Ozark County Burial Index

Index of Burials in Ozark County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Ozark County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed Bumley, Bertha (Tackitt) 1938 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Bunch, Doria A. 1904 Centerpoint Cemetery Bunch, Earl 1910 Centerpoint Cemetery Bunch, Sarah NDL Centerpoint Cemetery Bunch, Sarah Jane 1951 Centerpoint Cemetery Bunch, Versey 1900 Centerpoint Cemetery Bunch, William D. 1930 Centerpoint Cemetery Bunel, Charles E. 1886 Gaulding Cemetery Bunn, Harriett 1887 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Bunn, John M. 1916 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Bunn, Mary A. 1940 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Bunner, Amanda M. 1898 Souder Cemetery Burch, Ella 1915 Old Herndon Cemetery Burch, Terry 1911 Old Herndon Cemetery Burchell, Edmon 1886 Smith Chapel Cemetery Burchell, Matilda 1901 Smith Chapel Cemetery Burdan, Silvia O. 1923 Souder Cemetery Burden, Delia Franklin 1930 Souder Cemetery Burden, Missouri Jane 1899 Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Burgess, Twins 1900 Bakersfield Cemetery Burk, Gracie 1952 Gainesville Cemetery Burk, Hattie P. 1897 Gainesville Cemetery Burk, Michael 1935 Gainesville Cemetery Burkdoll, Ellen A. 1948 Thornfield Cemetery Burkdoll, John C. 1942 Thornfield Cemetery Burkdoll, Loyd 1923 Thornfield Cemetery Burkdoll, No first name 1966 Thornfield Cemetery Burleson, Catherine NDL Martin Cemetery Burleson, John T. 1939 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Burnett, Bert 1962 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, Deana Lynn 1963 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, Dolin 1927 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, Infant 1909 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, Rutha 1907 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, S. A. 1943 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, Verne 1962 Lutie Cemetery Burnett, William 1979 Howards Ridge Cemetery Burroughs, Penny 1982 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Burton, Duane 1959 Thornfield Cemetery Burton, Willie 1901 Old Herndon Cemetery Bushong, Almisha J. 1925 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, Bentley Doyle 1980 Eaton Cemetery Bushong, Blanche M. 1932 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, China 1954 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Clint 1961 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Cora A. 1941 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, Cora D. 1908 Frazier Burial Ground Bushong, Corbett 1971 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Davie 1939 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Eletha B. 1940 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, Elza 1961 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Estill T. 1904 Bushong Burial Ground Bushong, Etta NDL Martin Cemetery Bushong, H. P. “Presty” 1960 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, Herbert 1957 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Hester M. 1911 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, J. H. 1890 Martin Cemetery Bushong, James S. 1924 Bushong Cemetery Bushong, Jessie 1898 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Jessie NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Joe 1953 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, John 1954 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Josie 1971 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Lander 1961 Souder Cemetery Bushong, Lida 1965 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Lizzie 1958 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Martha A. N. NDL Martin Cemetery Bushong, Marvin 1970 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Mary 1971 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Math 1969 Ball Cemetery Bushong, Melvin 1953 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Myrtle 1962 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Prentice (Dr.) 1948 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, Priscill NDL Martin Cemetery Bushong, Sanford B. 1915 Frazier Burial Ground Bushong, Sarah 1968 Ball Cemetery Bushong, Susan W. 1871 Martin Cemetery Bushong, Vick 1940 Smith Chapel Cemetery Bushong, W. L. NDL Martin Cemetery Bushong, Warner 1971 Bushong Cemetery Butcher, James M. 1931 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Butcher, Rachel A. 1966 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Butcher, Roy NDL Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Butler, Alexander NDL Sanders (North) Cemetery Butler, Herman Monroe 1971 Thornfield