Obituary Index 

Obituary Index
This is the central index for our obituaries and funeral cards. These are from mainly Southwest Missouri papers at this time, ranging from the 1840's to present day. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Pace, David A. 1995 Pace, Julian Henry 2000 Pack, James Lawrence 1958 Pack, Minnie 1980 Padron, Epitacio Acosta 2012 Page, Anthony Taylor 2000 Page, Ernest 1927 Painter, Tobe William Jr. 1999 Palmer, Alvis A. Palucacos, Gus 2006 Panda, Florea 2006 Pappas, Phillip George Pare, John A. 1896 Parish, Prim Giles 1999 Park, F. Margaret 1996 Parker, Helen Ruth Pruitt 2001 Parker, John 1954 Parker, Robert Thurman 1954 Parker, Tommie Maxine Deloris 2006 Parket, Virgie M. Parkhurst, Harold "Mike" Parkhurst, Larry James 1992 Parkhurst, Phyllis M. 1994 Parkins, Dr. C. H. "Cy" 1997 Parrish, Mary Dean 1994 Parscale, Ockla 2000 Parson, Hellen Ruth Breshears 2000 Parson, Ruby Elizabeth Parsons, John Henry 1998 Patterson, Agnes 1996 Patterson, Bertie E. 1993 Patterson, Betty J. 1994 Patterson, Bobbie Dean 1998 Patterson, Bruce James 1995 Patterson, Cecil LeRoy 1973 Patterson, Edna K. Patterson, Emma Crane 1943 Patterson, Harry Paul 1996 Patterson, James Alfred 1997 Patterson, Lucy Evelyn Patterson, Marvin Ray Patterson, Sarah Patterson, Tennyson F. 1997 Patterson, Thomas Lee 1997 Patton, Cecil V. 2000 Patton, Evelyn Orene 2000 Paulsen, Cathryn C. 1999 Paxton, M. Pauline Paxton, Orville J. 1922 Paxton, Raymond 1895 Payne, Ann Payne, Bobby Joe 1999 Payne, Clara E. 1999 Payne, Clarke 1995 Payne, Elaine 2014 Payne, Frank Russell 2000 Payne, Gerald Thomas 2006 Payne, Jane Ann Riley 2016 Payne, Walter "Burdette" 1995 Peak, George 1900 Pearson, Laurel Eugene 2011 Pearson, Ruby Mae 1999 Peebles, Alexander Derr 2002 Peebles, Dorothy Dean 2005 Peek, Louis E. 1999 Pemberton, Clay 1995 Pemberton, Earl William Pemberton, Edith A. 1969 Pemberton, Edna Pemberton, Edna Alice Pemberton, Elbert 1956 Pemberton, Elbert 1956 Pemberton, Emil Kenneth 1984 Pemberton, Eric Pemberton, Harold D. Pemberton, Hester G. Pemberton, James Arthur 1997 Pemberton, James D. Pemberton, James Lester Pemberton, John C. 1997 Pemberton, Judy K. 1994 Pemberton, Leroy 1996 Pemberton, Lewis Pemberton, Mamie Lee 1990 Pemberton, Oma Pemberton, Vergie Jane Pemberton, Victor Pemberton, Wade A. Pemberton, Wilbert D. Pendergast, Barbara Jean Pendergrass, Zola L. 1999 Pendleton, Donald Charles 1994 Pendleton, Luther Wayne 1995 Pendleton, Orville E. 1993 Pendleton, Susan R. 1992 Penick, James Arnold Pennell, Millard J. Pennington, Edward D. 1998 Penrose, William Edwin 1999 Pepper, Eugene K. Perkey, Lena May 1986 Perkins, Arthur H. Perkins, Clarence "Nig" 1997 Perkins, Cora I. Perkins, Fannie 1998 Perkins, Gladys Fae 2006 Perkins, Napoleon Bonapart 1954 Perkins, Robert L. 1997 Perkins, Roy H. 1972 Perry, Lillie Irene 2000 Person, James L. Person, Maude Peterie, Beatrice “Bea” 2009 Peterman, Gary D. 2017 Petersen, Patricia Mae 2001 Peterson, Bitha Lee 1999 Peterson, Eva Clara 1999 Pettet, Rev. Albert W. Sr. 2000 Pettibone, Jonathan Michael 2000 Pfitzner, Joseph P. 2000 Pfitzner, Opal May 2000 Philips, Frances M. Brown 1848 Phillips, Alice Geraldine 1994 Phillips, Alonzo