Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Guffey, Margurilte L. 1968 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Guffey, Richard H. 1977 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Guier, Edmond 1905 Guier Cemetery Guier, Flavel M. 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Guier, James B. 1946 Guier Cemetery Guier, Lorietta L. (Smith) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Guier, Mahala J. 1937 Guier Cemetery Guier, Mary 1934 Guier Cemetery Guier, Mary A. 1906 Guier Cemetery Guier, Rosa 1896 Guier Cemetery Guier, Stella May 1900 Guier Cemetery Guier, Stephen Solomon 1893 Guier Cemetery Guier, Teresa A. 1850 Guier Cemetery Guier, William L. 1859 Guier Cemetery Guier, Florence Huffman 1932 Fisher Cemetery Guinn, William 1861 Pittsburg Cemetery Gulley, Rosa M. 1936 Hermitage Cemetery Gulley, Sarah 1887 Clark Cemetery Gulley, William 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Gumm, Harold Leroy 1990 Robinson Cemetery Gumm, Maxine 1997 Robinson Cemetery Gumm, Morton E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Gumm, Rena F. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Gumm, Tracy Denice 1972 Robinson Cemetery Gump, B. F. 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Gump, Benjamin F. 1908 Hermitage Cemetery Gump, James 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Gump, Nancy 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Gunder, C.M. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Gunder, Garrett S. 1901 Robinson Cemetery Gunder, George B. 1927 Robinson Cemetery Gunder, L.J. 1962 Robinson Cemetery Gunder, Silvila 1924 Robinson Cemetery Gunnels, Hazel NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Gunnels, Ray NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Gunnels, Ray Gene 1989 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Gunnels, Sue NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Gurtner, Raymon F. 1957 Hermitage Cemetery Hackett, Frances Louise 1954 Guier Cemetery Hackett, Frank O. 1968 Guier Cemetery Hackett, Mildred Marie 1969 Guier Cemetery Hackett, Othella 1980 Guier Cemetery Hackett, Walter Frank 1975 Guier Cemetery Haddock, William Keith 1991 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Haddox, Wilba (Kays) 2002 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hagen, Francis Willard 1917 Lehman Cemetery Hague, James L. 1968 Macedonia Cemetery Haislip, Benjamin 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Halbert, Alanson 1852 Walker / Wright Cemetery Halbert, Francis Marion 1850 Walker / Wright Cemetery Halbert, Joel B. 1877 Walker / Wright Cemetery Halbert, Joel B. 1915 Cross Timbers Cemetery Halbert, Queene 1924 Cross Timbers Cemetery Halbert, Slaves of Halbert family NDL Ben Scott Cemetery Halbert, Tirzah 1867 Walker / Wright Cemetery Halbert, Charles A. 1909 Hermitage Cemetery Halbert, Eli R. 1893 Macedonia Cemetery Halbert, Elmer 1903 Antioch Cemetery Halbert, Eula Dot (Rogers) 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Halbert, Frances G. 1912 Crutsinger Cemetery Halbert, Margaret F. 1898 Hermitage Cemetery Halbert, Martha F. 1881 Macedonia Cemetery Halbert, Matilda C. 1903 Antioch Cemetery Halbert, W. T. (Tommy) 1938 Crutsinger Cemetery Halbert, William H. 1922 Antioch Cemetery Hale, Freida 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hale, Rebecca B. 1960 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hale, William Lee 1954 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hall, Ada Bell 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hall, Ava E. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hall, Elmer Leroy 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hall, Martha A. 1884 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Hall, Annie 1895 Fisher Cemetery Hall, B. W. 1872 Fisher Cemetery Hall, Benjamin W. 1922 Fairview Cemetery Hall, Cordelia M. 1892 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, D. W. 1910 Fisher Cemetery Hall, E. M. 1968 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Elizabeth 1932 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Frances F. 1921 Fairview Cemetery Hall, Gus G. 1914 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Hilda B. 1916 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Hiram C. 1961 Fairview Cemetery Hall, Ida M. (Tankesley) 1960 Fisher Cemetery Hall, John 1896 Tillery Cemetery Hall, Lon C. 1924 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Martha J. 1916 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Mary A. 1871 Fisher Cemetery Hall, Mary L. 1897 Tillery Cemetery Hall, Myrtle L. 1953 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, N. C. 1902 Fisher Cemetery Hall, Roy Ross 1997 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Temperance 1892 Fisher Cemetery Hall, Thomas S. 1947 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Wallace C. 1993 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Walter 1909 Tillery Cemetery Hall, William R. 1937 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hall, Zona 1946 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hamilton, David Lee 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hamilton, Peggy Marie 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hamilton, Wm. David 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hammock, Sally 1927 Hermitage Cemetery Hammond, J. Morgan 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hammond, Arnold Dee 1915 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Hammond, D. Gene 1998 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hammond, Freda May (Penny) 2002 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hammond, H. V. “Kie” 1952 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Hammond, Jesse 1889 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hammond, Jewel B. 2001 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Hammond, Jewell 1973 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hammond, Mary Jane 1892 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hammond, Mary Lucy 1973 Robinson Cemetery Hammond, Orlyn Glen 1985 Robinson Cemetery Hammond, Rose Steeber 1956 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Hammond, Thomas F. 1922 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hammond, Thomas R. 1960 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hammond, Walter S. 1917 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hanak, James C. 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hand, Darryl Marshall 2002 Crutsinger Cemetery Hand, Richard Boyce 1958 Robinson Cemetery Hanel, Ivy Herbert Kelly 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Haney, Lois Marie 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Hankins, Danny L. 1957 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hanna, Gertrude 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Hanna, Hazel Juanita 1976 Robinson Cemetery Hanna, Howard Kelly “Bill” 1985 Robinson Cemetery Hanners, Flossie M. 1982 Hermitage Cemetery Hanners, Fred L. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Hansom, Maxine H. 1994 Nemo Cemetery Hanson, B. F. 1904 Sumner Cemetery Hanson, Infant son NDL Antioch Cemetery Hanze, A. F. 1934 Tillery Cemetery Harbaugh, James Harden 1892 Mt. Zion Cemetery Harbert, Abraham 1881 Sumner Cemetery Harbert, Harriet 1881 Sumner Cemetery Harden, R. 1901 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hardy, C. Ross 1977 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Fran R. 1982 Antioch Cemetery Hardy, George Clinton 1928 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Ila D. 1978 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Jacob W. 1896 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Jean H. 1932 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Joe G. NDL Antioch Cemetery Hardy, Lula 1946 Robinson Cemetery Hardy, Mary M. 1953 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Melia A. 1951 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Peter M. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Hardy, Sarah J. 1899 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Susan K. 1933 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hardy, Thornton 1938 Souders Cemetery Hardy, W. T. 1903 Souders Cemetery Hardy, Zechariah 1882 Souders Cemetery Hare, James F. 1923 Nemo Cemetery Hare, Robert D.O. NDL Robinson Cemetery Hare, Sarah E. 1916 Nemo Cemetery Hare, W. R. 1905 Nemo Cemetery Hargett, Ellena D. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Hargiss, Bert James 1972 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Hargiss, Hallie E. 2004 Crutsinger Cemetery Hargiss, Infant son 1882 Sumner Cemetery Hargiss, Philip L. 1888 Sumner Cemetery Hargiss, Raymond Lewis 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Hargiss, Edwin W. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Hargiss, Fannie 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Hargiss, Josephine 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Hargiss, Phillip D. 1913 Hermitage Cemetery Hargiss, Sarrah C. 1909 Hermitage Cemetery Hargiss, William P. 1951 Hermitage Cemetery Hargrove, Catherine R. 1973 Sumner Cemetery Hargrove, Tandy V. 1946 Sumner Cemetery Harlan, Albert D. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, Alfred NDL Clark Cemetery Harlan, Amelia 1915 Clark Cemetery Harlan, Arthur H. 1916 Clark Cemetery Harlan, Bentley NDL Clark Cemetery Harlan, Billy NDL Clark Cemetery Harlan, Boyd O. 1914 Clark Cemetery Harlan, Calvin 1945 Clark Cemetery Harlan, Claud 1970 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, Ernie F. 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, F. M. 1916 Clark Cemetery Harlan, Grace NDL Clark Cemetery Harlan, Jane NDL Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, John 1900 Clark Cemetery Harlan, John W. 1932 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, Joshua 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, Lizzie 1925 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, Mary 1917 Clark Cemetery Harlan, Mother NDL Clark Cemetery Harlan, Nancy A. 1880 Macedonia Cemetery Harlan, Nora 1958 Hermitage Cemetery Harlan, William Y. 1920 Hermitage Cemetery Harmon, Berniece 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Harmon, Clyde R. 1993 Nemo Cemetery Harmon, Donna E. NDL Nemo Cemetery Harms, Rosemary NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Harms, Walter Herman 1965 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Harper, Albert 1888 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Anna B. 1966 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Artress O. 1955 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, B. K. 1972 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Baby 1887 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Barbara Joan 1943 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Edna Bell 1940 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Eula Bell 1997 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Franklin G. 1936 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, George T. 1964 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, George T. 1979 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, George W. 1925 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, H. N. 1913 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Hannah 1874 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Harvey G. 1887 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Infant 1917 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, J. Lemon 1936 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, J. M. 1926 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Jacob 1890 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Jacob Talley 1892 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, John M. 1839 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, John Thompson 1896 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Josephine 1886 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Laura G. 1881 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Leaman Henry 1938 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, LeRoy 1921 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Lou F. 1937 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Malva Elizabeth (McMillin) 1919 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Mamie 1988 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Margret 1919 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Mary Sophia 1949 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Nancy 1869 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Nicholas Calvin 1936 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Nora 1960 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Robert Irvin 1986 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Robert Otha 1986 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Ruby 1930 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Sarah C. 1936 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Tressie E. (Feaster) 1999 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Veldon R. 1936 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, Waneta Fay 1921 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, William G. 1926 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Harper, M. Anna (Bailey) 1978 Mt. Zion Cemetery Harper, Willie 1970 Mt. Zion Cemetery Harpham, Elmer D. 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Harpham, Neva Lynn 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery Harris, Anna V. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Harris, John A. 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Harris, David P. 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Harris, Fannie M. 1863 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Harris, Jewel (Mitchener) 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Harrison, Billy C. (Davis) 1971 Robinson Cemetery Harrison, James H. 1882 Fisher Cemetery Harrison, Nancy J. (Yates) NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Harrison, Roma L. 1999 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Harrop, Betty B. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Joseph 1913 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Joseph 1950 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Joseph G. 1971 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Lee Benjamin 2001 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Mabel Marie 2000 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Ruby 1921 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Sylvia 1941 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harrop, Walter L. 1999 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Harryman, Christopher Zumwalt Sr. 1890 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Ezekiel 1892 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, George S. 1896 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Hezekiah 1857 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Lizzie Fowler NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Martha Linville NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Mary E. 1857 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Nancy Ann (Smith) NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Nathaniel 1880 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Westley 1884 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harryman, Agee (Reese) 1977 Crutsinger Cemetery Harryman, Don 1945 Crutsinger Cemetery Harryman, Eugene F. 2000 Crutsinger Cemetery Harryman, Marie 1905 Hermitage Cemetery Harryman, Marvin 1905 Hermitage Cemetery Harryman, Nancy M. (Rogers) 1930 Crutsinger Cemetery Harryman, Ruth 1973 Crutsinger Cemetery Harryman, W. D. 1912 Crutsinger Cemetery Hart, 2 Babies NDL Hartville Cemetery Hart, 4 Babies NDL Hartville Cemetery Hart, Ambrose J. NDL Hartville Cemetery Hart, Baby NDL Hartville Cemetery Hart, Connie 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Curtis Dale 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, E. W. 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Ellen M. 1896 Williams' Bend Cemetery Hart, H. O. 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Hazel NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Henry A. 1912 Hartville Cemetery Hart, J. M. 1907 Williams' Bend Cemetery Hart, James H. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, James O. 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Martha A. 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Mary 1894 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Mary E. 1881 Cooper Cemetery Hart, Mildred NDL Hartville Cemetery Hart, Nola E. 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Nora 1944 Hartville Cemetery Hart, Robert 1958 Hartville Cemetery Hart, Ruby E. 1917 Hartville Cemetery Hart, Susan M. 1929 Cooper Cemetery Hart, Thomas H. 1951 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hart, Augusta 1883 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Charles B. 1982 Fisher Cemetery Hart, Charles D. 1980 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Clester Kie 1928 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Durward Paul 1904 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Edgar M. 1934 Fisher Cemetery Hart, Eli 1927 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Eliza B. (Tilford) 1901 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Elviry 1865 Rountree Cemetery Hart, Hattie 1912 Fisher Cemetery Hart, Henry H. 1852 Behind the Quincy Hall Hart, Hollis 1966 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Infant son 1934 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, James H. 1936 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, James M. NDL Macedonia Cemetery Hart, John B. 1902 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Josie M. (Harper) 1985 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Louisa F. 1891 Macedonia Cemetery Hart, Lucy J. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Mary E. 1916 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Mary Elizabeth (Hunt) NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, May NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Mignonett 1938 Fisher Cemetery Hart, Minnie A. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Nanie NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Nina N. (Sherman) 1919 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Phyllis May 1942 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hart, Robert Franklin 1937 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Robert H. 1939 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, Roland E. 1910 Fisher Cemetery Hart, Rosa Bell 1967 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Theodore G. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Hart, Victoria E. 1937 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hart, William C. 1996 Fisher Cemetery Hartley, George 1875 Baker Cemetery Hartley, H. V. 1881 Baker Cemetery Hartley, Mary A. 1872 Baker Cemetery Hartley, Zeno 18?? Baker Cemetery Hartley, Harry 1954 Robinson Cemetery Hartley, Nancy NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Hartley, Rosie 1969 Robinson Cemetery Hartley, Urban Giles 1896 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Hartman, Barbara B. (Nowell) 1982 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hartman, Levi 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Hartman, Paul E. 1997 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hartnett, Caroline 1895 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Daniel W. 1934 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Elizabeth P. 1912 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Emmet M. 1928 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Ethel Grace 1912 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Glenn Tessly 1904 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, John K. 1918 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Leona 1957 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Mary E. 1952 Fisher Cemetery Hartnett, Thomas F. 1936 Fisher Cemetery Harvey, J. W. 1886 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harvey, Lizzie Bird 1887 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harvey, Rhoda NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Harvey, Anthony Levi 1961 Fisher Cemetery Harvey, Belinda Velma 1933 Fisher Cemetery Harvey, George Wesley 1899 Fisher Cemetery Harvey, Hazel 1893 Cross Timbers Cemetery Harvey, Ida 1950 Gardner Cemetery Harvey, Minnie Pearl 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Harvey, Riley Levi 1895 Fisher Cemetery Harvey, William R. 1973 Cross Timbers Cemetery Harvey, Zelia G. 1904 Cross Timbers Cemetery Haste, George Edward 1990 Robinson Cemetery Haste, Simon G. “Buck” 1989 Robinson Cemetery Hatcher, S. Florence 1917 McCracken Cemetery Hatfield, Clifford Dale 2001 Fisher Cemetery Hatfield, Donald Lee 1947 Fairview Cemetery Hatfield, Elsie V. 1991 Fairview Cemetery Hatfield, James Logan 1969 Fairview Cemetery Hathaway, Gilbert 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Hathaway, John W. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Hathaway, Robert 1987 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hathaway, Wanda 2006 Hermitage Cemetery Hatmaker, Ted G. 1996 Hatmaker Family Plot Hatt, LaDonna Nunn 1993 Souders Cemetery Haverfield, James NDL Williams' Bend Cemetery Haverfield, Sarah 1887 Williams' Bend Cemetery Hawkins, E. D. 1876 Gardner Cemetery Hawkins, Margaret E. 1951 Robinson Cemetery Hawkins, Sergt. Jno. J. 1910 Robinson Cemetery Hawkins, Thomas M. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Hayden, George NDL Tillery Cemetery Hayden, Gracie A. (Lockling) 1955 Hayden Cemetery Hayden, Raymond E. 1964 Hayden Cemetery Hayden, Robert Ray 1961 Hayden Cemetery Hayes, Amos F. 1928 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, Donald Keith 1992 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, George F. 1957 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, George Howard 1976 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, Hannah Elizabeth “Betty” NDL Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, John F. 1993 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, Nancy B. 1976 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, Ruth Louise NDL Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, Susie E. 1939 Olive Point Cemetery Hayes, Vera M. (Russell) 1995 Olive Point Cemetery Headley, G. W. 1916 Robinson Cemetery Heard, Elizabeth A. 1894 Sumner Cemetery Heard, James E. 1922 Sumner Cemetery Heard, Nancy 1869 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Heard, Pearl Allen 1910 Sumner Cemetery Heard, Son 1885 Sumner Cemetery Heard, Vernon 1879 Sumner Cemetery Heard, Alfred 1959 Macedonia Cemetery Heard, Avis Burnette 1918 Macedonia Cemetery Heard, Bonnie V. 1941 Gardner Cemetery Heard, Earley 1909 Macedonia Cemetery Heard, Flora A. 1954 Macedonia Cemetery Heard, Jno. NDL Macedonia Cemetery Heard, John 1918 Gardner Cemetery Heard, Laura J. 1907 Macedonia Cemetery Heard, Leah 1910 Gardner Cemetery Heard, Mary E. 1931 Macedonia Cemetery Heard, Sopha 1919 Gardner Cemetery Hearn, Martha Ann Shepherd 1972 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hearn, Sarah Ruth 1928 Mt. Zion Cemetery Heater, Mayme Marie 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Heath, Floyd F. 1897 Cross Timbers Cemetery Heath, Ida NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Heath, Maud 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hebber, George 1880 Sumner Cemetery Hedgepath, Mable Josephine 1912 Jones Cemetery Hedgepeth, Gerald L. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Hedgepeth, Isaac Newton 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hedgepeth, John David 1891 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hedgepeth, Nancy Ellen 1910 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hedgepeth, Vivian N. 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Hefner, Cynthia R. (Davenport) 1994 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hellums, Effie 1985 Antioch Cemetery Hellums, Genevieve 1904 Sapp Cemetery Hellums, Helen Laverne 1921 Antioch Cemetery Hellums, Lawrence L. 1967 Antioch Cemetery Hellums, Marinda 1941 Sapp Cemetery Hellums, William 1957 Sapp Cemetery Helmig, Charles C. 1981 Fairview Cemetery Helmig, Christian Henry 1986 Fairview Cemetery Helmig, Mary Temperance 1970 Fairview Cemetery Helmig, Pauline M. (LaRose) NDL Fairview Cemetery Helms, George 1921 Fisher Cemetery Helms, Lillie 1946 Fisher Cemetery Helms, Ray 1983 Fisher Cemetery Helton, Sarah E. 1888 Tillery Cemetery Helton, Valara A. 1893 Tillery Cemetery Hemphill, Cleo G. 1985 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hemphill, Joseph A. 1936 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hemphill, Luther 1889 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hemphill, Roxie A. (Peabody) 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hemphill, Veda Fern 1979 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hemphill, Walter 1886 Mt. Zion Cemetery Henderson, B. C. 1923 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, George W. 1950 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Leslie 1954 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Lowell Jordan 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henderson, Malissa E. 1968 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Martha J. 1921 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Mary E. 1853 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Mary E. 1855 Pippins Cemetery Henderson, R. G. 1873 Pippins Cemetery Henderson, Sarah P. NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Sarah P. NDL Pippins Cemetery Henderson, Virginia Belle 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henderson, William B. 1870 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, William M. 1891 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, William Otis 1960 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Henderson, Wm. H. 1870 Pippins Cemetery Henderson, Donald N. 1958 Souders Cemetery Henderson, Homer C. 1980 South New Home Cemetery Henderson, Ina Faye (Moore) NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Henderson, James A. 1991 Gardner Cemetery Henderson, Melissa Ann 1972 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Henderson, Nancy S. 1968 Gardner Cemetery Henderson, Orville D. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Henderson, Rachel Y. (Smith) NDL Gardner Cemetery Henderson, Ronald Dean 1973 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Henderson, Samuel J. 1896 South New Home Cemetery Henderson, William M. 1968 Gardner Cemetery Hendricks, Laurence L. 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Hendricks, Vadna N. 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Hennen, George W. 1898 Souders Cemetery Henrickson, Marie 1921 Clark Cemetery Henrickson, Matts 1921 Clark Cemetery Henry, Anthony Dale 1984 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henry, Nadine 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henry, W. W. 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henry, John 1902 Fisher Cemetery Henry, Odith M. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Henry, Rachel 1912 Robinson Cemetery Hensley, Floyd M. 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hensley, Louisa NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Hensley, Mary 1936 Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Hensley, William NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Hensley, Anna M. (Eidson) NDL Fairview Cemetery Hensley, Billie Ruth (Willis) NDL Fairview Cemetery Hensley, Clifford W. 1983 Fairview Cemetery Hensley, Isaac “Callie” 1972 Fairview Cemetery Hensley, Lidie I. “Indie” 1983 Fairview Cemetery Hensley, Rev. Lester R. 1989 Fairview Cemetery Henson, Ann L. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henson, Clyde 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Henson, Robert 1845 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Henson, Alva R. 1875 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Annie V. 1876 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Cora L. 1873 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Della 1929 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Franklin R. 1882 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Ida M. (Bradley) 1879 Gardner Cemetery Henson, Mary Bell 1873 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Minnie A. 1882 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Philander R. 1939 Tillery Cemetery Henson, Tennessee 1874 Tillery Cemetery Herbert, Bertha Ruth 189? Sumner Cemetery Herbert, Catherine 1912 Herbert Family Plot Herbert, Earl NDL Herbert Family Plot Herbert, Elder T. D. 1926 Herbert Family Plot Herbert, Infant 1875 Sumner Cemetery Herbert, Mary 1879 Sumner Cemetery Herbert, Pearl NDL Herbert Family Plot Herbert, William Thomas 1909 Herbert Family Plot