Hickory County Cemetery List
Hickory County Cemetery List with directions This list is not quite complete, but as I get the directions to the others I will add them. I have used the Historical Society's book for directions, as well as topographical maps, US Geological Survey maps, and directions offered by others. If you have any to add, please contact me. Thanks!

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Antioch: Pittsburg Map Mapquest Map Baker: Weaubleau Northeast of Weaubleau about 3 miles on Highway 54, east on CR 236, north ¼ mile on 234 Loop. Bartshe Farm: Wheatland North of Wheatland 3 miles on Highway B. Ben Scott: Weaubleau James Foster place on 234 Loop east of Weaubleau away out in the pasture near some big trees. Bernard Chapel: Quincy On 83 Highway, about 2 ¾ miles north of Quincy, on the east side of the road. There is a sign. Map Beyers: Avery From Wheatland, follow B Highway north to K Highway, follow K for 1.3 miles to County Road 4, and go right on CR 4 for .3 miles. Cemetery is on the left side of the road. Map Mapquest Map Bird/Harryman: Quincy Follow 83 to junction 82 at county lines (Hickory and Benton), turn west on 82 about hill number 2 or 3, or about 1 mile and stop at gap in fence or where there is a driveway which could be passed easily, passing one house on right. In a field, on a slight rise. Map Mapquest Map Black: Cross Timbers About 2 miles north of Cross Timbers on 65, then turn on 319 (right) and go about 1 mile to Archie Pippin’s house. Cemetery is just below his barn. Boone: Between Wheatland and Weaubleau On west side of 54, 5 miles west of Wheatland. Only one or two actual stones, several graves and slave graves. Brown (Jonas): From Pittsburg, go north on 64 Highway. Just before the bridge, turn left into the trailer park/resort drive. Grave is in yard at back of park. Map Carter Cemetery (historical): Mapquest Map Clark: From Hermitage, go east on 54 Highway to U Highway, turn left on U and go about a half mile. Cemetery is on the right side of the road down a little lane. There are signs on the roadside and a gate to go through. Map Mapquest Map Cook/Pine Tree/Lone Pine: From Elkton, go west on H Highway about a mile to CR 143, turn right on 143 and go about a mile to the intersection with CR 270. Cemetery is on the northwest side of the intersection. Map Mapquest Map Cooper: Hermitage Off Hwy U, go about 5 miles from where 54 and U meet. Turn left, go about one mile. Go through a wire gap at Wyatt Duncan’s house, go north, wind around in the timber until you reach another wire gap, continue about ¼ - ½ mile and travel through weeds and brush, past an old house place and on Northwest through more weeds about ¼ mile and there is the cemetery with steel posts and barbed wire around it. Map Cross Timbers: Cross Timbers On 65, take P to east one block, then turn left on CR 34 to end of blacktop. Map Cruce/Woods: Halfway between Wheatland and Weaubleau. From Highway 54 or Highway 83, take AA to CR 123, then south a half mile. The cemetery is located about ¼ mile west of Crutsinger Cemetery, pretty deep in the woods. Crutsinger: Halfway between Wheatland and Weaubleau. From Highway 54 or Highway 83, take AA to CR 123, then south a half mile. Map Mapquest Map Dickerson/Donnell: Cross Timbers North of Cross Timbers about 2 miles on 65, to farm on west side of highway. There are some tall marble markers. Map Mapquest Map Dooley Bend: Galmey Just past the dam on Highway 254. Map Mapquest Map Dorman: Hermitage Go a half mile south of Hermitage on 254 Highway, turn west on CR 273, go 1.1 miles. Map Mapquest Map Durnell Chapel: Between Weaubleau and Flemington. From 54 Highway at Weaubleau, go east one mile to H Highway, take H 3 miles to O Highway, follow O for about a mile. The church and cemetery are at the intersection of O and CR 290. Map England: Cross Timbers Go east from intersection of VV and AA in Benton county for 2 ½ miles, then