Hickory County Burial Index
Index of Burials in Hickory County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Hickory County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed, * denotes a moved grave Abbott, George 1921 Rountree Cemetery Abbott, Louisa 1938 Rountree Cemetery Abrahams, Irean J. 1980 Sumner Cemetery Abrams, Eugene L. 1981 Robinson Cemetery Acker, Ada M. (Durnell) 1977 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Clarence 1988 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Ethel M. (Thompson) 2003 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Acker, Jake 1926 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Katherine Lee 1951 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Lawrence 1944 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Lawrence C. 1991 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Acker, Mary Ann (Snyder) 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Olive 2003 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Ruby Pearl 1918 Crutsinger Cemetery Acker, Wilford R. 2000 Crutsinger Cemetery Adair, Laura B. 1927 Robinson Cemetery Adair, William S. 1915 Tillery Cemetery Adams, William W. 1997 Cross Timbers Cemetery Adams, Alfred Ray 1992 Fairview Cemetery Adams, Iva 1899 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Adams, John W. 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Adams, Sarah Lavona 1921 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Adams, Walter 1906 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Adams, William Henry 1917 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Addington, John Alton 1972 Crutsinger Cemetery Addison, Robert Lynn 1993 Hermitage Cemetery Adee, Ada I. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Adee, Edwin O. 1919 Robinson Cemetery Adee, Ida G. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Adee, Musie J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Adee, Thomas B. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Adkins, Hoyt 1975 Nemo Cemetery Adkins, Hoyt Taylor “HT” 2000 Nemo Cemetery Adkins, Jewell 1984 Nemo Cemetery Adkins, Laura E. 1895 Fisher Cemetery Admire, Alfred 1951 Cross Timbers Cemetery Admire, Charley W. 1966 Cross Timbers Cemetery Admire, John S. 1935 Cross Timbers Cemetery Admire, Minnie A. (Dickenson) 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Admire, Nora (Teague) 1956 Cross Timbers Cemetery Admire, Rena 1995 Cross Timbers Cemetery Admire, Faye 1974 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Johnnie C. 1936 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Mearl W. 1920 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Merle McCoy 1936 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Nettie J. 1919 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Orval 1970 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Orville F. 1955 South New Home Cemetery Admire, Willie L. 1945 South New Home Cemetery Agee, Ambrose 1925 Dooly Bend Cemetery Agee, Ella (Boyd) 1918 Dooly Bend Cemetery Agee, Ensign 1894 Dooly Bend Cemetery Agee, Infants NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Agee, Lydia C. 1932 Dooly Bend Cemetery Agee, Marston 1891 Sumner Cemetery Agee, William B. 1897 Dooly Bend Cemetery Agee, Eric H. 1972 Gardner Cemetery Agee, Myrtle 1980 Gardner Cemetery Agnew, James M. NDL Robinson Cemetery Agnew, James O. 1944 Robinson Cemetery Agnew, Ruth S. 1951 Robinson Cemetery Ainley, Annie E. 1999 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Ainley, Thomas L. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Airhart, Elizabeth Hulda (Nelson) 1913 Nemo Cemetery Airhart, William J. 1913 Nemo Cemetery Akin, James L. 2002 Crutsinger Cemetery Albers, Harry Dale 1962 Robinson Cemetery Albertson, Harley 1978 Robinson Cemetery Albertson, Nina 1981 Robinson Cemetery Albin, Beverly Ann 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Albin, Cecil J. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Albin, James Eugene Jr. 1989 Mt. Zion Cemetery Albin, Nellie L. 1996 Robinson Cemetery Albin, Oliver William 1983 Mt. Zion Cemetery Alexander, Agnes 1867 Means (Meins) Cemetery Alexander, Hattie Monette 1985 Dooly Bend Cemetery Alexander, James H. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Alexander, Joseph F. 1865 Means (Meins) Cemetery Alexander, No first name 1853 Pirtle Lowrey Farm Cemetery Alexander, Alvin Emil 1911 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, America P. 1947 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, Andrew 1937 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, Cecile M. 1986 Nemo Cemetery Alexander, Cleon 1914 Nemo Cemetery Alexander, Clyde Burke 1966 Nemo Cemetery Alexander, Eliza R. 1949 Nemo Cemetery Alexander, Enos W. 1936 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, George W. 1931 Nemo Cemetery Alexander, Iva L. 1961 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, Leona C. 1879 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, Martha 1962 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, Martha D. 1901 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, Martha T. 1916 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, Mary E. (Simmons) NDL Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Alexander, Mary Goldena 1918 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, Mary T. 1910 Tillery Cemetery Alexander, Melvin T. 1953 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, Nellie 1887 Fisher Cemetery Alexander, Paul 1917 Tillery Cemetery Alexander, Paul S. 2000 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Alexander, Raley C. 1929 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Alexander, Talbert H. 1920 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, William 1898 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Alexander, William B. 1897 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Allee, Elizabeth C. 1924 Robinson