Ozark County Burial Index

Index of Burials in Ozark County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Ozark County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed W., H. K. NDL Lutie Cemetery Wade, Douglas Perry 1947 Souder Cemetery Wade, G. H. 1922 Bakersfield Cemetery Wade, Lytha NDL Souder Cemetery Wade, Mary J. 1908 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wagner, David Edmonds 1977 Clear Springs Cemetery Walker, Alice M. 1974 Howards Ridge Cemetery Walker, Betsey A. 1892 Welch Cemetery Walker, Bettie 1927 Souder Cemetery Walker, Betty 1936 Gainesville Cemetery Walker, Charles G. 1957 Souder Cemetery Walker, Deboray M. 1969 Sims Cemetery Walker, Earl 1936 Souder Cemetery Walker, Edna 1895 Gainesville Cemetery Walker, Hannah B. 1904 Gainesville Cemetery Walker, Hawk 1925 Gainesville Cemetery Walker, Jess Russell 1969 Gainesville Cemetery Walker, Lula W. 1925 Souder Cemetery Walker, Lum 1918 Gainesville Cemetery Walker, Mary E. 1956 Norris / Piland Cemetery Walker, Mary J. 1944 Souder Cemetery Walker, Mary M. 1919 Souder Cemetery Walker, Nora Ethel NDL Jackson Cemetery Walker, Ollie Ellis 1922 Souder Cemetery Walker, Rosa NDL Jackson Cemetery Walker, Samuel NDL Jackson Cemetery Walker, Taylor E. 1925 Souder Cemetery Walker, Thomas G. 1948 Souder Cemetery Wallace, A. L. “Lonnie” 1974 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Allen 1960 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, Anna 1957 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Barry Lynn 1950 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Cora Ray 1902 Lutie Cemetery Wallace, D. D. “Dow” 1968 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, D. O. 1939 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Daughter NDL Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, David Oliver 1900 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Elvira 1912 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, Floyd 1962 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Fred 1938 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Gary Randell 1958 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Georgia A. 1951 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Wallace, Glendell M. 1949 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Grant 1936 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Harold Arnold 1950 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Hattie M. 1964 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Hervel 1923 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Wallace, Homer 1931 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Infant son 1915 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Wallace, Infant son 1950 Lutie Cemetery Wallace, Infant sons 1899 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Iva M. 1965 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, James A. 1936 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, James C. 1924 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, James S. (Jimmie) 1931 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Lawrence 1925 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Lesley 1908 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Wallace, Leslie Waldo 1922 Piland Cemetery Wallace, Lexie Sterlin 1978 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Lura J. 1968 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Maree 1911 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Wallace, Martha 1951 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Nona E. 1930 Jackson Cemetery Wallace, O'Beta 1945 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Ocie 1911 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Wallace, Opal 1918 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Oren NDL Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Oren C. 1956 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Oscar J. 1972 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Pleas H. 1944 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, Rayferd M. 1945 Thornfield Cemetery Wallace, Robert 1901 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Robert J. 1957 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, Saloma E. 1911 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, Verdie J. 1957 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, Waco 1918 Howards Ridge Cemetery Wallace, Wendell A. 1949 Wallace Family Cemetery Wallace, William C. 1944 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, William Edgar 1925 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wallace, William Howard 1910 Igo / Sallee Cemetery Wallace, Willie W. 1937 Lutie Cemetery Wallace, Wilmagene 