Snidow/Ray Family Burials

Located on the old Snidow homestead about 3 miles southeast of Weaubleau. Part of the original homestead was deeded to Ann Eliza Mahala Snidow Ray, daughter of William and Elizabeth Snidow, and the cemetery was referred to as the Ray Burying Ground at that point. Information provided by Tammy Collier and Wilson's History of Hickory County. Photos provided by Tammy Collier. SNIDOW Elizabeth C (Brown) 6-24-1832 3-8-1906 William Lucas 2-13-1829 9-23-1903 On 6-27-1849 William married Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham Brown. He was a carpenter and farmer. He also spent 16 years in the lower house of the Missouri Legislature, beginning in 1864 he was in the MO Senate for 4 years. William and Elizabeth had the following children: Margaret J. born 7-21-1850 married 4-9-1871 James C born 7-21-1852 married July of 1902 Myriam L born 12-3-1854 married 2-6-1883 Mary A W born 3-31-1857 married 11-3-1877 Giles L born April of 1859 married 3-3-1885 Laura E born 3-26-1862 married 10-6-1889 Annie E born 7-14-1864 William S born 7-25-1866 Carl S born 1-8-1869 John B born 1-3-1872 married 12-18-1892
The following information was obtained from the death certificate: Annie Eliza Mahala Snidow Ray wife of Rolla Ray died 12/8/1926 buried at "Ray Burying Ground"
Article by Tammy Collier:
Searching for the Grave of William Lucas Snidow I had been playing around with the idea of going to Kansas to meet a newly found cousin. I made contact with Joann Cerovich Howell in September 2006. My great grandmother Barbara Cerovich Brooks brother John Peter Cerovich is Joann's father. Our love of genealogy has formed a bond for which I am forever grateful. We talked many hours on the phone planning the things we wanted to do on my trip to Kansas. At the top of the list, was to go to Weaubleau, Hickory County, Missouri. We wanted to find the "Old Family Homestead" just south of Weaubleau. As a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution, I wanted to fulfill a goal to preserve and document the graves of "Our family". My plan was to locate and photograph the graves of William Lucas Snidow and his wife Elizabeth Campbell Brown Snidow. William Lucas is the grandson of Revolutionary patriot Jacob Snidow of Virginia. At this time I had only two concerns. The first was if Joann age 75 and I age 48 would be able to hike about in the woods. The second was coming across a snake in the woods. I worked on mapping out our trip. I originally thought we would simply drive to the "Family Homestead" farm. It seemed like a simple enough task. Boy, was I wrong! I had found directions in the Roman Snidow Ancestors and Descendants Book that was written in 1971 but the directions did not contain any address. I tried to "Map quest" the location but was unable to locate the site. The local auto club could not assist me either. Next I contacted Ginger at the Hickory County Historical Society in Hermitage, Mo. I gave her the directions, and asked if she could give me more specific ones? Ginger informed me that she had no idea of this location. She told me she would send me a plat map and to find someone from the area to help me out. When the map arrived Ginger had made a note to look in section 30. Since I had no other information at this time, the map was no help at all. We were discouraged and doubted if we would be able to find the graves after all. What next I asked myself? I felt I had to do everything I could to locate more information. This would probably be the only time I would be able to travel to the area to look for the graves and the Old Family Homestead. Then, my brain kicked into gear and I remembered seeing a posting from 2005 on the Snidow Forum from Johnna Quick about the graves. I contacted Johnna and asked her if she had directions. She responded quickly explaining she had grown up in the area and had tried to find the graves many times by herself but had been unable to locate them. She thought they no longer existed. Johnna had posted her notes on the internet from a book. I provided her with the old direction we had as a last attempt to locate them before giving up. I received an email back from her telling me to look at the attachment. She had located a plat map from 1930 that showed the homestead. In 1930 the land was owned by William's son Carl Snidow. To my surprise it was indeed located in section 30. I compared the 1930 map with the 2007 map, it showed that a Mr. Leslie