Dallas County Burial Index

Index of Burials in Dallas County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Dallas County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed Crabaugh, Bessie 1949 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabaugh, Billy 1943 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabaugh, Charlie Edgar 1959 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabaugh, Jesse Glenn 1922 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabaugh, John H. 1943 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabaugh, Lloyd Earl 1926 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabaugh, Sarah J. 1956 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crabtree, Arch 1927 Prairie Grove Cemetery Crabtree, Charles M. 1900 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Crabtree, Elbert 1916 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crabtree, Elizabeth 1884 Mahaffey Cemetery Crabtree, Emma Doris 1937 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crabtree, Lafate 1947 New Hope Cemetery Crabtree, Luella 1947 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crabtree, Nancy Blair 1926 Prairie Grove Cemetery Crabtree, Nancy J. 1881 Mahaffey Cemetery Crabtree, Vance NDL Mahaffey Cemetery Craft, Ed 1966 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Craig, Andrew J. NDL Pleasant Hill Cemetery Craig, Angeline 1964 Prairie Grove Cemetery Craig, Claud O. 1900 Mt. Olive Cemetery Craig, Forester E. 1902 Benton Branch Cemetery Craig, Frona 1886 Prairie Grove Cemetery Craig, Glenn E. 1980 Garden of Memory Cemetery Craig, Grace E. Tedlock 1978 Plad Cemetery Craig, James E. NDL New Hope Cemetery Craig, Jewell A. 1992 Garden of Memory Cemetery Craig, Loren O. 1941 Prairie Grove Cemetery Craig, Mary Childers 1919 Pleasant Hill Cemetery Craig, Nancy 1887 Edmond Powell Cemetery Craig, Opal 1905 Mt. Olive Cemetery Craig, Ruby Mae 1931 Prairie Grove Cemetery Crain, Ruth 1972 Mission Ridge Cemetery Craker, Mollie A. 1974 Garden of Memory Cemetery Cranfill, Cynthia C. (Jackson) NDL New Hope Cemetery Cranfill, Infant daughter 1872 New Hope Cemetery Cranfill, Isaac W. 1899 New Hope Cemetery Cranmer, John 1880 Buffalo City Cemetery Cranston, Joseph NDL Hopewell Cemetery Craver, Andrew J. 1988 Maple Lawn Cemetery Craver, Mary Ethel NDL Maple Lawn Cemetery Crawford, Darrell L. NDL Liberty Cemetery Crawford, Debra Ann 1959 Oak Lawn Cemetery Crawford, Gordon R. 1965 Liberty Cemetery Crawford, Harvey Eugene 1958 Oak Lawn Cemetery Crawford, M. Lois 1995 Liberty Cemetery Crawford, Mary E. 1978 Hopewell Cemetery Crawford, Pansy Smith 1946 New Hope Cemetery Crawford, Peggy Joyce 1979 Liberty Cemetery Crawford, Sophia R. 1992 Liberty Cemetery Crawford, Wayne H. NDL Liberty Cemetery Creach, Julia Ann Evans 1979 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Creed, Celesta B. 1900 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Earl R. 1913 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Essie A. 1897 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Everett H. 1901 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Frank R. 1960 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Infant son 1883 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Creed, J.H. 1932 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Lucinda 1923 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Mary E. 1883 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Creed, Millie Isabelle 1941 Red Top Cemetery Creed, Sarah 1907 Red Top Cemetery Creek, Albert 1949 Center Point Cemetery Creek, America 1923 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Ara B. 1958 Oak Lawn Cemetery Creek, Ben F. 1952 Oak Lawn Cemetery Creek, Clifford 1913 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Elender 1904 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Ellen Rose 1919 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Frank 1909 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, Harley 1922 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Hattie 1958 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Hazel 1922 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Jackson A. 1970 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, James W. 1931 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Lena Kahler 1987 Oak Lawn Cemetery Creek, Lowell 1984 Garden of Memory Cemetery Creek, Martha 1930 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, Nancy C. 1883 Hill Cemetery Creek, Nancy Price 1962 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, Noel C. 1962 Oak Lawn Cemetery Creek, Norris 1927 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Olie E. 1918 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, Price C. 1932 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, Price C. 1932 Hill Cemetery Creek, Radford 1856 Creek Cemetery/Indian Mounds Creek, Samuel R. 1897 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Sanford 1915 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Creek, Sarah J. 1876 Hill Cemetery Creek, Sherman C. 1919 Center Point Cemetery Creek, Versie 1973 Garden of Memory Cemetery Creek, William H. 1868 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Cress, Harold O. 1918 Graham Cemetery Cress, Homer L. 1920 Graham Cemetery Cress, John H. 1927 Graham Cemetery Cress, Melvin 1922 Graham Cemetery Cress, Robert 1961 Graham Cemetery Cress, Robert Floyd 1968 Graham Cemetery Crew, Josephine C. 1974 Church Grove Cemetery Crew, William H. 1961 Church Grove Cemetery Cribbs, Carrie V. 1900 Buffalo City Cemetery Criddle, Florence E. 1936 Oak Lawn Cemetery Criddle, Helen C. 1904 Reynolds Cemetery Criddle, Lyman H. 1936 Oak Lawn Cemetery Criner, Jim NDL Church Grove Cemetery Criner, Riltia L. Hicks 1993 Church Grove Cemetery Crisman, Donna I. 2004 New Liberty Cemetery Crisman, H. Rodney NDL New Liberty Cemetery Criswell, Charles NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Criswell, Diane 1989 Garden of Memory Cemetery Criswell, Nellie NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Crithfield, Jessie P. Johnston 1929 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crithfield, M. Lulie Stroud 1908 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crockett, Orville B. 1899 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Crofutt, Bessie Baxter 1985 Oak Lawn Cemetery Croley, Albert 1987 Louisburg Cemetery Croley, Albert H. Sr. 1951 Louisburg Cemetery Croley, Bessie 1909 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Croley, Vivian Eagy NDL Louisburg Cemetery Crosby, Elizabeth A. 1975 Oak Lawn Cemetery Crosby, Infant daughter 1939 Reynolds Cemetery Crosby, Leslie L. NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Crosby, Myrtle Belle 1970 Oak Lawn Cemetery Crosby, Ralph E. 1948 Oak Lawn Cemetery Crosier, John C. 1928 Oak Lawn Cemetery Cross, Alice 1874 Buffalo City Cemetery Cross, Benjamin F. 1946 Oak Lawn Cemetery Cross, James W. 1932 Ginnings/Jennings Cemetery Cross, John B. NDL Buffalo City Cemetery Cross, Lewis NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Cross, Marguerite 1980 Oak Lawn Cemetery Cross, Mattie 1906 Ginnings/Jennings Cemetery Cross, Missouri 1932 Oak Lawn Cemetery Cross, Rachel I. 1932 Ginnings/Jennings Cemetery Crothers, Alta E. 1985 New Hope Cemetery Crotty, Eugene LeRoy NDL Hopewell Cemetery Crotty, Georgia Cleone Carroll 1985 Hopewell Cemetery Crouch, Annabelle 1976 Macedonia Cemetery Crouch, Charles W. 1957 Macedonia Cemetery Crow, Abel NDL Liberty Cemetery Crow, Barbara D. Tidwell NDL Hopewell Cemetery Crow, Rebecca Elizabeth NDL Liberty Cemetery Crow, William 1904 Red Top Cemetery Crow, William A. 1987 Hopewell Cemetery Crow, Wm. Anderson Jr. 1973 Hopewell Cemetery Crowder, Eva A. 1948 Charity Community Cemetery Crowder, Irene Agnes Shaw NDL Charity Community Cemetery Crowder, James Glen 1987 