Cemetery Butler, Joseph 1876 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Butram, Fred NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Butram, Infant son 1921 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Butram, J. Allen 1976 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Butram, Pearl 1981 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Butram, Sarah Aley 1905 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Buttram, Inez 1930 Mahan / Bradley Cemetery Buttram, Jacob M. 1920 Mahan / Bradley Cemetery Buttram, Mary E. 1953 Mahan / Bradley Cemetery Byerlee, Carol 1946 Souder Cemetery Byerlee, Elmo 1957 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Byerlee, George S. 1937 Souder Cemetery Byerlee, Laura Edith 1915 Souder Cemetery Byerlee, Louis Wm. 1942 Souder Cemetery Byerlee, Mary R. 1935 Souder Cemetery Byerlee, Roy Earl 1942 Souder Cemetery Byerlee, Troy Wm. 1935 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Charles Jr. 1943 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Charley 1955 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Floyd J. 1888 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Marion W. 1920 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Mary E. 1929 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Mrs. J. 1878 Souder Cemetery Byerley, Phillip D. 1949 Souder Cemetery Byerley, William M. 1935 Souder Cemetery Byrd, Cora 1898 Norris / Piland Cemetery Byrd, H. W. 1917 Jackson Cemetery Byrd, Horace W. 1929 Jackson Cemetery Byrd, J. R. (Rev.) 1958 Thornfield Cemetery Byrd, Laura M. 1946 Thornfield Cemetery Byrd, Lillie D. 1918 Thornfield Cemetery Byrd, Louisa Jane 1922 Jackson Cemetery Byrd, Nancy Cornelia 1943 Thornfield Cemetery Byrd, Orlena 1896 Piland Cemetery Byrd, Peter A. (Rev.) 1941 Thornfield Cemetery Calahan, Edith M. 1932 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Caldwell, Andy George NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Eddie 1898 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Esther (mulatto servant) NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Infant daughter 1898 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, John C. 1923 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, John Ed 1960 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Lou NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Mandy (mulatto servant) NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Margie E. 1909 Clear Springs Cemetery Caldwell, Sam NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Caldwell, Topsy NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Caldwell, William NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Callicott, Alvin 1940 Clear Springs Cemetery Callicott, Cecil E. 1929 Clear Springs Cemetery Callicott, Victoria (Blacksher) 1961 Clear Springs Cemetery Campbell, Benton NDL Loftis Cemetery Campbell, Dorcas 1902 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Campbell, Eugene E. 1968 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Campbell, Hannah NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Campbell, John 1895 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Campbell, Mindy Nicole 1981 Brushy Knob Cemetery Campbell, Myrtle 1917 Lutie Cemetery Campbell, Robert 1944 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Campbell, W. M. NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Campble, M. A. NDL Parker Cemetery Canady, Cort 1959 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Canady, Lydia 1932 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Canady, W. T. 1932 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cane, Polly NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Cantrell, I. E. NDL Loftis Cemetery Cantrell, Mary I. 1937 Loftis Cemetery Cantrell, No first name NDL Fore Cemetery Cantrell, Pinkney 1914 Fore Cemetery Cantrell, Tom NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Cantrell, Virgie 1909 Loftis Cemetery Cantwell, Floyd H. 1956 Thornfield Cemetery Cantwell, Lydia G. 1954 Thornfield Cemetery Cantwell, Ota W. 1957 Thornfield Cemetery Capehart, Asa 1888 Gaulding Cemetery Capehart, Janey M. 1939 Gaulding Cemetery Capehart, Steave 1929 Gaulding Cemetery Capps, Infant 1900 Martin Cemetery Capps, Infant 1894 Martin Cemetery Capps, Lorene 1925 Eaton Cemetery Capps, Mandy F. 1925 Eaton Cemetery Capps, R. B. 1885 Martin Cemetery Capps, S. F. 1880 Martin Cemetery Carey, Keegan James 1995 Centerpoint Cemetery Carmichael, Nannie P. 1924 Noble Cemetery Carmichael, Rachel 1956 Noble Cemetery Carmichael, W. A. 1906 Noble Cemetery Carrell, Belle 1959 Faye Cemetery Carrell, Clifford NDL Faye Cemetery Carrell, George W. 1965 Faye Cemetery Carrell, Jacob