south 8/10 mile to Hickory county line, then 4/10 mile on CR 427. Cemetery is located about ½ mile west, through locked gate, along old road, then about 100 feet north of road. Fairview: From Preston, go east on 54 Highway about a mile then turn left on F Highway. Go 4 miles on F to the church and cemetery, on the right on a hill. Map Fairview/Butcher: Quincy From Wheatland go west on 54 Highway/83 Highway until 83 turns away north. Go north about a mile and turn west on T Highway, go about a mile and the cemetery is on the right beside a small church. Map Fisher: Preston One mile north of Preston on 65 to CR 399, then right ¼ mile. Map Mapquest Map Gardner: Wheatland From Wheatland go south on 83 Highway about a mile, then east on CR 190 for a half mile, then turn south to the cemetery. Map Mapquest Map Gentry/McCaslin: Quincy From Quincy, go south on 83 Highway about a mile, cemetery is on the right side of the road. Map Mapquest Map Gerber: Wheatland South of Wheatland on 83 to AA, west on AA for 3 miles to CR 121. There is a road to the cemetery. Map Mapquest Map Gregory/Osborne: Preston Guier: Cross Timbers Mapquest Map Harper/Bethel: Quincy ½ mile east of St. Clair – Hickory line, ¾ mile south of Benton – Hickory line. Go 2 miles north of Quincy on 83 to CR 36, then west ¾ mile to CR 85, then northwest to cemetery. Map Mapquest Map Hart: Cross Timbers Map Mapquest Map Hartville: Cross Timbers Hatmaker: From Cross Timbers, follow P Highway to the end of the blacktop, then follow CR 501 about 2 miles, small cemetery is on the right side of the road. Herbert: Between Wheatland and Hermitage On the road to the old gravel pit. Hermitage: In Hermitage, behind the high school. Map Holland: Wheatland 3 miles south of Wheatland to junction of Hwy 254, turn west on CR 240. Go west one mile and turn left on the first road, go about 1/8 mile. At this point, park your car at the gate and walk down to the branch. At the east edge of the branch is a fence. The cemetery lies about 100 yards west of the fence. One marked grave, 3 unmarked. Entire cemetery enclosed with a rock border. Holt Family Plot: Preston About 2 ½ miles north of Preston on CR 381. ¼ mile west of the road behind the Archie Schlaudt house. It is believed that there are approximately 20 graves here. Howard: Preston Go east of Preston on 54 to junction with BB, then south on BB to CR 220, then west on 220 about 1 mile. Cemetery is to the left in the field. 100 graves, only one still standing. Johndrow: Located 2 1/2 miles northwest of Fairview/Butcher Cemetery on Lewis Wheeler farm. Johnson/Sanders: East of Liberty Cemetery, about 50 yards west of 254 Highway, in Randy Darby’s pasture. Jones: Avery, turn east on first road south of Avery, go to second house then cemetery lies south of the road on top of a hill. Map Mapquest Map Jordan: Jordan township From Highway 65 at Cross Timbers, go east on Highway P for 5 miles. Church is on the left, and the cemetery is on the hill behind the church. Map King Family Plot: Wheatland West of Wheatland, north from 54 on CR 121 for 2 ½ miles, 200 feet east of road in hay field. Lehman: Elkton From Elkton, go north on 83 Highway about a mile. There is a small side road to the cemetery, it is on a curve and kind of easy to miss if you aren’t looking. There is a sign for the cemetery on the fence back off the road. Map Mapquest Map Lewis: Elkton ½ mile east of Elkton and 1/8 mile north of the highway. Liberty: South of Hermitage. From 254 Highway, go north on CR 283. Cemetery is on right side of road. Map Mapquest Map Little Niangua: Map Mapquest Map Mabary: Preston Macedonia: Between Wheatland and Avery Map Mashburn Family Plot: McCracken: Elkton 83 to CR 340 South of Elkton. (Opposite RB) Go west on 340 to 143, it’s on the right on a hill. Map Mapquest Map Means/Meins: Cross Timbers Morton: Avery Mount Zion: Quincy North of Quincy on 83 Highway, on west side of road. Map Mapquest