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Equality Township: Section 23, Township 41 North, Range 14 West, Miller County, MO.

From junctions of highways 52 and 17in Tuscumbia stay on highway 17 towards Eugene, MO. Go for 3.7 miles and turn left onto Saline Road. Go .5 ½ miles to Eugene Road heading north and right. Go .2 miles and stop your car. This cemetery is on private property and the owners would prefer that you ask before getting onto their property. From your car walk in a southwesterly direction, the left side of the road, across an open field for 360 feet. At this time, April 21, 2002, the cemetery lies between two large cedar trees. The cemetery is approximately 80 feet from the farthest southwest corner of this property. The cemetery is not fenced, but lies protected among some small timber.

The gentleman who owns the property said this land had been in his family for over 100 years. He said that he remembered that when he was a child there were about six people buried here. It seemed that the people had been sick with the Cholera or something and had died and their family was taking them to the Tuscumbia Cemetery for burial. However, before they could get to Tuscumbia the rains began and the creek was running wild making it impossible to cross. After about three days they asked permission and decided to bury their family members on this side of on his ancestors property.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford & Mindy (Halderman) Hicks (April 21, 2002).


Walker, Eliza  
no dates - no info.

Walker, Lawrence  
1859- 1882  

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