Ray County Wills
Ray County, Missouri Wills Generously provided by Sarah Emeline Owings From her transcription
BELLIS: Will of Samuel Bellis Written: 8 Dec 1847 Witnesses: Daniel Smith and William Dale Wife, Sarah Ann; children, Isabel Margaret and Mary Charlotte. Wm. McCroskie, James Jackson, and Endsley McGee, Exe. BLEVINS: Will of Greenberry Blevins, Sr. Written: 28 Aug 1846 Witnesses: James B. Kesterson, Thomas McGlothlin, and William Etherton. To my children: Auburn, Joel, Alexander, Elizabeth, Molly Butcher, Nancy Zoomoot, Rhoda Perkins, Edy Miller, Lucinda Slocum, and Greenberry… My son, Greenberry, Exe. BROWN: Will of Micajah Brown Written: 7 May 1832 Witnesses: James R. Brown and Robert Lee To my wife, Catharine; to my children (unnamed). Will of Henry Brown Filed: 2 Jul 1834 Witnesses: Arthur B. Ralph, Henry McGee, and Abraham Riffe To my wife Nancy; to my children (unnamed). BRYAN: Will of Chloe Bryan Written: 14 Aug 1844 Recorded: 5 May 1845 Witnesses: Geo. W. Dunn and W. W. Belt To my children: William B., James N., Larkin, Littleton, and Mary C. Kelly… BURCH: Will of Thomas C. Burch Written: 27 Sep 1839 Recorded: 9 Nov 1839 Witnesses: N. J. Dryden and Susan Jacobs To my wife, Selinary… CLARK: Will of Artamadorus Clark Written: 16 Sep 1838 Recorded: 2 Oct 1838 Witnesses: David Craven, James Dowden, and Job Odell. To my wife, Mary… To Artamadorus Turner, son of John Turner… To Artamadorus Dowden, son of James Dowden… Isaac Odell, Sr., Exe. CLEVENGER: Will of Zachariah Clevenger Written: 2 Mar 1828 Recorded: 12 Jun 1828 Witnesses: James Williams and William Turnidge To my four oldest children: Elizabeth Millsap, Ford, Polly Job, and Rebecca Allen… To my two sons: Zachariah and Samuel… COOPER: Will of Sarah Cooper Written: 9 Jul 1846 Witnesses: B. F. Graves, W. P. Roberts, and David Bell To my children: Jackson, Sarah Ellen, and Samuel… Jackson Cooper and Benjamin Shotwell, Exe. CRAVEN: Will of David Craven Written: 14 Oct 1847 Recorded: 15 Nov 1847 Witnesses: James Dickie and A. J. Craven To my wife, Catharine… To Sciothia C. Whitten… To my other children: William Franklin Tolloman Mary Eleanor, Rhoda Emily, Martha, and Calvin Minett… My brothers Soloman and Joseph Craven, Exe. Will of Richard Craven Written: 22 Oct 1849 Recorded: 6 Nov 1849 Witnesses: B. W. Nowlin, Thomas Reeves, and Christian Wiman To my wife, Elizabeth Catharine; to my children: Joseph, Joshua, John, Barnabus, Soloman, David, Dr. F., Sarah Kincade, Lydia Hart Campbell, Wiatt, and Andrew T….. ETHERTON: Will of Joshua Etherton Recorded: 8 Sep 1835 Witnesses: Jesse Nowlin, C. R. Morehead, George Woodward, and Anderson Martin To my wife, Mary… To my children (unnamed)… Will of Mary Etherton Written: 1 Sep 1838 Recorded: 15 Sep 1838 Witnesses: Elliott Roberts and Lemuel Boon To my children: William and Perry Wilson… Baylon Jacobs, Exe. FARRIS: Will of William Farris Recorded: 6 Apr 1848 Witnesses: Obadiah Taylor and Charles Cox To my brother, Benjamin M. Farris… FIELDS: Will of Ebenezer Fields Recorded: 6 Feb 1846 Witnesses: Anderson Martin, James S. Lightner, P. L. Edwards. To my wife, Sarah… To my children: Thomas, James, Ebenezer, Stephen, Eldridge, Peggy Rouseau, Darkey Taylor, Eliza Morgan… To the children of my deceased daughter, Betsy Taylor… GENTRY: Will of Zachariah Gentry Filed: 7 Aug 1847 Witnesses: Lorenzo H. Magill and William Lee To my mother, Elizabeth Gentry… To my brother, John Gentry… GRAGG: Will of Henry Gragg Recorded: 3 May 1824 Witnesses: Abel Owen and Isaac Martin To my wife, Betsy… To my children: Robert, William, John, James, Harvey, Mahala, Jefferson, Jacob, Rachel, and Martha Jane…. My sons Samuel, Benjamin, and Violet Gragg, Exe. GRAHAM: Will of George Graham Recorded: 6 Nov 1843 Witnesses: John Craig, Robert Relph To my children: George, Elias, Rosannah, Mary, Margaret… To my wife, Eleanor… My son, George, and my son-in-law, Larkin Parker, Exe. GROSS: Will of William Gross Recorded: 2 Aug 1841 Witnesses: Michael Sanor and Moses Hutchings To my wife, Catherine… To my children (unnamed)…. My son, John Gross, Exe. HANNAH: Will of Robert Hannah Recorded: 25 Nov 1835 Witnesses: Edward R. Davis, Isaac Haile, Mathew P. Long To my step-daughter, Magdalene Patton, widow of the late John Patton… Orville H. Bearcy, Exe. Will of William Hannah Recorded: 28 Oct 1836 Witnesses: Joseph Haynes, Thomas E. Tilford, James E. Patton To my wife, Margaret… To my children: Mary Baker, Margaret Cochrane, James P., Andrew, Robert, and Sarah Tilford my oldest children…. William C., Harvey E., Roda J., Nancy C., Magdaline M., my youngest children…. My son, Andrew and my wife, Exe. HARDWICK: Will of William Hardwick Filed: 18 Aug 1829 Witnesses: Thomas and John Phillips To my wife, Anney…. HODGES: Will of Archibald Hodges Recorded: 7 Mar 1848 Witnesses: Thomas Hamilton, William Magill, John H. McGaugh To my wife, Olivia… To my children: William Henderson, Lorenzo Samuel, Mary Olivia, John Baughman… HOLMAN: Will of James Holman Recorded: 7 Aug 1845 Witnesses: H. McGee and John Endsley To my wife, Margaret…. To my children: Hardy, Daniel B., James L., Francis M., John H., Nancy Ward, and Mary Miller… My son in law, John M. Miller and my daughter, Mary…. I have five grand-children in Tennessee who are the children of my daughter, Susan Todd, dec.: Mary Jane, Elzira, John, James, and Louisa… To my grand-children, who are the children of my daughter Betsy Ann Sanderson, dec.: James, William, Ann, George, and Hardy… George W. Dunn and William W. Cements, Exe. JACKSON: Will of John A. Jackson Recorded: 11 Dec 1849 Witnesses: Joseph Ballew and Ballard Hudgens To my wife, Susanna… My son, William R…. My children… Charles R. Marshall, Exe. JACOBS: Will of Henry Jacobs Recorded: 30 Aug 1847 Witnesses: Aaron H. Conrow, James N. Jacobs, P. L. Edwards To my wife, Sarah, and my daughter, Elizabeth A. King…. MADDON: Will of Thomas B. Maddon Recorded: 22 Nov 1845 Witnesses: Moody Mason and John Wattcushead To my children: Alfred, Jane Tuggle, Thomas, John, William, and Julius A…. To my grandson, Thomas B. Maddon, son of Julius A. Maddon… MAGILL: Will of William Magill Recorded: 5 Dec 1843 Witnesses: Jesse and Polly Phillips To my children: William, Henderson, Samuel P., Lorenzo H., and Olivia Hodgens…. MANN: Will of Jesse Mann Recorded: Mar 1845 Witnesses: David Linville, A. McCuistion, Holland Vanderpool To my wife, Nancy… To my children: William, Elizabeth Vanderpool, Jesse, Eppa, Judy Stone, Cynthia Curtis, James J., John W., Narcissa Milstead, and Leonard… To the heirs of my deceased daughter, Patsy Murray: Nancy Thomas, Betsy Allen, Malissa McBride, Milly Murray, William Murray, and Jesse Murray… Soloman Cravens, Exe. MANSUR: Will of Charles Mansur Recorded: 8 Jul 1847 Witnesses: W. Berry, M. Carleton, and J. Mansur To my wife…. To my sister, Lucy Carleton… To my three children (unnamed)… MARTIN: Will of Hugh Martin Recorded: 13 Dec 1835 Witnesses: Thomas Phillips and Benjamin Cash To my mother…. Will of Thomas B. Martin Recorded: 8 Apr 1848 Witnesses: James M. Harvey and Willis L. Greenlee To my sisters: Miley Palmyra Robins and Mary Amanda Martin… To my wife and my children… McCUISTION: Will of Samuel McCuistion Recorded: 4 Aug 1849 Witnesses: John Schooler and John Switzer To my wife… To my children: Samuel L., Milton, and George W. MILLER: Will of S. J. Miller Recorded: 14 Sep 1837 Witnesses: George Woodward and Robert Pritchard To my wife, Jean… To my children: Caroline, Nancy Keys, Rhoda Holman, John, William, Grundy, and Seaborn… To my brother, W. S., … NOWLIN: Will of Mary B. Nowlin Recorded: 