Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Buchanan, Colleen 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Buchanan, Marvin 1934 Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, E. Lucille (Harris) NDL Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, Howard 1934 Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, James Howard 1943 Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, Jannie 1941 Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, Joseph H. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, Thomas Howard 1999 Robinson Cemetery Buckalew, W. Ina 1977 Robinson Cemetery Bull, Emma J. 1877 Tillery Cemetery Bullington, Infant son 1921 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Bullington, James E. 1972 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Bullington, Ura 1972 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Bumgardner, Claude A. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Bunch, Thomas E. Jr. 1997 Sumner Cemetery Bundtzen, William A. 1959 Hermitage Cemetery Burdorf, Erwin George 1994 Dooly Bend Cemetery Burger, Daniel L. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Burger, Harry Leslie 1957 Crutsinger Cemetery Burkhart, Cleo 1978 Robinson Cemetery Burkhart, Laura M. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Burkhart, Liddie J. 1868 Robinson Cemetery Burkhart, Lorene NDL Robinson Cemetery Burkhart, M. 1869 Robinson Cemetery Burkhart, Mathias 1891 Robinson Cemetery Burkhart, Roy W. 1970 Robinson Cemetery Burnett, Eugene 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Burnfin, Dan R. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Burnfin, Eual Dean 1987 Robinson Cemetery Burnfin, Irene J. 2002 Souders Cemetery Burnfin, Mora D. 1990 Robinson Cemetery Burnfin, Vernon E. 1991 Souders Cemetery Burns, Bonnie E. 1955 Nemo Cemetery Burns, Boyed 1889 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Burns, E. Z. 1893 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Burns, G. W. 1912 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Burns, Gerald A. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Burns, Hester 1917 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Burns, Leroy 1969 Robinson Cemetery Burns, Libbie C. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Burns, Nora 1894 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Burns, Robert A. 1978 Robinson Cemetery Burns, Wilma L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Burris, Harry E. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Burris, Mavis A. O. 1983 Cross Timbers Cemetery Burt, Elizabeth J. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Burt, James E. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Burten, Artancy C. (Bradley) 1893 Gardner Cemetery Burten, William 1896 Gardner Cemetery Burton, Aubrey L. 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Burton, Child NDL Gregory / Osborne Cemetery Burton, Leona F. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Burton, Mary L. Donovan 1910 Dooly Bend Cemetery Burton, Charles NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Burton, Dawna Jean 1946 Fairview Cemetery Burton, L. A. 1947 Hermitage Cemetery Bush, F. A. 1996 Sumner Cemetery Bush, Artie 1965 Antioch Cemetery Bush, Brant 1963 Antioch Cemetery Bush, Mary L. NDL Fairview Cemetery Bush, Richard Arthur 1978 Fairview Cemetery Bushnell, Douglas R. 1980 Macedonia Cemetery Butcher, Arthur W. 1996 Sumner Cemetery Butcher, Bernice (Lurten) 2002 Sumner Cemetery Butcher, Virginia Marlene (Jennie) 1950 Sumner Cemetery Butcher, Alpha 1946 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Butcher, Claude M. 1979 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Butcher, Earl F. 1920 Nemo Cemetery Butcher, Edwin 1941 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Butcher, Griffie H. 1987 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Butcher, Huly 1908 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Butcher, Ida M. 1918 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Butcher, Jewell 1924 Nemo Cemetery Butcher, Nancy J. (Nelson) 1980 Nemo Cemetery Butler, Catherine 1853 Bartshe Farm Cemetery Butler, Charles A. 1942 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Butler, Farrell A. 1987 Sumner Cemetery Butler, Henry C. 1898 Jones Cemetery Butler, Margaret E. 1899 Jones Cemetery Butler, Martha Jane Skinner NDL Jones Cemetery Butler, Mary B. 1942 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Butler, Bert E. 1944 Hermitage Cemetery Butler, Bertie Louise (Smart) NDL Robinson Cemetery Butler, Brie'anna Leeann 1997 Rountree Cemetery Butler, Clay 1956 Macedonia Cemetery Butler, Dean 1984 Macedonia Cemetery Butler, Edwin L. 1950 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Butler, Emily Marie 2004 Rountree Cemetery Butler, Ethel O. (Hinkle) 1969 Macedonia Cemetery Butler, George F. 1970 Hermitage Cemetery Butler, Haley Rayann 1997 Rountree Cemetery Butler, Infant son 1894 Robinson Cemetery Butler, Ivan Wesley 1999 Robinson Cemetery Butler, John A. 1890 Robinson Cemetery Butler, Mary E. 1892 Robinson Cemetery Butler, Melvin Ray 1967 Gardner Cemetery Butler, Mildred E. 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Butler, Nora (Hinkle) 1968 Macedonia Cemetery Butler, Oliver L. 1951 Macedonia Cemetery Butler, Randal Keith 1979 Macedonia Cemetery Butler, Ray 1969 Gardner Cemetery Butner, Nannie 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Button, Fyrn (Dawson) 1986 Hermitage Cemetery Button, Roy Horace 2000 Hermitage Cemetery Butts, Shirley Karen 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Butts, Ben R. 1902 Robinson Cemetery Butts, Lorraine (Wright) 1985 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Buzzard, Jane 1905 Robinson Cemetery Buzzard, Otha 1904 Robinson Cemetery Bybee, Baby NDL Hartville Cemetery Bybee, Beulah M. 1988 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, G.O.B. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Harvey A. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Herbert E. 1960 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Herbert O. 1990 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, J. Bluford 1940 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Matt 1972 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Maude 1933 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Vesta G. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Zelia 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bybee, Anna E. 1976 Jordan Cemetery Bybee, Bluford 1947 Fisher Cemetery Bybee, Elizabeth 1921 Fisher Cemetery Bybee, Elizabeth 1948 Fisher Cemetery Bybee, Erma W. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Bybee, Eudon H. 1901 Fisher Cemetery Bybee, Evelyn E. 1922 Fairview Cemetery Bybee, G. Dewey 1986 Jordan Cemetery Bybee, James William NDL Hermitage Cemetery Bybee, John 1933 Fisher Cemetery Bybee, Judy Lynne 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Bybee, Kathy Anne 1948 Hermitage Cemetery Bybee, Loren A. 1980 Jordan Cemetery Bybee, Otter Bow 1947 Fisher Cemetery Byers, Betty Lou 1939 Hermitage Cemetery Byers, Charles Edward 1939 Hermitage Cemetery Byers, Joseph Truman 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Byers, Robert Lee 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Byers, Sarah Virginia 1934 Hermitage Cemetery Byrd, Bluford 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Byrd, Elmer B. 1982 Hermitage Cemetery Byrd, Gloria Jean (Pile) NDL Hermitage Cemetery Byrd, Infant daughter 1911 Clark Cemetery Byrd, Nellie A. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Byrd, Richard E. 2003 Hermitage Cemetery Byrd, Selah 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Cable, Carrie Eathel 1992 Fisher Cemetery Cable, Charles T. 1977 Fisher Cemetery Cady, John 1915 Nemo Cemetery Cady, Margaret C. 1913 Nemo Cemetery Cagle, Elijah E. 1928 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cagle, Lucy L. 1917 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cagle, Melissa E. 1923 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cagle, Robert C. F. 1915 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cahalan, Teresa Lynn 1970 Robinson Cemetery Cahow, Baby NDL Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Bernita 1912 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Dee 1980 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Edna M. 1988 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Gene 1996 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Hiram Jack 1986 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, John 1953 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Lila Marie NDL Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Mary (Hewitt) 1914 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Milo F. 1931 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, William 1988 Gardner Cemetery Cahow, Wilma 1905 Hermitage Cemetery Cairns, Ellis Urban 1981 Liberty Cemetery Cairns, Freda Chaney 1971 Liberty Cemetery Calfee, Harriet 1903 Fisher Cemetery Calfee, Luther N. 1895 Fisher Cemetery Calfee, Morgan 1891 Fisher Cemetery Calkins, Eli R. 1919 Walker / Wright Cemetery Calkins, Florence I. (Alexander) 1952 Cross Timbers Cemetery Calkins, J. Marion 1949 Cross Timbers Cemetery Calkins, Mary B. 1899 Walker / Wright Cemetery Calkins, Pearl 1942 Cross Timbers Cemetery Calloway, Elizabeth 1909 McCracken Cemetery Calvert, Liff L. 2003 Crutsinger Cemetery Campbell, Delia E. 1886 Baker Cemetery Campbell, Hugh 1952 Wright Cemetery Campbell, Martha 1946 Wright Cemetery Campbell, Mary M. 1872 Baker Cemetery Campbell, Mary M. 1879 Baker Cemetery Campbell, Tommy NDL Wright Cemetery Campbell, Addie 1878 Liberty Cemetery Campbell, Anthony Scott 1990 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Campbell, Antonna Marie 1986 Robinson Cemetery Campbell, Billy Eugene 1996 Antioch Cemetery Campbell, Clyde 1964 Antioch Cemetery Campbell, Dale R. 1998 Robinson Cemetery Campbell, Donald G. 2000 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Campbell, Effie Leona 1957 Lehman Cemetery Campbell, Ellen 1946 Antioch Cemetery Campbell, Georgia Sebring 1968 Robinson Cemetery Campbell, Hannah A. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Campbell, Infant son 1874 Fisher Cemetery Campbell, Infant son NDL Tillery Cemetery Campbell, John R. 1928 Robinson Cemetery Campbell, John S. 1859 Tillery Cemetery Campbell, Kenneth Dale 1990 Antioch Cemetery Campbell, M. Mildred 1997 Antioch Cemetery Campbell, Marguerite E. 1941 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Campbell, Myrtle 1892 Tillery Cemetery Campbell, Ryan Ray 2000 South New Home Cemetery Campbell, Smith 1930 Antioch Cemetery Campbell, Steven W. 2001 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Campbell, William 1878 Fisher Cemetery Cannon, Mary Lacquement 1917 Robinson Cemetery Canthon, Thomas NDL Gardner Cemetery Cantrell, Maxine 1990 Fisher Cemetery Capehart, John A. 1929 Mt. Zion Cemetery Capehart, Martha Ellen 1916 Mt. Zion Cemetery Capehart, Mary Reeves 1903 Mt. Zion Cemetery Capps, Floyd Orlin 1991 Robinson Cemetery Capps, Martha Eliza Welch 1991 Robinson Cemetery Carbaugh, Chris D. 1920 Jordan Cemetery Carbaugh, Christian J. 1901 Fairview Cemetery Carbaugh, Delbert C. 1921 Jordan Cemetery Carbaugh, E. A. 1960 Jordan Cemetery Carbaugh, George-Ann 1939 Jordan Cemetery Carbaugh, Minnie 1968 Jordan Cemetery Carder, Sarah J. 1910 Fisher Cemetery Carey, James M. 1943 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Carey, Kathleen J. 1991 Clark Cemetery Carey, Martha E. 1936 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Carey, Ross O. 1983 Clark Cemetery Carkuff, Dorothy (Williams) 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery Carkuff, Willard Leslie 1996 Cross Timbers Cemetery Carl, Nellie Lorene 1993 Cross Timbers Cemetery Carl, Obie Oddie 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Carl, Paul R. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Carley, Herbert M. 1895 Guier Cemetery Carley, Jenetta A. 1888 Guier Cemetery Carley, Otis H. 1898 Guier Cemetery Carley, Sarah Frances (Owsley) 1895 Guier Cemetery Carlstrom, Alma Blackwell NDL Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Baby 1939 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Charles 1958 Clark Cemetery Carlstrom, Charles E. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, F. Mary 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Ginevria 1951 Clark Cemetery Carlstrom, Harold E. 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Ingrid Fay 1924 Clark Cemetery Carlstrom, M. Maureen (Downs) 2002 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Matilda 1927 Clark Cemetery Carlstrom, Maurits John 1957 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Patricia Ann 1947 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Timothy W. 1963 Hermitage Cemetery Carlstrom, Virginia R. 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Carney, Aaron Wayne 1992 Robinson Cemetery Carney, Leona 1994 Robinson Cemetery Carolines, No first name 1905 Baker Cemetery Carpenter, Alice (Butler) 1937 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Claude 1992 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Carpenter, Colonel B. 1939 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Elizabeth 1980 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Esther M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Carpenter, Fred 1989 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Fredonia (Cox) 1975 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Carpenter, Ida (Schindler) 1973 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Jack E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Carpenter, John Hoshea 1963 Robinson Cemetery Carpenter, Joseph O. 1934 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, May 1995 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Nancy (Campbell) 1963 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Phoebe L. 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Carpenter, R'Neill (Wright) 1982 Robinson Cemetery Carpenter, Rev. Gordon L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Carpenter, Steven G. 1907 Crutsinger Cemetery Carpenter, Wesley Bird 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery Carr, Elizabeth Margaret (Prine) 1968 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Carr, No first name NDL Cooper Cemetery Carr, Oliver Perry 1953 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Carr, Samal NDL Robinson Cemetery Carrico, James Joseph 1931 Hermitage Cemetery Carriger, Kevin D. 1982 Dooly Bend Cemetery Carroll, George B. 1955 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Carroll, Sealie A. 1952 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Carson, Bette Garnett Louise 1989 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Carson, Clay LaRose NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Carson, James A. 1866 Tillery Cemetery Carson, Martha L. (Greer) NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Carson, Odie C. “Chick?2000 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Carter, Albert M. 1956 Dooly Bend Cemetery Carter, Emma Jane 1925 Dooly Bend Cemetery Carter, Infant daughter 1882 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Carter, James K. 1941 Dooly Bend Cemetery Carter, Mahala 1875 Sumner Cemetery Carter, Martha E. 1957 Dooly Bend Cemetery Carter, Rebecca E. 1898 Dooly Bend Cemetery Carter, John Robert 1934 Nemo Cemetery Carter, Maggie Jane 1881 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Carter, Zelma Marie (Anderson) 1999 Fisher Cemetery Carver, Othelia May 1904 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Case, Ada May 1961 Jordan Cemetery Case, Betty J. 2003 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Case, Favian 1959 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Case, Henry C. 1985 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Case, Larkin 1978 Jordan Cemetery Cates, Margarite 1896 McCracken Cemetery Cates, C. S. 1884 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Cates, Hannah C. 1934 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Cates, Sarah E. 1884 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Cates, Thomas R. 1891 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Cathey, John D. 1972 Crutsinger Cemetery Catron, Earline 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cauthon, Beatrice Jewell 1961 Nemo Cemetery Cauthon, Charles Homer 1964 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Cauthon, Manerva A. 1885 Tillery Cemetery Cauthon, Naoma Virl 1942 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Cauthon, T. J. 1917 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chadwick, Norma 1937 Sumner Cemetery Chamberlain, Dan 1994 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chamberlain, Dora L. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chamberlain, Hal V. 1981 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chambers, George A. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Chambers, Mary M. 1893 Robinson Cemetery Chambers, Sarah J. 1907 Robinson Cemetery Champ, Elton H. 1960 Hermitage Cemetery Champ, Estella I. 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Chancellor, Dale A. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Chancellor, Earl Don 1960 Sumner Cemetery Chancellor, Henry Douglas 1957 Sumner Cemetery Chancellor, Jess M. 1961 Sumner Cemetery Chancellor, Patrick N. 1988 Sumner Cemetery Chancellor, Amanda J. NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chancellor, Benjamin Franklin 1943 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Chancellor, Bueford L. 1944 Robinson Cemetery Chancellor, Charles E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Chancellor, Eliza Ellen (Morton) 1941 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Chancellor, Eva J. 1976 Robinson Cemetery Chancellor, Eva L. 1894 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chancellor, Florence 1989 Robinson Cemetery Chancellor, G. H. 1903 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Chancellor, Jimmie Irene 1913 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chancellor, Mary A. 1984 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chancellor, Mary C. (Ramsey) 1923 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Chancellor, Patrick 1924 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chancellor, Richard M. 1927 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Chaney, B.H. “Bert?1992 Antioch Cemetery Chaney, Bertie Lee 1935 Antioch Cemetery Chaney, Derhl Max Jr. 1946 Antioch Cemetery Chaney, E. T. "Bert" 2002 Sumner Cemetery Chaney, Edna Mae 2001 Antioch Cemetery Chaney, James 1869 Chaney Farm Chaney, Jim W. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Chaney, Addie 1883 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Alvin 1899 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Aureleign 1896 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chaney, Charlotte M. 1962 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Derhl O. 1978 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chaney, Dorenda B. 1914 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Dwayne Reese 1991 Hermitage Cemetery Chaney, Elijah Lon 1992 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Eliza B. 1884 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Eliza J. 1962 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Elizabeth A. 1879 Macedonia Cemetery Chaney, Elmer 1990 Macedonia Cemetery Chaney, Emily M. 1896 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chaney, Emma 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Chaney, F. Marion 1915 Macedonia Cemetery Chaney, George A. 1898 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Glatha M. 1997 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Harry B. 1945 Robinson Cemetery Chaney, Imo 1979 Robinson Cemetery Chaney, Ivy 1909 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chaney, J. Lawrence 1929 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, J. Opal NDL Robinson Cemetery Chaney, James 1974 Hermitage Cemetery Chaney, James D. 1945 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, James H. 1931 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, James M. 1938 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, John 1907 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, John F. 1914 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Kitty 1969 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Lafayette G. 1917 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Leonard Lee 1993 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Leslie Jake 1963 Hermitage Cemetery Chaney, Lige F. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Lloyd W. 1996 Robinson Cemetery Chaney, Lou Ella 1970 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Lucretia J. 1913 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Marjorie A. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chaney, Martha E. 1876 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Mary F. 1921 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Mary Garrison NDL Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Mollie P. 1939 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Moses 1884 Tillery Cemetery Chaney, Orel H. 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Chaney, Oscar 1883 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Otho 1880 Liberty Cemetery Chaney, Paris 1883 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Chaney, Rachel Lorene 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Chaney, Sylvia 1971 Macedonia Cemetery Chaney, Thomas Wessie 1969 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Urias H. 1941 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, W. Howard 1929 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Chaney, Wesley W. 1938 Liberty Cemetery Chapman, Ann E. 1882 Tillery Cemetery Chapman, Frederick R. NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chapman, Heleketteh F. 1857 Tillery Cemetery Chapman, Peggy D. 1988 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Chapman, William G. 1883 Tillery Cemetery Chappell, Nora Ann 1983 Robinson Cemetery Chappell, William E. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Chappelow, Cecil 1963 Cross Timbers Cemetery Chappelow, Othello 1958 Cross Timbers Cemetery Charlton, Abraham 1869 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Clara M. 1875 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Francis A. 1863 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Infant NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, John M. 1866 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Judith 1854 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Rosie M. 1884 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Salley A. 1925 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Wilber 1888 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, William B. 1907 Dooly Bend Cemetery Charlton, Charles L. 1988 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Charlton, Irene B. (Chase) 1990 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Charlton, James P. 1992 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Charlton, Martin