Bellview Cemetery Transcription
Greene County, Missouri For maps and directions of Greene County cemeteries, check out my Cemetery List page. Photographed and transcribed by Jane Owens and Johnna Quick. This is a partial transcription, we will add more as we get requests for lookups. From the "History of Greene County" 1883 Holcombe Edition: BELLEVIEW (PRESBYTERIAN) CHURCH. Is located on section 28, township 30, range 21. It was organized about 1849. The names of original members were David Appleby, and wife, Nancy Bell, B. Thomas and wife, James McCurdy and wife, J. N. Appleby and wife, W. B. Logan and wife, Henry Sheppard and wife. The church building was erected in 1876. It is a frame building, the cost being $860. It was dedicated by Rev. Mr: Dunlap in November, 1876. The names of the pastors that served are the following Daniel Emmerson, G. A. M. Renshaw, A. G. Taylor, U. S. Messmer, J. M. Brown, John H. Wilson, E. M. Hulbert, G. F. Davis, C. C. Hembry (the present pastor). The present membership 30. The first services were held at the residence of David Appleby, and for a number of years at the Hall school house, located on William A. Appleby's farm on section 27, township 30, range 21. In the winter of 1865 a revival was held by Brother Halbert and some 13 members additional was the result. APPLEBY Lillie B 1871 1941 Edward W 1871 1940 CALL Ulysses S G 5/5/1865 8/2/1913 DENTON Addie wife of RC 8/19/1870 6/14/1893 EDWARDS Mary E wife of AN 5/27/1868 1/3/1916 Isaac P 9/5/1816 9/2/1885 Susan S wife of Isaac P died 1903 GAFNER Elizabeth 7/12/1850 1/11/1894 Chris 12/22/1845 6/30/1928 GRAVES John died 3/7/1892 aged 84yr 4mo HART Millard B 1856 1931 Nellie Evelyn 1872 1939 LAW Robert son of Geo P & PJ 3/8/1904 9/7/1905 Pearl J 1/30/1873 5/30/1954 George P 4/2/1850 4/1/1926 Prentis 1857 8/10/1921 Ida Jane 3/18/1849 5/14/1923 Frank 12/25/1851 11/22/1932 Anna Estelle 6/17/1859 1/13/1934 LEWIS Pairlea Smith daughter of WH & NM 8/3/1870 6/3/1892 Nancy wife of Amos deceased of Saline co. ILL, died at Springfield, MO 8/22/1893 aged 85yr 1mo 12da McCONNELL Jack & Jean Infant sons of Russell & Gladys 11/25/1925 McCRACKEN Mary C 4/23/1859 1/10/1892 RAMSEY Phebe A wife of Rev. JB 8/4/1857 6/27/1897 WALKER John Jr. 7/20/1920 2/8/1944 1st Lieut US Air Force Lost in action Belgium WWII Iona Elizabeth 8/30/1900 12/24/1995 John Harrison 10/13/1893 9/7/1965 WILSON John M 11/24/1855 1/19/1949 Mary Alice 2/9/1858 6/2/1935 Mary Alice 3/15/1901 3/23/1901 Pearl E 8/25/1882 2/27/1975 Alice Laura 1/20/1928 12/7/1940 Lessie 10/27/1898 1/15/1982 Roy E 11/26/1886 6/23/1957 South Dakota Cook Co B 127 Inf 32 Div WWI
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