Stewart now owned the land. After some detective work I was able to locate a phone number and I called Mr. Stewart. I tried several times but I was unable to reach anyone let alone an answering machine. As I sat at my desk, I tried to figure out what I would say when I did reach him. The phone suddenly rang! Mr. Stewart had caller id, he had seen my call and called me back! I excitedly blurted out my story stumbling over my words. His response was "I do own the Old Snidow homestead and the graves are still there." We talked for some time and then we made plans for us to visit on the 29th of October. When Joann and I arrived Mr. Stewart greeted us warmly. He is a very polite, good looking man who I believe to be about 35 years old. He gave us some back ground information on the "Old Homestead". Leslie told us he had all the land abstracts from the previous owners of the land. They had been passed on to each new owner by the previous owner. Williams's original homestead was 120 acres. Then, in the late 1800's William wife Elizabeth had been deeded 20 more acres by the government. Following the death of Carl Snidow the land was sold at auction for non-payment of 3 years of property taxes. The land changed hands several times since then. Leslie Stewart has owned the land since 1996. Leslie has been buying up surrounding farms to return it to its original size. The farm is now 140 acres. I presented Leslie with a book of all known descendants of William and Elizabeth to date. It contained many documents including birth records, obituaries, family pictures, and William's Civil War records. We requested if he ever sells the land, he pass the book on to the new owner so that they too would know about the people buried on the land. He told us to follow him in his truck and he would lead us to the grave site. This action was completely out of character for me. I don't like to go anywhere unless I know where I am going, let alone follow a stranger into the woods! But all I thought about was finding the graves. We headed down a dirt road that started out east but quickly went this way and that though the woods. Sometimes we even drove on grass areas. After some time we stopped in a clearing. In the forest area to the left of us we could see what appeared to be a circle of trees with a clearing in the center. Mr. Stewart had worked to clean the area where the graves were located. We followed him over fallen trees and brush. There in the center we found a 4 sided pillar type monument about 4 feet tall. It was in surprisingly good shape. At the base of the stone was the Snidow name. On the left side was William's information and to the right was Elizabeth's. Transcriptions of headstones: W. L. Snidow Born Feb 3, 1829 Died Sept 23, 1903 Age 75-7-10 a loving Husband a Father Dear a kind Friend has been buried here. E. C. Snidow Born June 24, 1832 Died Mar 9, 1906 Age 73-8-15 a loving Wife a Mother Dear a kind Friend has been buried here. At the foot of each grave was a simple concrete stone with the initials of WLS & ECS (this was very hard to read and it did not photograph at all). There are 2 graves to the right of them. They both are simply marked with a pointed stone at the head of the grave. At the foot of the grave was a smaller stone. There were no other markings. It was previously reported in the Roman Snidow Book that these were the graves of their children Ann Eliza and Carl Shannon. When he cleared the area, Mr. Stewart found what looked like a piece of a pelvic bone. He had carefully placed it at the base of the monument. We examined it and photographed it. At this time, it does not look like the graves had ever been disturbed so we are not sure what the bone belongs to. We photographed the graves and walked around for some time looking for any signs of the house. The Graves have been reported to be one quarter mile from where house once stood. A grandchild who would stay overnight recalled how spooky it was to look out of the upstairs bedroom window and see the graves in the moonlight. It was disappointing to realize there was no sign of any of the old home itself. After leaving the grave site Mr. Stewart took us over to the next town of Flemington. He reported that the last Snidow who died was buried there. He did not know his name. Leslie stated the man was to be buried on the homestead but due to the weather they were unable to get back in the woods so he had to be buried at the Flemington