A. 1936 Faye Cemetery Carrell, Joseph F. 1966 Faye Cemetery Carrell, Lillie B. 1962 Faye Cemetery Carrier, John L. 1965 Isabella Cemetery Carrier, Lilly 1881 Bakersfield Cemetery Carrier, Mary A. 1953 Lutie Cemetery Carroll, Hester A. 1918 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Carroll, Hickman M. 1892 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Carroll, Kenneth 1935 Howards Ridge Cemetery Carroll, M. A. 1905 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Carter, Arcie E. 1946 Patrick Cemetery Carter, Cecil P. 1975 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Carter, David C. 1985 Clear Springs Cemetery Carter, Elmer 1965 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Carter, Estel 1968 Patrick Cemetery Carter, Hurvil 1934 Patrick Cemetery Carter, Laura B. 1987 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Carter, Mellie K. 1919 Martin Cemetery Carter, Milo B. 1958 Martin Cemetery Carter, Robert 1954 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Carter, W. M. Ronald 1969 Bakersfield Cemetery Carter, Wilber 1915 Patrick Cemetery Carter, William G. 1901 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Carter, Willie 1902 County Line Cemetery Cartwright, John S. 1926 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Cartwright, Vesta Anne 1936 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Case, Mary Ellen 1930 Old Herndon Cemetery Casey, Abraham 1943 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Casey, Arno Henson NDL Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Casey, Curtis 1930 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Casey, Janie 1943 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Casey, Martha A. 1955 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Casey, Verna 1919 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Cash, Ada 1957 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Albert N. 1970 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Dora Carter 1966 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Eldon Nelson 1923 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Emerett NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Ethel A. (Cearley) NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Infant daughter 1921 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Infant son 1954 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, James Everett 1977 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Mary E. 1937 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Ralph W. 1973 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Rena Wilson Dobbs 1960 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Robert Paul 1964 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, William M. 1940 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cash, Willie Ermine 1985 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Casteel, Ora E. 1971 Old Herndon Cemetery Cates, Albert 1895 Peters Cemetery Cates, Amanda P. 1926 Peters Cemetery Cates, Claude 1923 Peters Cemetery Cates, D. A. 1919 Peters Cemetery Cates, Daniel M. 1895 Peters Cemetery Cates, Hattie A. 1978 Peters Cemetery Cates, James W. 1951 Peters Cemetery Cates, John E. 1929 Peters Cemetery Cates, John R. 1915 Peters Cemetery Cates, Lawrence 1918 Peters Cemetery Cates, Marrie 1916 Peters Cemetery Cates, No first name 1939 Wasola Cemetery Cates, Rexie Willis 1914 Peters Cemetery Cates, Ruth 1919 Wasola Cemetery Cates, William M. 1929 Peters Cemetery Catherwood, Mary Ann 1888 Catherwood / Riggs Cemetery Catherwood, Sam 1904 Catherwood / Riggs Cemetery Caughenbaugh, Jessie M. Harris 1948 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cauthron, Freedia May 1981 Centerpoint Cemetery Cearley, Edgar 1970 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, Elizabeth 1919 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, Floyd 1906 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, John W. 1944 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, Larkin 1918 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, Lula May 1933 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, Minnie R. 1945 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cearley, Virgil 1957 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Chamberlin, Baby NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Chambers, Gavaughns, 1960 Smith Chapel Cemetery Chambers, Infant son NDL Gainesville Cemetery Chambers, Mattie Taylor Turnbo 1956 Pontiac Cemetery Chandler, Alice Marie 1919 Lipscomb Cemetery Chandler, Clyde D. 