Cemetery Allee, Marguerite 1919 Crutsinger Cemetery Allen, Annis Wave (Coffman) 1974 Sumner Cemetery Allen, Bertha (Chaney) 1916 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Allen, Children NDL Sumner Cemetery Allen, Clyde 1959 Sumner Cemetery Allen, Elma Dorris 1954 Sumner Cemetery Allen, James Robert 1904 Sumner Cemetery Allen, Nora Mae (Glazebrook) 1950 Sumner Cemetery Allen, Robert 1864 Sumner Cemetery Allen, A. Belle 1978 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Ada J. (Hostetler) 1985 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Ada Mae 1961 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Aice Roth 1940 Crutsinger Cemetery Allen, Archie B. 1929 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Bertha B. 1919 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Bertie 1893 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Cecil F. 1976 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Cora NDL Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Docia Mae 1961 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Don 1917 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Earl Hugh 1959 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Elizabeth Allen 1900 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Elsie Richard 1970 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Ewin Edward 1963 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Fannie C. (Hostetler) 1981 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, G. M. 1926 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Glen Elvin 1972 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Goldie O. 2001 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Harry 1960 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Infant daughter 1905 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Infant son 1903 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Ira L. 1952 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Irvin E. 1978 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Ivan L 1956 Robinson Cemetery Allen, J. Ward 1968 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, James W. 1967 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Joe Tom 1948 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, John E. 1936 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, John M 1978 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Johnnie 1958 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Lawrence E 1969 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Lloyd W. 1947 South New Home Cemetery Allen, Loyd Bruce 1993 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Mada Cagle 1960 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Martha J. 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Martha May 1970 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Matilda 1906 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Minnie Bird 1972 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Mont W. 1973 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Myron 1906 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Nellie T. 1976 Mt. Zion Cemetery Allen, Noah S. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Opal W. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Allen, Pauline 1944 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Rannie L. 1965 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Rebecca A. 1899 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Allen, Robert “Tink” 1947 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Allen, Rosa 1894 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Sarah F. 1944 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Silas E. 1947 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Virgil Robert 1953 Hermitage Cemetery Allen, Virgil V 1981 Robinson Cemetery Allen, William J. 1938 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Willma (Belk) 1989 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Allen, Zula M. 1965 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Alley, George F. Sr. 1983 Souders Cemetery Alley, Major Lee 1951 Gardner Cemetery Alley, Olive A. 2003 Souders Cemetery Alley, William Wesley 1956 Gardner Cemetery Allison, Ida M. 1887 Cross Timbers Cemetery Allison, William E. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Almond, Charles 1974 Gardner Cemetery Almond, Effie (Vannoy) 1976 Gardner Cemetery Alspach, Henry F. 1870 Sumner Cemetery Alspaugh, Dovie NDL Fisher Cemetery Alsup, Elizabeth (Hall) Chrisope 1873 Fisher Cemetery Ames, Homer C. 1976 Cross Timbers Cemetery Ames, Jewell K. 1985 Cross Timbers Cemetery Amick, Noble L. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Amiss, B.H. 1918 Antioch Cemetery Amiss, Isabell 1932 Antioch Cemetery Amiss, Louis E. 1946 Antioch Cemetery Amiss, Lewis T. J. 1901 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Amiss, Mary W. 1875 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Amlin, Alva C. 1991 Antioch Cemetery Amlin, Infant 1870 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Amlin, John M. 1867 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Amlin, Mary Catherine (Lawson) 1915 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Amlin, Myrtle A. 1994 Antioch Cemetery Amlin, Thomas J. 1903 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Amlin, Louie B. 1915 Liberty Cemetery Amlin, Matilda 1970 Liberty Cemetery Amlin, Perlina Payne 1916 Liberty Cemetery Amlin, R. C. 1932 Liberty Cemetery Amlin, R. Huston 1980 Liberty Cemetery Amos, Inez (Webb) 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Amrine, Alice Catherine 1929 Mt. Zion Cemetery Amrine, Dee 1939 Mt. Zion Cemetery Amrine, Hallie B. 1935 Mt. Zion Cemetery Amrine, Ira 1913 Mt. Zion Cemetery Amrine, Keet 1974 Mt. Zion Cemetery Amrine, Martha 1867 Gentry / McCaslin Cemetery Amrine, R. Gladis (Nowell) 1900 Mt. Zion Cemetery Anderson, Caroleana P. (McLerran) NDL Bethel / Harper Cemetery Anderson, Elbert R. 1999 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Anderson, Mary 1895 Guier Cemetery Anderson, Otto E. 