Cemetery Restoration Project

On Saturday, October 9, 2004, a group of us met at a local cemetery 
that had long since been forgotten.  I would estimate that no one had even
been to this cemetery in over 50 years.   There were hundreds of limbs down,
which had knocked over many of the headstones.  We found several headstones
buried underneath several inches of dirt. There are well over 100 graves, many of 
them marked with fieldstones. 

John and Brenda Traylor have been kind enough to donate their time in the
last year to continued efforts at Akin Cemetery.

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The Cemetery covered up with tree limbs and debris.

Picture of the cemetery that Brenda took several weeks before we started working on it.

One of the large slab graves covered with debris.

The severely damaged slab grave.

Headstone surrounded by debris.

A headstone knocked over by a tree limb.

The damaged slab grave again.

All the debris.

Another view of the debris.

And another view of it.

Another view.

We definitely had our work cut out for us.

The headstone of a very damaged slab grave.

The foot of the damaged slab grave.

Pieces of the slab grave.

How many headstones can you spot?

John using his chainsaw on the downed tree limbs.

Looking towards the front of the cemetery.

Two monuments that are off their base.

The severely damaged slab grave.

Jane piecing together a broken headstone that we found buried.

John and Jane trying to figure out where all of the little pieces we found went.

The headstone that John and Jane were working on.

Another view of it.

Dez and John uncovering a childs slab grave that had gotten buried over the years.

A childs slab grave. Notice the way it is shaped like an old coffin.