cemetery. We walked the entire cemetery and finally located the grave. To our surprise it was Carl Shannon Snidow son of William and Elizabeth. He died in September of 1944. So who is buried in the grave? As you can see we now have a family mystery "Who is in the fourth grave at the Old Homestead?" Since we left there, I have discovered Ann Eliza Mahala Snidow lived with Carl on the 1910 census. On the 1920 census she was married to a Rolla Ray. She married sometime between 1910 and 1920. I have located her death certificate. On the certificate it states that Carl took care of Ann Eliza's burial and it confirms that she is buried on the farm. She died 12/8/1926. We are thinking that possibly Ann Eliza's husband Rolla who is in the fourth grave. Ann Eliza was listed as a widow on her death certificate. Rolla died somewhere between 1920 census and Eliza's death of December of 1926. We are trying to locate his obituary. Now we must play detective to solve our case. We will let you know if we ever find out. As we settled down for the night and we talked about out great adventure. If not for our love of genealogy we would never have experienced this. However, we suddenly thought of how two women sought out and went willingly to the home and then into the woods with a perfect stranger. Not only that, but we did not leave a name or address with anyone as to where we were going. We very easily could never have been heard from again. There could have been two more unmarked graves. Would we still have gone, now that we have thought of that? You bet your life! We have memories that will last a lifetime. Luckily for us, we were not actually in any danger. However, we would recommend two things, be smart and be safe! Make sure to leave information with someone and make plans to check in as you complete your daily adventure. Exploring is fun, but use common sense and be careful. Good luck in your adventures and happy hunting! It was very clear that without Leslie's help; never in a million years would we have found the graves! We would have been lost in the forest forever, never to be heard from again. However I have faith that at least we would have been with family on our "Old Family Homestead" We will forever be grateful for the help and time Leslie spent with us. Thank you so much Mr. Leslie Stewart. Endnote: 1. Leslie Stewart address is RR 1, Weaubleau, Mo 65774. His phone is 417/428-3458. Directions to his farm: take 123 south out of Weaubleau, go less than 3 miles turn left (East) on county gravel road 304. Continue on the road about 1 1/2 miles. The road corners to the right. 2nd mailbox turn left, is the private drive. Mr. Stewart lives in the house in the woods on the left side of the drive. 2. Snidow Roman Ancestors and Descendants 1971 Hilliker & Greaves From Tammy Collier:
Descendants of William Lucas Snidow
1. WILLIAM LUCAS5 SNIDOW (JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)1 was born 03 Feb 1829 in Giles Co., Virginia2, and died 23 Sep 1903 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri2. He married ELIZABETH CAMPBELL BROWN3 27 Jun 1849 in Pulaski Co., Virginia4, daughter of ABRAM BROWN and MARGARET GOINS. She was born 24 Jun 1832 in Giles Co., Virginia5, and died 09 Mar 1906 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri5. Children of WILLIAM SNIDOW and ELIZABETH BROWN are: 2. i. MARGARET JANE6 SNIDOW, b. 21 Jul 1850, Monroe Co., Missouri; d. 12 Feb 1922, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo. 3. ii. JAMES CHAPMAN SNIDOW, b. 21 Sep 1852, Monroe Co., Missouri; d. 30 Dec 1929, Fairburn, SD. 4. iii. MIRIAM LOUETTA SNIDOW, b. 03 Dec 1854, Monroe Co, Missouri; d. Aft. 1830, Colorado. 5. iv. MARY ALMIRA WILMURTH SNIDOW, b. 27 Mar 1857, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri; d. 15 Oct 1945, Custer Co., South Dakota. 6. v. GILES LUTHER SNIDOW, b. 18 Apr 1859, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri; d. 18 Mar 1931, Oregan City, Oregan. 7. vi. LAURA ELIZABETH SNIDOW, b. 26 Mar 1862, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri; d. 15 Sep 1938, South Dakota. vii. ANNE ELIZA MAHALA SNIDOW6, b. 14 Jul 1864, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri7; d. 08 Dec 1926, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri8; m. ROLLA J RAY9, Bet. 1910 - 192010; b. 1856, New York11; d. Bet. 1920 - 1926. viii. WILLIAM SHERMAN SNIDOW12, b. 26 Sep 1866, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri13; d. 09 Oct 1935, Pennington Co., South Dakota14. ix. CARL SHANNON SNIDOW15, b. 08 Jan 1869, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri16; d. 07 Sep 1944, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri17. 