Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Mueller, Bonnie Mae 1994 Fairview Cemetery Mueller, E. Henry 1962 Fairview Cemetery Mueller, H. 1920 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mueller, J. Wm. H. “Bill” 1990 Fairview Cemetery Mueller, Verba (Robbins) NDL Fairview Cemetery Mueller, Vessie 1983 Fairview Cemetery Mueller, Virgle U. 1994 Fairview Cemetery Mulkey, Claude C. 1962 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Mulkey, Marion 1901 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Mulkey, Marion 1949 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Mulkey, Orthur 1919 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Mulkey, Sally 1956 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Mulkey, Vergie M. 1997 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Mulkey, Infant NDL Gardner Cemetery Mullens, Jeremiah 1881 Gardner Cemetery Muller, Marie (Marsh) 2000 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mullins, Cynthia A. 1890 Mullins Cemetery Mullins, Elizabeth J. 1889 Mullins Cemetery Mullins, J. A. NDL Mullins Cemetery Mullins, Azra Vena 1952 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Daniel Henry 1951 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Earl Oliver 1982 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Lilly Violet 1924 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Lowell Daniel 1988 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Neura May 1899 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Olan Franklin 1962 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Oren Leo 1912 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Orval E. 1985 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mullins, Steve 1953 Macedonia Cemetery Munden, Paul C. 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Munden, Paul D. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Munden, Verrette E. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Murnan, Cecile G. 1935 Robinson Cemetery Murnan, Celia 1937 Robinson Cemetery Murnan, John 1889 Robinson Cemetery Murnan, Nancy A. NDL Robinson Cemetery Murnan, Silas 1934 Robinson Cemetery Murnan, William A. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Murphy, John 1903 Sumner Cemetery Murphy, Sarah Ann 1918 Sumner Cemetery Murphy, Aba M. 1911 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, Ann 1923 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, Cecil E. 1899 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, Eliza 1898 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, John Fisher 1978 Crutsinger Cemetery Murphy, John Marshall 1944 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, Lucretia G. 1923 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, Mollie (Roth) 1930 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Murphy, Nona V. 1923 Macedonia Cemetery Murphy, William Paul 1947 Crutsinger Cemetery Murphy, Zilpha (Fisher) 1974 Crutsinger Cemetery Murray, Infant 1853 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Murray, John W. 1925 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Murray, Rachel J. 1923 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Murry, Mae Mitchell 1909 Robinson Cemetery Murry, Olen 1877 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Murry, Sarah E. 1877 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Mustain, Cecil Darrell 1916 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mustain, Frances M. 1933 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mustain, Shadrick J. 1915 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Myers, C. L. 1921 Sumner Cemetery Myers, Christopher C. 1917 Sumner Cemetery Myers, Cyrus C. 1934 Sumner Cemetery Myers, D. J. 1982 Sumner Cemetery Myers, Ida Ethel 1984 Sumner Cemetery Myers, Sarah F. 1932 Sumner Cemetery Myers, Alice Dale 1898 Robinson Cemetery Myers, Benjamin J. “Boone” 2000 Nemo Cemetery Myers, Bertha F. 1915 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Cora A. 1935 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Harry W. 1955 Robinson Cemetery Myers, Lelia May 1958 Robinson Cemetery Myers, Mack 1930 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Martha 1961 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Samantha 1954 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Sie 1972 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Sie, Jr. 1955 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myers, Vaun 1970 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Myres, Simon 1897 Gardner Cemetery Nabb, Josaphine NDL Robinson Cemetery Nabb, Walter S. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Naffziger, Benjamin 1890 Gerber Cemetery Naffziger, Christian 1900 Gerber Cemetery Naffziger, John B. 1880 Gerber Cemetery Naffziger, Joseph S. 1891 Gerber Cemetery Naffziger, Josephine 1891 Gerber Cemetery Naffziger, Magdalena 1894 Gerber Cemetery Naffziger, Samuel 1875 Gerber Cemetery Naffzinger, Rachel 1908 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nance, Amelia F. 1951 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Anna 1931 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Birdette E. 1954 South New Home Cemetery Nance, C. W. 1912 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Dora F. NDL Robinson Cemetery Nance, E. Prudence 1925 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Eady Virginia 1959 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Effie E. 1952 Robinson Cemetery Nance, Elizabeth 1910 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Finas Allen 1916 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Frank 1969 Robinson Cemetery Nance, Franklin 1963 Robinson Cemetery Nance, Infant son 1924 South New Home Cemetery Nance, John 1985 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Katie 1976 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Lessemby Harris 1948 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Pleasant N. 1927 South New Home Cemetery Nance, Robert W. 1996 Robinson Cemetery Nance, Willis Ray 1982 Crutsinger Cemetery Nanninga, Essie F. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Nasalroad, Hazel Marie (Crawford) NDL Nemo Cemetery Nasalroad, Lawrence R. 1955 Nemo Cemetery Nasalroad, Tommy Talbert “Tab” 1986 Nemo Cemetery Nation, Infant daughter 1921 Jones Cemetery Nation, Zelma 1922 Jones Cemetery Nation, Dora 1901 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Nease, Effie 1906 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, Elisha D. 1932 Guier Cemetery Nease, Gladys 1906 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, Joseph H. 1905 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, Loren C. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, Mary J. 1901 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, Mattie M. 1945 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, R. H. 1905 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nease, Rebecca 1919 Guier Cemetery Nease, Verda L. 1914 Guier Cemetery Neff, Thomas A. 1927 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Neihardt, Bertha 1880 Hermitage Cemetery Neihardt, Elizabeth D. 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Neihardt, Mary S. 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Neihardt, Moses N. 1930 Hermitage Cemetery Nelson, Effie M. (Oliver) 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nelson, Aaron W. “Wash” 1912 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Anna M. 1961 Rountree Cemetery Nelson, Arthur 1986 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Bertha 1923 Fairview Cemetery Nelson, Catherine 1905 Fairview Cemetery Nelson, Charles Franklin 1967 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Christian M. 1932 Rountree Cemetery Nelson, Christopher 1906 Fairview Cemetery Nelson, Clarence M. 1975 Rountree Cemetery Nelson, Clarence W. 1981 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Cora Ordena 1982 Robinson Cemetery Nelson, Fisher Woodrow 1990 Gardner Cemetery Nelson, George Elmer 1973 Rountree Cemetery Nelson, Herbert A. 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Nelson, John F. 1942 Fisher Cemetery Nelson, John Henry 1961 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Johnni L. NDL Gardner Cemetery Nelson, Lars G. 1899 Fairview Cemetery Nelson, Leona Margaret 1961 Rountree Cemetery Nelson, Martha Lee (Dunivant) 1986 Crutsinger Cemetery Nelson, Ragnvald S. 1970 Robinson Cemetery Nelson, Robert Lynn NDL Hermitage Cemetery Nelson, Sarah F. 1954 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Stella 1967 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, Vesta T. 1991 Rountree Cemetery Nelson, Virginia Darlene 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Nelson, Wesley N. 1974 Nemo Cemetery Nelson, William 1879 Fairview Cemetery Nesbit, Byrtie M. 1960 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nesbit, Joseph B. 1969 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nesbit, Ralph L. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Neuenschwander, Ciphora 1915 Lehman Cemetery Neuenschwander, Esra 1887 Lehman Cemetery Neuenschwander, John 1897 Lehman Cemetery Neuenschwander, John 1903 Lehman Cemetery Neuenschwander, Joshua 1942 Lehman Cemetery Nevins, Lucy 1930 Gardner Cemetery Nevins, Mary 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Nevins, Ollie May 1884 Gardner Cemetery Nevins, Ralph B. 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Nevins, Squire P. 1926 Gardner Cemetery Nevitt, Harriett 1935 Robinson Cemetery Nevitt, Thomas D. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Newby, Marion 1941 Robinson Cemetery Newby, Mary E. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Newcomb, Cyrus M. 1920 Nemo Cemetery Newkirk, Donna F. (Campbell) 1989 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Newman, Emeline O. 1903 Gardner Cemetery Newport, Israel Plummer 1909 McCracken Cemetery Newport, Minnie R. 1970 Dooly Bend Cemetery Newport, Richard O. 1950 Dooly Bend Cemetery Newport, Sarah 1918 McCracken Cemetery Newport, Lawrence R. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Newport, Lewis Clyde 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Newport, Lilly May 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Newport, Thelma P. 2000 Hermitage Cemetery Niblack, B.F. 1881 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, Cordelia 1901 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, Dora J. Payne 1895 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, Mary E. (McCaslin) 1881 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, Netta N. 1895 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, W. F. 1875 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, William D. 1928 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Niblack, Dell 1949 Crutsinger Cemetery Niblack, E. C. 1883 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Niblack, John H. 1953 Crutsinger Cemetery Niblack, William J. 1909 Crutsinger Cemetery Nicholas, Mark Corwin 1997 Pomme De Terre Baptist Church Cemetery Nichols, Aubrey W. 1985 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nichols, Bert Herbert 1973 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nichols, Elsie L. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nichols, Ira 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Nihart, Ida Bell 1967 Fisher Cemetery Nihart, J. C. 1920 Fisher Cemetery Nihart, T. F. “Dora” 1957 Fisher Cemetery Nix, Ruby Alice 1905 Clark Cemetery Noland, Ella M. 1894 Cross Timbers Cemetery Noland, Fannie E. 1883 Walker / Wright Cemetery Noland, Vernie 1887 Cross Timbers Cemetery Norbury, Diana Elaine (Edge) 1993 Fisher Cemetery Norbury, Hayes Morgan 2003 Fisher Cemetery Norman, Benjamin A. 1939 Cross Timbers Cemetery Norman, Minnie B. 1920 Cross Timbers Cemetery Norman, Ada L. (Owings) 1992 Robinson Cemetery Norman, Alfred 1963 Robinson Cemetery Norman, Elmer W. 1884 Gardner Cemetery Norman, George W. 1906 Gardner Cemetery Norman, Nancy 1914 Gardner Cemetery Norman, Wanda Louise 1928 Gardner Cemetery Norman, William H. 1891 Gardner Cemetery North, Nancy E. 1886 Bethel / Harper Cemetery North, Mary Elane NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Nowell, Lema 1903 Sumner Cemetery Nowell, Abraham Clark 1842 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Abram Shadrach 1935 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Anna E. 1902 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Arthur Bernard 1985 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Elva 1897 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Evelyn Jensen NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Gladis (White) 1846 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Margaret Novella (Capehart) 1985 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Mary G. (Gardner) 1891 Gardner Cemetery Nowell, Rebecca Brown Bernard 1925 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowell, Shadrach White 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Nowlin, Abraham NDL Guier Cemetery Nowlin, Sarah Ann 1885 Guier Cemetery Nuckolls, Jimmy Lee 2003 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Nunn, Abbie Haun 1965 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Annie 1900 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Aurora 1959 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Calton E. 1940 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Carol L. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Nunn, Elizabeth L. 1918 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Faye A. Peterman 1991 Robinson Cemetery Nunn, James H. 1921 Souders Cemetery Nunn, James L. 1994 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Nunn, James Mark 1995 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Nunn, James N. 1903 Souders Cemetery Nunn, James Stanley 1971 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Martha C. 1945 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Wallace P. 1921 Souders Cemetery Nunn, Walter U. 1954 Souders Cemetery Nutt, Artie Lee 1989 Rountree Cemetery Nutt, Bessie E. 1954 Robinson Cemetery Nutt, C.T. (Tobe) 1971 Robinson Cemetery Nutt, Elizabeth A. 1988 Robinson Cemetery Nutt, Lafayette 1937 Robinson Cemetery Nutt, Myrle (Gibson) 1993 Rountree Cemetery Nutt, Ray L. 1980 Robinson Cemetery Nutt, Virgie M. 1973 Robinson Cemetery O'Bryan, Ada 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Bertha F. 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Edgar Thomas 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Mary E. 1939 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Ona Rebecca 2001 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Othel 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Silas W. 1937 Cross Timbers Cemetery O'Bryan, Charles F. 1914 Fairview Cemetery O'Bryan, J. Ivy 1961 Hayden Cemetery O'Bryan, Sarah O. 1966 Hayden Cemetery O'Grosky, Steven Joe 1996 Robinson Cemetery O'Hara, Casey D. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery O'Hara, Margaret M. "Peg" 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery O'Hare, Olive L. NDL Robinson Cemetery O'Hare, Robert 1995 Robinson Cemetery O'Neal, Charles H. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery O'Neal, Gloria G. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery O'Neill, Virgie Peebles 1984 Nemo Cemetery Odell, Pleasant C. NDL Robinson Cemetery Odenbaugh, Archie 1949 Fisher Cemetery Odenbaugh, Bert H. 2000 Fisher Cemetery Odenbaugh, George NDL Clark Cemetery Odenbaugh, Infant daughter 1916 Fisher Cemetery Odenbaugh, Infant son 1916 Fisher Cemetery Odenbaugh, Mae 1972 Fisher Cemetery Odenbaugh, Sada NDL Clark Cemetery Odenbaugh, Simon Zelotis 1939 Clark Cemetery Odor, Otto 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Oesch, Catherine 1867 Gerber Cemetery Oesch, Annie 1936 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Catharine (Hofstetter) 1883 Lehman Cemetery Oesch, E. Libura 1992 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Elmer M. 1959 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Garnet Retha 1936 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, John 1985 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, John C. 