Yandle, James W. by Miles Bruton, JP 12 Dec 1858 Coffy, Joseph to Pickle, Mary Jane by Thomas Stokes, JP 24 Oct 1860 Coin, Marcus B. to Borland, Fanney C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Oct 1867 Coker, Caroline to Whitlock, Robert by John A. Armentrout, JP 17 Dec 1865 Colaway, William McCord to Day, Nancy by J.W. Haymes, MG 24 Dec 1867 Colder, Moses to Danyon, Jemima by John A. Armentrout, JP 3 Jul 1856 Coldwell, James to Amose, Matilda by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 19 Feb 1860 Cole, George W. to Steward, Nancy Jane by Burgess Wright, MG 3 Jul 1859 Cole, Mary Ann to Denney, Charles by Burgess Wright, MG 30 May 1867 Coleson, Loretha of Green County to Club, John H. of Green County by C.F. Dryden, MG 18 Dec 1864 Collaway, Mary A. to Shook, Joseph B. by George W. Thompson, JP 8 Nov 1866 Collaway, Newton M. to Dicky, Ellen by Jacob Good, MG 3 Apr 1856 Collens, Sarah to Turnbull, Bartholomew by M.C. Carter, MG of Methodist Church 12 Sep 1863 Collens, William to Bradshaw, Sarah L. by William F. Dugan, JP 1 Sep 1866 Collism, Eliza to Barnheart, David by John M. Davis, JP 3 Feb 1861 Collison, C.B. to Cople, Rebecca by John Monday, JP 18 Feb 1858 Collison, Harriet to Wells, Anson R. by C.F. Dryden, MG 8 Jun 1865 Coloway, Mary E. to Day, John A. by J. W. Haymes, MG 16 Sep 1858 Colton, Sarah Angeline to Wilson, William P. by H.A.L. Marshal, MG 8 Sep 1866 Complin, Eliza to Ward, George W. by John M. Davis, JP 13 Sep 1866 Complin, Lucy M. to Barnard, Henry P. by Miles Bruton, JP 5 Mar 1865 Compton, Phebe A. M. to Pumphrey, William G. by Miles Bruton, JP 11 Aug 1864 Compton, Rachel E. to Barnard, John C. by Miles Bruton, JP 24 Aug 1865 Conley, Calvin C. to Pitchford, Nancy Elizabeth by John Williams, MG 8 Jun 1865 Conley, William to Sellers, Mary by John Williams, MG 13 Jul 1862 Conner, Effy Jane to Campbell, John by John Brixey, MG 24 Sep 1858 Conner, Jane to McNelius, Francis by J.H. Conner, JP 21 Oct 1860 Consinger, Richard F. to Burks, Margaret J. by James R. Vanzant, JP 7 Dec 1856 Contrel, Jackson to Mason, Manda Artilda by Edward Kindrick, JP 19 Mar 1855 Cook, Sarah E. to Cantral, Thomas H. by J.A. Patterson, JP 23 Aug 1863 Cook, Syntha to Usry, William by John Williams, MG 25 Dec 1871 Cooper, Sarah to Norman, John by Ransom Voyles, MG 30 Nov 1860 Cooper, Thomas D. to Mayabb, Nancy Jane by William H. Bryan, JP 25 Dec 1858 Copeland, Nancy to Millburn, John Lafayett by J.R. Burk, Minister of Meth. Epis. Church South 2 Dec 1866 Copening, Caroline to Blackwell, Munroe by John Williams, MG 14 Jul 1864 Copening, Joseph to Foster, Mary Ann by John M. Davis, JP 23 Jan 1866 Copening, Mary Ann to Gorner, William by John Williams, MG 28 Jan 1858 Cople, A.C. to Powel, Eliza Jane by Allen Kilburn, JP 8 Nov 1863 Cople, Elizabeth to Smith, Richard by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 7 Mar 1861 Cople, Martha M. to Chineworth, Edward by John M. Buff, JP 3 Feb 1861 Cople, Rebecca to Collison, C.B. by John Monday, JP 18 Jul 1856 Cople, Sarah T. to Slavens, Joseph W. R. by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 4 Dec 1856 Coplet, Sarah to Matney, Elvis by Abraham Hendrix, JP 22 Aug 1866 Copley, J.W. to Davidson, Sarah