Charity Community Cemetery Croxton, Florence NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Croxton, Henry 1972 Garden of Memory Cemetery Croxton, Omer 1972 Garden of Memory Cemetery Crozier, Helen 1922 Church Grove Cemetery Crudgington, Demmon NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, Donna B. Dillion 1953 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, George F. 1969 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, John 1910 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, John W. 1990 Howard Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, Mary E. 1889 Mahaffey Cemetery Crudgington, Mary J. 1983 Howard Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, Miller 1921 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, Mollie 1946 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, Nancey 1891 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, W.C. 1926 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, William 1888 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Crudgington, William M. 1880 Mahaffey Cemetery Crump, Joe J. 1903 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Culbertson, Mildred J. 1968 Oak Lawn Cemetery Cullor, Martin Luke 1974 Church Grove Cemetery Culver, Chalcy Tyva 1930 Mission Ridge Cemetery Cumbea, Mary S. 1952 Ginnings/Jennings Cemetery Cumbea, Willard G. 1917 Ginnings/Jennings Cemetery Cummings, Alice R. 1980 Garden of Memory Cemetery Cummings, Arthur L. 1981 Garden of Memory Cemetery Cummings, Irene O. 1995 Mt. Olive Cemetery Cummings, Rev. Dennis 1974 Reynolds Cemetery Cummings, Sue NDL Reynolds Cemetery Cummins, Gracie May Vest 1924 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Cunningham, Ernest NDL Hopewell Cemetery Cunningham, Frank NDL Graham Cemetery Cunningham, Gladys Sweaney 1990 Graham Cemetery Cunningham, Janice 1933 Oak Lawn Cemetery Cunningham, Mable 1980 Hopewell Cemetery Cupp, William Ralph 1990 Four Mile Cemetery Curlin, Charles L. 1940 Red Top Cemetery Curlin, Sarah M. 1928 Red Top Cemetery Curnutt, Blanche Doud 1966 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Frank J. 1949 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Ivy B. 1947 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Marshall 1927 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Ruth E. Beck 1978 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Susan 1891 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, T. Ray 1977 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Therman Boyd 1953 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Vaughn 1964 Hopewell Cemetery Curnutt, Walter G. 1957 Hopewell Cemetery Currah, Cathrine M. 1941 Oak Lawn Cemetery Curtice, C.L. 1929 Buffalo City Cemetery Curtice, Clifford 1905 Buffalo City Cemetery Curtice, Nancy Tinsley 1928 Buffalo City Cemetery Curtice, Rose Johnson 1966 Buffalo City Cemetery Curtice, Walter Orion 1924 Buffalo City Cemetery Curtice, Willie 1884 Buffalo City Cemetery Curtis, George D. NDL Maple Lawn Cemetery Curtis, Ira Burton 1904 Louisburg Cemetery Curtis, LaVolda B. 1964 Oak Lawn Cemetery Curtis, May B. 1988 Maple Lawn Cemetery Cusack, Patrick NDL Reynolds Cemetery Cusic, Olive Sands 1905 Buffalo City Cemetery Cusick, Anna M. 1928 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Catherine 1931 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Charley 1960 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Clarence D. 1962 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Ella 1961 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Gale 1932 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, George 1898 Reynolds Cemetery Cusick, Hannah 1897 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Infant daughter NDL New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Jesse T. 1969 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Jonas 1909 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Josie E. 1957 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Maudy 1889 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Oleona 1886 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Paul Dillon 1940 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Perley 1894 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Rachel 1882 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Richard 1894 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Sylvanus N. 1950 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Thomas 1890 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Vernice E. 1986 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, William 1898 New Hope Cemetery Cusick, Wm. Webster 1953 New Hope Cemetery Cutbirth, Arthur C. 1935 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Cutbirth, Lucy A. Trusty 1931 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Cutsinger, George T. 1902 Barclay Cemetery (Miller Township) Cyrus, J. Lestel NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Cyrus, Pansy Dill 1986 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dakan, Perry C. 1940 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dale, John Richard IV 2004 Howard Chapel Cemetery Dale, Lillard H. 1978 Four Mile Cemetery Dale, Maxine A. NDL Four Mile Cemetery Dalrymple, Helen Ora 1977 Center Point Cemetery Dalrymple, Melvern H. 1944 Center Point Cemetery Dalrymple, Melvern H. Jr. 1959 Center Point Cemetery Dalrymple, Shirley Ann 1956 Center Point Cemetery Dalton, Margaret 1894 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Dame, Cyntha 1965 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dame, Denton 1975 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dame, Helen O. 1974 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dame, Jacob Franklin 1911 Wollard Cemetery Dame, Naomi Ruth Wilson 1984 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dame, Preston E. 1980 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dame, Tayola M. 1992 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dampier, Harry 1980 Hopewell Cemetery Dampier, Lee 1967 Hopewell Cemetery Dampier, Pauline Berry NDL Hopewell Cemetery Damron, Elvina NDL Charity Community Cemetery Damron, Sam 1989 Charity Community Cemetery Daniels, Ethel NDL New Hope Cemetery Daniels, Melvin E. 1971 New Hope Cemetery Darby, A.E. 1950 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Aaron 1894 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Ada A. 1977 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Alice Pittman 1966 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, Arthur E. 1956 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Ben H. 1960 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, Cynthia A. 1958 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Daisy 1898 New Hope Cemetery Darby, Daniel 1862 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Dwight W. 1932 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, Edward T. 1954 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Elijah 1867 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Elisha 1907 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Ella M. 1895 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Elma Wisdom 1914 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Elmer 1881 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Emily F. 1927 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Emma M. 1966 Hopewell Cemetery Darby, Ethel 1958 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, Florence 1879 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Francis M. 1892 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Frank 1945 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Frank Lafayett 1917 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Glenolen 1885 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Ida Elnora 1870 