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Lera 1983 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Roy A. 1962 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Treva L. 1973 Crutsinger Cemetery Oesch, Winnie H. (Hargiss) 1940 Crutsinger Cemetery Ogden, Anna Marie 1952 Wright Cemetery Oldaker, Della Marie 1919 Antioch Cemetery Oldfield, Donald G. 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Oliver, Annie (Mitchell) 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Oliver, Dorothy S. 1984 Sumner Cemetery Oliver, George W. 1924 Cross Timbers Cemetery Oliver, James J. 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Olmstead, Burmel B. 1985 Fisher Cemetery Olmstead, Irene M. 2001 Fisher Cemetery Olmstead, James NDL Clark Cemetery Olmstead, Leta May 1923 Fisher Cemetery Olmstead, Martha NDL Clark Cemetery Olmstead, Michale Lee 1987 Fisher Cemetery Olsen, Ethel L. 1981 Crutsinger Cemetery Olsen, Luie L. 1981 Crutsinger Cemetery Olson, Alfred 1962 Fairview Cemetery Olson, Effie M. 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Olson, Elmer S. 1993 Fairview Cemetery Olson, John 1972 Fairview Cemetery Olson, Lessie Olive 1971 Fairview Cemetery Olson, Mary 1918 Fairview Cemetery Olson, Olle 1924 Fairview Cemetery Olson, Paul C. 1984 Fairview Cemetery Olson, Zona 1961 Fairview Cemetery Oman, Annie 1885 Fisher Cemetery Orr, Infant son 1884 Fisher Cemetery Orr, Myrtle 1915 Robinson Cemetery Orr, Nicholas 1886 Mt. Zion Cemetery Orrell, Daryl Russell 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Orrell, Floyd Elmer 1997 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Orrell, Julia Ann (Chinn) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Orrell, Patty Jean NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Osborn, Children NDL Fisher Cemetery Osborn, Daisy 1992 Fisher Cemetery Osborn, Frank 1935 Fisher Cemetery Osborn, James F. 1999 Fisher Cemetery Osborn, Nan 1941 Fisher Cemetery Osborne, Ambrose NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Osborne, Infant NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Osborne, Mrs. NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Osborne, Stephens 1936 Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Oshel, Thelma Lucille 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Othick, Marie 1976 Robinson Cemetery Othick, Roy 1983 Robinson Cemetery Ott, George K. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Ott, Kathryn L. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Ott, Lee J. 1994 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Ottendorf, Jimmy Eugene 1962 Fisher Cemetery Ottendorf, Lela J. 2003 Fisher Cemetery Ottendorf, Louie J. 2001 Fisher Cemetery Ovens, George Jr. 2003 Hermitage Cemetery Ovens, Madalyn (Day) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Overlander, No first name NDL Gerber Cemetery Overton, Edgar R. 1899 Robinson Cemetery Overton, Ella F. 1891 Robinson Cemetery Overton, Naomi 1899 Robinson Cemetery Overturf, Fern (Roth) 1991 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Overturf, Wilfred D. 1998 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Owen, Edna L. 1985 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owen, George H. 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owen, Charlotte E. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Owen, Isaac N. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Owens, Alfred 1958 Robinson Cemetery Owens, C. Ruth 2003 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Owens, Clavel 1972 Fisher Cemetery Owens, E. Pearle 1966 Souders Cemetery Owens, Edith 1958 Hermitage Cemetery Owens, Ernest 1896 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Owens, Ethel 1967 Robinson Cemetery Owens, George C. 1934 Hermitage Cemetery Owens, George T. 1921 Robinson Cemetery Owens, Infant daughter 1912 Hermitage Cemetery Owens, J. Barton 1967 Souders Cemetery Owens, Jewell 1994 Fisher Cemetery Owens, Joe S. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Owens, Manley Bart 1919 Souders Cemetery Owens, Mary E. 1928 Robinson Cemetery Owens, Otis 1973 Robinson Cemetery Owens, Rufus Ray 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Owens, Tura 1974 Robinson Cemetery Owens, W. H. 1907 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Owens, Wanda Kelsey NDL Hermitage Cemetery Owings, Sarah Pheby (Gardner) 1944 Hermitage Cemetery Owsley, Beverly S. 1953 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Burr 1954 Dooly Bend Cemetery Owsley, Chloris NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Claude 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, David Ray 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Dewey B. 1989 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Emery Morgan 1899 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Emma 1939 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Emmanuel M. 1892 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Frances W. 1989 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, George Lester 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Jessie F. 1909 Guier Cemetery Owsley, John W. 1953 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Juanita (Tucker) 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Lewis D. 1972 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Luther W. 