Albert 1997 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Charlton, Ruth M. (Griesel) NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Charlton, Waneta (Canon) 2003 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Chastain, George C. 1965 South New Home Cemetery Chastain, Martha I. 1963 South New Home Cemetery Chasteen, Golda A. 1980 South New Home Cemetery Chasteen, Loren Edsel 2000 South New Home Cemetery Chasteen, William Ira 1991 South New Home Cemetery Chenoweth, Joe 1975 Dooly Bend Cemetery Childers, Eva Leona (Samples) 1998 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Childers, Infant NDL Hermitage Cemetery Childers, Mary A. 1884 Pittsburg Cemetery Childress, Dortha Mae (Euliss) 2001 South New Home Cemetery Childs, Jesse 1886 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Childs, Roscoe 1892 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Chiles, James H. 1927 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Chiles, Sarah K. 1932 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Chinn, Darl E. 1992 Mt. Zion Cemetery Chrisman, Clinton L. 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery Chrisman, Helen M. 1979 Cross Timbers Cemetery Chrisman, Mabel A. 2001 Cross Timbers Cemetery Chrisope, Burr A. 1882 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Chrisope, Dorothy (Fleming) 1993 Fisher Cemetery Chrisope, Eliza C. 1883 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Chrisope, Elsie Hartnett 1978 Fisher Cemetery Chrisope, Infants NDL Fisher Cemetery Chrisope, Irl R. 1971 Fisher Cemetery Chrisope, Irl R. Jr. NDL Fisher Cemetery Chrisope, Rosie I. 1873 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Christian, John Wesley 1984 Dooly Bend Cemetery Christianson, George 1985 Robinson Cemetery Christianson, Roxie Yandle 1994 Robinson Cemetery Chronister, Edith M. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Chronister, James M. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Clardy, Caroline 1939 Macedonia Cemetery Clardy, Infant daughter 1893 Macedonia Cemetery Clardy, Wm. W. 1925 Macedonia Cemetery Clark, Bondena M. (Harper) 1993 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Clark, Don E. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clark, Eliza (Cooper) 1922 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clark, Elvia Cross 1937 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Clark, John Wesley 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Clark, Lois (Smith) 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clark, Nellie T. 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Clark, Angeline 1870 Clark Cemetery Clark, Aubrey E. 1918 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Caroline (Gulley) NDL Clark Cemetery Clark, Caroline I. Hall 1984 Robinson Cemetery Clark, Charlie L. 1975 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Eileen 1991 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Clark, Eileen A. 1972 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Flaura C. 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Francis 1875 Clark Cemetery Clark, I. R. 1885 Clark Cemetery Clark, Isaac T. 1873 Clark Cemetery Clark, Isaac W. 1958 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, John B. 1940 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, John Wesley 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Joseph Ivan 1996 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Lizzie 1869 Clark Cemetery Clark, Marie (Stroud) 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Marion (Carson) NDL Clark Cemetery Clark, Nannie E. 1921 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, R. F. 1924 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Rachel 1867 Clark Cemetery Clark, Ramah N. 1982 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Raymond 1973 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Clark, Robert 1861 Clark Cemetery Clark, Robert Merle 1942 Hermitage Cemetery Clark, Samuel NDL Clark Cemetery Clark, Sarah Conger 1869 Clark Cemetery Clark, Susan (Jordan) 1874 Clark Cemetery Clark, Thomas 1870 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Clark, Thomas E. 1977 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Clark, Vera June (Thatch) 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Clarkson, Clarence P. 1986 Hermitage Cemetery Clarkson, Marie NDL Hermitage Cemetery Clary, Betty S. (Durnell) NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Clary, Billie D. 1992 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Clayton, Edgar 1920 England Cemetery Clayton, John Charles 1886 Sumner Cemetery Clemons, Audice Charles 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Clift, Joe D. NDL Robinson Cemetery Cline, Charles L. 1887 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cline, David 2000 Jordan Cemetery Cline, Frank NDL Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cline, George W. 1893 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cline, John 1889 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cline, Martha 1889 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cline, Mary R. 1893 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cline, Susana 1881 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Clonts, Ireania J. 1911 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clonts, Louis C. 1966 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clonts, Samuel 1890 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clonts, Vinola 1967 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clonts, Weaver L. 1965 Dooly Bend Cemetery Clymore, Carl B. 1998 Pittsburg Cemetery Clymore, Eugene E. 1983 Pittsburg Cemetery Clymore, Maude S. 1971 Pittsburg Cemetery Coalman, Berkeley 1898 Rountree Cemetery Coalman, Henry C. 1889 Rountree