Webster County Marriages
Webster County Marriages
If you have information to add, please send me email. This is just a start on the transcription of marriage records. I will add to the list as I transcribe from the microfilm. 24 Jan 1858 Acuff, Mary Ann to Bells, John C. by Allen Kilburn, JP 27 Apr 1858 Acuff, Samantha to Hardin, William A. by T.I. Roberts, MG 4 Oct 1855 Adams, Daniel to Williams, Manda Elvira by William Holdaway, JP 20 Dec 1860 Adams, Francis M. to Haymes, Rebecca J. by Harmon Kelly, MG 14 Jun 1866 Adams, Henry C. to McNabb, Nancy by James Hughes 28 Jun 1863 Adams, Miss Martha J. to Crone, Michael by David F. Melton, JP 6 Sep 1855 Adams, Moses of Taney County to Brown, Elizabeth by James Brezeal, JP 8 Dec 1866 Adamson, Elizabeth to Young, James by J.A. Armintwist, JP 13 Aug 1860 Adkins, Samuel to Burks, Sarah by James R. Vanzant, JP 13 Mar 1867 Adkins, Susan J. to Hankins, Robert A. by D.F. Melton, JP 8 Mar 1866 Adkinson, John H. to Wammack, Sarah Ann by J.H. Wammack, MG 21 Oct 1860 Alcorn, John to Sanders, Mary by William Price, JP 6 Oct 1861 Alcorn, John to White, Rachel by Benjamin Hays, JP 11 Sep 1856 Alcorn, William R. to Wammack, Mary by John C. Trimble, Justice of County Court 13 Jan 1867 Alcorne, Polly A. to Cardwell, William by John Williams, MG 27 Sep 1857 Aldridge, Martha to Reed, John H. by J.H. Wammack, MG 20 Oct 1859 Aldridge, Miss Elizabeth J.A. to Ford, Rufus L. by R.H. Brooks, JP 20 Mar 1864 Aldridge, Nathaniel T. to Sams, Miss Amanda J. by David F. Melton, JP 5 Dec 1861 Alexander, Ezekial to Paul, Martha L. by Caleb Haymes, MG 27 Dec 1864 Alexander, James P. to Hall, Phebe by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 14 Apr 1867 Alexander, Jefferson L. to Young, Angeline by R.S. Collaway, MG 12 Jul 1863 Alfred, Riley to Weever, Nancy L. by William Worthy, JP 5 May 1861 Allen, Jesse to Smith, Dorothy M. by J.A. Cottrell, JP 7 Dec 1859 Allen, Malissa M. to Hyde, William by D.M. Johnston, MG 20 May 1858 Allen, Sarah E. to Holden, Joseph W. of Greene County by C.F. Dryden, MG 10 Sep 1863 Allen, William to Ritter, Mariah by Benjamin Hays, JP 11 Dec 1856 Allen, William to Bateman, Susan by J.A. Patterson, JP 20 Sep 1866 Allman, Mandy M. to Wheeler, John A. by James Hughes, MG 16 Dec 1866 Allmon, Ella to Dspain, William by R.L. Collaway, MG 21 Feb 1867 Allred, Mary Ann to George, Thomas O. by John L. Stafford, JP 3 Jan 1867 Almon, John W. to Goss, Mary E. of Greene County by James Hughes, MG 23 Aug 1863 Alsup, Benjamin F. to Lemmons, Manda by Allen Kilburn, JP 26 Jan 1860 Amack, Cintha to Oliver, James G. by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 4 Aug 1861 Amack, Tilla to East, D.F. by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 25 Dec 1867 Ambrose, Mary to Martin, Wiley by Spencer