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Another buried stone we found. It had a design and a large J on this side.

It says Babe on this side.

Another buried stone that we found. We aren‘t quite sure what it is though because of it‘s odd shape and size.

A partially uncovered childs slab grave.

An overview of the slab graves that we uncovered.

The slab grave that was so damaged.This is how it looked after John pieced it back together.

John uncovering a buried stone. Notice that all of the debris and limbs are gone now.

Looking towards the front of the cemetery after most of the debris has been removed. Compare it to picture number 9 before the debris was cleared.

Another view of the area after the debris has been cleared.

Brenda found the beautiful headstone that is leaning up against the tree buried under a couple inches of dirt.

Another view of the uncovered slab graves.

The severely damaged slab grave that John repaired.