Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Locke, Susan E. 1888 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Locke, Tempa Stout 1971 Antioch Cemetery Lockhart, John B. 1890 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Lockling, Alice Melissa (Palmer) 1941 Hayden Cemetery Lockling, Dale E. 1925 Hayden Cemetery Lockling, Ostenelli 1922 Hayden Cemetery Lockling, Rosella (Rickert) 1975 Hayden Cemetery Lockling, Winfred Eugene 1977 Hayden Cemetery Lodge, No first name NDL Robinson Cemetery Loer, Benjamin F. 1913 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Loer, Mary 1905 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Loer, Permelia 1935 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Loer, Thomas 1904 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Logan, Alma 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Logan, F. Lee 1978 Cross Timbers Cemetery Logan, Jake 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Logan, Joleen 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Logan, Lucille (Lear) 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Lomas, George M. 1904 Mt. Zion Cemetery Long, Hazel Ruth NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Long, Roy Harmon 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Long, A. P. 1954 Gardner Cemetery Long, Alberta Alice 1965 Crutsinger Cemetery Long, Cecil 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Long, Elizabeth L. 2000 Hermitage Cemetery Long, John E. 1957 Crutsinger Cemetery Long, Larry W. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Long, Nellie Jane 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Long, Rosa 1932 Gardner Cemetery Long, Wade Houston 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Lonkausky, L. Adelle (Duffy) 2006 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Lonkausky, William “Bill” 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Lonkouski, Aretta Jean 1984 Crutsinger Cemetery Loomis, Charles H. 1915 Souders Cemetery Loomis, Martha 1922 Souders Cemetery Lopp, Alexander 1876 Liberty Cemetery Lopp, Eliza J. 1891 Liberty Cemetery Lopp, Harry M. 1911 Hermitage Cemetery Lopp, James Columbus 1844 Pittsburg Cemetery Lopp, Joseph W. 1881 Liberty Cemetery Lopp, Manima America 1855 Pittsburg Cemetery Lopp, Marvin Baxter 1887 Liberty Cemetery Lopp, Mary Ann Rutherford 1893 Liberty Cemetery Lopp, Thomas H. B. 1859 Pittsburg Cemetery Lopp, Wm. R. 1930 Liberty Cemetery Lord, Anson Clyde 1899 Hermitage Cemetery Lord, Clarissa C. 1938 Hermitage Cemetery Lord, Thomas H. 1915 Hermitage Cemetery Lorimor, Danna NDL Hermitage Cemetery Lorimor, Douglas 1995 Hermitage Cemetery Losey, George C. M.D. 1913 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Losure, Bonnie V. 1947 Hermitage Cemetery Losure, Elizabeth M. 1936 Gardner Cemetery Losure, Harry L. 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Losure, James 1913 Gardner Cemetery Losure, James Asa 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Losure, Minnie Lois 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Losure, Mont J. 1958 Hermitage Cemetery Lough, Loren "Al" 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Loveland, Cora Ray 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Loveland, Harry E. 1957 Hermitage Cemetery Lovett, John P. 1937 Robinson Cemetery Lovett, Laura E. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Lovett, Susan F. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Lovett, Thomas H. 1941 Robinson Cemetery Low, Ada L. 1969 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Low, Carl Clayton 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Low, Daniel W. 1943 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Low, Emma 1951 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Low, J. Claude 1979 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Low, Lawrence 1920 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Low, Leona N. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Lower, High L. 1903 Nemo Cemetery Lower, Susan E. 1936 Nemo Cemetery Lowery, Clifford 1904 Fisher Cemetery Lowery, Dora 1902 Fisher Cemetery Lowery, Paul Wilson 1962 Fisher Cemetery Lowrey, 2 small children NDL Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Lowry, Edna D. (Fowler) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Lowry, Katherine Susie 1994 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lubke, Laura V. 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Lucier, Elva Jane 1968 Macedonia Cemetery Lucier, Lloyd NDL Macedonia Cemetery Luckey, Leota B. 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Lundberg, Charley R. 1885 Fairview Cemetery Lundberg, Ettie 1881 Fairview Cemetery Lundberg, Ingeborg 1877 Fairview Cemetery Lundberg, Nels B. 1877 Fairview Cemetery Lundberg, S. A. 1900 Fairview Cemetery Lunderman, Chasten 1860 Tillery Cemetery Lunderman, Elizabeth 1850 Tillery Cemetery Lunderman, Henrietta 1862 Tillery Cemetery Lupton, Elizabeth 1998 Crutsinger Cemetery Lupton, Walter Aaron 1983 Crutsinger Cemetery Lurten, Emma J. 1984 Sumner Cemetery Lurten, Gertie Ethel 1923 Sumner Cemetery Lurten, James Franklin 1954 Sumner Cemetery Lurten, Judy 1947 Sumner Cemetery Lurten, Lennie Ray 1957 Sumner Cemetery Lurten, Paul J. M. 1959 Sumner Cemetery Lurten, Samuel Joseph 1982 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Lusso, Child NDL Clark Cemetery Lusso, Jake NDL Clark Cemetery Lusso, Letha 1946 Clark Cemetery Lusso, Louie Dean 1948 Clark Cemetery Lusso, Mary NDL Clark Cemetery Lusso, Mr. NDL Clark Cemetery Luster, Mr. NDL Clark Cemetery Lutes, Eli E. 1907 Robinson Cemetery Lutes, Mary A. 1908 Robinson Cemetery Luttrell, Margaret 1868 Pittsburg Cemetery Lycke, Lee 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Lycke, Marie 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Lynch, Ada E. 2003 Fisher Cemetery Lynch, Loren 1972 Fisher Cemetery Lyon, Alma Louise 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Lyons, Carl 1979 Fairview Cemetery Lyons, Carl Leon 1943 Fairview Cemetery Lyons, Lillie B. (Olson) 2002 Fairview Cemetery Lyons, Lorene NDL Fairview Cemetery Lyons, Owen B. 1962 Fisher Cemetery Lyons, Sally G. 1978 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Andrew J. 1866 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, Anna Lorene 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mabary, Brittle F. 1892 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, Francis Otto 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mabary, John 1863 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, John N. 1918 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, Mary W. 1922 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, Sarah 1876 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, W. J. 1909 Mabary Cemetery Mabary, Alberta M. 1973 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Alford E. 1975 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Clinton L. 1945 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Duff 1907 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Dulcena 1904 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Earnest 1932 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Emma (Manning) NDL Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Etta 1960 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Francis Marion 1925 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, George Dewey 1978 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, George F. 1931 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, George W. 1920 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Grace Ann 1967 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Homer L. 1905 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Infant sons NDL Fisher Cemetery Mabary, James Franklin 1984 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Mabary, Joe Curtis 1984 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, John W. 1954 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Joseph W. 1999 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Kenneth H. 2001 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Lee 1965 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Louisa E. 1908 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Lucy 1916 Hermitage Cemetery Mabary, Martha E. 1961 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Mary P. 1885 