Ozark County Burial Index

Index of Burials in Ozark County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Ozark County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed Crabtree, Delie E. 1962 Pontiac Cemetery Crabtree, Elza 1925 Charity Cemetery Crabtree, Everett 1931 Mammoth Cemetery Crabtree, James P. 1967 Pontiac Cemetery Crabtree, Malinda J. 1962 Pontiac Cemetery Crabtree, Mariah 1931 Pontiac Cemetery Crabtree, No first name NDL Bakersfield Cemetery Crabtree, Nute 1901 Bakersfield Cemetery Crabtree, Ralph U. 1930 Centerpoint Cemetery Craft, C. C. 1909 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Crain, Horace 1898 County Line Cemetery Crain, Rachel 1898 County Line Cemetery Crain, Thelma 1912 County Line Cemetery Crane, L. B. 1941 Lutie Cemetery Crane, Maderson A. 1899 Franklin Grove Cemetery Crawford, Baby Boy NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Baby Girl NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Bertha B. 1959 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Billie 1937 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Billy G. 1937 Bakersfield Cemetery Crawford, Bobby 1968 Bakersfield Cemetery Crawford, Edith E. 1965 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Ellen NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Essie 1948 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Flora M. 1936 Bakersfield Cemetery Crawford, Frank NDL Jackson Cemetery Crawford, Gail 1974 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, George 1951 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, George B. 1970 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, George Eldon 1920 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Gladys NDL Mammoth Cemetery Crawford, H. G. 1974 Bakersfield Cemetery Crawford, Harry 1892 Gainesville Cemetery Crawford, Hayden 1931 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Infant daughter 1937 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Jennie 1935 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, John M. 1892 Gainesville Cemetery Crawford, John W. 1972 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Johnny W. 1966 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Lee 1965 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Leslie Arnold NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Lillian NDL Mammoth Cemetery Crawford, Lillie NDL Mammoth Cemetery Crawford, Mable 1981 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Marshall 1974 Mammoth Cemetery Crawford, Mary 1939 Gainesville Cemetery Crawford, Mary A. 1957 Mammoth Cemetery Crawford, Mary L. 1974 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Crawford, Maxine 1940 Lutie Cemetery Crawford, Murphy NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Murphy Allen 1935 Bakersfield Cemetery Crawford, Neil J. 1975 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Ollie 1967 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Rebecca 1935 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Robert C. 1954 Mammoth Cemetery Crawford, Rosie 1940 Lutie Cemetery Crawford, Roxanna I. 1962 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Roy 1964 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Roy W. 1951 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Siss 1944 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Twin boys NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Wesley NDL Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Wilbern 1974 Howards Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Willie NDL Mammoth Cemetery Crecelius, Nola 1945 Smith Chapel Cemetery Creekpaum, Eliza 1885 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Crenshaw, Jane 1902 Eaton Cemetery Crenshaw, Ray 1902 Eaton Cemetery Creuling, Lizzie 1934 Pontiac Cemetery Creuling, Will M. 1955 Pontiac Cemetery Crewse, Vivian 1966 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crisp, George R. Jr. 1965 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crisp, George R. Sr. 1965 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crisp, Horace 1966 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crisp, Sarah 1900 Centerpoint Cemetery Crisp, W. P. 1967 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Crofutt, Frank 1981 White Oak Cemetery Croney, Bertha 1933 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Bobby Dean 1943 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Delbert E. 1972 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Elberta E. 1969 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Etta Odessie NDL Trail Cemetery Croney, Eva L. 1940 Parsons Cemetery Croney, Everett 1948 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Floyd 1954 Parsons Cemetery Croney, Francis Menion 1907 Trail Cemetery Croney, Frank 1965 Martin Cemetery Croney, Infant 1935 Parsons Cemetery Croney, Infants NDL Trail Cemetery Croney, James L. NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, James W. 1974 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Jim 1935 Croney Cemetery Croney, Joann NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Leonard Wayne 1950 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Lewis