Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 6 Jul 1862 Kanard, Sarah to Hall, George W. by John Brixey, MG 18 Jan 1866 Keith, Mary F. to Reynolds, Richard H. by James Spane, MG 3 Nov 1859 Kellar, Ann to Medley, Milton by W.K. Hargis, JP 21 Apr 1867 Keller, Catharine to Burks, Levi by Stephen Butcher, JP 28 Sep 1866 Keller, Jane to Forbis, James by Willie Fannon, MG 18 Jan 1858 Keller, Joseph to Burks, Martha Caroline by Walter R. Hargus, JP 12 Aug 1858 Keller, Katharine to Denney, George by James R. Pate, JP 18 Oct 1860 Kelton, W.C. to Miller, Marylin Jackson by John Brixey, MG 11 Sep 1867 Kepley, George K. to Gault, Mary T. by J.H. Wammack, MG 12 Dec 1866 Keply, Susan to Osbourn, William C. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 26 Jun 1856 Kilbren, James J. to Tigart, Ferauly J. by William Worthy, JP Bride is a member of the Christian Church 30 Dec 1860 Kilburn, Joel N. to Harvey, Anny Jane by J.A. Cattrell, JP 12 Jan 1860 Kilburn, Martha P. to Greenlee, James H. by Thomas Alexander 30 Dec 1856 Kilburn, William P. to Dunkin, Martha Ann by L.T. Satterfield, MG 8 Nov 1866 Killian, M.T. to Philpot, W.H. by D.W. Amos, MG 8 Jan 1857 Killion, Elemine to Goss, Jacob by Burgess Wright, MG 22 Nov 1857 Killion, Franklin to Goss, Abigail by Burgess Wright, MG 12 May 1867 Killion, Martha P. to Philpot, William F. by John Williams, MG 14 Aug 1864 Killion, Sarah to Goss, Eli by Benjamin Hays, JP 17 Mar 1859 Killion, Silas L. to Philpot, Elizabeth by J.A. Goss, JP 5 May 1864 Kimbrough, Jane to Cane, Hugh by William F. Dugan, JP 15 Mar 1866 Kincer, William to Cardwell, America F. by Miles Bruton, JP 15 Feb 1866 Kindrick, Mary L. to Walls, Bevely E. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 25 Dec 1859 King, Alexander to East, Miss Siney by Jonathan Brolley, JP 21 Jul 1864 King, Amanda to Neemore, John by R.S. Collaway, MG 17 Jun 1862 King, Ann Eliza to Whittenburg, Isaac by Allen Kilburn, JP 8 May 1864 King, Benton R.P. to Griggby, Margrett A. by William Worthy, JP 15 Dec 1867 King, Elizabeth to DSpain, M. by W.F. Dugan, JP 28 Feb 1861 King, Isaac F. to Grigsby, Miss Martha Caroline by H.A.L. Marshall, MG 22 Feb 1866 King, Miss Leuisa K. to Halbert, Marcus by Lafayet A. Smith, MG 16 Dec 1855 King, Nancy G. to Bufford, B. F. T. by James Slavens, MG 29 Aug 1860 Kingston, William to Caldwell, Mary by John Monday, JP 8 Jan 1865 Kinsor, William to Pendergrass, Lucinda by Jacob Good, MG 10 Mar 1861 Kinworthy, Simon to Andrews, Ailsey by Bennet Florence, JP 20 Nov 1856 Kirk, James Willis to Burks, Lucy Caroline by Walter K. Hargus, JP 26 Jun 1856 Kirkland, Mahala to Givens, Gabrel by Ambrose Cobb, MG 14 Jun 1857 Lacy, John to Welch, Careline by Joseph A. Patterson, JP 22 Dec 1871 Laderder, Charles to Detherow, Margaret by Ransom Voyles, MG 25 Oct 1867 Ladicar, Joseph to Hughes, Lydia by John A. Armentrout, JP 3 Feb 1861 Lakey, Andrew to Florence, Malinda Ann by John Robinson, MG 29 May 1861 Lakey, Jacob to Boles, Rebecca by B. Florence, JP 30 Apr 1860 Lakey, Kissiah to Lewis, Wiley S. by Keathley Boles, MG 27 Dec 1857 Lakey, Nancy of Douglas County to Potter, Hiram H. of Douglas County by John Brixey, MG 5 Mar 1855 Laky, Anna