Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Idleman, Mary Jane 1965 Sumner Cemetery Idleman, Wilber Owen 1976 Sumner Cemetery Igo, Thomas Clifford 1997 Rountree Cemetery Igo, Thomas Clifford Jr. 1978 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Igoh, Mary A. 1916 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ihrig, Atsey A. 1910 Jones Cemetery Ihrig, George Nimrod 1894 Jones Cemetery Ihrig, Grace B. 1942 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Homer G. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Joel NDL Jones Cemetery Ihrig, John Benton 1893 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, John T. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Leon 1908 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, M. Esther 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Mary C. 1909 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Mary J. 1915 Jones Cemetery Ihrig, Minnie 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Weber Kugler 1908 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Wm. Luther 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ihrig, Carrie Etta 1981 Crutsinger Cemetery Ihrig, Jonas B. 1948 Nemo Cemetery Ihrig, Kermit F. 2003 Crutsinger Cemetery Ihrig, Lessie V. 1971 Crutsinger Cemetery Iiams, S. Edna (Jackson) 1912 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Ingram, Lizzie M. 1893 Walker / Wright Cemetery Ingram, Mollie B. 1941 Walker / Wright Cemetery Ingram, Ralph P. 1972 Walker / Wright Cemetery Ingram, Sadie D. 1941 Walker / Wright Cemetery Ingram, Wm. H. 1906 Walker / Wright Cemetery Ingram, Aaron C. 1883 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ingram, Goldie (Mitchener) 1987 Hermitage Cemetery Ingram, J. Stanley 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Ingram, Kindness E. 1911 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ingram, Mary C. 1912 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ingram, Mrs. C. S. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ingram, William J. 1912 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Inks, George W. 1950 Fisher Cemetery Inks, Harry B. 1894 Fisher Cemetery Inks, Joseph H. 1889 Fisher Cemetery Inks, Mamie 1944 Fisher Cemetery Inks, Samuel Perry 1903 Fisher Cemetery Inks, Susan M. (Edde) 1948 Fisher Cemetery Inlow, Hattie L. 1910 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Isberg, No first name NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ivie, Bonnie 1914 Rountree Cemetery Jacks, Samuel E. 1904 Hermitage Cemetery Jackson, Jesse L. 1903 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jackson, John William 1884 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Jackson, Lorine 1907 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Jackson, Luella 1895 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Jackson, Martha (Owsley) NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Jackson, Albert 1935 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, Amor 1959 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Arlie 1960 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Asa Clarence 1976 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Browder L. 1998 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, C. L. 1932 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Carl Dean “Stoney” 2001 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Edna P. (Simpson) NDL Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, Elizabeth 1932 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Floyd Nicholas 1990 Robinson Cemetery Jackson, George G. 1956 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, George W. 1925 Robinson Cemetery Jackson, Harrison 1895 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Helen R. 1991 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Henry E. 1966 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, Icie B. 1987 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Infant 1907 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Infant NDL Fisher Cemetery Jackson, J. T. 1933 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, James 1896 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Jemima 1874 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Jesse A. 1935 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Jettie L. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Jackson, John 1897 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Maggie J. 1901 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Martha 1863 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Martin 1863 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Mary 1937 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, Mary Jane 1960 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Minnie A. 1955 Hermitage Cemetery Jackson, Nellie F. 1992 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Nola 1934 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Oral F. 1931 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Oral S. 1959 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Otto 1984 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Rurel 1863 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Sarah H. 1932 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, Stephen A. 1918 Hermitage Cemetery Jackson, Susan NDL Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Susannah NDL Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Susannah T. 1865 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Trilla Mae (Bastion) NDL Fisher Cemetery Jackson, Viola NDL Fisher Cemetery Jackson, William D. 1978 Olive Point Cemetery Jackson, William Glenn 1945 Robinson Cemetery Jackson, William H. 1908 Fisher Cemetery Jackson, William H. 1991 Olive Point Cemetery Jacobson, Gordon James NDL Nemo Cemetery Jacobson, J. J. 1878 Fairview Cemetery Jacobson, Leona Eleanor 1971 Nemo Cemetery Jacobson, Nels 1877 Fairview Cemetery Jaitley, Jason Paul 2002 Clark Cemetery James, Mary E. 1955 Bethel / Harper Cemetery James, Wm. E. 1952 Bethel / Harper Cemetery James, Elizabeth 1925 Robinson Cemetery James, George R. 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery James, John A. 1888 Mt. Zion Cemetery James, Myrtle A. 1886 Mt. Zion Cemetery Jameson, Edward W. 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Jameson, Sarah F. 1939 Hermitage Cemetery Jamison, William M. 1857 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Jamison, Ann J. 1907 Macedonia Cemetery Jamison, Ephraim M. 1899 Rountree Cemetery Jamison, Fay 1892 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Jamison, John W. 1902 Macedonia Cemetery Jamison, Victoria 1896 Rountree Cemetery Jeffrey, Alice 1924 Souders Cemetery Jeffrey, Gilbert 1924 Souders Cemetery Jeffrey, Mahala A. 1919 Souders Cemetery Jenkins, Anna Elizabeth 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Benjamin F. 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Carrie Florence 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Charles A. 