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Bilyeu II Cemetery

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This is a family cemetery. Take Hwy 52 to Hwy 17 at Tuscumbia and continue on Hwy 17 until you pass C Hwy and come to Hendley’s Feed Store. Just past the feed store turn left onto Sequoia Road. Stay on it until you come to Humphrey Creek Road and turn right. Go to the first house on left side of the road at the top of the hill (white house, black shutters). The cemetery is back up behind the barn, north of the house about .2 mile. This cemetery is on private property and you will need to ask permission to go inside. Also, you will need to walk to the cemetery.

This cemetery is no longer in use.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford (March 2002).


Bilyeu , Arthur B.
28 Jan. 1885 - 8 May 1885
s/o William J. & Livonia H.

Bilyeu, Livonia H.
19 Dec. 1856 - 23 Oct. 1885
w/o William  J. - side by side

Bilyeu, Perry T.
12 Apr. 1877 - 26 Apr. 1880
probably s/o William & Livonia H.

Bilyeu, William. J.
22 May 1844 - 7 Oct. 1888
h/o Livonia H. - side by side

Bilyeu, William C.
27 Apr. 1874 - 15 July 1891
 s/o William J. & Livonia H.

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