to Hoggs, Jackson by Keathley Bailes, OD 15 Jul 1855 Laky, Phebe to Hyden, John C. by David Bruton, JP 1 Nov 1866 Lamaster, Saber M. to Litterel, Jesse by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 31 Dec 1863 Lambeth, Sarah E. to Huff, James by J.W. Haymes, MG 13 Nov 1863 Lampkins, George to Hampton, Mary Ann by Miles Bruton, JP 20 Jul 1865 Lane, James K. P. to Hogan, Miss Mary by Allen Kilburn, JP 25 Dec 1859 Lane, William to Craiger, Susanah by R.H. Brooks, JP 23 Jul 1865 Langdon, James T. to Pearson, Miss Elizabeth Ann by Allen Kilburn, JP 25 Dec 1864 Langdon, Joseph C. to Icard, Nancy by Allen Kilburn, JP 14 Oct 1866 Lansdown, David M. to Williams, Rachael J. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 3 Oct 1856 Lansdown, Prudence to Wadkins, Alfred by Joseph H. Conner, JP 29 Sep 1864 Lathrop, Susan to Webb, James by Charles Davis, MG Married at the house of William Price 26 Jun 1861 Latimer, Jane to Norton, Jacob R. by H.E. Smith, MG 21 Mar 1858 Latimer, Lydia Matilda to Haymes, Caleb H. by James H. Slavens 1 Feb 1857 Latimore, Margaret Ann to Wright, David of Laclead County by James H. Slavens 10 Mar 1861 Lawhorn, Cynthia L.J. to Williams, G.L. by John Brixey, MG 19 Jan 1860 Lawhorn, L.T. to Holston, C.E. by John Brixey, MG 25 Mar 1866 Lawson, George D. to Brown, Martha by Isaiah Kirk, JP 8 Dec 1867 Lawson, Nathaniel S. to Glenn, Frances G. by C.F. Dugan, MG 26 Jan 1866 Leadford, Nancy Ann to Weaver, William R. by William Worthy, JP 15 May 1856 Lee, B.F. to Ellis, Artela by William Smith, JP 31 Aug 1857 Lee, Elizabeth J. of Wright County to Upton, Comodore P. of Wright County by John Cummins, MG of Methodist Church 31 Oct 1861 Lee, Huldah to Williams, Monroe by Benjamin Hays, JP 18 Jul 1864 Lee, John H. to Hargis, Nancy Jane by Logan Hargis, JP 1 Oct 1865 Lee, Margarett to Hightower, Deverix by L.T. Satterfield, MG 17 Feb 1859 Lee, Melvina to Stillions, John by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 4 Jan 1866 Lee, Sarah Ann to Icenbury, William H. by Logan Hargis, JP 13 Jun 1867 Lee, William to Hardy, Sarah by Stephen Butcher, JP 11 Feb 1866 Leeds, Josiah M. to Foster, Sarah J. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 16 Feb 1864 Leek, A.M. to Rodgers, Martha by John M. Davis, JP 25 Nov 1860 Leek, A.M. to Wisby, Sarah by John Monday, JP 23 Aug 1863 Lemmons, Manda to Alsup, Benjamin F. by Allen Kilburn, JP 16 Jun 1867 Lemon, William to Martin, Elizabeth by J.W. Burks, MG 27 Jan 1867 Leonard, Joseph A. to Dixon, Amanda E. by Allen Kilbourne, JP 13 Oct 1867 Letterman, John to Potter, Martha A. by William W. Shaver, MG 20 Oct 1858 Leuallen, George W. to Doughdarty, Mary E. by L.P. McAdoo, Minister 3 Sep 1858 Lewis, John S. to Breedlove, Sarah E. by Joseph W. Langsto, MPP 24 Feb 1857 Lewis, Nancy Jane to McGenty, Cicera by C.F. Dryden, MG 30 Apr 1860 Lewis, Wiley S. to Lakey, Kissiah by Keathley Boles, MG 14 Oct 1858 Lining, Betheny to Martin, Richard by Walter R. Hargis, JP 1 Nov 1866 Litterel, Jesse to Lamaster, Saber M. by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 30 Jan 1866 Little, Theopolis Frank to Whittenburg, Louisa by William Worthy, JP 22 Nov 1855 Liveley, Mary