Historical Medical Terms
Historical Medical Terms
This is a list of medical terms that might be found on old death certificates, family records, even in obituaries and newspapers. I am in the process of adding to this list, so check back if you don't find what you are looking for. Ague: Malarial fever or intermittent fever. Chills, fever and sweating. Apoplexy: Stroke. Sudden loss of consciousness followed by paralysis due to a hemorrhage in the brain. Bilous fever: Typhus, sometimes intestinal or malarial fever. Black tongue: Typhoid fever. Blood poisoning: Septicemia. Bloody flux: Dysentery. Brain fever: Typhus or meningitis. Camp fever: Typhus. Canine fever: Rabies, hydrophobia. Catarrh: Inflammation of a mucous membrane. Cough, thirst, fever. Childbed fever: Puerperal fever. Consumption: Tuberculosis. A wasting away of the body. Convulsions: Epilepsy. Dropsy: Edema, holding fluids in abnormally large amounts. Dysentery: Severe diarrhea. Enteric fever: Typhoid fever. Flux: Dysentery. French pox: Venereal disease, usually refers to syphilis. Furuncle: Boil or abscess. Gleet: See Catarrh. Gravel: Kidney stones. Hospital fever: Typhus. Hydrophobia: Fear of water caused by the bite of a rabid animal. Rabies. Intemperance: Alcoholism. Jail fever: Typhus. Lockjaw: Tetanus. Malignant fever: Typhus. Milk sickness: Disease in cows transmitted to infants. Chills, vomiting, trembling, gastrointestinal disorders. Mortification: Gangrene. Puerperal fever: Septicemia following childbirth. Pleurisy: Inflammation of the membranes lining the chest cavity. Chills, fever, dry cough, pain in the affected side. Putrid fever: Typhus. Rickets: Vitamin D deficiency. Scurvy: Vitamin C deficiency. Spotted fever: Typhus.
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