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Infant son 1861 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Ira 1878 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Iva A. 1954 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Jennie C. 1946 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, John G. 1924 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, John L. 1978 Hopewell Cemetery Darby, Joseph William 1917 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Lillian Kirk 1987 Hopewell Cemetery Darby, Loretta F. 1893 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Lottie 1882 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Lottie A. 1971 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Malissa P. 1932 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Martha 1886 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Marvin H. 1964 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Perry C. 1939 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, Phebe 1880 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Rebecca 1842 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Ruth E. 1920 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darby, Sarah J. 1947 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Sherman 1896 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Susannah C. 1889 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Thomas 1887 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, Verdie E. 1895 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darby, William H. 1933 Mission Ridge Cemetery Darby, Wilma L. 1960 Mt. Olive Cemetery Darby, Zona 1939 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Darling, Dorothy O'Bannon 1985 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darling, John M. 1967 Oak Lawn Cemetery Darneille, Mary A. 1894 Lindley Christian Church Cemetery Darnell, Hartwell 1985 Garden of Memory Cemetery Darnell, Pauline 1976 Garden of Memory Cemetery Darr, Flora 1958 Louisburg Cemetery Daulton, Bent 1949 Macedonia Cemetery Daulton, Mary Pinkley 1937 Macedonia Cemetery Davenport, Dora R. 1963 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davenport, Lee E. 1978 Oak Lawn Cemetery Daveson, Susan A. 1902 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Daveson, W.W. 1890 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davidson, Olin Ray 1896 Buffalo City Cemetery Davidson, Sarah M. 1889 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Davies, David F. 1897 Benton Branch Cemetery Davies, Dawn Lea 1981 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davies, George I. 1947 Benton Branch Cemetery Davies, Gwenlian 1927 Benton Branch Cemetery Davies, Leonard 1955 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davies, Lola May 1961 Benton Branch Cemetery Davies, Loretta Stevenson 1989 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davies, Martin Leonard NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Davies, Verda 1961 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, A. Elizabeth (Bartee) 1980 Lone Rock Cemetery Davis, Abraham 1878 Antioch Cemetery Davis, Ada F. 1973 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Alice P. 1985 Buffalo City Cemetery Davis, Alice Pittman 1985 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Alma N. 1987 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Andy O. NDL Harmony Cemetery Davis, Anna Mae Pinkley 1983 Bethel Cemetery Davis, Bettie 1941 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Betty Quisenberry 1959 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Bill 1977 Harmony Cemetery Davis, Bobby J. 1938 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Charles A. 1980 Church Grove Cemetery Davis, Charles B. 1930 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Charley NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Charley G. 1981 Macedonia Cemetery Davis, Chester H. 1936 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Clara E. 1888 Lone Rock Cemetery Davis, Clarence 1991 Garden of Memory Cemetery Davis, Clarence A. NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Columbus E. 1893 Lone Rock Cemetery Davis, Della Ann 1923 Liberty Cemetery Davis, Delpha M. 1938 Gann Cemetery Davis, Dewey NDL High Prairie Cemetery Davis, Dixie Ann 1947 Harmony Cemetery Davis, Dora 1968 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Dora E. 1880 Crudgington Cemetery Davis, Earl William 1971 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Earnest E. 1970 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Earnest Jr. 1937 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Eddy Wayne 1982 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Edna Kilburn NDL Fraker Cemetery Davis, Elijah A. 1918 High Prairie Cemetery Davis, Elva Jewel Mabrey NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Everett C. 1951 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Frances 1977 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davis, George F. Jr. 1924 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, George H. 1937 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, George R. 1959 Buffalo City Cemetery Davis, Guy Payne 1894 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Davis, Harrison 1971 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davis, Helen NDL Harmony Cemetery Davis, Homer J. 1972 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Infant child 1882 Louisburg Cemetery Davis, Infant daughter 1916 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Infant daughters 1896 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Ira Olin 1919 Gann Cemetery Davis, Isaac 1889 Macedonia Cemetery Davis, Jack W. 1974 Garden of Memory Cemetery Davis, James E. 1942 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, James Hobart 1961 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, James Leland 1992 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Jane 1893 Liberty Cemetery Davis, Jay R. 1953 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Jewel Gardner 1966 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Jewell 1967 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Jewell Blanche Sharp 1985 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, John 1951 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, John Bert 1887 Hopewell Cemetery Davis, John E. 1971 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Davis, John Henry 1963 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Johnny Ray 1954 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Joshua 1845 Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Julia Ann NDL Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Konja Kay 1964 Harmony Cemetery Davis, Lalla 1969 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Leatha A. Highfill 1897 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Davis, Lena R. NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Davis, Lewis 1924 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Lillian L. 1978 Church Grove Cemetery Davis, Linda Jane Herd 1915 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Lloyd 1953 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Lula A. Creek 1940 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Margaret A. 1931 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Mary 1933 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davis, Mary E. 1959 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Mary Frances Nunn 1983 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Mary J. 1881 Buffalo City Cemetery Davis, Mary Katherine 1860 Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Mary M. 1896 High Prairie Cemetery Davis, Minnie Lee 1993 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Montgomery NDL Crudgington Cemetery Davis, Nancy 1909 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Nancy