8. x. JOHN BROWN SNIDOW, b. 07 Jan 1872, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri; d. 03 Jul 1937, Lengby, Polk Co., Mn. Generation No. 2 2. MARGARET JANE6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)18 was born 21 Jul 1850 in Monroe Co., Missouri19, and died 12 Feb 1922 in Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo20. She married JOHN NELSON DAVIS21 09 Apr 1871 in Hickory Co., Missouri22, son of JOHN DAVIS and MARTHA BEADWELL. He was born 17 Jun 1851 in Indiana23, and died 01 Sep 1917 in Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo23. Children of MARGARET SNIDOW and JOHN DAVIS are: i. MARTHA (MATTIE) J.7 DAVIS24, b. 15 Mar 1872, Weaubleu, Hickory Co., Missouri24; d. 06 Mar 1954, Hanford, Kings Co., California24; m. (1) RUFUS FORREST HINKLEY25, 12 Feb 1888, Deepwater, Henry Co., Missouri26; b. 13 Oct 1861, Kendalville, Noble Co., Indiana27; d. 02 Nov 1937, San Diego, San Diego Co., California28; m. (2) HENRY NICHOLSON29, 1909; b. Abt. 1882, Iowa or California. ii. WILLIAM R. DAVIS30, b. 05 Jan 1874, Hickory Co., Missouri31; d. 23 Sep 1928, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo31. iii. MARY ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) DAVIS32, b. 24 Jul 1876, Missouri33; d. 17 Apr 1907, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo34; m. PETER CEROVICH35, 19 Nov 1893, Higginsville, Lafayette Co., Missouri36; b. 30 Jun 1873, Austria37; d. 14 Nov 1923, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri38. iv. CLARA MAY DAVIS39, b. 03 May 1879, Missouri40; d. 16 Feb 1964, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo40; m. JOHN G. CHAMBERS41, 189642; b. 06 May 1869, Missouri43; d. 06 Dec 1915, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo43. v. JAMES NELSON DAVIS44, b. 14 Jun 1886, Missouri44; d. 09 Mar 1928, Miami, Miami Co., Oklahoma44; m. ARTIE UNKNOWN44. vi. CHARLES K. DAVIS45, b. 23 May 1893, Missouri45; d. 30 Dec 1909, Porto Rico district, Jasper Co., Missouri46. 3. JAMES CHAPMAN6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)47 was born 21 Sep 1852 in Monroe Co., Missouri48, and died 30 Dec 1929 in Fairburn, SD49. He married ELIZABETH MASTEN AMISS49 14 Jul 1902 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri49, daughter of LEWIS F J AMISS. She was born 08 Jul 1865 in Virginia49, and died 14 Nov 1903 in Rapid City, SD49. Child of JAMES SNIDOW and ELIZABETH AMISS is: i. MARY ELIZABETH7 SNIDOW49, b. 28 Oct 1903, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri49. 4. MIRIAM LOUETTA6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)50 was born 03 Dec 1854 in Monroe Co, Missouri51, and died Aft. 1830 in Colorado. She married WILLIAM HENRY BUTLER52 06 Feb 1884 in Hickory Co., Missouri52, son of JOHN BUTLER and MARY UNKNOWN. He was born 06 Apr 1851 in Illinois52, and died Aft. 1930 in Colorado. Children of MIRIAM SNIDOW and WILLIAM BUTLER are: i. BERTHA7 BUTLER53, b. 30 Oct 1884, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri53. ii. ADA LEONA BUTLER54, b. 21 Oct 1885, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri54. iii. BLAIN SNIDOW BUTLER54, b. 20 Feb 1888, Missouri54. iv. IDA ETHEL BUTLER54, b. 31 Jan 1891, Sherman Twp, Cass Co., Missouri54. v. WALTER M K BUTLER54, b. 26 Oct 1894, Missouri54. vi. EDITH LILLIAN BUTLER54, b. 18 May 1898, Indian Territory, Oklahoma54; m. MR. WRIGHT55. 5. MARY ALMIRA WILMURTH6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)56 was born 27 Mar 1857 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri57, and died 15 Oct 1945 in Custer Co., South Dakota58. She married JAMES B. LOWE59 06 Nov 1877 in Hickory Co.,Missouri60. He was born 1840 in West Virginia61. Children of MARY SNIDOW and JAMES LOWE are: i. RUPERT7 LOWE62, b. 19 Jan. ii. BABY BOY LOWE62, b. 17 Dec 1885, Roscoe, St Clair Co., Missouri62. iii. NELLIE LOWE63, b. 15 May 1892, Missouri63; m. ALBERT H KATSCH64; b. Abt. 1892, South Dakota64. 