1930 Jackson Cemetery Wallace, Zana (Boyle) 1974 Thornfield Cemetery Waller, Dicky 1963 Gainesville Cemetery Waller, Logan NDL Loftis Cemetery Waller, Three babies NDL Loftis Cemetery Wallin, Ama 1930 Trail Cemetery Wallin, Beverly NDL Trail Cemetery Wallin, Celia NDL Trail Cemetery Wallin, Dale E. 1950 Trail Cemetery Wallin, Fay 1913 Trail Cemetery Wallin, George 1927 Trail Cemetery Wallin, George NDL Trail Cemetery Wallin, Judy Kay 1952 Trail Cemetery Wallin, Mary 1961 Trail Cemetery Wallrath, Jack 1985 Howards Ridge Cemetery Wallrath, Myrtle Hillhouse 1983 Howards Ridge Cemetery Walls, Dessie 1937 Wasola Cemetery Walls, Glenda 1940 Wasola Cemetery Walls, Ira J. Jr. 1949 Wasola Cemetery Walrath, Alvin 1973 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, Billy Dean 1960 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, Frank 1941 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, George S. 1935 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, Jennie 1946 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, John V. 1967 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, Sanford 1929 Mammoth Cemetery Walrath, Walter E. 1960 Mammoth Cemetery Walsh, Bertha 1959 Thornfield Cemetery Ward, A. W. 1899 Old Herndon Cemetery Ward, Austin 1944 Lutie Cemetery Ward, Etsel E. 1951 Lutie Cemetery Ward, Etta 1971 Lutie Cemetery Ward, G. G. 1901 Old Herndon Cemetery Warden, Etta 1945 Ball Cemetery Warden, J. W. 1909 Hale Cemetery Warden, James 1913 Hale Cemetery Warden, Judson 1941 Ball Cemetery Warden, N. J. 1941 Hale Cemetery Warden, Nannie 1914 Hale Cemetery Warden, Thomas 1901 Hale Cemetery Ware, Clara NDL New Friend Cemetery Warner, B. R. 1900 Franklin Grove Cemetery Warren, Alma (Blair) 1985 Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, Arthor J. 1917 Martin Cemetery Warren, Arthur 1970 Ball Cemetery Warren, Belle 1968 Marshall Cemetery Warren, Charlie 1969 Ball Cemetery Warren, Clarence O. 1952 Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, Clyde 1984 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Warren, Dora Isabelle 1970 Martin Cemetery Warren, Eldie NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, Elija NDL Ball Cemetery Warren, Elish NDL Ball Cemetery Warren, Ernie 1922 Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, Eugene 1967 Ball Cemetery Warren, Frank 1943 Ball Cemetery Warren, Goldie 1905 Ball Cemetery Warren, Homer NDL Ball Cemetery Warren, Huby NDL Ball Cemetery Warren, Huey 1900 Ball Cemetery Warren, Infant NDL Ball Cemetery Warren, J. R. 1917 Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, John 1967 Ball Cemetery Warren, John Thomas 1915 Martin Cemetery Warren, Linnie 1962 Ball Cemetery Warren, Lorena 1920 Ball Cemetery Warren, Lue 1935 Martin Cemetery Warren, Lula May 1918 Ball Cemetery Warren, Malinda 1900 Ball Cemetery Warren, Mary 1969 Ball Cemetery Warren, Mollie Mary 1975 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Warren, Nellie (Adams) NDL Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, Oda 1980 Clear Springs Cemetery Warren, Pinkney 1936 Ball Cemetery Warren, Robert 1929 Martin Cemetery Warren, Ruth Jane 1946 Lutie Cemetery Warren, Serena 1971 Ball Cemetery Warren, William NDL Ball Cemetery Warren, Windel NDL Ball Cemetery Warrick, Albert E. 1965 Peters Cemetery Warrick, Angie J. 1932 Peters Cemetery Warrick, Infant son 1935 Wasola Cemetery Warrick, J. Monroe 1914 Peters Cemetery Warrick, James Roy 1923 Peters Cemetery Warrick, Jesse “Bud” 1972 Peters Cemetery Warrick, Joseph E. 1972 Peters Cemetery Warrick, Maude C. 1983 Peters Cemetery Warrick, Nellie P. 1928 Peters Cemetery Waterhouse, Frank D. 1932 Clear Springs Cemetery Waterhouse, Maggie M. 1955 Clear Springs Cemetery Watkins, Edna Cearley 1933 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Watkins, Francis 1950 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Watkins, Harley 1966 Ball Cemetery Watkins, Henry NDL Hale Cemetery Watkins, Robert 1914 Hale Cemetery Watkins, Spency NDL Hale Cemetery Watkins, Sylvester 1934 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Watson, Alice Lou 1936 Wasola Cemetery Watson, Bessie 1966 Lutie Cemetery Watson, Bobbie Lyn 1983 Howards Ridge Cemetery Watson, Coleman 1971 Smith Chapel Cemetery Watson, Cornelaus B. 1963 Jackson Cemetery Watson, Elizabeth 1959 Jackson Cemetery Watson, Hiram E. 1942 Wasola Cemetery Watson, Lucy 1893 Jackson Cemetery Watson, Maggie Lou 1943 Wasola Cemetery Watson, Rebecca E. 1891 Parsons Cemetery Watson, Sarah Ann 1963 Jackson Cemetery Watson, W. W. 1950 Jackson Cemetery Wattenbarger, Emeline 1917 Gainesville Cemetery Wattenbarger, Thomas 1895 Gainesville Cemetery Watts, B. F. NDL Mammoth Cemetery Watts, Bertha Gertrude 1897 