C. Powell 1891 Elias Powell Cemetery Davis, Nancy Jane 1925 Hopewell Cemetery Davis, Nary Georgia 1922 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, Nella L. 1981 Harmony Cemetery Davis, Nettie H. 1979 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Nettie Mae Hoover 1989 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Davis, Nora Chapman 1995 Macedonia Cemetery Davis, Orpha M. 1972 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, Orval E. NDL Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Davis, Oscar L. 1937 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Rachel R. NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Ralph K. 1917 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, Raymond 1944 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Raymond H. 1909 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Reubin Allen 1845 Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Ricky Martin 1981 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, Rosetta 1940 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, Ruth 1911 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Sally Moody 1848 Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Samantha 1900 Lone Rock Cemetery Davis, Samuel 1925 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davis, Sanford Irvin 1857 Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Sarah J. 1922 Fraker Cemetery Davis, Thomas C. 1891 High Prairie Cemetery Davis, Thomas R. 1989 Harmony Cemetery Davis, Troy W. 1944 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Velma L. 1984 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Vera Elizabeth 1968 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, Vera O. Nichols 1985 Mt. Olive Cemetery Davis, Vest 1988 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Will H. 1951 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, William Alfred 1933 High Prairie Cemetery Davis, William G. 1904 Elias Powell Cemetery Davis, William L. 1876 Buffalo City Cemetery Davis, William M. 1860 Crudgington Cemetery Davis, William Melvin 1936 Reynolds Cemetery Davis, William Norris NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Davis, William S. NDL Crudgington Cemetery Davis, Willis 1857 Joshua Davis Cemetery Davis, Wm. Riley 1955 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davis, Woodford Irvin 1897 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Davison, Alvin 1974 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, Arville 1967 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Benton F. 1947 Plad Cemetery Davison, Bracket 1863 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Catharine J. McCall 1889 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Charley F. 1903 New Hope Cemetery Davison, Delilah Hardison 1884 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Dr. George 1887 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Edgar 1957 Harmony Cemetery Davison, Edith 1933 Louisburg Cemetery Davison, Elizabeth 1901 Buffalo City Cemetery Davison, Elsie A. 1891 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Ernest Daniel 1961 Louisburg Cemetery Davison, Ezra E. 1947 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Flora E. 1982 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, Frank 1933 Louisburg Cemetery Davison, George Claude 1975 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, George W. 1900 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Goldie Ann 1993 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davison, Homer R. 1966 Plad Cemetery Davison, Infant 1896 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Infant 1901 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Infant son 1890 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, J. Ivan 1968 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davison, James Milton 1912 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, James William 1923 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, Jessie May 1899 Hill Cemetery Davison, John H. 1922 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, John N. 1925 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davison, John W. 1905 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davison, Joseph M. 1930 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Joseph R. 1887 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Joshua 1908 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Leon L. 1924 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, Louisa 1875 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Lucy E. Newport 1882 Moses Bennett Cemetery Davison, Luna 1964 Harmony Cemetery Davison, Mallie Edath 1985 Louisburg Cemetery Davison, Mariah Ellen 1934 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, Mary E. 1907 New Hope Cemetery Davison, Mary E. 1963 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Mary M. 1902 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Milton Warren 1974 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Davison, Minnie 1979 Reynolds Cemetery Davison, Myrtle M. 1969 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davison, Nancy J. Cooksey 1938 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Ora Ethel 1908 Hill Cemetery Davison, R. Lucille Sommers 1981 Plad Cemetery Davison, Rebecca 1865 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Rebecca M. 1984 Plad Cemetery Davison, Robbie Wayne 1948 Louisburg Cemetery Davison, Roy 1974 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Sarah E. 1951 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Sarah J. 1940 Oak Lawn Cemetery Davison, Susan Ragsdale 1898 Atteberry Shed Cemetery Davison, Thomas L. 1950 Macedonia Cemetery Davison, Thomas Masin NDL Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, William A. 1887 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Willie 1883 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Davison, Wm. Howard 1935 Reynolds Cemetery Davolt, Sarah T. 1936 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dawson, Albert B. 1968 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Belle 1953 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Effie M. NDL Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Elias 1954 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Frances Hill 1980 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dawson, Glen E. NDL Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, John M. 1959 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, John R. 1974 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, John S. 1954 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, John Wm. 1931 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, John Wm. 1982 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Lucinda 1934 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dawson, Luella 1952 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, M.P. 1920 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Margaret E. 1938 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Mildred V. 1966 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Mills 1898 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dawson, Myrtle M. 1933 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Nova 1990 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Robert M. 1952 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Rosa Bonner 1946 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Roy NDL Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Sherman 1958 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, Stella 1908 Hopewell Cemetery Dawson, William 1907 Hopewell Cemetery Day, A. 1935 Bartlett Cemetery Day, Archie A. 1971 New Hope Cemetery Day, Clovas Lee 1980 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Edith 1900 