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Prior to 1870

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These will book transcriptions are provided through the courtesy of Robert McKinley.  Thanks Rob!

Name: Allen, Hudson
Bequest: land in Miller Co to son, William. H. Allen and two dollars each to Caroline Matilda
Adcox, wife of John Adcox; Martha Jane Russell, wife of Richard Russell; Polly Ann Long, wife
of William Long; all of Miller Co; Sarah Elizabeth Hunsaker, wife of Samuel Hunsaker of
Moniteau Co., MO. To son, Benjamin P. Allen the residue of the real estate if he supports and
maintains said Hudson Allen and his wife, Polly Allen during the remainder of their natural lives
(signed with mark)
Date Written: 2 Feb. 1864
Witnessed: John R. Morris and Henry Henderson
Date Proved: 4 May 1864

Name: Athey, Samuel
Bequest: to sons, Benjamin Athey and Albert Athey, real estate. Cash to sons William, Matthew
and Walter W.; to daughters Louisa, Eliza J., Tabitha and Sarah H
Executors: George W. Holder
Date Written: 4 Oct. 1869
Witnessed: Samuel Allen and Burges Athey
Date Proved: 9 Nov. 1880

Name: Ballinger, Henry, of Osage Twp
Bequest: to wife, Rachel, all lands and goods, except $100 in the hands of Lewis Scrugs of Green
County, MO to son, James M. Ballinger; property to daughter, Sarah Jane Lilly; at her death to
be equally divided between her two daughters, Mary Jane and Henrietta Lilly. Mentioned suit in
Superior Court of Monroe Co. VA; 1/3 of expected payment to go to son, Evi Ballinger. Other
children: Edward Ballinger, Joan Ballinger and Jane Rellysen
Executors: Sons Evi and James M. Ballinger
Date Written: 22 April 1839
Witnessed: Andrew A. Woods and Wm J. Wood
Date Proved: 6 Aug. 1839

Name: Barnhurst, Washington, of Big Richwood Twp
Bequest: wife, Jenny C., to have homestead known as "Oakhurst", elder daughter, Nellie Maria
Barnhurst (under 21); to wife the real estate devised by the will of Ann Walsham, dec'd, in
Philadelphia, PA, Nellie to share with each "suceeding child born of our wedlock." Wife, Jenny
C. Barnhurst to be guardian of children
Executors: Wife, Jenny C. Barnhurst with brother, John Barnhurst and brother-in-law, Thomas
Truesdale of Philadelphia
Date Written: 31 Dec 1861
Witnessed: Job Moffitt and Charles Getgen
Date Proved: 20 June 1862

Name: Belshe, Robert
Bequest: to wife, Elizabeth, $100.00; to youngest son, Thomas J. Belshe, the farm on which he
lived, provided he gave attention to wants of his mother during her natural life; executor to sell
slave, Henry, at private sale if proper
Executors: son, Madison H. Belshe
Date Written: 21 Aug. 1855
Witnessed: J. M. Miller and Samuel C. Witten, Jr
Date Proved: 8 Sept. 1855

Name: Bennage, Elizabeth M., of Richwood Twp, forty five years of age
Bequest: desired debt to Col. Abraham Castleman be paid out of the money due from John
Bennage "who gave note to me on 1 Aug. 1859 and a note to my Adminstrator, John Shrak,
dated 28 Sept. 1859; debt to be paid by my husband, John Bennage with the money due me from
said John Bennage." Mentioned daughters, Cornelia S. Long, Mary L. Irland and Martha E.
Date Written: 29 July 1861
Witnessed: Wm. Tallman and John A. Shiffler
Date Proved: 7 May 1862

Name: Bilyeu, John
Bequest: all estate to wife, Rachel, during her natural life as long as she remained a widow; after
her death or remarriage to the two boys, Andrew Jackson Bilyeu and Larking Bilyeu, under age
Executors: Joseph Bilyeu and Joseph Johnson
Date Written: 18 Aug. 1852
Witnessed: Thomas W. Whitaker and John Rowden
Date Proved: 8 Feb, 1853