Marlin 26 Aug 1858 Amick, Elizabeth C. to McMahan, Abraham by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 21 Oct 1866 Amock, Mary M. to Hargis, Abraham by John Williams, MG 13 Feb 1867 Amos, James to Jones, Nancy by John A. Armintrout, JP 8 Jun 1865 Amos, Mergarett to Murphey, William by John M. Davis, JP 3 Jul 1856 Amose, Matilda to Coldwell, James by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 28 Feb 1858 Andrew, Thomas to Chapman, Martha Ann S. by J.A. Patterson, JP 24 Sep 1863 Andrew, William A. to Hanes, America by John M. Davis, JP 10 Mar 1861 Andrews, Ailsey to Kinworthy, Simon by Bennet Florence, JP 13 May 1855 Andrews, Nancy to Boles, Jacob by David Bruton, JP Certificate assigned by Thomas Boles and William Andrew, by consent of James Andrew being present 25 Feb 1866 Anglin, J.G. to Davis, Martha A. by D.W. Amos, MG 30 Dec 1866 Appelin, Dutuncy to Stone, John B. by John A. Armintwist, JP 20 Mar 1861 Arthur, William to Price, Lockey C. by James Jones 6 Sep 1867 Arvin, Lucindia to Matney, Solomon by John Williams, MG 9 Jun 1867 Atwell, Almarinda J. to Esary, Isham by Allen Kilburn, JP 12 Feb 1857 Austin, Samuel G. to Hyde, Hannah B. by Allen Kilburn, JP 9 Jul 1863 Bailey, John W. to Cockram, Elizabeth A. by John M. Davis, JP 16 Aug 1857 Baker, Catharine to Been, William by Ambrose Cobb, MG 27 Aug 1865 Baker, Eliza J. W. to Prince, Michael by John Williams, MG 12 Apr 1855 Baker, Flora to McFierson, William by John Bricksey, MG 7 Jan 1866 Baker, John to Hargis, Mrs. Margarete by D. F. Melton, JP 8 Mar 1866 Baker, Minerva Ann to Goss, Jacob by John L. Stafford, JP 1 Mar 1857 Baker, Miss Nancy Ann to Loughhorn, Joseph by Jonathan Browley, JP 4 Aug 1858 Baker, Roda to Shelby, William of Texas County by J.A. Patterson, JP 25 May 1865 Bakers, Martha A. to Barr, G. H. C. by J.W. Haymes, MG 8 Jun 1856 Ball, Parthena Manerva to George, James H. by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 25 Mar 1863 Ball, Wm. to Garrott, Sarah by John Williams, MG 10 Nov 1859 Barnard, A.D. to Ewing, Letha Jane by R.H. Brooks, JP 13 Sep 1866 Barnard, Henry P. to Complin, Lucy M. by Miles Bruton, JP 11 Aug 1864 Barnard, John C. to Compton, Rachel E. by Miles Bruton, JP 27 Dec 1866 Barnard, Mary E. to Boly, John M. by Miles Bruton, JP 19 Feb 1857 Barnes, N.G. to Golliher, Maryann by C.C. Williamson 14 Dec 1865 Barnett, Mandy Susan to Cunningham, Joseph by Logan Hargis, JP 8 Jun 1862 Barnett, Matilda to Vanmetor, Henry N. by John Brixey, MG 28 Dec 1865 Barnett, Sarah to Davis, Calvin by Willson Daugherty 19 Aug 1866 Barnhart, Aron C.A. to Sanders, Minerva C. by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 25 Dec 1866 Barnhart, Martha J. to Williams, Rubin by P.G. Bodenhamer, JP 2 Aug 1866 Barnhart, Mary E. to Cruise, Sidney