Lone Rock Cemetery Day, Essie Burtin 1947 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Day, Georgia M. 1979 Graham Cemetery Day, Inez 1925 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Day, Infant son 1924 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Day, Ivan 1987 Graham Cemetery Day, James E. 1915 Graham Cemetery Day, James O. 1970 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, John W. 1963 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Lizzie 1923 Bartlett Cemetery Day, Lova Lee 1987 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Marie Rhoten NDL Graham Cemetery Day, Martha A. Noland 1973 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Mollie 1895 Graham Cemetery Day, Othelda 1974 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Phyllis M. NDL New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Day, Rosa E. 1935 Lone Rock Cemetery Day, Sadie E. 1947 Graham Cemetery Day, Samuel 1886 Graham Cemetery Day, Stanley E. 1992 Graham Cemetery Day, Thomas A. 1968 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Vena A. 1938 New Hope Cemetery Day, Wallace J. 1972 Graham Cemetery Day, Wendy Louise 1967 Mission Ridge Cemetery Day, Willard NDL Graham Cemetery Day, William 1989 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dean, Cleo T. 1974 Prairie Grove Cemetery Dean, E.F. 1901 Four Mile Cemetery Dean, Edward G. 1901 Four Mile Cemetery Dean, Elizabeth 1941 Prairie Grove Cemetery Dean, Elizabeth B. 1900 Four Mile Cemetery Dean, Gerry 1938 Prairie Grove Cemetery Dean, Marie 1917 Hill Cemetery Dean, O. Frank 1991 Prairie Grove Cemetery Dean, William G. 1944 Prairie Grove Cemetery Deane, Blanche Levon 1947 Mission Ridge Cemetery Deane, Carl B. 1986 Mission Ridge Cemetery Deane, L. Rosella Weeks NDL Mission Ridge Cemetery Deane, Stanley S. 1971 Mission Ridge Cemetery Debrecht, Debora J. 1980 Garden of Memory Cemetery Debrecht, Herman E. 1975 Garden of Memory Cemetery Decator, Sarah 1904 Thorpe Cemetery Deckard, Anna Ruth 1993 Maple Lawn Cemetery Deckard, Clifford M. 1912 Hill Cemetery Deckard, Clyde M. 1950 Hill Cemetery Deckard, Ellen 1924 Thorpe Cemetery Deckard, Georgia Ray 1992 Maple Lawn Cemetery Deckard, H. Lavelle NDL Liberty Cemetery Deckard, Howard C. NDL Maple Lawn Cemetery Deckard, Jake F. 1979 Garden of Memory Cemetery Deckard, Joseph S. 1937 Hill Cemetery Deckard, Judy Ann 1939 Hill Cemetery Deckard, Lannie A. 1985 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Deckard, Linda Lou 1985 Liberty Cemetery Deckard, Lola 1909 Hill Cemetery Deckard, Lona A. 1973 Garden of Memory Cemetery Decker, Loe 1985 Garden of Memory Cemetery Decker, Louisa 1905 Mallard Cemetery Decker, Simon 1924 Mallard Cemetery Deems, Edward F. 1975 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Deems, Freddie R. 1983 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Deems, Jewell E. 1991 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Deer, A. Curtice 1898 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Anna E. 1911 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Charles E. 1947 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Elma 1974 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Felix 1880 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Felix 1898 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Fred G. 1918 Buffalo City Cemetery Deer, John 1949 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Laura Powell 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Deer, Mamie Bolinger 1920 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Oren C. 1970 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Queen Victoria 1985 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Ruben E. 1938 Reynolds Cemetery Deer, Vinnie L. 1960 Reynolds Cemetery Deere, Mary V. 1909 Buffalo City Cemetery Dees, Juanita 1989 Garden of Memory Cemetery DeGraw, Elizabeth Ann 1986 Church Grove Cemetery Deitrich, John NDL Howard Chapel Cemetery Delaney, Bettie E. 1935 Bennett Cemetery Delaplain, George 1904 New Hope Cemetery Delaplain, Ralph 1904 Buffalo City Cemetery Delong, Fremont 1904 Prairie Grove Cemetery Dennis, Infant daughter 1896 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Denny, Theodore R. 1905 Corkery/Guthrie Cemetery Depew, Armelda J. 1888 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Depew, Joseph M. 1909 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Depew, Waldo E. 1882 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Derfler, Justus 1919 Mt. Olive Cemetery Derrick, Elmer L. 1964 Oak Lawn Cemetery Derrick, Ralph E. 1894 Prairie Grove Cemetery Derrick, Ruby J. 1968 Oak Lawn Cemetery Derringer, Hazel Nadine 1989 Hopewell Cemetery Derringer, Jesse J. NDL Hopewell Cemetery Derry, Harold D. 1962 Oak Lawn Cemetery Derry, Mary Darby 1988 Oak Lawn Cemetery Deshazer, Clayton C. 1928 Mission Ridge Cemetery Deshazer, Ralph H. 1928 Mission Ridge Cemetery Deverrel, Helen NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Deverrel, Russell 1971 Garden of Memory Cemetery DeWalt, Alice Forman 1980 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery DeWalt, Lawrence H. 1973 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dialey, Frankie M. 1988 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dibben, Arthur H. 1976 Hopewell Cemetery Dibben, Colleen Leila 1995 Four Mile Cemetery Dibben, Elizabeth 1925 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dibben, Evelyn 1934 Macedonia Cemetery Dibben, James H. 1969 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dibben, John H. 1910 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dibben, Leona 1961 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dibben, Mark 1918 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dibben, Mollie Duff 1979 Hopewell Cemetery Dibben, Walter A. 1967 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Dibbins, James Lee NDL Four Mile Cemetery Dibbins, Nellie A. Huntley 1935 Four Mile Cemetery Dibble, James M. 1943 Graham Cemetery Diciedue, Dona Marie 1973 Wollard Cemetery Dickerson, Alicia Robin 1970 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dickerson, Tone Urie NDL Hopewell Cemetery Dickey, Bertha E. 1932 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Billy Ray 1971 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Delie F. 1936 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Ellis E. 1985 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Fred E. 1971 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Golda E. 1974 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Harrison E. 1936 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Laura J. 1978 Plad Cemetery Dickey, Leona 1937 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, Rosa M. 1971 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dickey, William 1899 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dieckhoff, Carl F. NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Dieckhoff, Florence M. NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Dill, Albert 1973 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dill, Alice Irene 1935 Center Point Cemetery Dill, Amos 1961 Center Point Cemetery Dill, Anna 1980 Gann Cemetery Dill, Bessie 1919 Gann Cemetery Dill, Bessie M. 1982 Center Point Cemetery Dill, Brenda Kay 1966 Gann Cemetery Dill, Charley 1944 Thorpe Cemetery Dill, Cornelius 1891 Gann Cemetery Dill, D. J. NDL Gann Cemetery Dill, D.J.S. 1864 Deckard Cemetery Dill, Dale Wayne 1963 Gann Cemetery Dill, Danny Warren 1990 Liberty Cemetery Dill, David J. 1897 Gann Cemetery Dill, Dolan Edward NDL Bethel Cemetery Dill, Dorothy NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dill, Eva 1894 Gann Cemetery Dill, Fona Barnhart NDL Center Point Cemetery Dill, George L. 1912 Gann Cemetery Dill, H. Leon 1980 Center Point Cemetery Dill, Hannah J. 1920 Gann Cemetery