Name: Birdsong, Josiah
Bequest: to daughter, Lucinda H. Gibson, formerly Lucinda H. Birdsong; son, William Birdsong;
daughter, Malinda H. Birdsong; daughter, Julia Ann Richardson, formerly Julia Ann Birdsong;
daughters, Laumida R. Birdsong, Eveline E. Birdsong, Mary Ann and Nancy C. Birdsong; sons,
Josiah Carroll Birdsong and John H. Birdsong
Executors: wife, Nancy Birdsong
Date Written: 29 July 1854
Witnessed: Samuel T. Harrison and Evi B. Farley
Date Proved: 20 March 1859

Name: Bond, John
Bequest: to wife, Pollyann, in lieu of her dower, the plantation where they resided in Miller and
Cole Counties. Children: Martin D. Bond, Isaac R. Bond, Wm. H. Bond, Joseph H. Bond, Berry
C. Bond, Joel J. Bond, Charity J. Bond, John S. Bond, James S. Bond, and Lewis J. Bond; to
sixth son, Berry C. Bond, a horse
Executors: sons, Martin D. Bond and William H. Bond
Date Written: 18 Sept. 1858
Witnessed: Abram Norfleet and R. E. Sinpson
Date Proved: 23 Oct. 1858

Name: Bowlin, James
Bequest: all estate to trustees and Exrs: Thomas W. Whitaker and Joseph Johnson of Miller
County, Gentlemen. Wife, Sarah, to have interest from estate during her lifetime. After her death
to be given to heirs, share and share alike
Date Written: 25 July 1860
Witnessed: Henry Jones and James M. Morrow
Date Proved: 24 Oct 1860

Name: Brockman, John
Bequest: wife, Zilphia Brockman to have absolute possession. Remainder of the estate was to be
divided between two children: Mary. L. E. Nelson and William J. D. Brockman
Executors: wife
Date Written: unknown
Witnessed: February Term, Miller Co: Regarding the last will and testament of John Brockman,
J. U. B. Dotson testified that John Brockman, who departed this life 8 Jan. 1869, left a will in
which he and S. R. Crockett were witnesses and on or about 27 Jan last, deponent took same to
Clerk's office and left it with Alexander R. Patterson who now says it is lost or mislaid.
J. U. B. Dotson
Date Proved: Feb term, 1869

Name: Buchter, Francis, of Osage Co
Bequest: wife, Gertrude, full power to dispose property provided she remains single. If she
remarries, she is to pay to Catholic Church in Richfountain $25.00 to have mass said annually
for "pease of my soul on the day of my death." Half of all remaining property to their children
who may be then living to be divided into equal shares as each shall then become of age or so
soon as daughters marry. If wife remarries, she shall acknowledge in writing to "my and her
children to receive equal share with the children she may have in her second marriage after
death of second husband."
Executors: Wife, Gertrude
Date Written: 20 Jan. 1866
Witnessed: Peter Johnson of Osage Co. and Walter Schrader of Osage Co
Date Proved: (Maries Co MO) 2 April 1872 by testimony of John M. Johnson

Name: Bunker, William
Bequest: son, Wilten Bunker and daughter, Lydia Ann Cotten to have all property
Executors: Son, Wilten
Date Written: 5 June 1867
Witnessed: Wm. T. Franklin, F. M. Swanson
Date Proved: 7 Jan, 1870

Name: Burns, Ransom
Bequest: to Mary Ann Boyd and Sarah Ellen Boyd, both of Miller Co., his plantation
Executors: Julius Schildwachter
Date Written: l Dec 1859
Witnessed: J. Schildwachter, Wm. D. Clark and Alexander Clark
Date Proved: 19 Dec. 1859

Name: Carroll, Ruah
Bequest: all personal possessions to son, Daniel E. Carroll; one mule to son, William Carroll;
cow and saddle to daughter, Cordelia Jane Carroll
Date Written: undated, made in Jul 1869
Witnessed: Henry W. Carroll and Ruah L. Carroll
Date Proved: 27 Oct. 1868

