Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Crabtree, Atha 1958 Antioch Cemetery Crabtree, Burnal 1973 Antioch Cemetery Crabtree, Gleney 1890 Robinson Cemetery Crabtree, Jennie NDL Robinson Cemetery Crabtree, Willie 1900 Robinson Cemetery Craddick, Cora B. 1997 Antioch Cemetery Craddick, Walter W. 1989 Antioch Cemetery Craig, Armedia 1865 Hermitage Cemetery Craig, James M. 1881 Liberty Cemetery Craig, Martha 1902 Liberty Cemetery Craig, Mary F. 1863 Hermitage Cemetery Craig, Nancy A. 1916 Liberty Cemetery Crance, L. Byron 1922 Dooly Bend Cemetery Crance, Mary E. 1949 Dooly Bend Cemetery Crane, Jessie 1861 Pirtle Lowrey Farm Cemetery Crane, Charley 1900 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Crank, Orlando 1919 Rountree Cemetery Cranmer, Lavinia (Bonner) 1867 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Crates, Alma M. 1986 Sumner Cemetery Crates, Clifford H. 1982 Sumner Cemetery Crates, Cordia (Hastain) 1927 Sumner Cemetery Crates, Elizabeth A. 1859 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Crates, George Fisher 1882 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Crates, Harry 1879 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Crates, Joseph 1907 Sumner Cemetery Crates, Logan A. 1873 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Crates, Mary I. 1912 Sumner Cemetery Crates, Minnie 1879 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Crates, William F. 1935 Sumner Cemetery Crates, Ada J. 1896 Macedonia Cemetery Crates, Amanda T. 1903 Gardner Cemetery Crates, Buel M. 1966 Gardner Cemetery Crates, Laetta Ann 1967 Gardner Cemetery Crates, M. Genevieve 1967 Gardner Cemetery Crates, William 1913 Gardner Cemetery Crawford, Charles Jr. 1977 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Charles W. 1988 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Clifton E. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Dan Washington 1951 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Edna Earl 1919 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Elijah 1931 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, James Earl 1920 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, James M. 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, John A. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, John Jr. 1999 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Maud 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Ola May 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Rosa Belle 1936 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Sylvia V. 2001 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Wanda G. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Crawford, Albert H. 1932 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Amanda E. 1917 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Atha King 1980 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Baby son 1921 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Ben F. 1950 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Bennie F. 1959 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Blanche 1994 Robinson Cemetery Crawford, Bobbie D. 1935 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Cecil Glen 2001 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, David 1946 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Edna P. 1989 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Elmer J. 1995 Robinson Cemetery Crawford, Emma D. 1950 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Fannie D. 1993 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Flossie 1966 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Crawford, Flossie (Butcher) 1966 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, George W. 1946 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Georgia I. NDL Robinson Cemetery Crawford, Goldie M. 1912 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Henry 1894 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Henry Clay 1984 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Herman C. 1912 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Ina May 1946 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Crawford, Infant son 1907 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Isaac 1909 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, James H. 1892 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Jennie Johnson 1953 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Joe E. 1967 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, John C. 1939 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, Kevin Ray 1994 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Lee C. 1954 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Crawford, Lennie R. 1909 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Lewis 2000 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Mabel Alta (Southard) 1995 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Martha 1915 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Martha E. 1971 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Mary S. 1953 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Nancy E. (Knight) 1907 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Randall S. 1996 Robinson Cemetery Crawford, Susan E. 1941 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Thomas William 1995 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Tommie Jerry 1946 Nemo Cemetery Crawford, U. Nadine NDL Nemo Cemetery Crawford, Walter S. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Crawford, William 1942 Rountree Cemetery Crawford, William Elmer 1983 Robinson Cemetery Creach, Alta F. 1960 Fisher Cemetery Creach, Clara Maude 1973 Clark Cemetery Creach, Frances Hugh 1943 Clark Cemetery Creach, Gwendolyn R. 1914 Fisher Cemetery Creach, J. Willard 1973 Fisher Cemetery Creach, Oscar 1954 Fisher Cemetery Creach, Roy 1916 Clark Cemetery Creasey, Jewel NDL Robinson Cemetery Creasey, Robert D. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Creasey, Roscoe 1966 Robinson Cemetery Creed, Jasper 1971 Antioch Cemetery Creed, Loran 1909 Antioch Cemetery Creed, Nannie 1957 Antioch Cemetery Creed, Elizabeth 1866 Rountree Cemetery Creed, Eusebia 1910 Rountree Cemetery Creed, Gideon 1877 Rountree Cemetery Crisler, H. S. 1878 Tillery Cemetery Crisler, J. A. 1927 Tillery Cemetery Crisler, L. T. 1877 Tillery Cemetery Crisler, T. L. 1881 Tillery Cemetery Crisler, W. I. 1875 Tillery Cemetery Crisler, William C. 1901 Tillery Cemetery Critcher, Joan 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Critchfield, Alice May 1943 Robinson Cemetery Critchfield, Charles Harry 1904 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Critchfield, James C. 1945 Robinson Cemetery Critchfield, Joshua C. 1924 Robinson Cemetery Critchfield, M. M. 1890 Clark Cemetery Critchfield, Ranson 1896 Robinson Cemetery Critchfield, Sophronia L. 1926 Robinson Cemetery Crooks, Mary A. 1874 Gerber Cemetery Crooks, Emma O. 1881 Gardner Cemetery Crooks, Jno. 1904 Macedonia Cemetery Crooks, Mahala J. 1884 Macedonia Cemetery Crooks, William E. 1878 Gardner Cemetery Croson, Edna 1983 Gardner Cemetery Cross, Richard J. 1922 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cross, Sarah M. 1943 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cross, C. A. (Humphrey) 1934 Fisher Cemetery Cross, C. H. 1912 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cross, Cora (Lindsey) 1972 Fisher Cemetery Cross, Elizabeth Lowe 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cross, George W. 1939 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cross, J. B. 1920 Fisher Cemetery Cross, James H. 1890 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cross, Jane 1937 Fisher Cemetery Cross, Lon 1938 Fisher Cemetery Cross, Mary E. 1887 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cross, Mary J. 1889 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cross, Rue 1897 Fisher Cemetery Crouch, Clifford C. 