Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Silsby, Lucille 1880 Gardner Cemetery Silvers, C. A. 1903 Sumner Cemetery Silvers, J. A. NDL Sumner Cemetery Silvers, Joseph Marion 1991 Robinson Cemetery Silvers, Lurita May NDL Robinson Cemetery Silvers, S. S. 1896 Macedonia Cemetery Simmons, Cheryl Ann 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simmons, Emma K. 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simmons, Hobert L. 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simmons, Infant son 1977 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simmons, Mary Jane 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simmons, Alice L. NDL Fisher Cemetery Simmons, Anis B. 1990 Crutsinger Cemetery Simmons, Anna 1916 Hermitage Cemetery Simmons, Barbara Jane 1955 Antioch Cemetery Simmons, Bertha 1972 Fisher Cemetery Simmons, Betty L. (Austin) 1999 Antioch Cemetery Simmons, Carrie G. 1964 Nemo Cemetery Simmons, Charles N. 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Simmons, David 1948 Fisher Cemetery Simmons, David Lee 2003 Antioch Cemetery Simmons, Dora Mae 1978 Robinson Cemetery Simmons, E. D. 1928 Crutsinger Cemetery Simmons, E. Earl 1965 Gardner Cemetery Simmons, E. Truman 1972 Fisher Cemetery Simmons, Eugene 1995 Olive Point Cemetery Simmons, Glen A. 1994 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Simmons, Hugh L. 1930 Fisher Cemetery Simmons, Ira Lee 1993 Gardner Cemetery Simmons, Kate 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery Simmons, Larry Dean NDL Gardner Cemetery Simmons, Lawrence 1941 Gardner Cemetery Simmons, Lenore (Clark) 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Simmons, Lester 1941 Gardner Cemetery Simmons, Loren 1941 Gardner Cemetery Simmons, M. Adella (Erickson) 1982 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Simmons, Margaret Faye 2002 Gardner Cemetery Simmons, Mary Elizabeth 1943 Olive Point Cemetery Simmons, Paul Harold 1958 Crutsinger Cemetery Simmons, Raymond 1903 Nemo Cemetery Simmons, Robert R. 1918 Nemo Cemetery Simmons, Sarah A. 1944 Fisher Cemetery Simmons, Troy M. 2000 Antioch Cemetery Simmons, Vaughn E. 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Simmons, Walter Lee 1968 Robinson Cemetery Simmons, William Elmer 1951 Nemo Cemetery Simms, Lullie L. 1894 Robinson Cemetery Simons, John R. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simons, Lee Roy 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simons, Tracey Diane 1963 Robinson Cemetery Simonton, Paul C. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Simonton, Thelma R. 2001 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Simpson, James M. 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simpson, Rodger G. 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Simpson, Betty Marie 1934 Souders Cemetery Simpson, John Porter 1987 Souders Cemetery Simpson, Mabel Marie NDL Souders Cemetery Sims, Betsy NDL Gardner Cemetery Singleton, Elsie M. (Starks) 1997 Fairview Cemetery Singleton, Harold M. Jr. 1992 Fairview Cemetery Singleton, Harold M. Sr. 1998 Fairview Cemetery Sisk, John H. 1925 Lehman Cemetery Sisk, Mary J. 1937 Lehman Cemetery Skaggs, Allie 1898 Tillery Cemetery Skaggs, Dennis 1891 Tillery Cemetery Skaggs, Elfa 1853 Tillery Cemetery Skaggs, George 1869 Tillery Cemetery Skaggs, Jonathan 1863 Tillery Cemetery Skaggs, Joseph 1885 Tillery Cemetery Skaggs, Nancy 1873 Tillery Cemetery Skidmore, Ellen 1950 Rountree Cemetery Skidmore, Emma Ellen 1913 Rountree Cemetery Skidmore, Floyd W. 1916 Rountree Cemetery Skidmore, Johnnie 1883 Rountree Cemetery Skidmore, Lloyd 1897 Rountree Cemetery Skidmore, Shelby 1953 Rountree Cemetery Skinner, Anne E. 1877 Sumner Cemetery Skinner, Elva A. 1870 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Skinner, Mary (Kennedy) Jones 1968 Sumner Cemetery Skinner, R. C. NDL Sumner Cemetery Skinner, Albert B. 1951 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Charles O. 1969 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Christina 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Dorothy Faye 1934 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Edward Marion 1946 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Eliza 1920 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Infant 1910 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Infant 1912 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Infant 1912 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Margie 1971 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Martha 1909 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Martha A. 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, Martha E. 1879 Pittsburg Cemetery Skinner, N. Ben NDL Gardner Cemetery Skinner, N. Blanch 1917 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Nancy H. 1927 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, Oather 1969 Gardner Cemetery Skinner, R. C. 1913 Hermitage Cemetery Skinner, W.M. 1909 Gardner Cemetery Slagle, Nettie May 1949 Robinson Cemetery Sloan, Kate M. 1885 Macedonia Cemetery Sloan, Laura E. 1897 Macedonia Cemetery Smail, Susan 1913 Means (Meins) Cemetery Smart, Archie D. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Flora C. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Freda D. 1918 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Georgia L. (Shockley) 1994 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Gladys Pearl 1986 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Jewell O. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Lowell E. 1999 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Lucy May 1981 Antioch Cemetery Smart, Ona Ray 1977 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Spencer S. 1963 Robinson Cemetery Smart, Wm. Thomas 1949 Macedonia Cemetery Smisor, Edna M. 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smisor, Harold A. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Addie (Davis) 1992 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Alice (McCune) 1915 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Allene V. 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Alonzo G. 1943 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Arthur R. 2003 Pomme De Terre Baptist Church Cemetery Smith, Cecil G. 1909 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Clint R. 2001 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Earl O. 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Smith, Edward T. 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Elma Lavern NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Smith, Ewald 1932 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Flora M. 1898 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Granville C. 1906 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Harry L. "Smitty" 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Smith, I. C. 1920 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Jacob P. 1873 Gerber Cemetery Smith, James M. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Smith, Lennie M. 1909 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Leola Elaine 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Leona (Olmstead) 1958 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Lois D. 1998 Pomme De Terre Baptist Church Cemetery Smith, Mabel L. 2002 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Madonna 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Smith, Mary F. 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Monroe 1997 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Olin C. (Jack) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Olney R. 1974 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Pauline R. 1995 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Rosa (East) 1938 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Stella 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery Smith, Wendell M. 1903 Sumner Cemetery Smith, Albert F. 1954 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Albert William “Bill” 1980 Robinson Cemetery Smith, Alberta A. 