Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 27 Jul 1862 Tabor, Elias to Moore, Rebecca Jane by John Williams, MG 28 Jun 1866 Tabor, Malinda to Hampton, George W. by John Gourley, JP 15 May 1864 Tabor, William to Icard, Nancy C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 1 Mar 1865 Taggard, Iscybell to Miars, Benjamin F. by John Cummins 20 Jan 1867 Taggard, Lucinda K. to Duncan, William I. by Isaac Tullin, MG 8 Dec 1859 Taggart, Aaron S. to Holland, Mariah by R.S. Collaway, MG Meth. Epis. Church South 19 Apr 1863 Taggart, James to Yandle, Mary by Robert S. Collaway, MG 4 May 1867 Tanahill, Lucy Ann to Stephenson, Wiley by Irael Tully, MG 10 May 1860 Tarbutton, Patience Temperance to Rippee, Parris C.D. by J.A. Goss, JP 11 Jan 1866 Tate, Elizabeth to Bumgarner, Thomas L. by J.H. Wammack, MG 12 Jun 1863 Taylor, Josiah to Mason, Manervy Tennessee by John Cummins, Minister 2 May 1866 Teague, John Riley to Gratehouse, Ellen by Isaac Gulles, MG 3 Aug 1859 Tedford, Cordely to Bentley, R. H. by T.J. Roberts, MG 25 Aug 1867 Teed, George R. to Frieze, Hetta by J.H. Wammack, MG 25 Nov 1858 Terrel, John to Brown, Sally by James R. Pate, JP 21 Feb 1858 Terrel, Polly Jane to Williams, William J. by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 27 May 1860 Terry, Abner S. to Hatchet, Mary by Allen Kilburn, JP 15 Jun 1862 Terry, Nancy Caroline to Icard, John by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Feb 1866 Terry, Stephen M. to Harris, Miss Martha by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Sep 1860 Terry, Wm. R. to Greathouse, Nancy by John M. Buff, JP 19 Oct 1865 Thomas, James Gideon to Willis, Mary Jane by Alexander Manship, MG Married at the residence of the bride's father 28 Sep 1865 Thomas, John A. to Hamilton, Nancy by John M. Davis, JP 26 Jan 1862 Thomas, Louiza to Prichard, Levi by D.M. Johnston, MG 16 Aug 1857 Thomas, Menerva F. to Strong, Josiah T. by C. F. Dryden, MG 6 Jan 1859 Thompson, George W. to Shook, Mary by Jeptha L. Moor, JP 14 Nov 1867 Thompson, Virginia E. to Derrick, Henry C. by L.A. Smith, MG 16 Sep 1866 Thompson, Winfield S. to Nichols, Susanah W. of Wright County by Jacob Good, MG 26 Jun 1856 Tigart, Ferauly J. to Kilbren, James J. by William Worthy, JP Bride is a member of the Christian Church 22 Nov 1857 Tiller, Jess B. to Derrick, Polmyra by James H. Sallee, Preacher of Meth. Protestant Church 11 Jun 1866 Todd, George W. to Cantrell, Rebecca E. by John L. Stafford, JP 18 Feb 1858 Todd, George W. of Wright County to Price, Rebecca Ann by Jacob Mingus, MG 22 Jul 1861 Todd, James of Indiana to Critcher, Nancy Ann of Wright County by William Prier, JP 27 Dec 1855 Todd, William to Shumake, Rebecca by Jacob Mingus, MG 1 Jun 1859 Todd, William H. to Scott, Miss Emeline by Jonathan Brolley, JP 2 Mar 1865 Tracy, Ellen to Hill, Russell by T. K. Wammack, MG 24 Dec 1865 Trait, John B. to Grigsby, Sarah Ann by William Worthy, JP 9 Oct 1856 Trimble, John C. to England, Sarah by John Cummins, Deacon of Meth. Epis. Church South 3 Feb 1859 Trimble, William J. to Brixey, M.J. by John Brixey, MG 16 Sep 1866 Triplett, Charles E. to McNight, Susan C. by John M. Davis, JP 26 Mar 1861 Triplett, John to Peirce, Nancy Ann by A.W. Minor, JP 