Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 21 May 1863 Haddock, Mary Jane to Miller, Jerry by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 25 Feb 1866 Haddock, Rebeca to Derryberry, John B. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 27 Jun 1860 Hagan, Catharine to Penegar, John by James Jones, Minister 17 Mar 1859 Hailey, Joseph to Childres, Martha by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 17 Dec 1857 Hailey, Miss Temperance to Robinson, Thomas by Jonathan Browley, JP 21 Jan 1858 Hailey, Nancy A. to Brixey, John Jr. by John L. Stafford, JP 22 Feb 1866 Halbert, Marcus to King, Miss Leuisa K. by Lafayet A. Smith, MG 27 Mar 1864 Hale, A.J. to Jamison, Nancy by J.W. Haymes, MG 18 Mar 1866 Hale, Martha L. to Jamison, William by J.W. Haymes, MG 23 Dec 1860 Hall, Alson G. to McNabb, Margaret by C.R. Haymes, JP 6 Jul 1862 Hall, George W. to Kanard, Sarah by John Brixey, MG 7 Nov 1867 Hall, Henry to Cane, Eblan by John A. Armentrout, JP 23 Dec 1864 Hall, Kissiah to Champ, Reuben by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 8 Nov 1860 Hall, Manerva to Champ, William A. by Mark DeSpain, JP 15 Jul 1860 Hall, Martha C.A. to McNabb, Abben by C.R. Haymes, JP 27 Dec 1864 Hall, Phebe to Alexander, James P. by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 18 Feb 1866 Halpain, Robert to Gevin, Edith Emaline by Burgess Wright, MG 7 Jun 1866 Hamby, Gabriel to Harvey, Mrs. Virginia by Allen Kilburn, JP 3 Aug 1857 Hamelton, Israel L. to Smith, Mary A. by C.F. Dryden, MG 3 Aug 1856 Hamers, Sarah to Hurst, Adison by R.L. Colloway, MG of Meth. Epis. Church South 22 May 1864 Hamilton, Miss Manda C. to Harmon, Jonathan B. by David F. Melton, JP 28 Sep 1865 Hamilton, Nancy to Thomas, John A. by John M. Davis, JP 8 May 1856 Hammonds, Benjamin to Campbell, Lucinda by John Brixey, JP 25 Dec 1859 Hammons, John to Cardwell, Nancy by J.A. Goss, JP 28 Jun 1866 Hampton, George W. to Tabor, Malinda by John Gourley, JP 13 Nov 1863 Hampton, Mary Ann to Lampkins, George by Miles Bruton, JP 5 Jan 1862 Hampton, Nancy E. to Williams, J.H. by J.W. Langston, MPP 5 Apr 1867 Hampton, S. Bender to Hightower, Susanah by John A. Armintrout, JP 23 Dec 1866 Hanby, Mary E. to Blackwell, John by John Williams, MG 9 Sep 1866 Hancock, Jane to Williams, Melton by John Williams, MG 9 Feb 1860 Hancock, John W. to Dobey, Sarah Jane by Robert Ross, MG 23 Sep 1866 Hancock, Mary to Stout, Andrew by Willie L. Fannon, MG 24 Sep 1863 Hanes, America to Andrew, William A. by John M. Davis, JP 3 May 1857 Hanes, Ephraigm to Howard, Elizabeth by Burgess Wright 13 Mar 1867 Hankins, Robert A. to Adkins, Susan J. by D.F. Melton, JP 29 Dec 1865 Hannah, Caroline to McElwain, James by John Williams, MG 5 Jun 1864 Hannah, James R. to McElwain, Miss Rebecca J. by David F. Melton, JP 26 Oct 1865 Hannah, Sarah to Case, William