Edith Witt Death Notice


From the Gainsville News 12 February, 1903.

Mrs. Witt, wife of Thomas Witt, living eight miles east of town was 
instantly killed last Friday evening by a falling tree.  Mrs. Witt had 
taken some drinking water to the field where Mr. Witt was at work 
cleaning some dead brush out of the field.  She was picking up from 
under a large dead tree that was burning.  The tree had been burning 
for some time and started to fall while Mrs. Witt was working under 
it, but Mr. Witt seeing her danger called to her when she ran for 
safety, but too late!  The tree fell in the same direction she ran, 
and she just got far enough for the top of the tree, which was nothing 
but a blunt snag, to strike her on the head opening the skull killing 
her instantly.  The remains were buried in the Luna cemetery Saturday 
evening.  Deceased leaves a husband and seven children.

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