Hickory County Will Book A
Hickory County Will Book A 1849-1889
If you have information to add, please send me email. Name of deceased, Name of heir(s) listed, Year presented for probate. William Alexander, wife Meriah, 1875 Charles Barber, wife Nancy, 1859 George W. Blackwell, son George, 1867 Heinrich Blas, wife Elizabeth, 1870 Mary J. Bradley, my Pa James England, 1864 Seth Bradshaw, wife Nancy, 1856 John H. Brannon, daughter Caroline E. Bridges, 1886 Henry Brashears, wife Atsey, 1860 James A. Brown, my brothers and sister, 1869 Jonas Brown, wife Elizabeth, 1867 Josephas Brown, brother Frances K., 1878 William R. Brown, daughter Narcissa Whitaker, 1881 Abraham Charlton, wife Jane, 1869 Daniel B. Clardy, my mother Henrietta C., 1849 Robert L. Clasby, wife Dolly, 1871 Richard Cruce, my four sons, 1857 John Cunningham, son George C., 1871 John Dalglish, our 3 children, 1888 Samuel Daniel, wife Ruth, 1869 Andrew J. Darby, wife Margaret E., 1870 Daniel Darby, wife Phebe, 1863 Elijah Darby, oldest son Elisha, 1868 Joseph Dennis of Benton county, wife Anny, 1849 John M. Dent, wife Ann, 1854 Samuel H. Doak, wife Polly Ann, 1866 Jemima Dollarhide, daughter Mary Ann Compton, 1875 Joseph F. Drenon, wife Mary, 1876 William C. Drenon, wife Martha E., 1865 Jesse Driscoll, daughter Eleanor Hobbs, 1855 John Durnal, wife Lucinda, 1870 Amelia Edwards, son Sidney, 1869 Elisha Estes, wife Mary A., 1871 Abraham Gilliom, my family, 1873 Sally H. Gillman Girard of Crawford county, Kansas, daughter Jane Gillman, 1872 Alexander Gregory, daughter Margaret Bird, 1883 Samuel W. Harris of St. Clare county, son Edwin, 1857 Isam B. Hasten, unnamed heirs, 1867 John Heard, son Erby, 1863 Milton Johnson, wife Christiana, 1886 Andrew Kinross, son Andrew, 1870 James Kirkpatrick, my 8 heirs, 1888 Delana Lawrence, granddaughter Mary D. Robinson, 1884 Alexander Lopp, son William L., 1876 Witness: James R. Wilson of Hays county, Texas Matthew L. Lopp “volunteer of Co. K 3rd Reg’t, in service of US, stationed at San Fernando of LA or NM”, my 2 brothers and my mother Esther Lopp, 1849 James Lord, wife Catharine, 1865 Leroy Madison, wife Elizabeth, 1855 John L. Manning, wife etc., 1869 Achsah Marlowe, daughter Hannah Hester, 1865 William M. McCoy, daughter Samantha Jones, 1885 Parris McMurry, daughter Lucinda Clay, 1886 Sarah A. Meador, my three youngest, 1869 Ebenezer Miles, wife Sarah, 1868 Joseph D. Miller, son Samuel, 1875 Perry Parke, daughter Mary, 1866 Dillard Pitts, wife Polly, 1860 James G. Pitts, sister Jane Mashburn, 1852 Stausberry Ponds, brothers and sisters unnamed, 1849 Hosia Powers, wife Adeline, 1856 Frances Proctor, daughter Malinda, 1876 John W. Richey, wife Nancy C., 1882 Raney Richey, daughter Margaret Parsons, 1873 Sarah A. Robe, Samuel F. Moore, 1875 Numiford B. Robinson, son William, 1865 S. Rolston, wife Sarah A., 1866 John Selvidge, daughter Hester, 1883 Ephram Shirrel, daughter Turzah Halbert, 1849 Daniel Skinner, wife Temperance, 1849 A.H. Snyder “having entered military service of US, recorded 1862, Mercer Co. PA”, wife Margaret S., 1866 Nathan A. Tankersly, wife Milly, 1882 William J. Taylor, son Charles, 1887, Witness: Burton Bradshaw, living somewhere in Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation. James Turner, wife Elizabeth, 1859 Clements Ward, nephew Jno. Ward now of Scotland, 1886 Robert Ward, Clemance Ward, 1883 Ira C. Watson, daughter LuEmma Bailey, 1889 James Williamson, son Wyatt C. W., 1853 Willoughby Wisdom, wife Elizabeth Ann, 1880 Elijah F. Yeager, wife Margaret, 1885 Andrew Yoast, wife Margaret, 1857 James S. Young, wife Mary, 1853
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