6. GILES LUTHER6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)65 was born 18 Apr 1859 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri66, and died 18 Mar 1931 in Oregan City, Oregan67. He married HANNAH ROMAN67 31 Mar 1885 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri67, daughter of JOSEPH ROMAN and ALICE MILNER. She was born 21 May 1864 in Lancaster, Pa67, and died 13 May 1959 in Oregan City, Oregan67. Children of GILES SNIDOW and HANNAH ROMAN are: i. MARY ALICE7 SNIDOW67, b. 01 Aug 1887, Montgomery Twp., Hickory Co.,Missouri67; d. 16 Mar 1971, Oregan67; m. (1) WILLIAM HENRY CRITESAR67, 25 Jun 1907, Mt. Pleasant, Oregan67; b. 21 Jun 1886, Oregan City, Oregan67; d. 24 Feb 1959, Settle, Washington67; m. (2) FRED SEEHALE67, 192467; m. (3) CHARLES REROY "ROY" HILLIKER67, 31 Jul 1937, Grant Co., Washington67; b. 29 Oct 188467; d. 16 Aug 196367. ii. WILLIAM LUCAS SNIDOW67, b. 13 Sep 1889, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri67; d. 09 Jul 1972, Oregan City, Oregan67; m. ANNA LUNT67, 01 Jun 1916, Clackamas, Oregan67; d. 192767. iii. MAHLON ROMAN SNIDOW67, b. 10 Aug 1892, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri67; d. 26 Nov 1962, Portland, Oregan67; m. MATHA SCHWERIN67, 27 Aug 191567; b. 09 Feb 1897, Cincinnati, Ohio67. iv. GEORGE MILNER SNIDOW67, b. 22 Oct 1894, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri67; d. 15 Sep 1918, Germany67. v. ELSIE ELIZABETH SNIDOW67, b. 11 Sep 1898, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri67; d. 13 Nov 196967; m. WALTER LOUIS LARSON67, 16 May 192167; b. 19 Feb 189767; d. 29 Apr 1972, West Linn, Clackamas, Oregan67. vi. HARRIET VIVIAN SNIDOW67, b. 23 Nov 1901, Weaubleau, Hickory Co.,Missouri6767; m. ARNOLD LEHMAN67, 24 Jun 1928, Settle, Washington67; b. 02 Sep 1900, Mn67; d. 10 Jul 197967. vii. BUELAH FAITH SNIDOW67, b. 05 May 1905, Mt. Pleasant, Oregan67; d. 05 Oct 1984, Sarasota, Florida67; m. RALPH WATSON67, 12 Jun 193467; b. 04 Jul 1903, England67; d. 06 Oct 1984, Sarasota, Florida67. 7. LAURA ELIZABETH6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)68 was born 26 Mar 1862 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri69, and died 15 Sep 1938 in South Dakota70. She married HUGH MARION B CURRIER70 03 Oct 1889. He was born 02 Dec 1856 in Knox, Tennessee70, and died 06 Mar 1932 in Pennington Co., South Dakota71. Children of LAURA SNIDOW and HUGH CURRIER are: i. HARRY BOND7 CURRIER72, b. 14 Sep 1893, Hickory Co.,Missouri72. ii. JESSE CURTIS CURRIER72, b. 26 Jul 1895, Hickory Co.,Missouri72. iii. LEONIDAS SNIDOW CURRIER72, b. 21 Dec 1898, Hickory Co.,Missouri72. iv. ANNA ELIZABETH CURRIER72, b. 26 Jan 1901, South Dakota72; d. Dec 198272; m. MR. MCFARLAND72. v. WALTER EVERT CURRIER72, b. 16 Jul 1902, South Dakota72; m. ALTA BYRL KENNEDY72, 193072. vi. THEODORE CURRIER72, b. 05 Feb 1906, South Dakota72; d. Bef. 28 Jul 197773. 8. JOHN BROWN6 SNIDOW (WILLIAM LUCAS5, JOHN SHANNON4, JACOB3, JOHN JACOB2, CHRISTIAN1)74 was born 07 Jan 1872 in Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri75, and died 03 Jul 1937 in Lengby, Polk Co., Mn76. He married ALICE ANGELINE CHARLETON77 18 Dec 1892 in Hickory Co., Mo.78, daughter of JESSE CHARLTON and REBECCA UNKNOWN. She was born 26 Nov 1870 in Preston, Hickory Co., Mo.79, and died 19 Oct 1948 in Lengby, Polk Co., Mn79. Children of JOHN SNIDOW and ALICE CHARLETON are: i. ALICE PEARL7 SNIDOW80, b. 20 Nov 1896, Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri80; d. 27 Dec 1974, Hennepin Co., Minnesota,81; m. STEVE WILLIAM VASILAKES82, Bef. 1921; b. 25 Sep 1897, Urla, Turkey83; d. 22 Jan 1970, Polk Co., Minnesota83. ii. WILFRED LOYD SNIDOW84, b. 31 Jan 1900, Fairburn, South Dakota84; d. Feb 1972, Fall River, South Dakota. iii. ELVA CURA SNIDOW85, b. 05 Mar 1901, Fairburn, Custer Co., South Dakota85; d. Feb 197186; m. FRANK E. PARSONS87, 10 Jan 1923, Hot Springs, Fall River Co., S. Dakota87; b. 08 May 189587; d. Sep 1971, Fall River, South Dakota. Endnotes 1. Census 1880 United states. 2. Marion F. Wilson , Book: Wilson's History of Hickory,Polk,Cedar,Dade and Barton Counties.Missouri 1889. 3. Census 1880 United states. 4. Therese A. 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DAR Application . 86. Book: Snidow Roman 7/1991. 87. DAR Application . **Note from Johnna Quick Owens, webmaster: In transcribing old newspapers, I found the following notice: The Hermitage Gazette, 12/18/1895 Married, at the bride's home in Weaubleau last Wednesday evening, Mr. J. B. Snidow and Miss Alice Charlton, 'Squire Woodford officiating. The groom is a young man of high aspirations and the bride is one of our most estimable young ladies. Their friends all join in wishing them a successful and happy life.
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