S. 1968 Martin Cemetery Croney, Maggie 1941 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Merion 1940 Trail Cemetery Croney, Nancy 1932 Trail Cemetery Croney, No first name NDL Croney Cemetery Croney, No first name NDL Croney Cemetery Croney, Odie L. 1974 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Olla Lucinda 1966 Croney Cemetery Croney, Sarah NDL Croney Cemetery Croney, Thelma M. 1937 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croney, Vonio 1914 Croney Cemetery Croney, Wash 1933 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cropper, Allie 1946 Bakersfield Cemetery Cropper, Angela E. 1922 Jackson Cemetery Cropper, Bessie F. 1987 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cropper, Dosha 1967 Jackson Cemetery Cropper, Eunice 1962 Jackson Cemetery Cropper, Eva Sue 1939 Bakersfield Cemetery Cropper, Gladys 1922 Jackson Cemetery Cropper, Henry 1945 Bakersfield Cemetery Cropper, James T. 1967 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cropper, Martha J. 1920 Martin Cemetery Cropper, Silas C. 1969 Bakersfield Cemetery Cropper, Silas G. 1899 Martin Cemetery Cropper, Thomas W. 1921 Jackson Cemetery Cropper, Virgie May 1916 County Line Cemetery Cropper, W. A. 1915 Martin Cemetery Crossett, Devota Jean 1931 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Crossett, Ed 1932 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Crossett, Mary Catherine 1973 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Croston, John 1890 Piland Cemetery Crouch, Newmane 1958 Smith Chapel Cemetery Crowley, Baby NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Crowley, Herbert H. 1978 Clear Springs Cemetery Crowley, Joe William 1942 Clear Springs Cemetery Crowley, William Ray 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery Crowley, Zona NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Crumley, John 1909 Mammoth Cemetery Crumlley, Sarah 1915 Mammoth Cemetery Cudtshall, Elfriede E. 1979 Sims Cemetery Cudworth, Charles E. 1969 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cudworth, Irvin 1957 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Culbirth, Eulah 1919 Lutie Cemetery Culbirth, Myrtle 1916 Lutie Cemetery Cullen, Elizabeth 1901 County Line Cemetery Culpepper, Howard Micheaux 1969 Howards Ridge Cemetery Culpepper, Infant NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Culpepper, James Donald 1936 Howards Ridge Cemetery Culpepper, L. C. 1934 Howards Ridge Cemetery Culpepper, Mary Elizabeth 1939 Howards Ridge Cemetery Culpepper, Samuel J. 1960 Howards Ridge Cemetery Cummins, No first name 1903 Pontiac Cemetery Cunningham, Dicey NDL Bakersfield Cemetery Cunningham, Emma 1955 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cunningham, Infant son 1895 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cunningham, J. B. W. 1906 Bakersfield Cemetery Cunningham, Jesse H. 1928 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cunningham, Margaret P. NDL Bakersfield Cemetery Cunningham, Margaret S. 1891 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cunningham, Monroe L. 1906 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cunningham, Wallie 1927 Longrun Cemetery Cuno, Charles A. 1934 Marshall Cemetery Cuno, Charles N. 1981 Marshall Cemetery Cuno, Mary G. NDL Marshall Cemetery Cureton, James W. 1950 Howards Ridge Cemetery Currah, Tom 1971 Lutie Cemetery Curtis, Glenda 1951 Souder Cemetery Curtis, Grace 1955 Souder Cemetery Curtis, Lowell T. 1942 Souder Cemetery Cutbirth, Nancy NDL Hicks Cemetery Cutbirth, Nancy Lou 1948 Thornfield Cemetery Cutbirth, Orval 1963 Thornfield Cemetery Cutbirth, Pad 1950 Thornfield Cemetery Cutbirth, Paul Vernon 1939 Thornfield Cemetery Cutbirth, Shirley 1940 Thornfield Cemetery Cutsinger, Alvada Mae 1930 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Cutsinger, Cloe 1970 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Daily, John H. 1913 Trail Cemetery Daniel, Attie L. 1955 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Baby NDL Jackson Cemetery Daniel, C. D. 1879 Gainesville Cemetery Daniel, Darryl Wayne 1965 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Emley 1906 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Harriet NDL Daniel Cemetery Daniel, Hazel A. 1918 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Hearsel R. 1914 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Henry NDL Daniel Cemetery Daniel, Infant son 1956 Jackson Cemetery Daniel, J. W. 1885 Jackson Cemetery Daniel, James Frances 1935 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Jim Lee NDL Jackson Cemetery Daniel, Laura Belle 1947 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Ora 1962 Sims Cemetery Daniel, Orville 1967 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Samuel H., Rev. 1956 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Silas 1967 Sims Cemetery Daniel, Walter 1911 Wasola Cemetery Daniel, Wilson NDL Jackson Cemetery Dauchy, Lee 1935 Smith Chapel Cemetery Dauchy, Schuyler 1965 Smith Chapel Cemetery Dauchy, Sheldon 1946 Smith Chapel Cemetery Daugherty, Austin NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Bertha NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Charlie NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Darlene NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Dora (Harris) 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Douglas NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Earlene NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Ella NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Ethel (Killion) 1981 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Ewing 1967 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Henry Martin 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Ida NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Iline NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Daugherty, John W. 