Vinson Cemetery Transcription
Near Lincoln, Benton County, Missouri For more Benton County research and resources, please check out our Benton County page. For maps and directions of Benton County cemeteries, check out my Cemetery List page. Photographed and transcribed by Jane Owens and Johnna Quick on 5 November 2004. This cemetery is in horrible shape, so we almost certainly missed some stones. The weeds and brambles were taller than I was, and it was hard to get to the stones we did find. We will be returning to work on cleaning up the cemetery, and will continue to add any additional stones we find.
SURNAME UNREADABLE John died 4/30/1870 aged 18yr 8mo 22da ARNOLD Harriet 6/15/1829 8/14/1877 wife of J age 48yr 1mo 29da Homer 10/25/1882 son of S & SF BURNS Otto 1901 1979 CRUM Samuel J son of HM & SV died 11/24/1881 aged 7mo 2da William G 5/16/1839 3/8/1900 Thomas 7/11/1811 4/4/1880 (Original stone) Thomas 7/22/1811 4/4/1880 Wilmuth A wife of Thomas 9/15/1819 8/15/1864 (Original stone) Wilmoth A wife of Thomas died 8/15/1864 age 45yr Emma L 2/22/1861 2/20/1881 JC 10/12/1867 9/12/1871 William Dixon 3/5/1791 3/12/1874 James Henry son of TJ & EJ 12/24/1879 11/24/1882 John Calvin son of William G & Patience died 9/12/1871 aged 3mo CRUTSINGER Infant son of Rev. VM & CA born & died 7/30/1883 HANES Margaret M daughter of Wm G & SF 9/30/1864 10/22/1864 Robert D son of Wm G & K 12/17/1859 5/23/1860 Kisiah wife of Wm G 8/5/1823 10/25/1861 Ibby died 10/2/1869 wife of Eli aged 61yr 6mo 3da Eli 10/8/1803 6/9/1884 Louisana 5/1/1847 12/16/1881 wife of Eli F HARE Rebecca J 6/1/1856 2/4/1895 wife of CC HART Mary C wife of AJ Hart Jr. stone sunk in ground, canít see dates HEDGPETH Cora M 9/29/1877 10/3/1884 daughter of JJ & MJ Annie E 6/1/1867 10/16/1875 daughter of JJ & MJ HOLBERT Hanner 3/1847 4/1902 JACKSON Richard 8/31/1897 1/24/1916 and brothers and sisters McFARLAND George A died 7/26/1870 age 2mo 13da ORR Samuel 1/25/1797 2/29/1876 Aged 79 yrs Lucy C wife of Ö.stone broken off Robert O B MD aged 29yr 9mo 29da James R son of Samuel & Sallie R 5/18/1875 8/16/1875 Infant daughter of Samuel & Sallie R 5/21/1874 5/21/1874 PROFFITT Thomas E died 11/25/1876 _4yr 7mo 8da Ellie 10/9/186 stillborn daughter of D & M SILVER John F 11/17/1794 1/4/1891 SIMPSON Robert S 9/20/1924 4/16/1985 SFC US Army SMITH John died 5/30/1866 aged 70yr 9mo 24da Louisa died 10/12/1860 aged 67yr 7mo 11da Sarah E died 10/25/1870 aged 32yr 6mo STRATTON Emeline 3/20/1842 11/22/1903 Wilson H 7/23/1844 11/23/1906 Olive R 4/1/1803 3/17/1893 Hiram 11/24/1804 12/9/1881 VINSON Mary A wife of LW died 11/24/1885 aged 57yr 10mo 5da James W son of LW & MA 12/24/1853 8/20/1879 George E son of Levi & Mary died 11/28/1871 aged 2yr 5mo 15da John A son of LW & MA died 1/26/1868 aged 11mo 3da Barnett died 8/24/1845 aged 23yr 5mo 17da James died 10/9/1844 aged 51yr 1mo 13da
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