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Mary Alice 1950 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Myrtle 1919 Dooly Bend Cemetery Owsley, Nancy E. (Miller) 1887 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Ruby 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Sarah 1876 Guier Cemetery Owsley, William B. 1923 Guier Cemetery Owsley, Zadie (Sally) 1984 Cross Timbers Cemetery Owsley, Bettie June 1992 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, C. M. 1905 Fairview Cemetery Owsley, Dovie E. 1980 Robinson Cemetery Owsley, Elihu 1981 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, Elijah B. 1950 Fairview Cemetery Owsley, Eva E. LaRose 1939 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, Eva Hartnett 1969 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, George W. 1938 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, George W. 1995 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, Grace E. 1957 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, Grace F. 1973 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, Helen F. NDL Robinson Cemetery Owsley, Homer A. 1986 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, Ila Mary 1986 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, John M. 1993 Fisher Cemetery Owsley, Kathleen (Colbert) 1991 Macedonia Cemetery Owsley, Mary E. 1942 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, Nellie M. 1934 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, Robert R. 1920 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Owsley, Thomas O. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Owsley, Victoria 1922 Fairview Cemetery Owsley, Virginia C. 1939 Fairview Cemetery Pack, Lloyd 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Pack, Minnie 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Pack, Austin F. 1912 Hermitage Cemetery Pack, Charles A. 1983 Hermitage Cemetery Pack, George W. M.D. 1892 Hermitage Cemetery Pack, Golda M. 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Pack, James R. 1901 Hermitage Cemetery Pack, Pheba J. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Pack, Rachel 1922 Hermitage Cemetery Padginton, George Andrew 1999 Nemo Cemetery Padginton, Vancie NDL Nemo Cemetery Page, Andrew Jackson NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Page, Frances Jane NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Page, Frank 1933 Mt. Zion Cemetery Page, Gladys Marie 1985 Robinson Cemetery Page, Henry Lindsay Jr. 1996 Antioch Cemetery Page, Herbert A. 1971 Mt. Zion Cemetery Page, Opal (Breshears) 1994 Mt. Zion Cemetery Palmer, Alford G. 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Palmer, Bessie M. 1957 Cross Timbers Cemetery Palmer, Charles F. 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Palmer, Cyrus 1942 Cross Timbers Cemetery Palmer, Edna 1887 Palmer Cemetery Palmer, Ernest E. 1907 Palmer Cemetery Palmer, L. T. 1911 Guier Cemetery Palmer, Albert 1963 Fairview Cemetery Palmer, Annie E. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Palmer, Bertha (Bartshe) 1989 Hermitage Cemetery Palmer, Carlos 1950 Robinson Cemetery Palmer, Evelyn 1941 Fairview Cemetery Palmer, Hattie 1918 Robinson Cemetery Palmer, Lena Faye 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Palmer, Lloyd C. 1989 Hermitage Cemetery Palmer, Lorraine 1981 Robinson Cemetery Palmer, Lula May 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Palmer, Mary F. 1923 Robinson Cemetery Palmer, Raymond 1975 Robinson Cemetery Palmer, Ronald Lee 1954 Fairview Cemetery Palmer, William H. 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Palmer, William Paul 1987 Hermitage Cemetery Palmer, Willie T. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Pare, Aaron H. 1869 Pare Cemetery Pare, John A. 1896 Pare Cemetery Pare, Maud 1891 Pare Cemetery Pare, Mora 1875 Pare Cemetery Pare, Susan D. 1888 Pare Cemetery Parish, George Wesley 1992 Robinson Cemetery Parish, Lillie 1903 Mt. Zion Cemetery Parish, Patricia A. (Swicegood) NDL Robinson Cemetery Park, Arthel Roy 1902 Sumner Cemetery Park, Nancy 1858 Park / Parke Cemetery Park, Pery 1866 Park / Parke Cemetery Parke, Cyna A. 1907 Baker Cemetery Parke, Mae NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Parke, Nancy Hall NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Parke, Nancy Wilson NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Parke, William Perry NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Parke, Ann 1921 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parke, Ellen A. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Parke, Fay N. 1994 Robinson Cemetery Parke, George W. 1955 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parke, Gressa 1899 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parke, Ida Alice 1905 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parke, Lucille E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Parke, Lucy Belle (Delozier) 1947 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parke, Perry L. 1976 Robinson Cemetery Parke, Thomas L. 1898 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parke, Warder 1967 Robinson Cemetery Parke, William L. 1953 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parker, Agnes 1992 Lehman Cemetery Parker, Alton B. 1986 Fisher Cemetery Parker, Alvin Lindsay 1994 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Parker, Andrew L. 1987 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Parker, Charles R. 1940 Fisher Cemetery Parker, Charles T. “Tom” 1988 Fisher Cemetery Parker, Clara M. Spencer 1958 Robinson Cemetery Parker, Lennie (Tuck) 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Parker, Mary E. 1869 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Parker, Mildred L. (Chrisope) 1983 Fisher Cemetery Parker, Violet H. 1976 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Parker, Wallace 1944 Crutsinger Cemetery Parkhurst, Ada (Long) 1925 Gardner Cemetery Parkhurst, Alice 1912 Tillery Cemetery Parkhurst, Charles A. 1986 Gardner Cemetery Parkhurst, Estel 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Parkhurst, Fedora 1941 Gardner Cemetery Parkhurst, Infant NDL Gardner Cemetery Parkhurst, J. C. 1908 Lehman Cemetery Parkhurst, Levi W. 1918 Tillery Cemetery Parkhurst, Oliver L. “Bud” 1976 Gardner Cemetery Parkhurst, Vera 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Parkhurst, Walter 1985 Gardner Cemetery Parkhurst, William 1901 Lehman Cemetery Parks, Elijah 1883 Palmer Cemetery Parks, John M. 1880 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Parks, Calvin 1961 Fairview Cemetery Parks, Frances 1914 Fisher Cemetery Parks, Grace Mae 1957 Fairview Cemetery Parks, Lilla (Lindstrom) 1988 Fairview Cemetery Parks, Mae 1990 Fisher Cemetery Parks, Marion W. 1920 Fisher Cemetery Parks, Ora 1979 Fisher Cemetery Parks, Oral T. 1965 Fisher Cemetery Parks, Thomas Ervin 1930 Fairview Cemetery Parks, Vernon A. 1928 Fairview Cemetery Parks, Wm. Arthur 1962 Fairview Cemetery Parmer, Angeline 1932 Fisher Cemetery Parmer, Thomas Cissro 1872 Fisher Cemetery Parrack, Bernice 1963 Olive Point Cemetery Parrack, Carl 1918 Olive Point Cemetery Parrack, Charley J. 1981 Olive Point Cemetery Parrack, Inez Ruth 1928 Olive Point Cemetery Parrack, Jasper W. 1969 Olive Point Cemetery Parrack, Jessie E. 1968 Olive Point Cemetery Parrack, Louis Edgar 1934 Olive Point Cemetery Parrish, Casey Lee 1980 Gardner Cemetery Parrish, Russell A. 1967 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Parson, Gerald T. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Parson, Hellen Ruth 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Parson, John NDL Clark Cemetery Parson, Pleas Ann NDL Clark Cemetery Parsons, Benjamin Jr. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Parsons, Confederate Soldier, no first name NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Parsons, Ethel 1977 Dooly Bend Cemetery Parsons, Frances M. 1928 Dooly Bend Cemetery Parsons, Marion 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Parsons, Mary F. 1926 Dooly Bend Cemetery Parsons, Alva L. 1994 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Parsons, Andrew J. 1899 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Anna E. 1902 Liberty Cemetery Parsons, Benjamin F. 1954 Mt. Zion Cemetery Parsons, Bessie I. 1965 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Charles Vernon 1999 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Ethel Naomi (Gragg) NDL Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Henrietta NDL Clark Cemetery Parsons, Infant NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Parsons, James B. 1918 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, John H. NDL Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Luttia 1871 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Margaret E. 1888 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Marguerite 1991 Mt. Zion Cemetery Parsons, Mary Ann 2000 Mt. Zion Cemetery Parsons, Oscar H. 1968 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Rena (Barr) 1992 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Parsons, Stella M. 1933 Mt. Zion Cemetery Parsons, T. Bailey 1964 Gardner Cemetery Parsons, Timothy M. NDL Gardner Cemetery Parsons, W. T. NDL Gardner Cemetery Patterson, Infant 1854 Baker Cemetery Patterson, William A. 1858 Baker Cemetery Patterson, Eliza Ann 1910 Nemo Cemetery Patterson, J. G. 1900 Nemo Cemetery Patterson, Lucy 1975 Nemo Cemetery Patterson, William Carl 1925 Nemo Cemetery Patterson, William Claude 1982 Nemo Cemetery Pattillo, Gwendolyn J. (Dunivant) 1987 Crutsinger Cemetery Paxton, Albert 1951 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Almina B. 1888 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Charles 1931 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Cumorah (Wilgus) 1904 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Elmer H. 1899 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Emma T. (Hardy) 1912 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Ethan 1898 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Grace M. NDL Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Hugh 1893 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Infant 1868 Walker / Wright Cemetery Paxton, Ira Norman 1943 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, John W. 1870 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Martha 1868 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Martha J. 1869 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Mary C. 1955 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Mary Jane (Halbert) NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Paxton, Mary U. Kinross 1918 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Minerva 1867 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Nancy A. (Pine) 1895 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Oliver M. 1955 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Rebecca 1893 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Sigle 1893 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, W. Wayne 1914 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, William 1862 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, William B. 1881 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, William J. 1875 Sumner Cemetery Paxton, Amos 1902 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Amos M. 1902 Gardner Cemetery Paxton, Clyde 1875 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Dersie 1988 Robinson Cemetery Paxton, Dora A. 