Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Waddell, Isabel (Mason) 1898 Mt. Zion Cemetery Waddle, James W. 1892 Macedonia Cemetery Wade, Emma J. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Wade, Henry E. 1917 Robinson Cemetery Wade, William W. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Wagner, Wm. H. 1946 Sumner Cemetery Wainwright, William 1886 Cross Timbers Cemetery Waits, Zetta E. 1996 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Walden, Mr. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walden, Mrs. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Barnet K. 1919 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Walker, Bernard N. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Walker, Betty J. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Walker, Charles H. 1880 Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Walker, Eva M. 1909 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Walker, Lula Mae 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Walker, Marcus 1899 Walker / Wright Cemetery Walker, Nancy V. 1907 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Walker, Ora Emily 1877 Sumner Cemetery Walker, Orleana A. (Sherman) 1878 Sumner Cemetery Walker, Precella 1886 Walker / Wright Cemetery Walker, Alice 1892 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Annie 1926 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Cecil L. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Charles W. 1913 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Clinton L. 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Clyde L. 1925 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Walker, Devere Webster 1892 Souders Cemetery Walker, Eliza A. 1906 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Gertie Lee (Dorman) 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Grover C. 1898 Souders Cemetery Walker, H. C. 1948 Robinson Cemetery Walker, Harriett 1934 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Harriett 1934 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Hazel M. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Helen 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Henry H. 1929 Mt. Zion Cemetery Walker, Howard 1956 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Howard 1969 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Ida A. 1904 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Walker, Ina Fay 1977 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Infant daughter 1940 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Isabel 1955 Robinson Cemetery Walker, James 1953 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, James L. 1944 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Juanita 1970 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Leroy L. 1984 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Lorene W. 1897 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Lucinda B. 1993 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Lula 1968 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Luther 1957 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Marcus NDL Fisher Cemetery Walker, Mary E. 1923 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Mary T. 1955 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Michael D. 1945 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Olive (Dull) 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Walker, Oliver W. 1906 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Ollie M. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Priscilla 1881 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, Priscilla M. 1910 Mt. Zion Cemetery Walker, Ray S. 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Robert D. 1987 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Robert W. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Roscoe L. Sr. 1954 Hermitage Cemetery Walker, Samuel 1888 Macedonia Cemetery Walker, W. C. 1916 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Wallace R. 2001 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, William Laurel 1945 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, William R. 1895 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker, Zeke B. 1931 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Wall, Ancel D. 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Wall, Charles A. 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Wall, Ethel B. 1974 Hermitage Cemetery Wall, Etta H. 1960 Hermitage Cemetery Wall, Mary Ann 1929 Hermitage Cemetery Wall, Robert J. 1941 Hermitage Cemetery Wall, Walter F. 1959 Hermitage Cemetery Wallace, Louisa E. 1861 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wallace, Rebecca 1902 Lehman Cemetery Wallen, Ethel Fern (Owsley) 1991 Fisher Cemetery Wallen, James T. 1898 Gardner Cemetery Wallen, Rebecca NDL Clark Cemetery Wallen, Sarah E. (McKenzie) 1895 Gardner Cemetery Wallis, L. H. 1888 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wallis, Nancy 1888 Dooly Bend Cemetery Walls, Walter B. 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Walrod, Olive Sarah 1889 Sumner Cemetery Walter, Elizabeth A. 1900 Lehman Cemetery Walter, Jacob 1941 Lehman Cemetery Walters, Laura B. 1955 Hermitage Cemetery Walters, William W. 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Walthall, Robert 1974 Cross Timbers Cemetery Walthall, Sadie 1958 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ward, Anna 1941 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ward, Billie 1913 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ward, Esther 1961 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ward, Jane 1890 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ward, Richard 1946 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ward, William 1888 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warner, Alton Jay 2004 Robinson Cemetery Warner, B. E. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Warner, W. J. 1889 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Warstadt, Augusta 1929 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warstadt, Charley 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warstadt, Fred H. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warstadt, Leonard F. 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warstadt, Ora Lee 1976 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warstadt, Terry 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Warstadt, Tony Len 1956 Cross Timbers Cemetery Washborn, Elizabeth 1859 Tillery Cemetery Watkins, Perry Clyde 1909 Dooly Bend Cemetery Watkins, Arizona E. 1903 Hermitage Cemetery Watkins, E. Pearl 1924 Robinson Cemetery Watkins, Fannie 1957 Hermitage Cemetery Watkins, Kyle Wayne 1972 Crutsinger Cemetery Watkins, Perry M. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Weatherford, Albert A. 1956 Robinson Cemetery Weatherford, Ella 1940 Robinson Cemetery Weatherford, Laura J. 1954 Robinson Cemetery Weatherford, Tom W. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Weathers, Virginia Jackson 1964 Fisher Cemetery Weaver, Darrell Wayne 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weaver, Infant NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Weaver, Mae 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weaver, Martha Frances 1949 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weaver, Thomas J. 1974 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weaver, Thomas Marshall 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weaver, Una M. 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weaver, Herman N. 1962 Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Howard B. 1998 Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Jack 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Weaver, Lloyd D. “Doc” 1985 Nemo Cemetery Weaver, Mabel NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Mary Lou (Breshears) NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Ollie 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Weaver, Ray Allen 1948 Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Sarah A. 1970 Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Seibert 1982 Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Terry Lynn 1990 Mt. Zion Cemetery Weaver, Virgie Haase 1932 Macedonia Cemetery Weaver, Wilma I. “Myrt” 1988 Nemo Cemetery Weber, Jacob 1911 Gerber Cemetery Weber, Alice Mary (Liley) 1991 Hayden Cemetery Weber, Edgar A. 1992 Hayden Cemetery Weddle, Leonard 1965 Dooly Bend Cemetery Weddle, Margaret 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Weed, James M. 1950 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Weeks, Donna L. 1998 Clark Cemetery Wegener, Lola Beatrice 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery Weigand, Laura H. 1891 Sumner Cemetery Weigand, Alexander 1944 Gardner Cemetery Weigand, Helen NDL Gardner Cemetery Weinfield, Newell S. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Welch, Paulina (Paxton) 1923 Sumner Cemetery Welch, George F. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Welch, Geraldine G. (Stroud) Turner 1985 Liberty Cemetery Welch, Gulia Faye 1961 Gardner Cemetery Welch, Ina O. (Kelly) 1955 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Welch, J. W. 2000 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Welch, John Thomas 1966 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Welch, Lewis M. 2001 Gardner Cemetery Welch, Mary Cecile 1974 Robinson Cemetery Welch, Opal (Quick) NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Welch, Raymond 1981 Gardner Cemetery Welch, Thomas 1961 Gardner Cemetery Welch, Vraina Mae (Leetch) 1992 Gardner Cemetery Welch, William W. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Wells, Albert Leonard 1908 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wells, Infant 1891 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wells, Winfred L. "Wempy" 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wells, Archie L. 1994 Jordan Cemetery Wells, Lawana NDL Jordan Cemetery Wendheim, John 1972 Gardner Cemetery Wente, Dr. L. N. 1929 Crutsinger Cemetery Wente, Frank A. 1951 Crutsinger Cemetery Wente, Henry W. 1941 Crutsinger Cemetery Wente, Mary Ann (Schindler) 1951 Crutsinger Cemetery Wente, Oliver Leo 1914 Crutsinger Cemetery Wessel, Ruth Irene 1902 Robinson Cemetery West, A. Pauline 1973 Hermitage Cemetery West, Alta M. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery West, George E. 1998 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery West, Glen E. 1957 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery West, James D. 1917 Hermitage Cemetery West, Jauneta 1928 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery West, Mary L. 1941 Hermitage Cemetery West, Odus 1979 Hermitage Cemetery West, Opal NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery West, Thomas C. 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Westerman, Alice Alba 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Westerman, Charles Owen 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Westerman, Sidney Anvil 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Westerman, Violet M. 1990 Robinson Cemetery Wetzel, Clifford 1983 Macedonia Cemetery Whalen, Frank W. 1976 Robinson Cemetery Wharrie, Joshua 1897 Tillery Cemetery Wheeler, Nancy Bird NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Wheeler, Simeon NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Wheeler, Bland Elane 1966 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Cecil 1983 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Claude 1961 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, D. Alice 1955 Robinson Cemetery Wheeler, Delbert Leo 1981 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Earnest C. 1976 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Edmund 1924 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Ellen 1925 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Emilie E. 1951 Robinson