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My Newest Pictures

I snapped this picture when I heard someone say "Hey" by my
car.  You can see the energy (to the right of a pack of
cigarettes..and no...there is no smoking while doing an 
investigation...just in case you were wondering) actually going 
through my windshield and into my car.

It looks like some of my relatives that have crossed over,
decided to stop by my nephew's birthday party

Orb in motion in my nieces hair

Orb comming around the corner of a wooden beam

Same orb a couple of seconds later, making it's way

across the room

Small orb behind my nephew on the chair

The same orb evidently moving to get a better look

at the birthday present



What appear to be orbs in motion.  And the picture I took
In the same place right after I took the first one.  I checked
and there were no spiderwebs or fencing where the orbs are