Benton County Cemetery Transcriptions
Small Cemeteries from Benton County
Benton County, Missouri. For more Benton County research and resources, please check out our Benton County page. For maps and directions of Benton County cemeteries, check out my Cemetery List page. I found the following information in Volume 2 of the History of Benton County MO. Edgar Martindale, in the April 19, 1935 Warsaw Times, urged that old country cemeteries be cared for before all markers were illegible. He told of stopping by the Halligan cemetery on Highway 65 near Dell. The markers he could read said: Richard Halligan, 1817-1878 James Jones, November 12, 1814 - November 11, 1887 David Kidwell - Born 1803, Died 1894 Mary J. Jones, wife of James - Born 1818, Died Dec. 3, 1891 Among other old cemeteries reported in the Times in 1934 was one in the heart of Fristoe, with one lonesome gravestone bearing the simple inscription, "Salley G., wife of G. B. Kirby, Born December 5, 1815 Died May 25, 1872." The deceased was the wife of a great-uncle of Ronald Kirby. Several other graves in the cemetery were without markers.
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