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Shickett Cemetery

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Saline Township; Section 9, Township 41 North, Range 14 West, Miller County, MO.

This cemetery is on private property. From Eldon’s junctions 54 & M, Saline Road, take Route M and go 5.7 miles. Where the pavement ends and the gravel begin there is a road off to the left, which is Central Hills Road. Go up a long hill for 1.4 miles. You will pass an old concrete building that was once a church on the right. You will pass Ross Road on the right. You will pass a trailer on the left and a big green barn on the right. When you get to 1.4 miles STOP the vehicle and the cemetery is directly across from you, on the left among a small thicket of brush. The owner said that they let this grow to keep the cattle away from the tombstones.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford (March 29, 2002).


Henryford, Sarah E.
8 Jan. 1849 - 9 Jan 187? 
d/o S. H. & B. J.

Shickett, Ruth P. 
14 Feb. 1870 - 14 Oct. 1870 
d/o J. T. & C.

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