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mabary, Raymond Junior “Red” 1973 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Mabary, Richard H. 1978 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Robert 1916 Hermitage Cemetery Mabary, Thelma 1989 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Thelma L. 1981 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Viola 1886 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Virginia L. 1983 Fisher Cemetery Mabary, Willa Faye 2002 Fisher Cemetery Maberry, Leonard E. 1994 Gardner Cemetery Maberry, Paul A. 1967 Nemo Cemetery Maberry, Ronald Alexander 1966 Nemo Cemetery Mabery, Donna Ruth 1944 Nemo Cemetery Mabery, John Paul 1941 Nemo Cemetery Mabery, Philip Glen 1950 Nemo Cemetery Mabry, Carrie (Acker) 1982 Crutsinger Cemetery Mack, Tom NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Mack, Lena 1942 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Mack, Richard NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Mackey, Alta Bernice NDL Howard Cemetery Mackey, Baby 1919 Howard Cemetery Mackey, Lucy E. 1920 Sumner Cemetery Mackey, James R. 1941 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mackey, S. E. 1921 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mackey, Sylvester 1941 Robinson Cemetery Maddux, Barbara Joan (Jackson) NDL Fisher Cemetery Maddux, George A. 2000 Fisher Cemetery Madewell, Delcie (Chancellor) 1975 Sumner Cemetery Madewell, Grover C. 1967 Sumner Cemetery Madewell, Mary E. 1875 Means (Meins) Cemetery Madewell, Delcie G. 1975 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, Frank NDL Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, Henry H. 1947 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, Infant child NDL Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, John A. 1878 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, Kate (Ruleford) NDL Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, Mary J. (Bailey) 1917 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, Samuel 1895 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Madewell, William Ira 1953 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Magnuson, Beatrice 1979 Gardner Cemetery Magnuson, Jessie E. 1975 Robinson Cemetery Magnuson, John 1977 Gardner Cemetery Magnuson, Oscar 1954 Robinson Cemetery Maize, Susie E. 1882 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Major, Reuben W. Jr. 1895 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Mall, Mr. NDL Clark Cemetery Mallett, Bettie Sue 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mallonee, Atha C. 1970 Antioch Cemetery Mallonee, Ben L. 1981 Antioch Cemetery Mallonee, Bernice Lee (Lightfoot) NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Mallonee, Idar (Miller) 1983 Antioch Cemetery Mallonee, Len G. 1942 Antioch Cemetery Mallonee, Mark Leonard 1996 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Malmstrom, Ester M. 1997 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Malmstrom, Eugene R. 1981 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Malock, James B. 1883 Tillery Cemetery Malone, Ernest 1963 Crutsinger Cemetery Malone, Fern 1962 Crutsinger Cemetery Malone, Hugh B. 2000 Clark Cemetery Malone, Joyce E. NDL Clark Cemetery Maloney, Daisy Dee 1904 Fisher Cemetery Malott, Charles A. 1945 Nemo Cemetery Malott, Della F. 1968 Nemo Cemetery Malott, Herbert Alexander 1995 Robinson Cemetery Malott, Lue Dela 1902 Fisher Cemetery Malott, Norma Holt 1910 Fisher Cemetery Mann, George W. 1945 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mann, Maude H. 1960 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mann, Neva Marie 1990 Sumner Cemetery Mann, Charley 1906 Liberty Cemetery Manning, Clarence E. 1971 Dooly Bend Cemetery Manning, Emma I. 1938 Fisher Cemetery Manning, John D. 1916 Fisher Cemetery Manning, John L. 1869 Fisher Cemetery Manning, Robert D. 1936 Fisher Cemetery Mansfield, Amanda 1907 Gardner Cemetery Mansfield, Leroy F. 1933 Gardner Cemetery Mansfield, Margaret 1965 Gardner Cemetery Marks, Essie Bennett 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Marks, Robert Lee 1936 Hermitage Cemetery Marler, Betty J. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Marler, Radie L. 1996 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Marlow, Earl H. 1911 Robinson Cemetery Marlow, Lee A. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Marlow, Winnie G. 1978 Robinson Cemetery Marriott, W. F. 1894 Macedonia Cemetery Marsh, Alpha 1967 Dooly Bend Cemetery Marsh, Cela 1873 Guier Cemetery Marsh, Charles Oliver 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Marsh, J. T. 1869 Guier Cemetery Marsh, James A. 1897 Guier Cemetery Marsh, Permelia 1903 Guier Cemetery Marsh, Shirley F. 1939 Dooly Bend Cemetery Marsh, Claud O. 1893 Fisher Cemetery Marsh, Clayton Allen 1984 Fisher Cemetery Marsh, Donald Orville 1932 Crutsinger Cemetery Marsh, Elizabeth A. 1918 Tillery Cemetery Marsh, Ethel Pauline NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, Eunice A. 1997 Lehman Cemetery Marsh, Frank A. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Marsh, Ina 1970 Robinson Cemetery Marsh, Infant daughter 1910 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, Infant daughter NDL Robinson Cemetery Marsh, Infant son 1890 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, Izora J. 1940 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, Jewel Hester (Dettro) 1936 Crutsinger Cemetery Marsh, John A. 1952 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, John Arvel 1988 Lehman Cemetery Marsh, John Dee 1965 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, John Dee Jr. “JD” 1954 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, John H. 1869 Fisher Cemetery Marsh, Nancy A. 1908 Fisher Cemetery Marsh, Rex O. 1917 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, Richard 1899 Tillery Cemetery Marsh, Roy “Doc” 1978 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Marsh, Ruby Ellen 197 Fisher Cemetery Marshall, Julian 1870 Walker / Wright Cemetery Marshall, Betty Ann 2005 Robinson Cemetery Marshall, Billy J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Marshall, Harden R. 1947 Rountree Cemetery Marshall, Laura S. 1907 Rountree Cemetery Marshall, Viola May 1882 Rountree Cemetery Marston, Ivy J. (Knotts) 1922 Gardner Cemetery Marston, Solon E. 1924 Gardner Cemetery Mart, Leota B. NDL Liberty Cemetery Mart, Marion A. 1955 Liberty Cemetery Mart, Richard Lee 2002 Liberty Cemetery Martie, Alta Belle 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Martie, B. F. 1944 Robinson Cemetery Martie, Mary J. 1899 Robinson Cemetery Martie, William M. 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Martin, George W. 1936 Dooly Bend Cemetery Martin, Ila (Breshears) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Martin, Infant son 1910 Dooly Bend Cemetery Martin, Lawrence J. 1999 Cross Timbers Cemetery Martin, Lorenzo J. 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Martin, T. Letitia 1948 Dooly Bend Cemetery Martin, Alta M. 1989 Hermitage Cemetery Martin, Arminda (Luckingbill) 1893 Macedonia Cemetery Martin, Armintha M. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Clara Mae 1994 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Dora 1949 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Ernest G. 1937 Hermitage Cemetery Martin, Everett L. 1975 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Floyd Duane 1976 Robinson Cemetery Martin, George A. 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Martin, Gussie L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Martin, Harry E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Helen 1989 Rountree Cemetery Martin, Hortense B. 1985 Fisher Cemetery Martin, James H. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Martin, James Mimsey 1948 Antioch Cemetery Martin, John H. 1955 Robinson Cemetery Martin, John Robert 1972 Robinson Cemetery Martin, John T. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Martin, Joseph H. 1962 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Leonard E. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Leora A. 1982 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Leota NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Martin, Lester E. 1994 Rountree Cemetery Martin, Lyle 1954 Clark Cemetery Martin, M. A. 1918 Antioch Cemetery Martin, Margie A. (Nelson) 1990 Nemo Cemetery Martin, Marie 1983 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Mary (Emery) 1940 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Mary E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Martin, Mary Pitts 1956 Antioch Cemetery Martin, Myrtle M. 1948 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Ola (Herbert) 1995 Hermitage Cemetery Martin, Orval J. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Robert “Tim” 1978 Fisher Cemetery Martin, Rosa J. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Roy M. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Samuel B. 1956 Robinson Cemetery Martin, Samuel James 1930 Antioch Cemetery Martin, Sarah Emma (Triggs) 1992 Antioch Cemetery Mashburn, Harriet 1905 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mashburn, Henry Clay 1907 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mashburn, Irvin C. 1875 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mashburn, James Weaver 1955 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mashburn, Jane (Pitts) 1914 Mashburn Family Plot Mashburn, Mary 1903 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mashburn, Sarah E. 1881 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mashburn, William 1926 Mashburn Family Plot Mashburn, George 1931 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, George W. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Gurna L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Infant 1879 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Jane 1890 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, John W. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Manuel 1857 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Martha NDL Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Mildred F. 1990 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Ottie B. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Roy R. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Sally 1873 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Tatum John 1974 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Thomas T. 1895 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, William Turner 1847 Robinson Cemetery Mashburn, Wilma Fay 1999 Robinson Cemetery Mason, John A. 1899 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mason, Malindy E. 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mason, Susana 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Mason, Angeline 1898 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mason, Anna M. 1995 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Arabella 1932 Souders Cemetery Mason, Ben 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Mason, Charles T. NDL Souders Cemetery Mason, E. Bertha 1968 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Emma 1948 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Etha May 1951 Crutsinger Cemetery Mason, Frank 1899 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mason, George W. 1918 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Glen C. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Mason, I. A. NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Mason, Ida B. 1880 Gardner Cemetery Mason, Inez Levona 1919 Souders Cemetery Mason, Infant daughter 1919 Souders Cemetery Mason, John J. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Mary 1875 Crutsinger Cemetery Mason, Mary E. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Mary E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Mason, Nancy Jane 1925 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Nora Belle (Swicegood) 1937 Crutsinger Cemetery Mason, Richard 1906 Crutsinger Cemetery Mason, Roy L. 1931 Robinson Cemetery Mason, Thomas 1941 Souders Cemetery Mason, William I. 1948 Robinson Cemetery Mason, William Richard 1942 Robinson Cemetery Masonbrink, William M. 1887 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Massengall, Nancy 1886 Tillery Cemetery Massey, Audie Marie 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Massey, Baby NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Massey, Mary 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Masten, Celia 2000 Mt. Zion Cemetery Masten, Clarence R. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Masten, Joe Gene 1996 Robinson Cemetery Masten, Vena J. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Mathews, Andy L. 1982 Robinson Cemetery Mathews, Andy L. Jr. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Mathews, Delouris Z. NDL Robinson Cemetery Mathews, Elizabeth A. 1921 Fisher Cemetery Mathews, Jasper N. 1919 Fisher Cemetery Mathews, Vera B. 1954 Robinson Cemetery Mathis, Jasper 1917 Fisher Cemetery Mathis, Johnny 2002 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Mathisen, Ethel NDL Robinson Cemetery Mathisen, George 1989 Robinson Cemetery Matthews, Ruth 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Matthews, M. Blanche 1971 Souders Cemetery Mawhiney, Anna J. 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, Bertha F. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, C. Earl 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, Edna (Cothern) NDL Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Effie (Teague) NDL Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Everett L. 1961 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, George 1957 Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, H. Charlene 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, J. W. 1903 Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Johnny Hamilton NDL Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Louisa (Bybee) 1937 Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Ora J. 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, Robert D. 1939 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mawhiney, Samuel NDL Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Steve 1943 Wright Cemetery Mawhiney, Thomas 1897 Wright Cemetery Maxwell, Ethel M. 1935 South New Home Cemetery Maxwell, Harold D. 1996 South New Home Cemetery Maxwell, Infant 1951 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Maxwell, James O. 1978 South New Home Cemetery Maxwell, Wesley 1928 South New Home Cemetery May, Alice M. 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery May, Geraldine R. 1974 Robinson Cemetery May, Jack E. 1990 Robinson Cemetery Mayer, Henry F. J. 1881 Gerber Cemetery McAfee, Mary L. 1912 Gardner Cemetery McAllister, Glen R. 1966 Robinson Cemetery McAllister, Mabel 1976 Robinson Cemetery McArtor, Alice J. 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery McBride, Hattie 1917 Lehman Cemetery McBride, Mary (Sanders) 1992 Hermitage Cemetery McCain, Charles L. 1953 Hermitage Cemetery McCain, Grace Hurt 1960 Hermitage Cemetery McCain, Harrel L. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery McCain, Henry R. 1941 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery McCain, Sarah F. 1926 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery McCall, Clarence R. 1977 Nemo Cemetery McCall, Esther (Darby) 1989 Nemo Cemetery McCandless, James 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCartney, Addie M. 1930 Souders Cemetery McCartney, Frank G. 1929 Souders Cemetery McCartney, Henrietta Belle 1905 Souders Cemetery McCarty, Ann 1913 Guier Cemetery McCarty, Carrie 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCarty, John Thomas 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCarty, Marion 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCarty, Sally E. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCarty, Thomas A. 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCarty, Thomas LeRoy 1945 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCarty, William 1913 Guier Cemetery McCarty, Arvella Lou 1910 Liberty Cemetery McCarty, Frank NDL Nemo Cemetery McCarty, Irene 2001 Nemo Cemetery McCarty, John Wesley 1937 Liberty Cemetery McCarty, John William “Johnny” 1986 Nemo Cemetery McCarty, Patricia A. NDL Nemo Cemetery McCarty, Roy Clinton 1910 Liberty Cemetery McCarty, Ward Duane 1997 Liberty Cemetery McCarty, Ward Wesley 1992 Liberty Cemetery McCaslin, Charles E. 1905 Lewis Cemetery McCaslin, Eliza A. 1913 Lewis Cemetery McCaslin, Henry 1894 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery McCaslin, Ida B. 1890 Lewis Cemetery McCaslin, Infants 1875 Lewis Cemetery McCaslin, Rachel (Parker) 1880 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery McCaslin, Rachel M. 1857 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery McCaslin, Rutha 1966 Dooly Bend Cemetery McCaslin, Sarah A. 1854 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery McCaslin, William Logan 1912 Lewis Cemetery McCaslin, B. Frank 1955 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Bert 1928 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Clyde 1974 Rountree Cemetery McCaslin, E. Harold 1936 Pittsburg Cemetery McCaslin, Edsel F. “Ed” 1997 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Ella 1959 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Elon H. 