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Hugh B. 1920 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Ira James 1932 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Jewell May 1981 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Joe 1965 Robinson Cemetery Paxton, Josie May 1995 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Lafe 1938 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Laura (Moore) 1888 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Paxton, Martha Duke 1946 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Mary F. 1934 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Orville J. 1922 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Raymond 1895 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Rebecca 1892 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Thomas B. 1941 Macedonia Cemetery Paxton, Virtus 1919 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Payne, Henry L. 1874 Baker Cemetery Payne, Mrs. Henry L. NDL Baker Cemetery Payne, Alfred 1986 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Bertha L. 1984 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Betha 1923 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Charles Gaylord 1928 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Charley 1991 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Delmer 1922 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Dollie 1920 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Edna Mae 1982 Fairview Cemetery Payne, Elvin Lewis NDL Robinson Cemetery Payne, Frances Anna (Bailey) 1924 Macedonia Cemetery Payne, Glen N. 1910 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, James E. 1931 Macedonia Cemetery Payne, Jess J. 1971 Fairview Cemetery Payne, Jesse H. 1939 Macedonia Cemetery Payne, Joseph 1896 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Lawrence E. 1906 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Leonard Dale 1982 Macedonia Cemetery Payne, Lewis 1891 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Mary J. 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Olive R. 1926 Fairview Cemetery Payne, Peter King 1936 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, R. A. 1891 Mt. Zion Cemetery Payne, Rena Ilene 1991 Robinson Cemetery Payne, Retha Alice 1992 Mt. Zion Cemetery Peabody, David 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery Peabody, Dicy 1877 Mt. Zion Cemetery Peans, Mae Gearing 1977 Macedonia Cemetery Pearson, Anna S. 1968 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Archie 1973 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Charley 1961 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Freddie Joycilyn "Joyce" 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Hollingsworth 1969 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Joseph E. 1935 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Louvicy B. (Hollingsworth) 1916 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Minnie W. 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Sarah J. 1976 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Thomas J. 1979 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Violet F. 1965 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Wilbur Loren 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, William Arba 1962 Dooly Bend Cemetery Pearson, Annis 1952 Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, Arthur “Ott” 1964 Gardner Cemetery Pearson, Bertha 1884 Gardner Cemetery Pearson, Claud NDL Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, Elsie 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, Emma C. 1890 Gardner Cemetery Pearson, Floyd 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, Letha E. 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, Lou (Dollarhide) NDL Gardner Cemetery Pearson, Louvisa May 1920 Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, Sylvester 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Pearson, William 1884 Gardner Cemetery Pedigo, E. Martha 1919 Souders Cemetery Peebles, Arthur R. 1969 Nemo Cemetery Peebles, Olga G. 2001 Nemo Cemetery Pennington, Luciller 1918 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Penny, Alva P. Rev. 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Dorthy B. 2000 Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Elbert T. 1908 Tillery Cemetery Penny, Elizabeth C. (Hawkins) 1892 Tillery Cemetery Penny, Evelyn A. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Gary 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Gertrue J. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Jessie N. 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Loren H. 1985 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Penny, Neva P. 1996 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Penny, Perry C. 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Penny, Robert L. 2004 Hermitage Cemetery Percival, Ancel E. 1983 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Andrew G. 1983 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Charley B. 