E. by Josiah P. Thomas, MG 3 Jan 1866 Barnhart, Mrs. Harriete to Vernon, William R. by Allen Kilburn, JP 1 Sep 1866 Barnheart, David to Collism, Eliza by John M. Davis, JP 21 Apr 1867 Barnnard, Charles P. to Dillon, Mary E. by Isiah Kirk, JP 25 May 1865 Barr, G. H. C. to Bakers, Martha A. by J.W. Haymes, MG 28 Aug 1862 Barret, John C. to Warden, Eliza J. by John Gourley, JP 17 Mar 1861 Bartlet, John to Evins, Margaret V. by T. J. Roberts, MG 24 Sep 1865 Bartlett, Orlina to Scott, Allen L. by J. H. Wammack, MG 19 May 1867 Barton, James to Hix, Mariah by D.F. Melton, JP 17 Jan 1867 Barton, Mary to Newcomer, John J. by Jacob Good, MG 8 Oct 1867 Bassou, William Jefferson to Campton, Emmy by James Jones, Minister of Old Regular Baptist 20 Sep 1860 Bateman, Maryann to Eslick, David by Keathley Boles, Minister 11 Dec 1856 Bateman, Susan to Allen, William by J.A. Patterson, JP 31 Dec 1865 Batie, David M. to Galbraith, Mary Y. by A.D. Delzell, MG 17 Mar 1867 Batman, Manda E. to Hawthorn, James A. by James Hughes, MG 8 Apr 1855 Beasley, Matilda to Bricksey, William J. by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 25 Sep 1867 Beckner, Naomi to Wise, A.L. by J.W. Haymes, MG 2 Sep 1866 Beekner, Eli W. to Horne, Mary E. by Jacob Good, MG 16 Aug 1857 Been, William to Baker, Catharine by Ambrose Cobb, MG 28 Jul 1865 Bell, Quiny A. to Frazier, Tilda by Robert S. Collaway, MG 24 Jan 1858 Bells, John C. to Acuff, Mary Ann by Allen Kilburn, JP 11 Feb 1857 Bellville, William to Walker, Elizabeth by R.B. Rogers, MG 3 Aug 1859 Bentley, R. H. to Tedford, Cordely by T.J. Roberts, MG 21 Nov 1863 Berry, John to Matney, Elizabeth by John L. Stafford, JP 10 Sep 1865 Bias, John to Neasby, Julian A. by John M. Davis, JP 24 Jul 1860 Bigger, Mary A. to Williams, Joseph by J.A. Cottrell, JP 1 Nov 1866 Billingsy, Luiza to Love, Robert by John L. Stafford, JP 12 Jan 1860 Bingaman, Joseph A. to Sams, Miss Mary A. by D.M. Johnson, MG 16 Mar 1860 Bingerman, Elizabeth J. to Clifton, Monroe M. by John Cummins 21 Jan 1857 Bird, Albert to Wright, Mary by R. S. Colloway, of the Meth. Epis. Church South 8 Jan 1860 Bivens, Rebecca to Reaves, James R. by E. Davis, Elder of Christian Church 9 May 1861 Blackwell, Alfred to Williams, Elizabeth by William Worthey, JP 23 Dec 1866 Blackwell, John to Hanby, Mary E. by John Williams, MG 2 Dec 1866 Blackwell, Munroe to Copening, Caroline by John Williams, MG 7 Jul 1862 Blankenship, Jane to George, William by John Cummins, MG 21 Feb 1865 Blankenship, Miss Catharine to Cummins, John by S.S. Headlee, MG 23 Oct 1856 Blankenship, Nancy Magdalene to Wammack, James by John C. Trimble, Justice of the County Court 5 Nov 1860 Blankenship, Robert C. to Good, Marthy by Jonathan Harper, MG 19 Aug 1860 Blay, Lucinda Jane to George, Joseph by Charles