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Lucy Ann (Blaylock) 1966 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Mona Jean NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Queen Ann (King) 1962 Clear Springs Cemetery Daugherty, Robert H. 1928 Clear Springs Cemetery Daves, George E. 1936 Noble Cemetery Daves, Goodman 1880 Norris / Piland Cemetery Daves, Hettie 1920 Noble Cemetery Daves, Joseph K. 1928 Noble Cemetery Daves, Josephine 1923 Noble Cemetery Daves, No first name NDL Loftis Cemetery Daves, Pernelape A. NDL Souder Cemetery David, Hope A. 1891 Sweeton Pond Cemetery David, Howell I. 1974 Thornfield Cemetery David, John P. 1903 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Davidson, B. P. 1959 Trail Cemetery Davidson, Goldie NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Davidson, Harriett 1961 Bakersfield Cemetery Davidson, James R. 1945 Trail Cemetery Davidson, Luther 1964 Bakersfield Cemetery Davidson, Ned 1962 Bakersfield Cemetery Davidson, Sandra NDL Sallee Cemetery Davidson, Sarah J. 1916 Trail Cemetery Davidson, Snow E. 1928 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Agnes Elvenia NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Andrew NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Arthur C. NDL Marshall Cemetery Davis, Austin L. 1976 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Baby NDL Sims Cemetery Davis, Becky NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Cathern 1938 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Cordella 1955 Wasola Cemetery Davis, Eliza 1886 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Davis, Eliza Jane (Smart) 1958 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Franklin NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Hall 1959 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Harrison NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Henry N. 1961 Wasola Cemetery Davis, Henry W. 1914 Wasola Cemetery Davis, Infant NDL Lutie Cemetery Davis, Iva 1971 Loftis Cemetery Davis, J. Carl 1986 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Jarett NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Joe NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Joel W. 1948 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, John Gilbert 1951 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Julia A. Ridenour 1970 Thornfield Cemetery Davis, Linda C. 1948 Souder Cemetery Davis, Louisa 1935 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Mack 1965 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Davis, Maggie 1946 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Davis, Martha Pease 1981 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Davis, Mary Eliza 1955 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Mattie 1909 Lutie Cemetery Davis, Necy NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Ninnie E. 1969 Wasola Cemetery Davis, No first name NDL Loftis Cemetery Davis, Norman Cleon 1959 Clear Springs Cemetery Davis, Roy Lester 1959 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Russie NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Ruth I. 1969 Bakersfield Cemetery Davis, Son 1912 Peters Cemetery Davis, Susan 1954 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Davis, Unknown family members NDL Hash Burial Ground Davis, Veta NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Davis, Wilburn C. 1878 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Day, Arenia 1924 Thornfield Cemetery De Boad, Dawson NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Dean, “Uncle Lumb” NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Alice NDL James Cemetery Dean, Alice (Davis) 1936 Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Alta 1956 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, Belle Z. 1891 James Cemetery Dean, Billy NDL Sallee Cemetery Dean, C. C. NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Caleb A. 1951 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Dean, Careline 1939 White Oak Cemetery Dean, Catherine 1872 James Cemetery Dean, Cora M. 1917 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, David C. 1912 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, Dianner E. 1914 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, Doil NDL Sallee Cemetery Dean, Donnie NDL Sallee Cemetery Dean, Doyle F. 1979 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Dean, George W. 1932 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, Henry