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery McCaslin, Emma 1963 Antioch Cemetery McCaslin, Etta M. 1932 Rountree Cemetery McCaslin, Frank B. 1960 Rountree Cemetery McCaslin, Ida F. 1905 Macedonia Cemetery McCaslin, Infant daughter 1878 Bernard Chapel Cemetery McCaslin, Infant son NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery McCaslin, John P. 1964 Antioch Cemetery McCaslin, John W. 1928 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Lena 1929 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Lucinda E. 1928 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Margaret Ann 1955 Mt. Zion Cemetery McCaslin, Mary 1995 Rountree Cemetery McCaslin, Mary Ellen 1990 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Minnie Cox 1952 Hermitage Cemetery McCaslin, N. Lucille (Hart) 2002 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Ollie I. 1930 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Ora Belle 1968 Hermitage Cemetery McCaslin, Pearl 1999 Hermitage Cemetery McCaslin, Reva E. NDL Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Stacey 1924 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, Thomas Claude 1956 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, William “Bill” 1934 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McCaslin, William A. 1952 Hermitage Cemetery McCaslin, William M. 1931 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery McClain, Delia 1898 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McClain, John 1899 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McClain, John W. 1899 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McClain, Martha A. 1904 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McClain, Martha E. 1885 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McClain, Samuel T. 1902 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McCloud, Hattie E. 1967 Robinson Cemetery McCloud, Nancy I. 1905 Fisher Cemetery McCloud, Rogend E. 1875 Fisher Cemetery McClung, Margaret Lee 1999 Olive Point Cemetery McClure, Ellen 1936 Walker / Wright Cemetery McClure, Floyd A. 1943 Walker / Wright Cemetery McClure, George 1927 Guier Cemetery McClure, James A. 1877 Guier Cemetery McClure, Sarah 1917 Guier Cemetery McClure, Wm. Edward 1954 Walker / Wright Cemetery McClure, Nora 2001 Crutsinger Cemetery McClure, Raymond David 1990 Crutsinger Cemetery McConnell, Johnie 1883 Robinson Cemetery McConnell, Nina Lee (Swicegood) 2001 Robinson Cemetery McCool, Ruth E. 1975 Robinson Cemetery McCool, Samuel A. 1969 Robinson Cemetery McCormack, N. F. C. 1880 Cooper Cemetery McCormick, Addison 1979 Fairview Cemetery McCormick, Christie Leanne (Childress) 1996 South New Home Cemetery McCoy, Charlsie W. (Savage) 1994 Fisher Cemetery McCoy, Dale L. 1980 Gardner Cemetery McCoy, Ella F. 1961 Antioch Cemetery McCoy, Eva (Hood) 1981 Antioch Cemetery McCoy, Frank 1985 Hermitage Cemetery McCoy, Gertrude 1890 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery McCoy, Glenna L. 1946 Robinson Cemetery McCoy, Icel (McCaslin) 2003 Hermitage Cemetery McCoy, Ivan Glenn “Pat” 1944 Antioch Cemetery McCoy, Lou 1969 Fisher Cemetery McCoy, Mary Lucy 1965 Fisher Cemetery McCoy, Mildred V. (Frank) 1992 Hermitage Cemetery McCoy, Nannie 1930 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery McCoy, Nina 1907 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery McCoy, Ralph L. 1944 Antioch Cemetery McCoy, Robert D. “Bob” NDL Hermitage Cemetery McCoy, Roy John 1996 Fisher Cemetery McCoy, Walter 1916 Antioch Cemetery McCoy, Willard 1907 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery McCoy, Willard Leslie 1997 Robinson Cemetery McCracken, Arisa 1895 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Ellena Faye 1894 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCracken, Eva Blue 1903 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Isom 1903 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, John H. NDL McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Kertice 1900 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Lucy B. 1945 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Martha B. 1894 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Mertil 1886 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Missie 1878 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, N. 1897 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, Sethie M. 1873 McCracken Cemetery McCracken, C. Cicero 1918 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Cicero C. 1948 Durnell Chapel Cemetery McCracken, Clarisa 1891 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Cody C. 1948 Sapp Cemetery McCracken, D. T. 1852 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Daughter NDL Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Elizabeth (Holmes) 1870 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Ephraim 1898 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Infant daughter 1885 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Ira H. 1970 Lehman Cemetery McCracken, J. Glen 1947 Robinson Cemetery McCracken, Jerome B. 1908 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Jessie Z. 1936 Lehman Cemetery McCracken, John R. 1878 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Joseph G. 1906 Crutsinger Cemetery McCracken, Josephine 1948 Durnell Chapel Cemetery McCracken, Julia Chapman 1936 Robinson Cemetery McCracken, Lafayette 1871 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Lafe A. 1956 Rountree Cemetery McCracken, Laura Ellen 1870 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Lavina 1918 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Leander 1898 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Lester L. 1915 Lehman Cemetery McCracken, M. Emma 1964 Rountree Cemetery McCracken, Madelyn 1921 Lehman Cemetery McCracken, Mary N. 1952 Robinson Cemetery McCracken, Millice 1865 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Minerva Ann (Tillery) 1931 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Mordica 1930 Durnell Chapel Cemetery McCracken, Nancy E. 1919 Crutsinger Cemetery McCracken, Pares 1884 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Robert H. 1888 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Robert H. 1888 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Stella May 1984 Hermitage Cemetery McCracken, Stephen S. 1870 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Susan 1885 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Thomas 1856 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Thomas A. 1924 Sapp Cemetery McCracken, Viola 1870 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Virginia (Coon) 1933 Sapp Cemetery McCracken, William E. 1897 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, William K. 1897 Tillery Cemetery McCracken, Zib Otto 1988 Hermitage Cemetery McCrory, Dora R. 1952 Lehman Cemetery McCrory, James L. 1957 Lehman Cemetery McCrory, Robert H. 1930 Lehman Cemetery McCroskey, Frank 1996 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McCubbin, Elbert M. 1945 Fisher Cemetery McCubbin, Mary J. 1940 Fisher Cemetery McCubbins, Allen 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCubbins, Bert 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCubbins, Cynthia M. (Dunn) 1934 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCubbins, Earl 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCubbins, Elbert M. 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCubbins, Gladys 1992 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCubbins, Luther G. 1941 Cross Timbers Cemetery McCutchen, Abraham NDL Howard Cemetery McCutchen, Benomi C. NDL Howard Cemetery McCutchen, John H. NDL Howard Cemetery McCutchen, Lula E. NDL Howard Cemetery McCutchen, Ora E. NDL Howard Cemetery McCutchen, Sarah R. NDL Howard Cemetery McCutchen, William O. NDL Howard Cemetery McDaniel, H. E. 1954 Fisher Cemetery McDaniel, Henry C. 1921 Durnell Chapel Cemetery McDonald, Ann NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery McDonald, L. Nip 1896 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery McDonough, Anna Belle (Lear) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery McDonough, Orville W. 