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Alice 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, America A. 1917 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Amos S. 1890 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Anna B. 1909 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Anna M. 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Barney 1920 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Ben Irvine 2001 Clark Cemetery Smith, Birdie W. 1913 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Smith, Brenda Lee 2002 Gardner Cemetery Smith, Buena B. 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Burnice M. (Miller) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Byra V. 1872 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Smith, Carol 1928 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Charles F. 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Chester NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Smith, Clifford Earl 1964 Robinson Cemetery Smith, Dorothy 1994 Fisher Cemetery Smith, E. H. 1928 Antioch Cemetery Smith, Edna Lee 1998 Nemo Cemetery Smith, Edwin M. 1936 Antioch Cemetery Smith, Elsie NDL Clark Cemetery Smith, Emaline M. 1915 Antioch Cemetery Smith, Ethel O. 1990 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Eugene W. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Geneva Mae NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Smith, Gladys O. 1991 South New Home Cemetery Smith, Grace (Hall) 1979 Robinson Cemetery Smith, Harvey 1896 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Smith, Hollis E. 1995 South New Home Cemetery Smith, Hollis Jr. 1934 South New Home Cemetery Smith, Infant NDL Fisher Cemetery Smith, Irene 1871 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Smith, James Evert 1920 Fisher Cemetery Smith, James H. 1932 Fisher Cemetery Smith, James W. 1965 Mt. Zion Cemetery Smith, Jewel B. 1901 Gardner Cemetery Smith, John Edward 1965 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Smith, John P. 1936 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Leonard “Smitty” 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Lester W. 1996 Liberty Cemetery Smith, Louisa (Bybee) 1958 Fisher Cemetery Smith, M. Ney 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Maggie 1973 Mt. Zion Cemetery Smith, Margaret NDL Clark Cemetery Smith, Mary M. NDL Liberty Cemetery Smith, Murlin E. 1944 South New Home Cemetery Smith, Myrtle 1975 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Smith, Nancy 1909 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Nora Maud 1954 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Rachel G. 1871 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Smith, Richard A. 1997 Nemo Cemetery Smith, Robert S. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, S. E. W. NDL Gardner Cemetery Smith, Sam G. 1895 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Smith, Samuel 1902 Clark Cemetery Smith, Samuel M. 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Sarah A. 1893 Gardner Cemetery Smith, Southard 1905 Robinson Cemetery Smith, Vergie 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Vergie M. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Smith, W. B. “Bill” 1962 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Warner 1964 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Smith, Wife of A. S. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Smith, Willa (Evans) 2000 Clark Cemetery Smith, William B. 1878 Fisher Cemetery Smith, Winnie 1928 Hermitage Cemetery Smither, William H. 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Smoyer, Lloyd W. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Snead, Delbert Dale 1980 South New Home Cemetery Snidow, Elizabeth C. (Brown) 1906 Snidow Family Plot Snidow, William Lucas 1903 Snidow Family Plot Snodgrass, William A. 1986 Nemo Cemetery Snow, Annie F. 1956 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snow, Cecil T. 1989 Robinson Cemetery Snow, Eliza 1899 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snow, Grace E. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Snow, John H. 1951 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snow, John W. 1875 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snow, Lela Myrl 1905 Antioch Cemetery Snow, Mary W. 1923 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snow, T. F. 1932 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snow, Thomas 1899 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Snuggins, Josephine A. (Holt) 1984 Hayden Cemetery Snyder, Vie 1988 Cross Timbers Cemetery Snyder, Dovie A. 1988 Rountree Cemetery Snyder, George L. NDL Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Snyder, Martha Adaline 1868 Behind the Quincy Hall Snyder, W. Gilbert 2002 Fisher Cemetery Solberg, Beauta 1935 Clark Cemetery Solberg, Enken Anna 1883 Clark Cemetery Solberg, Malinda 1920 Clark Cemetery Solberg, Moses L. 1920 Clark Cemetery Solberg, O. Leopol 1875 Clark Cemetery Solberg, Ole 1922 Clark Cemetery Solberg, Olof M. Jr. 1964 Clark Cemetery Solberg, Peter 1906 Clark Cemetery Solberg, William 1898 Clark Cemetery Sollenberger, Stanley 1989 Cross Timbers Cemetery Solovey, Ethel (Mitchell) 1998 Robinson Cemetery Solsberg, Donna Jean 1954 Fisher Cemetery Sooter, Rachel May 1991 Robinson Cemetery Sooter, Victor W. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Souders, Abram 1943 Souders Cemetery Souders, George M. 1892 Souders Cemetery Souders, Gracie E. 1892 Souders Cemetery Souders, Hamilton 1895 Souders Cemetery Souders, Infant son 1897 Souders Cemetery Souders, Luther S. 1892 Souders Cemetery Souders, Melvina 1928 Souders Cemetery Southard, Baby NDL Hartville Cemetery Southard, Dan 1970 Macedonia Cemetery Southard, George W. 1954 Macedonia Cemetery Southard, Infant son NDL South New Home Cemetery Southard, Infant son NDL South New Home Cemetery Southard, Jane 1924 South New Home Cemetery Southard, Mildred E. 1935 Macedonia Cemetery Southard, Scott 1920 South New Home Cemetery Southard, Thomas 1918 South New Home Cemetery Southard, Walter 1918 South New Home Cemetery Souther, Elizabeth 1930 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Souther, James A. 1909 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Souther, John A. 1895 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Souther, Mary H. 1953 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Souther, W. A. 1926 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Southern, Bertha M. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Southern, Maxine J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Southers, Janice Kay (Scott) 1993 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Southers, Roy A. 1999 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Southwick, Sarah E. 1890 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Sowell, William L. 1895 Gardner Cemetery Spangler, Elsie 1895 Tillery Cemetery Spencer, Alex L. 1998 Fisher Cemetery Spencer, Anna 1954 Robinson Cemetery Spencer, Bryce L. 1950 Fisher Cemetery Spencer, Della M. 1941 Lehman Cemetery Spencer, Ernest E. 1981 Lehman Cemetery Spencer, Ethel Frances 1970 Fairview Cemetery Spencer, George Washington 1934 Lehman Cemetery Spencer, Mary 1942 Lehman Cemetery Spencer, Mary Jane (Carr) 1910 Fisher Cemetery Spencer, Olin Arthur 1979 Fairview Cemetery Spencer, Pearl M. (Crane) 1988 Fisher Cemetery Spenney, Ada F. (Maberry) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Spenney, Joseph M. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Sperry, John R. 