C. 1962 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, Jimmie Lee 1944 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Dean, John Franklin 1939 Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Lillie M. 1983 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Dean, Margaret F. 1967 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Dean, Martha E. 1916 White Oak Cemetery Dean, Mary E. 1953 Thornfield Cemetery Dean, Mary Isabelle 1898 James Cemetery Dean, Mrs. NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Dean, N. J. 1916 Old Herndon Cemetery Dean, Oba B. 1984 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Dean, R. T. 1982 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Dean, Samuel 1915 James Cemetery Dean, Sarah E. 1890 James Cemetery Dean, Sarah Elizabeth Thomas (Aunt Betty) 1960 Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Tom NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Tom NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Dean, Tommy NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Dean, Two graves without first names NDL White Oak Cemetery Dean, Zina E. 1980 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Deatherage, Arizona 1964 New Friend Cemetery Deatherage, Audra H. 1954 Howards Ridge Cemetery Deatherage, Birchfield 1973 Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Cecil 1945 Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Eugene Pollard 1976 Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Floyd 1939 Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Frances NDL Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Joe A. 1960 Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Loyd 1978 New Friend Cemetery Deatherage, Madge 1945 Centerpoint Cemetery Deatherage, Margie R. 1959 Centerpoint Cemetery DeBoard, Hester NDL Clear Springs Cemetery DeBoard, Ivis NDL Clear Springs Cemetery DeBoard, R. R. 1917 Clear Springs Cemetery DeBoard, Rosie NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Decker, C. A. 1912 County Line Cemetery Decker, Child NDL Otter Creek Cemetery Decker, Child NDL Otter Creek Cemetery Decker, Eldon P. 1983 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Decker, Eva Burleson 1917 Martin Cemetery Decker, Gladys (Martin) 1966 James Cemetery Decker, Ida 1903 Souder Cemetery Decker, J. D. 1946 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Decker, Jasper F. 1917 County Line Cemetery Decker, Johnathan 1946 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Decker, Joseph 1939 County Line Cemetery Decker, Laura 1884 Parsons Cemetery Decker, Mandy Pauline 1901 County Line Cemetery Decker, Martha 1933 Lutie Cemetery Decker, Mary E. 1952 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Decker, Mary Eva 1986 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Decker, Olis C. 1962 Clear Springs Cemetery Decker, Phillip 1939 Souder Cemetery Decker, Shepard 1937 Clear Springs Cemetery DeGase, Elsie 1966 Clark Cemetery DeGase, Jane NDL Clark Cemetery DeGase, Jap 1905 Clark Cemetery DeGase, Jim 1914 Clark Cemetery DeGase, John NDL Clark Cemetery DeGase, Pete 1910 Clark Cemetery DeGase, Poney Boyd 1946 Clark Cemetery DeGase, Rose NDL Clark Cemetery DeLarm, Grace T. 1957 Bakersfield Cemetery DeLarm, Guy H. 1947 Bakersfield Cemetery Delp, A. N. 1888 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Abjah 1940 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Clora 1908 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Ellah 1960 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Elmer 1950 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Elona 1923 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Eva 1906 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Everett 1944 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Frankie 1908 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Gladys 1917 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Infant daughter 1927 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, James H. 1900 Delp Cemetery Delp, Loyd 1933 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, M. E. 1931 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Manda 1888 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Mary 1931 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Nora 1940 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Rilla 1888 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Roxie D. 1888 Isabella Cemetery Delp, Roy 1946 Thornfield Cemetery Delp, Sarah Jane Kyle Herd 1906 Delp Cemetery Delp, W. F. 1928 Isabella Cemetery Denhem, Ruby Duff 1974 Gunter Family Cemetery Denney, Audie 1926 Wasola Cemetery Denney, Clara 1915 Old Herndon Cemetery Denney, Ellet 1953 Wasola Cemetery Denney, John 1942 Old Herndon Cemetery Denney, Lenna B. 1913 Old Herndon Cemetery Denney, Nancy Jane 1909 Longrun Cemetery Denney, Nona 1918 Old Herndon Cemetery Denney, Sadie 1970 Wasola Cemetery Denny, Lester F. 1938 Thornfield Cemetery Denny, Lonnie 1917 Old Herndon Cemetery Denny, Marion 1968 Gainesville Cemetery Denton, E. V. 1914 Longrun Cemetery Denton, Jasper 1965 Pontiac Cemetery Derick, A. C. 1908 Bakersfield Cemetery Derick, Edith 1892 