to Greathouse, Allen O. by John M. Buff, JP 16 Aug 1866 Loftin, William C. to Sher, Sarah Bell by D.W. Amos, MG 9 Mar 1865 Long, Harriet to McElwain, William by William F. Dugan, JP 23 Dec 1866 Long, Joseph to Tunnell, Nancy J. by Jacob Good, MG 27 May 1858 Long, Mary Jane to McNabb, Abert H. by C.F. Dryden, MG 30 Aug 1858 Long, Matilda to Upshaw, Henry by John Liveley 5 May 1867 Long, Susan to Jump, John W. by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 24 Jan 1861 Long, William H. to Cummins, Nancy E. by John Trimble, County Court Justice 22 Apr 1860 Loomen, Harriet to Cowen, William H. by Caleb Haymes, MG 7 Sep 1865 Lord, J. R. to Melton, Jeney by D. W. Amos, MG 5 Aug 1860 Louder, George H. to Norton, Martha Jane by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Messer Norton 1 Mar 1857 Loughhorn, Joseph to Baker, Miss Nancy Ann by Jonathan Browley, JP 18 Apr 1865 Louson, Miss Mary J. to Hellum, John by David F. Melton, JP 26 Mar 1867 Love, Ellen B. to Bolling, Allen by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 15 Nov 1857 Love, Letitia I. to Welch, James A. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 1 Nov 1866 Love, Robert to Billingsy, Luiza by John L. Stafford, JP 31 Mar 1864 Ludicar, Franklin to Points, Mary F. by John M. Davis, JP 13 Apr 1857 Lynn, George W. to Garner, Nancy by Allen Kilburn, JP 8 Jul 1855 Lyons, America to McLemore, Wesley by John C. Trimble, JP 31 Oct 1865 Mackey, Daniel to Brown, Margat by W.F. Dugan, JP 26 Sep 1867 Mackey, George W. to Johnson, Martha by D.F. Melton, JP 1 Jul 1866 Maggard, David C. to Farr, Rilda E. by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 11 Apr 1860 Mahan, Robert Samuel to McGowen, Charvilta by Robert Ross, MG 12 Oct 1855 Mahan, Russell to Cobb, Elizabeth by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 16 Sep 1860 Mahandro, C.E. to Duncin, Isabel J. by James Randolph, MG 15 Mar 1860 Malinee, Barney to Miller, Nelope Ann by John Brixey, MG 28 Jan 1857 Manning, William to Reynolds, Lydia by Lewis Gibbons, JP 25 Mar 1858 Marcum, Geriah to McCarty, Francis M. by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 25 Aug 1867 Marlen, Mathew to Davis, Sarah Susan by John A. Armintrout, JP 24 Mar 1861 Marlin, Elizabeth to Strovel, Merrit by William Shaver, MG 4 Jan 1857 Marlin, Thomas Jefferson to Hogan, Susan Katharine by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Emet Martin 28 Feb 1864 Marlin, W.R. to Drumheller, E.J. by J.W. Haymes, MG 25 Aug 1867 Marlor, Mathew to Davis, Sarah Joanah by John A. Armintrout 21 Apr 1859 Maroney, Drucinda to Young, Peter R. by Thomas Stokes, JP 14 Oct 1858 Maroney, Louiza F. to Coffey, Edward I. by Allen Kilburn, JP 16 Jun 1867 Martin, Elizabeth to Lemon, William by J.W. Burks, MG 24 May 1865 Martin, Elizabeth Jane to Haskins, Loranzo Don by John M. Davis, JP 28 Apr 1867 Martin, Emily I. to Cliftin, Thomas B. by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 23 Dec 1866 Martin, James H. to Cummins, Mary L. by Merrit B. Smith, MG 24 Jan 1867 Martin, James M. to Turner, Charity A. by John Williams, MG 27 Mar 1867 Martin, Lydia to Turner, Thomas by John Williams, MG 15 Mar 1855 Martin, Mary to