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, David A. 1973 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, Eula (Bennett) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, Ina L. 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, Jimmy Dean 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, Nancy Lemon (Harryman) 1894 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Crouch, Ona K. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, Thomas A. 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crouch, Albert 1862 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Crouch, Baby NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Crouch, Conkling 1882 Mt. Zion Cemetery Crouch, J. Hunter 1932 Hermitage Cemetery Crouch, Judge Elbert Reid 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Crouch, Linettie 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Crouch, Mattie T. NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Crouch, Nancy 1910 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Crouch, Tressie (Capehart) 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Crowley, Ruby 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Crowley, Eva I. 1923 Hermitage Cemetery Crowley, J. Benjamin 1945 Hermitage Cemetery Cruce, Eliza A. 1849 Cruce/Woods Cemetery Cruce, Eliza A. 1853 Cruce/Woods Cemetery Cruce, Mary 1848 Cruce/Woods Cemetery Crutsinger, Anna 1878 Baker Cemetery Crutsinger, Freddie 1879 Baker Cemetery Crutsinger, Jacob 18?? Baker Cemetery Crutsinger, John V. 1884 Baker Cemetery Crutsinger, Mary E. NDL Baker Cemetery Crutsinger, Susan J. 1870 Baker Cemetery Crutsinger, Alice (Dent) 1951 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, Atha Grace 1912 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, Emily E. (Rogers) 1930 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, John G. 1924 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, Mertie 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, Susan 1888 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, William P. 1903 Crutsinger Cemetery Crutsinger, William P. 1952 Crutsinger Cemetery Culbertson, Charles W. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Culbertson, Millie Ann 1938 Robinson Cemetery Culbertson, William F. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Cullnan, Judith A. (Conway) NDL Clark Cemetery Cullnan, Robert E. Jr. 2000 Clark Cemetery Culp, Mattie 1893 Robinson Cemetery Culp, Sallie A. 1910 Robinson Cemetery Culp, William 1910 Robinson Cemetery Cumley, Gene L. 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cunningham, Herman J. 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Cunningham, Infant 1877 Walker / Wright Cemetery Cunningham, Osean 1886 Walker / Wright Cemetery Cunningham, Doris 1990 Robinson Cemetery Cunningham, Eva A. 1892 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Cunningham, John 1871 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Cunningham, Paul 1971 Robinson Cemetery Cunningham, Rebecca C. 1919 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Cunningham, Thomas J. 1933 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Cunningham, W. Franklin 1883 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Curl, Dr. A.C. 1925 Cross Timbers Cemetery Curl, Lewis 1899 Cross Timbers Cemetery Curl, Luvisa Ann 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Curl, Mary 1917 Cross Timbers Cemetery Currier, Ethel Alberta NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Currier, Ethel Victoria 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Currier, John H. 1939 Dooly Bend Cemetery Currier, John Woodson 1965 Dooly Bend Cemetery Currier, Sarah C. 1912 Dooly Bend Cemetery Curtis, Billy B. 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Curtis, Ervin L. 1959 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Curtis, John A. 1990 Nemo Cemetery Curtis, Lorene (Hunley) 1999 Nemo Cemetery Curtis, Marie NDL Hermitage Cemetery Curtis, Martha C. 1981 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Curtis, Merle T. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Curtis, Roy C. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Cutler, David Duane 1966 Robinson Cemetery Cutler, Genevieve 1973 Robinson Cemetery Cutler, Hazel D. 1970 Robinson Cemetery Cutler, Walter L. 1941 Robinson Cemetery Cyprus, Henry 1916 McCracken Cemetery Cyprus, John 1909 McCracken Cemetery Cyprus, John E. 1894 McCracken Cemetery Cyprus, Minnie 1910 McCracken Cemetery Czarlinsky, Charles 1932 Gardner Cemetery Dalgleish, John 1890 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dalgleish, John 1898 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dalgleish, Minnie M. 1886 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dalton, Infant sons NDL Guier Cemetery Dalton, Joseph 1901 Guier Cemetery Dalton, Manford 1895 Guier Cemetery Dalton, Susan 1925 Guier Cemetery Dalton, James N. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Dalton, Lorene 1917 Robinson Cemetery Dalton, W. H. 1944 Fisher Cemetery Damitz, Frankie 1881 Sumner Cemetery Damitz, Albert 1941 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, Brady Jordan 1998 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Damitz, Eluid 1930 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, Hattie L. 1891 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, Infant daughter 1895 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, Infant son 1937 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Damitz, Iva L. 1898 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, Laura (Moore) 1951 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, Lewis A. 1897 Mt. Zion Cemetery Damitz, William J. 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dampier, James Allen 1982 Robinson Cemetery Daniel, Burdett L. 1910 South New Home Cemetery Daniel, C. Lorena 1898 Robinson Cemetery Daniel, Infant son 1893 Robinson Cemetery Daniel, Kyla M. 1977 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Daniel, S. D. 1905 Souders Cemetery Daniel, Seymour 1898 Souders Cemetery Daniels, David 1891 Tillery Cemetery Daniels, Fletcher 1888 South New Home Cemetery Daniels, J. Eva 1934 Souders Cemetery Daniels, James B. 1938 Souders Cemetery Daniels, John 1898 Tillery Cemetery Daniels, Roy 1897 Souders Cemetery Darby, Isaac D. 1955 Antioch Cemetery Darby, Isabell 1922 Antioch Cemetery Darby, James A. 1926 Antioch Cemetery Darby, Ruth M. 1966 Antioch Cemetery Darby, Artie M. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Darby, Dee 1926 Nemo Cemetery Darby, Jewel (Buckner) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Darby, L. Warren 1996 Nemo Cemetery Darby, Lela NDL Nemo Cemetery Darby, Lola NDL Nemo Cemetery Darby, Marjorie M. (McKinley) 1981 Nemo Cemetery Darby, Murl Dean 1944 Hermitage Cemetery Darby, Oscar D. 1971 Nemo Cemetery Darby, Perry W. 1958 Hermitage Cemetery Darby, Robert K. NDL Nemo Cemetery Darby, Scott Ellison 1974 Hermitage Cemetery Darby, Trudy J. (Blecher) 1991 Nemo Cemetery Darby, Vira 1967 Nemo Cemetery Darby, W. M. “Bill” 1983 Nemo Cemetery Darby, Wallace M. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Dark, Amy 1875 Liberty Cemetery Darland, Abram L. 1876 Souders Cemetery Darland, John 1878 Souders Cemetery Darland, Pinkey A. 1874 Souders Cemetery Darnell, Sidney O. 1995 Fairview Cemetery Darnell, Zada 1982 Fairview Cemetery Daugherty, William P. (Squire) 1842 Sumner Cemetery Daugherty, V. Grace 1996 Robinson Cemetery Davenport, Bertha M. 1898 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Davenport, Claude E. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Davenport, Lydia E. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Davidson, Robert Winston 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davidson, Carrie D. E. 1883 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Davidson, Everit C. 1878 Mt. Zion Cemetery Davidson, Infant daughter 1886 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Davidson, Lottie E. 1897 Robinson Cemetery Davidson, Nelia 1880 Mt. Zion Cemetery Davidson, Samuel W. 1898 Robinson Cemetery Davidson, Wm. C. 1873 Mt. Zion Cemetery Davies, Louisa E. 1885 Robinson Cemetery Davies, Mary E. 1925 Robinson Cemetery Davies, William R. 1916 Robinson Cemetery Davis, Alva L. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, Arthur 1963 Antioch Cemetery Davis, Audrey A. 1993 Crutsinger Cemetery Davis, Beatrice V. 2000 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, Catherine 1931 Jones Cemetery Davis, Edward I. 1929 Jones Cemetery Davis, Fannie L. 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, Gertrude F. (Richardson) 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, Hazel M. Van Kampen 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Davis, Homer Albert 1964 Crutsinger Cemetery Davis, Infant son 1914 Antioch Cemetery Davis, Isaac C. 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery Davis, Jeff S. 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Davis, Lafayette B. 1935 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, Lois D. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Davis, Lou M. 1924 Antioch Cemetery Davis, Martha 1883 Walker / Wright Cemetery Davis, Mary E. 1940 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, Maude L. 1959 Sumner Cemetery Davis, Ora C. (Moore) 1943 Crutsinger Cemetery Davis, Thomas P. 1946 Cross Timbers Cemetery Davis, William Harry 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Davis, William Joseph 1919 Antioch Cemetery Davis, Wm. “Bill” Alton 2003 Crutsinger Cemetery Davis, Ben F. 1976 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Davis, Carmel C. 1900 Robinson Cemetery Davis, Clyde B. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, Dorlis Lyons 1989 Fisher Cemetery Davis, Elizabeth 1915 Lehman Cemetery Davis, Estella (Essie) 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, Etheyal E. 1884 Rountree Cemetery Davis, George W. 1883 Tillery Cemetery Davis, Infant son 1925 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, Infant son 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, John T. 1892 Lehman Cemetery Davis, John T. 1909 Lehman Cemetery Davis, Josephus A. 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, Lena May 1968 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Davis, Lucille NDL Hermitage Cemetery Davis, Marinda T. 1901 Lehman Cemetery Davis, Mary E. 1889 Macedonia Cemetery Davis, Nancy 1914 Lehman Cemetery Davis, S. Leonard 1905 Robinson Cemetery Davis, Tommy 1915 Lehman Cemetery Davis, Victoria 1936 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, William B. 1881 Tillery Cemetery Davis, Willie E. “Bill” 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Davis, Winifred Carlstrom 1939 Hermitage Cemetery Davison, Dora B. 1912 Tillery Cemetery Dawe, Bertha 1977 Robinson Cemetery Dawe, Werner 1955 Robinson Cemetery Dawson, David J. 1983 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Day, Bertie M. 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Day, Donald Clifford 1963 Cross Timbers Cemetery Day, Orah Fay (Chancellor) 1997 Family Farm Day, Gertie M. 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Day, Henry G. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Day, Infant NDL Fisher Cemetery Day, James P. 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Deadmon, Saundra L. 1991 Robinson Cemetery Deafenbaugh, Cyrus C. 1958 Robinson Cemetery Deafenbaugh, Fred W. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Deafenbaugh, Marjorie Lucille 1989 Robinson Cemetery Deafenbaugh, Mary Elizabeth 1994 Robinson Cemetery Deafenbaugh, Nina R. 1918 Robinson Cemetery Dearth, Bertha L. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dearth, George E. 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Decker, Frances Joan (Van Meter) “Fran” 2000 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Deckert, Albert J. 1881 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery DeFreece, Baby NDL Hartville Cemetery DeFreece, Margie (Rorrer) 1988 South New Home Cemetery DeFreece, Richard L. 1971 South New Home Cemetery DeFreece, Ronald G. 1977 South New Home Cemetery DeFreece, Roy 1980 South New Home Cemetery Defross, No first name 1895 Cooper Cemetery Degraffenreid, Carolyn Sue 1946 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery DeHart, Homer 1964 Antioch Cemetery DeHart, Maudie 1972 Antioch Cemetery DeHart, Raymond G. 1964 Antioch Cemetery DeHart, Arthur 1969 Durnell Chapel Cemetery DeHart, Georgia 1990 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Deitrick, Armanda 1902 Macedonia Cemetery Deitz, Benjamin 1925 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Effie 1963 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Eva Faye 1936 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Joseph 1929 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Mary Almeda 1955 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Mary Ann 1925 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Robert A. 1956 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Sofrania Johanna Willahmina Muller NDL Bethel / Harper Cemetery Deitz, Thaney C. 1941 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Delmont, Arthur 1874 Gardner Cemetery Delmont, Della 1929 Tillery Cemetery Delmont, Emma 1872 Gardner Cemetery Delmont, Louis 1911 Tillery Cemetery Delmont, Sarah J. 1906 Tillery Cemetery Delmont, Walter 1951 Gardner Cemetery Delozier, Carolyn Kay 1944 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Celestia L. 1921 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Charles Bert 1982 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Charles W. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Delozier, Edgar E. 1921 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Emma (Wickstrom) 1947 Fairview Cemetery Delozier, Ermal Fern 1999 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Henry Wallace 1959 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, John M. 1923 Robinson Cemetery Delozier, John W. 1993 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Lindsey B. Jr. 1940 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Lydia 1986 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, M. E. 1930 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, Mary J. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Delozier, May 1974 Robinson Cemetery Delozier, Nora Dell 1990 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, W.M. 1964 Robinson Cemetery Delozier, Warren Forrest 2003 Crutsinger Cemetery Delozier, William 1926 Crutsinger Cemetery Demois, George 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery DeMois, James W. 1972 South New Home Cemetery DeMois, Mavis Arlene 1934 South New Home Cemetery DeMois, Vergie 1978 South New Home Cemetery Dempsey, Vernon “Jack” 1975 South New Home Cemetery Dennis, Claud 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dennis, Frances M. 