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Glaize Township: Section 35, Township 39 North, Range 15 West, Miller County, MO.

Take highway 42 at the junction of 54 & 42 in Osage Beach and proceed toward Brumley, MO. Just before you get into Brumley there is a road off to the right, Swinging Bridges Road, and you will turn into it. You will proceed down this road and cross the first swinging bridge over Mill Creek. Continue across the second swinging bridge, which goes over Grand Auglaise. After you get off the second bridge proceed .5 miles and stop. There is a faint road leading off to the right, which was the old road to the Lacus Lodge, which no longer exists. Walk up the old road for 237 feet. Look to the left and you will see the single stone approximately 30 feet into the woods. The cemetery is not fenced nor tended.

Inventoried by Dianna (Hale) Mattingly & Glenda (May) Crawford (April 24, 2002).


Albertson, L. W.    
Co. H. Osage Co., MO Home Guards H. C. DS  
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