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery Chandler, Delta J. NDL Lipscomb Cemetery Chandler, Ovie F. 1950 Lipscomb Cemetery Chaney, Caldonia 1924 New Friend Cemetery Chaney, Fern 1923 New Friend Cemetery Chaney, Hattie Fay 1937 New Friend Cemetery Chaney, J. Quintine 1922 New Friend Cemetery Chaney, John 1923 New Friend Cemetery Chaney, Leonard H. 1969 New Friend Cemetery Chaney, Vina 1953 New Friend Cemetery Chapman, Bobby L. 1951 Isabella Cemetery Chatham, May 1922 Centerpoint Cemetery Cheatham, James C. 1891 Clark Cemetery Chinewirth, Lonzo 1971 Trail Cemetery Chineyworth, Joe NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Chineyworth, Johnny NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Chisam, James 1922 Gaulding Cemetery Chisam, Martha 1933 Gaulding Cemetery Chisam, Mima 1928 Isabella Cemetery Chisam, Noah 1968 Isabella Cemetery Chism, Baby NDL Sims Cemetery Choat, Ivela 1882 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Chris, Sally NDL Centerpoint Cemetery Clark, Absalom 1892 Sanders (North) Cemetery Clark, Ada B. 1899 Clark Cemetery Clark, Bert 1953 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Clark, Bessie (Winn) 1940 Gaulding Cemetery Clark, Calvin 1922 Norris / Piland Cemetery Clark, Elva M. 1937 Centerpoint Cemetery Clark, Etcyal A. 1896 Clark Cemetery Clark, Harold 1942 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Clark, Hattie 1960 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Clark, Joe NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Clark, Joseph W. 1899 Clark Cemetery Clark, Justin Wayne 1974 Thornfield Cemetery Clark, Leila J. NDL Clark Cemetery Clark, Luvicy J. 1922 Sanders (North) Cemetery Clark, Mary C. 1942 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Clark, Mary F. 1968 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Clark, May J. 1891 Piland Cemetery Clark, Mrs. Calvin 1899 Norris / Piland Cemetery Clark, Orlando 1892 Clark Cemetery Clark, Perry A. 1962 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Clark, Sally NDL Franklin Grove Cemetery Clark, Stillman Eddie 1896 Clark Cemetery Clark, T. B. 1900 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Clarkson, Ada Alice 1912 Isabella Cemetery Clarkson, Liza NDL New Friend Cemetery Clarkson, Melvina S. 1905 Isabella Cemetery Clarkston, Infant daughter 1930 New Hope Cemetery Clarkston, Infant son 1944 New Hope Cemetery Clasby, Manda 1943 Isabella Cemetery Clasby, R. M. NDL Isabella Cemetery Claybrook, Chris 1939 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Claybrook, James E. 1966 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Claybrook, Mary 1975 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Claybrook, Mary L. 1983 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Claybrook, Oliver S. 1954 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Claybrook, William H. 1986 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Clayton, Bruce 1962 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, C. L. 1910 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, Charlette K. 1979 Thornfield Cemetery Clayton, Chauncey 1968 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, Children NDL Hackler and Clayton Graves Clayton, Dennie Ray 1966 Lutie Cemetery Clayton, Edmond D. 1941 Wasola Cemetery Clayton, Edward E. 1937 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, George Dale 1920 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, George R. NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Gracie 1896 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, Hiram NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, James J. NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Jesse NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, John “Tom” NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, John F. 1953 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, L. C. NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Lettie Jane 1944 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, Margaret Raye (Asher) NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Mirtie N. 1950 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, Oveta NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Roland NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Sarah J. NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Sterling NDL Hicks Cemetery Clayton, Two infants 1898 Howards Ridge Cemetery Clayton, Willis NDL Hicks Cemetery Click, Charlie NDL Ball Cemetery Click, Christena 1942 Ball Cemetery Click, Elizabeth 1942 Ball Cemetery Click, Flora A. 1893 Martin Cemetery Click, Georgie 1919 Ball Cemetery Click, Mary 1947 Ball Cemetery Click, Thomas 1949 Ball Cemetery Climer, Agnes NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Climer, Alf 1974 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Climer, John T. 