29 Jul 1846 Witnesses: James Hughes and J. H. Morehead Lucy H. Smith, Nancy Hardnett, and Susanna T. Bates, heirs of my daughter, Mathew Bates Tanner… To my children: Rebecca Farman, David K., Fanny P. Petty. John L. Wilkinson and Charles E. Bowman, Exe. PHILLIPS: Will of Henry Phillips Recorded: 5 Oct 1837 Witnesses: John Lee and Samuel Riggs To my wife, Nancy… To my children: Elizabeth, Preston, and Sary Jane… Will of Thomas Phillips Recorded: 19 Mar 1849 Witnesses: Thomas Allen and William D. Rice To my wife, Winney…. To my brother, Abram…. To my sisters: Polly Ellis, Milly Dale, and Elizabeth Boils…. To my niece, Eliza Frazier… To my brother, John… PRICHARD: Will of Robert Prichard, Williamson Co., Tenn. Recorded: 5 Jul 1847 Witnesses: James S. Edgar and James Byrd To my wife, Salina…. To my children: John J., Madison W., William W. W., and Clementine…. REMBY: Will of John Remby Recorded: 11 Mar 1845 Witnesses: Thomas N. O. Butts and John Elliott To my wife, Nancy…. To my children: Adam, Jacob, Manuel, and Rebecca Sconce… To my grandchildren: Nancy Elliott, Robert Sconce, and Katharine Sconce, children of my deceased daughter, Margaret Sconce… To my granddaughter Permelia Ann Kelly, daughter of my deceased daughter, Mary Stone…. RILEY: Will of William Riley Recorded: 31 Aug 1839 Witness: Elliott Rogers To my children: Polly Ann, Zarilda, Ulysses J….. Austin A. King, Exe. RINGO: Will of Robert Ringo Recorded: 13 Dec 1840 Witnesses: Thomas Hamilton and William B. Bryan To my wife, Sarah… To my children: Emily Smith, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Hamilton Hodge, William Harvey… SHELTON: Will of James Shelton Recorded: 4 Jun 1831 Witnesses: Andrew McHeney and Abel Lee To my sons: Maryman and Larkin L. … To my daughters: Nancy, Virinda, and Polly… To my wife, Lydia… SHERWOOD: Will of Thomas Sherwood Recorded: 13 Sept 1836 Witnesses: Robert Prichard and Absalom B. Sherwood To my wife, Susan… To my youngest son, Thomas W…. To my children: Hartwil H., Susan, Margaret, Absalom P., Peter S., William, Robert, Samuel, Rosanna, Elizabeth… TARWATER: Will of Lewis Tarwater Recorded: 1 Aug 1831 Witnesses: Isaac Allen and Francis McGuire Hiram Oliver be educated as my own children… To my wife… To my children: Sally Mullin, Elizabeth Greenlee, Fanny Loyd, Nancy Loyd, Cynthia Tarwater, Caty Tarwater, Ann Tarwater, and Huldah Tarwater… TAYLOR: Will of James Taylor Recorded: 8 Aug 1836 Witnesses: George Alcorn and Bayler Jacobs To my wife, Ann… To my daughters: Betsy, now wife of Stephen Jacobs; Sally, now wife of Henry Jacobs; Mary, now wife of Joel Jacobs… Joel and Henry Jacobs, Exe. Will of John Taylor Recorded: 28 Apr 1843 Witnesses: Reuben Allen, John Wells, James Taylor, and William Good To my children: Edmond B., Obediah, and Nancy Peak… To my grand daughter, Hulda Spencer, daughter of my daughter Lydia… To my grand children: Rebecca Grace, Nancy Hill, John Hill, George Peak, Jefferson Reubin and Sarah Bright, children of my daughter, Winny, dec. … Thomas Hamilton, Exe. WALL: Will of Edward Wall Recorded: 29 May 1848 Witnesses: Christopher Trigg, Hiram P. Lettle, Alex Olephant To my wife, Hester… To my children: Pike, Kedar, Rufus, Van, Jeptha, Lucy, Dogus, Wade, Margaret McGaugh, Thelbert, Martha Wild, and Catharine Coppedge… WOLDERLY: Will of Anderson B. Wolderly Recorded: 10 Jun 1850 Witnesses: James Hughes and John H. Smith To my wife, Martha M….. To my children: Andrew S., James Henry, Elvira E., Martha Louisa, Virginia F., Temple B., Victor M., Nancy Jane Chadwick… Patrick S. Smith, Exe. ZIMMERMAN: Will of John Zimmerman Recorded: 31 Oct 1843 Witnesses: Moses F. Rainwater, David Thompson, Goodwin Creason To my wife, Polly… To my children: Isaac H., John, and Mathias…
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