Our Owens Family

Hi, my name is Jane Owens.
I am one of the co-creators of this website.
I thought the best way to introduce my genealogy would
be to tell you all a little bit about myself. And how I got so interested
in my family history. I was born 6 Feb. 1970.
I was adopted by the two most wonderful parents any child could ask for,
Jerry Edward Owens born 26 Feb. 1944 and
Sandra Jean (Carter) Owens born 16 July, 1943.
They had one daughter Jennifer Elizabeth (Owens) Keel,
born 7 Feb. 1966. I’m quite sure I wasn’t the birthday present
she was expecting.

For as long as I can remember I knew I was adopted.
My parents were very good about explaining that to me
in a way a small child could understand. I suppose that knowing
that you are adopted stirs something in you, the desire to know
who you are and where you come from. My dad had a couple of
family history books about his side of the family. The one that I absolutely loved
was written by my Great Grandfather Charles Owens.
He was born 24 Feb. 1887 in Pond Creek Township,
Greene County Missouri. It is simply called “Memoirs”
and I literally destroyed my fathers copy reading it so many times.
In fact several years ago my parents had a copy of it made for me.
That was it, I was hooked. I was bound and determined to
continue where my Great Grandfather left off, and trace
the family back as far as I could. So, this website and genealogy is dedicated to my Great
Grandfather Charles Owens. Thank you for starting me
on this wonderful journey. And to my parents.
Thank you for making me a part of this amazing family.
I love you.

Jane E. Owens

My Parents Jerry Edward Owens and Sandra Jean (Carter) Owens On their wedding day 24 August 1963.

The whole gang: Dad, Mom, Jennifer, Mike, Hailey, Jeremy, Makenzie and Jane.

All of Moms side of the family.

My nieces and nephew~~Hailey, Jeremy and Makenzie Keel

Hailey Elizabeth Keel

Jeremy Lane Keel

Makenzie Donnay Keel

Me and the kids

Johnna and I

Me and my best friend Joanie (being extremely silly of course)


Me again

This page wouldn't be complete without this picture of me and my boy Edgar

Some of my artwork

My very own monster...Edgar Marie Owens 1995-2002 You are loved and greatly missed!!