by W.F. Dugan, JP 31 Aug 1865 Hannen, Martha to Harvey, Pleasant by John M. Davis, JP 27 Apr 1858 Hardin, William A. to Acuff, Samantha by T.I. Roberts, MG 1 Mar 1866 Hardy, Nancy to Branstetter, Benjamin F. by Miles Bruton, JP 7 Mar 1861 Hardy, Rhoda Neal to Shileman, Henry by R.P. Throgmorton, JP 13 Jun 1867 Hardy, Sarah to Lee, William by Stephen Butcher, JP 21 Oct 1866 Hargis, Abraham to Amock, Mary M. by John Williams, MG 5 Apr 1860 Hargis, Elizabeth to Green, James S. by R.B. Rogers, MG 1 Jan 1865 Hargis, Lorinda to Wilkerson, John by Miles Bruton, JP 29 Dec 1859 Hargis, Louisa to Horn, William H. by R.B. Rogers, MG 21 Sep 1856 Hargis, Margaret to Davis, John by Jonathan Brolley, JP 4 Oct 1857 Hargis, Margaret to Couch, John S. by Jepthy L. Moore, JP 7 Jan 1866 Hargis, Mrs. Margarete to Baker, John by D. F. Melton, JP 18 Jul 1864 Hargis, Nancy Jane to Lee, John H. by Logan Hargis, JP 25 Dec 1866 Hargis, Nancy Jane to Usary, D.K. by John L. Stafford, JP 24 Nov 1864 Hargis, Pheby to Darnal, William S. by Miles Bruton, JP 14 Oct 1858 Hargis, Samuel to Cordwell, Margaret by Walter R. Hargis, JP 17 Jul 1864 Hargis, T.D. to Gardner, Sarah J. by R.S. Collaway, MG 8 Aug 1859 Hargis, Walter to Bruce, Mary L. by William W. Shavar, MG 5 Oct 1855 Hargus, Francis to Matney, Elizabeth by William Holdaway, JP 23 Dec 1855 Hargus, White S. to Medley, Tempy by William Holdaway, JP 22 May 1864 Harmon, Jonathan B. to Hamilton, Miss Manda C. by David F. Melton, JP 8 May 1864 Harmon, Miss Frances to Ford, Leander M. by David F. Melton, JP 25 Mar 1858 Harmon, William H. H. to McCommack, Mary D. by C.F. Dryden, MG 8 Dec 1864 Harper, Burnetty Ann to Tunnell, Flavious Marion by John Cummins 18 Oct 1857 Harper, Ephraim to Miller, Matilda by John Wheeler, MG 8 Dec 1864 Harper, Luisa Allice to Car, Christopher C. by John Cummins 3 Apr 1864 Harper, Susan to Brixey, James M. by John Cummins 25 Jun 1867 Harris, Matilda to Elkins, George by W.F. Dugan, JP 17 Feb 1866 Harris, Miss Martha to Terry, Stephen M. by Allen Kilburn, JP 14 Dec 1865 Harrison, Prissilla Emoline to Bruton, Miles by Isaiah Kirk, JP 15 Nov 1866 Hartly, Daniel to Gibbins, Elizabeth by J.H. Wammack, MG 15 Nov 1866 Hartly, Sarah E. to McNabb, Martin H. by J.H. Wammack, MG 30 Dec 1860 Harvey, Anny Jane to Kilburn, Joel N. by J.A. Cattrell, JP 27 Mar 1867 Harvey, Jacob to Sartin, Millay by William F. Dugan, JP 7 Jun 1866 Harvey, Mrs. Virginia to Hamby, Gabriel by Allen Kilburn, JP 31 Aug 1865 Harvey, Pleasant to Hannen, Martha by John M. Davis, JP 13 May 1855 Harwood, Elijah to Young, Sary Jane by Isaac Brashears, JP 15 Feb 1866 Harwood, Frederick C. to Jackson, Mary Jane by J.H. Wammack, MG 31 Mar 1867 Harwood, Hosa to Blunt, Mary Frances by John A. Armintrout, JP 12 Apr 1858 Harwood, John to Young, Harriet Ann by J.A. Patterson, JP 24 May 1865 Haskins, Loranzo