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Albertson Cemetery

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This cemetery was originally listed as the Garlton Cemetery, but a relative informed me that it is the Carlton Cemetery. The stones are often hard to read and mistaking a C for a G is typical.

From junctions 54 & 42 take Hwy 42 to the 133 turn off, to the right. Continue on Hwy 133 until you come to the riding stables, to the left. At the riding stables you have to walk down a path for approximately 1 mile. The cemetery is to the right and located in a grove of cedar trees.

At one time there were 9 wooden crosses with no inscriptions. Note from a relative: Some of the graves are soldiers of the Civil War whose horses carried their bodies onto the Carlton property.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford & Mindy (Halderman) Hicks (June 2001).


Carlton, Franklin S. 
18 Dec. 1838 - 23 Sept. 1882 
s/o Rosamond 
h/o Melvina C.

Carlton, Infant 
14 Aug. 1862 - 1 Oct. 1862 
s/o Franklin S. & Melvina C.

Carlton, John M.
4 Apr. 1863 - 16 June 1864 
s/o Franklin S. & Melvina C.

Carlton, Sarah A. 
23 June 1866 - 23 Aug. 1866 
d/o Franklin S. & Melvina C

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