Name: Colburn, James
Bequest: to Mary C., Virginia L., Pressly E. and Francis(?) A. Colburn, Leonard P., other named
Executors: wife Jane
Date Written: 20 Jan. 1862
Witnessed: Joel B. Crowder and Alexander Beard
Date Proved: 14 May 1862

Name: Conner, John, of Morgan County, Mo
Bequest: to son, Pleasant Conner, a tract of land in Morgan Co. lying south of the land deeded by
M. M. Taylor, for the use of the Blue Springs Meeting House. Pleasant to pay John Conner the
sum of $128. Gave to wife, Sarah, land (described) in Morgan Co. and other unnamed children
Executors: Esmer B. Dooley
Date Written: 8 Aug. 1855
Witnessed: Samuel D. Bliss and Benjamin Vaughn
Date Proved: 17 Feb. 1861

Name: Craig, Richard P.
Bequest: to two sisters, Elizabeth Miller and Jane Craig all real and personal estate
Executors: Boyd Miller
Date Written: 28 May 1857
Witnessed: Boyd Miller, Els G. Miller and M. C. Bond
Date Proved: 27 July 1857

Name: Crane, William L., Sr. of Miller Co
Bequest: to wife, Rachel Jane Crane 300 acres in Miller Co. and livestock. After her death, the
estate was to be equally divided between George W. Crane, William Lafayette Crane, John
Crane, Jeremiah Crane, Brumley H. Crane, Mary Milisa Crane, Rebecca Ann Crane, "my
children and lawful heirs."
Date Written: 8 Nov. 1868
Witnessed: G. F. Williams and J. S. Phillips. John C. Barr and Andrew J. Freeman also made
oath they were acquainted with William L. Crane, Sr.
Date Proved: (recorded 10 July 1866)

Name: Denny, Samuel
Bequest: to wife and children (none named) all property including three negroes
Executors: Wilson Coats of Miller Co. and John Scroggins of Morgan Co
Date Written: 4 July 1844
Witnessed: William Allen, William S. Wray and Andrew R. Phillips
Date Proved: 6 Sept. 1844

Name: Dyer, Elijah
Bequest: wife, Amy, to have plantation containing 120 acres on which they resided; after her
death to son, William. Other property to son, Haman; 80 acres to son, Lewis; 80 acres to son,
John; son, Oby D. Dyer
Executors: wife and son, Oby D. Dyer
Date Written: 25 Nov. 1841
Witnessed: Abraham Castleman, Evan L. Short, James Gentry
Date Proved: 20 Dec 1841

Name: Elliott, Asa
Bequest: to son, William Elliott; to heirs of daughter Polly Coffman; sons, Josiah Elliott and Asa
Elliott to share parcel of land (described); to daughters Elizabeth Ann Ivy and Nancy Germain;
granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Elliott, daughter of son, Josiah
Executors: Josiah Elliott
Date Written: 5 March 1863
Witnessed: Samuel Allen and Thomas A. Dale
Date Proved: 20 April 1863

Name: Estes, Andrew
Bequest: In the office of the Recorder in Crawford Co. AR, the following was found: Andrew
Estes, formerly of Miller Co., now Crawford, gave to wife, Polly Estes the farm on the Osage
River. After her decease, estate to son, Hickman Estes, son-in-law, Zely M. Wynn and daughters:
Susan, wife of Andrew Estes; Nancy, wife of Elisha Spence and Fatimia, w/o James M. Houston
and their heirs. All slaves to wife, except Milly and her daughter, Melisa, who shall be freed. To
my son, John Estes, $1.00; to grand children Townsend Johnson, John Johnston, Amanda
Johnston, Polly Ann Johnston $1.00 each, to daughter, Polly, wife of Townsend Estes $200.00.
All good and chattels except slaves shall be sold. After wife's death, slaves to go to Hickman
Estes, Zely M. Wynn, Susan Estes, Nancy Spence and Fatimia Houston (signed with mark).
Codicil wrtn 3 Aug. 1858 freed Negro girl, Ellen, being the youngest child of negro woman,
Milly. To children of Zely M. Wynn, by deceased daughter, Betsy Lucretia
Executors: Zely M. Wynn of Crawford Co
Date Written: 4 Dec 1852
Witnessed: Daniel Ringo, Jesse Turner and W. Walker. Codicil witnessed by G. Scott, Charles
G. Scott and William Walker. Securities: Nathaniel Couch and Jonathan M. Houston. Recorded
Miller Co
Date Proved: 9 March 1859 (recorded in Miller County 24 Sep 1869)