James Cemetery Watts, Clyde B. 1986 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Watts, Delphia Gertrude 1916 James Cemetery Watts, E. F. 1963 James Cemetery Watts, Lillie M. (Dean) 1951 James Cemetery Webb, Amanda Mahan 1936 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Bernice 1949 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Florence 1956 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Frankie Mellard 1913 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Gertie May 1889 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, James C. 1890 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Mildred 1937 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, No first name NDL Loftis Cemetery Webb, Noah A. 1953 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Nora L. 1899 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Shelton 1909 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, Susie E. 1925 Mammoth Cemetery Webb, W. D. 1935 Mammoth Cemetery Webster, Arther 1884 Isabella Cemetery Webster, Elizabeth 1886 Isabella Cemetery Webster, Elizabeth (Turley) 1883 Sanders (South) Cemetery Webster, Everett 1969 Lutie Cemetery Webster, Franklin Dee 1983 Centerpoint Cemetery Webster, G. A. 1935 Lutie Cemetery Webster, George Washington 1909 Isabella Cemetery Webster, Ida 1909 Centerpoint Cemetery Webster, Infant daughter NDL Tempy Hutchison Graveyard Webster, Marvin 1971 Centerpoint Cemetery Webster, Oliver 1937 Centerpoint Cemetery Webster, Shirly 1926 Centerpoint Cemetery Wedgeworth, Alta Mae 1959 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Weeks, Sarah E. 1944 Wasola Cemetery Weeks, Thomas G. 1932 Wasola Cemetery Weese, Mahala 1917 Bakersfield Cemetery Weiher, Andrew 1920 Hart Cemetery Weiher, Ellen 1905 Hart Cemetery Weiher, Eual Shelby 1916 Hart Cemetery Weiher, Infant son 1909 Hart Cemetery Weiher, Martin Luther 1909 Hart Cemetery Welch, Annie NDL Souder Cemetery Welch, Benevie 1935 Trail Cemetery Welch, Benjamin F. NDL Welch Cemetery Welch, Bennie A. 1974 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, C. Bernice 1958 Jackson Cemetery Welch, C. Clinton 1917 Welch Cemetery Welch, Cleo 1969 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, Dale Russell 1957 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, Doll 1965 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, Eli William 1959 Jackson Cemetery Welch, Elsa C. (Freeman) 1978 Eaton Cemetery Welch, Eulah NDL Hicks Cemetery Welch, F. R. 1920 Welch Cemetery Welch, Fannie A. 1972 Trail Cemetery Welch, Freda Elaine 1978 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, H. J. “Bud” 1969 Trail Cemetery Welch, Howard E. 1977 Eaton Cemetery Welch, J. S. NDL Old Herndon Cemetery Welch, John L. 1908 Old Herndon Cemetery Welch, Larry Joe NDL Hicks Cemetery Welch, Lexie Waldo 1917 Welch Cemetery Welch, Lorine 1941 Trail Cemetery Welch, Lowell 1924 Welch Cemetery Welch, M. E. 1933 Old Herndon Cemetery Welch, Marshal 1928 Souder Cemetery Welch, Mary J. 1944 Souder Cemetery Welch, Matilda 1925 Lutie Cemetery Welch, Millie 1959 Welch Cemetery Welch, Mollie 1916 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, Newton 1966 Welch Cemetery Welch, Racine 1970 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, Rebecca 1926 Welch Cemetery Welch, Rosella 1979 Patrick Cemetery Welch, Roy 1938 Thornfield Cemetery Welch, Sally Jane 1961 Jackson Cemetery Welch, W. Amos 1917 Welch Cemetery Welch, William E. 1922 Welch Cemetery Welch, Winnie C. 1917 Old Herndon Cemetery Welker, Charles E. 1955 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Welker, John Adam 1942 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Welker, Lewis S. 1932 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Welker, Melvin Leslie 1909 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Welker, Samuel 1909 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Welker, Sarilda A. 1909 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wells, B. P. 1967 Hart Cemetery Wells, Bill NDL Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Wells, Blane E. 1961 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wells, Catherine V. 1887 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Wells, Elizabeth NDL County Line Cemetery Wells, George W. 1912 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wells, Henderson NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Wells, Hiram 1970 Lutie Cemetery Wells, Infant son 1896 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Wells, James NDL County Line Cemetery Wells, Jane 1907 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wells, Jane NDL New Friend Cemetery Wells, John W. 1920 