Don to Martin, Elizabeth Jane by John M. Davis, JP 27 May 1860 Hatchet, Mary to Terry, Abner S. by Allen Kilburn, JP 8 Aug 1867 Hatfield, Maryan to Holestan, Elisha by Wm. Bean, JP 17 Mar 1867 Hawthorn, James A. to Batman, Manda E. by James Hughes, MG 11 Mar 1866 Haygan, Sarah Jane to Price, Jasper M. by William F. Dugan, JP 21 Mar 1858 Haymes, Caleb H. to Latimer, Lydia Matilda by James H. Slavens 17 Jan 1866 Haymes, Elizabeth to Pack, John by W.F. Dugan, JP 21 Sep 1862 Haymes, John W. to Willhite, Martha by R. S. Collaway, MG 10 Sep 1860 Haymes, Lydia Matilda to Shook, William L. by C.H. Latimer, MG 27 Jan 1856 Haymes, Mahala A. to Hunt, W.H. by James H. Slavens 9 Aug 1863 Haymes, Mary M. to Willhite, Enoch by R.S. Collaway, MG 4 Mar 1857 Haymes, Mary O. to Robbins, John by James H. Haveser 28 Jun 1860 Haymes, Miss Phebe Jane to Stokes, G.G. by W. Pitt, MG 20 Dec 1860 Haymes, Rebecca J. to Adams, Francis M. by Harmon Kelly, MG 1 Aug 1864 Haynes, Margaret to Day, Henry by Benjamin Hays, JP 24 Dec 1867 Hayse, William to Butler, Mary by Jonathan Harper, MG 14 Mar 1867 Hayslep, Belinda Ellen to Span, Elias by William Worthy, JP 5 Nov 1856 Heard, Elizabeth to Nunn, Bradford by Edward Kindrick, JP 1 Feb 1863 Heartley, Bentley to Jackson, Elizabeth Jane by J.H. Wammack, MG 8 Aug 1866 Heckard, Margarete to Nichols, N. M. by John M. Davis, JP 18 Apr 1865 Hellum, John to Louson, Miss Mary J. by David F. Melton, JP 23 Jun 1867 Henderson, Baldy to Smith, Vicy Jane by Andrew Delzell, MG 17 Nov 1859 Hendricks, Miss Ann E. to Crider, Joseph C. by Thomas Alexander, JP 24 Oct 1856 Hendrix, Lucy Ann to Clemmonds, James T. by William D. Moody, JP 20 Jan 1868 Henry, Sarah Jane to Goss, A. R. by Merit B. Smith, MG 23 Aug 1863 Henslee, Catharine Jane to McCormick, Robert A. by John Cummins 28 Jul 1863 Henslee, Micager to Hinkle, Mary by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 16 Mar 1860 Henslee, Thomas to Smith, Amanda by Keathly Boles, MG 20 Jul 1862 Henslee, Thomas to Newcommer, Miss Julia A. by John Robinson, MG 28 Sep 1867 Hensley, A.M. to Gorman, M. by John A. Armentrout, JP 10 Apr 1866 Herd, Elvira to Butcher, Stephen by Logan Hargis, JP 8 Mar 1863 Herendon, Stephen C. to McGowen, Lucinda by Benjamin Hays, JP 25 Dec 1856 Herrenton, John D. to Edwards, Mary by Keathley Boles, OM 21 Aug 1859 Hester, Yances to Cayner, Isabellah by Jacob Good, MG 26 Jan 1864 Hicks, James J. to Fry, Eliza by J.W. Haymes, MG 30 Aug 1857 Hicks, Jason to Yandle, Elizabeth J. by R. H. Brooks, JP 13 Apr 1858 Hicks, Mary to Potes, John F. by R.H. Brooks, JP 26 Sep 1858 Hicks, Mr. E.H. to Smith, Miss Hannah M. by R.H. Brooks, JP 4 May 1865 Hifield, M.N. Jasper to Norten, Margret R. by J.H. Wammack, MG 29 Jun 1860 Highfield, Andrew to Neighbor, Nancy Lucinda by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Benjamin Highfield 