1930 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Climer, Sarah J. 1955 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Clinkingbeard, Hannah 1921 Thornfield Cemetery Clinkingbeard, James E. 1944 Thornfield Cemetery Coates, Alice 1960 Bakersfield Cemetery Coates, Joseph W. 1956 Bakersfield Cemetery Cobb, Alta 1969 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Ambrose 1945 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Angeline 1936 Martin Cemetery Cobb, Arch 1903 Parsons Cemetery Cobb, Ben 1951 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Bettie 1924 Marshall Cemetery Cobb, Buster 1979 Eaton Cemetery Cobb, Cleo 1965 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Dan 1964 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Henry C. 1899 Martin Cemetery Cobb, Homer 1955 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Mary F. (Hamilton) 1979 James Cemetery Cobb, Mildred 1919 Ball Cemetery Cobb, Rebecca A. 1903 Parsons Cemetery Cobb, Rev. A. H. 1928 Parsons Cemetery Cobb, Richard A. 1944 James Cemetery Cobb, William I. 1919 Marshall Cemetery Coble, A. A. 1938 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Coble, Eula Marie 1941 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Coble, Florean NDL Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Coble, Flossie NDL Hale Cemetery Coble, Fred W. 1900 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Coble, Henry 1894 Hale Cemetery Coble, Infant NDL Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Coble, James H. 1966 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Coble, Jocy F. 1927 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Coble, Lennie Ann 1900 Hale Cemetery Coble, Louveania 1935 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Coble, M. B. 1909 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Coble, Margrete 1936 Ball Cemetery Coble, Mary 1919 Ball Cemetery Coble, Nora A. 1893 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Coble, Pet NDL Parsons Cemetery Coble, Sarah Jane 1931 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cochran, John B., Rev. 1969 Mammoth Cemetery Cockrom, J. D. 1920 Upton / Reynolds Cemetery Cockrum, Baby 1913 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Baby 1914 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Baby 1915 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Clay 1970 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Darla Sue 1971 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Edith M. 1976 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Eliza 1922 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Elvis 1968 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Ileta 1959 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, J. T. 1927 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, James M. 1922 Gainesville Cemetery Cockrum, John 1975 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Leonia 1960 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Lorenzo S. 1960 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Ray 1955 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Richard 1944 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cockrum, Roy A. 1961 Patrick Cemetery Cockrum, Toney 1912 Sims Cemetery Cockrum, Troy 1965 Smith Chapel Cemetery Coffee, Arizona 1888 Mammoth Cemetery Coffee, Sallie 1943 Mammoth Cemetery Coffey, Charley NDL Lutie Cemetery Coffey, Dora NDL Centerpoint Cemetery Coffey, Five members of family NDL Sanders (South) Cemetery Coffey, Louisa J. 187? Sanders (South) Cemetery Coffey, Tildy NDL Lutie Cemetery Coke, David W. 1896 Mammoth Cemetery Coke, Eliza 1932 Mammoth Cemetery Coke, J. R. 1896 Mammoth Cemetery Coke, Susie 1894 Mammoth Cemetery Coke, W. R. 1905 Mammoth Cemetery Coke, Willie 1908 Mammoth Cemetery Coker, Homer 1878 Isabella Cemetery Coker, Jennie 1876 New Friend Cemetery Cole, Claborne W. 1907 Mammoth Cemetery Cole, Fanny NDL Sallee Cemetery Cole, Fanny NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Cole, Jennie 1905 Clear Springs Cemetery Cole, Minnie 1907 Ball Cemetery Cole, Roger 1908 Clear Springs Cemetery Colepoint, Ella NDL Fairview Cemetery Collin, William 1902 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Alice 1873 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, Alice 1949 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, Anthy E. 1942 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Collins, Artie (Hagans) 1931 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, B. “Tol” 1946 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Baby NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, Belvia NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Collins, Benjamin