Dill, Hazel 1933 Benton Branch Cemetery Dill, Howard Carl 1919 Gann Cemetery Dill, Infants NDL Gann Cemetery Dill, Irene M. 1986 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dill, Jannice Bell 1899 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dill, Jim 1960 Gann Cemetery Dill, John Allen 1946 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dill, Joseph 1931 Gann Cemetery Dill, Joseph Clyde 1987 Fraker Cemetery Dill, Larry Dean 1986 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dill, Larry Wayne 1956 Gann Cemetery Dill, Lettie A. NDL Center Point Cemetery Dill, Lois Wilson NDL Fraker Cemetery Dill, Louise Stafford 1992 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dill, Lydia 1954 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dill, Martha Ann Pinkley 1991 Bethel Cemetery Dill, Milly C. Anglin 1943 Thorpe Cemetery Dill, Nancy 1917 Gann Cemetery Dill, Olin 1926 Gann Cemetery Dill, Orvel Ores 1973 Bethel Cemetery Dill, Oscar 1970 Center Point Cemetery Dill, Peggy June 1971 Bethel Cemetery Dill, Phoeba Deckard 1878 Deckard Cemetery Dill, Sharon K. Eske NDL Center Point Cemetery Dill, Sherman 1985 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dill, Stanley Dean 1958 Fraker Cemetery Dill, Thomas 1951 Gann Cemetery Dill, Walker 1984 Center Point Cemetery Dill, Wilbur 1991 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dilley, Anna Lea 1979 Pepper Cemetery Dilley, Robert NDL Pepper Cemetery Dillion, Alta M. 1966 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dillion, Bertha A. 1971 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dillion, Bessie L. 1906 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Charles Leslie 1947 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Crofford 1900 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Grover C. 1970 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dillion, Isoline 1946 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Jacob E. 1939 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Jeremiah 1904 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, John S. 1937 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dillion, Lloyd F. 1944 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Maggie 1939 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Martha A. 1936 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Martha I. 1910 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Mary L. 1890 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Robert P. 1942 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Ruby I. Butcher 1931 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Sarah A. 1957 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Sarah E. 1897 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Silas 1882 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Silas 1889 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Tommy 1881 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillion, Wade H. 1918 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dillion, William 1943 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dillon, Chester C. 1975 Lindley Christian Church Cemetery Dillon, Icie May 1991 Lindley Christian Church Cemetery Dimick, G.S. 1927 Macedonia Cemetery Dimick, Larah Belle Carroll 1950 Macedonia Cemetery Dimond, Ben H. 1938 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dimond, Ben H. 1977 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dimond, Nell R. 1985 Mt. Olive Cemetery Dimond, Rebekah NDL Mt. Olive Cemetery Dinkel, John Joel 1992 Church Grove Cemetery Dinkel, Kathy Lynn 1992 Church Grove Cemetery Dirck, C. Edwin 1977 Hopewell Cemetery Dittman, Frank NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Dittman, William 1948 Oak Lawn Cemetery Doak, Edward D. 1976 Hopewell Cemetery Doak, Mildred NDL Hopewell Cemetery Dobbins, David 1973 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dobbins, Juanita NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dodge, Ella Evans Roper 1983 Prairie Grove Cemetery Dollison, Ellen 1971 Lone Rock Cemetery Dollison, Lewis 1975 Lone Rock Cemetery Dominick, Joseph H. 1985 Oak Lawn Cemetery Domke, Clara 1968 Garden of Memory Cemetery Domke, Lewis M. 1975 Garden of Memory Cemetery Donahue, Gertrude 1977 Garden of Memory Cemetery Donald, Chester M. 1965 Mission Ridge Cemetery Donald, Mary E. 1954 Mission Ridge Cemetery Donley, Audrey Mae 1935 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Billy E. 1942 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, C. Ray NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Dortha Simmons 1934 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, E.L. Sr. 1941 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Eugene L. 1973 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Ida P. 1914 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Jay Aaron 1975 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, M.E. 1960 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Mary A. 1936 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Roxie L. Scribner 1989 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Ruby M. NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Donley, Sarah E. 1928 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dooley, Alfred H. 1878 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Dooley, F.M. 1862 Jones/Cannon Cemetery Doolin, Ada F. Sturdevant 1957 Benton Branch Cemetery Doolin, Bryon Lee 1941 Benton Branch Cemetery Doolin, Charley E. 1951 Benton Branch Cemetery Doolin, Hannah NDL Morgan Cemetery Doolin, John Wm. 1928 Benton Branch Cemetery Doolin, Jordan W. NDL Morgan Cemetery Doolin, William NDL Morgan Cemetery Dorman, Charlotte 1990 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dorman, Estel D. 1980 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dorman, Forrest 1985 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dorman, Ida 1972 Hopewell Cemetery Dorman, Ionia E. 1957 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dorman, Nell M. 1963 Louisburg Cemetery Dorman, Noble 1961 Hopewell Cemetery Dorman, Pearl 1988 Four Mile Cemetery Dorman, Roy S. 1937 Louisburg Cemetery Dorman, Verl NDL Four Mile Cemetery Dornan, Rosa Smith 1992 Mt. Olive Cemetery Doster, Frankie K. 1889 Louisburg Cemetery Dotson, Alma A. 1972 Reynolds Cemetery Dotson, Charles Clifford 1945 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dotson, Charley 1975 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dotson, Ella Victoria 1915 Reynolds Cemetery Dotson, Goldie May 1984 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dotson, Harley A. 1949 Reynolds Cemetery Dotson, Myrtle 1969 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dotson, Wilbur Eugene 1919 Reynolds Cemetery Doty, Harold L. 1989 Maple Lawn Cemetery Doty, Thelma Gilbert NDL Maple Lawn Cemetery Dougherty, Ann W. 1972 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Douglas, Charles E. 1992 Garden of Memory Cemetery Douglas, Mollie M. NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, Cecil R. 1971 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, Dorothy R. NDL Louisburg Cemetery Dowell, Edith F. 1986 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, G. Ray 1977 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, Jessie Rilda 1983 Louisburg Cemetery Dowell, Joe Lee 1973 Louisburg Cemetery Dowell, Joe Paul 1973 Louisburg Cemetery Dowell, John 1924 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dowell, John Phil 1959 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dowell, Luanna Mae NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, Mary E. 1949 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dowell, Ora Mae 1984 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dowell, Rosalie 1971 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, Ruben