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Clark-Boyd Cemetery

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This was originally named the Clark Cemetery. I do not know who changed the name. From Eldon take Hwy 52 and go to Tuscumbia and there take Hwy 17. Stay on Hwy 17 until you come to Hwy A and turn left. Stay on Hwy A until you come to the Pioneer road and turn left. Stay on Pioneer road until you come to the first left, which is a few hundred feet, and turn there. Just as you turn there is a large field and on top of this hill is the small cemetery. It lies to the left of the house and on top of the hill among a cluster of trees. The fencing is poor and cattle have knocked down the stones. It is not tended.

This cemetery is no longer in use.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Bobbie (Burks) Bradshaw.


Boyd, Adda C.
9 Nov. 1892 - 19 Oct. 1896
d/o W C & M A 

Clark, Alexander, Sr.
18 Apr. 1882 -10 Dec. 1875

Clark, Elizabeth (Farmber)
7 Feb. 1805 - 7 Mar. 1879
w/o John Patterson, Sr. "Hoppin"

Clark, James P.
12 Mar. 1836 - 1 Feb. 1876
CPL 17 MO Calvary  - Civil War

Clark, John Patterson, Sr. "Hoppin"
12 Jan. 1799 -3 May 1879
h/o Elizabeth (Farmber)

Clark, Minerva (Davidson-Myers)
16 Feb. 1820 - 22 Jan. 1876

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