Name: French, Philmon, of Saturn of Pompey, County of Onondaga, New York
Bequest: to wife, Martha French; son, Turman French and each of his children: Rosina French,
Charles French, George French, and Squire French; to son, Heman French and each of his
children: Jerome, Sarah and Linda French, and his youngest son; son-in-law Abraham Black and
each of his children: Ellen, Caroline and Sarah Black. Residue after wife's death to my two
children, Mary French and Allen French
Date Written: 2 Dec. 1854
Witnessed: Samuel L. Edwards of the town of Manlius, Horace Sweet of Pompey, and Morris H.
Clapp of Pompey, all of Onondaga Co
Date Proved: 24 Oct. 1859

Name: Gartin, Hugh
Bequest: to heirs of daughter, Polly Roark, deceased, with the exception of her son, Boyd Roark,
the sum of $130.00 to be divided equally; to each of daughters, Hannah J. Miller, Rachel
Brockman and Elly C. Stephens $160.00; the balance to be divided equally between '"my
children," Polly Roark, deceased with the exception of her son, Boyd Roark, Hannah J. Miller,
Rachel Brockman, James M. Gartin and Elly C. Stephens
Executors: James, son of Rachel Brockman
Date Written: 16 May 1864
Witnessed: William Henderson, William P. Dixon (of Johnson Co., MO Jan, 1866), Daniel
Cummings and Geo W. Wood
Date Proved: 18 Jan. 1866

Name: Gibson, Hugh
Bequest: $1.00 each to son, George; son, Joseph M. Gibson; son John Gibson; son, Charles
Gibson; daughter, Eliza Jane McCord, formerly Gibson and son Robert Gibson. Son, Edward H.
Gibson and Lucinda, his wife, all other property including Negro boy, Barnett, Negro woman,
Hannah and one Negro boy, Andrew. Lucinda and Edward H. to have use of land purchased
from John Brumley and Nancy, his wife, until their deaths and then to heirs of Edward and
Executors: son, John H. Gibson
Date Written: 28 Sept. 1849
Witnessed: Josiah Birdsong, William Birdsong and B. F. Birdsong
Date Proved: 26 Sept. 1853

Name: Goodwin, Elizabeth
Bequest: all of estate to daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin, without reserve during the
maintainance and schooling of the rest of the children
Executors: John J. Ellis
Date Written: 5 March 1853
Witnessed: G. F. Williams and Calvin Riggs
Date Proved: 28 June 1853

Name: Hawkins, William
Bequest: to wife, Catharine Hawkins; after her death to be divided among children: Mary
Frances Carr, wife of Wm. T. Carr; Nancy Jane Hill, wife of Wm. T. Hill; Saraph B. Hawkins,
Martha C. Hawkins, Enoch S. Hawkins, Lucy C. Hawkins, Jonathan J. Hawkins and Eliza
Judson Hawkins, share and share alike
Executors: wife, Catharine
Date Written: 17 Aug. 1862
Witnessed: C. T. Martin and Theodore B. Robinson
Date Proved: Nov. 1862

Name: Hill, Claiborn
Bequest: After debts paid, all estate and slaves to go to wife (not named); after her death to
lawful heirs
Executors: son, Alexander Hill
Date Written: 25 April 1852
Witnessed: Joseph D. Taylor and George C. Adcock
Date Proved: 24 June 1852

Name: Howard, Hannah
Bequest: to daughter, Elizabeth Wolf $1.00, to heirs of son, Stephen Howard $1.00; to heirs of
daughter, Sarah Doss $1.00; heirs of son, Seth Howard $1.00 and to daughter, Mary McCasland
the remainder of the estate (signed with mark)
Date Written: 28 June 1862
Witnessed: Samuel and Preston Allen
Date Proved: 7 Oct. 1865