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Anderson, Shirley 2001 Cross Timbers Cemetery Anderson, Alva G. “Jake” 1981 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, Alva W. 1924 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, America 1965 Fairview Cemetery Anderson, Andrew A. 1920 Clark Cemetery Anderson, Anna 1945 Clark Cemetery Anderson, Augusta L. 1916 Clark Cemetery Anderson, Banister Lou 1977 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Billy L. 1934 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, Carl F. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Anderson, Cela (Wilson) 1987 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, Clarence Eugene 2002 Clark Cemetery Anderson, Claude Eugene “Gene” 1994 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, Elizabeth 1884 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, Elsie M. 1973 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Eva Pearl (Lockling) 1983 Hayden Cemetery Anderson, Fred 1937 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Fred Glendon 1967 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Glen Leroy 1919 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Gus F. 1926 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Harry E. 1954 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Helma NDL Clark Cemetery Anderson, John A. 1944 Fairview Cemetery Anderson, John H. 1977 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, John L. 1952 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Anderson, John L. Jr. 1989 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Anderson, Letha 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Anderson, Margaret “Pat” 1999 Olive Point Cemetery Anderson, Margret 1917 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Minnie M. 1969 Fisher Cemetery Anderson, Nellie L. 1984 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Ruey A. 1930 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Anderson, Sarah L. 1955 Pleasant Grove / Buzzard Roost Cemetery Anderson, Selma M. 1882 Clark Cemetery Anderson, Sven A. 1931 Clark Cemetery Anderton, Adeline NDL Hermitage Cemetery Anderton, Melvin R. 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Andrews, Blanche 1995 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Andrews, Franklin D. 1995 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, Gary 1981 Hermitage Cemetery Andrews, George B. 1967 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, Harold 1989 Clark Cemetery Andrews, Isaac R. 1922 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, James 1969 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, Johnson W. 1924 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, Lavonia F. 1984 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, Lawton 1969 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Andrews, Mark L. 1936 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Andrews, Mary P. 1937 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Andrews, Minnie 1967 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Andrews, Robert 1902 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Antwiler, Golda Faye 1948 South New Home Cemetery Archer, Cecil A. 1888 Hermitage Cemetery Arendt, Creighton Newton 2002 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Arendt, Joyce Mary (Land) NDL Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Arent, Alfa M. 1945 Robinson Cemetery Arent, Cecilia V. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Arent, Charles M. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Arent, Owen 1944 Robinson Cemetery Armstrong, Bennie L. 1998 Crutsinger Cemetery Arndt, Joseph H. 1909 Dooly Bend Cemetery Arnett, Carl A. 1999 Cross Timbers Cemetery Arnett, Pauline E. 1970 Cross Timbers Cemetery Arnold, Edna V. 1901 Souders Cemetery Arnold, George A. 1932 Souders Cemetery Arnold, Ina L. 1906 Souders Cemetery Arnold, Nettie G. 1907 Souders Cemetery Arnold, Wilson H. 1915 Souders Cemetery Ashby, Carrie A. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Ashby, Frank H. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Ashcroft, Harry 1933 Robinson Cemetery Ashcroft, Mary E. 1956 Robinson Cemetery Ashley, Bob NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Charles C. 1942 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Clemente S. 1928 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Dora NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Fred NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Prudence 1928 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Rachel 1927 Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Rachel NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashley, Riley NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Ashlock, Tonya G. 1986 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Aspey, Dwight Oliver 1906 Gerber Cemetery Aspey, Edgar Alonzo 1882 Gardner Cemetery Aspling, Mary 1874 Rountree Cemetery Aspling, Peter 1870 Rountree Cemetery Aspy, Charles 1900 Dooly Bend Cemetery Aspy, Joseph 1925 Dooly Bend Cemetery Aspy, Nancy 1933 Dooly Bend Cemetery Aspy, William O. 1897 Dooly Bend Cemetery Atchley, Thomas V. 1886 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Atkeson, Bobby B. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Atkinson, James 1921 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Atkinson, Mary 1884 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Atteberry, Lela (Hartnett) 1996 Fisher Cemetery Atwood, Cecil L. 1982 Nemo Cemetery Atwood, Ira R. NDL Robinson Cemetery Atwood, Lucie E. 1975 Robinson Cemetery Atwood, Mildred M. NDL Nemo Cemetery Ayres, Horace M. 1890 Robinson Cemetery Ayres, Kate 1944 Robinson Cemetery Ayres, Martha T. 1882 Pittsburg Cemetery Babb, Blanche (Niblack) 1912 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Babb, Infant son 1923 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Babb, Wanda 1880 Rountree Cemetery Bagby, Ralph E. 