Herbert, E. Fleetwood 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Herbert, Gene Howard 1994 Rountree Cemetery Herbert, Geneva N. 1979 Rountree Cemetery Herbert, James Draper 1925 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Herbert, John H. 1926 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Herbert, John W. 1945 Hermitage Cemetery Herbert, Mary J. 1953 Hermitage Cemetery Herbert, Nell Adlee (Stone) 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Herbert, Osie Kathryn 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Herbert, Walter R. 1975 Rountree Cemetery Herler, Edward NDL Hermitage Cemetery Hernquist, Johanna 1910 Fairview Cemetery Hernquist, John 1886 Fairview Cemetery Herring, Walter 1884 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Hertel, Doris 1988 Olive Point Cemetery Hess, Dr. G. W. 1919 Hermitage Cemetery Hess, Isadore 1985 South New Home Cemetery Hess, Lucy 1949 Hermitage Cemetery Hewgley, George W. 1920 Jordan Cemetery Hewgley, Lucy J. 1851 Fisher Cemetery Hewgley, Sarah A. 1854 Fisher Cemetery Hewitt, Daniel Boone 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Hewitt, Eugene 1902 Hermitage Cemetery Hewitt, John S. 1906 Gardner Cemetery Hewitt, Mary Courtney 1915 Gardner Cemetery Hewitt, Nancy Emmaline (Wall) 1959 Hermitage Cemetery Hewitt, Ruby (Wiley) 2001 Fairview Cemetery Hiares, Rebecca NDL Pittsburg Cemetery Hickman, Allace 1862 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Benjamin B. NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Bert 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Charlie 1892 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Charlie B. 1902 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Charlie P. 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Effie 1949 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Effie D. (Largent) 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Frances S. 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Glenn (Thompson) 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Harry Lee 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Horace Casewell 1952 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, J. N. 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Jewel 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Jim "Baby" 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Kermit "Bill" 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, L. Berry 1915 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, M. J. 1920 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Marita 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Nancy 1889 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Nina 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Ora Florence (McCracken) 1957 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Parlee 1922 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Richard G. 1885 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, Robert 1934 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, Sarah 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hickman, W. C. 1912 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hickman, W.C. 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hicks, John G. 1873 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hicks, Rebecka 1875 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hicks, Tennessee A. 1857 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hicks, Willie N. 1859 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hicks, Alta (Samples) 1909 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hicks, Erma (Colbert) 1980 Macedonia Cemetery Hicks, Viola 1993 Mt. Zion Cemetery Higgins, Arlen E. 1968 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Higgins, Charles H. 2003 Hermitage Cemetery Higgins, Gilbert H. Jr. 2004 Hermitage Cemetery Higgins, Joe W. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Higgins, Michael 1989 Hermitage Cemetery Higgins, Minnie M. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Higgins, Sheila Ann 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Hight, Barney G. 1960 Gardner Cemetery Hight, Florence M. (Staten) 1988 Gardner Cemetery Hildebrand, Elvin Dean 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hill, Brunette G. 1892 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hill, Amy W. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Hill, Edith 1935 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Hill, Gertrude 1873 Fisher Cemetery Hill, William O. 1938 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Hilliard, John L. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hinchey, Chester Harold NDL Fisher Cemetery Hinchey, Elaine Genevieve 2001 Fisher Cemetery Hinkle, Judith A. 1870 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hinkle, Mary E. 1869 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hinkle, Addie NDL Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Chrittie 1940 Macedonia Cemetery Hinkle, Daniel 1902 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Elvora (Morgan) 1939 Fisher Cemetery Hinkle, Etta May NDL Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Georgia B. 1901 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Guy 1905 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Harvey Lee 1930 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Henry H. 1879 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Jacob Wesley 1895 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, James 1905 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Lizzie 1905 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Manda A. (Harlan) 1937 Macedonia Cemetery Hinkle, Margaret 1920 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Mary NDL Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Ordie 1905 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Riley NDL Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Robert NDL Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Robert A. 1988 Robinson Cemetery Hinkle, Rosa 1932 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Sarah (Smith) 1960 Fisher Cemetery Hinkle, Sarah E. 1901 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Thomas Lafayette NDL Clark Cemetery Hinkle, W. F. 1927 Clark Cemetery Hinkle, Wesley Jr. 1902 Clark Cemetery Hire, India 1965 Robinson Cemetery Hire, James H. 1955 Robinson Cemetery Hires, Lewis 1889 Fisher Cemetery Hires, Margaret Rhody 1890 Fisher Cemetery Hires, Thomas E. 1877 Fisher Cemetery Hitch-Little Shirley Ann 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hite, William H. 1869 Gardner Cemetery Hitson, Alice 1899 Liberty Cemetery Hitson, C.Y. 1890 Nemo Cemetery Hitson, Cordelia 1908 Liberty Cemetery Hitson, Elizabeth 1900 Nemo Cemetery Hitson, Emert 1890 Liberty Cemetery Hitson, Eva A. 1887 Liberty Cemetery Hitson, John C. 1929 Nemo Cemetery Hitson, Johnny H. 1942 Nemo Cemetery Hitson, Lennie J. 1900 Nemo Cemetery Hitson, M. A. 1902 Liberty Cemetery Hitson, Sarah R. 1954 Nemo Cemetery Hitson, W. L. 1907 Liberty Cemetery Hitson, William C. 1920 Nemo Cemetery Hoagland, Cornelius 1870 McCracken Cemetery Hoback, Garett NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hoback, Leah 1969 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hobbs, Asher A. 1937 Fisher Cemetery Hobbs, J. A. NDL Fisher Cemetery Hobbs, Jane NDL Fisher Cemetery Hobbs, Jessie D. 1889 Fisher Cemetery Hobbs, Maggie 1948 Fisher Cemetery Hobson, Clifford Leo 1945 Antioch Cemetery Hobson, John 1911 Antioch Cemetery Hobson, Lloyd 1906 Antioch Cemetery Hobson, Nancy 1910 Antioch Cemetery Hobson, Nancy Ellen 1919 Antioch Cemetery Hockabout, Anna Marie 1998 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hodges, Anderson NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Hodges, Andrew J. 1932 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hodges, D.A. 1871 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hodges, H. E. 1883 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hodges, M.C. 1865 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hodges, Martha J. 1940 Walker / Wright Cemetery Hodges, Dr. William U. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Hodges, Lou Beatrice NDL Robinson Cemetery Hodges, M.F. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Hodges, Mabel (Little) 1995 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hodges, Merl F. 1962 Robinson Cemetery Hodges, William E. 1999 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hodges, William Eulis 1918 Robinson Cemetery Hoffman, Clarence 1958 Gardner Cemetery Hoffman, Vivia V. 1963 Gardner Cemetery Hofstetter, Elgie Paul 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hofstetter, Immon Newton 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hofstetter, Mary Ellen 1973 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hofstetter, Alzina 1956 Lehman Cemetery Hofstetter, Jacob 1882 Lehman Cemetery Hofstetter, Peter P. 1940 Lehman Cemetery Hogan, Donald E. 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hogg, Artie F. 1891 Pittsburg Cemetery Hogg, Sarah M. 1897 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hogsett, Helen Louise (Durnell) NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hogsett, Marvin Lavern 2002 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Holcum, Charles Walter 1977 Dooly Bend Cemetery Holder, James Thomas 1988 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Holder, Vivian (Bedford) 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Holderby, Alva “Pete” 1987 Macedonia Cemetery Holderby, Blanch 1987 Macedonia Cemetery Hollaman, Ada Ethel (Mullins) 1939 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hollaman, Asa T. 1969 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hollaman, Celia E. 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hollaman, Thomas J. 1933 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hollaman, William T. 1945 Mt. Zion Cemetery Holland, John L. 1984 Sumner Cemetery Holland, L. Fern 1985 Sumner Cemetery Holland, Nancy 1855 Holland Cemetery Holland, Ada B. 1900 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Ada F. (Grove) 1918 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Clara (Dent) 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Clyde E. 1933 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Elizabeth C. 1919 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Holland, Floy I. 1977 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, John F. 1906 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, John W. 1888 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Holland, L. Edna 1899 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Landrine R. S. 1882 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Martha E. 1919 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Holland, Roy 1977 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Shandy W. 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Holland, Thomas W. 1919 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Hollingsworth, Archibald 1907 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Archie 1946 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, D. P. 1892 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Hattie Irena 1906 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Kate 1959 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Nancy 1911 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Nettia May 1908 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Price 1933 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Sarah E. 1892 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Willie 1936 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hollingsworth, Albert 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Hollingsworth, Creth 1935 Antioch Cemetery Hollingsworth, Elva 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Hollingsworth, Infant 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Hollingsworth, Kenneth L. 1963 Hermitage Cemetery Hollingsworth, Mildred (Darby) Hollingsworth Crabtree 1992 Antioch Cemetery Hollingsworth, Roy D. 1965 Antioch Cemetery Holloway, Norris C. 1969 Crutsinger Cemetery Holloway, Pauline M. 2001 Crutsinger Cemetery Holm, Hulda L. NDL Fairview Cemetery Holm, John N. 1911 Fairview Cemetery Holmes, Ella 1935 Clark Cemetery Holmes, Ellen 1897 Clark Cemetery Holmes, Infant NDL Clark Cemetery Holmes, Wesley F. 1904 Clark Cemetery Holt, Harrod 1877 Holt Family Plot Holt, Anthony Reece “Tony” 2003 Hermitage Cemetery Holt, Gerald L. 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Holt, Jessie M. 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Holt, Jewel 1894 Fisher Cemetery Holt, Karen Ann (Ducker) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Holt, Marvin A. 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Holt, Mollie A. 1951 Fisher Cemetery Holt, Nancy Jane (Jordan) 1932 Macedonia Cemetery Holt, Nannie 1890 Fisher Cemetery Holt, Newton J. 1945 Fisher Cemetery Holt, Nora B. 1983 Hermitage Cemetery Holt, Paul Burk 1974 Hayden Cemetery Holt, Rena Mallonee 1923 Antioch Cemetery Holt, Travis Ervin 1922 Tillery Cemetery Hook, Arthur M. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hook, Charles Henry 1983 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hook, Gladys Marie 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hook, Goldie M. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hooks, Charlie C. 1957 Fisher Cemetery Hooks, Daniel Dennis 1986 Fisher Cemetery Hooks, Herndon D. 1963 Fisher Cemetery Hooks, Ila May 1992 Fisher Cemetery Hooks, Lois E. 1998 Fisher Cemetery Hooper, Mollie S. 1891 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Hooper, Rosa 1900 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Hooper, Art L. 1954 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, B. H. “Bud” 1970 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Barbara 1915 Antioch Cemetery Hooper, Belinda G. 1987 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Bertha Francis (Crawford) 2000 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Carolen NDL Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Charles 1932 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Daniel 1927 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Donna B. 1964 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Ethel R. 1967 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, F. J. 1897 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Garland E. 2001 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Harold 1992 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Hattie Hammond NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Hooper, Henry J. 1967 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Ina M. 1963 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Infant son 1903 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Isabelle 1933 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, James A. 1949 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, John Andrew 1987 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Marion Dee 1964 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Martha E. 1904 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Myrtle E. 1973 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Noah E. 1967 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Randall K. 1984 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, S. C. 1935 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hooper, Treva M. 1986 Nemo Cemetery Hooper, Willa Lea (Schnitter) NDL Nemo Cemetery Hooper, William 1914 Antioch Cemetery Hopkins, Harold W. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Hopkins, Jack W. 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hopkins, Wynona M. 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hopkins, Charles 1991 Macedonia Cemetery Hopkins, Edward 1901 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hopkins, George 1906 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hopkins, Infant NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hopkins, James 1900 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hopkins, Mary E. 1953 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hopkins, Viola F. (Murphy Hague) 2001 Macedonia Cemetery Hopkins, William H. 1925 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hopman, Mildred June 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hoppers, Aubra George 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hoppers, Evelyn 1943 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Hoppers, Opal Irene 1997 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Horn, David A. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Horn, Lucinda Ann 1983 Nemo Cemetery Horn, Sarah E. 1945 Robinson Cemetery Hornback, Ena Muriel (Pile) 1988 Fisher Cemetery Hoskins, J. Keith 1941 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hostetler, Daniel 1875 Gerber Cemetery Hostetler, Chester 1921 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hostetler, Jefferson J. 1929 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Hostetler, Sarah E. 1943 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Houck, Jesse Lee 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Houck, Pearl (Pickett) 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery House, A. J. 1902 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, A. J. 1907 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Adelia E. 1938 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Benjamin W. 1918 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Henry T. 1897 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Ica 1904 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, James W. L. 1916 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Julia A. L. 1910 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Mary J. 1920 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Rose 1904 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery House, Tolbert E. 1923 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Houser, Frank W. 1981 Antioch Cemetery Houser, Grover 1886 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Houser, H.P. “Bud” 1969 Antioch Cemetery Houser, Judith B. 1940 Antioch Cemetery Houser, Marilou 1999 Antioch Cemetery Houser, Nell Belle 1964 Antioch Cemetery Houston, Infant NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Houston, Wiley NDL Park / Parke Cemetery Houston, Harriette Evelyn 1994 Crutsinger Cemetery How, Dale W. 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Howard, 4 Babies NDL Howard Cemetery Howard, Joseph NDL Howard Cemetery Howard, Mary NDL Howard Cemetery Howard, Oscar W. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Howard, Violet Jeanne NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Howard, Albert 1887 Fairview Cemetery Howard, Carl 1972 Jordan Cemetery Howard, Clayton W. 1959 Fairview Cemetery Howard, Clorene Trudie 1973 Olive Point Cemetery Howard, Dorothy (Nickerson) 1991 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Elmer Hoyt 1999 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Eual F. 1931 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Flossie K. 1922 Olive Point Cemetery Howard, Goldie J. (Fisher) 1999 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Grace (Fisher) 1993 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, John A. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Howard, John W. 1973 Olive Point Cemetery Howard, Joseph A. 1971 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Lily B. 1967 Olive Point Cemetery Howard, Lola NDL Jordan Cemetery Howard, Lowell 1982 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Lucinda 1936 Fairview Cemetery Howard, Lucretie 1970 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, M. Aileen 1996 Fairview Cemetery Howard, Marjorie (Cornine) NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Myrtle R. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Howard, Rev. Roland Lee 1986 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Howard, Stephen 1932 Fairview Cemetery Howard, Vinnie 1883 Fairview Cemetery Howell, Nina Letha 1897 Cross Timbers Christian Churchyard Howser, Louisa P. 1916 Robinson Cemetery Howser, Rachel C. 1916 Robinson Cemetery Howser, Thomas H. 1903 Robinson Cemetery Hubbard, Evelyn E. 1985 Dooly Bend Cemetery Huckaby, A. M. 1933 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Huckaby, Alta 1907 Nemo Cemetery Huckaby, Carrie 1892 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Huckaby, J. P. 1920 Nemo Cemetery Huckaby, Jewel 1904 Nemo Cemetery Huckaby, Katie 1892 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Huckaby, Nancy 1925 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Huckaby, Nora A. 1891 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Huddleston, Arthur A. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Hudson, Bessie M. 1959 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huelster, Millerd L. 1969 Fisher Cemetery Huff, Fred M. 1941 Hermitage Cemetery Huff, Mary E. 1920 Hermitage Cemetery Huff, Vincent C. 1932 Hermitage Cemetery Huffman, Edward B. 1903 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, Elbert Griffin 1957 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, Laura H. 1911 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, Leona Blanche (Phillips) 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, Martha (Spickert) 1948 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, Willa Mae 1930 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, William C. 1920 Cross Timbers Cemetery Huffman, Ailene Flo 1930 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Huffman, Andrew J. 1872 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Huffman, Audra M. 2002 Mt. Zion Cemetery Huffman, Charles 1905 Clark Cemetery Huffman, Charles E. 1945 Fisher Cemetery Huffman, Daniel B. 1940 Gardner Cemetery Huffman, Dortha Rosalie 1996 Gardner Cemetery Huffman, Earl H. 1992 Gardner Cemetery Huffman, Elizabeth 1882 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Huffman, Eura Ida 1957 Gardner Cemetery Huffman, Flo Ann 1961 Mt. Zion Cemetery Huffman, Florence (Guier) 1932 Fisher Cemetery Huffman, Floyd NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Huffman, Frank G. NDL Robinson Cemetery Huffman, Infant NDL Clark Cemetery Huffman, Jane 1885 Fisher Cemetery Huffman, Levica A. 1862 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Huffman, Mary C. (Roney) 1916 Gardner Cemetery Huffman, Mollie L. 1946 Fisher Cemetery Huffman, Mrs. Charles 1892 Clark Cemetery Huffman, Noel F. 1965 Gardner Cemetery Huffman, Samuel P. 1870 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Huffman, Shellie 1916 Fisher Cemetery Huffman, Thomas 1928 Fairview Cemetery Huffman, Wilma L. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Catherine P. 1864 Williams' Bend Cemetery Hughes, Donald Estill NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Hughes, Karen (Cooper) 1987 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hughes, Walter L. 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hughes, Arlen Eugene 1968 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hughes, Bertha 1962 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Brud 1946 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Cecil Owen 1982 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Floy 1978 Crutsinger Cemetery Hughes, Infant son 1928 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Lena 1935 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Merle 1978 Robinson Cemetery Hughes, Myrtle 1984 Robinson Cemetery Hulston, Bonniegene NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Hulston, Fred C. 1975 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Humphrey, Boss 1939 Fisher Cemetery Humphrey, Mary Mason 1900 Robinson Cemetery Hunley, Herbert 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery Hunt, Bonnie M. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Dewey Hobert 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Fred M. 1978 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Hobert Wendell 1965 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Joseph R. 1968 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Lillian Esther NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Martha Jane 1973 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Minnie 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Oleata 1937 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Robert C. 1986 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Ronald Dean 1948 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunt, Ardelia 1957 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Arminta 1966 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Beulah 1986 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Bill 1931 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Bluferd 1957 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Calvin 1944 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Clara B. 1972 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Cleeo E. 1899 Antioch Cemetery Hunt, Curtice L. 1894 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Edward D. 1941 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Effie P. 1895 Antioch Cemetery Hunt, Eliza A. 1904 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Elizabeth NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Emogene D. NDL Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Eulah 1971 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Evelena 1942 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Helen M. 1937 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Henry 1870 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Hilda NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, I. D. 1974 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Infant daughter 1868 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Infant son 1895 Antioch Cemetery Hunt, Isaac (Brad) 1943 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, James H. 1874 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, L. B. “Buzz” 1973 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Laura (Durnell) 1892 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Lurana 1886 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Mary 1921 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Myrtle M. 1973 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Norma Lee 1939 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Oliver R. 1980 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Omer “Bud” 1991 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Opal 1978 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Phillip Dean 1987 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Rebecca 1965 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Ross G. 1998 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, S. D. (Babe) 1954 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Samuel 1913 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Samuel C. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Hunt, Sarah NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Thomas B. 1966 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, Thomas B. “Junior” 1997 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Hunt, Tilman 1909 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunt, W. C. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Hunter, Emly B. 1868 Dooly Bend Cemetery Hunter, Alson E. 1883 Mt. Zion Cemetery Hunter, John R. 1883 Mt. Zion Cemetery Huntington, Debra Lee 1973 Crutsinger Cemetery Huntington, Jamie 1977 Crutsinger Cemetery Huntsman, Mark Lorance 2000 Macedonia Cemetery Hunziker, Lucy Ann 1962 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Hunziker, Walter G. 1968 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Huot, John 1931 Olive Point Cemetery Hurt, Haulcy H. 1963 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hurt, Homer C. 1947 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hurt, J. C. 1906 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hurt, John T. 1921 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Hurt, Monima F. 1921 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Huston, Arlene C. 1994 Liberty Cemetery Huston, Billy M. 1988 Liberty Cemetery Hutton, Alberta Emily 1939 Crutsinger Cemetery Hutton, Alice Duke 1997 Macedonia Cemetery Hutton, Amon M. 1938 Hermitage Cemetery Hutton, Beulah 1984 Crutsinger Cemetery Hutton, Emily S. 1920 Hermitage Cemetery Hutton, Harry D. 1995 Crutsinger Cemetery Hutton, Opal Frances 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Hutton, Ralph 1990 Macedonia Cemetery Hutton, Susie 1987 Crutsinger Cemetery Hutton, Walter H. 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Hyatt, George W. 1968 Fisher Cemetery Hyatt, Jessie M. 1978 Fisher Cemetery Hyatt, Milfred P. 2000 Fisher Cemetery Hyer, Patrick M. 2001 Souders Cemetery Hyer, Rebecca C. “Becky” 1999 Souders Cemetery
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