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dennis, Alfred L. 1886 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, Bessie Kay (Phillips) 2001 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, Beth 1986 Fisher Cemetery Dennis, Callender L. 1887 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, Helma L. 1977 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, James 1905 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, John P. 1956 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, John Wm. 2001 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, Martha E. Pitts 1925 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, Mary Jane 1948 Fairview Cemetery Dennis, Phoebe J. 1912 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dennis, Virgil C. Sr. 1982 Fisher Cemetery Dent, Ellen 1900 Sumner Cemetery Dent, Infant 1889 Sumner Cemetery Dent, Josiah 1875 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dent, Laura B. (Sutt) 1936 Sumner Cemetery Dent, Mary 1875 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dent, Mary J. 1876 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dent, Old Jont, slave of Josiah Dent 1887 Old Jont Burial Plot Dent, Sam 1906 Sumner Cemetery Dent, Wm. P. 1939 Sumner Cemetery Dent, Ava A. NDL Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Clara A. 1949 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Earnest R. 1879 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Edna E. 1890 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Eliza 1889 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Ephraim 1915 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Frances 1928 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, Matilda 1882 Macedonia Cemetery Dent, W. H. 1899 Macedonia Cemetery DePew, Mintie 1908 Nemo Cemetery Dettro, Dollie (Moore) 1952 Crutsinger Cemetery Dettro, Otto Oberton 1941 Crutsinger Cemetery Devoe, Harold L. 1986 Hermitage Cemetery Devoe, Olive J. 1928 Hermitage Cemetery Devoe, Tilda M. 1971 Hermitage Cemetery DeWitt, Addie B. 1954 Guier Cemetery DeWitt, Loretta 1881 Sumner Cemetery Dey, Nonnie M. M. 1889 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Diaz, Freeda L. (Green) NDL Fisher Cemetery Diaz, Gerard P. 1996 Fisher Cemetery Dickenson, Arabelle 1946 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, C. J. 1884 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickenson, Carol Ann 1951 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Charles A. 1951 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Edgar 1963 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, F. P. 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Grace 1964 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Lydia Larie 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Malcham D. 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Martha R. 1926 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Minnie M. 1873 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickenson, Nannie E. 1873 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickenson, Rena May 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickenson, Robert W. 1918 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickenson, Earl F. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Dickenson, Emily Taylor 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Dickenson, Loretta Faye 1945 Hermitage Cemetery Dickenson, Mary L. (Martin) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Dickenson, Merle Franklin 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Dickenson, Ronnie 1944 Hermitage Cemetery Dickerson, Amanda D. 1914 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, Calvin R. 1864 Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Dickerson, Effie NDL Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Dickerson, Effie May 1877 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, Henry G. 1887 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, Infant 1890 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, James W. 1897 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, Lucy A. 1892 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickerson, Matilda W. 1876 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, R. 1876 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, Sadie T. 1891 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, William 1844 Walker / Wright Cemetery Dickerson, Bette Joan 1984 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dickerson, Don Q. 1994 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dickerson, Lillian B. 1911 South New Home Cemetery Dickerson, Mary B. 1911 South New Home Cemetery Dickey, Floyd L. 1956 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickey, Leola 1939 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickey, R. O. 1907 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dickey, G. Wilbur 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Dicklow, Helen Louise (Eklof) 2001 Clark Cemetery Dicklow, James Ashton “Jim” 2001 Clark Cemetery Dickson, G. Otta 1892 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dienell, Leta May 1902 Fisher Cemetery Diener, George 1891 Lehman Cemetery Diener, John W. 1924 Crutsinger Cemetery Diener, Lydia 1890 Lehman Cemetery Diener, Ollie Jane (Crutsinger) 1960 Crutsinger Cemetery Diener, Phyllis Adeline (Carlstrom) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Diener, Robert Franklin 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Dietz, Addie 1986 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dietz, Alice Fern NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Alta Fay 1984 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Anna Lee 1925 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Dietz, Claude Z. 1950 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Dietz, Edward Leon 1941 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Edward Leroy “Roy” 1992 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Esther N. 1918 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Estman 1966 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Eva L. (Ramsey) 1930 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Dietz, Helena Beatrice 1990 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Hershel T. (Ted) 1974 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Ida Ellen (Sanders) 1954 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Infant child NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, John S. 1975 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Kenneth 1996 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dietz, Lorene 1911 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Dietz, Marshall 1960 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Mildred NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Veda Marie 1937 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, Verna Mae (Suiter) NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Dietz, Victor Eugene 1999 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dietz, Vivian Leone 1957 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Dietz, William 1974 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dille, Elsie E. 1906 Robinson Cemetery Dinkel, Sylvia Belle 1954 Robinson Cemetery Dixon, Leon 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dixon, Marcus L. 1888 Guier Cemetery Dixon, Mark Allen 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dixon, Allie R. 1929 Gardner Cemetery Dixon, Doris Marie 1916 Souders Cemetery Dixon, George L. 1929 Gardner Cemetery Dixon, George W. 1874 Gardner Cemetery Dixon, Helen Elaine 1923 Souders Cemetery Dixon, Olis Earl 1893 Pittsburg Cemetery Doak, A. F. 1925 Cross Timbers Cemetery Doak, A.F. Sr. 