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Wells, Linda L. NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wells, M. S. 1911 Bakersfield Cemetery Wells, Mary E. 1923 Hawkins Ridge Cemetery Wells, Mary F. 1959 Hart Cemetery Wells, Thomas NDL New Friend Cemetery Wells, W. N. 1906 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wescott, Delaney Ivan 1976 Clear Springs Cemetery Wescott, Faye P. 1960 Clear Springs Cemetery Wesley, Peter NDL Loftis Cemetery West, George S. 1941 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery West, Mary A. (Harden) 1967 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Westfall, Nellie Welson 1968 Lutie Cemetery Westmoreland, Carl 1960 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Westmoreland, George 1971 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Westmoreland, J. G. 194? Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Westmoreland, Mae NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Westmoreland, R. W. 1950 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Westmoreland, Willie NDL Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Weston, Hiram Joseph 1914 Weston Graves Weston, Howard D. 1947 Lutie Cemetery Weston, Huey NDL Weston Graves Weston, Joe S. 1933 Lutie Cemetery Weston, Silas James (Rev.) 1970 Lutie Cemetery Wetherell, Raymond L. 1915 Bakersfield Cemetery Wheat, James William 1971 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wheat, Mary 1954 Ball Cemetery Wheeler, Anna NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wheeler, Dick 1982 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whillock, Audra 1949 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Whillock, Edgar 1957 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Whillock, Purl 1951 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Whirlow, Clarence S. 1968 Faye Cemetery Whisenant, Claude 1974 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whisenant, E. A. B. 1929 James Cemetery Whisenant, Etta 1981 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whisenant, Marcella NDL Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whisenant, Marion 1964 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whisenant, S. P. 1912 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whisenant, Samuel 1936 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Whisnant, Betty 1949 Sims Cemetery Whisnant, Billy Dean 1950 Sims Cemetery Whisnant, Cleo 1978 Sims Cemetery Whisnant, Hershel 1973 Sims Cemetery Whisnant, Jimmy 1966 Loftis Cemetery Whisnant, John 1937 Sims Cemetery Whisnant, John Thomas 1939 Sims Cemetery Whisnant, Timothy Lee 1981 Patrick Cemetery Whisnant, William 1939 Sims Cemetery White, Alpha NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Anne 1982 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Authur 1888 Franklin Grove Cemetery White, Bonnie NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, C. A. 1911 James Cemetery White, C. C. “Lum” 1938 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Chester J. D. 1973 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Clara 1959 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Cleo 1980 Clear Springs Cemetery White, Columbus NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Delpha NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Donna Lea 1960 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Dora E. 1903 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Dora Loucel 1924 Sallee Cemetery White, E. H. 1925 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Enos 1908 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Farice Jake 1972 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, George 1921 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Gertie 1917 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Infant NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Infant daughter 1918 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Infant son 1900 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Isabella 1973 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, J. T. (Dr.) 1941 Gainesville Cemetery White, James (Rev.) 1925 Gainesville Cemetery White, James J. 1944 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, James W. 1950 Lutie Cemetery White, Jane 1966 Lutie Cemetery White, Jerry R. 1974 Clear Springs Cemetery White, John 1906 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, John NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, John D. 1931 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, John Dan 1931 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, John Wallace 1945 Clear Springs Cemetery White, Josephine 1913 Gainesville Cemetery White, L. Z. 1966 