Harrison 1971 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Clementine 1936 Martin Cemetery Collins, Doskie L. 1953 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Doyle 1969 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, Elizabeth 1874 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, Elizabeth 1902 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Elzey 1986 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Estley 1911 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Ethel 1920 Martin Cemetery Collins, Ethel 1966 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, Floyd A. 1966 Martin Cemetery Collins, Floyd Junior 1963 Ball Cemetery Collins, Freda 1927 Trail Cemetery Collins, George D. 1976 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, George W. 1947 Norris / Piland Cemetery Collins, Gladys 1931 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Harrison (Sgt.) 1890 Isabella Cemetery Collins, Hetie NDL Ball Cemetery Collins, Infant son NDL Parsons Cemetery Collins, Irene 1988 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, Isaac 1913 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Izah 1885 Parsons Cemetery Collins, J. Eli 1924 Parsons Cemetery Collins, James E. 1938 Parsons Cemetery Collins, James Thomas 1971 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Jemima E. 1880 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, John T. 1924 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Johney 1920 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, Josia 1900 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, Judith J. 1943 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Collins, L. M. 1903 Gainesville Cemetery Collins, Lee 1953 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Collins, Lee NDL Trail Cemetery Collins, Lloyd Craig 1980 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Collins, Luella 1954 Trail Cemetery Collins, Malissie 1890 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, Mary 1897 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Mary 1902 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, Mary A. 1922 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Mattie 1917 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, Melissa A. 1869 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, Michael Dean 1968 Ball Cemetery Collins, Minerva 1918 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Nancy 1914 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, Nancy O. 1898 Parsons Cemetery Collins, Necia J. 1907 Norris / Piland Cemetery Collins, Otis R. 1944 Eaton Cemetery Collins, Relda S. 1938 Eaton Cemetery Collins, Ruby E. 1976 Mammoth Cemetery Collins, Sarra 1955 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, Stephen Doyle 1977 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, Steve 1937 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, Twins NDL Trail Cemetery Collins, Victor Wayne 1963 Ball Cemetery Collins, Vina 1968 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Collins, W. D. 1951 Pontiac Cemetery Collins, W. M. 1913 Parsons Cemetery Colvin, Arthur P. 1951 Marshall Cemetery Colvin, Hester 1905 Parker Cemetery Colvin, Hester (Daugherty) NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Colvin, Juliet 1924 Marshall Cemetery Colvin, Mary E. 1976 Marshall Cemetery Colvin, W. M. 1952 Marshall Cemetery Comer, Claudie O. 1893 Gainesville Cemetery Comer, Matilda 1929 Gainesville Cemetery Comer, Maude E. 1917 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Comer, William 1865 Gainesville Cemetery Compton, Harriet E. 1900 Gainesville Cemetery Compton, Riley 1923 Bakersfield Cemetery Conkin, Everett E. 1922 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, Flora Temple 1878 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, Hanah 1904 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, James P. 1876 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, Jarett W. 1880 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, Maggie 1898 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, Osa 1895 Gainesville Cemetery Conkin, Sarah 1891 Gainesville Cemetery Conley, Altie Jane 1897 Trail Cemetery Conley, Bennie 1897 Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Conley, Buford 1959 Souder Cemetery Conley, Ed 1913 Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Conley, Harve 1943 Souder Cemetery Conley, Jane 1955 Eaton Cemetery Conley, John 1958 Souder Cemetery Conley, Lois 1972 Smith Chapel Cemetery Conley, Mary A. 1942 Souder Cemetery Conley, Nora Turl 1901 Trail Cemetery Conley, Ray 1899 Sam Riley / Owens Cemetery Conner, Frances M. 1968 Lutie Cemetery Conrad, Albert R. 1960 