20 Jul 1856 Highfield, Jeremiah of Dallis County to Norton, Elender Elizabeth by James Highfield, MG 25 Dec 1856 Hightower, Abner to Ellmoore, Margaret Jane by Allen Kilburn, JP 1 Oct 1865 Hightower, Deverix to Lee, Margarett by L.T. Satterfield, MG 5 Jul 1857 Hightower, Joshua to Row, Nancy by T.J. Roberts, MG 5 Apr 1867 Hightower, Susanah to Hampton, S. Bender by John A. Armintrout, JP 2 Mar 1865 Hill, Russell to Tracy, Ellen by T. K. Wammack, MG 30 May 1858 Hilton, Matilda E. to Goodman, John by William Hilton, MG 24 Dec 1865 Hinkle, Jesse to Morrell, Mary E. by J.H. Wammack, MG 28 Jul 1863 Hinkle, Mary to Henslee, Micager by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 26 Sep 1864 Hinkle, Rachael Barsheba to Gilheath, John Presley by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 19 May 1867 Hix, Mariah to Barton, James by D.F. Melton, JP 19 Apr 1857 Hix, Miss Mary P. to Snider, Andrew by Thomas Alexander, JP 24 Nov 1859 Hobson, Mrs. Mahaly I. to Gollioun, Stephen by D. M. Johnston, MG 25 Mar 1866 Hodge, Sarah Ann to Shelton, Lewis by Burgess Wright, MG 20 Jul 1865 Hogan, Miss Mary to Lane, James K. P. by Allen Kilburn, JP 18 Jan 1866 Hogan, Mrs. Nancy Ann to Icard, Joseph M. by Allen Kilburn, JP 4 Jan 1857 Hogan, Susan Katharine to Marlin, Thomas Jefferson by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Emet Martin 5 Mar 1855 Hoggs, Jackson to Laky, Anna by Keathley Bailes, OD 20 May 1858 Holden, Joseph W. of Greene County to Allen, Sarah E. by C.F. Dryden, MG 8 Aug 1867 Holestan, Elisha to Hatfield, Maryan by Wm. Bean, JP 7 Aug 1864 Holland, Greenberry to Jones, Mary E. by Jacob Good, MG 9 Sep 1860 Holland, Margaret to Robinson, C.W. by R.S. Collaway, MG 8 Dec 1859 Holland, Mariah to Taggart, Aaron S. by R.S. Collaway, MG Meth. Epis. Church South 21 Oct 1860 Holland, Mary E. to Yandle, William A. by J.A. Cattrell, JP 8 Oct 1856 Hollice, Jesse to Slavens, Nancy Ann by James Jones, BM 2 Dec 1866 Hollis, Charles to Day, Eda E. by R.L. Collaway, MG 26 Jul 1866 Hollis, Jane to Cowen, James by John Gourley, JP 17 Jul 1862 Hollis, John H. to Orton, Nancy A. by James Jones, MG 1 Jan 1857 Hollis, Sarah Ann to Day, Allen by James Jones, MG 14 Jun 1860 Holmes, James of Dalis County to Nimmo, Nancy Jane by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of Robert Nimmo 1 Jan 1862 Holston, Alexander to Julien, Lucy Ann by Burgess Wright, MG 19 Jan 1860 Holston, C.E. to Lawhorn, L.T. by John Brixey, MG 2 Feb 1860 Holston, Nancy L. to Ellison, Elisha F. by Joseph H. Conner, JP 25 Jul 1855 Honeycut, Nancy to Duthero, John by John M. Buff, JP 9 Oct 1865 Hood, Miss Mahala C. to Rowe, George W. by Allen Kilburn, JP 1 Nov 1860 Hoosher, Jasper to Cantrell, Elizabeth Jane by William Worthy, JP 7 Aug 1856 Hopkins, Elizabeth to Julien, Ebeneazer L. by John C. Trimble, Justice of County Court 29 