Cemetery Wheeler, Everett A. 1953 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Frank R. 1920 Antioch Cemetery Wheeler, Glee NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, J. T. 1937 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Jane 1895 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Jane NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Joel 1888 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Joel T. 1964 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Leota (Cagle) 1958 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Lizzie A. 1946 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Marcus Clayton 1951 Robinson Cemetery Wheeler, Mary E. 1928 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Merton C. 1983 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Pearl (Bower) 1992 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Ruth 1939 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Sarah 1900 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, Simeon 1863 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wheeler, William A. 1953 Robinson Cemetery Wheeler, William L. 1949 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Whelchel, Anna (Skinner) 1963 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Anne (Hewitt) 1905 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Berry 1944 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Everett 1905 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Frank 1957 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Infant NDL Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Lora (Pearson) 1895 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Mae 1981 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Mansford 1939 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Martha 1894 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Ora 1905 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Sarah Elizabeth 1917 Gardner Cemetery Whelchel, Violet 1920 Gardner Cemetery Whisler, Jacob H. 1958 Hermitage Cemetery Whisler, Rama R. 1948 Hermitage Cemetery Whistler, Dewey 1911 Herbert Family Plot Whitaker, Anetta R. NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Anna M. 1957 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Emeline Earnest 1905 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Emily M. 1911 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Evie M. 1911 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Jessie B. 1885 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, John 1861 Robinson Cemetery Whitaker, John 1910 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Joseph 1907 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Joseph F. 1868 Robinson Cemetery Whitaker, Lela 1930 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Minnie 1897 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Minnie E. 1946 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Oliver B. 1942 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Samuel J. 1878 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Sarah 1899 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Sidney S. 1920 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Sidney W. 1947 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Thomas 1870 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, Thomas H. NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitaker, William Buck 1907 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Whitbeck, Addie M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Whitbeck, Henry 1929 Robinson Cemetery White, Alfred Rutledge 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery White, Harry D. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery White, Mary E. G. 1857 Sumner Cemetery White, Tammy Lei (Pearson) 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery White, Vivian J. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery White, Wilma Lee (Carter) 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery White, Zilpha Carter 1964 Dooly Bend Cemetery White, Delphine NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery White, Harry Edward 2002 Mt. Zion Cemetery White, Harry M. 1988 Mt. Zion Cemetery White, Infant son 1924 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery White, James F. 1979 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery White, Judy Rae NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery White, Karen Janeen (Lantrip) 1987 Mt. Zion Cemetery White, Leah A. 1997 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery White, Robert Keith 1988 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery White, Scott Edward 2003 Mt. Zion Cemetery White, Sylvia F. 1996 Mt. Zion Cemetery White, William D. NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Whitehead, Edward S. 1847 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Whiting, Mavida 1899 Gardner Cemetery Whitney, Michael Adair 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Whitney, Lala (Hunt) NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Whitney, Pearl E. (Stroud) 1994 Liberty Cemetery Whitney, William F. 1979 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Whittaker, Jewell 1977 Cross Timbers Cemetery Whittaker, Maurice 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Whittenberg, Goldie J. (Hodges) 1995 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Whittenberg, Kenneth L. NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Whittenberg, Ora E. 1985 Fisher Cemetery Whittenberg, Wilkie K. 1941 Fisher Cemetery Whittet, George C. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Whittet, Muriel J. 2004 Robinson Cemetery Whittington, Infant NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Wickstrom, Alfred 1899 Fairview Cemetery Wickstrom, Anna 1932 Fairview Cemetery Wiegand, Charles C. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Wiegand, Sarah M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Wiggins, Florance Alma 1879 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Wiggins, George E. 1898 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Wiggins, Isaac 1907 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Wiggins, Mary J. 1897 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Wilding, R. C. "Dick" 1987 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wilding, Reta S. 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wiley, Dee 1978 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wiley, Jacob NDL Fairview Cemetery Wiley, Lloyd Harold 1996 Fairview Cemetery Wiley, Mary Ethel 1912 Fairview Cemetery Wiley, Sarah-Lidia (Garner) 1939 Fairview Cemetery Wiley, William 1962 Fairview Cemetery Wilhite, Sophia (Pack) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Wilkerson, Alice M. 1960 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, Benjamin C. 1949 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, Fay 1910 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, George E. 1963 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, Margueriette V. 1959 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, Mary Pearl 1901 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, Thomas Edgar 1900 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wilkerson, Anna Mae 1988 Robinson Cemetery Wilkerson, Archie T. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Wilkin, John N. 1867 Robinson Cemetery Wilkin, Joshua Michael 2002 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Wilkinson, Florence Joy 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wilkinson, Rollin "Dick" 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wilkinson, Chester 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Wilkinson, Herbert L. 1970 Hermitage Cemetery Wilkinson, Lillian F. 1986 Hermitage Cemetery Wille, Marion F. (Buster) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Wille, Mary Emma (Harpham) 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, Adella F. 1896 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, Alfred Houston 1965 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Ann E. (Condley) 1911 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, Carrie 1891 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Cora 1875 McCracken Cemetery Williams, David D. 1936 Guier Cemetery Williams, David D. Jr. 1919 Guier Cemetery Williams, Edna A. C. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Effie 1883 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Elijah 1937 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Ellen 1937 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Eunice 1896 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, George W. 1864 Walker / Wright Cemetery Williams, Gerald Dean 1920 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Ida E. 1943 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, Infant 1872 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Infant 1940 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, J. D. 1888 Walker / Wright Cemetery Williams, James Henry 1974 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, John A. 1932 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, John H. 1857 Walker / Wright Cemetery Williams, Lee 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Lillian C. 1963 Guier Cemetery Williams, Lillian M. 1899 Guier Cemetery Williams, Little Sherman 1904 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Luther B. 1981 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Maudie 1918 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Nancy A. 1854 Walker / Wright Cemetery Williams, Nancy J. 1942 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Nina Maxine 1920 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, S. L. 1942 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Samuel Lycurgyus 1904 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Thomas Mac 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, Tipton 1944 McCracken Cemetery Williams, Tirzah E. 1854 Walker / Wright Cemetery Williams, Unknown first names NDL Howard Cemetery Williams, Velma B. 1983 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Viola 1888 Dooly Bend Cemetery Williams, Virgil S. 1917 Cross Timbers Cemetery Williams, Aldrian G. 1934 Souders Cemetery Williams, Alice S. 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Archable D. 1853 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Audrey D. 1987 Mt. Zion Cemetery Williams, Benjamin F. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Bertha B. 1974 Antioch Cemetery Williams, Bobby W. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Williams, Charity 1853 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Charity A. 1891 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Clara M. (Holland) 1943 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Claude D. 2000 Mt. Zion Cemetery Williams, Cuba 1933 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Williams, Delia C. 1899 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Dianne D. 1998 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Williams, Dorothy Mae 1932 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Williams, Eddie Guy 1933 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Williams, Farrell NDL Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Fay A. 1911 Souders Cemetery Williams, Frank 1890 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Geneva C. 1881 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, George R. 1993 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Williams, Herbert 1943 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Hoyt NDL Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Hubert L. 1988 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Infant 1853 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Infant 1934 Rountree Cemetery Williams, Iris E. 1936 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Jack Hartley 1985 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Jewell Anjeline 1899 Crutsinger Cemetery Williams, John 2004 Crutsinger Cemetery Williams, John S. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Jordan W. 1951 Antioch Cemetery Williams, Larue 1913 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Less 1933 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Lilly Alice 1934 Nemo Cemetery Williams, Louisa 1907 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Lourena A. 1879 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Lucy B. 1879 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Marie 1967 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Mark Steven 1982 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Williams, Martha T. 1939 Souders Cemetery Williams, Mary Jane (Lipe) 1998 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Williams, Mattie F. 1951 Souders Cemetery Williams, Mildred 1934 Rountree Cemetery Williams, Mr. NDL Clark Cemetery Williams, Nathaniel P. 1924 Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Owen 1867 Hayden Cemetery Williams, Percy 1892 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Rebecca 1890 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Williams, Roy 1935 Antioch Cemetery Williams, Ruby 1898 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, S. Glover 1943 Souders Cemetery Williams, Stella M. 1884 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Stephen M. 1879 Macedonia Cemetery Williams, Susan 1870 Tillery Cemetery Williams, Tennessee NDL Hermitage Cemetery Williams, Thomas Y. 1921 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Veda Marie (Shaw) 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Williams, Veral L. 1978 Robinson Cemetery Williams, Viannia 1969 Antioch Cemetery Williams, William Charles 1966 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Williams, William Irvin 2001 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Williamson, Carl 1994 Sapp Cemetery Williamson, Ernest 1958 Antioch Cemetery Williamson, Fern NDL Lehman Cemetery Williamson, Gordon 1980 Lehman Cemetery Williamson, John B. 1876 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Williamson, Lillie 1986 Antioch Cemetery Williamson, Savilla 1988 Sapp Cemetery Willis, Roy F. 1961 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Willis, Ruth C. 1999 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Willis, Stephen Jeffrey 1992 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Wilson, Arwilda NDL Morton Cemetery Wilson, Eva Jane 1991 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wilson, George Henry 1947 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wilson, Hattie E. 1946 Sumner Cemetery Wilson, James G. 1871 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wilson, Joe NDL Morton Cemetery Wilson, Lloydie NDL Morton Cemetery Wilson, Mart NDL Morton Cemetery Wilson, Nellie Silvers (Walker) 1920 Sumner Cemetery Wilson, Robert F. 1910 Sumner Cemetery Wilson, Thomas 1886 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wilson, Tom NDL Boone Cemetery Wilson, Ada E. 1899 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Alex B. 1951 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Alvin 1913 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Anna Mary (Boone) 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Arnold 1913 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Arthur Hugh 1992 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Asa B. 1943 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Audrey 1991 Robinson Cemetery Wilson, B. M. “Pete” 1915 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Carrah M. 1893 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Charles “Red” 1988 Liberty Cemetery Wilson, Charles Elson 1987 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Charles P. “CP” 1988 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Clarence E. 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Claud 1923 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Claud V. 1889 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Cleveland 1955 Robinson Cemetery Wilson, Curtis A. 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, David 1899 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, David 1901 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, E. Burr 1921 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, E. Louise 1994 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Edgar 1996 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Edith 1934 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Effie F. 1907 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Elbert Kenneth 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Eliza 1921 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Eliza J. 1906 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Elizabeth Ramey 1914 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Ella 1937 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Elmer 1915 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Elmer B. 1879 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Elva 1905 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Emily (Bennett) 1892 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Emma G. 1886 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Wilson, Ennis E. 1913 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Enolie M. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Wilson, Eudora L. 1878 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Eurie (Payne) 1951 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Evert 1893 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, F. Marion 1925 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, F. W. 