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery McDowell, Sarah 1881 Baker Cemetery McDowell, George W. 1923 Fairview Cemetery McDowell, S. C. 1905 Fairview Cemetery McEvoy, John Windheim 1972 Gardner Cemetery McEvoy, Lorene (Friedley) 1998 Gardner Cemetery McFadin, Minty 1900 Fisher Cemetery McFarland, Bertha E. 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery McFarland, Charles B. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery McFarland, Faye NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery McFarland, Osa J. 1891 Cross Timbers Cemetery McFarland, William F. 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery McFarland, Charlie H. 1934 Fairview Cemetery McFarland, Dicey 1954 Fairview Cemetery McFarland, Ernest W. 1910 Fairview Cemetery McFarland, Eula 1910 Fairview Cemetery McGee, Andrew L. 1915 Dooly Bend Cemetery McGee, Cecile G. 1975 Dooly Bend Cemetery McGee, Elizabeth S. 1945 Dooly Bend Cemetery McGee, John D. 1933 Dooly Bend Cemetery McGee, Zola (Pearson) 1920 Dooly Bend Cemetery McGee, James P. 1944 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGee, James Pyrant 1904 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGee, John 1985 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGee, Julia Ann 1960 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGee, Mary Webster 1906 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGee, Winona May (Vanderford) 1978 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGinnis, Charlottie 1921 Cross Timbers Cemetery McGinnis, Owen E. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery McGlothin, Alicy 1891 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGlothin, W. H. 1901 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McGraw, Laura 1977 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery McGuire, Charles A. 1997 Robinson Cemetery McKee, Lorraine M. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery McKee, Roy Donald 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery McKenzie, Ella 1906 Hermitage Cemetery McKenzie, G. W. NDL Hermitage Cemetery McKenzie, John 1909 Hermitage Cemetery McKenzie, Judith W. 1992 Macedonia Cemetery McKenzie, Lova C. 1898 Fisher Cemetery McKinley, Anice 1986 Liberty Cemetery McKinley, B. F. 1952 Liberty Cemetery McKinley, Florence NDL Liberty Cemetery McKinley, Josiah 1881 Liberty Cemetery McKinley, Matilda Ann 1895 Liberty Cemetery McKinley, Osa Lou 1978 Nemo Cemetery McKinley, Russel J. 1979 Nemo Cemetery McKinley, William Burl 2003 Liberty Cemetery McKinley, Wm. B. “Wid” 1963 Liberty Cemetery McKinney, Baby Boy 1921 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Bessie E. 1963 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Dolly Dimple 1910 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Francis 1918 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Georgia L. NDL Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Hennery 1892 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, John G. 1957 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Lester T. 1981 Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Loyd D. NDL Robinson Cemetery McKinney, Samuel 1898 Robinson Cemetery McKinnon, Fred N. 1963 Robinson Cemetery McKinnon, Julia I. 1974 Robinson Cemetery McKinzie, Pearl O. 1989 Robinson Cemetery McKinzie, Roy C. 1963 Robinson Cemetery McLeary, Cecil F. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery McLeary, Nita NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery McLerran, Clester 1941 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, Cull B. 1955 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, Geneva Rae 1975 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, John W. 1940 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, Myrtle M. (Harper) 1949 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, Nathan Andrew 1991 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, Nichole Darlene 1973 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McLerran, Susie M. (Samples) 1966 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McMahan, Joanna 1877 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery McMahan, Minnie A. 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery McMahan, Robert L. 1937 Crutsinger Cemetery McMahan, Son 1871 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery McMayham, E. R. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery McMayham, Julia NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery McMillen, Arvilla (Goodman) Hargrove 1964 Sumner Cemetery McMillen, David F. 1959 Sumner Cemetery McMillen, William B. 1937 Sumner Cemetery McMillin, Robert M. 1962 Bethel / Harper Cemetery McNabb, Mildred NDL Hermitage Cemetery McNabb, Virgil L. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery McNatt, David Leo 1995 Nemo Cemetery McNatt, Gertrude (Seamster) NDL Nemo Cemetery McNatt, Olin 1938 Nemo Cemetery McNeel, Sarah 1884 Gardner Cemetery McPheeters, Kenneth James 2000 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery McPherson, Berlie M. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery McPherson, Ted R. 1988 Cross Timbers Cemetery McQuerry, Bert 1958 Nemo Cemetery McQuerry, Catherine E. 1958 Nemo Cemetery McShane, Gerty May 1887 Sumner Cemetery McShane, Anna (Loer) 1914 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McShane, Elizabeth 1919 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McShane, James M. 1936 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery McShane, Nina B. 1906 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Meador, Belva 1902 Gerber Cemetery Meador, Elizabeth 1947 Gerber Cemetery Meador, Newton 1938 Gerber Cemetery Meador, Alvia F. 1948 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Meador, Arletta A. 1971 Gardner Cemetery Meador, Bessie 1966 Gardner Cemetery Meador, Edna M. 1959 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Meador, Josie A. 1913 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Meador, Lora 1967 Gardner Cemetery Meador, Marjorie J. 1930 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Meadows, Frank T. NDL Nemo Cemetery Meadows, Nova M. (Reed) 1987 Nemo Cemetery Meadows, Robert E. 1943 Nemo Cemetery Meadows, Tennie 1971 Nemo Cemetery Medeiros, Dorothy 2003 Gardner Cemetery Meeker, Ray Edward 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Meier, Katharine Barbra (Weber) 1912 Gerber Cemetery Meier, Lawrence William Jr. 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Meier, Maxine Hicklin 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Meineke, Ronald D. Jr. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Meins, James 1885 Means (Meins) Cemetery Meisinger, Arnold E. 1972 Nemo Cemetery Meisinger, Berdine A. 1996 Nemo Cemetery Mellon, Grace D. 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Mellon, Robert W. 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Melton, Austin P. NDL Crutsinger Cemetery Melton, Burd F. 1946 Rountree Cemetery Melton, Christina Lynn 1993 Dorman Cemetery Melton, Dona 1938 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Melton, Edna Jewel 1900 Rountree Cemetery Melton, Emily S. 1919 Rountree Cemetery Melton, Infant daughter 1915 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Melton, Myrtle 1892 Rountree Cemetery Melton, Zella 1894 Rountree Cemetery Melville, George L. 1949 Gardner Cemetery Mendershahsen, Mabel 1896 Robinson Cemetery Meredith, Elvin N. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Meredith, Infant son 1891 Robinson Cemetery Meredith, Judy Ann 1976 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Meredith, Lois A. (Rains) 1990 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Meredith, Minnie B. 1912 Robinson Cemetery Meredith, Russell 1895 Robinson Cemetery Merritt, Barcia Lee 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Merritt, Bruce Franklin 1961 Dooly Bend Cemetery Meyer, Emma 1901 Gerber Cemetery Mezzacasa, Edna Ellen 1989 Robinson Cemetery Mezzacasa, Frances (Covington) 1990 Robinson Cemetery Mezzacasa, Herbert 1972 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Mezzacasa, John NDL Robinson Cemetery Mezzacasa, Nellie M. 1972 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Mezzacasa, Warren “Mooch” 1985 Robinson Cemetery Milam, Edith A. 