21 Apr 1858 Triplett, Sarah Elizabeth to White, Joel by J.H. Wammack, MG 8 Dec 1864 Tunnell, Flavious Marion to Harper, Burnetty Ann by John Cummins 23 Dec 1866 Tunnell, Nancy J. to Long, Joseph by Jacob Good, MG 3 Apr 1856 Turnbull, Bartholomew to Collens, Sarah by M.C. Carter, MG of Methodist Church 15 Jan 1857 Turner, Anna E. to Green, Bartlet T. by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 24 Jan 1867 Turner, Charity A. to Martin, James M. by John Williams, MG 8 Mar 1865 Turner, Elizabeth to Stafford, Stephen R. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 24 Aug 1856 Turner, George to Bryant, Elizabeth by Robert S. Eaton, BM 20 May 1861 Turner, George W. to Williams, Mary A. by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 16 Sep 1855 Turner, Hester to Stevenson, Alexander by John Cummins, LP 14 Jun 1862 Turner, Jacob Cornelius to Young, Miss Mary Ann by John Williams, MG 21 Mar 1867 Turner, Joel to Joiner, Mary by John A. Armintrout, JP 30 Jul 1862 Turner, John to White, Elizabeth by John L. Stafford, JP 8 Sep 1856 Turner, John to Nichols, Harrit C. by James H. Slavens 20 Dec 1866 Turner, Lizer to Foster, Julian J. by Jacob Good, MG 22 May 1867 Turner, Mary A. to Casey, Hiram by John Cummins, LP 19 Feb 1865 Turner, Mary L. to Martin, William A. by George W. Thompson, JP 21 Apr 1859 Turner, Nancy Jane to Crider, Leonard by Jepha L. Moor, JP 27 Mar 1867 Turner, Thomas to Martin, Lydia by John Williams, MG 15 Nov 1863 Tutt, Hermetta A. to Eslinger, John C. by George Long, MG 3 May 1866 Umphry, Francis M. to Grigsby, Temperance by William Worthy, JP 17 Mar 1863 Upshaw, Drew to Edwards, Miss Martha K. by David F. Melton, JP 30 Aug 1858 Upshaw, Henry to Long, Matilda by John Liveley 27 Jul 1860 Upshaw, John to Caldwell, Margaret by Keathley Boles, Minister 16 Aug 1866 Upshaw, Samuel to Bumgarner, Harriete C. by Wm. Duelly, MG 31 Aug 1857 Upton, Comodore P. of Wright County to Lee, Elizabeth J. of Wright County by John Cummins, MG of Methodist Church 25 Dec 1866 Usary, D.K. to Hargis, Nancy Jane by John L. Stafford, JP 6 Jul 1856 Usery, Bowlin of Dallis County to Young, Sarah by J.A. Petterson, JP 19 Aug 1866 Usery, Sarah to McGill, M.C. by John Williams, MG 23 Aug 1863 Usry, William to Cook, Syntha by John Williams, MG 8 Jun 1862 Vanmetor, Henry N. to Barnett, Matilda by John Brixey, MG 17 Mar 1857 Vanzandt, G. R. P. to Gibbins, Rutha Ann by C. F. Dryden, MG 3 Jun 1855 Vaughn, James to Bookout, Lavina by James Brazeal, JP 3 Feb 1859 Vaughn, Mary Ann to Cornelison, Martin by James R. Pate, JP 3 Jan 1866 Vernon, William R. to Barnhart, Mrs. Harriete by Allen Kilburn, JP 5 Apr 1860 Vickery, Ewing to Ince, Miss Elizabeth by Jonathan Brolley, JP 20 Nov 1859 Vickery, Miss Clarinda to Jenkins, Gilbert by Jonathan Brolley, JP 1 Dec 1859 Vincent, F.B. to Monday, R.T. by T.J. Roberts, MG 22 Sep 1855 Vitetoe, Permelia to Capell, Thomas by Jas. C. Slavens 23 Apr 1857 Vitteto, Elizabeth T. to McElwaine, James W. by C.F. Dryden, MG 23 Dec 1864 Vitteto, Nancy P. to Buck, Josiah by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 20 Jul 1865 Vittitoe, J. K. P. to Ellis, Margarette by William F. Dugan, JP
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