Name: Jones, Samuel
Bequest: to wife, Betsy, blocks in the town of Mt. Pleasant; after her death to son, Samuel J.
Jones and his heirs. To eldest son, Cromwell S. Jones and his heirs, $2.00; to Betsy W.  Esty and
her heirs, $2.00; to daughter, Nancy T. Bliss, $2.00
Executors: son, Samuel J. Jones
Date Written: 8 March 1852
Witnessed: Franklin R. Newell and Samuel Allen
Date Proved: 26 Feb. 1853

Name: Kendrick, Jesse
Bequest: to daughter, Sarah Reaves, amount paid out of what Joseph Reaves, her husband, owes;
daughter, Nancy Downey out of what her husband, William Downey owes; daughter, Rebecca
Bevins, son Allen Kendrick, daughter, Harriett, out of what her husband James Ticker owes; to
Conrad Kendrick, daughters Lucy, Matilda, Caroline, and Maorine D. Kendrick. Slave, Reuben,
to have his freedom
Executors: John L. West
Date Written: 7 Oct. 1839
Witnessed: W. H. H. McDonald, John Brockman
Date Proved: 7 Aug. 1843

Name: Lawson, David
Bequest: $10.00 to children now living, or their heirs who may be living at the time of my
decease, to be equally divided. Real and personal estate to wife, Mary, during her natural life.
After her death, to be equally divided between my two younger sons, Harrison Lawson and
David Lawson (signed with mark)
Executors: wife and two younger sons
Date Written: 20 April 1860
Witnessed: William Rowden and Joseph Johnston. Susan McKee attested she heard Wm.
Rouden state he had signed will. Wm. Rowden appeared 28 May 1866
Date Proved: 3 Oct. 1865

Name: Marshall, Thomas J.
Bequest: son, John Thomas Marshall; daughter, Mary Melvina Marshall; daughter, Susan Ann
Virginia Marshall (not of age) to have a land warrant for 120 acres for her care while he was sick
Executors: wife, Susan
Date Written: 17 April 1860
Witnessed: Wm. P. Dixon and Larkin Norfleet
Date Proved: 8 May 1860

Name: Mason, James
Bequest: to beloved wife, Nancy; to daughter, Margaret and son, John. To Fmily Mason (no
relationship given) one cow
Executors: wife
Date Written: 18 Sept. 1847
Witnessed: Thomas J. Marshall and Susan Marshall
Date Proved: 13 Oct. 1847

Name: McCasland, Andrew
Bequest: to wife, Mary, entire estate, both real and personal. All minor children to be raised and
educated and to receive same as has been given to children of age that have left
Date Written: 7 Nov 1859
Witnessed: Samuel Allen and Samuel T. Harrison
Date Proved: 16 Dec 1861

Name: McCubbin, James
Bequest: land in Green Co KY on which he lived; mentioned Zachariah McCubbin, remainder of
estate to wife, Polly, during her widowhood; after her death to be sold to benefit children yet
single. Named children: William C. McCubbin, Zachariah W. McCubbin, Katharine Hawkins,
Polly, Syntha Ann, Sarepta, Elizabeth E., James B., Julia Ann, Emily N., Joseph D., John T.,
Lydia J. and Margaret McCubbin
Executors: William and Zachariah McCubbin
Date Written: 18 May 1841
Witnessed: John McCubbin and Evan L. Short
Date Proved: 9 Oct. 1841

Name: Mills, Ruth
Bequest: undivided half interest in lands in Miller Co to son, Greenville Boyd (signed with
Executors: Greenville Boyd
Date Written: 3 April 1869
Witnessed: Israel D. Rowden, Alexander Clark, Manerva Clark, and H. J. M. Lindley
Date Proved: 9 Aug. 1869