Lutie Cemetery Derick, Edna 1892 Lutie Cemetery Derick, Eliza Ann 1892 Lutie Cemetery Derick, Sarah 1935 Bakersfield Cemetery Derrick, Ella 1952 Lutie Cemetery Derrick, Florence Emeline 1941 Lutie Cemetery Derrick, Henry Kelly 1944 Lutie Cemetery Derrick, Joe 1908 Lutie Cemetery Derrick, Manasa P. NDL Lutie Cemetery Derrick, N. P. 1915 Lutie Cemetery Deupree, Alta M. 1972 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Deupree, Edwin A. 1940 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Deupree, Martha L. 1934 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Deupree, Willard 1967 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dihel, Emma I. 1981 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Dilk, Albert 1901 Piland Cemetery Dilk, Dave 1929 Thornfield Cemetery Dilk, Dora Lee 1955 Thornfield Cemetery Dilk, Elghey 1898 Piland Cemetery Dillsaver, Altha A. 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery Dillsaver, Caria Joann 1964 Clear Springs Cemetery Dillsaver, Charles T. 19?? Clear Springs Cemetery Dingman, Charlie E. 1954 Clear Springs Cemetery Dixon, Martha 1912 Fore Cemetery Dobbs, Anderson A. 1984 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Arviula May 1884 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Austin L. 1925 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Becna Clementine 1896 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Edward 1981 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Elna 1910 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Everett Roy 1917 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Fredie 1905 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, George E. 1981 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, George W. 1981 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, James K. P. 1914 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Joe 1948 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, John N. 1948 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Josephine 1973 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Liddie S. 1896 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Malisa Ann 1895 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Margaret 1904 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Margaret Elizabeth 1896 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Mary 1945 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Nancy T. 1920 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Neill 1975 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Newton 1932 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Olive 1914 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Rex Noel 1918 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Roy 1938 James Cemetery Dobbs, Susan B. 1972 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Susan Jenolla 1884 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dobbs, Thomas B. 1956 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dodson, Cora 1925 Bakersfield Cemetery Dodson, Dave 1956 Bakersfield Cemetery Dodson, Elvert 1969 Smith Chapel Cemetery Dodson, Elvis 1970 Smith Chapel Cemetery Dodson, Gaudie 1960 Smith Chapel Cemetery Dodson, Henry 1937 Bakersfield Cemetery Dodson, Infant son 1911 Patrick Cemetery Dodson, John 1962 Smith Chapel Cemetery Dodson, Mollie 1931 Bakersfield Cemetery Dodson, Sarah 1926 Bakersfield Cemetery Dodson, Vernon 1905 Bakersfield Cemetery Donaghue, Elsie 1915 Thornfield Cemetery Donaghue, James NDL Piland Cemetery Donelson, Earlie 1920 Centerpoint Cemetery Donelson, Ollie J. 1905 Centerpoint Cemetery Donley, Rita Karen 1964 Isabella Cemetery Dooley, Arthur 1953 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Dooley, Mary 1938 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Doran, Thomas Andrew 1976 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Dorman, Clara 1942 Loftis Cemetery Dorman, William 1942 Loftis Cemetery Dougherty, Ray (Penny) Fore 1922 Bakersfield Cemetery Dougherty, Willard 1938 Bakersfield Cemetery Dowell, Cora Ridenour 1935 Thornfield Cemetery Dowell, Marie NDL Hicks Cemetery Dowell, Park H. 1943 Isabella Cemetery Drake, Maxine Estes 1961 Faye Cemetery Dreckman, Rose S. 1966 Gainesville Cemetery Driskell, A. A. 1903 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Driskell, Angeline 1961 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Becky 1922 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Cecil 1906 Trail Cemetery Driskell, D. F. 1902 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Driskell, Earl 1914 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Eliza J. 1970 Eaton Cemetery Driskell, Eula 1922 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Gilbert T. 1984 Eaton Cemetery Driskell, H. E. 1942 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Homer 1928 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Ida 1943 Trail Cemetery Driskell, J. B. 1936 Trail Cemetery Driskell, J. R. 1950 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Jim 1920 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Jo Ellen 1971 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Driskell, John 1923 Trail Cemetery Driskell, John