Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 19 Apr 1858 Wade, Joseph M. to Smith, Catherine by John Liveley, JP 3 Oct 1856 Wadkins, Alfred to Lansdown, Prudence by Joseph H. Conner, JP 25 Apr 1858 Waggoner, John H. to Stofford, Narsissa by James Johnson, JP 15 Jun 1864 Waggoner, Louisa to Stacy, Wm. by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 23 Nov 1865 Walker, Daniel to Burks, Mary Minervy by Logan Hargis, JP 11 Feb 1857 Walker, Elizabeth to Bellville, William by R.B. Rogers, MG 20 Jan 1867 Walker, Leonard L. to James, Sarah E. by Allen Kilbourne, JP 20 Jan 1864 Walker, Maryann to Burks, Eli by Logan Hargis, JP 26 May 1863 Walker, Rebecca A. to Robinson, John P. by William F. Dugan, JP 26 Aug 1864 Wall, Beverly E. to Roads, Manerva J. by Miles Bruton, JP 28 Feb 1867 Wall, Marthy C. to Jones, William H. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 15 Feb 1866 Walls, Bevely E. to Kindrick, Mary L. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 24 Dec 1865 Walls, Sarah Jane to Justice, William by John L. Stafford, JP 23 Oct 1856 Wammack, James to Blankenship, Nancy Magdalene by John C. Trimble, Justice of the County Court 11 Sep 1856 Wammack, Mary to Alcorn, William R. by John C. Trimble, Justice of County Court 8 Mar 1866 Wammack, Sarah Ann to Adkinson, John H. by J.H. Wammack, MG 8 Sep 1866 Ward, George W. to Complin, Eliza by John M. Davis, JP 8 May 1862 Ward, Margaret Ann to Plank, G.W. by I.A. Cottrell, JP 25 Dec 1860 Ward, Nancy to Hughs, C.B. by R.S. Collaway, MG 14 Jul 1859 Ward, W.S. to Yandle, Elizabeth J. by J.A. Cottrell, JP 15 Oct 1865 Ward, William to Jenings, Miss Larna by John Williams, MG 28 Aug 1862 Warden, Eliza J. to Barret, John C. by John Gourley, JP 9 Dec 1862 Warden, James to McBride, Martha E. by John Gourley, JP 16 Apr 1862 Watson, Mary E. to Sarten, William E. by William W. Shaver, MG 2 Jun 1867 Watson, Sarah Jane to Hunt, A. A. by William W. Shaver, MG 28 Feb 1867 Watts, Mrs. Rebeca to Smith, James M. of Green County by James Gray, MG 4 Jan 1857 Watts, William T. to Clirsman, Sarah by William M. Rogers, MG 3 Nov 1859 Weaver, Jacob of Wright County to Moor, Miss Martha P. by R.H. Brooks, JP 10 Jun 1863 Weaver, Martha Jane to Wyrick, M.L. by J.M. Davis, JP 26 Jan 1866 Weaver, William R. to Leadford, Nancy Ann by William Worthy, JP 30 Nov 1860 Weavor, Eli C. to Weavor, Sarah Ann by James Randolph, MG 30 Nov 1860 Weavor, Sarah Ann to Weavor, Eli C. by James Randolph, MG 29 Sep 1864 Webb, James to Lathrop, Susan by Charles Davis, MG Married at the house of William Price 17 Jan 1858 Webb, William C. of Crawford County to Pitts, Sarah Ann Catharine by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of R. H. Pitts 22 Oct 1865 Weever, John to Worthey, Sarah by Allen Kilburn, JP 26 Jan 1865 Weever, Mary to Climer, Francis M. by John Cummins 12 Jul 1863 Weever, Nancy L. to Alfred, Riley by William Worthy, JP 21 Jan 1858 Welburn, Jane to Isenbury, Joseph B. by R. B. Rogers, MG 12 Oct 1856 Welch, Anjaline to Edwards, Amose Asbery by Keathley Bailes, MG 15 Mar 1866 Welch, Benjamin F. to Folwell, Sarah by D.W. Amos, MG 14 Jun 1857 Welch, Careline to Lacy, John by Joseph A. Patterson, JP 2 Apr 1866 Welch, James to Shearer, Sarah E. by William Shearer, MG 15 Nov 1857 Welch, James A. to Love, Letitia I. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 23 Feb 1865 Welch, Miss Easter E. to Edwards, Presby M. by David F. Melton, JP 16 May 1867 Welch, Nancy H. to Snodgrass, James W. by L.A. Smith, MG 18 Feb 1858 Wells, Anson R. to Collison, Harriet by C.F. Dryden, MG 21 Oct 1862 Wells, Harriet to Gamble, Andrew J. by I.A. Cottrell, JP 5 Jun 1859 Wells, Jesse to Chandler, Emily by Lewis Gibbens, JP 22 Sep 1867 Wells, Margaret J. to Yandle, Samuel C. by Miles Bruton, JP 5 Oct 1865 Wells, Marion F. to Daniels, Mary J. by Miles Bruton, JP 11 Oct 1861 Wells, Nancy S. daughter of William W. Wells to Johnson, Robert I. son of Benjamin Johnson by A. Heiks, JP Married at the residence of the bride's father. 8 Jan 1857 West, William to Cunningham, Mary by Edward Kindrick, JP 6 Mar 1856 Wester, George V. to Earls, Caroline by Walter K. Hargus, JP 25 Mar 1858 Wester, Rachael to Rutherford, Samuel by Walter R. Hargis, JP 15 Jan 1864 Wester, Rachel to Crigger, Sanders by Benjamin Willis, MG 24 Feb 1867 Wester, Rahael to Criger, Sonders by D.F. Melton, JP 17 Jul 1864 Wester, Susan to Stinnett, James by Jacob Good, MG 20 Sep 1866 Wheeler, John A. to Allman, Mandy M. by James Hughes, MG 15 Sep 1866 Wheeler, Mary to Buck, Abraham by William F. Dugan, JP 31 Jan 1867 Wheeler, N. M. to Burk, Sarah by D.F. Dugan, JP 25 Jul 1858 White, Abram T. to McNabb, Lucretia by C.R. Haymes, JP 30 Jul 1862 White, Elizabeth to Turner, John by John L. Stafford, JP 14 Oct 1866 White, Francis M. to White, Sarah S. by James Hughes, MG 21 Apr 1858 White, Joel to Triplett, Sarah Elizabeth by J.H. Wammack, MG 21 Mar 1861 White, Juliann to Denney, John by Benjamin Hays, JP By written authority of bride's father Cilas White 11 Jul 1863 White, Mary to Bowen, F.L. by John M. Davis, JP 6 Oct 1861 White, Rachel to Alcorn, John by Benjamin Hays, JP 16 Aug 1863 White, Sarah to Moore, Joseph T. by H.D. Moore, MG 14 Oct 1866 White, Sarah S. to White, Francis M. by James Hughes, MG 15 May 1864 White, Silas to Brinkly, Susan by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 17 Jun 1864 White, Turetia to Myers, John by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 17 Oct 1867 Whitlock, Robert to Coker, Caroline by John A. Armentrout, JP 20 Feb 1861 Whittenburg, Catherine to Palmer, Joyner by William Worthy, JP 31 Oct 1858 Whittenburg, Elizabeth to Neves, Thomas I. by Edmund Kindrek, JP 26 Nov 1865 Whittenburg, Elizabeth P. to Smith, James by John Williams, MG 17 Jun 1862 Whittenburg, Isaac to King, Ann Eliza by Allen Kilburn, JP 30 Jan 1866 Whittenburg, Louisa to Little, Theopolis Frank by William Worthy, JP 5 Mar 1865 Whittenburg, Lydia to Gardner, Wm. J. by Wm. Worthy, JP 26 Jan 1861 Whittenburg, Napolian B. to Hyde, Nancy Malinda by William M. Carter, OM 15 Dec 1859 Whittenburg, William to Pickle, Sarinda Catharine by Edmund Kindrek, JP 6 Dec 1857 Wilkerson, Isam to Goodnight, Mandy Jane by Keathly Boils, MG 15 Mar 1863 Wilkerson, Jemima to Rose, A.O. by Isaac A. Cottrell, JP 1 Jan 1865 Wilkerson, John to Hargis, Lorinda by Miles Bruton, JP 9 Aug 1863 Willhite, Enoch to Haymes, Mary M. by R.S. Collaway, MG 21 Sep 1862 Willhite, Martha to Haymes, John W. by R. S. Collaway, MG 17 Feb 1856 William, Margaret Jane to Swerrenguim, Andrew by William Holdaway, JP 10 Mar 1861 Williams, Armilda to Swarrengin, Levi T. by James R. Vanzant, JP Witnessed by T.R. Gent 25 Aug 1867 Williams, Elizabeth to Dobey, Travis by M.B. Smith, MG 6 Jan 1861 Williams, Elizabeth to Green, William by James R. Vanzant, JP Witnessed by William Brazeal 9 May 1861 Williams, Elizabeth to Blackwell, Alfred by William Worthey, JP 10 May 1863 Williams, Emeline to Simson, Benjamin F. by Logan Hargis, JP 1 Feb 1857 Williams, Emily to Clemens, Thomas by James Jones, MG 10 Mar 1861 Williams, G.L. to Lawhorn, Cynthia L.J. by John Brixey, MG 5 Jan 1862 Williams, J.H. to Hampton, Nancy E. by J.W. Langston, MPP 4 Oct 1867 Williams, J.M.E. to Butler, Mandy by William W. Shaver, MG 30 Aug 1860 Williams, James