Bruton, David P. by Keathley Bailes, OD 25 Dec 1856 Martin, Mary to McFadden, James by James Jones, MG 26 Feb 1866 Martin, Quntina A. to Davis, William T. by Allen Kilburn, JP 14 Oct 1858 Martin, Richard to Lining, Betheny by Walter R. Hargis, JP 25 Dec 1867 Martin, Wiley to Ambrose, Mary by Spencer Marlin 19 Feb 1865 Martin, William A. to Turner, Mary L. by George W. Thompson, JP 7 Dec 1856 Mason, Manda Artilda to Contrel, Jackson by Edward Kindrick, JP 12 Jun 1863 Mason, Manervy Tennessee to Taylor, Josiah by John Cummins, Minister Aug 1866 Mason, Mary to Garner, John W. by John Williams, MG 14 Jul 1859 Mathis, Joseph to Ezekial, Elizabeth by J.R. Pate, JP 21 Nov 1863 Matney, Elizabeth to Berry, John by John L. Stafford, JP 5 Oct 1855 Matney, Elizabeth to Hargus, Francis by William Holdaway, JP 4 Dec 1856 Matney, Elvis to Coplet, Sarah by Abraham Hendrix, JP 4 Jul 1867 Matney, Isaac to Copley, Vina Jane by William Bean, JP 6 Oct 1867 Matney, James to Matney, Maryan by William Bean, JP 18 Jan 1867 Matney, John to Gray, Maruly E. by Wm. Bean, JP 21 Jun 1858 Matney, John to Matney, Selia M. by Ambrose Cobb, MG 20 Sep 1860 Matney, Joseph Lee to Stillwell, Sarah Jane by Robert Ross, MG 20 Oct 1866 Matney, Julia A. to Jones, James by William W. Shaver 6 Oct 1867 Matney, Maryan to Matney, James by William Bean, JP 21 Jun 1858 Matney, Selia M. to Matney, John by Ambrose Cobb, MG 6 Sep 1867 Matney, Solomon to Arvin, Lucindia by John Williams, MG 11 Aug 1857 Maxwell, Samuel to Farr, Elizabeth by R. S. Colloway of Meth. Epis. Church South 21 Mar 1861 May, Adam C. to McHaffie, Jane C. by William Woody, JP 30 Nov 1860 Mayabb, Nancy Jane to Cooper, Thomas D. by William H. Bryan, JP 30 Nov 1865 McAnally, William to Williams, Martha C. by John Williams, MG 9 Dec 1862 McBride, Martha E. to Warden, James by John Gourley, JP 25 Mar 1858 McCarty, Francis M. to Marcum, Geriah by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 5 Dec 1858 McCarty, Rebecca to Gilbert, James R. by James Johnson, JP 14 Jun 1857 McCarty, Thomas to Grogan, Rutha by James Johnson, JP 15 Mar 1863 McCarty, William P. to Clark, Mary Jane by John Cummins, MG 12 Apr 1864 McClary, Orlenia to Ross, C.M. by John M. Davis, JP 30 Apr 1861 McClelan, Thompson to Smith, Elizabeth by John Robinson, MG 5 Aug 1860 McClure, Amanda to Bradshaw, Cyrus M. by Jacob Mingus, MG 3 Oct 1867 McClure, Elizabeth to Eslinger, Jackson by M.B. Smith, MG 1 Jun 1863 McClure, Mary Jane to Nichols, Lazarus of Wright Co. by William M. Carter, MG 16 Jan 1866 McClure, Pleasant to Meddleton, Malinda by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 25 Mar 1858 McCommack, Mary D. to Harmon, William H. H. by C.F. Dryden, MG 16 Mar 1859 McCommack, Nancy to Gibbens, A.H. by G.P.R. Vanzandt, Elder of the M.P. Church 20 May 1860 McCormack, Johnson to George, Mahala by J.A. Cottrell, JP 1 Feb 1857 McCormack, Nancy T. to Edward, James M. by Keathly Boils, OM 30 Apr 1865 McCormack, William T. to George, Mahala A. by George W. Thompson, JP 23 Aug 1863 McCormick, Robert A. to Henslee, Catharine Jane by John Cummins 18 Oct 1858 McCrotic, Anne to Carr, John by Jonathan Brolley, JP 15 Feb 1861 McDade, Mathew to Davis, Rutha