Dec 1859 Horn, William H. to Hargis, Louisa by R.B. Rogers, MG 21 Oct 1860 Horn, William R. to Butler, Elizabeth by William Shaver, MG 2 Sep 1866 Horne, Mary E. to Beekner, Eli W. by Jacob Good, MG 11 Feb 1866 Horne, Rachel A. to Painter, William H. by A.D. Delzell, MG 16 Mar 1865 Horton, Johnson H. to Moses, Sarah E. by Miles Bruton, JP 6 Jun 1862 Horton, Nancy Jane to Duncin, Benjamin by R.B. Rogers, MG 3 May 1857 Howard, Elizabeth to Hanes, Ephraigm by Burgess Wright 31 Dec 1863 Huff, James to Lambeth, Sarah E. by J.W. Haymes, MG 19 Jun 1866 Huff, Nancy L. to Wisbey, Joseph by John M. Davis, JP 23 Aug 1864 Huff, Phebe to Peacock, John M. by G.W. Haymes, MG 17 Jul 1860 Huff, Sarah to Dryden, William C. by D.M. Johnston, MG 3 Dec 1859 Huffman, F.M. to Garrison, Sophrona by John Brixey, Minister 1 Mar 1860 Huffman, Jesse to Rogers, Polley E. by Rev. Jas. C. B. Renfroe, Minister of Meth. Epis, Church South 8 Aug 1866 Hughes, James to Carter, Caroline by Lafayette A. Smith, MG 25 Oct 1867 Hughes, Lydia to Ladicar, Joseph by John A. Armentrout, JP 25 Dec 1860 Hughs, C.B. to Ward, Nancy by R.S. Collaway, MG 2 Jun 1867 Hunt, A. A. to Watson, Sarah Jane by William W. Shaver, MG 13 Sep 1857 Hunt, Charlotta Jane to Stiles, Calvin by Mark D. Spain, JP 22 Oct 1863 Hunt, John M. to Jamison, Sarah M. by John M. Davis, JP 27 Jan 1856 Hunt, W.H. to Haymes, Mahala A. by James H. Slavens 3 Aug 1856 Hurst, Adison to Hamers, Sarah by R.L. Colloway, MG of Meth. Epis. Church South 22 Nov 1865 Hurst, Jane to Row, Franklin by John Williams, MG 7 Dec 1865 Hurst, Rhoda to Williams, Jerrahmiah by John Williams, MG 28 Dec 1856 Hurst, Rodean to Plank, William by R. S. Colloway, of the Meth. Epis. Church South 30 Sep 1867 Hurst, Winney to Napier, Stephen D. by E. A. Mingus, MG 19 Oct 1865 Hurst, Wm. Fulery L. to George, Miss Elizabeth by John Williams, MG 13 Sep 1863 Hutchison, George W. to Green, Mary Jane by John M. Davis, JP 4 Apr 1862 Hutson, John to Norman, Martha by I.H. Cunningham, JP 18 Nov 1855 Hyde, Britanna to Worthy, James W. by Jacob Mingus, MG 12 Feb 1857 Hyde, Hannah B. to Austin, Samuel G. by Allen Kilburn, JP 3 Jan 1861 Hyde, Mary M. to Young, Abslum H. by James Randolph, MG 2 Aug 1855 Hyde, Matilda to Randolph, William by Harrison Doty, MG 26 Jan 1861 Hyde, Nancy Malinda to Whittenburg, Napolian B. by William M. Carter, OM 4 Nov 1858 Hyde, Sarah F. to Young, Samuel by Hiram Young, MG 7 Dec 1859 Hyde, William to Allen, Malissa M. by D.M. Johnston, MG 15 Jul 1855 Hyden, John C. to Laky, Phebe by David Bruton, JP 15 Feb 1863 Icard, Alfred to Boles, Jane by Allen Kilburn, JP 20 Mar 1864 Icard, Hiley C. to Essary, Andrew J. by Allen Kilburn, JP 15 Jun 1862 Icard, John to Terry, Nancy Caroline by Allen Kilburn, JP 18 Jan 1866 Icard, Joseph M. to Hogan, Mrs. Nancy Ann by Allen Kilburn, JP 4 Oct 1866 Icard, Martha to