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My name is Johnna Quick Owens, and I am the county coordinator for the Miller County MOGenWeb page (which was founded by Ted Hitt).
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[Miller Co. Courthouse]

Miller County Courthouse, Tuscumbia, MO 65082

A little history...

Miller County, named after early Missouri Governor John Miller, was organized February 6, 1837 from parts of Pulaski and Cole Counties. It is situated twenty miles southwest of Jefferson City, the capitol of Missouri. The Osage River bisects the county. Bagnell Dam, on the western edge of the county, forms the Lake of the Ozarks.

The first historical inhabitants of Miller County were the friendly Osage Indians. In 1822, the Indians had a village at the joining of Barren Fork and Tavern creeks, at the present Wilson Cave, named for John Wilson who later occupied the cave. The first white man to record his visits in Miller County was Zebulon M. Pike who, with a group of Indians, traveled up the Osage River, passing by the present site of Tuscumbia in 1806.

The county seat of justice was established at Tuscumbia on land donated by James P. Harrison. The first county court session was held in the log cabin of an early settler, William Miller, located downriver from Tuscumbia.

Major towns besides Tuscombia include Pleasantmount, Spring Garden, Etter, Eldon, Rockymount, Aurora Springs, Bagnell, Blackmer, Brumley, Faith, Iberia, Atwell, Brays, Blyse, Claxby, St. Elizabeth, Ramsey, Pleasantfarm, Ulman, Marys Home, and Brouses Bend.

Click [HERE] to see a map of Miller County.

Miller County Historical Marker

Miller County Historical Society

[Miller County Historical Society]

P.O. Box 57
Highway 52 West
Tuscumbia, Missouri
U.S.A. 65082-0057

[Lupardus Cabin]

The cabin built in the late 1860s by Peter Burton Lupardus, donated by Gary Flaugher and beautifully restored by the Lupardus descendents on the grounds of the Miller County Historical Society

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