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Doak, Adeline 1861 Walker / Wright Cemetery Doak, Mary 1890 Guier Cemetery Doak, Minerva F. (Dickerson) 1911 Cross Timbers Cemetery Doak, Oti 1952 Cross Timbers Cemetery Doak, Robert F. 1914 Cross Timbers Cemetery Doak, Samuel H. 1867 Walker / Wright Cemetery Doak, Kenneth 1986 Clark Cemetery Doak, Rennah (Strouse) NDL Clark Cemetery Dobbs, Theodore 1908 Nemo Cemetery Dobbs, William M. 1922 Nemo Cemetery Dobson, Arminta 1916 South New Home Cemetery Dobson, Infant 1909 South New Home Cemetery Dobson, Joseph Taylor 1946 South New Home Cemetery Dobson, Lloyd F. 1956 South New Home Cemetery Dodd, Hance H. 1899 England Cemetery Dodd, Henry R. G. 1879 England Cemetery Dodd, Rhoda A. 1887 England Cemetery Dodd, Joan (Brent) 1976 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dodd, Mark 1996 Mt. Zion Cemetery Dodge, Grace Elizabeth 1985 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dodson, Elizabeth A. 1870 Sumner Cemetery Dodson, Catherine 1915 Hermitage Cemetery Dollarhide, Amanda 1942 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, Dona 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Dollarhide, Elsie E. 1887 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, Henderson 1855 Hermitage Cemetery Dollarhide, Infant NDL Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, John M. 1926 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, John W. 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Dollarhide, Nancy 1906 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, Nancy A. 1873 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, Sarah 1929 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, Son 1855 Hermitage Cemetery Dollarhide, William 1898 Fisher Cemetery Dollarhide, William A. 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Dollarhide, William R. 1904 Fisher Cemetery Doney, Daniel NDL Gardner Cemetery Donnell, Calvin 1862 Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Donnell, Jimmie NDL Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Donnell, Juliet 1852 Walker / Wright Cemetery Donnell, Martha (Witherspoon) 1897 Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Donnell, Peggy NDL Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Donnell, Rufus 1862 Dickerson / Donnell Cemetery Donovan, Mary L. 1910 Dooly Bend Cemetery Donovan, Albert Thomas 1960 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Billy 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Dosha (Crawford) 1983 Rountree Cemetery Donovan, G. W. 1963 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, James 1953 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, James Harvey 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, James O. “Jim” 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Juanita 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Minnie Arvella Johnson 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Olive E. 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Ollie 1935 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Otto L. 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Rebecca J. 1927 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Velma (Skinner) 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, Virginia E. 1937 Hermitage Cemetery Donovan, William R. 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Doolan, Isabel Kimball 1948 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Betty 1896 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Henry 1906 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Henry E. 1849 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Ira 1961 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Joseph Lafayette 1975 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Lafayett B. 1934 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Leona May 1933 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Margaret A. 1954 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Mary E. 1861 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Nancy J. 1889 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Nondus (Worthington) 1970 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Rammon 1897 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Richmon H. 1897 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dooly, Thurman 1891 Sumner Cemetery Dorman, Dora A. 1955 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dorman, Oral 1959 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dorman, Terry Joe 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Dorman, Beatrice L. (Martin) 1919 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Bentley George 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Bentley T. 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Clyde NDL Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Clyde E. 1953 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Cordelia 1889 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Derrell L. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Dora G. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Dovie NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Edwin NDL Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Effie May 1878 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Eliza 1920 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Ellnora (Crawford) 1914 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Emma 1907 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Ethel I. (Grisham) 1978 Nemo Cemetery Dorman, Eugene 1944 Nemo Cemetery Dorman, Everette H. 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, F. Ella 1929 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Fannie Eva 1882 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Fannie L. 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Fena Lou 1902 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Florence 1947 Nemo Cemetery Dorman, Frank Lewis 2000 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Fred F. 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, George M. 1899 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Grant 1938 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Jimmie T. 1898 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, John A. 1878 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Lacy B. 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, LaVerne 1982 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Lela Dora 1924 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Lester NDL Nemo Cemetery Dorman, Lillia Anna NDL Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Lillie Ann 1873 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Lucile F. 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, M. W. 1902 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Maggie V. 1959 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Mary Ettie 1884 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Nancy E. 1924 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Nannie B. 1971 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Oliver L. 1934 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, P. C. 1883 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Racy W. 1960 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Ressie Bell 1960 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Sarah Jane 1923 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Unknown 1884 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Violet J. (Taylor) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, W. E. 1899 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Walter Marvin 1881 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Wayne 1913 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, Wedsel 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Wesley T. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, Wilford 1903 Nemo Cemetery Dorman, William B. “Buck” 1964 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, William L. 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Dorman, William M. 1880 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dorman, William Maurice 1908 Hermitage Cemetery Doss, L. Mary (Wilkinson) Greer-Doss 1992 Mt. Zion Cemetery Douglas, John J. 1938 Fisher Cemetery Douglas, Lucy E. (Wilson) 1961 Fisher Cemetery Dowell, Barbara L. (Urie) 2001 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dowell, Donald E. 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Downs, Elias 1880 Guier Cemetery Downs, Amos W. 1932 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Baby 1935 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Burnard 1894 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Cyntha J. 1924 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Daughter 1886 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Effie D. 1973 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Downs, Ezdo W. 1933 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Floy E. 2000 Macedonia Cemetery Downs, George Oscar 1918 South New Home Cemetery Downs, George W. 1908 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Harriet 1903 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Ida 1905 South New Home Cemetery Downs, James M. 1894 South New Home Cemetery Downs, James M. 1908 Liberty Cemetery Downs, John A. 1947 South New Home Cemetery Downs, John Wesley 1968 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Latta 1877 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Lillie M. (West) 1984 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Downs, Mary E. 1876 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Minnie A. 1982 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Noble 1964 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Downs, Ola Mae 1905 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Rhoda A. 1918 Liberty Cemetery Downs, Richard J. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Downs, Rosa M. 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Downs, Thomas W. 1887 Liberty Cemetery Downs, William 1917 South New Home Cemetery Downs, Wm. B. 1958 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Doyal, Hugh L. M. 1932 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Doyal, Margarett E. 1933 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Doyle, Riley D. 1984 Hermitage Cemetery Doyle, Winnie M. 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Draper, Margene 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Draper, Thomas Lloyd 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Drenan, Charles H. 1912 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drenan, Daughter 1848 Walker / Wright Cemetery Drenan, John W. 1934 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drenan, Sarah M. 1903 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drenan, Wallace W. 1902 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drenan, Jane Elizabeth 1903 Fairview Cemetery Drenan, L. E. 1921 Fairview Cemetery Drenan, Mary 1883 Fairview Cemetery Drennon, Benjamin E. 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Bertha Ethel 1978 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Bessie Mae 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Cecil G. 1984 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Charles M. 1956 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Dave 1960 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Earl Frank 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Fannie F. 1926 Guier Cemetery Drennon, George R. 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, George T. 1905 Guier Cemetery Drennon, John H. 1960 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Lydia F. 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Mabel A. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Stella McGinnis 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Drennon, Wm. Alfred 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Driskill, Francis 1992 Sumner Cemetery Driskill, Alfred 1964 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Alpha Leona 1977 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Cecil W. 2001 Gardner Cemetery Driskill, Charles 1873 Fisher Cemetery Driskill, Chessa E. (Thomas) 1987 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Clark 1981 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Curtis Eugene 1959 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Dennie 1947 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Emma M. 1963 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Eula E. 1910 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, George Otis 1964 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Henrietta B. (White) NDL Gardner Cemetery Driskill, Howard J. 1940 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Infant son 1873 Fisher Cemetery Driskill, James C. 1948 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, James K. P. 1934 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, James M. 1901 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, James Wallace 1933 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Lloyd E. 2000 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Mariah Jane 1925 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Martha 1889 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Martha 1934 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Mary L. 1935 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Mary M. 1995 Fisher Cemetery Driskill, Minnie J. 1919 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, Obadiah NDL Fisher Cemetery Driskill, Obediah Sr. 1927 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Obie 1970 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Ruth Etta 1956 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Stella 1955 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Thomas C. 1939 Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Tressa NDL Jordan Cemetery Driskill, Walter Herman 1933 Fairview Cemetery Driskill, William A. 1893 Fairview Cemetery Driskoll, Eva (Bybee) 1998 Fairview Cemetery Driskoll, Merle Keith 1940 Fairview Cemetery Driskoll, Orville 2000 Fairview Cemetery Drum, Kenneth M. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Drury, Christian A. 1963 Robinson Cemetery Drury, Ella Huber 1908 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Dryden, Charles Garfield NDL Clark Cemetery Dryer, Meda (Hellums) 2000 Pomme De Terre Baptist Church Cemetery Dryer, Roy H. 1988 Sumner Cemetery Dryer, Virginia L. NDL Sumner Cemetery Dryer, Florence 1927 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dryer, John Fred 1944 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Loyd 1929 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Margaret Jane 1939 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Marvin Estel 1966 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dryer, Virginia Ruth 1972 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Dubois, Berton L. 1994 Robinson Cemetery Dubois, Rose Marie (Vanderford) NDL Robinson Cemetery Dudley, Adaline 1855 Robinson Cemetery Dudley, Adaline 1857 Robinson Cemetery Dudley, Catherine 1851 Robinson Cemetery Dudley, Mary E. 1857 Robinson Cemetery Duncan, Addie Amlin 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Duncan, Beryl NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, Eliza A. 1896 Dooly Bend Cemetery Duncan, Elizabeth J. 1908 McCracken Cemetery Duncan, Emily J. 1867 McCracken Cemetery Duncan, Ila V. 1974 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, James D. 1929 Dooly Bend Cemetery Duncan, Ora N. 1963 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, Thelma L. 1919 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, Virginia M. 1995 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, Ward H. 1956 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, Weyet M. 