by William Worthy, JP 8 Nov 1866 McDonell, Huston to Williams, Lucinda by Logan Hargis, JP 31 Dec 1865 McElwain, Caroline to Row, William by John Williams, MG 29 Dec 1865 McElwain, James to Hannah, Caroline by John Williams, MG 5 Jun 1864 McElwain, Miss Rebecca J. to Hannah, James R. by David F. Melton, JP 9 Mar 1865 McElwain, William to Long, Harriet by William F. Dugan, JP 23 Apr 1857 McElwaine, James W. to Vitteto, Elizabeth T. by C.F. Dryden, MG 25 Dec 1856 McFadden, James to Martin, Mary by James Jones, MG 25 Mar 1866 McFarland, James to Dawse, Adaline by John M. Davis, JP 2 Aug 1866 McFarland, Robt. to Glenn, Miss Mary Frances Elizabeth by W.H. Smith, MG 12 Apr 1855 McFierson, William to Baker, Flora by John Bricksey, MG 24 Feb 1857 McGenty, Cicera to Lewis, Nancy Jane by C.F. Dryden, MG 19 Aug 1866 McGill, M.C. to Usery, Sarah by John Williams, MG 22 Apr 1858 McGowen, Anson to Robinett, Lucinda by Wm. R. Killion, MG 11 Apr 1860 McGowen, Charvilta to Mahan, Robert Samuel by Robert Ross, MG 8 Mar 1863 McGowen, Lucinda to Herendon, Stephen C. by Benjamin Hays, JP 11 Oct 1859 McGowen, Sela to Denney, Andrew by J.A. Goss, JP 21 Mar 1861 McHaffie, Jane C. to May, Adam C. by William Woody, JP 7 Sep 1862 McKenzie, Miss Mary to Bragg, Daniel by Rev. David G. Bruton 11 May 1862 McKey, Jasper to More, Miss Jane by John Robinson, MG 16 Aug 1866 McKey, Thomas M. A. to Ford, Miss Mary E. by D.F. Melton, JP 15 Sep 1861 McKinney, Shelton to Pickle, Miss Sarah Margaret by John Robinson, MG 24 Dec 1857 McKnight, William I. to Cloud, Mary Ann A. by C. F. Dryden, MG 8 Jul 1855 McLemore, Wesley to Lyons, America by John C. Trimble, JP 26 Aug 1858 McMahan, Abraham to Amick, Elizabeth C. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 24 Dec 1865 McMahan, Elizabeth to Freeman, John by D.W. Amos, MG 22 Sep 1859 McMahan, Huldah R. to Chaffin, Jefferson P. by D.M. Johnston, MG 3 Jan 1856 McMahan, John F. to Young, Margaret E. by John C. Trimble, Justice of County Court 15 Jul 1860 McNabb, Abben to Hall, Martha C.A. by C.R. Haymes, JP 27 May 1858 McNabb, Abert H. to Long, Mary Jane by C.F. Dryden, MG 9 Oct 1863 McNabb, Henderson Wright to Reynolds, Terressa Melvina by John M. Davis, JP 14 Jan 1864 McNabb, James D. to Jackson, Mary A. by J.H. Wammack, MG 25 Jul 1858 McNabb, Lucretia to White, Abram T. by C.R. Haymes, JP 23 Dec 1860 McNabb, Margaret to Hall, Alson G. by C.R. Haymes, JP 15 Nov 1866 McNabb, Martin H. to Hartly, Sarah E. by J.H. Wammack, MG 31 May 1866 McNabb, Miss Amanda C. to Derrick, Jessee B. by James Hughes 14 Jun 1866 McNabb, Nancy to Adams, Henry C. by James Hughes 24 Sep 1858 McNelius, Francis to Conner, Jane by J.H. Conner, JP 16 Sep 1866 McNight, Susan C. to Triplett, Charles E. by John M. Davis, JP 16 Jan 1866 Meddleton, Malinda to McClure, Pleasant by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 27 Oct 1859 Medley, Duncan to Bruse, Margaret by W.K. Hargis, JP 3 Nov 1859 Medley, Milton to Kellar, Ann by W.K. Hargis, JP 23 Dec 1855 Medley, Tempy to Hargus, White S. by William Holdaway, JP 23 Dec 1866 Medly, Mary D. to Jones, Samuel F. by Stephen Butcher, JP 7 Sep 1865 Melton, Jeney to Lord, J. R. by D. W. Amos, MG 25 