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Sperry, Patricia Anne Thatch Brandis 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Spiller, Dr. W. F. 1979 Dooly Bend Cemetery Spiller, Gladys J. 1974 Dooly Bend Cemetery Spillman, E. M. 1927 Antioch Cemetery Spillman, Emma 1893 Antioch Cemetery Spisack, Helen S. 1984 Clark Cemetery Spisack, Michael J. 1954 Clark Cemetery Spohn, Catherine 1904 Crutsinger Cemetery Spohn, Frank 1925 Crutsinger Cemetery Spohn, Jonathan O. 1897 Crutsinger Cemetery Spohn, Malissa 1932 Crutsinger Cemetery Spohrer, Cordelia 1910 Robinson Cemetery Spoor, Okra D. 1931 Rountree Cemetery Spoor, Orange M. 1935 Rountree Cemetery Spotanski, Melvin L. 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Springer, Rex Q. 1961 Crutsinger Cemetery Springer, Rosie (McCracken) 1891 Crutsinger Cemetery Spurgeon, Harold E. 1974 Sumner Cemetery Stafford, Lillie May (Lockling) 1961 Hayden Cemetery Staggs, James Earnest 1977 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stalnaker, George M. 1884 Lehman Cemetery Stamp, John A. 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Stamper, Aneta J. (Campbell) 1995 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Standefer, Naomi 2002 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stanley, C. Eugene 1983 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Stanley, Irma E. (Erickson) 1981 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Stapleton, Ann 1897 Robinson Cemetery Stark, Cynthia Ann (Cary) 1947 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Daniel Clements 1978 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Eliza J. 1879 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Elizabeth 1844 Turner Cemetery Stark, J. W. 1865 Turner Cemetery Stark, James A., Elder 1878 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, John Clements 1934 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Mary E. 1859 Turner Cemetery Stark, Mary Jo 1930 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stark, Matilda A. (Elgan) 1875 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Pleasant, Elder 1878 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Rebecca Ann 1884 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Rebecca J. 1858 Turner Cemetery Stark, Rice 1900 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Sarah 1882 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Sarah (Elgan) 1883 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Stark, Alfred 1956 Fairview Cemetery Stark, D. P. 1910 Fairview Cemetery Stark, D.T. 1975 Robinson Cemetery Stark, Elizabeth 1886 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Emma 1914 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Ethelene 1937 Robinson Cemetery Stark, Gary Wayne 1953 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Infant 1882 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Infant son 1935 Robinson Cemetery Stark, James G. 1914 Fairview Cemetery Stark, John W. 1933 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Laura Bell (Stephens) 1976 Robinson Cemetery Stark, Lillie M. 1978 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Macie Helen 1931 Robinson Cemetery Stark, Newton B. 1992 Robinson Cemetery Stark, Pearly J. 1889 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Roy G. 1968 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Sabrina Catharina 1929 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Sarah A. 1908 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Thomas Leroy 1929 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Wieth Claton 1919 Fairview Cemetery Stark, Zilpha 1919 Fairview Cemetery Starkey, Bennett 1915 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Cully F. 1861 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Ed 1953 Robinson Cemetery Starkey, Emma J. NDL Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Gertie P. NDL Robinson Cemetery Starkey, Ida 1937 Robinson Cemetery Starkey, Kisiah P. 1862 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Mary 1887 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Mary E. 1892 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Nancy L. 1874 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Penelope NDL Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Polly Barger 1907 Tillery Cemetery Starkey, Roma C. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Starkey, Sarah 1862 Tillery Cemetery Starks, Charles Emery 2003 Fairview Cemetery Statan, Alvine 1916 Gardner Cemetery Statan, Asa 1915 Macedonia Cemetery Statan, Earl 1908 Macedonia Cemetery Statan, Harris E. 1920 Macedonia Cemetery Statan, Josephine 1926 Macedonia Cemetery Staten, Asa Bill 1951 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Charles D. 1958 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Clarence “Hank” 2000 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Cora 1962 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Eula Pearl 1999 Gardner Cemetery Staten, H. Elmer “Slim” 1989 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Harold 1972 Macedonia Cemetery Staten, Henry 1958 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Julia Joan 1933 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Lena (Shinn) 1997 Gardner Cemetery Staten, Mabel Marie (Pack) 1998 Gardner Cemetery Staten, N. J. S. NDL Gardner Cemetery Staten, Robert 1944 Macedonia Cemetery Staten, Viola 1945 Macedonia Cemetery Steeber, Galistia 1881 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Steele, Thelma Lorene 1972 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Stephens, Lester 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stephens, Reva LaVerne (Tipton) 1997 Macedonia Cemetery Stephenson, Jane M. 1852 Baker Cemetery Stephenson, Robert Abraham 1863 Baker Cemetery Stephenson, Eloda A. 1888 Tillery Cemetery Stephenson, Infant daughter 1884 Tillery Cemetery Stephenson, J. Marshall 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Stephenson, Lester R. NDL Tillery Cemetery Stephenson, Luella 1913 Tillery Cemetery Stephenson, Margrete 1857 Tillery Cemetery Stephenson, Ruth I. 1980 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Steuber, Elizabeth Ann 1995 Hermitage Cemetery Steuber, James R. 2003 Hermitage Cemetery Steuber, John H. Sr. 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Steuber, Joyce C. (Kuhlmann) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Steuber, Leona P. (Enboden) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Stevens, Abe 1934 Hartville Cemetery Stevens, Agnes M. (Mawhiney) 1992 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Ariander (Bud) 1985 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Berniece Ila 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Bertha NDL Hartville Cemetery Stevens, Eula Frances 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Fredonia NDL Hartville Cemetery Stevens, Harold L. 1942 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Irl M. 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Jeanne Yvonne 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, John W. 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Will NDL Hartville Cemetery Stevens, William F. 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stevens, Alma 1932 Clark Cemetery Stevens, Anderson 1882 Fisher Cemetery Stevens, Cynthia A. 1870 Fisher Cemetery Stevens, Girthy May (Looney) Farmer-Stevens 1994 Fisher Cemetery Stevens, Mandy 1973 Macedonia Cemetery Stevens, Rena (Stiltz) 1945 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stevens, Roy 2002 Macedonia Cemetery Stevens, William Floyd 1932 Clark Cemetery Stevenson, Joel A. 1947 Lehman Cemetery Stevenson, Marion J. 1912 Lehman Cemetery Stewart, Andrew NDL Palmer Cemetery Stewart, Ann 1921 Gerber Cemetery Stewart, Bridget 1884 Gerber Cemetery Stewart, John A. Jr. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stewart, Juanita May NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Stewart, Margaret 1935 Gerber Cemetery Stewart, Marion F. 1936 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stewart, Naomi 1873 Tipton Cemetery Stewart, William 1882 Gerber Cemetery Stewart, William 1935 Gerber Cemetery Stewart, Alice A. 1923 Fisher Cemetery Stewart, Coy 1993 Gardner Cemetery Stewart, Della 1969 Fisher Cemetery Stewart, Dorothy E. NDL Nemo Cemetery Stewart, E. K. A. 1882 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Stewart, Earnest P. 1942 Fisher Cemetery Stewart, Ernestine L. (Haggard) 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Stewart, Eva 1878 Fisher Cemetery Stewart, Henrietta Mabary 1952 Hermitage Cemetery Stewart, John A. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Stewart, Joseph William 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Stewart, Lenora Jean 1967 Robinson Cemetery Stewart, Lora Ann 1967 Robinson Cemetery Stewart, Ora Ernest 1916 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Stewart, Raymond F. NDL Nemo Cemetery Stewart, T. W. 1911 Fisher Cemetery Stickley, Robert 2003 Pomme De Terre Baptist Church Cemetery Still, Bernese "Curl" 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stiltz, Aubrey L. 1906 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stiltz, Glen 1902 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stiltz, Lydia A. 1909 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stiltz, Lyman W. 1904 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stiltz, Margaret A. 1915 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stirlen, Beulah 1956 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stirlen, Jim 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stirlen, Lucy 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stirlen, Nellie E. 1937 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stirlen, Walter 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stirlen, William A. 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stober, Harry V. W. NDL Gardner Cemetery Stober, Jake 1913 Gardner Cemetery Stogsdill, Gilbert L. 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stoker, Lewis 1870 Sumner Cemetery Stokes, Bernice G. 1999 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Cecil 1906 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Cecil Clyde 1944 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Celestie 1956 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Cordelia 1910 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Glendora 1988 Robinson Cemetery Stokes, Jacob 1913 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Jacob 1950 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Marjorie L. 1986 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Nancy A. 1910 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Orbie NDL Robinson Cemetery Stokes, Robert 1927 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Robert C. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Roy C. 2000 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Timothy C. 1978 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stokes, Wanda Louise 1977 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Stoll, Catherine 1877 Gerber Cemetery Stoll, Jacob P. 1906 Gerber Cemetery Stoll, Mary Leighty 1928 Gerber Cemetery Stone, Faney Holt 1887 Holt Family Plot Stone, Irene 2003 Olive Point Cemetery Stonebrook, Donald Allan 1969 Nemo Cemetery Stonebrook, Juanita (Tolliver) 1997 Nemo Cemetery Stonebrook, Keith 2003 Nemo Cemetery Stout, Eula Ann 1935 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, Ida May 1882 Sumner Cemetery Stout, Joe 1909 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, John W. 1952 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, Mary F. 1908 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, Oliver Dee 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, Thomas O. 1950 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, William 1896 Sumner Cemetery Stout, Wilma Dot 1984 Dooly Bend Cemetery Stout, Amos O. 1972 Antioch Cemetery Stout, Charles E. 1957 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stout, Cordelia 1954 Antioch Cemetery Stout, Elijah H. 1907 Antioch Cemetery Stout, Isabell 1888 Antioch Cemetery Stout, John W. 1913 Antioch Cemetery Stout, Margret E. 1886 Antioch Cemetery Stout, Martha E. 1917 Mt. Zion Cemetery Stover, May 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Stover, Clyde 1963 Gardner Cemetery Stover, Infant son 1905 Gardner Cemetery Stover, Oma 1974 Gardner Cemetery Stowe, Orbie A. 1986 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Strahan, Donald E. 1978 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Strahan, Elva L. (Shelten) 1977 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Straw, Julia L. 1905 Antioch Cemetery Street, Children NDL Baker Cemetery Street, Harry 1904 Baker Cemetery Street, Allie 1941 Crutsinger Cemetery Street, C. J. 1910 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Street, Elizabeth 1930 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Street, Helen 1972 Crutsinger Cemetery Street, James Howard 1974 Crutsinger Cemetery Street, Samuel A. 1932 Crutsinger Cemetery Street, William 1983 Crutsinger Cemetery Street, William H. 1912 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Stricklin, Meredith 1890 Pittsburg Cemetery Stricklin, Merideth W. 1857 Pittsburg Cemetery Stricklin, N. O. 1871 Pittsburg Cemetery Stricklin, Nancy 1880 Pittsburg Cemetery Strope, Mabbie Perkins 1969 Robinson Cemetery Stroud, A. Kathleen (Huston) NDL Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Arthur 1881 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Beatrice Paxton 1968 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Bertram R. 1923 Olive Point Cemetery Stroud, Charline Maxine 1922 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Cleatus Alfred 1917 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Cleve G. 1963 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Clifford B. 1934 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Cora Lee 1901 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Doris G. (Edge) 1994 Fisher Cemetery Stroud, Jesse 1899 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Jessie Lafayette 1892 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, John Dee 1998 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, John Thomas 1959 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Joseph G. 1919 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Laura K. (Johnson) NDL Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Martha H. (Amlin) 1957 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Martha J. NDL Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Mary Ann E. 1949 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Mary M. 1888 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Orel A. 1979 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Orel Thomas 1994 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Oval Jr. 1956 Liberty Cemetery Stroud, Wesley T. 1988 Fisher Cemetery Stroup, Herbert H. 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Stroup, Willie V. 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Stubbs, Calvin 1933 Robinson Cemetery Stubbs, Della L. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Stucky, David 1877 Gerber Cemetery Stucky, Josephine J. 1875 Gerber Cemetery Stucky, Niklaus 1886 Gerber Cemetery Stull, Bertha J. 1991 South New Home Cemetery Stutesman, Infant NDL Crutsinger Cemetery Stutesman, Judith 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery Stutesman, Oscar Lewis 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Suedmeyer, Albert F. C. 1979 Dooly Bend Cemetery Suedmeyer, Lois L. Tripp NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Sukraw, Jones Alpheus 1923 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Sullivan, Charles Ray 1981 Dooly Bend Cemetery Sullivan, Ruby Mae 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Sullivent, Betty J. (Rice) NDL Fisher Cemetery Sullivent, Earl L. 1990 Fisher Cemetery Sullivent, Kenneth E. 1997 Fisher Cemetery Summers, Bertha Fluty 1978 Robinson Cemetery Summers, George C. 1954 Robinson Cemetery Summers, Lester Leroy 1983 Robinson Cemetery Summers, Luther Lee 1989 Souders Cemetery Summers, Mary Lou (Owens) 2002 Souders Cemetery Sumners, Cordelia R. 1910 Sumner Cemetery Sumners, Dora Cordelia NDL Sumner Cemetery Sumners, Gideon 1884 Sumner Cemetery Sunderland, Hetty L. 1967 Sumner Cemetery Sunderland, Marvin 1898 Antioch Cemetery Sundwall, Effie 1962 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, Elvira 1918 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, Gustavis A. 1920 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, Johana 1920 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, May Gardner 1972 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, Nels J. 1954 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, Ruby L. 1979 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, Virgil Lea 1924 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, William A. 1964 Fairview Cemetery Sundwall, William R. 1953 Fairview Cemetery Supernault, William R. Jr. 1983 Nemo Cemetery Sutcliffe, Baby 1966 Pare Cemetery Suthard, Clifford 2000 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Sutt, Bonney 1889 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, C. Dudley 1933 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Christopher 1888 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Christopher Columbus 1932 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Eliza A. 1914 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Elizabeth 1884 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, James W. 1889 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Joseph 1882 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Mart Luther 1978 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Mary M. 1955 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Melissa E. 1893 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Noah 18?? Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Nona C. 1891 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Rhoda J. (Blackwell) 1977 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Sarah E. 1896 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Una Murphy 1932 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Willie 1892 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Willie G. 1880 Sumner Cemetery Sutt, Ada 1960 Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, C. C. (Lum) 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, Eliza 1906 Gardner Cemetery Sutt, Georgia H. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, Gertrude 1914 Gardner Cemetery Sutt, Henry 1960 Gardner Cemetery Sutt, Jerry Lynn 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, Lester 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, Lucy M. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, W. H. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Sutt, William Lowel 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Sutton, Dale Leroy 1973 Robinson Cemetery Sutton, Genevieve M. 1992 Robinson Cemetery Swanson, Annis D. 1994 Antioch Cemetery Swanson, Eugene E. 1997 South New Home Cemetery Swanson, G. Evelyn 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Swanson, Hilmer J. 1972 Antioch Cemetery Swanson, Marcia L. 1982 South New Home Cemetery Swanson, Robert R. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Swayzee, Oleen Mason 1928 Souders Cemetery Swearingen, Delberta F. 1995 Hayden Cemetery Swearingen, Mac C. 1995 Hayden Cemetery Swearingin, Danielle Nichole 1992 Fisher Cemetery Swicegood, Sophronia 1873 Sumner Cemetery Swicegood, Alva C. 1974 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Swicegood, Charles E. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Christina (Gibbler) 1907 Crutsinger Cemetery Swicegood, Cora L. (Wheeler) 1957 Crutsinger Cemetery Swicegood, D. J. 1901 Crutsinger Cemetery Swicegood, Earl 1979 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Fay B. 1966 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Hazel L. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Infant son 1887 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, John H. 1936 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Lillie 2003 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Mary 1940 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Mattie E. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Olaf NDL Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Rena 1920 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Robert B. 1992 Robinson Cemetery Swicegood, Sarah (Stokes) 1950 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Swicegood, Theodore T. 1948 Crutsinger Cemetery Swicegood, William 1932 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Swinney, James 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Swinney, Leah Marie 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Swinney, Ray F. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Swoboda, Steven Andrew 1998 Hayden Cemetery Swopes, Alphonso “Joe” 1984 Mt. Zion Cemetery Swopes, Charles O. 1987 Mt. Zion Cemetery Swopes, Della (Moore) 1964 Mt. Zion Cemetery Swopes, Edna Ruth 2000 Mt. Zion Cemetery Szymkowiak, Edward M. “Ed” 1976 Gardner Cemetery Tain, J. D. MHR ???? Baker Cemetery Talburt, Esther Pearl NDL Robinson Cemetery Talburt, William Creston 1972 Robinson Cemetery Tankesley, Albert N. 1959 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Eliza J. (Wilson) 1953 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Flora B. (Lindsey) 1961 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Infant son NDL Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Mary E. 1864 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Melvin 1916 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Millie E. 1918 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, Nathan A. 1882 Fisher Cemetery Tankesley, William L. 1937 Fisher Cemetery Tashkoff, E. Elaine 1993 Antioch Cemetery Tate, Dewey E. 1986 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tate, Lula E. 1973 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tatum, Infant 1873 Dooly Bend Cemetery Tatum, L. J. 1924 Dooly Bend Cemetery Tatum, Margaret 1872 Dooly Bend Cemetery Tatum, Margaret J. 1914 Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, Delphia 1892 Sumner Cemetery Taylor, Etta M. 1938 Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, Frances P. 1882 Sumner Cemetery Taylor, James A. 1940 Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, John Lewis 1963 Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, Kenneth D. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, Lex W. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, Mary Jean NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, Zilpha Ann 1972 Dooly Bend Cemetery Taylor, A. J. 1908 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Alfred I. 1940 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Alta May (Bonner) 2000 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Avoleen (Gibson) NDL Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Chester F. “Chet” 1981 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Cora Belle 1959 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Dennis D. 1938 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Edna E. 1909 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Edward D. 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, Edward N. 1918 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Effie L. 1963 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Eldon 1906 Tillery Cemetery Taylor, Eliza Emmaline 1910 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Elizabeth L. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, Ella J. 1911 Gardner Cemetery Taylor, Elora 1892 Tillery Cemetery Taylor, Elsie 1892 Tillery Cemetery Taylor, Elvirah 1871 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Taylor, Ethel L. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Taylor, Flavis G. (Pile) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, Francis E. 1928 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Fred L. 1955 Robinson Cemetery Taylor, Frona E. 1885 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Taylor, H. E. “Ed” 1974 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Infant daughter 1905 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Infant son 1883 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Taylor, J. NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Taylor, J. Olin 1994 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, J. Perry NDL Nemo Cemetery Taylor, John Bieler 1918 Gardner Cemetery Taylor, John E. 1953 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Joseph H. “Joe” 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, Leslie Lane NDL Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Lettie M. 1970 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Lewis Winfield 1953 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Loren Dee “Red” 1984 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Luke 1953 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Melbern Francis 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, Minnie M. NDL Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Montie M. (Durnell) 1979 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Nancy 1873 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Taylor, Raymond Dee 1975 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Rev. James M. 1919 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Rosa Nell 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, Rosalee NDL Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Sarah F. 1937 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Tennie A. 1923 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Thomas E. 1891 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Taylor, Thomas Joseph 1954 Hermitage Cemetery Taylor, W. W. 1920 Tillery Cemetery Taylor, Wilbur E. 1972 Nemo Cemetery Taylor, Wm. F. 1870 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Teague, Emily J. 1924 Cross Timbers Cemetery Teague, John H. 1923 Cross Timbers Cemetery Teague, Vernon 1920 Cross Timbers Cemetery Teague, Annabelle (Chasteen) 1986 South New Home Cemetery Teague, Joseph Alvin 1992 South New Home Cemetery Teague, Kathryn L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Teague, Woodrow C. 1996 Robinson Cemetery Tederman, Doris 1911 Clark Cemetery Terbovich, Doris 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Terry, Oscar Leroy 1896 Robinson Cemetery Testorff, Nina B. 1972 Souders Cemetery Tevis, Connie Fay 1952 Gardner Cemetery Tevis, Edith B. 1974 Gardner Cemetery Tevis, Galen W. 1953 Gardner Cemetery Tevis, Janice Kay 1948 Gardner Cemetery Tevis, Ronald A. 1989 Gardner Cemetery Tevis, Roy W. 1947 Gardner Cemetery Tharp, Chris C. 1917 Liberty Cemetery Tharp, Lillian Mae 1907 Liberty Cemetery Thatch, Annie Hester (Selvidge) 1912 Gardner Cemetery Thatch, Catherine 1909 Gardner Cemetery Thatch, Daniel 1876 Gardner Cemetery Thatch, Ida M. 1954 Lehman Cemetery Thatch, Lewis S. 1903 Lehman Cemetery Thatch, Louis S. 1933 Lehman Cemetery Thatch, Roscoe C. 1935 Hermitage Cemetery Thatch, Sylvia D. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Thatch, Viola June 1960 Lehman Cemetery Thatch, William S. 1929 Lehman Cemetery Theen, Charlene NDL Hermitage Cemetery Theen, Eugene G. 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Theen, Icel May (Harlan) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Theriot, Vina (Pearson) 1979 Dooly Bend Cemetery Thomas, Evo Lena 1985 Cross Timbers Cemetery Thomas, George Raymond 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Thomas, Allie 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery Thomas, Dennis B. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Thomas, Emma 1907 Hayden Cemetery Thomas, F. Jeannie 1984 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Thomas, Golda I. 1999 Olive Point Cemetery Thomas, Grant 1969 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Thomas, Gustava C. 1959 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Thomas, James F. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Thomas, John T. 1863 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Thomas, Julia Marie NDL Gardner Cemetery Thomas, Lawrence Ray 1998 Gardner Cemetery Thomas, Margaret 1887 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Thomas, Melvina 1938 Hayden Cemetery Thomas, Orie Alice 1872 Gardner Cemetery Thomas, Rhonda Hollingsworth 1906 Hayden Cemetery Thomas, Russell F. 1971 Olive Point Cemetery Thomas, W. I. 1923 Hayden Cemetery Thomas, Willa M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Ada D. 1881 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Thompson, Alfred R. 1933 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Amanda 1933 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Audrey M. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Bernita F. 1927 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Bessie 1932 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Betty Lee 1944 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Charles Leonard 1922 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Charles W. 1941 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Charles W. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Dell N. 1896 Gardner Cemetery Thompson, Dorance K. 1973 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, E. T. 1949 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Ella F. (Overton) 1897 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Ethel 1965 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Flora B. 1935 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Geraldine L. 1990 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Gladys 1922 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Glatha P. 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Jacob G. D. 1905 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, John C. 1940 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, John W. 1974 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Lester W. 1992 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Leta M. (Gaston) 1966 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Lillie Mae 1963 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Loren 1960 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Marvin E. 1929 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Mary Ann 1933 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Mary E. 1886 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Thompson, Matthew Wade 1970 Liberty Cemetery Thompson, Mima 1901 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Nancy E. 1925 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Nancy E. (Grugin) 1913 Mt. Zion Cemetery Thompson, Nely 1901 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Noel O. 1985 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Olive Marlow 1952 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Perry N. 1898 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Petrola 1948 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Rass D. 1959 Mt. Zion Cemetery Thompson, Robert Bishop 1950 Gardner Cemetery Thompson, Roseanny (Selvidge) 1925 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, Roy E. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Thelma 1996 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, Thomas D. 1882 Mt. Zion Cemetery Thompson, Tom D. NDL Gardner Cemetery Thompson, W. D. 1887 Mt. Zion Cemetery Thompson, W. D. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, William 1914 Robinson Cemetery Thompson, William D. 1966 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Thompson, William Newton 1931 Robinson Cemetery Thornton, George W. 1951 Souders Cemetery Thornton, Ira A. 1949 Souders Cemetery Thornton, Lucy 1945 Souders Cemetery Thorpe, Benjamin 1933 Robinson Cemetery Thorpe, William O. 1907 Robinson Cemetery Threlfall, Infant son NDL Gardner Cemetery Threlfall, Margaret L. 1887 Gardner Cemetery Thurman, Sarah A. 1957 Antioch Cemetery Thurman, William P. 1940 Antioch Cemetery Tiderman, Oscar 1929 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Tilford, Geneva D. 1953 Sumner Cemetery Tilford, Grace W. (Miller) 1941 Sumner Cemetery Tilford, James S. 1954 Sumner Cemetery Tilford, Ellis A. 1875 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tilford, James M. 1898 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tilford, Joseph H. 1901 Mt. Zion Cemetery Tilford, Laura A. 1917 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tilford, Mary B. 1881 Mt. Zion Cemetery Tilford, Susannah T. 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Tilford, Ulysses G. 1866 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tillery, Birdie 1950 Robinson Cemetery Tillery, Carron M. 1882 Tillery Cemetery Tillery, Cora 1950 Robinson Cemetery Tillery, Jacob F. 1916 Tillery Cemetery Tillery, John 1959 Robinson Cemetery Tillery, Samuel 1886 Tillery Cemetery Tillery, Sarrah Hellen 1902 Tillery Cemetery Tillery, William 1956 Robinson Cemetery Timme, Velma Jeanne 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Timms, Edd T. (Poppy) 1980 Fisher Cemetery Tindell, Fred J. 1997 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tindell, Gene D. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tindell, Pauletta M. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tinsley, Catherine (Taylor) 1923 Tillery Cemetery Tipling, Blanch A. 1911 Souders Cemetery Tipling, James L. 1906 Souders Cemetery Tipling, Ray B. 1908 Souders Cemetery Tipton, Horner F. 1941 Cross Timbers Cemetery Tipton, James F. 1877 Tipton Cemetery Tipton, Joseph C. 1883 Tipton Cemetery Tipton, Mae Dean 1999 Cross Timbers Cemetery Tipton, Minnie V. 1877 Tipton Cemetery Tipton, Samuel A. 1875 Tipton Cemetery Tipton, Ada Herbert 1967 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Alice 1964 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Alvin Gene 1991 Rountree Cemetery Tipton, Bertha L. 1962 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Daisy M. 1974 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Elsie A. 1977 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, George Edgar 1981 Macedonia Cemetery Tipton, Inez (Jordan) 1961 Macedonia Cemetery Tipton, John F. 1963 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Joseph T. 1967 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Leon 2001 Lehman Cemetery Tipton, Mary E. 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Tipton, Norval E. 1960 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, O. Idellah 1983 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Raymond S. Sr. 1991 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, Tommy Lafe 1954 Rountree Cemetery Tipton, Wilbur N. 1981 Gardner Cemetery Tipton, William H. 1963 Gardner Cemetery Todd, Rena Faye 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Todd, William Earl 1895 Gardner Cemetery Toler, Henry Edwin 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Toler, Zayda Lee NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Tolivar, Jack 1972 Nemo Cemetery Tolivar, Viola 1936 Nemo Cemetery Toliver, Ada B. 1975 Nemo Cemetery Toliver, Amanda 1893 Nemo Cemetery Toliver, J. W. 1936 Nemo Cemetery Toliver, Jesse M. 1983 Nemo Cemetery Tolle, Clay H. 1986 Nemo Cemetery Tolle, Nell Ray (Dorman) 1984 Nemo Cemetery Tollivar, Ralph F. 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Tollivar, Thelma L. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Tolliver, Carl F. 1970 Nemo Cemetery Tolliver, Jesse 1940 Nemo Cemetery Tolliver, Jesse J. 2001 Nemo Cemetery Tolliver, Sarah Louella 1985 Nemo Cemetery Tolliver, Wanda M. NDL Nemo Cemetery Toms, Edwin A. 1986 Hermitage Cemetery Toms, Ethel 1966 Robinson Cemetery Toms, Ira 1927 Robinson Cemetery Toms, Jesse T. 1962 Robinson Cemetery Toms, Paralee 1932 Robinson Cemetery Toms, Thelma O. 1982 Hermitage Cemetery Toms, Tommie W. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Tooley, Fannie 1912 Gardner Cemetery Tooley, William 1893 Gardner Cemetery Torkelson, Arthur James 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Trager, Doris L. 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Trager, George F. 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Treat, Don P. 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Tremaine, Samuel NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Triggs, Amanda T. 1961 Antioch Cemetery Triggs, John William 1956 Antioch Cemetery Trimm, Mary S. 1901 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Trisler, Arthur J. 1962 Dooly Bend Cemetery Trisler, Jaunita G. 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Trowbridge, Martha L. 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Trowbridge, Theodore Thomas 1971 Robinson Cemetery Troxel, Gary LeRonnie 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Troxel, Infant 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Troxel, Monta B. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Troxel, Ralph “Tuffy” 1990 Hermitage Cemetery True, Elijah NDL Gardner Cemetery True, Mrs. NDL Gardner Cemetery Truitt, Arthur Ray 1972 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, C. Kathleen 1996 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Cecil 1905 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Clara M. 1967 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Corda Bailey Copenhaver 1999 Mt. Zion Cemetery Truitt, Donald L. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Edward F. 1946 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Ina 1992 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Jack 1920 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Kelly Rae 1967 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Kizzie A. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Maxie H. 1962 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Minnie Maude Inman 1983 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Opal 1910 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Paul Leroy 1997 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Perry Otto 1991 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Roy 1977 Robinson Cemetery Truitt, Ruth M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Truitt, William M. 1944 Robinson Cemetery Tuck, Albert R. 1934 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Annis 1944 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Bessie 1968 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Bina Florene (Jones) 1995 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Dainley 1996 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Dimple R. (Roberts) NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Everett G. 1935 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Frank J. 1963 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Infant daughter 1918 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Johnnie NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Karol Kay NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Leonard Ray NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tuck, Sam W. 1992 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Tucker, Minerva NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Tucker, Susie Reed 1949 Guier Cemetery Tucker, Columbus 1868 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Tucker, David R. 1976 Jordan Cemetery Tucker, Frances NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Tucker, George 1869 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Tucker, Ida 1918 Robinson Cemetery Tucker, Infant son 1907 Robinson Cemetery Tucker, Irena L. 1890 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Tucker, James J. 1867 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Tucker, Jeff NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Tucker, Julia Mae 1873 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Tucker, Lola S. 1950 Robinson Cemetery Tucker, Matthew Allen 1998 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tucker, Maude E. 1966 Jordan Cemetery Tucker, Nathan R. 1914 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Tucker, Nellie E. 1953 Robinson Cemetery Tucker, Walter E. 1961 Robinson Cemetery Tull, Ethel V. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Tull, Mary Frances 1921 Cross Timbers Cemetery Tull, Minnie H. 1924 Cross Timbers Cemetery Tull, Raymond E. 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Tull, Rev. W. E. 1957 Cross Timbers Cemetery Turner, Ephraim 1879 Turner Cemetery Turner, Infant 1872 Turner Cemetery Turner, John E. 1879 Turner Cemetery Turner, Malinda A. 1875 Turner Cemetery Turner, Susanner Cape (Parks) 1919 Turner Cemetery Turner, Calista J. 1896 Mt. Zion Cemetery Turner, Clyde 1994 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, Emma Alice 1933 Fairview Cemetery Turner, Ida May 1963 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, J. Henry 1959 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, Larry Gene 2002 Fisher Cemetery Turner, Lester Raleigh 1986 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, Mae (Rogers) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, Mary Alice (Samples) 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, Norman “Jake” 1989 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Turner, Pleasant 1935 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Turner, Tayler McKay 1997 Fisher Cemetery Turner, Tom 1987 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Tweet, Erling "Don" 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Tweet, Joan C. 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Twigger, Lena Dell 1954 Wright Cemetery Umphonour, J. 1899 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Unknown surname, no first name 1858 Pirtle Lowrey Farm Cemetery Unknown Surname, Two infants NDL Ben Scott Cemetery Unknown surname, Nancy 1858 Pittsburg Cemetery Unknown surname, Samuel 1870 Pittsburg Cemetery Unknown surnames, 6 Slaves NDL Boone Cemetery Upton, John Leotus 1986 Robinson Cemetery Urich, Luella May 2002 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Urie, Rhoder P. 1996 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Urie, Sarah Ellen 1975 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Ussery, Catharine 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, Dorothy L. 1931 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, George 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, Gilbert R. 1981 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ussery, Grace (Admire) 1976 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, Joseph W. 1969 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, Louise E. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ussery, Myrtle E. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, Peter D. 1942 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, Roena J. 1929 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ussery, A. C. 1926 Fairview Cemetery Ussery, Arthur O. “Art” 1996 Fairview Cemetery Ussery, Artie Chancellor 1978 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Ussery, Dorothy L. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Ussery, Junettie 1887 Fairview Cemetery Ussery, Norma J. (Johnson) 2003 Fairview Cemetery Van Buskirk, C. I. “Short” 1967 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Van Buskirk, John 1940 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Van Buskirk, John 1955 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Van Buskirk, Lizzie 1937 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Van Buskirk, Myrtle 1952 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Van Buskirk, Rosa 1896 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Vance, Maria C. 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Vance, Lydia Rosena 1975 Robinson Cemetery Vandalsem, Ernest J. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Vandalsem, Flora M. 1970 Robinson Cemetery Vandeman, Ebenezer M. 1918 Robinson Cemetery Vandeman, Martha M. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Vandeman, Mary Etta 1942 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Eltha Lana 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Vanderford, George E. 1955 Dooly Bend Cemetery Vanderford, Hannah May 1972 Dooly Bend Cemetery Vanderford, Jesse Leone 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Vanderford, Ethel 1990 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Eva M. 1931 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Infant son 1930 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, M. Mable 1934 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Mary F. 1950 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Paul 1987 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Phenno V. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Ralph Wiggins 1954 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, William Beverly 1941 Robinson Cemetery Vanderford, Winnifred Elizabeth (Reynolds) 1989 Robinson Cemetery Vanlue, Myrtle 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Vanlue, Vernon 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Vannoy, Dan A. 1946 Gardner Cemetery Vannoy, Mary A. 1913 Gardner Cemetery Vannoy, Mayble 1888 Gardner Cemetery Vannoy, Nancy A. (Pine) 1931 Gardner Cemetery Vannoy, William I. 1889 Gardner Cemetery Vannoy, William M. 1884 Gardner Cemetery VanPatten, Cora E. 1962 Robinson Cemetery VanPatten, George M. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Varner, Maude L. 1953 Robinson Cemetery Varner, Rev. J. R. 1955 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, Alma 1978 Antioch Cemetery Vaughn, Andrew Sherman 1886 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, Betty 1932 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, Blanche G. 1963 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, Brud 1935 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, Dolores (Swicegood) 1995 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, George 1970 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, H. Eugene 1985 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, J. Orlie 1946 Antioch Cemetery Vaughn, John C. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, Lindel A. 1917 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, Lydia Fowler 1919 Antioch Cemetery Vaughn, Mattie M. (Rees) 1915 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, Nellie Margaret 1924 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, Samuel C. 1877 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, Samuel Jesse 1936 Robinson Cemetery Vaughn, Sherman 1915 Tillery Cemetery Vaughn, Sherman D. 1912 Tillery Cemetery Verble, Dallas Sr. 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Vest, Geraldine NDL Robinson Cemetery Vest, Homer C. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Vest, Lisha Michelle 1963 Robinson Cemetery Vestal, Henry 1935 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Viles, Mary L. 1895 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Vilhauer, Johnny Lynn 1945 Cross Timbers Cemetery Vincent, Dennis 1989 Lehman Cemetery Vogel, Harold E. 2002 Crutsinger Cemetery Vogel, Louisa C. 1904 Fisher Cemetery Vogel, Victoria (Lindsey) 1948 Fisher Cemetery Vogel, Wm. F. 1957 Fisher Cemetery Voorhees, Beulah L. 1996 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Voorhees, Richard S. 2001 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Voss, Norma E. 1995 South New Home Cemetery
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