Cook Cemetery
Also known as Pine Tree, or Lone Pine Elkton, Hickory County, MO From Elkton, go west on H Hwy about a mile to county road 143, turn right on 143 and go about a mile to the intersection with county road 270. Cemetery is at the intersection. Photographed and transcribed by Johnna Quick on 15 May 2004. Additional information provided by death records (State Archives) and newspaper obituaries (Hickory County Index). BABB Blanche (Niblack) 10-9-1885 4-2-1912 Wife of EG Babb BROWN William C born 1828 died 6-11-1854 age 26y 4m 13d Husband of Mary (Polly) Horn Brown Jesse C 10-21-1801 10-21-1961 Unknown first name, youngest daughter of Jesse C and Nancy C (Parker) Brown. She married in 1854, died in 1877. James A died 8-17-1869 Age 28y 10d Mollie died 2-13-1869 Age 27y 1m 3d CARTER Infant daughter of C and E 3-20-1882 COOK Belle 1862 1942 Joseph A 1856 1938 Margaret 10-5-1826 8-30-1894 Wife of DW DW 12-25-1832 4-6-1902 HARGISS Bert James 5-14-1904 5-25-1972 Veteran MCCASLIN Sarah A 12-27-1840 5-11-1854 Daughter of H and R Rachel M 9-1-1856 10-11-1857 Daughter of H and R Henry 10-14-1817 5-12-1894 Rachel (Parker) 12-8-1819 11-1-1880 MILLER Unknown first name, born in Pennsylvania died 3-13-1885 in Tyler Township of Typhoid Age 73y 5m 9d MINCHER Samuel 11-16-1816 1857 Unknown first name Son of John and Thelma Mincher *Civil War MINNER Mary L 10-31-1853 4-22-1854 NIBLACK William D 3-15-1839 10-16-1928 Mary E (McCaslin) 10-11-1844 8-13-1881 Netta N 2-14-1890 1-5-1895 Dora J Payne 4-27-1866 11-7-1895 Cordelia 4-16-1861 2-20-1901 B F 7-2-1881 Son of Mary E and William D W F 9-24-1872 1-27-1875 YOAST Andrew J 10-24-1833 5-28-1866 Husband of Elizabeth There are many more graves here than stones. 30 white crosses have been placed to mark the graves, but most of those buried here remain unknown. There is one Civil War era slab-style grave, reportedly belonging to a soldier killed on his way to the battle at Humansville. He was run over by a wagon, and buried here. As my research continues, I will continue to update the records.
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