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, William H. 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, William Marion 1945 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, William T. 1911 McCracken Cemetery Duncan, William W. 1944 Cross Timbers Cemetery Duncan, Delila 1896 Nemo Cemetery Duncan, Jesse Paul 2002 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Duncan, John 1857 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Duncan, Lora Jean NDL Gardner Cemetery Duncan, Ralph 1984 Gardner Cemetery Duncan, Rinda 1890 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Dunivant, Claude L. 1929 Crutsinger Cemetery Dunivant, Florence 1899 Tillery Cemetery Dunivant, G. W. 1922 Tillery Cemetery Dunivant, Jennie M. 1916 Tillery Cemetery Dunivant, Pearl 1899 Tillery Cemetery Dunivant, Sarah 1908 Tillery Cemetery Dunn, Martha Jane Clark 1908 Cross Timbers Cemetery Dunn, Richard P. 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Durfee, Babies NDL Robinson Cemetery Durfee, Dora 1940 Robinson Cemetery Durfee, John 1932 Robinson Cemetery Durham, Jimmy Lee 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Durham, John Willburn 1972 Dooly Bend Cemetery Durham, Kenneth Dean 1967 Dooly Bend Cemetery Durham, Merle Elaine NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Durnal, Elizabeth 1862 Baker Cemetery Durnal, George W. 1869 Baker Cemetery Durnal, George W. 1870 Baker Cemetery Durnell, A. Elva 1975 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Agnes 1940 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Amy Alice 1960 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Atha M. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Blanche 1954 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Clark 1956 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Cleo 1947 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Essie M. 1940 Souders Cemetery Durnell, Ethel (Bernard) 1928 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Everett L. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, George W. 1956 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Glen Dean 1997 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Ila NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Durnell, Infant daughter 1913 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Infant daughter 1917 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Infant son 1927 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Infant son NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Durnell, J. Lewis 1907 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Durnell, Jack 1933 Souders Cemetery Durnell, Jean (Carolyn) 2000 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Jessie 1896 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, John 1870 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, John W. 1929 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Lennie C. 1983 Hermitage Cemetery Durnell, Lucinda Lockhart 1906 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Maggie E. 1946 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Mary E. 1938 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Mary E. 1990 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Mittie 1915 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Monroe N. 1910 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Nancy D. 1901 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Nancy E. 1917 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Olen 1892 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Ophelia 1923 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Otto 1915 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Patsy D. 1986 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Paulina 1943 Souders Cemetery Durnell, Ray 1964 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Ronie 1897 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Sarah M. (Daniels) 1941 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Sylvia L. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Thomas “Sam” 1928 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Thomas C. 1947 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Virgie P. 1902 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Vivian 1966 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Wardie 1948 Crutsinger Cemetery Durnell, Willena Kay NDL Robinson Cemetery Durnell, William 1896 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, William G. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Durnell, Wm. Juhel 1966 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Wm. Ray 1939 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Durnell, Zoa 1905 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Duval, Parrallel Eliza 1847 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Eads, J. C. NDL Nemo Cemetery Eads, Mary M. 1896 Nemo Cemetery Eads, W.A. NDL Nemo Cemetery Eans, Unknown first name 193? Hermitage Cemetery Earnest, Elizabeth 1895 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Earnest, Joseph 1869 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Earnest, William H. NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Earsome, Omer 1912 Hermitage Cemetery Earsome, W. E. 1916 Hermitage Cemetery Easley, Ellen 1986 Dooly Bend Cemetery Easley, Marvin 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery East, Lewis W. 1888 Sumner Cemetery East, Lena M. 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery East, Sarah E. 1890 Mt. Zion Cemetery East, T. 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Easton, Dr. Gail R. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Eaton, Aleene NDL Antioch Cemetery Eaton, Keith L. 1984 Antioch Cemetery Eckard, M. 1950 Dooly Bend Cemetery Edde, Albert P. 1942 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Alice 1888 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Alletha A. 1937 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Araminta E. 1928 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Arch C. 1951 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Billy Joe 1989 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Caroline C. 1920 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Clara M. 1972 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Cleta Fay 1921 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Columbus E. 1851 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Crit 1963 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Emma 1963 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Ethel M. 1987 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Floyd O. 1944 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Francis (Simmons) NDL Olive Point Cemetery Edde, George W. 1890 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Gladys 1908 