Smith, William by Allen Kilburn, JP 25 Dec 1864 Icard, Nancy to Langdon, Joseph C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 15 May 1864 Icard, Nancy C. to Tabor, William by Allen Kilburn, JP 4 Jan 1866 Icenbury, William H. to Lee, Sarah Ann by Logan Hargis, JP 18 Apr 1867 Ichard, Bernetta Adaline to Stokes, Richard A. by Isaac Tulles, MG 10 Jun 1867 Ikin, Sarah Angalin to Davenport, David by John A. Armintrout, JP 8 Nov 1857 Ince, James to Jenkins, Matilda by Jonathan Browley, JP 6 Jun 1861 Ince, Margaret Isibel to Davis, Martin Christopher by R.P. Throgmorton, JP 5 Apr 1860 Ince, Miss Elizabeth to Vickery, Ewing by Jonathan Brolley, JP 17 May 1855 Ince, Thomas to Jackson, Nancy by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 19 Dec 1860 Ingold, William to Davis, Lucinda by Jepha L. Moore, JP 21 Jan 1858 Isenbury, Joseph B. to Welburn, Jane by R. B. Rogers, MG 23 Dec 1866 Jackson, Columbus to Gardner, Jane by John Williams, MG 7 Aug 1867 Jackson, Elizabeth to Dodson, William by William Dugan, JP 1 Feb 1863 Jackson, Elizabeth Jane to Heartley, Bentley by J.H. Wammack, MG 14 Jan 1864 Jackson, Mary A. to McNabb, James D. by J.H. Wammack, MG 15 Feb 1866 Jackson, Mary Jane to Harwood, Frederick C. by J.H. Wammack, MG 22 Dec 1867 Jackson, Monroe to Gardner, Elizabeth by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 17 May 1855 Jackson, Nancy to Ince, Thomas by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 12 Jun 1863 Jackson, Thomas M. to Dixon, Nancy C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 5 Aug 1866 James, Francis S. to Jarrette, Margarete by C.W. Bodenhamer, Justice of the County Court 21 Sep 1865 James, Jesse R. to Cunningham, Serilda by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 20 Jan 1867 James, Sarah E. to Walker, Leonard L. by Allen Kilbourne, JP 1 Jun 1865 Jamison, James to Day, Sarah A. by R.S. Collaway, MG 16 Oct 1856 Jamison, Mary I. to Burford, Jonathan by Constantine F. Dryden 27 Mar 1864 Jamison, Nancy to Hale, A.J. by J.W. Haymes, MG 22 Oct 1863 Jamison, Sarah M. to Hunt, John M. by John M. Davis, JP 29 Oct 1865 Jamison, Thomas T. to Jenings, Margarett E. by John M. Davis, JP 18 Mar 1866 Jamison, William to Hale, Martha L. by J.W. Haymes, MG 31 Oct 1860 Jarrett, John to Simmerman, Rebecca by William H. Bryan, JP 25 Jan 1866 Jarrett, Rebecca C. to Stevenson, Jacob I. by A.D. Delzell, MG 5 Aug 1866 Jarrette, Margarete to James, Francis S. by C.W. Bodenhamer, Justice of the County Court 29 Oct 1865 Jenings, Margarett E. to Jamison, Thomas T. by John M. Davis, JP 13 Jan 1867 Jenings, Mina to Grayhone, Joseph by Spencer Marlin, Justice of the County Court 15 Oct 1865 Jenings, Miss Larna to Ward, William by John Williams, MG 20 Nov 1859 Jenkins, Gilbert to Vickery, Miss Clarinda by Jonathan Brolley, JP 8 Nov 1857 Jenkins, Matilda to Ince, James