Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Emery, Nancy A. 1919 McCracken Cemetery Emit, William F. 1880 Tillery Cemetery Emmert, Henry G. 1910 Crutsinger Cemetery Emmert, Ollie (Reavis) 1961 Crutsinger Cemetery Emmett, Mary 1901 Tillery Cemetery Emmitt, Juley M. 1878 Tillery Cemetery Emory, Charles Wesley 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Emory, Gertrude E. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Endley, Daisy D. 2001 Souders Cemetery Endley, Gerald Lee 1933 Souders Cemetery Endley, John M. 1938 Souders Cemetery England, Charley N. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, Ellen E. 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, Fountain N. 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, Hester 1888 England Cemetery England, Homer 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, J. C. NDL England Cemetery England, Jennie V. 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, John A. 1949 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, John Jr. 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, Johnnie May 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, Louis 1902 England Cemetery England, Mamie 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, Rebecca 1912 England Cemetery England, Reuel E. 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery England, William H. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery England, William M. 1919 England Cemetery England, Dale Wesley 2002 Hermitage Cemetery England, Robert Dale 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Englebrecht, Ethel Mary 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Englebrecht, Lawrence M. 1978 Dooly Bend Cemetery Epperson, David W. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Erickson, Oscar R. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Erickson, Adolph F. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Erickson, Arthur E. 1984 Fisher Cemetery Erickson, August 1893 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Clara S. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Erickson, Edward 1935 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Ellen C. 1874 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Elmer F. 1975 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Erickson, Emma 1922 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Ernest R. 1884 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, John 1904 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Mary C. 1886 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Mary E. 1966 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Erickson, Ulrika 1893 Fairview Cemetery Erickson, Willa Mae (Pope) 2001 Fisher Cemetery Erwin, John Jr. 1963 Mt. Zion Cemetery Erwin, John Sr. 1970 Mt. Zion Cemetery Eskew, Etolia B. 1952 Lehman Cemetery Eskew, John W. 1943 Lehman Cemetery Eskew, Oma 1908 Lehman Cemetery Eskew, Sophia 1903 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Esser, Henry “Hank” 1984 Robinson Cemetery Estes, Byrd 1841 Baker Cemetery Estes, Charles Andrew Sr. 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Estes, Elisha 1871 Ben Scott Cemetery Estes, Mary 1878 Ben Scott Cemetery Estes, Mary A. 1847 Baker Cemetery Estes, Byrd M. 1884 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Estes, Mamie H. NDL Gardner Cemetery Estes, Margaret 1906 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Estes, Mary E. 1887 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Estes, Samuel S. 1922 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Estill, Lillian F. 1891 Mt. Zion Cemetery Ethridge, Bennie 1937 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Ethridge, Infant son 1937 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Ethridge, Naomi 1956 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Evans, Mary 1848 Sumner Cemetery Evans, Stephen E. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Evans, William 1856 Sumner Cemetery Evans, William H. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Evans, C.G. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Evans, Dorothy Marie 1941 Robinson Cemetery Evans, Edna Maxine (Thompson) 1962 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Evans, F. G. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Evans, Lee W. 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Evans, Leo Edwin 1980 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Evans, Martha Ann 1916 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Evans, Melvin D. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Evans, Myrtle 1947 Robinson Cemetery Evans, Shirley A. (Grisham) 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Evans, Thomas B. 1942 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Evans, William F. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Evinger, Bradley J. 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Evinger, Richard 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Fahnestock, Ramah Henderson 1996 South New Home Cemetery Fangohr, Margaret Ellen 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Fann, Frank 1978 Gardner Cemetery Fann, Georgia J. 1986 Gardner Cemetery Farling, John Wesley 1957 Antioch Cemetery Farr, S. L. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Farris, C. A. 1947 Cooper Cemetery Farris, John W. 1895 Cooper Cemetery Farris, Orela (Stevens) 1950 Hartville Cemetery Fatino, Robin Sue 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Fatino, Tony A. 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Felker, Mary Colene 1916 Gardner Cemetery Fellers, Abner L. 1995 Antioch Cemetery Fellers, Flossie 1904 Tillery Cemetery Fellers, Hesper L. NDL Antioch Cemetery Feltenbarger, Baby girl NDL Fisher Cemetery Feltenbarger, Thomas NDL Fisher Cemetery Feltman, Henry 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Feltman, Mahala R. 1931 Cross Timbers Cemetery Feltman, William H. 1929 Cross Timbers Cemetery Fentress, Alta M. 1911 Robinson Cemetery Fentress, Bertha 1905 Robinson Cemetery Fentress, Isabelle A. 1909 Robinson Cemetery Fentress, Jasper J. 1912 Robinson Cemetery Fentress, Mable Mae 1970 Robinson Cemetery Fentress, Nancy 1890 Robinson Cemetery Fentress, Nannie 1921 Robinson Cemetery Ferguson, Dennis 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ferguson, Frances 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ferguson, Gilbert B. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ferguson, Cornelius 1956 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Eller F. 1903 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, George W. 1943 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Gussie G. (Bartshe) 1924 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, John 1916 Macedonia Cemetery Ferguson, John Calvin 1879 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ferguson, John Thomas 1931 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Lillie Ann 1886 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ferguson, Margaret 1948 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Nila M. 1997 Fisher Cemetery Ferguson, Olita May 1918 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Susan A. (Edds) 1926 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Tennessee Parolee 1894 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Tennie A. 1963 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, William A. 1914 Nemo Cemetery Ferguson, Woodrow B. 1994 Fisher Cemetery Fero, Dorothy L. 1992 Robinson Cemetery Fero, Howard F. NDL Robinson Cemetery Ferrell, J. Oliver 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Ferrell, Rhoda E. 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Field, Alice Russell 1918 Robinson Cemetery Field, Charles H. 1918 Robinson Cemetery Fields, Delia (Foltz) 1987 Sumner Cemetery Fields, Ellen E. 1918 Sumner Cemetery Fields, Infant son NDL Sumner Cemetery Fields, Wilford A. 1940 Sumner Cemetery Fields, William Addison 1920 Sumner Cemetery Fields, William Addison 1953 Sumner Cemetery Fields, Wm. Henry 1922 Sumner Cemetery Fields, E. C. 1904 Macedonia Cemetery Fields, Ora M. 1921 Mt. Zion Cemetery Fields, Rose Ettie 1889 Macedonia Cemetery Files, Charles Ozias 2002 Clark Cemetery Files, Ladine Elizabeth (Solberg) 2001 Clark Cemetery Finley, Michelle Dominique 1995 Hermitage Cemetery Finnegan, M. J. Jr. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Finney, J. P. 1907 Cross Timbers Cemetery Finney, Rebecca 1921 Cross Timbers Cemetery Firestone, Edna Fay 1994 Robinson Cemetery Firestone, Paul E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Firestone, Pauline Twana 1989 Robinson Cemetery Fishback, Julia Rhodes 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Fishback, Raymond Graham 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Fisher, Beryl 1916 Mabary Cemetery Fisher, Infant 1913 McCracken Cemetery Fisher, Opal M. 1909 Mabary Cemetery Fisher, Violet O. 1906 McCracken Cemetery Fisher, Aldolphus P. 1925 Sapp Cemetery Fisher, Ann R. NDL Antioch Cemetery Fisher, Arlie W. 1987 Lehman Cemetery Fisher, Arthur C. 1970 Antioch Cemetery Fisher, Beverly Ann (Newport) 1982 Hermitage Cemetery Fisher, Calvin L. 1965 Nemo Cemetery Fisher, Cyndy 1931 Nemo Cemetery Fisher, Dr. Arthur L. 1924 Crutsinger Cemetery Fisher, Fowler H. 1994 Antioch Cemetery Fisher, H. J. 1944 Sapp Cemetery Fisher, Hazel M. 1964 Lehman Cemetery Fisher, Mabel 1986 Antioch Cemetery Fisher, Nancy E. 1910 Sapp Cemetery Fisher, Richard M. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Fisher, Robert Dale 1933 Lehman Cemetery Fisher, Sarah A. (Pitts) 1943 Crutsinger Cemetery Fisher, Sophia J. 1969 Lehman Cemetery Fisher, Theodosia 1923 Nemo Cemetery Fisher, Wood 1930 Nemo Cemetery Fisher, Zilphy E. 1896 Sapp Cemetery Fitzhugh, Charley D. 1953 Robinson Cemetery Fitzhugh, Elizabeth 1933 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Fitzhugh, Ernest E. 1989 Robinson Cemetery Fitzhugh, George A. 1927 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Fitzhugh, Harriett Elizabeth (Durnell) 1902 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Fitzhugh, Ollie A. 1954 Robinson Cemetery Fitzhugh, Rachel 1915 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Fitzhugh, Thomas 1882 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Fitzhugh, Thomas 1945 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Fitzpatrick, John P. 1919 Rountree Cemetery Fitzpatrick, Ladora R. 1916 Rountree Cemetery Fitzpatrick, P. L. 1934 Rountree Cemetery Fitzpatrick, Pleasant Lea 1960 Rountree Cemetery Fitzpatrick, R. J. 1936 Rountree Cemetery Fitzpatrick, Una May 1962 Rountree Cemetery Flagg, Bill 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Flagg, Wesley C. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Flanery, Earl NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Flanery, Nellie NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Fleming, Jefferson Otto 1892 Baker Cemetery Fleming, Martha A. (Griffith) 1906 Baker Cemetery Fleming, William A. 1908 Baker Cemetery Fletcher, C.O. NDL Robinson Cemetery Fletcher, G.O. 1866 Robinson Cemetery Fletcher, J.P. 1876 Robinson Cemetery Fletcher, J.W. 1866 Robinson Cemetery Fletcher, N.L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Flint, Leon W. 1936 Crutsinger Cemetery Flint, Ona C. 1974 Crutsinger Cemetery Flint, R. A. “Bert” 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Flippen, Lee NDL Hartville Cemetery Floyd, Dina M. 1968 Dooly Bend Cemetery Floyd, Elizabeth P. 1879 Old Pitts Cemetery, moved by Corps of Engineers Floyd, Enos W. 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Floyd, Infant 1879 Old Pitts Cemetery, moved by Corps of Engineers Floyd, James E. 1940 Dooly Bend Cemetery Floyd, Lloyd A. 1963 Dooly Bend Cemetery Floyd, Mary L. 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Floyd, Theodoshie 1915 Dooly Bend Cemetery Floyd, Alfred C. 1966 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Bertha E. 1958 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Callie L. 1928 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Dave NDL Gardner Cemetery Floyd, David M. 1868 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Floyd, Dorothy (Brown) 1945 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Fannie J. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Floyd, James A. 1939 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Lloyd 1914 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Martha NDL Gardner Cemetery Floyd, Mary A. 1886 Gardner Cemetery Floyd, Oma NDL Gardner Cemetery Floyd, Romey K. 1963 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Roscoe W. 1995 Antioch Cemetery Floyd, Underwood NDL Clark Cemetery Floyd, Wilford Allen 1949 Antioch Cemetery Fogle, Rev. D. Nadine 1998 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Followell, Ida F. 1887 Mt. Zion Cemetery Foltz, Beulah F. 1965 Macedonia Cemetery Foltz, C. W. NDL Clark Cemetery Foltz, Floyd D. 1979 Clark Cemetery Foltz, Golda (Blackwell) 1982 Clark Cemetery Foltz, Henry M. 1930 Crutsinger Cemetery Foltz, James Leonard 1956 Clark Cemetery Foltz, Jeffrey Lee 2001 Macedonia Cemetery Foltz, Jerry L. 1999 Clark Cemetery Foltz, John A. 1962 Macedonia Cemetery Foltz, Joseph 1907 Crutsinger Cemetery Foltz, Lena 1982 Clark Cemetery Foltz, Lola F. (Gist) 2002 Macedonia Cemetery Foltz, Margaret (Peggy) 1948 Crutsinger Cemetery Foltz, Martha M. 1909 Crutsinger Cemetery Foltz, Ola 1919 Clark Cemetery Foltz, Ollie 1919 Clark Cemetery Foltz, Orval M. 1997 Macedonia Cemetery Foltz, P. Ola 1966 Clark Cemetery Foltz, R. M. NDL Clark Cemetery Foltz, Sarah E. “Lizzie” (Blackwell) 1992 Clark Cemetery Forehand, Buel N. 1988 Sumner Cemetery Forehand, Clarora (Bangle) 1907 Sumner Cemetery Forehand, Dona M. 1976 Sumner Cemetery Forehand, Eda 1887 Mt. Zion Cemetery Forehand, Ellen A. (Rohrer) 1892 Mt. Zion Cemetery Forehand, Gertrude 1902 Mt. Zion Cemetery Forehand, John T. 1929 Mt. Zion Cemetery Forehand, Meda 1886 Mt. Zion Cemetery Fornelli, Otto James 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Fornelli, William H. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Forrest, Bill D. 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Forrest, Lorene (Dorman) 2002 Hermitage Cemetery Forrest, Ruth E. 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Forshee, Connie NDL Lewis Cemetery Forshee, Margret NDL Lewis Cemetery Forshee, Nan NDL Lewis Cemetery Fortner, Velma Lorene 1989 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Foster, Francis 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Foster, John H. 1936 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Foster, Sarah (Rhodes) 1951 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Foster, Anna 1984 South New Home Cemetery Foster, Charles 1976 South New Home Cemetery Foster, E. C. 1976 Crutsinger Cemetery Foster, Gladys 1974 Crutsinger Cemetery Foster, Grace H. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Foster, Harry L. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Foster, James W. 2001 Crutsinger Cemetery Foster, Milton 1991 Robinson Cemetery Foster, Myrtie M. 1997 Robinson Cemetery Foster, Vivian Grace (Holt) 1964 Robinson Cemetery Foster, Wayman Leland 1982 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Fowler, Andro F. 1945 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Andro N. 1973 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Aubra C. 1988 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Cheryl Lynn 1947 Nemo Cemetery Fowler, Flora M. 1981 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Gene 1897 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, George F. 1927 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Harry J. 1960 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Ida M. 1945 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Kenton Fraser 1962 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Purdy 1955 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Sannah (Rife) 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Fowler, Shelley Denise 1963 Antioch Cemetery Fowler, Susan S. 1959 Antioch Cemetery Frank, Clifford Dale 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Frank, Jewell M. 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Frank, Mabel A. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Frank, Roger P. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Frank, William A. 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Franklin, Addie B. 1944 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Amos Robert 1995 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Cledyth V. (Percival) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Dora B. 1965 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Fred O. 1966 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Freida M. 1921 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, George W. 1998 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Goldie Marie (Pitts) 1996 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Henry R “Babe” 1962 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Infant 1914 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Infant 1915 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Ralph Loyd 1996 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Franklin, Vauda Irene (Rush) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Frazee, Eliza 1890 Gardner Cemetery Frazee, Gertie F. 1888 Gardner Cemetery Frazee, Jeannette 1889 Gardner Cemetery Frazon, Delores E. 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery Frazon, Dorothy J. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Frazon, Frank 1992 Cross Timbers Cemetery Fredrickson, Elmer J. 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery Fredrickson, Ila Mae 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Freeman, Alva 1883 Macedonia Cemetery Freeman, Elfa (Belisle) 1993 Robinson Cemetery Freeman, James W. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Freeman, Lorraine J. (Harris) NDL Robinson Cemetery Freeman, Samuel A. 1890 Tillery Cemetery Freeman, Thomas B. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Freeman, Wm. C. 1883 Macedonia Cemetery Frick, Phillip 1945 Hermitage Cemetery Fridley, Zoe Marie 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Friedley, Asa M. 2002 Gardner Cemetery Friedley, Inez Irene 2001 Mt. Zion Cemetery Friedley, Louis Maxville 1970 Gardner Cemetery Friedley, Susie (Pine) 1960 Gardner Cemetery Fritz, David E. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Fritz, Roberta M. 1984 Dooly Bend Cemetery Frost, Jimmie (Gentry) 1929 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Frost, John M. 1958 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Fruits, Beverly DiAnne (Mitts) 1995 Liberty Cemetery Fugate, Clara A. 1949 Antioch Cemetery Fugate, David Otto 1993 Robinson Cemetery Fugate, Ethel May 1901 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Fugate, Joseph Lee 1994 Robinson Cemetery Fugate, Opal (Johndrow) 1988 Robinson Cemetery Fulford, Si NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Galbraith, Susan Ann 1947 Cross Timbers Cemetery Galbraith, Mary 1874 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Gallet, Denza M. 1991 Robinson Cemetery Gallet, Walter F. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Gambill, Edwin M. “Jim” 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Gambill, Josephine V. (Pitts) 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Gardner, Adeline 1904 Clark Cemetery Gardner, Armazinda 1870 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Barbara A. 1892 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Bernie A. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Gardner, Catherine 1889 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Charles E. 1880 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Francis W. 1937 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, George W. 1905 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, James Monroe 1910 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, James R. 1890 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, James S. 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Gardner, James T. 1933 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Jennie 1958 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Lewis M. 1933 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Margaret 1920 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Mary Annis (Kelley) 2000 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Minnie 1877 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Mollie 1889 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Robert H. 1936 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Rosa Lea 1881 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Sarah E. (Wallen) 1929 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Susie J. 1945 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Ulysses Grant 1940 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, Wayland Pratt 1991 Gardner Cemetery Gardner, William L. 1917 Gardner Cemetery Garrett, Edwin F. 1945 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Garrett, Forrest L. NDL Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Garrett, Mary Faye (Wilson) 1974 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Garrett, Ola (McCaslin) 1959 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Garrigus, Hattie 1936 Gardner Cemetery Garrison, Eva H. 1967 Robinson Cemetery Garrison, Kathy J. (Johnson) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Garrison, Tommy Ray 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Garrison, William A. 1957 Robinson Cemetery Gaston, Louisa E. 1965 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Gaston, Nancy E. 1888 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Gaston, Silas A. 1932 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Gates, John Monroe 1984 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gates, Peggy A. (Chronister) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Gates, Ada (Driskill) 1985 Fairview Cemetery Gates, John D. 1983 Fairview Cemetery Gates, John Seymour 1939 Fairview Cemetery Gates, Margaret J. 1919 Fairview Cemetery Gates, Marguerite (Holmes) NDL Fairview Cemetery Gates, Tyson Gene 1951 Fairview Cemetery Gatliff, Gerald E. 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Gatliff, Lucille N. 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Gentry, La Donna K. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Gentry, Alice 1949 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, Dr. W. C. 1930 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, Elizabeth A. (Thomas) 1924 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, Frankie 1881 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Gentry, Freddy O. 1897 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, James M. 1906 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, John T. 1936 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, Mary Jane NDL Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, Robert M. 1915 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gentry, Sarah 1957 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gerber, Amanda 1871 Gerber Cemetery Gerber, Christian 1911 Gerber Cemetery Gerber, Elizabeth 1868 Gerber Cemetery Gerber, Joseph 1872 Gerber Cemetery Gerber, Milo 1870 Gerber Cemetery Gerber, Moses 1886 Gerber Cemetery Gerber, Thomas 1878 Gerber Cemetery Gerke, Henry “Hank” William 1968 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Gerke, Verna Lucinda 1982 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Gerster, Abraham 1885 Gerber Cemetery Gerster, Harry Lee 1890 Gerber Cemetery Gerster, Ida B. 1899 Gerber Cemetery Gerster, Infant 1893 Gerber Cemetery Gerster, Johannes 1880 Gerber Cemetery Gerster, George 1953 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Giblet, Charles L. 1881 Sumner Cemetery Gibson, Robert Eugene 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gibson, Dora May 1953 Rountree Cemetery Gibson, Howard L. 1954 Rountree Cemetery Gibson, Infant son 1915 Rountree Cemetery Giffen, Children NDL Fisher Cemetery Giffen, Grandma NDL Fisher Cemetery Giffen, Hannah NDL Fisher Cemetery Giffen, Roy A. 1997 Liberty Cemetery Giffen, W. C. NDL Fisher Cemetery Gilbert, Freddie R. 1965 Mt. Zion Cemetery Gilbert, Mary Kathryn (Nowell) NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Gilbert, Maudie E. (Bailey) 1989 Mt. Zion Cemetery Gilbert, Ronald D. 1997 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Gilbert, Teddy Melvin 1993 Mt. Zion Cemetery Gillas, Virginia 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Gillett, Georgia F. 1908 Tillery Cemetery Gillette, Lester O. 1925 Robinson Cemetery Gillette, Lillie (Anderson) 1983 Robinson Cemetery Gilliom, Abraham 1873 Lehman Cemetery Gilliom, Albert 1879 Lehman Cemetery Gilliom, Robert 1879 Lehman Cemetery Gilmore, Ethel Erlace 1965 Robinson Cemetery Gilpin, Charles E. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ginnings, C. E. “Ed” 1982 Nemo Cemetery Ginnings, Evalena 1977 Nemo Cemetery Gipe, Martha (McCaslin) 1990 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Gist, B. F. 1912 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gist, Bert F. 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gist, Ella Mattice 1931 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gist, Gerald "Jack" 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gist, S. A. 1913 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gist, William Hayes 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gist, Anna M. 1927 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Arlington B. 1910 Fisher Cemetery Gist, Burges 1937 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Charles NDL Gardner Cemetery Gist, Charles A. 1960 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Charles V. 1948 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Della M. 1927 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Doris 1974 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Dr. Emory Howard M.D. 1971 Fisher Cemetery Gist, Elizabeth 1890 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Eva Pearl (Meador) 1940 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Fanny Reser 1971 Fisher Cemetery Gist, Frank NDL Crutsinger Cemetery Gist, Fred 1965 Gardner Cemetery Gist, James M. 1901 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Jesse Oral “Ted” 1974 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Lois Rue 2001 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Lucy Josephine (Pitts) 1939 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Margaret NDL Gardner Cemetery Gist, Matie 1886 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Maxine Ann 1950 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Nettie 1895 Crutsinger Cemetery Gist, Robert 1895 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Ruzan 1927 Gardner Cemetery Gist, S. N. NDL Gardner Cemetery Gist, Sidney Neal 1916 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Susie M. 1954 Gardner Cemetery Gist, Vivien Venus 1996 Fisher Cemetery Gist, William B. NDL Gardner Cemetery Glasgow, Mary E. 1892 Gardner Cemetery Glazebrook, Atha May 1965 Sumner Cemetery Glazebrook, Diana S. 1931 Sumner Cemetery Glazebrook, Freddie Bill 1999 Sumner Cemetery Glazebrook, Frontz 1973 Sumner Cemetery Glazebrook, Richard W. 1898 Sumner Cemetery Glazebrook, Cletus W. 