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Golda V. 1972 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Harriette 1914 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Hattie M. 1951 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Infant daughter 1922 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Infant son 1910 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Infant son 1911 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Infant son 1958 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Irene 1857 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Ivan O. 1918 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Jetta F. 1971 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Joe T. 1929 Fisher Cemetery Edde, John 1913 Fisher Cemetery Edde, John H. 1973 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, John T. 1955 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Joseph 1906 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Juliet G. 1894 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Laura W. (Young) NDL Fisher Cemetery Edde, Leo Glenn 1926 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Lewis 1905 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Louisa 1893 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Lucilla M. 1941 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Martha 1925 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Mary C. 1957 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Mary E. 1853 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Nancy E. 1877 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Nathan 1914 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Nathan 1943 Nemo Cemetery Edde, Neoma 1985 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Perry B. 1976 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Polley 1919 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Rickey J. 1958 Olive Point Cemetery Edde, Roy L. 1952 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Ruth D. 1981 Fisher Cemetery Edde, S. Clyde 1971 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Samuel D. 1950 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Virgil N. 1973 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Virginia 1892 Fisher Cemetery Edde, W. D. 1919 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Wallace Dee NDL Olive Point Cemetery Edde, William H. 1882 Fisher Cemetery Edde, William J. 1944 Fisher Cemetery Edde, Wilma Lee 1980 Olive Point Cemetery Edge, Clyde 1957 Fisher Cemetery Edge, Clyde Jr. 1991 Fisher Cemetery Edge, Deborah (Bradshaw) 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Edge, Don H. 1984 Fisher Cemetery Edge, Donna Mae 2002 Nemo Cemetery Edge, Erma A. 1995 Fisher Cemetery Edge, H. E. (Monk) 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Edge, Hettie Mae 1929 Hermitage Cemetery Edge, John William “Moose” 1994 Fisher Cemetery Edge, Louella (Breshears) 2000 Fisher Cemetery Edge, Marvin Eugene 2001 Fisher Cemetery Edge, Sarah Ellen 1946 Hermitage Cemetery Edge, William Thomas 1957 Hermitage Cemetery Edmondson, GeorgeAnn Meadow 1935 Nemo Cemetery Edmonston, Helen "Rusty" 1983 Dooly Bend Cemetery Edmonston, William H. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Edwards, Elizabeth Faye NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Edwards, Henry 1875 Sumner Cemetery Edwards, Joseph F. 1891 Sumner Cemetery Edwards, Mary F. 1930 Walker / Wright Cemetery Edwards, Oliver 1851 Pirtle Lowrey Farm Cemetery Edwards, Susan (Humphrey) 1908 Sumner Cemetery Edwards, A. L. “Red” 1979 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Edwards, A. Lester 1992 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Edwards, Amedia W. 1869 Hermitage Cemetery Edwards, Bessie (Fowler) 1985 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Edwards, D. Louise 1994 Robinson Cemetery Edwards, Edgar E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Edwards, Fannie 1940 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Edwards, Infant NDL Hermitage Cemetery Edwards, Infant NDL Hermitage Cemetery Edwards, Joseph M. M.D. 1953 Fisher Cemetery Edwards, Kimberly Ellen 1970 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Edwards, Nora D. 1941 Robinson Cemetery Edwards, Oscar A. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Edwards, Pearl 1964 Fisher Cemetery Edwards, S. O. 1906 Hermitage Cemetery Edwards, Walter 1901 Macedonia Cemetery Eidson, Linda Kay 1947 Cross Timbers Cemetery Eidson, Lloyd S. 1994 Cross Timbers Cemetery Eidson, Louise 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery Eidson, Ray E. 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Eidson, Agatha V. 1992 Fairview Cemetery Eidson, G. W. “Dick” 1940 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Eidson, Hazel (Pack) 1952 Hermitage Cemetery Eidson, John E. (Ed) 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Eidson, Josephine 1941 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Eidson, Lonies R. 1974 Fairview Cemetery Eidson, Marie 1987 Olive Point Cemetery Eidson, Odis W. 1978 Olive Point Cemetery Eidson, Velma Sawyers NDL Nemo Cemetery Eisman, Bud A. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Eklof, Anna Helen 1895 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Bertha Leona 1986 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Beulah M. 1994 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Edwin Wilhelm 1959 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Eric 1953 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Helen M. 1923 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Kenneth E. 1927 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Lina Marie 1894 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Melbern E. 1971 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Nannie 1969 Clark Cemetery Eklof, Robert F. 1929 Clark Cemetery Elgan, James M. 1884 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Elkins, David L. 2001 Mt. Zion Cemetery Elkins, Emma J. 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Eller, Charles W. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Elliot, George NDL Tillery Cemetery Elliot, Phebe J. (Stufflebaum) 1895 Tillery Cemetery Elliott, Alene V. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Elliott, Harley 1981 Dooly Bend Cemetery Elliott, Howard W. 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Elliott, Melvin L. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Elliott, Rebecca A. 189? Sumner Cemetery Elliott, Yvonne 1988 Cross Timbers Cemetery Elliott, Baby Alice 1881 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Elliott, Louvine 1943 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Elliott, Milton 1906 Robinson Cemetery Elliott, Robert 1882 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Elliott, W. H. NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Ellis, George Joseph Jr. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ellis, Infant 1891 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ellis, Leonard Albert 1908 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ellis, Amanda H. 1948 Robinson Cemetery Ellis, Thomas J. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Ellison, Jessie A. (Duncan) 1942 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ellison, Burr 1915 Liberty Cemetery Ellison, Hanna 1904 Liberty Cemetery Ellison, Mary S. 1954 Liberty Cemetery Ellison, Perry L. 1947 Liberty Cemetery Ellison, Roscoe G. 1915 Liberty Cemetery Ellison, Simon C. 1888 Liberty Cemetery Elsner, Betty Ann (Heinz) 1970 Dooly Bend Cemetery
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