by Jonathan Browley, JP 1 Mar 1860 Jenkins, Rebecca Jane to Brolly, Sanford by J. L. Stafford, JP 25 Jul 1861 Jennings, Benjamin to Messick, Mary by J.A. Cottrell, JP 6 May 1866 Jennings, Kati to Glen, John by J.M. Davis, JP 11 Nov 1855 Jennings, Malinda to Ellison, Jackson by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 11 Oct 1860 Jennings, Martha Jane to Bryan, Abraham by A.D. Dellzell, MG 18 Apr 1862 Jennings, Martin to Slorstill, Isabel by William W. Shaver, MG 6 Oct 1861 Johnson, Edward to Jones, Mary Jane by James Jones, Baptist Minister 21 Sep 1865 Johnson, Jahugh to Willins, Mary E. by Miles Bruton, JP 27 Aug 1856 Johnson, Mahala to Denney, Tyrey by Jonathan Brolley, JP 26 Sep 1867 Johnson, Martha to Mackey, George W. by D.F. Melton, JP 10 May 1863 Johnson, Mary Jane to Emery, John by Logan Hargis, JP 6 Sep 1856 Johnson, Nancy to Cathey, H.H. by Ambrose Cobb, MG 11 Oct 1861 Johnson, Robert I. son of Benjamin Johnson to Wells, Nancy S. daughter of William W. Wells by A. Heiks, JP Married at the residence of the bride's father. 14 Jun 1860 Johnston, James to Sedgewick, Lydia Ann by Charles Davis, JP Married at the house of James M. Johnston 3 Apr 1860 Johnston, James B. to Williams, Mary Ann by William W. Shaver, MG 21 Mar 1867 Joiner, Mary to Turner, Joel by John A. Armintrout, JP 20 Oct 1866 Jones, James to Matney, Julia A. by William W. Shaver 25 Aug 1867 Jones, James T. to Norton, Rachael A. by L.A. Smith, MG 2 Sep 1860 Jones, John A. to Grigsby, Mary Frances by William Worthy, JP 13 Jul 1865 Jones, Mary to Stafford, Benjamin F. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 7 Aug 1864 Jones, Mary E. to Holland, Greenberry by Jacob Good, MG 6 Oct 1861 Jones, Mary Jane to Johnson, Edward by James Jones, Baptist Minister 11 Jan 1867 Jones, Mary Josephine to Gilbert, John W. by William Worthy, JP 19 Nov 1856 Jones, Miss Elizabeth to Denney, Larwood by Jonathan Browley, JP 13 Feb 1867 Jones, Nancy to Amos, James by John A. Armintrout, JP 23 Dec 1866 Jones, Samuel F. to Medly, Mary D. by Stephen Butcher, JP 12 Dec 1858 Jones, Sarah E. to Goss, M.C. of Green County by C.F. Dryden, MG 28 Feb 1867 Jones, William H. to Wall, Marthy C. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 28 Jun 1866 Jourden, Mrs. Frances to Bumgarner, Absolom R. by David F. Melton, JP 13 Aug 1861 Julian, Stephen A. to Murry, Parylee by I.H. Cunningham, JP 7 Aug 1856 Julien, Ebeneazer L. to Hopkins, Elizabeth by John C. Trimble, Justice of County Court 1 Jan 1862 Julien, Lucy Ann to Holston, Alexander by Burgess Wright, MG 28 Nov 1861 Julien, Lydia to Scott, Solomon by J.L. Stafford, JP 5 May 1867 Jump, John W. to Long, Susan by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 24 Dec 1865 Justice, William to Walls, Sarah Jane by John L. Stafford, JP
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