E. 1972 Phillips, Alta M. 1994 Phillips, Arcenia 1995 Phillips, Arthur L. Phillips, Arzilla S. 1986 Phillips, Ben Phillips, Berdie 1999 Phillips, Billy Arzo 1974 Phillips, Bryon Anthony 2000 Phillips, David Wayne 1995 Phillips, Diane Laviese 1998 Phillips, Elizabeth 1930 Phillips, Elizabeth A. 1950 Phillips, Esco Jewel 1993 Phillips, Fred 1986 Phillips, Gertrude A. Phillips, Glen C. 1983 Phillips, Glennis Chloe Phillips, Harley 1996 Phillips, Harvey H. Phillips, Hattie J. 1994 Phillips, Hazel Phillips, Hazel Horton 1994 Phillips, Hugh 1997 Phillips, Irving “Bill” William 2008 Phillips, James P. 1966 Phillips, James R. 1998 Phillips, Jewell Louise 1986 Phillips, Juanita 1998 Phillips, Kenneth B. 1996 Phillips, Lee Roy Phillips, Lester D. 1992 Phillips, Louis D. 1978 Phillips, Lucy M. Hull 1948 Phillips, Malinda Catherine 1972 Phillips, Margaret James 1997 Phillips, Margie Lee 1997 Phillips, Mary Alyce 1997 Phillips, Max S. 1999 Phillips, Max Victor 1997 Phillips, Millard O. 1992 Phillips, Neil Marise 1984 Phillips, Robert Lee 1998 Phillips, Sidney E. Jr. Phillips, Stanley J. Phillips, Velma Ezard 1997 Phillips, Virgil Pickering, Harold E. Pickering, Mary Lucy 1996 Picket, Charlie 1882 Pickett, J. Desha 1960 Pierce, Anna Marie 1999 Pierce, Helen Louise 2000 Pierce, Sam F. 1989 Pike, William Grant 1930 Pine, Squire L. 1895 Piper, Lucille (Rains) 2015 Piper, Ralph Donald 1999 Piper, Samuel Pippen, Clifton 2000 Pitts, Alfred Lloyd 1925 Pitts, Arthur 1934 Pitts, Arthur 1945 Pitts, Artie 1920 Pitts, Coy 1896 Pitts, Della G. 2000 Pitts, Douglas L. 1963 Pitts, Earnest 1904 Pitts, Ella Mae 2000 Pitts, Gerald 1934 Pitts, Helen Maude 1999 Pitts, Jane 1910 Pitts, Lola 1904 Pitts, Lonnie 1929 Pitts, Maggie 1936 Pitts, Meekin 1886 Pitts, Melvina 1946 Pitts, Perry Gene 1999 Pitts, Ronnie L. 2000 Pitts, Rosa Marceline 1998 Pitts, Sarah 1899 Pitts, William Thomas 1914 Pitts, Y. M. 1896 Plassmeyer, Emil P. 1995 Platter, Garland V. 1996 Platter, Mattie Frances Pope Plemmons, Cecil Darrel 1986 Plemmons, Donald C. 1991 Plemmons, Dorrel Lee "Duke" Plemmons, Lora 1985 Plemmons, Marjorie A. Plemmons, Michael Lowell Plemmons, Nellie Marie Plemmons, Samuel P. Plemmons, Wilbert Pletzer, Alvin H. 1986 Pletzer, Larry 1995 Plummer, Clarence M. 1980 Pogue, Mrs. Sallie (Bookout) 1903 Poindexter, Beulah 1980 Poindexter, Ottie E. "Pete" 1990 Pointer, Margaret M. 1848 Pollan, Judy 1998 Polly, Atwilda Ann 1998 Polly, Lillian M. 1997 Ponder, Ella Louise Ponder, Lectie Ponder-Setser, Ora E. Ponder, Ruby Flossie Pool, Doris Anita 1996 Pool, James Kelly II 1997 Pool, James "Russell" Pope, Mrs. Clyde E. 1927 Pope, Eula D. 1997 Pope, Frederick Lee 1995 Pope, Greenberry (Dock) 1969 Pope, Harry Raymond Pope, Joel W. 1954 Pope, Martha E. 1953 Pope, Mildred Irene Pope, Ruth E. 1994 Pope, Walter Morgan 1986 Porter, Cleo Clifford Porter, Daniel E. 1989 Porterfield, Dean M. 1986 Porterfield, Harold Porterfield, Sylvia E. 1982 Powell, Beatrice 2006 Powell, Joseph Powell, Mrs. 1896 Powell, Robert L. 1999 Pranter, Lanny Frederick Prater, Jo Ann Prater, Loni Marie 2000 Prater, Marvin "Red" Pratt, Fannie Evelyn 2000 Pratt, JoAnn 1999 Pratt, Marie Virginia Pratt, Merrill Richard 1999 