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Equality Township: Section 13, Township 40 North, Range 15 West, Miller County, MO

From the junctions of 54 and 52, at El-Rancho, go toward Tuscumbia for approximately 4.5 miles to Hall Store Road and turn right. Go 1.6 miles to Brockman Springs Road and turn right. Go 1 mile and there is a house on the right; you will turn into their driveway. Staying on their driveway go .1 mile and this takes you to a point at the end of the garage. At the garage turn left and continue southerly for .1 mile past a barn and a big silo both on the right. When you get to the .1mile you will have to get out of your car and walk, but from this point you can see the cemetery and it has a nice chain-link fence around it. These are old stone, but someone has put a single stone with the names, births and deaths of each of these family members.

Hugh and Mary (Bennett) Challes were early pioneers of Boone County. They came south to what is today Miller County, but when they settled here in 1834, it was still part of Cole County. Hugh was a native of South Carolina and Mary (Bennett) was born in Kentucky. Hugh and Mary’s children are: Sidney circa 1820 - 1856; Joseph 1821 - 1876 who married Louisa Ann Smith in 1851; Amanda circa 1824 - married Daniel Cummings in 1843; Malinda 1828 - 1861; Emily 1831 - 1920 married James Johnston in 1851 the son of John and Nancy (Berry) Johnston of Virginia and Kentucky respectively; William R. 1837 - 1861; and Milton R. circa 1839 - never married. Sidney died in 1856 shortly after becoming a young attorney in Miller County. He had just entered the bar but did not live long enough to practice his new profession and it is speculated that he is also buried in the Challes Family Cemetery.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford (April 19, 2002).


Challes, Hugh
18 Dec. 1787 - 6 Feb. 1872 
h/o Mary (Bennett)

Challes, Joseph Bennett 
9 Apr. 1821 - 14 July 1876
h/o Louisa Ann (Smith) 

Challes, Malinda 
21 Dec. 1828 - 22 Apr. 1861

Challes, Mary (Bennett)
3 Nov. 1792 - 17 Nov. 1872 
w/o Hugh

Challes, William R. 
2 Jan. 1837 - 17 Jan. 1861

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