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Forrest H. 1935 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, G. Elmo 2002 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, George 1903 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, George 1957 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, George W. 1944 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, George W. 1957 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Glover Edwin 1978 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Golda (Lea) 1974 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Gona A. (Reser) 2001 Antioch Cemetery Wilson, Helen Herndon 1974 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Homer A. 1992 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Ila E. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Ina May 1915 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Infant child 1880 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Infant daughter 1908 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Infant daughter 1929 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Infant son 1891 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Infants 1915 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Wilson, J. R. 1910 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Wilson, James P. 1877 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, James R. 1936 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, James Warner 1968 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Jerry Rue 1940 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, John P. 1937 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, John Thomas 1913 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, John W. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Wilson, Kathryn E. (Young) 1976 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Leslie 1971 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Loren E. 1995 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Louise NDL Liberty Cemetery Wilson, M. E. 1888 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wilson, Maggie W. 1880 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Martha E. 1892 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Mary E. 1924 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, May 1984 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Mertie 187? Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Mildred L. 1990 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Mrs. William NDL Clark Cemetery Wilson, Nancy C. 1880 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Nellie 1954 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Nellie M. 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Nina May (Mitchell) 1997 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Norma R. NDL Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Oka Faye 2001 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Olin Ray 1958 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Opal 1915 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Ora L. NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Pauline (Butler) 1979 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Pearl 1989 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Permelia J. 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Phena S. (Dollarhide) 1941 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Pleasant 1927 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Ralph F. 1939 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Rev. Wilbur A. 1958 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Robert F. 1959 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, Ruth E. 1924 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Ruth E. 1925 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Ruth Elaine 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Sara F. 1971 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Sarah E. 1920 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Sophia 1904 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Sophia 1921 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Susie E. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Thomas 1865 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilson, Thomas R. 1924 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, Tom 1964 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Wilson, U. Elmer 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Wilson, Vina J. 1900 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Viola Iona 1955 Macedonia Cemetery Wilson, W. D. 1898 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wilson, W. P. 1890 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, W. P. 1937 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, William NDL Clark Cemetery Wilson, William D. 1897 Fisher Cemetery Wilson, Wm. D. 1879 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wilt, Gladys L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Wilt, Harley E. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Winchester, Charles 1956 Robinson Cemetery Winchester, Dollie NDL Robinson Cemetery Windle, Alford E. 1950 Sumner Cemetery Windler, Alice 1892 Macedonia Cemetery Winfield, Johnnie 1889 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Winfrey, Alma 1908 Antioch Cemetery Winfrey, Earl 1896 Antioch Cemetery Winfrey, Jasper N. 1931 Antioch Cemetery Winfrey, Luther B. 1897 Antioch Cemetery Winfrey, Nancy A. 1874 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Winfrey, Raymond Lee 1997 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Winfrey, Rebecca J. 1934 Antioch Cemetery Winfrey, Richard L. 1968 Antioch Cemetery Winfrey, Vernia A. T. 1958 Antioch Cemetery Wingfield, Benjamin 1930 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Caron L. 1945 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Clyde 1930 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, James M. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, John W. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Josephine 1962 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Logan 1961 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Millard F. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Nora 1941 Robinson Cemetery Wingfield, Rosie NDL Robinson Cemetery Winton, Grant 1987 Macedonia Cemetery Winton, Nelle (Wilson) 1967 Macedonia Cemetery Wirth, Edith Morton 1991 Souders Cemetery Wisdom, Elizabeth 1833 Palmer Cemetery Wisdom, General M. 1823 Palmer Cemetery Wisdom, Laura F. 1936 Robinson Cemetery Wisdom, Mary Jane 1958 Fisher Cemetery Wisdom, Thomas C. 1945 Fisher Cemetery Witcher, Hardin 1904 Mt. Zion Cemetery Witcher, Martha 1926 Mt. Zion Cemetery Witt, Infant 1872 Gardner Cemetery Witt, James R. 1928 Robinson Cemetery Witt, Jimmy NDL Gardner Cemetery Witt, M. A. R. NDL Gardner Cemetery Wittenburg, Barbra Jean 1938 Fisher Cemetery Wittenburg, Charles Warren 1990 Fisher Cemetery Wittenburg, Eva 1977 Fisher Cemetery Wittenburg, Lewis 1953 Fisher Cemetery Wolf, Cecil X. (Smith) 1992 Sumner Cemetery Wolf, George E. 1948 Sumner Cemetery Wolf, John E. 1942 Sumner Cemetery Wolf, Lucinda C. 1944 Sumner Cemetery Wolf, Bertha (Beck) 1991 South New Home Cemetery Wolf, Minnie 1889 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Wolfe, William Abslum 1905 Souders Cemetery Wolfgang, C. Asa 1958 Lehman Cemetery Wolfgang, Elva M. 1979 Lehman Cemetery Womack, Clarisa 1998 Gardner Cemetery Womack, Ella 1954 Gardner Cemetery Womack, Leland 1954 Gardner Cemetery Womack, Riley 1965 Gardner Cemetery Wombles, Eliza A. 1938 Fisher Cemetery Wombles, Sheridan W. 1893 Fisher Cemetery Wombles, Van 1941 Fisher Cemetery Wonacott, Rev. K. B. 1899 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wood, Arthur T. 1983 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Wood, James M. 1950 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wood, Letha Lee 1977 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Wood, Walter W. 1986 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Woodrum, Col. Antha Jane 1857 Walker / Wright Cemetery Woodrum, Martha 1866 Walker / Wright Cemetery Woods, Amanda NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Woods, George W. 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery Woods, Grover 1902 Cross Timbers Cemetery Woods, John W. 1937 Cross Timbers Cemetery Woods, Josephine 1847 Cruce/Woods Cemetery Woods, Matilda 1849 Cruce/Woods Cemetery Woods, Nellie B. 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery Woods, Richard 1847 Cruce/Woods Cemetery Woods, Erwin 1985 Gardner Cemetery Woods, Glenn E. 1987 Gardner Cemetery Woodward, Ralph D. 1987 Fisher Cemetery Woolery, Charles J. 1879 Walker / Wright Cemetery Woolery, Martha A. 1887 Walker / Wright Cemetery Woolf, Daughter NDL Macedonia Cemetery Woolridge, Martha NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Woolridge, Ted 1986 Mt. Zion Cemetery Wooten, John W. 1997 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wooten, Virginia E. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Worley, Anna Berniece (Kays) 1993 Fisher Cemetery Worley, Newton James 1995 Fisher Cemetery Worrell, Beverly A. 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Worthington, Amy E. 1957 Robinson Cemetery Worthington, James S. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Wren, Dominique 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Alexander H. 1846 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Wright, Amons B. 1933 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Anthus 1990 Sumner Cemetery Wright, Asa NDL Wright Cemetery Wright, Bertha (Butcher) 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Bobbie NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Della 1941 Walker / Wright Cemetery Wright, Diana Kay 1993 Sumner Cemetery Wright, E. W. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Earl V. 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Eliza Isabella 1918 Walker / Wright Cemetery Wright, Fred Allen NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, G. E. NDL Wright Cemetery Wright, Ila Mae "Lolly" 1999 Sumner Cemetery Wright, J. H. 1915 Walker / Wright Cemetery Wright, James M. 1926 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, James Thomas 1992 Sumner Cemetery Wright, James Thomas Jr. 2001 Sumner Cemetery Wright, Jennie F. 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, John 1866 Wright Cemetery Wright, John William 1998 Sumner Cemetery Wright, Joseph E. 1956 Walker / Wright Cemetery Wright, Juanita (Owsley) 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Mary E. 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Mary Lou 1952 Sumner Cemetery Wright, Menervia 1876 Wright Cemetery Wright, Nancy 1877 Wright Cemetery Wright, Nancy E. 1877 Tipton Cemetery Wright, Naomia 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Oscar D. 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, Thelma Rae 1993 Sumner Cemetery Wright, Thomas 1965 Sumner Cemetery Wright, W. W. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Wright, William 1865 Tipton Cemetery Wright, Anna D. 1999 Gardner Cemetery Wright, Columbus L. 1899 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Electa 1978 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Emma J. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Forest E. 1982 Clark Cemetery Wright, Frances (Lafaver) 1992 Gardner Cemetery Wright, Ida Mann 1943 Liberty Cemetery Wright, James H. 1885 Fisher Cemetery Wright, John M. 1901 Robinson Cemetery Wright, John R. 1921 Hermitage Cemetery Wright, Lee W. NDL Clark Cemetery Wright, Levin B. 1899 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Louis P. 2003 Gardner Cemetery Wright, Mabel C. (Hodges) 1998 Clark Cemetery Wright, Marion D. 1997 Nemo Cemetery Wright, Martha A. 1871 Gardner Cemetery Wright, Mary V. 1918 Hermitage Cemetery Wright, Melissa A. 1878 Fisher Cemetery Wright, Myrtle F. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Oscar B. 1966 Clark Cemetery Wright, Paulina J. 1911 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Rose R. NDL Clark Cemetery Wright, Roy E. 1931 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Ruben C. 1930 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Ruth E. NDL Nemo Cemetery Wright, Sarah E. 1936 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Sarah M. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Wright, Vada E. (Blackwell) 1971 Clark Cemetery Wright, William 1932 Robinson Cemetery Wright, William H. 1993 Clark Cemetery Wright, William W. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Wrinkle, Dennis 1903 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wrinkle, Dorothy E. 1889 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wrinkle, Ida B. 1942 Nemo Cemetery Wrinkle, Ida R. 1961 Olive Point Cemetery Wrinkle, Jno. 1899 Nemo Cemetery Wrinkle, John R. 1934 Olive Point Cemetery Wrinkle, Judith E. 1883 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Wrinkle, Luther G. 1959 Nemo Cemetery Wrinkle, Martha 1988 Nemo Cemetery Wrinkle, Mary A. 1909 Nemo Cemetery Wrinkle, Sherman 1940 Nemo Cemetery Wrinkles, J. E. C. 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Wuertz, Edward W. 1976 Nemo Cemetery Wuertz, Waunita S. 2002 Nemo Cemetery Wyatt, Beulah Fay 1976 Robinson Cemetery Wyatt, Florence Louise 1994 Robinson Cemetery Wyatt, Ollie Ray 1979 Robinson Cemetery Wyatt, Richard H. NDL Robinson Cemetery Wyer, Harley NDL Guier Cemetery Yarber, James A. 1976 Dooly Bend Cemetery Yarber, Joyce L. 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Yarber, Stanley 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Yates, Adalynne Jean NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Craig Wayne 1998 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Curtis D. NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Elmer Leon “Skeet” 1984 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Floralice Irene (Lockling) 1989 Hayden Cemetery Yates, Frances Dexter 1998 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Gayland Vin 1971 Hayden Cemetery Yates, Joseph Edward 1990 Hayden Cemetery Yates, Karen J. (Pilsl) 2002 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Kevin D. 1989 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Klya Kaylee 1994 Hayden Cemetery Yates, Larry Noble 1978 Hayden Cemetery Yates, Mary Ellen (McCubbin) 2001 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Mildred 1959 Fairview Cemetery Yates, Oreta Mae (Morgan) 1988 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Sharon Lynn (Blakeman) 1992 Hayden Cemetery Yates, T. Geraldine (Howard) NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yates, Vincent 1995 Hayden Cemetery Yates, Wallace Wayne 2001 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Yeager, William E. 1961 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Yeaw, Amasa 1877 Cross Timbers Cemetery Yeaw, Annie E. 1880 Cross Timbers Cemetery Yeaw, Clarissa J. 1907 Cross Timbers Cemetery Yeaw, Edwin H. 1900 Cross Timbers Cemetery Yedlicka, Ellen M. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Yedlicka, George M. 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Yereb, Edla L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Yereb, Frank E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Yoast, Andrew J. 1866 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Yoast, Jess Willard 1966 Dooly Bend Cemetery Yoast, Mary A. 1903 McCracken Cemetery Yoast, Mary Eilene 1970 Dooly Bend Cemetery Yoast, P. L. 1904 McCracken Cemetery Yoast, William 1926 McCracken Cemetery Yoast, Elizabeth 1891 Robinson Cemetery Yocham, Dale L. 1964 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Yocham, Etta C. (Mears) 1988 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Yocham, George William 1984 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Yocham, Murphy L. 1973 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Yoder, Barbara 1871 Gerber Cemetery York, Elizabeth 1849 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Young, Carmen L. NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Young, Cecil L. NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Young, Delores Fay (Beyer) NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Young, Franklin Dale 1996 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Young, Mabel E. 1948 Walker / Wright Cemetery Young, O. 1863 Sumner Cemetery Young, Bertha A. 1987 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, Debra Ann 1955 Robinson Cemetery Young, Dollie Belle 1961 Robinson Cemetery Young, Elizabeth 1947 Mt. Zion Cemetery Young, Frances A. 1867 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, Fredrick F. 1967 Robinson Cemetery Young, Harriet 1942 Mt. Zion Cemetery Young, Jeremiah 1872 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, Joseph 1942 Mt. Zion Cemetery Young, Mary 1952 Fisher Cemetery Young, Mary F. 1928 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, Merriam F. 1891 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, Oliver O. 1963 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, Phebe M. NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Young, W. H. “Bill” 1944 Mt. Zion Cemetery Zachary, Robert L. 1982 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zachary, Rosa Lee 1993 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zager, Etta Vandeman Hall 1967 Robinson Cemetery Zehr, Bertha 1888 Gerber Cemetery Zehr, Christian 1915 Gerber Cemetery Zehr, Delbert W. 1982 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zehr, Dorothy C. (Moore) 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zehr, Frank D. 1973 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zehr, Joe E. 1910 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zehr, Lesta E. (Ramsey) 1994 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zehr, Mary J. 1921 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Zerr, George S. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Zirschky, Elmer E. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Zukovich, Shirley P. (Harper) 1999 Bethel / Harper Cemetery
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