P. 1973 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Louis D. 1957 Eaton Cemetery Driskell, M. L. 1945 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Matilda E. 1983 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Melissa 1971 Eaton Cemetery Driskell, Neal 1934 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Oll 1971 Eaton Cemetery Driskell, Owens 1935 Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Driskell, Ray Lee 1939 Trail Cemetery Driskell, Sarah F. 1878 Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Driskell, T. D. NDL Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Driskell, William 1982 Trail Cemetery Driskell, William Thomas 1968 Trail Cemetery Duckworth, Austus M. NDL Loftis Cemetery Duckworth, B. H. 1935 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Claud Edward 1940 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Donna Sue 1946 Thornfield Cemetery Duckworth, Douglas J. 1967 Isabella Cemetery Duckworth, Emmie 1962 Loftis Cemetery Duckworth, James A. 1918 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Jessie J. 1929 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Jewell NDL Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Jimmie L. NDL Hicks Cemetery Duckworth, Liza J. 1949 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Mary Jane 1956 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Minnie G. (Ely) 1951 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Duckworth, Okla L. 1938 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Oliver P. 1933 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Duckworth, Orville 1925 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, Pleasant J. 1891 New Friend Cemetery Duckworth, Pleasant T. 1900 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, W. G. 1929 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, William A. 1962 Otter Creek Cemetery Duckworth, William V. 1880 New Friend Cemetery Dugan, Laura NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Dugger, Broken stone NDL Parsons Cemetery Dugger, Margrett J. 1943 Parsons Cemetery Dugger, William 1930 Parsons Cemetery Duggins, Dudley NDL New Friend Cemetery Duggins, E. N. 1904 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Emma F. 1899 New Friend Cemetery Duggins, Enoch L. 1901 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Everestt 1928 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Evert R. 18?? New Friend Cemetery Duggins, Gager L. NDL New Friend Cemetery Duggins, Georgia E. 1900 New Friend Cemetery Duggins, Infant 1961 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Lillie M. 1950 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Lucy 1954 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Martha A. 1894 New Friend Cemetery Duggins, Patience NDL New Friend Cemetery Duggins, Paton V. 1949 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, Stanley 1915 Lutie Cemetery Duggins, William Toney 1966 Lutie Cemetery Duncan, Dolly NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Duncan, George H. 1963 Marshall Cemetery Duncan, Infant son NDL Marshall Cemetery Duncan, John NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Duncan, Newman 1918 Centerpoint Cemetery Duncan, Sally 1915 Centerpoint Cemetery Duncan, Tessie L. 1932 Marshall Cemetery Duncan, Vernie L. 1959 Marshall Cemetery Duncklee, Edwin 1937 Thornfield Cemetery Duncklee, Sarah E. 1919 Thornfield Cemetery Dunegan, John Kemper 1927 Fletcher / Davis Burial Ground Dunegan, Manervy Adamontine Loftis 1921 Fletcher / Davis Burial Ground Dunnegan, A. J. NDL Loftis Cemetery Dunnegan, Elmer K. 1966 Wasola Cemetery Dunnegan, Jack 1970 Wasola Cemetery Dunnegan, John NDL Jackson Cemetery Dunnegan, Mrs. John NDL Jackson Cemetery Dunnigan, Franklin 1870 Gainesville Cemetery Durham, Edgar 1893 Smith Chapel Cemetery Durham, Edward 1893 Smith Chapel Cemetery Durham, Leuanzia NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Durham, Margarette 1890 Bakersfield Cemetery Durham, Maye 1985 Fore Cemetery Durham, Tennie 1953 Smith Chapel Cemetery Durham, Thomas 1902 Smith Chapel Cemetery Durham, Tim NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Durham, Tommy 1982 Fore Cemetery Dutch, Charlie NDL Ball Cemetery Dye, Arender 1962 Eaton Cemetery Dye, Bettie 1933 Souder Cemetery Dye, E. Palmer 1912 Mammoth Cemetery Dye, Edgar W. 1950 Wasola Cemetery Dye, George B. 1959 Mammoth Cemetery Dye, Henry 1916 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Jake 1913 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Jennie 1981 Eaton Cemetery Dye, Jeptha 1905 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Leslie 1899 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Lester 1926 Eaton Cemetery Dye, Lucy 1967 Mammoth Cemetery Dye, Margaret L. 1903 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Martha A. 1956 Wasola Cemetery Dye, Mary M. 1904 Mammoth Cemetery Dye, Molly 1968 Mammoth Cemetery Dye, Priscilla 1878 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Sarah L. 1941 Old Herndon Cemetery Dye, Tommy R. 1931 Old Herndon Cemetery Eagans, Dorothy J. 1973 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Eagans, Hershell William 1931 Trail Cemetery