Cemetery Coalman, Ida Opal 1913 Rountree Cemetery Coalman, Lenora Calperna (Crawford) 1945 Rountree Cemetery Coatney, Infant son 1941 Lehman Cemetery Cobb, J. Alvis 1933 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cobb, Letha 1995 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Cobb, Lowell E. 1965 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Cobb, Martha C. 1937 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cobb, Shirley Joann 1935 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Cobb, Shirley Lee 1993 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cochran, Karla 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cochran, Tamara 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cochran, Tiana 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Coe, Matilda J. 1909 Cross Timbers Cemetery Coffel, Howard Dean 1984 Dooly Bend Cemetery Coffelt, Faye 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Coffey, Addie Pitts 1999 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Cecil Paul 1974 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Clarence Paul 1929 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Dorothy M. 1995 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Drucilla 1901 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Infant son 1909 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, James Roy 1957 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Luvina 1930 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, Squire 1912 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, W.D.B. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Coffey, William D. 1982 Robinson Cemetery Coffman, I. A. NDL Sumner Cemetery Coffman, Mary Ann 1907 Sumner Cemetery Coffman, Ollie 1898 Souders Cemetery Cogle, Ann 1873 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Cogle, Charles Duane 1940 Fisher Cemetery Cogle, John C. 1901 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Cogle, John T. 1933 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cogle, Laura E. 1924 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cogle, Mabel B. (Reser) 1971 Fisher Cemetery Cogle, Seth T. 1974 Fisher Cemetery Colbert, Bertha 1967 Macedonia Cemetery Colbert, Cora 1986 Macedonia Cemetery Colbert, Permelia J. 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Colbert, Walter H. 1957 Macedonia Cemetery Cole, Bill C. 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cole, Madison H. 1889 Walker / Wright Cemetery Cole, Maggie 1882 Walker / Wright Cemetery Cole, Mary J. 1889 Walker / Wright Cemetery Cole, Linda June 1987 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Cole, Mathew M. 1899 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Cole, Stanley NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Cole, Susan A. 1898 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Coleman, Dovie Fay 1996 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Coleman, Jeff 1989 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Collins, Edna W. 1886 Pitts Cemetery (south of Wheatland) Collins, J. Bunion 1888 Pitts Cemetery (south of Wheatland) Collins, James Lee 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Collins, Landis 1911 Dooly Bend Cemetery Collins, Lucy J. 1927 Dooly Bend Cemetery Collins, Oglel 1889 Pitts Cemetery (south of Wheatland) Collins, Wright 1910 Dooly Bend Cemetery Collins, Betty Sue 1992 Crutsinger Cemetery Collins, C. P. 1939 Robinson Cemetery Collins, Clara Ellen 1944 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Collins, Earl 1973 Crutsinger Cemetery Collins, Henry C. 1875 Tillery Cemetery Collins, Mary M. 1932 Robinson Cemetery Collins, Perry W. 1966 Robinson Cemetery Collins, Robert H. 1923 Robinson Cemetery Collins, Rolla D. 1975 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Collins, Verlie 2002 Crutsinger Cemetery Colston, Robert 1874 Antioch Cemetery Colvin, Margaret Katherine 1994 Family Farm Colyer, Walter W. 1983 Dooly Bend Cemetery Combs, Lucinda C. 1909 Sumner Cemetery Combs, Rev. Hugh B. 1905 Sumner Cemetery Comer, William H. 1880 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Commeryle, Baby NDL Hartville Cemetery Compton, Harvey M. 1901 Macedonia Cemetery Condley, Elisha T. 1897 Cross Timbers Cemetery Condley, Elizabeth 1897 Cross Timbers Cemetery Conley, Della May 1901 Antioch Cemetery Conley, Martha E. 1936 Antioch Cemetery Conley, Purley 1887 Antioch Cemetery Conley, R. H. 1954 Antioch Cemetery Conn, Columbus T. 1885 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Conn, Minnie 1881 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cook, Ancell 1846 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cook, Belle 1942 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Cook, Bertha Mae 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cook, D.W. 1902 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Cook, Fred 1932 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cook, George W. 1848 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cook, John Fred 1919 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cook, Joseph A. 1938 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Cook, Margaret 1894 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Cook, Sarah E. 1914 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cook, Thelma Mae 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cook, William J. 1846 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Cook, Wilma Jewell 1988 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cook, Arthur 1953 Robinson Cemetery Cook, Belle R. 1951 Robinson Cemetery Cook, Beulah Mae (Pine) 1976 Gardner Cemetery Cook, George R. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Cook, James A. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Cook, Jesse Benson 1991 Gardner Cemetery Cook, Jossie 1950 Robinson Cemetery Cook, Marvin “Tiny?1997 Robinson Cemetery Cook, May 1895 Robinson Cemetery Cook, Norma B. NDL Robinson Cemetery Cook, Ora Thomas 1906 Macedonia Cemetery Cook, R. M. 1900 Robinson Cemetery Cooke, Elsie K. 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cooke, Roy T. 1989 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cooley, Margaret Joan 1934 Souders Cemetery Coon, Abraham 1912 Guier Cemetery Coon, Anna M. 1945 Guier Cemetery Coon, Austin Henry 1966 Dooly Bend Cemetery Coon, E.W. 1931 Antioch Cemetery Coon, Infant son 1896 Guier Cemetery Coon, Louisa J. (Cooper) 1899 Cooper Cemetery Coon, Margaret A. 1957 Antioch Cemetery Coon, Martha 1936 Antioch Cemetery Coon, Myrtle E. 1907 Guier Cemetery Coon, Rosalie Elizabeth 1969 Dooly Bend Cemetery Coon, W. M. W. 1933 Guier Cemetery Coon, Walter 1933 Guier Cemetery Coon, William T. 1954 Antioch Cemetery Coon, Bernie L. 1933 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, Charles S. (Jack) 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, Evagene (Gist) 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, Homer 1978 Rountree Cemetery Coon, Ida Belle 1961 Rountree Cemetery Coon, Margret 1898 Sapp Cemetery Coon, Matilda J. 1936 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, Myrtle E. 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, Ross 1955 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, Wave 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Coon, William 1899 Sapp Cemetery Coon, William F. 1918 Hermitage Cemetery Cooper, Andy L. 1966 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Atsey A. 1894 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Daisy D. 1945 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Earline NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, George Lee 1935 Hartville Cemetery Cooper, J. Franklin 1950 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, James S. 1926 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Jessie Carter 1979 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Karan 1987 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Kelley W. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Laura F. 1921 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Cooper, Letha Anne 1926 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Madison 1914 Cooper Cemetery Cooper, Mary A. 1928 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cooper, Melville H. 1928 Pitts Cemetery (on old Meekin Pitts homestead) Cooper, Mrs. Joe 1892 Cooper Cemetery Cooper, Mrs. Maggie 1910 Cooper Cemetery Cooper, Oliver NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Phillip M. NDL Cooper Cemetery Cooper, Robert 1967 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cooper, Robert F. 1971 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, Thomas N. III 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cooper, W. Thomas NDL Cooper Cemetery Cooper, Albert W. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Essie M. (Carson) 1917 Lehman Cemetery Cooper, Ethel Pearl (Duncan) 2000 Hermitage Cemetery Cooper, Eva NDL Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Fannie 1962 Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Frank 1953 Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Glenn 1973 Crutsinger Cemetery Cooper, Harriet 1917 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cooper, Jim NDL Gardner Cemetery Cooper, John NDL Gardner Cemetery Cooper, John B. 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Cooper, Joseph Willard 1998 Hermitage Cemetery Cooper, Luther NDL Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Mary NDL Gardner Cemetery Cooper, Mary C. 1968 Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Mary E. 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Cooper, Mildred M. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Cooper, Neva 1990 Crutsinger Cemetery Cooper, Ollie G. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Cooper, William Alfred 1949 Hermitage Cemetery Cooper, William H. (Willie) 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Copeland, Cora B. 1922 Robinson Cemetery Copeland, John Edward 1909 Robinson Cemetery Copeland, Lucinda 1899 Robinson Cemetery Copeland, Margaret E. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Copeland, Martin V. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Copeland, Molly E. 1893 Robinson Cemetery Copeland, Seamon B. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Copley, John W. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Copley, Joseph G. 1982 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Copley, Nannie 1915 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Corbett, William Henry 1930 Robinson Cemetery Corbin, Beulah Myrtle 1961 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Corbin, Cleo 1996 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Corbin, Dorothy M. 1944 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Corbin, Inez (McLerran) NDL Bethel / Harper Cemetery Corbin, James Calvin 1947 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Corbin, Maude A. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Corbitt, Minerva E. 1949 Robinson Cemetery Cordell, Mary 1881 Baker Cemetery Cordell, David B. 1917 Robinson Cemetery Cordell, Gussie 1966 Crutsinger Cemetery Cordell, Infant daughter 1903 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Cordell, Nancy E. 1929 Robinson Cemetery Cordell, Thomas M. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Cordon, Harry 1893 Tillery Cemetery Cornelius, Shari Lynne (Gubitz) 1985 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cornoc, Lester 1912 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Cornwell, Hudson A. 1956 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Cornwell, Rosa 1964 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Corwin, Arnold V. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Corwin, Nellie J. 2001 Hermitage Cemetery Costelow, Edward C. 1924 Sumner Cemetery Costelow, Morna L. 1942 Sumner Cemetery Costelow, E. 1872 Macedonia Cemetery Costelow, George E. 1886 Macedonia Cemetery Costelow, Infant daughter 1926 Macedonia Cemetery Costelow, J. J. “Jack?1921 Macedonia Cemetery Costelow, John F. 1991 Macedonia Cemetery Costelow, Verdie Jane 1999 Macedonia Cemetery Cothern, Alfred B. 1935 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Bertha Opal 1946 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Carel S. 1978 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Charles Logan 1975 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, D. Dee 1984 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Donald Dee 1954 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Donna E. 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Ellen Louise 1957 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Erma L. (Stevens) NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Ethel Lee 1982 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Fern 1910 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Harrison 1948 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Helena M. 1977 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Irene Nance 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Loren Gene 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Louise E. 1934 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Marion W. 1955 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Mary 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cothern, Ruel H. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Coulter, Edward M. 1952 South New Home Cemetery Coulter, Grace 1958 South New Home Cemetery Courchaine, Hertel “Tony?1997 Clark Cemetery Coursey, Russel M. 1987 Lehman Cemetery Courtney, Abraham 1894 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Courtney, Elizabeth 1880 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Cowan, Marshall 1918 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowart, Jamie Wilson Goodman 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Cowen, Allie M. 1897 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Amanda J. 1923 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Elizabeth 1901 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Elizabeth 1901 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Henry C. NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Henry P. 1901 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Infant 1884 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Infant 1892 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Infant 1904 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, J. O. 1899 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, John H. 1930 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Joshua L. 1936 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Margaret NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Nancy J. 1941 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Nancy Luella 1963 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Peter M. 1925 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Polly (Pierce) 1856 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Sherman 1940 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Unknown 1896 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cowen, Alberta (Six) 1991 Lehman Cemetery Cowen, Bernie L. 1965 Lehman Cemetery Cowen, Bonnie (Erickson) 2000 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Cowen, Charles F. 1993 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Cowen, J. Delbert 1984 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Cowen, Sarah Evaline 1951 Lehman Cemetery Cowen, William W. 1953 Lehman Cemetery Cox, Dorothy Mae 2003 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Effie 1984 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Frank 1965 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Glen Richard 2002 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Infant NDL Bird / Harryman Cemetery Cox, Mary Virginia 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Cox, Ollie A. 1968 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Richard 1991 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Richard C. 1918 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Theona NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, William F. 1976 Cross Timbers Cemetery Cox, Andrew Jackson 1958 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cox, Ava A. 1953 Souders Cemetery Cox, Catherine C. 1915 Souders Cemetery Cox, D. Winford 1921 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cox, Dr. B. F. 1903 Hermitage Cemetery Cox, Eunice A. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Cox, Floyd NDL Souders Cemetery Cox, Floyd R. 1918 Souders Cemetery Cox, Frank L. 1993 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cox, Fred K. 1995 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cox, George 1941 Souders Cemetery Cox, Gilbert “Bill?1984 Robinson Cemetery Cox, Gladys 1926 Souders Cemetery Cox, James R. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Cox, Jennie 1942 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Cox, Lou Ellen (Parke) 1968 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cox, Maudie L. 1980 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Cox, Rebecca C. 1957 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cox, Rev. L. B. 1906 Hermitage Cemetery Cox, Simon C. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Cox, Thomas E. 1957 Mt. Zion Cemetery Cox, William N. 1913 Souders Cemetery
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