E. by John Williams, MG 4 Jul 1867 Copley, Vina Jane to Matney, Isaac by William Bean, JP 20 Apr 1859 Corden, Richard to Dameron, Artelia S. by R.H. Brooks, JP 14 Oct 1858 Cordwell, Margaret to Hargis, Samuel by Walter R. Hargis, JP 19 Dec 1866 Cornelison, Cenrod to Felkner, Sarah by Willis L. Fannon, MG 27 Jul 1856 Cornelison, Dulany Adaline to Crow, William A. by Johnathan Browley, JP 28 Aug 1856 Cornelison, Martin to Goodman, Nancy by Stephen Phillips, JP 3 Feb 1859 Cornelison, Martin to Vaughn, Mary Ann by James R. Pate, JP 17 Jun 1861 Coskey, David J. to Cantrell, Mary A.E. by H.E. Smith, MG 22 Apr 1855 Coskey, John S. to Pearson, Lucinda by J.L. Shafforn, JP 20 Dec 1857 Cottrell, Isaac A. to Reynolds, Sarah R. by R. S. Colloway, of the Meth. Epis. Church South 27 Jun 1858 Cottrell, Miss Mary Jane to Moorey, Wm. by R.S. Colloway, Meth. Epis. Church South 4 Oct 1857 Couch, John S. to Hargis, Margaret by Jepthy L. Moore, JP 19 May 1859 Couch, Jonathan to Dryden, Eliza by William Pitts, MG 26 Jul 1866 Cowen, James to Hollis, Jane by John Gourley, JP 22 Apr 1860 Cowen, William H. to Loomen, Harriet by Caleb Haymes, MG 17 May 1860 Cox, Jess to Freeman, Mary F. by Robert Ross, MG 7 Oct 1861 Cox, Matilda to Clay, James by J.L. Stafford, JP 13 Sep 1867 Crafford, John M. to Rice, Mary E. by John Williams, MG 25 Dec 1859 Craiger, Susanah to Lane, William by R.H. Brooks, JP 12 Aug 1866 Crawford, Mary E. to Galbraith, Frederick A. by Miles Bruton, JP 5 Feb 1857 Crews, Nancy to Moore, William by Jess H. Wammack 1 Apr 1858 Crider, Henry to Store, Elizabeth by Jacob Mingus, MG 17 Nov 1859 Crider, Joseph C. to Hendricks, Miss Ann E. by Thomas Alexander, JP 21 Apr 1859 Crider, Leonard to Turner, Nancy Jane by Jepha L. Moor, JP 13 Nov 1856 Crider, Mary to Pilkenton, James by Thomas Boles, OM 8 Sep 1867 Criger, Martha Jane to Pursly, James by Isiah Kirk, JP 24 Feb 1867 Criger, Sonders to Wester, Rahael by D.F. Melton, JP 22 Oct 1866 Crigger, Mary to Burks, Smith S. by Miles Bruton, JP 17 Apr 1864 Crigger, Robert to Pursley, Elizabeth by Jacob Good 15 Jan 1864 Crigger, Sanders to Wester, Rachel by Benjamin Willis, MG 17 Dec 1866 Crisman, Isaac C. to Morris, Matilda Jane by Stephen Butcher, JP 22 Jul 1861 Critcher, Nancy Ann of Wright County to Todd, James of Indiana by William Prier, JP 5 Dec 1858 Cromewell, Nancy to Reynolds, William by Lewis Gibbens 28 Jun 1863 Crone, Michael to Adams, Miss Martha J. by David F. Melton, JP 27 Jul 1856 Crow, William A. to Cornelison, Dulany Adaline by Johnathan Browley, JP 23 Jun 1867 Crowford, Augustus to Popejoy, Rachael J. by John Williams, MG 2 Aug 1866 Cruise, Sidney E. to Barnhart, Mary E. by Josiah P. Thomas, MG 9 Aug 1860 Cruse, Mary Francis to Blunt, John C. by A. W. Minor, JP 24 Nov 1867 Cudney, John E. to Cain, Miss Rebecca by Allen Kilburn, JP 5 Nov 1865 Culver, Miss Mary A. to Daugherty, David M. by David F. Melton, JP 13 Mar 1856 Cummins, Drucilla A. to Puryer, Robert B. by N.C. Turner, JP 21 Feb 1865 Cummins, John to Blankenship, Miss Catharine by S.S. Headlee, MG 30 Dec 1864 Cummins, Margaret to Selvidge, Wm. L. by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 23 Dec 1866 Cummins, Mary L. to Martin, James H. by Merrit