Davis, MG 27 Jun 1866 Blevins, Miss Sarah Jane to Murrell, John by William F. Dugan, JP 9 Aug 1860 Blunt, John C. to Cruse, Mary Francis by A. W. Minor, JP 25 Aug 1864 Blunt, Mary Frances to Parks, Henry by C.W. Bodenhamer, JP 31 Mar 1867 Blunt, Mary Frances to Harwood, Hosa by John A. Armintrout, JP 17 Sep 1866 Blythe, Absolom to Pitts, Mrs. Hannah by Allen Kilburn, JP 27 Mar 1867 Bodenhamer, Rebecca M. to Potter, Pleasant G. by Spencer Marlin, County Court Justice 6 Dec 1865 Bohn, Delacy M. to Ramey, Francis M. by A.D. Delzell, MG 13 May 1855 Boles, Jacob to Andrews, Nancy by David Bruton, JP Certificate assigned by Thomas Boles and William Andrew, by consent of James Andrew being present 15 Feb 1863 Boles, Jane to Icard, Alfred by Allen Kilburn, JP 25 Jan 1861 Boles, Martha to Solomon, Pleasant by John M. Buff, JP 29 May 1861 Boles, Rebecca to Lakey, Jacob by B. Florence, JP 26 Mar 1867 Bolling, Allen to Love, Ellen B. by Wm. L. Fannon, MG 27 Dec 1866 Boly, John M. to Barnard, Mary E. by Miles Bruton, JP 30 Jan 1859 Bookout, James to Williams, Sally Ann by Stephen D. Phillips, JP 3 Jun 1855 Bookout, Lavina to Vaughn, James by James Brazeal, JP 12 Nov 1865 Bookout, Sarah Ann to Swearingin, Levi S. by Logan Hargis, JP 14 Apr 1864 Bookout, William E. to Sweet, Nancy Emiline by Logan Hargis, JP 25 Jun 1862 Bookout, William E. to Sweet, Margaret E. by William W. Shaver, MG 24 Oct 1860 Borland, Fanney C. to Coin, Marcus B. by Allen Kilburn, JP 17 Dec 1856 Bouldin, Columbia to Cloud, Franklin by Constantine F. Dryden, MG 20 Oct 1859 Boulinger, John to Foster, Huldah C. by William Pitt, MG 11 Jul 1863 Bowen, F.L. to White, Mary by John M. Davis, JP 29 Oct 1865 Bowen, Zilpha to Mooney, W. R. by John M. Davis, JP 18 Nov 1856 Bowers, Elizabeth to Franklin, William by John A. Sanders, MG 17 Dec 1856 Bowlin, Sintha A. to Young, Archibald by John Cummins, local preacher of the Meth. Epis. Church South 14 May 1865 Boyd, Mary A. S. to Frasier, William B. by Allen Kilburn, JP 23 Apr 1862 Boyd, R.G. to Davis, Mary A. S. by I.A. Cottrell, JP 23 Sep 1855 Braden, Elizabeth Jane to Goodnight, Joseph H. by John Y. Walker, MG 5 Aug 1860 Bradshaw, Cyrus M. to McClure, Amanda by Jacob Mingus, MG 12 Sep 1863 Bradshaw, Sarah L. to Collens, William by William F. Dugan, JP 7 Sep 1862 Bragg, Daniel to McKenzie, Miss Mary by Rev. David G. Bruton 6 Apr 1865 Brake, John T. to Brinkley, Mary by J.W. Haymes, MG 1 Mar 1866 Branstetter, Benjamin F. to Hardy, Nancy by Miles Bruton, JP 21 Apr 1864 Branstetter, Martha P. to Burks, Willis F. by Miles Bruton, JP 17 Jul 1856 Branstetter, Nancy M. to Wright, Spencer P. by R.B. Rodgers 15 Jan 1866 Brassowe, Lemal G. to Caynor, Susan E. by Jacob Good, MG 25 Apr 1867 Breedlove, Charles Frances to Rogers, Rachael F. by R.B. Rogers, MG 7 