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, Daisy Ann 1965 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, Guy Merle 1935 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, Harold 1903 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, Julia 1948 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, Leonard 1934 Clark Cemetery Conrad, Mahala 1896 Old Herndon Cemetery Conrad, Margaret I. 1928 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, Mary 1925 Jackson Cemetery Conrad, William 1905 Jackson Cemetery Contant, Donna 1977 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Contant, Frank 1985 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Contant, Victor 1979 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Cook, Cinda 1915 Souder Cemetery Cook, Cora E. 1945 Oak Mound Cemetery Cook, Euless J. Sr. 1973 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Cook, J. A. 1906 Souder Cemetery Cook, J. B. 1934 Isabella Cemetery Cook, J. D. 1932 Oak Mound Cemetery Cook, James Charles 1954 Souder Cemetery Cook, Jim 1932 Souder Cemetery Cook, Louis NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Cook, Mary A. 1910 Souder Cemetery Cook, Walter 1923 Oak Mound Cemetery Coombes, Mary Wilkins 1888 County Line Cemetery Coombes, W. N. 1888 County Line Cemetery Coombes, William O. 1893 County Line Cemetery Coon, Charles 1941 Isabella Cemetery Coonce, Bell 1924 Jackson Cemetery Coonce, Benny NDL Jackson Cemetery Coonce, Gary D. 1969 Wasola Cemetery Coonce, Homer NDL Jackson Cemetery Coonce, John 1928 Jackson Cemetery Coonce, Johnny NDL Jackson Cemetery Coonce, Mary NDL Jackson Cemetery Coonce, Ocie C. 1962 Wasola Cemetery Coons, Dewey 1969 Lutie Cemetery Coons, James 1895 Jackson Cemetery Coons, Lillian 1971 Lutie Cemetery Cooper, Jack 1955 Jackson Cemetery Cooper, James Robert 1954 Jackson Cemetery Cooper, Jim 1924 Jackson Cemetery Cooper, Lillie Eula 1923 Jackson Cemetery Cooper, Louis Gene 1922 Fore Cemetery Cooper, Nancy 1932 Jackson Cemetery Cooper, Nellie 1901 Lutie Cemetery Cooper, Patty 1981 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Cooper, Rufus 1878 Eaton Cemetery Copas, J. B. 1933 Peters Cemetery Copas, S. E. NDL Peters Cemetery Copaus, Golda 1895 Smith Chapel Cemetery Copaus, L. H. 1945 Smith Chapel Cemetery Cope, A. B. NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Cope, John Henry 1936 Clear Springs Cemetery Cope, John W. 1902 Faye Cemetery Cope, Martha J. 1899 Faye Cemetery Cope, Mary NDL Howards Ridge Cemetery Copeland, Elmer NDL Fairview Cemetery Copeland, Everett NDL Fairview Cemetery Copeland, Murphy 1974 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Copelin, Ada E. 1964 Clear Springs Cemetery Copelin, Ava 1939 Lutie Cemetery Copelin, Claud 1964 Lutie Cemetery Copelin, Don O. 1957 Lutie Cemetery Copelin, Jane 1892 Welch Cemetery Copelin, Samuel A. NDL Welch Cemetery Copelin, T. F. 1959 Lutie Cemetery Coplen, Frances 1908 White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Granddad NDL White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Grandma NDL White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Marshel 1928 White Oak Cemetery Coplen, No first name NDL White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Nova 1923 White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Rosey 1887 White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Viola 1926 White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Walter 1928 White Oak Cemetery Coplen, Wiley 1889 White Oak Cemetery Copper, Ray 1964 Patrick Cemetery Corp, Elpha 1944 Sallee Cemetery Corp, James NDL Sallee Cemetery Corp, Marsh 1942 Sallee Cemetery Cosby, Martha E. 1900 Turnbo Cemetery Cotter, Alma Luane 1939 Bakersfield Cemetery Coulter, George C. 1968 Isabella Cemetery Coulter, S. P. 1931 Isabella Cemetery Cowan, Two babies NDL Franklin Grove Cemetery Cowart, D. F. 1931 Parker Cemetery Cowart, Edna 1902 Parker Cemetery Cowart, Infant 1920 Parker Cemetery Cowart, John L. 1983 Clear Springs Cemetery Cowart, Jossie 1952 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Cowart, Martha L. 1914 Parker Cemetery Cowart, Mary El 1952 Bakersfield Cemetery Cowart, Vest 1899 Parker Cemetery Cowen, Mrs. G. W. NDL Franklin Grove Cemetery Cox, Judy Lewis 1975 Howards Ridge Cemetery Coy, Edna 1969 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Coy, Hosea 1944 Sims Cemetery Coy, Lucy 1955 Gainesville Cemetery Coy, Marion 1942 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Coy, May 1976 Sims Cemetery Coy, Polly Ann 1940 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Coy, Robt. B. 1913 Gainesville Cemetery Coy, William Ray 1972 Clear Springs Cemetery

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