Map Mullens Family Plot: Nemo: Nemo At the intersection of Highway 64 and NN, on the south east side of the intersection behind the church. Map Olive Point: Preston Go south of Preston about 3 miles to CR 220, east ¼ mile to 421, north ¼ mile, on west side of road to church. Map Palmer: On Camden and Hickory counties line. Take Route P east from Cross Timbers to CR 481, go north on 481 and 501 to Road 10, then east and south to the Wilmer England farm. Pare: Parke: Quincy From Fairview/Butcher Cemetery, ½ mile west and ½ mile south. South of Hwy T on CR 71. Pirtle Lowry Farm: Pitt (historical): Mapquest Map Pitts: Pittsburg From 64 Highway, go east on CR 306 then north on CR 311. Just past the log cabin on the left, at the end of the woods and the edge of a field, the cemetery is off the road and under some trees. Map Mapquest Map Pittsburg: From 64 Highway in Pittsburg, take CR 318 west, the cemetery is behind the Pittsburg Community Building. Map Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church: Pittsburg Go north on 64 Highway to CR 306, then east for a half mile. Church and cemetery are on the right side of the road. Map Pleasant Grove (Buzzard Roost): From Wheatland, go a mile north on B Hwy, turn off left onto W Hwy. Follow W to the end, where it turns into a gravel road (County Road 153). Follow 153 to County Road 26 and turn right, you will see a sign for the church. The cemetery is right behind the little church. Alternately, you can take County Road 26 from K Hwy. Map Pleasant Ridge: From 64 Highway between Mohawk Corner and Louisburg, go north on HH Highway. The cemetery is on the left side of the road, beside the Pleasant Ridge Church. Map Poe: Wheatland Map Mapquest Map Rountree: Elkton From H Highway, go about 3 miles west of Elkton to CR 370, then go east on 370 to the cemetery on the right side of the road. There is a large sign. Map Mapquest Map Sapp: From Elkton, go south on 83 Highway to RB Highway, then go east on RB for 3 ½ miles to end of blacktop. Turn left as if you are going to the boat ramp at the state park, and the cemetery is on the right side, beside the bathroom/shower area. Map Mapquest Map Snidow: 3 miles southeast of Weaubleau, on the old Snidow homestead. Souders: Weaubleau From Weaubleau, take Highway 123 south for 2 miles, then turn right (west) on CR 290 and go about a mile. Turn south (left) onto CR 11 and go maybe a quarter mile, the cemetery is on the left side of the road. Map Mapquest Map South New Home: Cross Timbers North of Cross Timbers on 65 about 3 ½ miles to CR 301 Loop, west about a mile to the church. Map Mapquest Map Stewart: Pittsburg From Pittsburg, go north on 64 Highway to CR 306, then east on 306 to CR 311, follow 311 to the end. When it ends at a small loop, the graves are in the woods, to the right of the loop, very hard to see until you are right up on them. Map Mapquest Map Sumner: Wheatland North of Wheatland on B. Map Mapquest Map Tillery: Elkton Go south on 83 Highway from Elkton about 2miles to CR 340 (across from RB turnoff), go west on 340 to CR 115. Go to the end of 115, it ends at the cemetery. Map Mapquest Map Turner: Cross Timbers From 65 go east of Cross Timbers on P about 7 miles to end of blacktop, turn right, go 1 7/10 miles, then ¼ mile to right in a field. Unknown: Map Walker/Wright: Cross Timbers About 1 ½ miles north of Cross Timbers on CR 34 to 355 and north to cemetery. Weaubleau Congregational Christian Church: Weaubleau One block north of the intersection of 54 Highway and 123 Highway, beside the church. Map Mapquest Map Williams Bend: Wheatland Take B north of Wheatland to Y, follow Y until you reach the William’s place (house on left side of road near schoolhouse). The house is near the old Hopewell Schoolhouse, which is no longer used. Enter a gate at the Williams’ farm and go north about ¼ mile across the pasture. Wright: Preston
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