Presley, Ellis Ray 1999 Presley, Roy Lynn 2000 Pressler, Mildred Irene 2000 Prewitt, Carl A. 1999 Prewitt, Reva Glea Lupardus 1995 Prewitt, Walter L. Sr. 1995 Price, John Edward 2000 Price, Mary Lou 1995 Price, Ruth Verle Moffet 2001 Prince, Penelope Pritchard, Leila Pauline 1999 Procter, Harry David Proctor, Christenia Melvilla 1999 Proehl, Arthur H. 2001 Proehl, Frederick "Fritz" 1994 Proffitt, David 1888 Pruitt, Dessie Jane 1996 Pryor, Fred J. 1982 Pullen, Shaun Purcell, W. T. 1895 Purl, Warden U. 1995 Pursley, Phillip E. "Phil" 2001 Purvis, Judie Kae 2006 Putman, Lizzie 1960 Pyle, Sammie L. 2000
Quick, Bobby Lee 2010 Quick, Constance LaJune Miller Quick, David Allen 2010 Quick, Edward Earl 2016 Quick, Inez Ruth 2009 Quick, Itasca B. "Toni" 2007 Quick, Gayland A. 2011 Quick, James R. 2009 Quick, Larry G. 1997 Quick, Lester Francis 1999 Quick, Oscar Earl Quick, Sue 2007 Quick, Willard C. Quick, William E. 1998 Quinn, Oma Arzell 2015 Quintiliano, Richard G. 2000
Rabel, Pauline Byrd 1998 Race, Sybil Lucille Rader, Grace Jewel 1999 Rader, William E. 1999 Ragsdale, Inez V. 1999 Rains, Nancy Jane Rains, Paul Edward 2001 Raleigh, Lillie May 2001 Rall, Barbara Jean 2007 Rambo, Beulah Hazel Ramp, George E. 1944 Ramsey, Evelyn G. Randall, Mary Jane 1998 Randall, Wanda Lee 1998 Randles, “Joe” Loren D. 1999 Rannabarger, Edna Pearl 1994 Ranney, Virginia M. Robinett 1997 Ranum, Violet S. 1996 Rash, Clarissa Shantel 2006 Rash, James William 1999 Ratliff, Laura B. 1915 Ratterree, Clyde Raus, Walter 1984 Ray, Rev. Arnim L. 1996 Ray, Barbara Ann Owen 1999 Ray, Cora Mae 1984 Ray, Everett J. Ray, Gertrude J. 2006 Rayburn, Carmen Hildred James Robinett 1999 Reaves, Bill G. Redd, Alva Asberry 1999 Redderson, William Calvin 2000 Redel, Elizabeth Koerber 1983 Redfearn, Edith Irene Biellier 2008 Redford, Judith Ann 1999 Redford, Lorene 2000 Redhair, Kenneth J. Redman, Aileen Frances O’Halloran 1999 Reed, Anita Marcine Davison 1999 Reed, Charles W. Reed, David Wooderson 2000 Reed, Elsie May 1997 Reed, Emma Lee 2000 Reed, Helen Green Reed, Helen M. 1999 Reed, M. Imogene Cunningham Young 2001 Reed, Mabel B. 1995 Reed, Mary E. Reed, Mary M. 1995 Reed, Minnie Erna 1995 Reed, Wilma Gesye (Gothard) 2000 Rees, Juanita Helen Standley 2001 Rehagen, Catherine L. 1994 Rehagen, Martha T. 1995 Reid, Irene 1974 Reinert, Ben 1902 Reinhart, Chancy L. 1946 Reinhart, Sylvester Ingram 1957 Rekus, John Junior 1991 Renfro, Joe Russel 2012 Renne, Marie 1998 Repple, Sue M. 1911 Resch, Josephine 1908 Reser, Galen 1940 Reser, Mary Caroline (Pitts) 1941 Reven, Ralph John Jr. 1983 Reynolds, Archie K. 1975 Reynolds, Arlie Claude 1999 Reynolds, F. Crystina 1999 Reynolds, James Marvin 2000 Reynolds, Jesse Elbert 1999 Reynolds, Samuel 1956 Rhea, Elgie T. Rhodes, Lena D. 1998 Rhodes, Lester Philip 1996 Rice, Boyd 1960 Rice, James Clay Richards, Joe B. 2001 Richards, Mary 1927 Richardson, Beverly 1994 Richardson, Brooksie O. Richardson, Hoover M. 2000 Richardson, Jerry Dale 2006 Richardson, Jim 1996 Richardson, Norma Janet 1999 Richardson, Robert 1998 Richmond, Eugene Richmond, Sue M. 2006 Ricker, Lucille M. 1999 Ricketts, Bonnie Victoria Ricketts, John S. Ridenour, Beatrice A. 2000 Rider, Charles W. 