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Colburn Cemetery

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Saline Township; Section 6, Township 42 North, Range 15 West, Miller County, MO.

From Eldon take Hwy CC 4.3 miles to Hwy OO. Turn left here and go .9 miles and turn right onto Manning Road. Go past the Manning Family Cemetery .1 mile to Foxberry Road and turn right. Go .7 miles crossing two low water bridges and when you come to a sharp left turn. Here you will find a private drive that goes up to a house, which is noted by a Quonset Hut. The cemetery is due west of the house, across a field approximately .1-½ tenths mile. The cemetery is about midway between the house and the road, which runs north and marks the Morgan County-Miller County line.

The cemetery is easily spotted by its large quarried stone enclosure. On it’s high side, the enclosure is some seven stones high. A large tree grows in the cemter of the cemetery and heavy sprouts and underbrush cover the ground inside.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford (March 26, 2002).


Coburn, Amanda L. 
26 Nov. 1838 - 10 Apr. 1845

Coburn, Jane
29 July 1809 - 8 Sept. 1889

Colburn, James P.
15 Apr. 1799 - 17 Sept. 1862

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