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Milam, Edward M. 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miles, Mattie E. 1891 Tillery Cemetery Millard, Harry M. 1975 Fisher Cemetery Millard, Susie E. 1982 Fisher Cemetery Miller, A. C. 1859 Walker / Wright Cemetery Miller, Alfey E. 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Alice E. (Southard) 1949 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Allie 1888 Walker / Wright Cemetery Miller, Anthony NDL Howard Cemetery Miller, Atha M. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Audra D. 1927 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Auston 1916 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Cyrus J. 1908 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, D. J. 1908 Gerber Cemetery Miller, Don P. 1941 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Elizabeth 1943 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Elizabeth S. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Ellen 1938 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Emma J. 1973 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Ernest 1891 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Ervin 1908 Gerber Cemetery Miller, Evalena K. 1991 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Flora L. (Paxton) 1933 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Frances 1866 Pippins Cemetery Miller, George W. 1892 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Gerald Wm. 1924 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Henry F. 1975 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Henry M. 1942 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Herman E. 1893 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Infant 1881 Guier Cemetery Miller, Infant 1896 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Infant 1899 Gerber Cemetery Miller, Infant NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Infant NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Infant daughter 1904 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Infant son 1898 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Infant son NDL Jones Cemetery Miller, J. D. 1876 Gerber Cemetery Miller, J. E. 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, J. Emerson NDL Sumner Cemetery Miller, J. H. NDL Gerber Cemetery Miller, Jacob E. 2000 Sumner Cemetery Miller, James 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, James W. 1921 Jones Cemetery Miller, Janann L. NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Jess T. 1948 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Joseph 1894 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Judith F. 1994 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Kenneth G. 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Laura L. 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Lawrence Lee 1984 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Lenord E. 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Lewis A. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Margaret Ann 1870 Tipton Cemetery Miller, Margaret E. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Martha A. 1879 Pitts Cemetery (on old Jeff Pitts place) Miller, Martha Ellen (Ruth) 1940 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Mary Ann 1949 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Melvin D. 1996 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Mona F. (Button) 1954 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Nancy Ella 1948 Jones Cemetery Miller, Oren L. 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Otis O. 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miller, Rhoda Fern 1995 Wheatland Amish Cemetery Miller, Robert Harris 1966 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Ruby Gladys 1926 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Sam 1894 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Sarah 1915 Gerber Cemetery Miller, Sarah A. 1947 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Theresa 1897 Sumner Cemetery Miller, Thomas 1959 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Tina NDL Howard Cemetery Miller, Unknown first name 1885 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Miller, William H. 1934 Sumner Cemetery Miller, William L. NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Miller, Wm. Albert 1942 Cross Timbers Cemetery Miller, Alexander 1873 Hayden Cemetery Miller, Amos 1882 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Anna Belle 1978 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Miller, Archie Lee 1936 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Arvilla A. 1974 Macedonia Cemetery Miller, Atha Dolo 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Audie NDL Antioch Cemetery Miller, Barton S. 1928 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Miller, Buley F. 1898 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Charley W. 1971 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Clarence Lloyd 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Clarence R. 1905 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Cora Lee 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Dona May 1961 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Miller, Dorothy L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Miller, Earl 1896 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Eddie H. 1946 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Edna F. 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Elizabeth 1942 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Miller, Elzie I. 1962 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Ervin E. 1991 Robinson Cemetery Miller, Essie V. 1958 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Miller, Ethel 1896 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Everett L. 1999 Crutsinger Cemetery Miller, Fratie Creed 1961 Antioch Cemetery Miller, George NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Miller, George Hayden 1987 Antioch Cemetery Miller, George M. Jr. 2001 Robinson Cemetery Miller, George P. 1936 Antioch Cemetery Miller, George W. 1901 Crutsinger Cemetery Miller, Georgia Irene NDL Antioch Cemetery Miller, Grace (Parker) 1987 Crutsinger Cemetery Miller, Harry L. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, Hazel May 1975 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Huldy 1928 Olive Point Cemetery Miller, Ida 1899 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Inez 1909 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Infant son 1904 Clark Cemetery Miller, J. W. 1892 Antioch Cemetery Miller, James A. 1974 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Miller, James D. 1932 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Miller, Jane 1892 Dainley Tuck Farm Cemetery Miller, Jesse A. 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Miller, Jesse L. 1958 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Laura Ethel 1994 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Lester H. 1909 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Lillie E. 1962 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Miller, Lily B. 1983 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Lonnie A. 1921 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Miller, Lottie 1899 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Margaret A. 1934 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Miller, Martha 1868 Hayden Cemetery Miller, Mary 1911 Crutsinger Cemetery Miller, Mary E. 1885 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Mary L. 1943 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Mary M. F. 1898 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Mary R. 1911 Antioch Cemetery Miller, May B. 1931 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Nina R. NDL Robinson Cemetery Miller, Othel Leona 1906 Macedonia Cemetery Miller, Ray A. 1918 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Miller, Rose M. 1946 Robinson Cemetery Miller, S. L. 1901 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Sarah F. 1944 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Sarah L. 1899 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Una Hare 1941 Nemo Cemetery Miller, Vernie F. 1895 Antioch Cemetery Miller, Wesley 1953 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Miller, William A. 1918 Hermitage Cemetery Miller, William Edgar 1893 Tillery Cemetery Miller, William Riley 1939 Antioch Cemetery Millikan, Elizabeth 1879 Clark Cemetery Millikan, Mary Elizabeth 1866 Clark Cemetery Milliner, Patricia 1999 Family Farm Mincher, Samuel 1857 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Mincher, Son NDL Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Miner, Alvin W. 