1921 Riedesel, Phillip Jackson 1999 Riepma, Maie Helen 1954 Rife, Norvel “Pete” Lee 2010 Riffey, Gordon Lee Riggs, Bernice Tucker Riley, Raymond 1980 Riley, Theresa Sue 1999 Ripka, Albert William 1996 Rippeto, Emma Faye 1997 Rivera, Camerino 2001 Rivera, Crescencio 2001 Roark, Elsie G. 1994 Roark, Finnis Wayne Roark, Lillian Lucille Roark, Warren J. "Bud" 1997 Robbins, Elizabeth A. 1996 Robbins, Leota F. 2006 Robbins, Sebe Edward 1988 Roberds, Fannie O. Roberts, Agnes H. 1999 Roberts, Ambie Ellen 1999 Roberts, Anna Estella Roberts, Clifford Leo 1999 Roberts, Dolores Louise Roberts, Floyd Montgomery Roberts, Garland Dale 1999 Roberts, Grace Hughes Roberts, Irma Ann 2000 Roberts, James F. Sr. Roberts, Kenneth B. 1999 Roberts, Maxine 1998 Roberts, Mildred Wells 2000 Roberts, Opal Lee 2000 Roberts, Phillip S. Robertson, Gordon “Con” 1999 Robertson, Henry Adolph 1999 Robertson, Juanita "Deedo" 2000 Robinett, Altha O. Robinett, Bertha E. Robinett, Cecil Perry 1994 Robinett, Daniel T. "Tom" 1995 Robinett, Fred Robinett, Geneva 1997 Robinett, Glenn Clifford 1995 Robinett, Gordon Sherman Robinett, John W. 1924 Robinett, Leona R. 1997 Robinett, Lohman Robinett, Lucille R. 1995 Robinett, Mark Steven 1996 Robinett, Mary Katheryn Phillips 1944 Robinett, Morris D. Sr. 1992 Robinett, Nolan L. Robinett, Sam W. 1995 Robinett, Tony P. 1995 Robinett, Virgil W. 1984 Robinson, Billy Earl Robinson, Eva M. Robinson, Gordon Hunter 2001 Robinson, Lucy Opal Colvin Robinson, Wayman E. Robison, Francie 1882 Rodden, Darrell Wayne 1996 Rodden, Earnest E. Rodden, Ina B. Rodden, Todd David Rodden, Willard Rodden, William Carroll 1972 Rodgers, Marie 1954 Rogers, James F. 2001 Rogers, Jerry Smith Rogers, Miciah S. "Bill" Rogers, Murl Green "Buck" Rogers, Pearlie Bernadine 1994 Rogers, Virgil E. 1994 Rogers, Zedna Rohr, Clarence L. 1998 Rohr, Nellie Agnes 1997 Rook, Marjorie Elaine 1998 Rook, Vurden O. 1995 Root, Mabel Irene 1999 Root, Opal Rebecca 1999 Rorer, Lola May (Sherman) 1957 Rosback, Flora P. McCluer Rosback, John Rose, Eleanor 1991 Rose, Goldie Ethel 1980 Rose, Myrtle M. 1964 Rose, Sarah Rosenberger, Mina 1911 Ross, Clyde Elliott 2000 Ross, Fredrick J. Ross, Robert Y. 2000 Rotermund, Henry Sr. 1891 Rotramel, Donal H. 2000 Routh, Anna Lee 1999 Routh, Emma Jane 1999 Routon, Gertie F. 1994 Rowan, Elmer Leslie 1998 Rowden, Cleta J. 1995 Rowden, George Elmer Sr. Rowden, Iris Victoria 1997 Rowden, Marilyn Jean 2000 Rowden, Otis 2000 Rowden, Ray 1992 Rowden, Redus A. 1972 Rowden, Rosa Luetta 1995 Rowland, Jerald Eugene 1983 Roy, Bobby Eugene Ruckman, Jackie Darriel Sr. 2000 Ruffin, Edward Carrell 2006 Rulifson, Abner Ralph 2000 Rummel, James Alford 2000 Runyan, Ruth A. Wayham 1994 Rush, Marie 1996 Rush, Marion Maude 1981 Rush, Milda M. Rush, Roxana Pearl Emory 1999 Rush, Roy E. 1994 Rush, William O. 1982 Russell, Anna M. 1996 Russell, Arion (Cap) 1971 Russell, Connor David 1999 Russell, Herman 1994 Russell, John Lee 1999 Russell, Robert S. 1995 Russell, Ruby Lea Russell, Wilma 1998 Rutherford, Mary Elizabeth 1996 Ryan, Henry L. 1999 Ryan, James M. 1905 Rydstedt, Robert Harold Rys, Helen Louise 1998 Ruzicka, Joseph W. 1999
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