Oct 1861 Breedlove, Miss Visa Jane to Smith, William D. by John Robinson, MG 3 Sep 1858 Breedlove, Sarah E. to Lewis, John S. by Joseph W. Langsto, MPP 8 Apr 1855 Bricksey, William J. to Beasley, Matilda by Nathan B. Briggs, BM 18 Sep 1856 Brigs, Caroline S. to Bundren, Philip by G.W. Alexander, JP 6 Apr 1865 Brinkley, Mary to Brake, John T. by J.W. Haymes, MG 15 May 1864 Brinkly, Susan to White, Silas by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 14 Feb 1861 Britton, Joseph to Dugan, Amanda by H.E. Smith, MG 8 Feb 1859 Britton, Thomas to Goss, Nety A. by C.F. Dryden, MG 3 Apr 1864 Brixey, James M. to Harper, Susan by John Cummins 4 Jan 1866 Brixey, John to Childress, Lucinda J. by John C. Trimble, County Court Justice 21 Jan 1858 Brixey, John Jr. to Hailey, Nancy A. by John L. Stafford, JP 3 Feb 1859 Brixey, M.J. to Trimble, William J. by John Brixey, MG 28 Sep 1866 Brixey, Thomas to Cunningham, L.J. by D.W. Amos, MG 6 Feb 1867 Brixey, Thomas to Clifton, Sarah by John Cummins, LP 1 Mar 1860 Brolly, Sanford to Jenkins, Rebecca Jane by J. L. Stafford, JP 2 Nov 1862 Brook, Harrison to Detherow, Sarah by I.A. Cottrell, JP 31 May 1866 Brown, Elisha J. to Campbell, Lucinda by Logan Hargis, JP 30 Dec 1866 Brown, Elizabeth to Steel, Sparell Harvey by Isaiah Kirk, JP 6 Sep 1855 Brown, Elizabeth to Adams, Moses of Taney County by James Brezeal, JP 10 Dec 1865 Brown, John to Butts, Sarah by John M. Davis, JP 29 Apr 1866 Brown, John W. to Dixeon, Mary J. by John Williams, MG 31 Oct 1865 Brown, Margat to Mackey, Daniel by W.F. Dugan, JP 25 Mar 1866 Brown, Martha to Lawson, George D. by Isaiah Kirk, JP 17 Jan 1861 Brown, Martha Jane to Moor, Asa by William Holdaway, JP 21 Dec 1856 Brown, Nancy to Smith, Jesse by William Hatfield, MG of regular Babtist Denom. 26 Jul 1866 Brown, Neil S. to Chandler, Eliza Jane by Allen Kilburn, JP 25 Nov 1858 Brown, Sally to Terrel, John by James R. Pate, JP 2 Aug 1863 Brown, Sarah to Fannon, William L. by U.H. Shipley, MG 8 Aug 1859 Bruce, Mary L. to Hargis, Walter by William W. Shavar, MG 27 Oct 1859 Bruse, Margaret to Medley, Duncan by W.K. Hargis, JP 11 Jun 1862 Brush, Justice to DSpain, Martha Ann by Colet Haymes, MG 15 Mar 1855 Bruton, David P. to Martin, Mary by Keathley Bailes, OD 31 Jan 1861 Bruton, Livingston F. to Dereberry, Mary Jane by A. Williams, JP 14 Dec 1865 Bruton, Miles to Harrison, Prissilla Emoline by Isaiah Kirk, JP 11 Oct 1860 Bryan, Abraham to Jennings, Martha Jane by A.D. Dellzell, MG 24 Aug 1856 Bryant, Elizabeth to Turner, George by Robert S. Eaton, BM 15 Sep 1866 Buck, Abraham to Wheeler, Mary by William F. Dugan, JP 13 Jan 1859 Buck, Alexander to Robinson, Elizabeth by C.F. Dryden, MG 1 Sep 1859 Buck, Elizabeth to Butt, Robert by R.S. Collaway Meth. Epis. Church South 23 Dec 1864 