B. Smith, MG 24 Jan 1861 Cummins, Nancy E. to Long, William H. by John Trimble, County Court Justice 15 Apr 1856 Cumpton, Chasey to Simpson, James by William Smith, JP 23 Jun 1859 Cunningham, James M. to Eslinger, Serilda by Robert Ross 14 Dec 1865 Cunningham, Joseph to Barnett, Mandy Susan by Logan Hargis, JP 28 Sep 1866 Cunningham, L.J. to Brixey, Thomas by D.W. Amos, MG 6 Sep 1855 Cunningham, Margaret to Butcher, Oliver by John McEven, MG 8 Jan 1857 Cunningham, Mary to West, William by Edward Kindrick, JP 5 Jul 1866 Cunningham, Sarah A. M. to Stepp, James B. of Dallas County by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 5 May 1861 Cunningham, Sarah Jane to Deckard, George by J.M. Buff, JP 21 Sep 1865 Cunningham, Serilda to James, Jesse R. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 24 May 1866 Dalton, William H. to Yandle, Sarah E. by Miles Bruton, JP 16 Jul 1857 Damerim, John S. to Chaffin, Sarah by R.H. Brooks, JP 20 Apr 1859 Dameron, Artelia S. to Corden, Richard by R.H. Brooks, JP 20 Apr 1859 Dameron, Barsha to Slack, Jackson by R.H. Brooks, JP 13 May 1867 Daniel, Walter to Burk, Emma Jane by Stephen Butcher, JP 5 Oct 1865 Daniels, Mary J. to Wells, Marion F. by Miles Bruton, JP 24 Dec 1867 Danyon, Jemima to Colder, Moses by John A. Armentrout, JP 12 Jan 1860 Dareberry, Elizabeth K. to Smith, John T. of Wright County by C. F. Dryden, MG 29 Mar 1858 Dareberry, Levira Jane to Edwards, William I. by Keathly Boils, MG 24 Nov 1864 Darnal, William S. to Hargis, Pheby by Miles Bruton, JP 5 Nov 1865 Daugherty, David M. to Culver, Miss Mary A. by David F. Melton, JP 13 Dec 1860 Daugherty, Sarah B. to Forkner, A.C. by John M. Buff, JP 10 Jun 1867 Davenport, David to Ikin, Sarah Angalin by John A. Armintrout, JP 30 Aug 1860 Davidson, Emily to Chitty, Lorenzo by John D. Harris, JP 22 Aug 1866 Davidson, Sarah E. to Copley, J.W. by John Williams, MG 28 Dec 1865 Davis, Calvin to Barnett, Sarah by Willson Daugherty 22 Feb 1863 Davis, Charles C. to Smith, Teletha Ann by Thomas Jones, Minister of Christianity 9 Aug 1860 Davis, Eddy Exoney to Norton, John by John D. Harris, JP 19 Mar 1865 Davis, George W. to Dennis, Sarah by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 30 Dec 1858 Davis, J.F. to Goss, July Ann by John Brixey, Minister 21 Sep 1856 Davis, John to Hargis, Margaret by Jonathan Brolley, JP 5 Apr 1866 Davis, John H. to Yandle, Sarah E. by Miles Bruton, JP 18 Feb 1857 Davis, Lafayett to Strong, Roda Jane by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Noah Strongs 19 Dec 1860 Davis, Lucinda to Ingold, William by Jepha L. Moore, JP 12 May 1860 Davis, Margaret Ruth to Deshozier, Thomas by Burgess Wright, MG 25 Feb 1866 Davis, Martha A. to Anglin, J.G. by D.W. Amos, MG 6 Jun 1861 Davis, Martin Christopher to Ince, Margaret Isibel by R.P. Throgmorton, JP 23 Apr 1862 Davis, Mary A. S. to Boyd, R.G. by I.A. Cottrell, JP 1 Jan 1861 Davis, Mary Alphens to Edwards, James Newton by Keathley Boils, MG 3 Feb 1861 Davis, Mrs. Roda J. to Derrick, Eldridge by Harmon Kelley, TC 15 Feb 1861 Davis, Rutha to McDade, Mathew by William Worthy, JP 25 Aug 1867 Davis, Sarah Joanah to Marlor, Mathew by John A. Armintrout 25 Aug 1867 Davis, Sarah Susan to