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Glazebrook, Harold 1909 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Glazebrook, Harry 1964 Macedonia Cemetery Glazebrook, Hattie M. (Thompson) 1909 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Glazebrook, James C. 1881 Mt. Zion Cemetery Glazebrook, Nancy A. 1882 Mt. Zion Cemetery Glazebrook, Rena (Paxton) 1974 Macedonia Cemetery Glenn, Naomi H. 1942 Robinson Cemetery Glenn, Rebecca R. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Glinn, Mary I. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Glinn, William A. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Glor, Elwayne Harl NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, George P. 1921 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, Mary Ruth (Owsley) 1991 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, Nellie B. 1915 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, Nina M. 1895 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, Oliver B. 1936 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, Oren H. 1895 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glor, Rosalee 1918 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Glore, Bobby Dale 1980 Robinson Cemetery Glore, William S. 1872 Tillery Cemetery Goans, Arthur P. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Goans, Charles E. 1972 Clark Cemetery Goans, Emma E. 1963 Robinson Cemetery Goans, Jane 1901 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Goans, Jason R. 1921 Robinson Cemetery Goans, John 1886 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Goans, Leonace D. 1965 Clark Cemetery Goans, Mary S. 1967 Robinson Cemetery Goans, Mildred M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Goans, Robert T. NDL Robinson Cemetery Goans, William S. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Godfrey, Alice Mae 1943 Antioch Cemetery Goff, Catherine 1885 Mt. Zion Cemetery Goff, Thomas D. 1889 Mt. Zion Cemetery Goodman, Lewis 1898 Macedonia Cemetery Goodman, Mary D. 1904 Macedonia Cemetery Goodnight, Callie 1982 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Goodnight, Jean Ann 1950 Clark Cemetery Goodrich, Elizabeth A. 1871 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Goodwin, Alma Aletha NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Goodwin, John Thomas 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Goodwin, Kenneth Wayne 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Gorbet, Clara F. 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Gorbet, George T. 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Gordon, Fannie 1894 Tillery Cemetery Gordon, Harry 1893 Tillery Cemetery Gosline, Eula M. 1996 Crutsinger Cemetery Gosney, Elizabeth 1859 Robinson Cemetery Goste, Jesse Jay 1971 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Goste, Tammy Rose 1971 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Goucher, Willa Lee 1984 Clark Cemetery Goughenour, Dan NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Goughenour, Laura NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Gover, Maggie Ivey 1976 Mt. Zion Cemetery Grable, Ira Oscar 1954 Robinson Cemetery Grammer, William Henry 1995 Nemo Cemetery Grant, Lula 1962 Robinson Cemetery Gratton, Evelyn 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Gratton, William T. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Grauberger, Virginia Ruth “Cissie” (Mezzacasa) 1996 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Graves, Mollie 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Graves, William W. 1913 Cross Timbers Cemetery Graves, Infant son 1931 Rountree Cemetery Graves, Retta 1965 Rountree Cemetery Graves, T. C. 1930 Rountree Cemetery Gray, Nora L. 1895 Sumner Cemetery Gray, Harold O. 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Gray, Margaret V. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Greathouse, Harold R. 1970 Robinson Cemetery Greathouse, Ozelma 1988 Robinson Cemetery Grecot, C.T. or G. I. ? 1887 Sapp Cemetery Green, Glen 1955 Crutsinger Cemetery Green, James Ervin 1954 Crutsinger Cemetery Green, John L. 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Green, John Wesley 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Green, Margaret L. 