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Charles Morris 1952 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Clarence 1891 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Flo (Monthrose) 1925 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Flora A. 1957 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Giles Garfield 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Goldie T. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Jewel 1902 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, John William 1920 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Julia 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Letha A. 1943 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Lottie 1952 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Margaret 1927 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Mary Alice 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Mathias C. 1916 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Mattie E. (Mingus) 1943 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Nancy 1902 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Nomah D. 1911 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Nora J. 1884 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Oscar N. 1939 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Russell H. 1943 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, S. B. (Bee) 1943 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Sarah J. 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, T. J. 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Theodore H. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Wesley Roscoe 1905 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Willis E. 1940 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Wm. M. 1900 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Zada (Drennon) 1952 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jenkins, Alba S. 2000 Fisher Cemetery Jenkins, Bennie Ralph 1998 Antioch Cemetery Jenkins, Bessie P. 1979 Antioch Cemetery Jenkins, Clarence Earl 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Jenkins, Elmer E. 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Jenkins, Ernest R. 1999 Antioch Cemetery Jenkins, Frances (Kincaid) NDL Antioch Cemetery Jenkins, James A. 1952 Antioch Cemetery Jenkins, John Albert 1973 Macedonia Cemetery Jenkins, John W. 1936 South New Home Cemetery Jenkins, L. Fred 2002 Fisher Cemetery Jenkins, Pauline NDL Hermitage Cemetery Jenkins, Sarah Ann 1967 South New Home Cemetery Jenkins, Willa Mae (Wilson) 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Jenkins, William Merle 1994 South New Home Cemetery Jenkins, Zola Mae 1980 Macedonia Cemetery Jennings, Arnold Jack 1944 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Jennings, Atsy Jane (Breshears) 1972 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Jennings, Doris 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jennings, Durward L. 1930 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Jennings, Roy W. 1958 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Jennings, Avery 1994 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Charles B. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Chester E. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Claude M. 1936 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Cora E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Earl L. 1992 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Elijah E. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Elmer E. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Emma M. 1897 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, George W. 1910 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Gertrude L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Hannah M. 1921 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Harald M. 1921 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Infant son 1909 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Lillie A. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Margaret Ann 1896 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Margaret L. 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Jennings, Opal F. 1981 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Jennings, Oscar W. 1986 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Jennings, Rosa 1964 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Tracy W. 1977 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Jennings, Viola M. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Walter “Red”: 1981 Robinson Cemetery Jennings, Wesley 1968 Robinson Cemetery Jensen, Cora B. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Jensen, Niles 1912 Robinson Cemetery Jensen, Vernon F. 1926 Robinson Cemetery Jerome, Infant son 1895 Lehman Cemetery Jerome, Mary 1885 Gardner Cemetery Jerome, Rachel N. 1899 Lehman Cemetery Jerrold, No first name 1992 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Jeter, Frank P. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Jeter, Mary A. NDL Robinson Cemetery Jeter, Sarah E. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Jeter, Thelma 1963 Robinson Cemetery Jeter, Wilton Hubert Sr. 1998 Robinson Cemetery Jinkens, Alvin S. 1955 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Curtis Iven 1936 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Eva 1930 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, H. Clyde 1966 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Harmon 1966 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Iven H. 1971 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, J. H. 1879 Gardner Cemetery Jinkens, Jane 1935 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Mabel 1990 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Paulina E. (Smith) 1961 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Reba B. 1994 Macedonia Cemetery Jinkens, Robert H. 1935 Macedonia Cemetery Jirka, Richard E. 1978 Robinson Cemetery Jirke, Henry E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Jirke, Mamie L. 1988 Robinson Cemetery John, Ferrell V. 1981 Robinson Cemetery John, Franklin M. 1976 Robinson Cemetery John, Henry Taft 1908 Robinson Cemetery John, Ira O. 1929 Robinson Cemetery John, Lizzie 1881 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery John, Lorenzo Dow 1916 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery John, Malina G. 1932 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery John, Mary E. 1877 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery John, May Lenore 1940 Robinson Cemetery John, Minnie M. 1944 Robinson Cemetery Johndrow, Franklin 1886 Johndrow Cemetery Johndrow, Polly A. 1908 Johndrow Cemetery Johndrow, F. S. 1941 Robinson Cemetery Johndrow, M. Della 1951 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Amy J. 1861 Johnson / Sanders Cemetery Johnson, Fannie 1948 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Johnson, Gustav 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Johnson, Julia A. (Grear) 1914 Cross Timbers Cemetery Johnson, Pansy 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Johnson, Sophronia S. 1936 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Johnson, Ula Ione 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery Johnson, William G. 1890 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Johnson, William M. 1915 Cross Timbers Cemetery Johnson, Albin 1912 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Anna 1910 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Arthur J. 1988 Olive Point Cemetery Johnson, Axeledvard 1891 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Bertha L. 1928 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Bertha M. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Johnson, Charles L. 1961 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Johnson, Christeen 1985 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Clevie 1887 Liberty Cemetery Johnson, Dorothy Marie 1992 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Eidna 1890 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Elmer R. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Emma 1911 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Eric A. 1934 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Ernest L. 1883 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Eva L. 1905 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Fava L. 1911 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Frances Shields 2002 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Frances W. Mabary 1942 Fisher Cemetery Johnson, Harriet E. 1929 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Harry D. 1914 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Hattie M. 1935 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, James E. 1939 Fisher Cemetery Johnson, James G. NDL Liberty Cemetery Johnson, James P. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, John 1891 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, John M. 1942 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Johnson, Joseph R. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Joshua M. 1944 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Kenneth Melvin 1993 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Laura B. 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Lawrence 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Leotia A. (Kline) 1987 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Lodema May 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Louvise 1899 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Manda M. 1881 Liberty Cemetery Johnson, Margaret A. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Mark Anthony 1964 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Mary (Hunt) 1921 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Johnson, Mary A. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Mary E. 1975 Olive Point Cemetery Johnson, Mary Helen (Brent) 1958 Mt. Zion Cemetery Johnson, Myrtle E. 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Nancy J. 1942 Fisher Cemetery Johnson, Nels 1935 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Nula B. Fugate 1968 Antioch Cemetery Johnson, Olaf 1897 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Oliver L. 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Olle 1929 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Orlif O. 1945 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Orpha Alice (Bruner) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Johnson, Peter A. 1906 Clark Cemetery Johnson, Porter E. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Johnson, Regina Kay 1947 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Rilla R. 1912 Macedonia Cemetery Johnson, Robert Lee 1924 Antioch Cemetery Johnson, Ruby Clare (Owsley) 2001 Fisher Cemetery Johnson, S. G. 1927 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, Sophie 1892 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Stratford 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Tobitha J. 1902 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Johnson, V. Joanne 1992 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Virginia May 2003 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, W. C. 1915 Fairview Cemetery Johnson, Warren Edde 1981 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Waverly 1980 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Wesley M. 1945 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnson, Wife of James P. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, William 1918 Fisher Cemetery Johnson, William Byron 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Johnson, William Ernest 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Johnson, William F. 1902 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Johnson, William Riley 1967 Robinson Cemetery Johnston, Alma Jo (Pile) 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Johnston, Albert Sidney, Dr. 1950 Gardner Cemetery Johnston, Bertha Leora 1908 Gardner Cemetery Johnston, Claude L. 1986 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Johnston, D. B. 1927 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Eliza J. 1925 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Glen 2001 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Ida V. (Moore) 1958 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, J. Emmitt 1976 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Joseph R. 1910 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Oryene 1995 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Pauline 1995 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Sarah A. 1926 Crutsinger Cemetery Johnston, Sarah Ethel (Crates) 1980 Gardner Cemetery Johnston, Virginia 1980 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Johnston, W. Reece 1972 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Jonas, Edward R. 1960 South New Home Cemetery Jonas, Glen 1974 South New Home Cemetery Jonas, Theodocia 1948 South New Home Cemetery Jones, Albert G. Sr. 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Baby NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Baby NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Charley 1888 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Everett L. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Francis W. 1902 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, George 1901 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Melvin F. 1987 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Mildred L. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Patricia A. 1985 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jones, Robert N. 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jones, Sylvia I. (Mawhiney-Nesbit) 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jones, Albert F. 1922 Fisher Cemetery Jones, Alice Louise 1939 Robinson Cemetery Jones, B. F. 1921 Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, Charles T. 1900 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Jones, Elizabeth 1897 Mt. Zion Cemetery Jones, Elizabeth 1909 Antioch Cemetery Jones, Elmer J. 1884 Hermitage Cemetery Jones, Elpha 1976 Antioch Cemetery Jones, Ethel V. (Sutt) 1995 Gardner Cemetery Jones, Eulalie C. 1980 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Florence J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Jones, Frances E. 1926 Clark Cemetery Jones, Frank NDL Clark Cemetery Jones, Frank P. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Glen E. 1975 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Glenn H. 1984 Gardner Cemetery Jones, Glenn P. 1974 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Jones, J. H. 1899 Hermitage Cemetery Jones, Jane 1912 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Janice 1965 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Jesse NDL Gardner Cemetery Jones, Jewel E. (Parker) 1991 Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, John Ross 1945 Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, Lucy (Samples) 1972 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Jones, Lulu 1956 Robinson Cemetery Jones, M. Luke 1941 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Jones, Mollie F. 1953 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Jones, Neva Areat 1993 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Perry 1965 Antioch Cemetery Jones, Ralph S. 1928 Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, Rev. James Ernest 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, Robert N. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Ruthie NDL Clark Cemetery Jones, Sarah 1913 Nemo Cemetery Jones, Sarah A. (Gates) 1921 Fisher Cemetery Jones, Sarah E. 1911 Hermitage Cemetery Jones, Sigel 1940 Antioch Cemetery Jones, Thomas 1867 Hermitage Cemetery Jones, Veota J. 1914 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Jones, Vilva (Suiter) NDL Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, W. B. 1904 Nemo Cemetery Jones, William 1899 Fairview Cemetery Jones, William A. 1880 Hermitage Cemetery Jones, Winifred 1969 Robinson Cemetery Jones, Z. Glenn, D.D. 1984 Crutsinger Cemetery Jones, Zilla B. 1974 Crutsinger Cemetery Jordan, Billy S. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Catherine L. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Charles E. 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Earl 1914 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Earl T. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Eliza 1884 Pirtle Lowrey Farm Cemetery Jordan, Floy Elaine 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Gerald E. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Louisa A. 1881 Pirtle Lowrey Farm Cemetery Jordan, Mollie S. 1933 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Roy NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Sarah M. 1910 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Thomas J. 1943 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, William N. 1909 Dooly Bend Cemetery Jordan, Ada L. 1976 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Jordan, Alexander 1893 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Arabell 1944 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Charlotte Jean (King) 2000 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Jordan, Dollie 1920 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Dorothy 1988 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Edward Jr. 1974 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Jordan, Elzada (Blackwell) 1916 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Everett M. 1938 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Floyd 1967 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, George Washington 1927 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Grace B. 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Jordan, Grace V. NDL Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Harry Lee 1920 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Inez 1961 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Infant son 1922 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Jesse E. 1961 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Jordan, Jessie Verl 1890 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, John Oliver 1944 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, John W. 1945 South New Home Cemetery Jordan, Johnny W. 1991 South New Home Cemetery Jordan, Josie Annie 1963 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Leita May 1937 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Lillie G. 1964 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Lula Mae (Compton) 1950 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Luther Paul 1895 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Marshall Lafayette 1884 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Mary Alice (Bartshe) 1929 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, May 1904 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Melvina 1963 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Nona (Gardner) 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Jordan, Oliver Lee 1971 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Sara A. 1896 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Shandy A. 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Thomas I. 1971 Hermitage Cemetery Jordan, Vernettie 1908 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Virgie (Chasteen) 1962 South New Home Cemetery Jordan, William R. 1901 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Wm. A. 1935 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Wm. Argus 1968 Macedonia Cemetery Jordan, Wm. Glen 1949 Macedonia Cemetery Jordean, Lafayett 1861 Sumner Cemetery Jorgenson, Clara Utha 1986 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Jorgenson, Glen Paul 1922 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Jorgenson, Louis W. 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Journey, Mary L. 1944 Hermitage Cemetery Journey, William A. 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Joy, James Frederick 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Juhas, Kolman Preston 1951 Robinson Cemetery Julian, Helen (Roberts) 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Jump, Odessa B. 1976 Gardner Cemetery Kain, Albert Thomas 1972 Sumner Cemetery Kain, B. T. NDL Sumner Cemetery Kain, Dudley T. 1927 Sumner Cemetery Kain, Elbert Leo 1972 Sumner Cemetery Kain, Fannie E. (Holloman) 1985 Sumner Cemetery Kain, Lawrence W. 1968 Sumner Cemetery Kallweit, Robert J. 1977 Gardner Cemetery Kallweit, Roy L. 1976 Gardner Cemetery Kauffman, Ben 1992 Robinson Cemetery Kauffman, Ethel L. 1982 Robinson Cemetery Kauffman, Jesse W. 1987 Hermitage Cemetery Kauffman, Merl 1985 Robinson Cemetery Kauffman, Mildred F. NDL Robinson Cemetery Kauffman, Rose P. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Kays, Annie Bell 1962 Fisher Cemetery Kays, Beulah F. (Howard) 2003 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Kays, Clyde 2000 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Kays, Hiram Frank 1969 Fisher Cemetery Kearney, A. O. 1962 Antioch Cemetery Kearney, Bonnie 1968 Antioch Cemetery Kearney, Orval L. 1972 Antioch Cemetery Keefover, Edgar J. 1962 Mt. Zion Cemetery Keefover, Nora 1965 Mt. Zion Cemetery Keele, Sarah 1870 Means (Meins) Cemetery Keeling, David F. 1927 Souders Cemetery Keeling, Harmon H. 1994 Robinson Cemetery Keeling, Laura E. 1935 Souders Cemetery Keener, M. A. M. 1904 Cross Timbers Cemetery Keeton, Dean A. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Keeton, Gertrude L. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Keightly, Helen L. 2000 Sumner Cemetery Keightly, Misty Dawn 1975 Sumner Cemetery Keil, Donald Morris 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Keller, Bobby W. 1991 Robinson Cemetery Keller, Gary Dean 1956 Robinson Cemetery Keller, Jewell 1997 Robinson Cemetery Keller, Oma C. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Keller, Willa Dean 1936 Robinson Cemetery Kelley, Ardelia 1966 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, Erasmus J. 1908 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, Eula L. 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, Ledocia 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, Paul N. 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, Rowena 1950 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, William B. 1946 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kelley, Archie R. 1978 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kelley, Christena C. 1947 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kelley, Dane Landon 1990 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Kelley, Eliza H. 1927 Lehman Cemetery Kelley, Elsie Ann 1989 Antioch Cemetery Kelley, Frank E. 1933 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kelley, Henry Elmer 1985 Antioch Cemetery Kelley, James F. 1887 Souders Cemetery Kelley, N. L. NDL Lehman Cemetery Kelley, Odie May NDL Gardner Cemetery Kelley, Roy Lee 1900 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kelley, Royce N. 1984 Gardner Cemetery Kelley, Tennie I. 1971 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kelley, Willard R. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kelly, Cordelia (Blackwell) 1900 Macedonia Cemetery Kelly, G. C. NDL Macedonia Cemetery Kelly, Luther 1963 Macedonia Cemetery Kelly, M. E. Jane 1935 Macedonia Cemetery Kelso, Marlene 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kennedy, A. Lawrence 1988 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Kennedy, Cecil N. 1972 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Kennedy, David W. 1920 Hartville Cemetery Kennedy, Elvin 1990 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Kennedy, Judith A. NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Kennedy, Norma Lee 1974 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Kennedy, Sidney 1991 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Kennedy, Earlene (Dickenson) 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Kennedy, James B. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Kennedy, Ola A. 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Kennedy, William Verl 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Kennicutt, Russell V. 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Kennon, Parley 1982 Robinson Cemetery Kepley, James B. 1858 Tillery Cemetery Kepley, James H. 1891 Tillery Cemetery Kepley, Louisa 1872 Tillery Cemetery Kepley, Mary J. 1880 Tillery Cemetery Kepley, Minnie L. 1887 Tillery Cemetery Kepley, Rebecca 1887 Tillery Cemetery Kepley, Rebecky I. 1861 Tillery Cemetery Kern, Catherine 1897 Gardner Cemetery Kern, Charles 1878 Gardner Cemetery Kern, Frederick 1897 Gardner Cemetery Kerr, Ebenezer M. 1909 Lehman Cemetery Kerr, Elmira 1920 Lehman Cemetery Ketchum, Charlene (Cox) 1987 Mt. Zion Cemetery Ketchum, True T. 1948 Mt. Zion Cemetery Ketchum, Vernie E. 1949 Mt. Zion Cemetery Kicenski, Fern Quick 1950 Antioch Cemetery Kilgore, Alvin 1972 Mt. Zion Cemetery Kilgore, Jeffrey Alvin 1982 Mt. Zion Cemetery Kilgore, Marion Villines 1980 Mt. Zion Cemetery Kimball, S. N. NDL Lehman Cemetery Kimbrough, Elsie 1907 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kincaid, Artie A. 1951 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, B.A. 1903 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Charles Roland NDL Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Charley Guy 1975 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, George F. 1928 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Harriet F. 1939 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Holly Frank 1967 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Ora Blanche 1976 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Ora F. 1913 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Pearl 1952 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Retha J. 1953 Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Virginia Faye NDL Antioch Cemetery Kincaid, Allen W. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Kincaid, Elizabeth Allene 1925 Robinson Cemetery Kincaid, Ethel E. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Kincaid, Jewel Gay 1913 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery King, Jacob 1893 King Family Plot King, Jemima 1884 King Family Plot King, Juliana 1861 King Family Plot King, Rosean 1881 King Family Plot King, Beatrice 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery King, Carroll B. 1994 Robinson Cemetery King, Cora May 1948 Nemo Cemetery King, David G. 2000 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery King, Delta A. NDL Robinson Cemetery King, Dwayne 2004 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery King, George Franklin 1997 Nemo Cemetery King, George R. 1915 Nemo Cemetery King, George W. Jr. 1921 Fisher Cemetery King, George Wm. 1953 Fisher Cemetery King, Goldy 1901 Nemo Cemetery King, Grace A. 1978 Fisher Cemetery King, Homer H. 1966 Fisher Cemetery King, J. K. NDL Nemo Cemetery King, James D. 1975 Nemo Cemetery King, Jerusha 1950 Nemo Cemetery King, John D. 1966 Nemo Cemetery King, John E. 1947 Nemo Cemetery King, Katie 1987 Nemo Cemetery King, Laura 1947 Robinson Cemetery King, Letha D. 1883 Tillery Cemetery King, Lonnie J. 1930 Nemo Cemetery King, Margaret L. 1959 Nemo Cemetery King, Mattie E. 1901 Nemo Cemetery King, Morris “Tuck” 2002 Fisher Cemetery King, Ora 1965 Nemo Cemetery King, Ramona J. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery King, Ruth B. 1912 Tillery Cemetery King, Sally 1929 Nemo Cemetery King, Samuel K. 1960 Nemo Cemetery King, Thomas F. 1930 Nemo Cemetery King, Tom 1939 Robinson Cemetery King, Vina 1960 Nemo Cemetery King, Walter L. 1902 Nemo Cemetery King, William D. 1953 Nemo Cemetery King, William Dennis 1953 Nemo Cemetery King, William P. 1869 Tillery Cemetery King, Willie 1885 Tillery Cemetery King, Wilma (McKinzie) NDL Fisher Cemetery King, Zetta G. 1971 Nemo Cemetery King, Zetta Mae 1973 Fisher Cemetery Kinney, Leona Frances NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Kinney, Rev. Charles E. 