Eagans, Lando 1982 Trail Cemetery Eagans, Maggie M. 1981 Trail Cemetery Eagen, Benjamin F. 1921 Parsons Cemetery Eagen, Eary Ellie 1906 Parsons Cemetery Eagen, John C. 1965 Parsons Cemetery Eaknapp, Mother Dear NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Earl, R. A. 1934 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Earley, Raymond 1982 New Hope Cemetery Easter, A. L. 1922 White Oak Cemetery Easter, Albert J. NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Easter, Hazel (Blaylock) 1972 Clear Springs Cemetery Easter, Kreed NDL Ball Cemetery Easter, Nancy J. 1941 White Oak Cemetery Eaton, Bessie D. 1977 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Eaton, Charles W. 1887 Eaton Cemetery Eaton, Christopher C. 1934 Eaton Cemetery Eaton, J. M. 1899 Eaton Cemetery Eaton, Rebecca J. 1948 Eaton Cemetery Eaton, Tabitha 1899 Eaton Cemetery Eaves, Alice A. 1962 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Eaves, Glen 1932 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Eaves, James F. 1970 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Ebersol, Andrew NDL Sims Cemetery Ebrite, Annie 1886 Mammoth Cemetery Ebrite, Baby daughter 1930 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Charles 1909 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Earl 1958 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Faye 1965 Smith Chapel Cemetery Ebrite, George 1905 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Macie 1962 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Mary 1939 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Rachael 1890 Mammoth Cemetery Ebrite, Ray 1966 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Ebrite, Sarah 1917 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Edginton, Edward 1909 Jackson Cemetery Edmonds, Blanch 1896 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Carrie 1905 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Charley 1906 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Edith Jane 1948 Lutie Cemetery Edmonds, Farrell 1979 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Edmonds, Georgia 1945 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Harold Dean NDL Trail Cemetery Edmonds, Hayden 1899 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Jessie 1908 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Julia 1934 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Lellie D. 1959 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Nancy 1887 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Thomas Edward 1948 Isabella Cemetery Edmonds, Tinch 1923 Isabella Cemetery Edmondson, Charlie 1888 Lutie Cemetery Edmondson, Jennette 1882 Lutie Cemetery Edmonson, Francis 1888 Lutie Cemetery Edmonson, W. M. 1890 Lutie Cemetery Edwards, Alva J. 1977 Martin Cemetery Edwards, Carl 1919 Souder Cemetery Edwards, Dorman Lynn 1959 Souder Cemetery Edwards, Infant NDL Souder Cemetery Edwards, John P. 1943 Souder Cemetery Edwards, Mary F. 1941 Souder Cemetery Edwards, Sammy Jr. 1965 Lutie Cemetery Edwards, Seth B. 1910 Norris / Piland Cemetery Edwick, Albert E. 1943 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Elgin, Ada 1952 Centerpoint Cemetery Elgin, Hurley 1957 Centerpoint Cemetery Eliff, J. 1883 Souder Cemetery Elliot, J. F. NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Elliot, James NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Elliott, George W. 1885 Franklin Grove Cemetery Elliott, Mary V. 1905 Isabella Cemetery Ellis, C. J. 1886 Gaulding Cemetery Ellis, George 1897 Piland Cemetery Ellison, Austin 1952 Gainesville Cemetery Ellison, Clara Elizabeth 1933 Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, Dewey Carl 1960 Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, E. E. 1967 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Edgar W. NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, Edna 1960 Gainesville Cemetery Ellison, Henley 1974 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Ellison, Imogene 1931 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Joe 1929 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Laverne 1924 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Lennie G. 1971 Lutie Cemetery Ellison, Malinda 1920 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Nancy 1870 Gainesville Cemetery Ellison, Orville 1955 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Priscilla 1944 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, R. T. 1929 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Rosie 1930 Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, Sherman 1976 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Ellison, Tomie D. 1920 Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, Vernon 1918 Pontiac Cemetery Ellison, Viola 1865 Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, Wiley 1926 Howards Ridge Cemetery Ellison, Wilma Christine 1936 Pontiac Cemetery Elting, Edward 1966 Isabella Cemetery Elting, William L. 1964 Isabella Cemetery Ely, Jane (McCullough) Duckworth 1909 Otter Creek Cemetery Ely, Martha A. 1916 Otter Creek Cemetery Ely, W. A. 1916 Otter Creek Cemetery

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