Name: Mulkey, John
Bequest: named daughter Elizabeth Howard; black man, Alexander, bought at John Vivian's sale
to be given freedom; wife, Sarah, to have negro girl, Harriet. The residue of estate to be divided
among children and wife
Date Written: 28 Dec. 1847
Witnessed: Thomas J. Marshall, Ebenezer Vernon
Date Proved: 18 Oct. 1858

Name: Musick, Joel
Bequest: named sisters, Mahala, Catharine and Sarah Ann Musick to have parcel of land;
brother, Josiah B. Musick land; he was to sell seven head of horses; money for the education of
Preston Martin and Nancy Martin, his wife two children and the other half to Thomas Allen and
Jane Allen, his wife three children
Date Written: 29 Sept. 1850
Witnessed: Allen Long, Wm. C. Newton, Wm. A. Shutter
Date Proved: 7 Dec. 1850

Name: Pack, Juliann
Bequest: to mother, Cloe Pack, tract known as Pack's Mill in Miller Co. and any interest may
have in estate of father, Samuel Pack, deceased, late of Monroe Co, Virginia
Date Written: 16 Nov. 1858
Witnessed: George W. Landsdawn and Dawswell Wright
Date Proved: 7 Jan. 1851

Name: Parsons, Mary T.
Bequest: to son, Samuel C. Parsons, daughter, Georgette W. Parsons, real estate in Richwood
Twp; to son, William T. Parsons $5.00; to beloved daughter Martha A. Swope $2.00. If Samuel
C. died without heirs, his share goes to son, William T
Date Written: undated
Witnessed: John B. and Tom R. Tallman
Date Proved: 15 Oct. 1869

Name: Pridemon, Samuel
Bequest: son, Daniel Pridamon; daughter, Catherine Graham; a certain note left with son in
Virginia on Harrison Lion, one on Lee Lion, and one on Richard Emmett; daughter Elener
Virginia Pridemon to have negro boy, Ellick. In case the said negro boy, Ellick, become
"refractory, insolent, or disobedient", then 'Eleaner' was impowered to dispose of him
Executors: Elener Virginia Pridemon
Date Written: 1 Feb. 1862
Witnessed: Daniel Etter and Andrew S. Ulman
Date Proved: 18 Jun 1862

Name: Prock, John
Bequest: all estate first to wife during her lifetime and then to three youngest children: James C.
Prock, Susan C. Prock, Lucinda S. Prock. Ambrose B. Prock to have $20.00 (signed with mark)
Date Written: 17 Sept. 1867
Witnessed: William J. Bilyeu and George W. Lamey (signed with mark)
Date Proved: 12 Oct. 1867

Name: Pulliam, Gideon
Bequest: to beloved wife, Sally, all property. $1.00 each to Stephen, Isaac, William, Roc and
Jacob Ball
Date Written: 23 Dec. 1845
Witnessed: William Harrison, Jacob Brockman
Date Proved: 5 May 1846

Name: Scott, Arthur
Bequest: divided estate equally among three living children: James M. Scott, Manerva E. Scott
and Rosanna Scott; (real estate description given) three children of my son, Samuel Scott: Sarah
M. Scott, Manerviann Scott and William S. Scott
Date Written: 18 Feb. 1868
Witnessed: James M. Scott and Hiram Y. Cox
Date Proved: 4 Oct. 1868

Name: Shipley, John J.
Bequest: to brother, Isaac N. H. Shipley one sixth part of estate; sister, Mary Shipley, one sixth;
his wife Emma S. to have the remainder of the estate
Executors: brother, James H. Shipley
Date Written: 9 July 1862
Witnessed: J. M. Miller and Stanford Moore
Date Proved: 15 July 1862

Name: Still, John L.
Bequest: all property to wife, Mary E. Still, and after her death, to son Allen Still
Date Written: 7 May 1852
Witnessed: James N. Waters and Alexander Still
Date Proved: 4 Aug. 1852

