Pleasant Grove Cemetery Transcription
Hickory County, Missouri From Wheatland, go a mile north on B Hwy, turn off left onto W Hwy. Follow W to the end, where it turns into a gravel road (County Road 153). Follow 153 to County Road 26 and turn right, you will see a sign for the church. The cemetery is right behind the little church. Alternately, you can take County Road 26 from K Hwy. Photographed and transcribed by Johnna Quick and Jane Owens on July 22, 2004. ANDERSON Sarah L 7-16-1892 6-7-1955 John L 7-12-1884 6-10-1952 John L Jr. 6-1-1930 3-16-1989 CATES Thomas R 8-2-1874 3-25-1891 C S 2-20-1883 2-14-1884 Note: May be ES Cates born 2-26-1838 Hannah C 5-15-1852 6-13-1934 At rest Sarah E 12-30-1814 5-8-1884 Mother CHANCELLOR Mary C (Ramsey) 1-7-1868 1-28-1923 Married 11-26-1882 Richard M 1-12-1842 4-7-1927 GH 12-10-1902 4-26-1903 Son of MC and RM Chancellor Aged 1yr 4mo 16da Eliza Ellen (Morton) 1865 1941 Benjamin Franklin 1860 1943 DIETZ Eva L (Ramsey) 11-20-1889 9-4-1930 Rest in Peace Claude Z 10-19-1887 10-12-1950 Anna Lee 10-27-1924 11-30-1925 Daughter of Claud and Eva Dietz Lorene 12-1-1910 2-18-1911 Daughter of Claud and Eva Dietz IIAMS S Edna (Jackson) 12-10-1889 2-15-1912 Wife of Dave T Iiams LINDSEY Noel C 5-2-1904 10-8-1910 Son of JF and AB Lindsey At rest MADEWELL William Ira 11-18-1880 6-18-1953 “Out of sorrow, God speaks to us best? John A 10-20-1870 11-8-1878 Son of SR and MJ Maidwell Mary J (Bailey) 12-6-1849 12-12-1917 Samuel 1-12-1849 5-24-1895 Henry H 10-22-1887 8-15-1947 Delcie G 3-13-1893 2-19-1975 Buried at Sumner Cemetery Infant child of Samuel and Mary J Madewell no marker Frank no marker Kate (Ruleford) no marker RAMSEY James H 2-19-1837 2-22-1891 Aged 54yr 3da Candace M 2-14-1838 4-22-1921 Wife of JH Ramsey Alpha 7-5-1892 7-26-1892 Son of JW and SE Ramsey Sarah E (Phillips) 1866 1955 John W 1862 1938 ROBERTSON Lewis 4-10-1819 9-23-1892 Emely F 4-8-1860 6-8-1892 This church was started in the early 1890’s. According to an older transcription from the Historical Society, charter members of the church were John Ramsey, Sigel Robertson, Jim Payne and wife, Jim Chancellor, and Myra Elkins.
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