Marlen, Mathew by John A. Armintrout, JP 26 Feb 1866 Davis, William T. to Martin, Quntina A. by Allen Kilburn, JP 25 Mar 1866 Dawse, Adaline to McFarland, James by John M. Davis, JP 1 Jan 1857 Day, Allen to Hollis, Sarah Ann by James Jones, MG 28 Feb 1856 Day, Arrena to Day, Samuel by John Brixey, MG 2 Dec 1866 Day, Eda E. to Hollis, Charles by R.L. Collaway, MG 1 Aug 1864 Day, Henry to Haynes, Margaret by Benjamin Hays, JP 8 Jun 1865 Day, John A. to Coloway, Mary E. by J. W. Haymes, MG 28 Aug 1864 Day, Mary to Shook, Jacob by R.S. Collaway, MG 17 Dec 1865 Day, Nancy to Colaway, William McCord by J.W. Haymes, MG 28 Feb 1856 Day, Samuel to Day, Arrena by John Brixey, MG 1 Jun 1865 Day, Sarah A. to Jamison, James by R.S. Collaway, MG 1 Apr 1860 Day, Virginia A.L. to Goss, John by Burgess Wright, MG 30 Dec 1860 Day, William to Miller, Brunetta by Burgess Wright, MG 7 Jan 1863 Dearman, Rachel to Minor, Pope by William M. Carter, MG 7 Feb 1867 Decard, Loucinda to Penland, Philip by John Williams, MG 19 Feb 1861 Decater, Orlander to Reynolds, Jennetta by C.R. Haymes, JP 5 May 1861 Deckard, George to Cunningham, Sarah Jane by J.M. Buff, JP 4 Feb 1858 Deckard, Mary to Rouling, George by Allen Kilburn, JP 18 Sep 1862 Deckard, Nancy to Selvidge, John by Allen Kilburn, JP 5 Mar 1857 Deckard, Phebe to Dill, George L. by Allen Kilburn, JP 24 Mar 1861 Deckard, Sarah to Essary, George C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 27 Jan 1859 Denis, Marteliy Elizabeth to Sartin, William J. by Thomas Stokes, JP 11 Oct 1859 Denney, Andrew to McGowen, Sela by J.A. Goss, JP 12 Apr 1866 Denney, Benjamin to Goss, Judah Charlotte by J.B. Wright, MG 3 Jul 1859 Denney, Charles to Cole, Mary Ann by Burgess Wright, MG 12 Aug 1858 Denney, George to Keller, Katharine by James R. Pate, JP 21 Mar 1861 Denney, John to White, Juliann by Benjamin Hays, JP By written authority of bride's father Cilas White 19 Nov 1856 Denney, Larwood to Jones, Miss Elizabeth by Jonathan Browley, JP 27 Aug 1856 Denney, Tyrey to Johnson, Mahala by Jonathan Brolley, JP 19 Mar 1865 Dennis, Sarah to Davis, George W. by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 17 Feb 1861 Dennis, William J. to Sartin, Sarah E. by J.A. Cottrell, JP 31 Jan 1861 Dereberry, Mary Jane to Bruton, Livingston F. by A. Williams, JP 6 Dec 1857 Derebery, Thomas G. to Potter, Racha J. by J.H. Wammack, MG 3 Feb 1861 Derrick, Eldridge to Davis, Mrs. Roda J. by Harmon Kelley, TC 14 Nov 1867 Derrick, Henry C. to Thompson, Virginia E. by L.A. Smith, MG 31 May 1866 Derrick, Jessee B. to McNabb, Miss Amanda C. by James Hughes 9 May 1866 Derrick, Manassa P. to Dile, Rhoda J. by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 22 Nov 1857 Derrick, Polmyra to Tiller, Jess B. by James H. Sallee, Preacher of Meth. Protestant Church 25 Feb 1866 Derryberry, John B. to Haddock, Rebeca by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 8 Apr 1866 Derryberry, Rebeca A. to Popejoy, James M. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 22 Sep 1867 Derryberry, Sarah Francis to Calvert, John D. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 25 Sep 1856 Deshozier, Rosyann to Green, William by Jonathan Brolley, JP 12 May 1860 Deshozier, Thomas to Davis, Margaret Ruth by Burgess Wright, MG 1 Mar 1860 DeSpain, John to Reynolds, Rebecca Elender by Caleb Haymes, MG 22 Dec 1871 Detherow, Margaret to Laderder, Charles by Ransom Voyles, MG 2 Nov 1862 Detherow, Sarah to Brook, Harrison by I.A. Cottrell, JP 8 Nov 1866 Dicky, Ellen to Collaway, Newton M. by Jacob Good, MG 9 May 1866 Dile, Rhoda J. to Derrick, Manassa P. by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 5 Mar 1857 Dill, George L. to Deckard, Phebe by Allen Kilburn, JP 24 Dec 1865 Dill, Miss Eliza to Essary, James by Allen Kilburn, JP 9 Apr 1866 Dill, William B. to Freeman, Susan by R.S. Collaway, MG 21 Apr 1867 Dillon, Mary E. to Barnnard, Charles P. by Isiah Kirk, JP 12 Jan 1864 Dishman, Ellen to Burnett, Mr. by J.H. Wammack, MG 29 Apr 1866 Dixeon, Mary J. to Brown, John W. by John Williams, MG 27 Jan 1867 Dixon, Amanda E. to Leonard, Joseph A. by Allen Kilbourne, JP 12 Jun 1863 Dixon, Nancy C. to Jackson, Thomas M. by Allen Kilburn, JP 3 Apr 1863 Dobbs, Thomas to Wilson, Rittee by Benjamin Hays, JP 9 Feb 1860 Dobey, Sarah Jane to Hancock, John W. by Robert Ross, MG 25 Aug 1867 Dobey, Travis to Williams, Elizabeth by M.B. Smith, MG 26 Jun 1864 Dodson, Samuel W. to Williams, Sarah C. by George W. Thompson, JP 7 Aug 1867 Dodson, William to Jackson, Elizabeth by William Dugan, JP 20 Jul 1859 Dooley, Jefferson to Moorland, Mary by James Jones 8 Jul 1858 Dosher, Harrison to Roons, Rebecca by H.A.L. Marshall, MG 19 Oct 1858 Doughdarty, James E. to Caple, Miss Mary M. by L.P. McAdoo, Minister 20 Oct 1858 Doughdarty, Mary E. to Leuallen, George W. by L.P. McAdoo, Minister 28 Feb 1864 Drumheller, E.J. to Marlin, W.R. by J.W. Haymes, MG 20 Jan 1861 Drury, Nancy to Epps, Isaac by Thomas Stokes, JP 19 May 1859 Dryden, Eliza to Couch, Jonathan by William Pitts, MG 17 Jul 1860 Dryden, William C. to Huff, Sarah by D.M. Johnston, MG 15 Dec 1867 DSpain, M. to King, Elizabeth by W.F. Dugan, JP 11 Jun 1862 DSpain, Martha Ann to Brush, Justice by Colet Haymes, MG 16 Dec 1866 Dspain, William to Allmon, Ella by R.L. Collaway, MG 20 Feb 1859 Dudley, Gabriel to Garner, Mary by Allen Kilburn, JP 12 Feb 1859 Dudley, Sarah to Garner, Andrew by Allen Kilburn, JP 14 Feb 1861 Dugan, Amanda to Britton, Joseph by H.E. Smith, MG 15 Aug 1871 Dugan, Julia to Patty, Cornealas by W.F. Dugan, JP Married at Dugan's office 17 Aug 1862 Dugger, Silas to Pogue, Miss Nancy by John Robinson, MG 29 Sep 1867 Duncan, Isaac to Gardner, Rhoda by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 15 Mar 1857 Duncan, Izabel Jane to Oliver, Andrew by Allen Kilburn, JP 20 Jan 1867 Duncan, William I. to Taggard, Lucinda K. by Isaac Tullin, MG 6 Jun 1862 Duncin, Benjamin to Horton, Nancy Jane by R.B. Rogers, MG 16 Sep 1860 Duncin, Isabel J. to Mahandro, C.E. by James Randolph, MG 8 Sep 1867 Dunken, Surrelda to Robertson, George W. by William Worthy, JP 18 Mar 1858 Dunkin, Lucinda to Cantrill, A.T. by Edmund Kindrick, JP 30 Dec 1856 Dunkin, Martha Ann to Kilburn, William P. by L.T. Satterfield, MG 20 Nov 1864 Durham, Rachel to Graves, Allen by John M. Davis, JP 25 Jul 1855 Duthero, John to Honeycut, Nancy by John M. Buff, JP
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