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Clarance Irvin 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Elijah O. 1993 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Elsie M. 1987 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, George Alvin 1984 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Idra M. 1958 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Mary Eathel 1998 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Mary Ethel (Glor) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Mellish S. 1974 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Minnie E. 1998 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Onia C. 1942 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Robert O. 1949 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Percival, Roena H. 1930 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Perkins, Vergie M. 1997 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Perry, Clifford L. 1994 Robinson Cemetery Perry, Darlene NDL Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Claude M. 1919 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Claude O. 1937 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Effie M. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Elizabeth Jane 1932 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Faye E. 1991 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Jacob A. 1952 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, John D. 1954 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Robert Paul 1997 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, S.A. 1917 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Susie L. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Peterman, Wilma Jean NDL Robinson Cemetery Peters, Mary Kay 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Peterson, Agnes Irene (Eklof) 1976 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Anna 1942 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Audra E. 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, Berniece Ann 1912 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Carl J. 1921 Fairview Cemetery Peterson, Carolyn Sue 1945 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Christine 1965 Fairview Cemetery Peterson, Clifford Eric 2002 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Dana Ruth (Evans) NDL Clark Cemetery Peterson, E. Adell NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, Edward Peter 1966 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Ellen Marie 1967 Fairview Cemetery Peterson, Eric Jr. 1888 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Eric Sr. 1937 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Grace Helen 1967 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Helen (Johnson) NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Peterson, Henry 1912 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Herman W. 1983 Fairview Cemetery Peterson, Infant 1931 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, Jack 1992 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Peterson, Judith Enid 2002 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Linna Ruth 1919 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, Melvin 1954 Clark Cemetery Peterson, Minnie NDL Clark Cemetery Peterson, Oren B. 2000 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, Rubie M. 1926 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, William C. 1984 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, William Paul 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Peterson, William Y. NDL Clark Cemetery Pettus, Sharon P. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Phegley, Cletis L. 2006 Fisher Cemetery Phegley, Leo 1897 South New Home Cemetery Phegley, Pearlie 1896 South New Home Cemetery Phegley, Ruth Edde 2001 Fisher Cemetery Philbert, Alma Belle 1956 Fairview Cemetery Philbert, Joseph E. 1972 Fairview Cemetery Philbert, Orville D. 2002 South New Home Cemetery Philbert, Velma Violet (Davis – Farago) 1972 Fairview Cemetery Philbert, Wilber J. 1927 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Gertrude 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Phillips, Allen 1911 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Andrew C. 1929 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Bessie 1952 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, David F. 1959 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Dorsey A. 1993 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Phillips, Faye 1948 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Georgie Ann 1948 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Geraldine NDL Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Hazel (Hall) 1979 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Phillips, Homer Vern 1968 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Infant daughter 1927 Robinson Cemetery Phillips, James W. NDL Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Joe James 1948 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, John F. 1999 South New Home Cemetery Phillips, Myrtle 1907 Fairview Cemetery Phillips, Renee 1980 Mt. Zion Cemetery Phillips, Sarah 1906 Crutsinger Cemetery Phillips, Sherman R. 1948 Fairview Cemetery
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