E. 1945 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dowell, Victor S. 1988 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dowell, William D. 1950 Hopewell Cemetery Downey, Lula W. 1985 Garden of Memory Cemetery Downey, Patrick 1981 Garden of Memory Cemetery Doyle, C. Ruby 1990 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, J. Alva 1974 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, J.D. 1961 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, James A. 1947 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, Lee Erva 1957 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, Mildred L. Martin 1931 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, Ray G. 1974 Hopewell Cemetery Doyle, Thelma M. 1985 Hopewell Cemetery Dozier, Emily J. McClean NDL Hildebrand Cemetery Dozier, Harvey L. 1981 Hildebrand Cemetery Drake, Jacob 1906 Buffalo City Cemetery Drake, Jas. Proctor 1975 Oak Lawn Cemetery Drake, Laura Gammon 1956 Oak Lawn Cemetery Draper, Frank Edward 1985 Plad Cemetery Drew, Elmer E. 1990 Union Home/Twin Churches Cemetery Driscoll, Infant daughter NDL Lindley Christian Church Cemetery Drown, James M. 1895 Lone Rock Cemetery Drum, Emily J. 1912 Louisburg Cemetery Drum, Estus 1942 Louisburg Cemetery Drum, J.F. 1899 Louisburg Cemetery Drum, Joseph 1874 Louisburg Cemetery Drum, Lindsey 1874 Louisburg Cemetery Drummond, James G. 1987 Garden of Memory Cemetery Drummond, Marie B. 1983 Garden of Memory Cemetery Drumright, Julia 1933 McGee Chapel Cemetery Dryer, Ador A. 1881 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Alvin I. 1918 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Artie 1975 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Bertha A. 1899 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Calvin Franklin 1953 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Columbus 1896 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Daniel B. 1932 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Dorothy Alice NDL Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Eli G. 1948 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Eliza A. 1910 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Elizabeth C. 1862 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Frank S. 1944 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, George J. NDL Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, George James Jr. NDL Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, H.C. NDL Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Julia Bessie 1982 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Lydia J. 1874 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Martha R. 1938 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Mary NDL Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Mary E. 1906 Barbour Cemetery Dryer, Nancy I. 1942 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Ruby May 1931 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, William W. 1943 Mission Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Willie NDL Barbour Cemetery D'Terry, Emily C. 1903 Hopewell Cemetery Duboise, Roscoe 1926 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Duckworth, Emily F. NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Dudley, Augusta Jo NDL High Prairie Cemetery Dudley, David D. 1983 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dudley, Elvin W. 1981 High Prairie Cemetery Dudley, Lucille H. 1970 Oak Lawn Cemetery Duff, Hazel M. 1979 Garden of Memory Cemetery Duff, James A. 1902 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Duff, James F. 1885 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Duff, James M. 1941 Hopewell Cemetery Duff, Julia 1888 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Duff, Mamie 1902 Hopewell Cemetery Duff, Rolla J. 1983 Garden of Memory Cemetery Duff, Samuel A. 1954 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Duff, Sarah M. 1945 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Duff, Susan M. 1957 Hopewell Cemetery Dugan, Bill R. 1981 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Charles 1983 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Clifford 1924 Hildebrand Cemetery Dugan, Clinton A. 1962 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Edith 1966 Hildebrand Cemetery Dugan, Elizabeth 1933 Williams Cemetery Dugan, Elmer 1965 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Floyd E. 1971 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Frank T. 1956 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Gary Wayne 1989 Lone Rock Cemetery Dugan, Heley B. 1919 Hildebrand Cemetery Dugan, Infant son 1899 Williams Cemetery Dugan, Irene Clark NDL Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Jake 1954 Hildebrand Cemetery Dugan, John T. 1924 Williams Cemetery Dugan, Lois E. NDL Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Mandy 1933 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Martha W. 1953 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Mary A. 1888 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Dugan, Oris L. 1942 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Porter 1888 Williams Cemetery Dugan, Reba N. 1979 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Rhoda 1890 Williams Cemetery Dugan, Sadie Stafford 1982 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, Stella M. Hackler 1976 Benton Branch Cemetery Dugan, T. F. 1934 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dugan, Vernis W. 1991 Lone Rock Cemetery Dugan, William P. 1942 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dull, Cansaidy 1888 Union Home/Twin Churches Cemetery Dull, Dessie 1918 Benton Branch Cemetery Dull, Earnest A. 1994 Church Grove Cemetery Dull, Edna C. NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dull, Jacob 1883 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dull, Jemima 1892 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dull, John H. 1940 Union Home/Twin Churches Cemetery Dull, Joseph Leland 1995 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dull, Mona McClurg 1949 Benton Branch Cemetery Dull, Nancy Jane McClurg 1969 Benton Branch Cemetery Dull, Robert 1908 Benton Branch Cemetery Dull, Sam R. 1977 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dull, Sarah I. 1949 Union Home/Twin Churches Cemetery Dull, Tom 1943 Benton Branch Cemetery Dull, Veda Cansler 1995 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Dull, Virgil 1902 Benton Branch Cemetery Dull, William B. 1959 Benton Branch Cemetery Dunaway, William 1903 Barbour Cemetery Dunbar, Lena Taylor Porter 1991 Oak Lawn Cemetery Duncan, Alfred E. 1903 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Duncan, Beverly Ann 1937 New Liberty Cemetery Duncan, Charles H. 1949 Hopewell Cemetery Duncan, Charles Hugh 1966 New Liberty Cemetery Duncan, Deborah A. 1888 Prairie Grove Cemetery Duncan, Effie Ann 1937 New Liberty Cemetery Duncan, James Harold 1989 New Liberty Cemetery Duncan, Julie 1932 New Liberty Cemetery Duncan, Orpha 1964 Church Grove Cemetery Duncan, Pleasant 1882 Prairie Grove Cemetery Duncan, Ralph Helton 1927 Oak Lawn Cemetery Duncan, Ralph W. 1973 Church Grove Cemetery Duncan, Randell Gene 1980 Pepper Cemetery Duncan, Robert Lee 1935 New Liberty Cemetery Dunham, Glen I. NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dunham, Lorene NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Dunkin, Dora M. 1989 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dunkin, Pearl V. 1991 Harmony Cemetery Dunkin, Rev. G.M. 1961 Harmony Cemetery Dunkin, T. Joseph 1978 Garden of Memory Cemetery Dunkin, Thomas J. 1970 Harmony Cemetery Dunkin, Tina 1949 Harmony Cemetery Dunlap, Clarence E. 1981 Hopewell Cemetery Dunlap, Yevette Dawn 1987 Hopewell Cemetery Dunn, Leo C. 1975 Oak Lawn Cemetery Dupe, Dora F. 1889 Pleasant Hill Cemetery Durington, Alma B. 1916 New Hope