Jul 1861 Messick, Mary to Jennings, Benjamin by J.A. Cottrell, JP 1 Mar 1865 Miars, Benjamin F. to Taggard, Iscybell by John Cummins 25 Dec 1858 Millburn, John Lafayett to Copeland, Nancy by J.R. Burk, Minister of Meth. Epis. Church South 30 Dec 1860 Miller, Brunetta to Day, William by Burgess Wright, MG 18 Jan 1866 Miller, Erasmus D. to Yandle, Mary E. by Miles Bruton, JP 6 Aug 1857 Miller, Jasper to Selph, N. Margaret by T. H. Wammack, MG 21 May 1863 Miller, Jerry to Haddock, Mary Jane by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 18 Oct 1860 Miller, Marylin Jackson to Kelton, W.C. by John Brixey, MG 18 Oct 1857 Miller, Matilda to Harper, Ephraim by John Wheeler, MG 11 Jan 1866 Miller, Miss Louisa to Garner, Martin M. by Allen Kilburn, JP 15 Mar 1860 Miller, Nelope Ann to Malinee, Barney by John Brixey, MG 29 Oct 1857 Miller, Unissa Emeline to Stillons, Alfred M. by James Johnson, JP 22 Nov 1857 Mingus, Rebecca to Shumake, Armsted by Jacob Mingus, MG 7 Jan 1863 Minor, Pope to Dearman, Rachel by William M. Carter, MG 15 Dec 1864 Minor, Sarah L. to Follwell, William by T.K. Wammack, MG 25 Aug 1864 Mobley, Ann to Philpott, Alexander by Benjamin Hays, JP 18 Oct 1858 Mobley, Sarah to Cardwell, A.G. by John Brixey, Minister 1 Dec 1859 Monday, R.T. to Vincent, F.B. by T.J. Roberts, MG 29 Oct 1865 Mooney, W. R. to Bowen, Zilpha by John M. Davis, JP 17 Jan 1861 Moor, Asa to Brown, Martha Jane by William Holdaway, JP 3 Nov 1859 Moor, Miss Martha P. to Weaver, Jacob of Wright County by R.H. Brooks, JP 16 Aug 1863 Moore, Joseph T. to White, Sarah by H.D. Moore, MG 1 Nov 1860 Moore, Judah O. to Good, C. S. by J.A. Cattrell, JP 22 Dec 1864 Moore, Nathaniel B. to Childress, Sarah A. by John T. Stafford, JP 27 Jul 1862 Moore, Rebecca Jane to Tabor, Elias by John Williams, MG 20 Feb 1861 Moore, William to Graham, Rutha Ann by D.M. Johnson, MG 5 Feb 1857 Moore, William to Crews, Nancy by Jess H. Wammack 27 Jun 1858 Moorey, Wm. to Cottrell, Miss Mary Jane by R.S. Colloway, Meth. Epis. Church South 20 Jul 1859 Moorland, Mary to Dooley, Jefferson by James Jones 11 May 1862 More, Miss Jane to McKey, Jasper by John Robinson, MG 24 Dec 1865 Morrell, Mary E. to Hinkle, Jesse by J.H. Wammack, MG 4 Oct 1866 Morris, John W. to Embry, Martha E. by William W. Shaver, MG 17 Dec 1866 Morris, Matilda Jane to Crisman, Isaac C. by Stephen Butcher, JP 16 Mar 1865 Moses, Sarah E. to Horton, Johnson H. by Miles Bruton, JP 13 Aug 1865 Mulenix, Sarah to Grayham, Calvin Luther by John M. Davis, JP 30 Oct 1856 Mullenax, Mary Jane to Willis, Joseph by James Jones, BM 28 Dec 1865 Mullinex, Harriett to Gray, Carbin D. by J.H. Wammack, MG 4 Jan 1866 Mullinex, John to Williams, Mary by John M. Davis, JP 4 Mar 1866 Mullinex, John W. to Gibbins, Lydia C. by J.H. Wammack, MG 2 Jul 1857 Murphey, Logon to Bumgarner, Mirom by Joseph A. Patterson, JP 8 Jun 1865 Murphey, William to Amos, Mergarett by John M. Davis, JP 27 Jun 1866 Murrell, John to Blevins, Miss Sarah Jane by William F. Dugan, JP 13 Aug 1861 Murry, Parylee to Julian, Stephen A. by I.H. Cunningham, JP 17 Jun 1864 Myers, John to White, Turetia by Wm. F. Dugan, JP
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