Buck, Josiah to Vitteto, Nancy P. by Wm. F. Dugan, JP 8 Sep 1859 Buck, Margaret to Robinson, Alfansey by R.S. Collaway Meth. Epis. Church South 16 Dec 1855 Bufford, B. F. T. to King, Nancy G. by James Slavens, MG 28 Jun 1866 Bumgarner, Absolom R. to Jourden, Mrs. Frances by David F. Melton, JP 16 Aug 1866 Bumgarner, Harriete C. to Upshaw, Samuel by Wm. Duelly, MG 2 Jul 1857 Bumgarner, Mirom to Murphey, Logon by Joseph A. Patterson, JP 11 Jan 1866 Bumgarner, Thomas L. to Tate, Elizabeth by J.H. Wammack, MG 18 Sep 1856 Bundren, Philip to Brigs, Caroline S. by G.W. Alexander, JP 15 Dec 1867 Burford, Elizabeth R. to Callaway, Malcom M. by C. F. Dryden, MG 16 Oct 1856 Burford, Jonathan to Jamison, Mary I. by Constantine F. Dryden 3 Nov 1867 Burford, Jonathan to Norton, Mary by Geo. M. Winton, MG 13 May 1867 Burk, Emma Jane to Daniel, Walter by Stephen Butcher, JP 31 Jan 1867 Burk, Sarah to Wheeler, N. M. by D.F. Dugan, JP 20 Jan 1864 Burks, Eli to Walker, Maryann by Logan Hargis, JP 23 Dec 1855 Burks, Elizabeth A. to Groves, G. W. by R. B. Rogers 20 May 1858 Burks, Elizabeth T. to Green, Anderson by W.R. Hargis, JP 9 Dec 1866 Burks, Hosa to Green, Elizabeth Y. by Miles Bruton, JP 21 Apr 1867 Burks, Levi to Keller, Catharine by Stephen Butcher, JP 20 Nov 1856 Burks, Lucy Caroline to Kirk, James Willis by Walter K. Hargus, JP 21 Oct 1860 Burks, Margaret J. to Consinger, Richard F. by James R. Vanzant, JP 18 Jan 1858 Burks, Martha Caroline to Keller, Joseph by Walter R. Hargus, JP 23 Nov 1865 Burks, Mary Minervy to Walker, Daniel by Logan Hargis, JP 13 Aug 1860 Burks, Sarah to Adkins, Samuel by James R. Vanzant, JP 22 Oct 1866 Burks, Smith S. to Crigger, Mary by Miles Bruton, JP 21 Apr 1864 Burks, Willis F. to Branstetter, Martha P. by Miles Bruton, JP 12 Jan 1864 Burnett, Mr. to Dishman, Ellen by J.H. Wammack, MG 30 Jun 1859 Burnine, Sarah to Gowers, Joseph M. by Isaac A. Cathell, JP 4 Aug 1859 Burrow, Goodman to Frederick, Mary by John L. Stafford, JP 20 Jun 1858 Burrow, John R. to Wilson, Catharine by Jeptha L. Moore, JP 6 Sep 1855 Butcher, Oliver to Cunningham, Margaret by John McEven, MG 10 Apr 1866 Butcher, Stephen to Herd, Elvira by Logan Hargis, JP 21 Oct 1860 Butler, Elizabeth to Horn, William R. by William Shaver, MG 4 Oct 1867 Butler, Mandy to Williams, J.M.E. by William W. Shaver, MG 24 Dec 1867 Butler, Mary to Hayse, William by Jonathan Harper, MG 5 Dec 1861 Butler, Saphrona to Pursley, George by Andrew D. Delzel, MG 1 Sep 1859 Butt, Robert to Buck, Elizabeth by R.S. Collaway Meth. Epis. Church South 10 Dec 1865 Butts, Sarah to Brown, John by John M. Davis, JP 30 Jan 1864 Byrd, Adaline to Farr, Jasper by Robert S. Collaway, MG 13 Jan 1867 Byrd, Horner to Eslinger, Emily by John Williams, MG
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