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Leslie 1975 Clear Springs Cemetery White, Lila 1923 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Mable Norton 1905 Gainesville Cemetery White, Maggie 1893 Franklin Grove Cemetery White, Margie 1912 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Nora 1977 Clear Springs Cemetery White, Octa M. 1959 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Oletha Faye 1982 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Perry C. 1877 Parsons Cemetery White, Purnie L. 1979 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Rachel Lannie (Langston) 1968 Clear Springs Cemetery White, Robert Samuel “Bob” 1981 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Ruby 1946 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, S. B. 1894 Sweeton Pond Cemetery White, Sam NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Sarah 1891 Franklin Grove Cemetery White, Sarah NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery White, Shelby 1891 Franklin Grove Cemetery White, Willard 1968 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, William 1844 Gainesville Cemetery White, Wilma Fay 1944 Lilly Ridge Cemetery White, Wm. P. 1940 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Whitner, Ava NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Whitner, Clarence NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Whitner, Columbus NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Whitner, Losson H. 1891 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Whitner, Marvin NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Whitner, Sadie NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Whitwell, Jefferson 1946 Sims Cemetery Wicker, Elisha H. 1931 Bakersfield Cemetery Wicker, Mary A. 1919 Bakersfield Cemetery Wicker, Posey M. 1954 Bakersfield Cemetery Wicker, William J. 1952 Bakersfield Cemetery Wicker, William P. 1905 Bakersfield Cemetery Wiere, May NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Wiggins, Edward Jr. 1966 Isabella Cemetery Wiggins, Enoch E. 1946 Isabella Cemetery Wiggins, Sarah 1943 Isabella Cemetery Wilbanks, Barton 1958 Pontiac Cemetery Wilbanks, Dolph 1937 Pontiac Cemetery Wilbanks, Infant 1905 Pontiac Cemetery Wilbanks, Infant son 1919 Pontiac Cemetery Wilbanks, Matthew Cartwright 1963 Pontiac Cemetery Wiles, John N. 1918 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wiles, Robert 1914 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wiles, Sarah E. 1945 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wiles, William T. (M.D.) 1961 Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery Wiley, Leroy 1909 Franklin Grove Cemetery Wilkening, Leila 1918 Thornfield Cemetery Wilkinson, George R. 1962 Thornfield Cemetery Willard, Pearl 1965 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Willard, Shawn Craig 1980 Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery Willbanks, Alice 1930 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Ann 1904 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Georgia 1917 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Luzinda 1917 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Mary E. 1957 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Ollie May 1904 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Sarah F. 1919 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Thomas 1918 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, William H. 1927 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, William M. 1915 Pontiac Cemetery Willbanks, Winford 1904 Pontiac Cemetery Willhoit, Alfred R. 1947 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Clara 1972 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Elizabeth 1924 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Ellen Lucille 1949 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, George (Rev.) 1942 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Hershel K. 1906 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Howard (Rev.) 1950 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, James 1926 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, John R. 1947 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Louie 1936 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Mary Ann 1927 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Thomas B. 1928 Lutie Cemetery Willhoit, Wilma 1961 Lutie Cemetery Williams, A. L. 1931 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, Bill and family NDL Hale Cemetery Williams, Christine 1918 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, Clara NDL Eaton Cemetery Williams, Claude 1962 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, David