to Green, Patsy by James R. Vanzant, JP 7 Dec 1865 Williams, Jerrahmiah to Hurst, Rhoda by John Williams, MG 19 Aug 1860 Williams, John to Williams, Mary A. by James Vanzant, JP 24 Jul 1860 Williams, Joseph to Bigger, Mary A. by J.A. Cottrell, JP 28 Mar 1867 Williams, Joseph to Goss, Julian by Allen Kilbourn, JP 8 Nov 1866 Williams, Lucinda to McDonell, Huston by Logan Hargis, JP 4 Oct 1855 Williams, Manda Elvira to Adams, Daniel by William Holdaway, JP 30 Nov 1865 Williams, Martha C. to McAnally, William by John Williams, MG 4 Jan 1866 Williams, Mary to Mullinex, John by John M. Davis, JP 19 Aug 1860 Williams, Mary A. to Williams, John by James Vanzant, JP 20 May 1861 Williams, Mary A. to Turner, George W. by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 3 Apr 1860 Williams, Mary Ann to Johnston, James B. by William W. Shaver, MG 2 Apr 1865 Williams, Mary E. to Clevenger, Lewis by John M. Davis, JP 9 Sep 1866 Williams, Melton to Hancock, Jane by John Williams, MG 31 Oct 1861 Williams, Monroe to Lee, Huldah by Benjamin Hays, JP 3 Apr 1859 Williams, Pleasant to East, Martha by Walter K. Hargis, JP 14 Oct 1866 Williams, Rachael J. to Lansdown, David M. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 25 Dec 1866 Williams, Rubin to Barnhart, Martha J. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 30 Jan 1859 Williams, Sally Ann to Bookout, James by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 26 Jun 1864 Williams, Sarah C. to Dodson, Samuel W. by George W. Thompson, JP 21 Feb 1858 Williams, William J. to Terrel, Polly Jane by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 17 Dec 1865 Williams, Zackariah to Pilkinton, Rebecka A. by Jacob M. Good, MG 21 Sep 1865 Willins, Mary E. to Johnson, Jahugh by Miles Bruton, JP 14 Dec 1859 Willis, Anderson to Caynor, Emily by C.F. Dryden, MG 30 Oct 1856 Willis, Joseph to Mullenax, Mary Jane by James Jones, BM 19 Oct 1865 Willis, Mary Jane to Thomas, James Gideon by Alexander Manship, MG Married at the residence of the bride's father 20 Jun 1858 Wilson, Catharine to Burrow, John R. by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 10 Sep 1857 Wilson, Hester Ann to Graves, Daniel by James Jones, MG 11 Mar 1858 Wilson, James to Fondon, Miss Elizabeth by Jonathan Brolley, JP 3 Apr 1863 Wilson, Rittee to Dobbs, Thomas by Benjamin Hays, JP 16 Sep 1858 Wilson, William P. to Colton, Sarah Angeline by H.A.L. Marshal, MG 5 Jan 1866 Wing, Oliver G. to Casey, Hettey M. by Miles Bruton, JP 19 Jun 1866 Wisbey, Joseph to Huff, Nancy L. by John M. Davis, JP 16 Aug 1860 Wisby, Mary C. to Stone, B.H. by G.P. Vanzant, MG 25 Nov 1860 Wisby, Sarah to Leek, A.M. by John Monday, JP 10 Feb 1861 Wisby, Thomas to Simpson, Jane by John Monday, JP 25 Sep 1867 Wise, A.L. to Beckner, Naomi by J.W. Haymes, MG 7 Aug 1859 Wood, Dorcus Celina to George, Samuel by Charles Davis, JP 31 Jan 1861 Wood, Maryann to Green, Francis M. by R.B. Rogers, MG 20 Dec 1860 Woods, Sarah Ann to Coalston, John by T.J. Roberts, MG 10 Aug 1857 Woods, Synthy M. to Woods, William T. by C. R. Hymes, JP 10 Aug 1857 Woods, William T. to Woods, Synthy M. by C. R. Hymes, JP 22 Oct 1865 Worthey, Sarah to Weever, John by Allen Kilburn, JP 18 Nov 1855 Worthy, James W. to Hyde, Britanna by Jacob Mingus, MG 1 Feb 1857 Wright, David of Laclead County to Latimore, Margaret Ann by James H. Slavens 21 Jan 1857 Wright, Mary to Bird, Albert by R. S. Colloway, of the Meth. Epis. Church South 17 Jul 1856 Wright, Spencer P. to Branstetter, Nancy M. by R.B. Rodgers 10 Jun 1863 Wyrick, M.L. to Weaver, Martha Jane by J.M. Davis, JP
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