Cemetery Durington, Edna Jane Stafford 1986 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Durington, Effie I. 1963 New Hope Cemetery Durington, John W. 1942 New Hope Cemetery Durington, Mahala McCall 1868 New Hope Cemetery Durington, Riley 1890 New Hope Cemetery Durington, Roma 1982 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Durington, Thomas F. 1868 New Hope Cemetery Durrington, Clint NDL Maple Lawn Cemetery Durrington, Edith Stafford NDL Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Durrington, Helen 1990 Maple Lawn Cemetery Durrington, Infant daughter 1928 New Hope Cemetery Durrington, Jim 1973 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Durrington, Marie Scott NDL Scrivener Cemetery Durrington, Perry 1985 Scrivener Cemetery Durrington, Victor L. NDL Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Durrington, Wanda L. 1974 Riverview/Sweaney Cemetery Dustin, Bertie L. NDL Graham Cemetery Dustin, Juanita NDL Graham Cemetery Dustin, Julia Ann 1924 Graham Cemetery Dustin, Lowell H. 1977 Graham Cemetery Dustin, Mildred Martin NDL Graham Cemetery Dustin, Walter G. 1992 Graham Cemetery Dustin, William G. 1945 Graham Cemetery Duvall, Albert NDL Liberty Cemetery Dyal, Earl L. 1907 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Dyer, Elizabeth 1902 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Dyer, J.A. 1934 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Dyer, Oliver 1901 Olive-Free Will Chapel Cemetery Dyke, Henry 1903 Montgomery Cemetery Earl, Harry 1921 Turner Cemetery Earl, Marshall T. 1964 Charity Community Cemetery Earl, Ruth C. 1977 Charity Community Cemetery Earle, George Edward 1917 Oak Lawn Cemetery Earnest, Annie 1979 Liberty Cemetery Earnest, Charles V. 1923 Liberty Cemetery Earnest, Lora 1898 Liberty Cemetery Earnest, Mary E. 1943 Harmony Cemetery Earnest, Norma Inez 1926 Liberty Cemetery Earnest, Stella 1899 Liberty Cemetery Eason, Elbert E. 1907 New Hope Cemetery Eason, Frankie B. 1947 New Hope Cemetery Eason, Lillie C. 1911 Williams Cemetery Eason, Lillie Williams NDL Williams Cemetery Eastburn, Arrena M. 1900 Prairie Grove Cemetery Eastburn, Edith 1920 Prairie Grove Cemetery Eastburn, Infant 1897 Prairie Grove Cemetery Eastburn, Nellie Irene 1908 Prairie Grove Cemetery Eastburn, William R. 1938 Prairie Grove Cemetery Eck, George Earnest 1961 Benton Branch Cemetery Edde, Dona 1927 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, Goldy P. 1895 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, J.E. 1910 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, Jacob 1943 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, Louella 1933 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, Pearl Rash Steele NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, Roscoe 1978 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edde, Sada B. 1980 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Eddie, Floy Watkins 1949 Oak Lawn Cemetery Eddie, Samuel C. NDL Oak Lawn Cemetery Eddingfield, Allen 1927 Benton Branch Cemetery Eddingfield, Fern 1898 Benton Branch Cemetery Eddingfield, John J. 1905 Union Home/Twin Churches Cemetery Eddingfield, Mary Ann 1895 Union Home/Twin Churches Cemetery Eddingfield, Remelda Scott 1930 Benton Branch Cemetery Eddington, Nancy Rice 1889 Antioch Cemetery Eddington, Wade H. 1870 Antioch Cemetery Edgcomb, Beulah M. 1969 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edgcomb, Eldon E. NDL Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edgcomb, Jennie L. 1990 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edgcomb, Lilly May 1968 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edgcomb, William P. 1961 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edger, Joe Morland 1992 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Edingfield, George F.C. 1875 Edingfield Cemetery Edmandson, Lulu E. 1883 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Edmandson, Maude M. 1881 Kirk Chapel Cemetery Edmisson, Camilla 1888 Liberty Cemetery Edmisson, Cora L. 1877 Randles Cemetery Edmisson, Curtis 1892 Randles Cemetery Edmisson, Delia L. 1859 Wollard Cemetery Edmisson, Frank 1885 Hill Cemetery Edmisson, George T. 1896 Buffalo City Cemetery Edmisson, George W. 1889 Randles Cemetery Edmisson, Ida M. 1876 Randles Cemetery Edmisson, Infant son 1878 Wollard Cemetery Edmisson, Infant son 1879 Wollard Cemetery Edmisson, Jimmie 1878 Wollard Cemetery Edmisson, John M. 1870 Wollard Cemetery Edmisson, John S. 1863 Wollard Cemetery Edmisson, Mrs. NDL Benton Branch Cemetery Edmisson, Robert N. 1893 Buffalo City Cemetery Edmisson, Sarah 1848 Wollard Cemetery Edmisten, George W. 1914 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Edmisten, Julia D. 1916 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Edmisten, Sarah E. 1895 New Hope Cemetery (East, Wilson Township) Edmonds, Bertha 1954 Oak Lawn Cemetery Edmonds, George 1951 Oak Lawn Cemetery Edmondson, Francis L. 1885 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edmondson, Tamza C. 1936 New Hope Cemetery Edmondson, Wm. Thomas 1909 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edrington, Elizabeth E. 1912 Thorpe Cemetery Edrington, Irene Gann 1926 Gann Cemetery Edrington, J.N. 1917 Thorpe Cemetery Edrington, Lenora 1945 Thorpe Cemetery Edrington, Robert H. 1902 Thorpe Cemetery Edwards, George D. 1977 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edwards, Marie 1961 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Edwards, Nelle M. 1965 Oak Lawn Cemetery Edwards, Virgil H. 1973 Oak Lawn Cemetery Eells, Harvey 1984 Buffalo City Cemetery Effie, Oren B. 1973 Bowers Chapel Cemetery Egan, Alice Jones NDL Howard Chapel Cemetery Egan, William Allan 1981 Howard Chapel Cemetery Eger, Alice Lovell 1935 Buffalo City Cemetery Eger, Mary L. 1904 Buffalo City Cemetery Eggeman, Ira George 1975 Oak Lawn Cemetery Eggeman, Marion M. 1988 Cedar Ridge Cemetery Ehrman, Barbara NDL Mission Ridge Cemetery Ehrman, Jacob Everett 1971 Mission Ridge Cemetery Eickhof, H.J. 1978 Garden of Memory Cemetery Eidson, Charley S. 1981 Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, Ella Ann 1953 Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, Julia A. 1944 Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, L.M.J. 1918 Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, Mabel Fay NDL Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, Mary Cleo 1987 Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, Richard H. 1941 Hopewell Cemetery Eidson, Sam 1942 Hopewell Cemetery Eigsti, Lily Jewel 1966 Pleasant View Amish Mennonite Cemetery Eisiminger, Jas. 1991 Garden of Memory Cemetery Eisiminger, Mary H. NDL Garden of Memory Cemetery Eisman, 8/1/2009 1904 Buffalo City Cemetery Eisman, Henry A. 1968 Oak Lawn Cemetery Eisman, Kenneth Ray 1955 Oak Lawn Cemetery Eisman, Lena 1935 Buffalo City Cemetery Eisman, Ruby N. Warren 1959 Oak Lawn Cemetery Eld, Martin 1972 Hopewell Cemetery Elder, Vina Evans Phillips 1993 Pisgah Cemetery Eldridge, J.C. 1879 Macedonia Cemetery Eldridge, John T. 1892 Macedonia Cemetery Eldridge, Melissa 1877 Macedonia Cemetery Elliott, Alma G. 1970 Louisburg Cemetery Elliott, Bobby Wayne 1954 Louisburg Cemetery Elliott, J.L. 1923 Oak Lawn Cemetery Elliott, Jewell NDL Louisburg Cemetery Elliott, Shirley June 1936 Louisburg Cemetery Elliott, Vernie Alvin 1938 Louisburg Cemetery Elliott, William Eric 1986 Mission Ridge Cemetery Ellis, Bert 1950 Oak Lawn Cemetery Ellis, Clarence 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Ellis, Florence 1972 Oak Lawn Cemetery Ellis, Joe 1979 Oak Lawn Cemetery Ellis, Levi C. 1934 Macedonia Cemetery Ellis, Rachel A. 1926 Macedonia Cemetery Elsner, Fred 1992 Oak Lawn Cemetery Elsner, Mildred E. 1965 Oak Lawn Cemetery Elson, Effie R. 1944 Oak Lawn Cemetery Elson, Jesse A. 1944 Oak Lawn Cemetery

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