Ellison 1905 Peters Cemetery Williams, Elizabeth 1909 Peters Cemetery Williams, Freedom D. 1978 Noble Cemetery Williams, Gertie 1928 Marshall Cemetery Williams, Horace 1960 Marshall Cemetery Williams, Irvin 1949 Lilly Ridge Cemetery Williams, Jessie Sallee 1978 Thornfield Cemetery Williams, Josie 1963 Marshall Cemetery Williams, Kenneth 1937 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, Larry 1940 Clear Springs Cemetery Williams, Lawrence 1907 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, Leroy 1940 Clear Springs Cemetery Williams, Louise J. 1911 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, Mamie 1934 Mammoth Cemetery Williams, Sarah Polly NDL Hale Cemetery Williams, Three stones, no first names NDL Hale Cemetery Williams, Viola Ellison 1926 Howards Ridge Cemetery Williams, Walter 1907 Marshall Cemetery Williamson, Darleen M. 1940 Thornfield Cemetery Williamson, Kenneth C. 1976 Thornfield Cemetery Williamson, Robert Henry 1974 Thornfield Cemetery Willis, William Moses 1942 Bakersfield Cemetery Wilson, Adeline 1911 Noble Cemetery Wilson, Baby NDL Franklin Grove Cemetery Wilson, Cordia 1918 Thornfield Cemetery Wilson, Dorothy 1933 Clark Cemetery Wilson, Etta 1918 Thornfield Cemetery Wilson, Evert 1885 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wilson, Homer 1895 Franklin Grove Cemetery Wilson, Infant son 1912 Noble Cemetery Wilson, Infant son 1913 Noble Cemetery Wilson, J. L. 1918 Thornfield Cemetery Wilson, Joday 1905 Franklin Grove Cemetery Wilson, Lewis 1925 Noble Cemetery Wilson, Lutitia 1908 Noble Cemetery Wilson, May 1897 Franklin Grove Cemetery Wilson, Minnie F. 1948 Lutie Cemetery Wilson, Newton L. 1969 Lutie Cemetery Wilson, Oliver L. 1921 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wilson, R. O. 1885 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wilson, Sarah 1907 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wilson, Volumnia 1907 Howards Ridge Cemetery Wilson, W. Isom 1918 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wilson, W. T. 1915 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Wilson, Walter Lee 1918 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Winfree, Betty Jane 1948 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Winfrey, Marie 1944 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Winger, Henry 1898 Gainesville Cemetery Winn, H. 1941 Gaulding Cemetery Winn, M. T. 1914 Gaulding Cemetery Winn, Malisa 1897 Daniel Cemetery Winn, Margaret 1923 Gaulding Cemetery Winn, William H. 1882 Gaulding Cemetery Winn, Willie NDL Gaulding Cemetery Winslow, Clarence 1920 Lutie Cemetery Winslow, E. A. 1932 Lutie Cemetery Winslow, Jerome L. 1947 Lutie Cemetery Winslow, Julia 1927 Lutie Cemetery Winslow, R. J. Jr. 1932 Lutie Cemetery Winslow, R. L. 1932 Lutie Cemetery Winters, Mabel 1917 Pontiac Cemetery Winton, Mary Luna 1962 Gainesville Cemetery Wisdon, Sarah L. 1944 Pontiac Cemetery Wissinger, Dan 1933 Peters Cemetery Wissinger, Lillie 1947 Peters Cemetery Witt, Edith C. Swearengin 1903 Centerpoint Cemetery Witt, Henry 1916 Centerpoint Cemetery Wolf, Austin 1956 Lutie Cemetery Wolf, Deward 1936 Lutie Cemetery Wolf, Floyd NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Wolf, Loyd NDL Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery Wolf, Lura 1960 Lutie Cemetery Wolf, Millie 1965 Lutie Cemetery Wolfe, Brilla D. NDL Hicks Cemetery Wolfe, Diana Kay NDL Hicks Cemetery Wolfe, Ernest NDL Hicks Cemetery Wolfe, Hannah NDL Hicks Cemetery Wolfe, Hiram NDL Hicks Cemetery Wolfe, Orvil W. NDL Hicks Cemetery Wolff, John 1966 Ball Cemetery Wolff, Kathern 1973 Ball Cemetery Womack, Alma 1959 Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, C. N. NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, Charles 1961 Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, Francis 1931 Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, Freda NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, Golda NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, Lee NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Womack, Preston 1953 Smith Chapel Cemetery Wood, Ada 1968 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Belle 1938 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Charlotte 1922 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Clarence C. 1920 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Claude NDL Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Daniel B. 1947 Wood Burial Ground Wood, Eddie 1892 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Edward NDL Griffith / Truevine Cemetery Wood, Henry R. 1932 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Ida E. NDL Gainesville Cemetery Wood, James 1916 