Name: Stubblefield, Wiett
Bequest: made advancement to some of his children; leased homestead to son, Philip Mulkey
and Lucy Ann. Heirs Mary Jain, Robert Marion, Philip Mulky and Lucy Ann to have all land
except that given to George Washington. The land adjoining John S. Franklin to be divided by
executor. Mentioned daughter, Sarah, who had "left me."
Executors: son, William
Date Written: 26 Feb. 1862
Witnessed: Lewis A. Atkinson and James Stephens
Date Proved: 27 Aug. 1869

Name: Turner, Josiah
Bequest: wife, Elizabeth, daughters Mary and Rebecca; and sons, William and James C. Turner
Date Written: 2 Dec. 1863
Witnessed: Whitefield J. and Caroll Nevill
Date Proved: 11 March 1864

Name: Vann, Daniel
Bequest: real estate to son, John, upon condition he take care of testator and his wife during their
natural life and that John pay to each of the lawful heirs $100.00
Executors: friend, William McComb
Date Written: 27 April 1868
Witnessed: Samuel D. Bliss and Benjamin Vaughn
Date Proved: 15 June 1868

Name: Vernon, Ebenezer
Bequest: to wife, Nancy, in lieu of her dower, the plantation on which they resided, containing
100 acres, and all personal estate. After her death the property was devised to eight sons and
Berry Thomas Vernon, son of Ezekiel Vernon, and to five daughters, share and share alike
Executors: wife, Nancy and son, Nehemiah Vernon
Date Written: 13 Oct. 1851
Witnessed: John Brockman and George Shipley
Date Proved: 24 Mar 1852

Name: Vernon, Jeremiah
Bequest: to wife, Betsy; after her death or remarriage to be equally divided among children;
seven of the children have married and the $80.00 they have secured will be deducted from their
part; to wit, Polly Starling, Nancy Long (having died and left an heir Mary Jane) William
Vernon, Sally Henderson, Charity Simmons, Leah Roark, Rebecca Starling
Date Written: 30 April 1858
Witnessed: John and John E. Brockman. Pvd 16 Dec. 1850
Date Proved: 24-25

Name: Willson, Jane E.
Bequest: Mentioned Richard Popplewell who married daughter; estate to be divided among
children (named, but illegible)
Executors: friend, William A. Bradshaw, of Camden Co
Date Written: 16 March 1863
Witnessed: Robert R. White and Andrew J. Willson
Date Proved: 7 April 1863

Name: Wilson, John
Bequest: to Madison R. Wilson, Robert Wilson and Alexander H. Wilson, minor children of
Alexander Wilson, dec'd, 80 acres lying on Dog Creek; to Eliza Burton, late Eliza Wilson, John
Wilson, Ellen Wilson and Wm. Wilson, other children of the said Alexander, dec'd, the sum of
S10.00; to Alexander and Wm. E. Wilson, the children of Wm. Wilson, dec'd, 80 acres on Big
Tavern Creek; to Ciscilla Wilson, minor child of said Wm. Wilson, dec'd, 40 acres bought from
estate of Wm. J. Wood, dec'd; purchased by Hugh A. Bryant from the General Government; to
son, Willis Wilson; to Owen C. and Perry W, Wilson, minor children of Wm. Wilson, dec'd
Executors: David Cummings and Silas Capps
Date Written: 19 Oct. 1854
Witnessed: Champ Smith and Joseph B. Challis
Date Proved: 6 Sept. 1856

Name: Wilson, William
Bequest: wife, Martha A. Wilson; to each surviving heir at the age of 21 years, the sum of
$25.00, respectively, eldest daughter Sicily Wilson; eldest son, Alexander Wilson; next son,
Owen C. Wilson, and next son, Perry Wilson
Executors: wife
Date Written: 18 Dec. 1852
Witnessed: John Brockman and Hugh Snelling
Date Proved: 7 Feb. 1852

Name: Witten, Samuel C.
Bequest: to wife, Susannah Witten a negro woman, Pegy, who will then go the daughter
Susannah L. Miller after the death of said widow; residue of the estate is to be divided equally
amongst all the children or their legal representatives
Executors: John E. Miller
Date Written: 25 March 1859
Witnessed: R. E. Sinpson, Malinda Simpson; at proving Malinda Lumpkin
Date Proved: 25 Feb. 1864

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