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Green, Mildred N. 1998 Crutsinger Cemetery Green, Ofa NDL Hartville Cemetery Green, Paul 1987 Crutsinger Cemetery Green, William R. 1975 Dooly Bend Cemetery Green, William Roy 1991 Crutsinger Cemetery Green, Wm. Joe 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Green, Amy 1918 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Arminta D. 1923 Olive Point Cemetery Green, Betty May 1932 Sapp Cemetery Green, Cecil O. B. NDL Sapp Cemetery Green, Charles G. 1891 Fisher Cemetery Green, Charles L. 1966 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Clara N. 2003 Sapp Cemetery Green, Cordelia 1916 Tillery Cemetery Green, Dee 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Green, E. Geraldine (Morgan) 1997 Fisher Cemetery Green, Floyd E. 1968 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Golda 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Green, Henry W. 1856 Sapp Cemetery Green, Herman Louis 1995 Fairview Cemetery Green, Infant 1873 Tillery Cemetery Green, Infant daughter 1916 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Infant son 1928 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Jacob M. 1940 Fisher Cemetery Green, Jerome B. 1913 Tillery Cemetery Green, John 1982 Fisher Cemetery Green, Joseph Jr. 1992 Robinson Cemetery Green, Juanita C. 1991 Sapp Cemetery Green, Katie Marie 1965 Fairview Cemetery Green, Kenneth Leon 1937 Fairview Cemetery Green, Leslie 1991 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Leslie R. 1967 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Lewis M. 1856 Sapp Cemetery Green, Lucinda B. 1884 Fisher Cemetery Green, Margaret Ann 1922 Fisher Cemetery Green, Muriel 1991 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Myra Susan 1986 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Myrtle J. (Smith) 1978 Fisher Cemetery Green, Ninettie 1890 Tillery Cemetery Green, Noah W. 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Green, Orval G. 1920 Tillery Cemetery Green, Othal B. 1992 Sapp Cemetery Green, Roselyn Louise (Newton) 1995 Fairview Cemetery Green, Rufus “Bill” 1992 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Green, Rufus B. 1930 Olive Point Cemetery Green, Ruth 1985 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Sarah J. 1933 Tillery Cemetery Green, T. Marshall 1944 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Green, Thomas C. 1971 Fisher Cemetery Green, V. Ann 1949 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Greene, William 1889 Robinson Cemetery Greer, Anna Mary 1995 Fisher Cemetery Greer, Kenneth J. 1984 Fisher Cemetery Greer, Nora E. 1973 Fisher Cemetery Gregory, Bill NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Gregory, Carrie and baby NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Gregory, George NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Gregory, Jim NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Gregory, Lawana J. 1873 Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Gregory, Mrs. George NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Gregory, Barbara V. 1977 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Gregory, James C. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Griffin, Euna P. 1937 Robinson Cemetery Griffin, Patsy E. 1951 Robinson Cemetery Griffin, Thomas A. 1945 Robinson Cemetery Griffith, Robert A. Jr. 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Griffith, Robert A. Sr. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Griffith, Glenn Harold 1990 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Griffith, Harry Newton 1995 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Griffith, Mary Louise (Dennis) 1985 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Griffith, William D. 1896 Tillery Cemetery Grimm, Patricia Jean 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Grimm, William B. 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Grimshaw, Arthur L. 1972 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Grimshaw, Irvin E. 1947 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Grimshaw, Leah A. 1898 Lehman Cemetery Grimshaw, Ralph 1898 Lehman Cemetery Grisham, Garret L. 1969 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Grisham, Leda B. 1998 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Grisham, Virda E. 1909 Antioch Cemetery Grisham, William M. 1950 Antioch Cemetery Grisson, Mary 1860 Tillery Cemetery Gross, Clarence 1999 Fisher Cemetery Gross, Martha M. “Billie” 1986 Fisher Cemetery Grove, Douglas 1922 Macedonia Cemetery Grove, Edward 1898 Macedonia Cemetery Grove, Emily 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Grove, James 1890 Gardner Cemetery Grove, Leonard 1895 Macedonia Cemetery Grube, A. Zahn 1991 Gardner Cemetery Grube, Verna (Parsons) 1983 Gardner Cemetery
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