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Jesse 1891 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Jesse E. 1902 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Jessie Carter 1937 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, John T. “Taber” 1971 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Lee 1937 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Lorene 1965 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Margarett 1899 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Margarette 1930 Wood Burial Ground Wood, Mary F. 1928 Wood Burial Ground Wood, Mary Nora 1949 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Maurice 1967 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Nancy J. 1942 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Oliver 1966 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Rebecca 1917 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, Vester G. “Chuck” 1960 Gainesville Cemetery Wood, William 1914 Wood Burial Ground Wood, William Cline 1901 Wood Burial Ground Woods, Annie L. 1972 Thornfield Cemetery Woods, No first name NDL Hale Cemetery Woodward, Ada 1941 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Woodward, Ira 1946 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Woodworth, Emma B. 1972 Bakersfield Cemetery Woolf, Clifford O. 1961 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Woolf, Connie Faye 1978 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Woolf, Gerald D. 1984 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Woolf, Pearl E. 1960 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Woolsey, May 1961 Patrick Cemetery Workman, Claude L. 1971 Eaton Cemetery Workman, Dan 1912 Clark Cemetery Workman, I. H. 1944 Trail Cemetery Workman, Maude (Tetrick) 1973 Eaton Cemetery Workman, No first name NDL Martin Cemetery Workman, Sarah 1940 Trail Cemetery Worthy, Harrell J. 1961 Wasola Cemetery Worthy, James A. 1938 Wasola Cemetery Worthy, Lillie 1954 Wasola Cemetery Worthy, Mary 1970 Wasola Cemetery Wray, Averill Doy 1932 Pontiac Cemetery Wray, Gary 1946 Lutie Cemetery Wray, Henry J. 1971 Pontiac Cemetery Wray, Homer NDL Isabella Cemetery Wray, Josie 1945 Isabella Cemetery Wray, Josie 1965 Pontiac Cemetery Wray, Lula 1913 Pontiac Cemetery Wray, Neata Paulette 1947 Pontiac Cemetery Wray, S. J. 1936 Isabella Cemetery Wright, Ada C. 1941 Thornfield Cemetery Wright, Bonnie June 1934 Gaulding Cemetery Wright, Fred J. 1971 Gaulding Cemetery Wright, H. G. 1929 Howards Ridge Cemetery Wright, John Wesley 1937 Gaulding Cemetery Wright, Maggie NDL Jackson Cemetery Wright, Vena 1938 Piland Cemetery Wright, William E. 1960 Thornfield Cemetery Yandel, Carmel 1918 Clear Springs Cemetery Yandel, Matilda (Dawson) 1935 Clear Springs Cemetery Yates, Jack 1960 Pontiac Cemetery Yates, James Walter 1942 Ball Cemetery Yates, Jay 1944 Ball Cemetery Yates, Nancy Jane NDL Ball Cemetery Yocham, Bessie 1961 Lutie Cemetery Young, Alice L. 1950 Jackson Cemetery Young, Annie Moriah (Hutchison) NDL Tempy Hutchison Graveyard Young, Baby NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Betty NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Charles NDL Gainesville Cemetery Young, Edith 1927 Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Edna NDL Eaton Cemetery Young, Effie 1954 Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Fannie 1961 Eaton Cemetery Young, Floy M. 1890 Sheppard Cemetery Young, Infant Clinton NDL Oak Mound Cemetery Young, Infant Dora NDL Oak Mound Cemetery Young, Infant son 1895 Jackson Cemetery Young, J. L. NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, J. M. 1948 Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, John NDL Sheppard Cemetery Young, John M. 1981 Eaton Cemetery Young, Junior 1945 Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Lelon 1920 Eaton Cemetery Young, Mamie NDL Eaton Cemetery Young, Mary E. 1956 Souder Cemetery Young, May Harris 1960 Souder Cemetery Young, Other G. 1890 Sheppard Cemetery Young, Richard J. 1986 Bushong Burial Ground Young, Rome G. 1899 Sheppard Cemetery Young, Ruby Wood 1956 Gainesville Cemetery Young, Samuel J. 1924 Souder Cemetery Young, Sarah NDL Sheppard Cemetery Young, Vera 1916 Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Vilas NDL Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, W. E. 1927 Jackson Cemetery Young, W. J. 1965 Smith Chapel Cemetery Young, Zoria 1923 Smith Chapel Cemetery Zeigler, Jesse Owen NDL Sweeton Pond Cemetery Zeigler, Nettie 1969 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Zeigler, Owen Lester 1978 Sweeton Pond Cemetery Ziebell, S. Clarence 1963 Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery

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