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kinney, Amos D. 1881 Gardner Cemetery Kinney, Charles R. 18?? Gardner Cemetery Kinney, John H. 1888 Gardner Cemetery Kinney, Minnie A. 1904 Gardner Cemetery Kinross, Jimmy 1942 Sumner Cemetery Kinslow, Alta L. Ramsey Smith 1997 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Kinslow, Douglas Page 2002 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Kinslow, Thomas W. 1977 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Kirby, Elisha NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Kirby, Hanna NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Kirkpatrick, A. L. 1914 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Cora 1879 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth J. 1902 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Ethel 1904 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Henry 1898 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, J. D. 1919 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, James 1888 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Jimmy 1878 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, John S. 1938 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Lethie 1883 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Nora 1879 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, S. E. 1928 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Sarah Jane 1938 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, T. H. 1946 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Virginia S. 1901 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, William H. 1875 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirkpatrick, Willie 1884 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Kirmeyer, Henry Leo 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kirmeyer, Molly Gladys 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kish, Ed 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Kitchen, Donald G. Sr. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kitchen, Grady L. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kittel, Emilie Augusta 1930 Hermitage Cemetery Kittel, Ernest M. 1959 Gardner Cemetery Kittel, Essie Mae 1924 Robinson Cemetery Kittel, Gustave Richard 1923 Hermitage Cemetery Kittel, Lucille I. NDL Robinson Cemetery Kittel, Lucinda R. 1933 Gardner Cemetery Kittel, Richard G. 1944 Robinson Cemetery Kittel, Sarah 1960 Robinson Cemetery Kittel, Sidney 1972 Robinson Cemetery Kleck, Christian E. 1958 Gardner Cemetery Kleck, Eugene W. 1923 Gardner Cemetery Kleck, Tina A. 1977 Gardner Cemetery Kling, Rebecca 1927 Robinson Cemetery Kling, William G. 1905 Robinson Cemetery Kloppen, Thomas Henry 1887 Fisher Cemetery Knight, Alfred 1953 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Barbara 1914 Antioch Cemetery Knight, Callie NDL Robinson Cemetery Knight, Don W. 1910 Nemo Cemetery Knight, Eliza J. 1899 Nemo Cemetery Knight, Elizabeth J. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Ida Ann 1962 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Infant NDL Nemo Cemetery Knight, Jason M. 1924 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Jasper 1909 Nemo Cemetery Knight, Jasper J. 1897 Nemo Cemetery Knight, Jessie 1944 Antioch Cemetery Knight, John 1913 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Mary E. NDL Nemo Cemetery Knight, Ona 1964 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Ora L. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Knight, Will 1945 Antioch Cemetery Knight, Will S. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Knipp, James Stuart 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Knoll, Julia 1927 Cross Timbers Cemetery Knott, Barbra 1905 Tillery Cemetery Koenig, Gladys O. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Koenig, Donna E. (Anderson) 2005 Robinson Cemetery Koons, Eva May 1934 Fairview Cemetery Koons, Francis L. NDL Fairview Cemetery Kopfenstein, No first name 1878 Gerber Cemetery Korver, Ellis W. 2001 Clark Cemetery Kraatz, Jessie Clark 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Kraatz, Randolph P. 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Kragel, Beulah J. 1997 Crutsinger Cemetery Kragel, Harry A. Sr. 1990 Crutsinger Cemetery Kraut, Dorothy Juanita 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kraut, Herman F. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Kretzschmar, Ethel P. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Kretzschmar, Jesse C. 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Kroff, Stella Mae 1870 Hermitage Cemetery Krouse, Francis L. 1977 Gardner Cemetery Krouse, Mollie L. 1983 Gardner Cemetery Krup, Infant NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Kugler, Baby 1922 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Henry O. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Henry O. Jr. 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, John 1937 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Mary E. 1926 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Nannie C. 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Otho Lee 1935 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Otto 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Steven Alan 1951 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kugler, Vada 1977 Cross Timbers Cemetery Kuntze, Catharina 1873 Gerber Cemetery Kuntze, Charles F. 1888 Gerber Cemetery Kuntze, Margaret 1883 Gerber Cemetery Kuntze, William H. 1887 Gerber Cemetery Kuykendall, Aaron Frank 1961 Robinson Cemetery Kuykendall, Mary Ann 1932 Robinson Cemetery Kuykendall, William H. 1906 Robinson Cemetery Kuykendall, William L. 1942 Robinson Cemetery Kuykendall, Willie Alice 1955 Robinson Cemetery Lacquement, Abel 1971 Robinson Cemetery Lacquement, Amy E. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Lacquement, Cannon Mary 1917 Robinson Cemetery Lacquement, Caroline L. 1931 Robinson Cemetery Lacquement, Louis 1937 Robinson Cemetery Lacquement, Melvin Louis 1935 Robinson Cemetery Lacy, A. L. 1915 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Lacy, Della M. 1887 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Lacy, Elizabeth 1879 Dainley Tuck Farm Cemetery Lacy, Martha S. (Nowell) 1885 Macedonia Cemetery Lacy, Mary E. 1932 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Lacy, Philip H. 1881 Macedonia Cemetery Lacy, Shandy H. 1888 Macedonia Cemetery Lafaver, Dora A. (Thompson) 1932 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lafaver, Mae (Bradley) 1991 Gardner Cemetery Lafaver, Roy 1954 Gardner Cemetery Lafaver, Zachariah T. 1927 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lafayette, Haskell D. 1995 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lafayette, Irene O. 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lafragiola, Craig J. 1969 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lake, Gene T. 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lake, Arthur R. 1961 Fairview Cemetery Lake, Edna May 1993 Fairview Cemetery Lake, Flora B. 1956 Fairview Cemetery Lake, Francis Philbert 1948 Fairview Cemetery Lake, G. W. (Louie) 1956 Fairview Cemetery Lake, John NDL Fairview Cemetery Lake, Joseph 1951 Fairview Cemetery Lake, Lloyd Thomas 1986 Fairview Cemetery Lakin, Gertrude P. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Lakin, Meredith E. 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Lamb, Mary A. 1872 Baker Cemetery Lamb, Ansel 1984 Robinson Cemetery Lamb, James G. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Lamb, Lula A. 1956 Robinson Cemetery Lamb, Martin R. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Lamb, Mary Frances 1940 Souders Cemetery Lamb, Milton 1946 Souders Cemetery Lamb, Ozro T. 1927 Souders Cemetery Lamb, Rhoda M. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Lamb, Rosa 1960 Souders Cemetery Lamb, Thelma 1988 Robinson Cemetery Lamb, Wayne Elvin 1941 Souders Cemetery Lamb, Zelpha NDL Robinson Cemetery Lambeth, Charles E. 2003 Mt. Zion Cemetery Lambeth, Jearlean 1993 Mt. Zion Cemetery Lambeth, Ronald E. 1995 Mt. Zion Cemetery Landreth, Henry Irwin 1923 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Landreth, John 1930 Nemo Cemetery Landreth, Margarett 1918 Nemo Cemetery Landreth, Maurine 1915 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Lane, Jack L. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lane, Janice C. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Lane, John "Jack" 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lane, Charles Lindberg 1990 Nemo Cemetery Lane, Joyce A. NDL Nemo Cemetery Laney, C. W. 1902 Robinson Cemetery Laney, Charles W. 1915 Robinson Cemetery Laney, Julia A. 1911 Robinson Cemetery Laney, Mary E. 1901 Robinson Cemetery Laney, Mary Frances 1938 Robinson Cemetery Laney, William F. 1910 Robinson Cemetery Langeston, Edward S. 1967 Robinson Cemetery Langeston, Ollie D. 1963 Robinson Cemetery Langford, Arthur 1884 Sumner Cemetery Langford, Bonney 1881 Sumner Cemetery Langford, Columbia 1884 Sumner Cemetery Langford, Elzada (Blackwell) 1959 Sumner Cemetery Langford, Eugene 1956 Sumner Cemetery Langford, W.G. 1894 Sumner Cemetery Langford, Lula Hinkle NDL Clark Cemetery Langston, Blanche 1977 Robinson Cemetery Langston, William H. 1978 Robinson Cemetery Lanker, Josie D. (Sutt) Rorer 1952 Sumner Cemetery Lanterman, Joseph B. 1991 Souders Cemetery Lanterman, Marjorie Morton NDL Souders Cemetery Lantrip, Eva B. 1980 Robinson Cemetery Lantrip, Frances M. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Lantrip, Frances R. 1996 Robinson Cemetery Lantrip, Hubert I. 1975 Robinson Cemetery LaPee, Nicole Lynn 1970 Mt. Zion Cemetery Largent, Edna (Jordan) 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery Largent, Elva T. (Gardner) 1898 Gardner Cemetery Largent, Infant 1902 Gardner Cemetery Largent, Mary A. 1891 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Largent, Susan (Crutsinger) 1922 Crutsinger Cemetery Largent, Thomas Andrew 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Largent, Thomas W. 1913 Crutsinger Cemetery Largent, Wife of T. W. 1888 Crutsinger Cemetery Larkhowas, Jarvis 1868 Tillery Cemetery Larkins, J. M. NDL Hermitage Cemetery LaRose, Clara A. 1946 Nemo Cemetery LaRose, Daniel A. 1955 Fisher Cemetery LaRose, Joseph 1937 Nemo Cemetery LaRose, Manuel 1938 Hermitage Cemetery LaRose, Marvin 1960 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery LaRose, Mollie 1965 Hermitage Cemetery LaRose, Pearl 1935 Fairview Cemetery LaRose, Rose McKinley NDL Liberty Cemetery LaRose, Sarah I. 1973 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery LaRose, Susan E. 1971 Fisher Cemetery LaRose, Ulis 1967 Fairview Cemetery Latham, Edward C. 1891 Macedonia Cemetery Laudet, Mae 1975 Lehman Cemetery Laughlin, Edna Mildred 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Laughlin, Johnnie Dale 1941 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Lavezzi, Infant 1941 Rountree Cemetery Lavezzi, John S. 1937 Rountree Cemetery Lavezzi, Mary Virginia 1945 Rountree Cemetery Lawrence, Betty Murree 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lawrence, Calvin 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lawrence, Clarrie M. 1900 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lawrence, Emma 1900 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lawrence, John 1881 Pittsburg Cemetery Lawson, Cecile N. (Allen) NDL Sumner Cemetery Lawson, John Fredric 1970 Sumner Cemetery Lawson, Ollie M. 1968 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lea, Gussie (Rutherford) 1983 Fisher Cemetery Lea, Homer 1984 Fisher Cemetery Lea, Infant 1898 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lea, Infant son 1914 Fisher Cemetery Lea, Orville 1917 Fisher Cemetery Leach, Benjamin 1892 Souders Cemetery Leach, Gracy P. 1892 Souders Cemetery Lear, Ernest Guy 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Floyd J. 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Hazel I. 1973 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, James 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Mamie Lee 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Monnie Mae 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Robert Glen 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Robert M. 1945 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lear, Mabel I. (Miller) 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Lear, Ollie 1907 Tillery Cemetery Lee, Mary (Crawford) 1938 Nemo Cemetery Lee, Nora J. 1978 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Leech, William A. 1906 Robinson Cemetery Leeson, Donna Lee 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Leffler, Elsie 1890 Tillery Cemetery Leffler, Freddie E. 1901 Tillery Cemetery Leffler, Gilbert 1884 Tillery Cemetery Leffler, Walter F. 1886 Tillery Cemetery Lefler, Charles 1940 Robinson Cemetery Lefler, Lee Roy 1922 Robinson Cemetery Lefler, Millard J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Leiber, George 1883 Gerber Cemetery Leiber, Margaretha 1921 Gerber Cemetery Leiber, Wendell Leon 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Leiber, Alexander 1907 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Benjamin 1948 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Carrie 1947 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Clarence W. 1914 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Elizabeth 1922 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Eva Jane (Wilkerson) 2002 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Lora 1932 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Lovona R. 1928 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Nannie V. (Hart) 1959 Mt. Zion Cemetery Leiber, Nova Ellen (Parker) 1974 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Ruby V. NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Leiber, Wallace 1970 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Walter 1966 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Warden 1994 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leiber, Warner 1979 Mt. Zion Cemetery Leiber, Willie 1993 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Leibli, Anton F. 1933 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Leibli, Eliza W. 1946 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Lenty, Edith P. 1956 Jordan Cemetery Lenty, Floyd B. NDL Jordan Cemetery Leonard, Will 1922 Hartville Cemetery Lerdall, Vera M. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Levell, Mary Alice 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lewis, Felix E. 1924 Lewis Cemetery Lewis, Laura 1930 Lewis Cemetery Lewis, William Henry 1918 Lewis Cemetery Lewis, Alfred E. 1879 Pittsburg Cemetery Lewis, Anthus 1926 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Charles P. 1879 Pittsburg Cemetery Lewis, Edith 1895 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Eolzona 1928 Pittsburg Cemetery Lewis, John 1895 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Josiah N. 1872 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Mary Elenora 1878 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Mary J. Brown 1916 Pittsburg Cemetery Lewis, Richard M. 1924 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Sarah J. 1895 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, Victoria 1895 Fisher Cemetery Lewis, William H. 1884 Pittsburg Cemetery Lewitzke, Marty NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Liedtke, Henry Hugo 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Liedtke, Norma Kathleen Nevins NDL Hermitage Cemetery Lietz, Amos 1958 Lehman Cemetery Lietz, Everett 1924 Lehman Cemetery Lietz, Nora E. 1990 Lehman Cemetery Liggett, Aetnas 1898 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Agnes I. 1879 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Ally A. 1903 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Archibald T. 1865 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Archilous E. 1889 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Eliza M. 1875 Guier Cemetery Liggett, No first name 1884 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Ruperd 1887 Guier Cemetery Liggett, Virda 1886 Guier Cemetery Liggett, A. Clark 1867 Hermitage Cemetery Liggett, Archie 1970 Fisher Cemetery Liggett, Baby 1905 Hermitage Cemetery Liggett, Edna Reser 1970 Fisher Cemetery Liggett, Evelyn 2003 Fisher Cemetery Liggett, Henry P. 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Liggett, Louera E. 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Liggett, M. Ida 1887 Hermitage Cemetery Liggett, Stella W. 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Liggett, William H. 1901 Hermitage Cemetery Lightfoot, Arnold D. NDL Fisher Cemetery Lightfoot, Atha 1980 Antioch Cemetery Lightfoot, Benton 1993 Antioch Cemetery Lightfoot, Charles M. 1930 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lightfoot, Eleanor 1992 Antioch Cemetery Lightfoot, Lula M. (Pitts) 2001 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lightfoot, Virgil F. 1992 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lightfoot, Vivian 2001 Fisher Cemetery Lightfoot, Wilburn N. 1951 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lightle, Ralph Ezra 1999 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lightner, Christian G. 1859 Fisher Cemetery Lile, Nina M. 1932 Mt. Zion Cemetery Lile, Zenas R. 1965 Mt. Zion Cemetery Lilley, Ellsworth 1985 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lilley, Eva Lorene 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lilley, Stephen M. 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Linch, Blanche P. 1976 Fisher Cemetery Linch, Freda F. 1929 Fisher Cemetery Linch, J. Marion 1991 Fisher Cemetery Linch, Mabel J. 1925 Fisher Cemetery Lind, Rev. M. 1896 Clark Cemetery Lindell, Augusta W. 1920 Robinson Cemetery Lindsey, Felix R. 1884 Means (Meins) Cemetery Lindsey, William E. 1886 Morton Cemetery Lindsey, Adeline (Hartnett) 1955 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Alfred 1917 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Alice B. 1946 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lindsey, Charlie F. 1959 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Etta Mae (Rains) 1917 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Florence 1914 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Gertrude Clare 1989 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Gladys Marie 1918 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Harry P. 1926 Olive Point Cemetery Lindsey, Hulett Burr 1959 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Ina Murrell 1990 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Iva A. 1964 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, J. Frank 1930 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lindsey, James M. 1923 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Lindsey, John L. 1915 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Lucy A. 1925 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Lindsey, Mary W. (Wright) 1924 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Noel C. 1910 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Lindsey, Ruth C. (Humphrey) 1932 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Sidney Glenn 1903 Fisher Cemetery Lindsey, Theodore 1943 Fisher Cemetery Lindstrom, Annie 1963 Fairview Cemetery Lindstrom, Esther 1893 Fairview Cemetery Lindstrom, George 1895 Fairview Cemetery Lindstrom, Margaret 1987 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Lindstrom, Oliver 1961 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Lindstrom, Oscar 1952 Fairview Cemetery Linn, Baby NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Linn, Ellen 1949 Dooly Bend Cemetery Linn, G.L. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Linn, H.C. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Linn, Rebecca J. 1881 Gardner Cemetery Lipe, Albert 1968 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lipe, Imogene (Vaughn) NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lipe, Laura S. 1959 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Lipe, William B. 1991 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery List, David 1868 Tillery Cemetery Litle, Beulah E. 1958 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Litle, Lester O. 1964 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Little, Andrew J. 1908 Mabary Cemetery Little, Austin J. 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Little, Bobbie Joe 1948 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, Clarence O. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, Grace M. 1916 Mabary Cemetery Little, Josephine 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, Melsenia 1960 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, Nancy 1894 Mabary Cemetery Little, Nathan 1933 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, Shirley 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Little, Verda M. 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, W. C. 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Little, Basil Teddy Jr. 1946 Rountree Cemetery Little, E. A. “Andy” 1958 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Little, Emma 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Little, Ruby 1926 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
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