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Miner, Doris L. 1983 Dooly Bend Cemetery Minner, Mary L. 1854 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Minner, Caleb 1866 Tillery Cemetery Minner, Eliza 1884 Tillery Cemetery Minner, Elizabeth 1894 Tillery Cemetery Minner, Ewell G. 1872 Tillery Cemetery Minner, Richard 1865 Tillery Cemetery Minner, Sarah L. 1892 Tillery Cemetery Minnick, Chester 1971 South New Home Cemetery Minnick, Chester O. 1971 South New Home Cemetery Minnick, Maude 1967 South New Home Cemetery Mitchell, Anna M. (Feltman) 1978 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, Audrey 1909 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, Brum 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, Clelan 1881 Guier Cemetery Mitchell, Infants 1883 Sumner Cemetery Mitchell, Irene (Logan) 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, J. M. 1909 Guier Cemetery Mitchell, Joseph W. 1953 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, Juretta C. 1953 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, Lawrence M. 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, M. E. 1912 Guier Cemetery Mitchell, Virnilla A. "Nila" Roberts 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mitchell, Abner A. 1964 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Albert C. 1921 Fairview Cemetery Mitchell, Allie May 1892 Fairview Cemetery Mitchell, Alonzo Franklin 1909 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Mitchell, Annette 1919 Jordan Cemetery Mitchell, Billie D. 1902 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Mitchell, Clara E. (Lockling) 1990 Hayden Cemetery Mitchell, Edrie O. (Crane) 1982 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Effie R. 1915 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mitchell, Emma S. 1966 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Floyd J. 1981 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Mitchell, Frances E. 1947 Nemo Cemetery Mitchell, Fratie B. 1997 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Mitchell, George W. 1979 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Gracie M. NDL Fairview Cemetery Mitchell, Hilda Lorene 2003 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Howard B. 1922 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Mitchell, Ida B. 1917 Jordan Cemetery Mitchell, James D. 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mitchell, James T. 1931 Nemo Cemetery Mitchell, Jeanette 2003 Jordan Cemetery Mitchell, Kathryn E. 1899 Mt. Zion Cemetery Mitchell, Loren Dean 2000 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Lula 1962 Robinson Cemetery Mitchell, Mae Murry 1909 Robinson Cemetery Mitchell, Magnolia NDL Fairview Cemetery Mitchell, Mahala J. 1947 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Margaret E. 1902 Fairview Cemetery Mitchell, Mary Lee 1921 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Mitchell, Melvin 1930 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Montarue 1929 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Morgan L. 1883 Pittsburg Cemetery Mitchell, Nannie Helen (Harvey) NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Mitchell, Raleigh Abrum 1994 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Roscoe 1991 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Samuel 1923 Nemo Cemetery Mitchell, Sharlet A. 1935 Jordan Cemetery Mitchell, Shirley Jean NDL Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Thomas M. 1935 Fisher Cemetery Mitchell, Viola M. 1955 Fairview Cemetery Mitchell, William Patrick 1973 Hayden Cemetery Mitchell, William Stanley NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Mitchem, Janice A. 1997 South New Home Cemetery Mitchener, Clarence C. 1974 Crutsinger Cemetery Mitchener, Ora M. 1978 Crutsinger Cemetery Mock, Henry 1926 Palmer Cemetery Mock, George W. 1948 Fairview Cemetery Modlin, Velma Dorene 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moffat, Leo 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moffit, L. E. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Moffit, Louise A. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Moffit, Nellie L. 1909 Robinson Cemetery Monroe, Bradshaw 1904 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Monroe, Eliza F. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Monroe, Jess P. 1953 Robinson Cemetery Monroe, John 1899 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Monroe, John P. 1925 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Monroe, Rebecca B. 1923 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Monroe, Thomas E. 1896 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Monroe, Vaneta 1902 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Monson, Bernice C. 1999 Cross Timbers Cemetery Monson, Edgar B. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Monteith, William D. 1978 Olive Point Cemetery Montgomery, J. William 1923 Hermitage Cemetery Montgomery, John J. 1911 Hermitage Cemetery Montgomery, Julia E. 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Montgomery, Julia W. 1903 Hermitage Cemetery Montgomery, Loren W. 2002 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Montgomery, Mary F. (Rader) 2003 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Montgomery, Mary M. 1873 Tillery Cemetery Montgomery, Maurie 1897 Hermitage Cemetery Montgomery, Mont W. 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Montgomery, Stephen S. 1870 Tillery Cemetery Moore, Albert L. 1984 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Anna C. 1995 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Anna Dorene 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moore, Annie 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Arthur L. 1983 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moore, Darrel Orvan 1973 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, David NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Edith 1876 Gerber Cemetery Moore, Elizabeth 1882 Gerber Cemetery Moore, Emma 1938 Sumner Cemetery Moore, Flavie Amos 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Flora Amber 1881 Gerber Cemetery Moore, George NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Gracie May 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, James E. 1862 Baker Cemetery Moore, John W. 1949 Sumner Cemetery Moore, Johnny W. 1990 Sumner Cemetery Moore, Joseph H. 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moore, Laura E. 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moore, Lora Eathel 1993 Sumner Cemetery Moore, Martha Louise 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Mary R. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moore, Robert H. 1977 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Sarah 1906 Cross Timbers Cemetery Moore, Tommy 1992 Sumner Cemetery Moore, William 1877 Gerber Cemetery Moore, William Howard 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Moore, William P. 1872 Baker Cemetery Moore, Adelaide 1891 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Amos 1967 Crutsinger Cemetery Moore, Anna M. Mason 1995 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Arch Andrew 1949 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Arthur B. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Corda (McCracken) 1976 Crutsinger Cemetery Moore, Dee H. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Dennis James 1994 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Dollie 1902 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, E. Louie (Roth) 1967 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Effie F. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Emily (Smith) 1892 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Esther 1923 Clark Cemetery Moore, Etha (Brent) 1962 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Eva 1901 Rountree Cemetery Moore, George R. 1955 Crutsinger Cemetery Moore, Harry C. 1957 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Hattie B. 1951 Hermitage Cemetery Moore, Hattie E. 1874 Rountree Cemetery Moore, Henry 1901 Rountree Cemetery Moore, Henry NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Moore, Horace D. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Moore, Infant NDL Clark Cemetery Moore, Ira Lee 1967 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, James K. 1933 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, James Kelly 1932 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, John 1897 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, John W. 1931 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Kathryn A. 1922 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Leona 1989 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Margaret (Estes) 1906 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Martha Lillie (Goodman) Holland 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Moore, Martha May 1883 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Mary Alta (Fitzhugh) 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery Moore, Mary B. 1937 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Mary E. 1887 Rountree Cemetery Moore, Mary Ruth 1937 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Matilda (Pine) 1930 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Melissa M. 1924 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Minnie M. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Nancy 1881 Rountree Cemetery Moore, Nellie May 1976 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Perry H. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Moore, Rebecca 1869 Dainley Tuck Farm Cemetery Moore, Robert Edmund Lee 1964 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Rolland A. 1940 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Rosa Bell 1967 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Roy Nelson 1927 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Rufus L. 1932 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Sam NDL Clark Cemetery Moore, Susan M. (Rountree) 1934 Rountree Cemetery Moore, Thomas 1886 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, Wesley R. 1953 Crutsinger Cemetery Moore, Willa Elsie 1974 Fisher Cemetery Moore, William G. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moore, William L. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Moore, Willie 1988 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Moreland, Norma Belle 1908 Macedonia Cemetery Moreland, W. T. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Morgan, Fannie 1940 Cross Timbers Cemetery Morgan, Achilles M. 1924 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Blanche I. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Morgan, Elizabeth NDL Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Ellen 1977 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Elvora 1939 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Ethan 1962 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Ethel 1977 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Eula 1963 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, G. W. 1920 Robinson Cemetery Morgan, George D. 1927 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Helen B. 1982 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Infant son 1908 Hermitage Cemetery Morgan, Jessie 1868 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, John 1933 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, John W. 1896 Robinson Cemetery Morgan, Lloyd 1980 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Lyman 1956 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Martha J. 1937 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Martha N. 1866 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Matilda 1927 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Morgan L. 1946 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Nancy 1868 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Odessa 1969 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Oral H. 1967 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Orlan B. 1963 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Pheoba A. 1890 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Russell L. 1979 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Morgan, Samantha L. 1923 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, T. Clifford NDL Fisher Cemetery Morgan, T. S. 1916 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Thomas D. 1862 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Thomas S. 1869 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Thomas S. 1980 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Thomas W. 1961 Fisher Cemetery Morgan, Vetta J. 1967 Fisher Cemetery Morris, David Allen 1982 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Morris, Elmer NDL Bethel / Harper Cemetery Morris, Peggy (Carl) 1995 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Morris, Emeline 1920 Souders Cemetery Morris, Kitty Irene 1889 Macedonia Cemetery Morris, Mary E. 1889 Macedonia Cemetery Morris, Mrs. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Morrison, Alice 1945 Gardner Cemetery Morrison, Charles 1910 Gardner Cemetery Morrison, Clarisa 1940 Gardner Cemetery Morrison, Laurence F. 1947 Gardner Cemetery Morrison, Nettie A. 1911 Souders Cemetery Morrison, Samuel 1897 Gardner Cemetery Morrison, Samuel R. 1967 Gardner Cemetery Morton, W. D. 1885 Morton Cemetery Morton, Wife of W. D. NDL Morton Cemetery Morton, Charles 1941 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Emma O. (Stevens) 1995 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Ernest Oliver 1958 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Eva (Harryman) 1977 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Harry F. 1948 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Ina Elsie (Thornton) 1949 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Infant son 1925 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Iona (Pitts) 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, John A. 1913 Macedonia Cemetery Morton, John Ray 1897 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, L. H. 1962 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Marshall J. 1935 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Marshall J. 1948 Souders Cemetery Morton, Mary Emily 1920 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Mary J. 1917 Macedonia Cemetery Morton, Nancy A. 1935 Souders Cemetery Morton, Nancy Angeline 1948 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Nellie Lucille 1909 Robinson Cemetery Morton, Rhoda M. 1959 Souders Cemetery Morton, Ross Walker 1937 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Stella E. 1990 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, Stella M. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Morton, Thornton 1971 Crutsinger Cemetery Morton, William Clinton 1991 Souders Cemetery Morton, William Neil 1974 Souders Cemetery Morton, William P. 1966 Robinson Cemetery Morton, William P. Jr. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Morton, William U. 1947 Souders Cemetery Morton, Zelpha (Hardy) 1987 Souders Cemetery Moseby, Gracie 1887 Gardner Cemetery Moser, Amy F. 1959 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Moser, Charles D. 1949 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Moser, Grace 1989 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Mosler, Clever R. 1872 Tillery Cemetery Mosler, George L. 1866 Tillery Cemetery Mosler, James M. P. 1875 Tillery Cemetery Motley, Estelle Faye (Durnell) 1983 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Motley, Kenneth D. 1984 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Mott, Melvin LeRoy (Bill) 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mott, Mildred J. (Wright) 1995 Cross Timbers Cemetery Mott, Allen E. 1927 Robinson Cemetery Mott, Lucy E. 1952 Robinson Cemetery Mott, Samuel E. 1943 Robinson Cemetery Mottesheard, Infant 1900 Tillery Cemetery Mottesheard, Infant 1906 Tillery Cemetery Moulder, Infant son 1897 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Mount, Bessie 1971 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery
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