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bailey, Anna C. 1987 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bailey, Anna J. Martin 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bailey, Cecil R. 1973 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bailey, May A. 1915 Walker / Wright Cemetery Bailey, Alvin R. 1994 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Andress B. Jr. 1989 Robinson Cemetery Bailey, Anna B. 1881 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Atsa E. 1974 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Baby 1889 Rountree Cemetery Bailey, Charles Luther 1951 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Christine A. 1996 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Clemial Irene NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Curtis L. NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Dee Douglas 1955 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Effie May NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Emma (Reed) 1896 Rountree Cemetery Bailey, Fannie A. 1909 Macedonia Cemetery Bailey, Guy T. 1984 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Homer Birty 1988 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Icle Junita 1922 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Ida B. (Hedgepeth) 1963 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Infant son 1898 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Infant son 1925 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Infant son 1926 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Jesse 1946 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, John O. 1886 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, John O. 1933 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, John W. 1895 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Joseph W. 1910 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Martha 1904 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Mary C. 1910 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Patricia Ann 1941 Gardner Cemetery Bailey, Robert S. 1937 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Roy G. 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Sarah C. 1921 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Susan 1899 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bailey, Walter Allen 1966 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bain, Arthur Clyde 1924 Lehman Cemetery Bain, Chloe 1977 Lehman Cemetery Bain, Elbert L. 1967 Lehman Cemetery Bain, James T. 1929 Lehman Cemetery Bain, Marie E. 1934 Lehman Cemetery Baker, Iona NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Baker, Alta Maud 1957 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Baker, Bonnie Lynn 1969 Robinson Cemetery Baker, Elizabeth 1898 Robinson Cemetery Baker, Eugene T. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Baker, John C. 1960 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Baker, Leona 1979 Crutsinger Cemetery Baker, Leta Ann (Darby) NDL Gardner Cemetery Baker, Nellie (Staten) 1998 Macedonia Cemetery Baker, Robert H. “Bob” 1992 Gardner Cemetery Baker, Samantha 1929 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Baker, Wanda E. 1996 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Baker, Wiley 1987 Macedonia Cemetery Baker, Wilfred N. 1996 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Baker, Zella T. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Baldridge, Gladys L. 1979 Dooly Bend Cemetery Baldridge, Russell B. 1977 Dooly Bend Cemetery Baldwin, Allen 1959 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Bert 1921 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Della 1942 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Fern 1946 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Grace N. 1979 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Baldwin, Grover C. 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Jewel Dean NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Leonard O. 1983 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Baldwin, Lewis Cass 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Lewis D. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Baldwin, Mona 1901 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Noble 1914 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Robert Gene NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Walter 1957 Mt. Zion Cemetery Baldwin, Wanda R. NDL Robinson Cemetery Balis, Mollie Elizabeth 1998 Clark Cemetery Ball, Elender S. 1853 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Ball, J. W. 1865 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Ball, James D. G. 1866 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Ball, Lucretia 1853 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Ball, Mary Jane 1909 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Ball, Samuel 1853 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Bandel, Edgar H. 1954 Hermitage Cemetery Bandel, Frede G. 1956 Hermitage Cemetery Bandel, Matilda A. 1947 Hermitage Cemetery Bandel, Pearl 1969 Hermitage Cemetery Bandy, Bettie 1876 Tillery Cemetery Bangle, Frank 1918 Sumner Cemetery Bangle, Mary E. (Pine) 1927 Sumner Cemetery Bangle, Callie 1918 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Bangle, Emma (Hostetler) 1971 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Bangle, Faye E. 1972 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Bangle, Ida F. 1880 Gardner Cemetery Bankson, William 1945 Cross Timbers Cemetery Baptista, Rhonda Marie 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Barber, Mel 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Barger, Baby NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Barger, Benton 1964 Robinson Cemetery Barger, Charles J. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Barger, Lycurgus 1870 Tillery Cemetery Barger, Mary Belle 1960 Rountree Cemetery Barger, Mary E. NDL Robinson Cemetery Barger, Rebeckey 1925 Robinson Cemetery Barger, Rolley 1956 Robinson Cemetery Barger, Walter J. “Doc” 1968 Robinson Cemetery Barger, Willetta NDL Robinson Cemetery Barger, William 1891 Tillery Cemetery Barger, William 1943 Robinson Cemetery Barger, William 1980 Robinson Cemetery Barker, Florence Betts 1973 Pittsburg Cemetery Barnes, Annice 1909 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, Betty Sue 1938 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, Elvie E. 1955 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, J. W. 1920 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, May 1958 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, Otus L. 1921 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, William Hobert 1968 Antioch Cemetery Barnes, John Z. 1928 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Barnes, Mary J. 1929 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Barnett, Gladys Fritz 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Barnett, Lucy A. 1915 Cross Timbers Cemetery Barnett, Minnie L. 1889 Cross Timbers Cemetery Barnett, Richard H. 1904 Cross Timbers Cemetery Barnett, William A. 1892 Cross Timbers Cemetery Barnett, Zula 1890 Cross Timbers Cemetery Barnett, Daisy (Johnston) Fisher 1962 Crutsinger Cemetery Barnett, Jeremy Scott 2000 Mt. Zion Cemetery Barnhart, Della Wright 1941 Walker / Wright Cemetery Barnhart, E. Malissa 1944 Walker / Wright Cemetery Barnhart, Lemuel H. 1956 Walker / Wright Cemetery Barnhart, T. Albert NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Barrett, Ottavia B. 1998 Robinson Cemetery Barrett, Troy C. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Barrow, Merrill Dean 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bartchey, Mary 1884 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bartlett, Susan 1946 Olive Point Cemetery Barton, Phena (Stiltz) 1903 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bartshe, Claudine NDL Sumner Cemetery Bartshe, Daniel 1903 Williams' Bend Cemetery Bartshe, Ethel (Smith) 1982 Sumner Cemetery Bartshe, Harrison E. 1937 Sumner Cemetery Bartshe, Jack E. 1966 Sumner Cemetery Bartshe, John 1928 Williams' Bend Cemetery Bartshe, Mary F. (Mitchell) 1934 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bartshe, Pencelia 1908 Williams' Bend Cemetery Bartshe, Sareptia D. 1872 Williams' Bend Cemetery Bartshe, Adella 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Alma G. (Doll) 2003 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Arthur A. 1983 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Bertha Ellen 1962 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Eliza (Murphy) 1955 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Elizabeth 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Emery 1925 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Frankie Agnes 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Franklin 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, George C. 1925 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, George Hadley 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Gerald Dee 1936 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Harry H. 1994 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Hattie B. 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Henry 1912 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Homer L. 1978 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Infants NDL Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, John 1947 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, John Harrison 1974 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, John V. 1951 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Leonard Ray 1918 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Lucy (Chancellor) 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Lydia A. 1950 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Mary E. (Jordan) 1937 Macedonia Cemetery Bartshe, Oral 1985 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Sarah C. 1929 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Veda M. 1977 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Vennie (Skinner) 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, Verdee 1973 Hermitage Cemetery Bartshe, W. Garrett 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Bass, James R. 1915 McCracken Cemetery Bass, Lucy H. 1876 McCracken Cemetery Bass, Martha A. 1900 McCracken Cemetery Bastion, Charles E. 1920 Antioch Cemetery Bastion, Julia NDL Antioch Cemetery Bastion, Rosa C. 1966 Antioch Cemetery Bastion, Sadie NDL Antioch Cemetery Bastion, James L. 1909 Pittsburg Cemetery Bastion, Julia A. 1922 Pittsburg Cemetery Bastion, Laura A. 1962 Pittsburg Cemetery Baugh, Betty L. NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Dennis Lee 1973 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Fred 1976 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Guy R. 1991 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Myrtle (Rogers) 1977 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Roger A. 1962 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Sylvia (Breshears) 1994 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Baugh, Lela Pearl 1910 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Baumgarden, Dr. James 1872 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Baumgarden, Eliza (Elgan) 1901 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Baumgarden, Joanna NDL Bethel / Harper Cemetery Baumgarden, Eli 1972 Robinson Cemetery Baumgarden, LaVerna Mae 1995 Robinson Cemetery Baumgarden, Letha J. 1965 Robinson Cemetery Baumgarden, William J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Bausell, Frederick 1921 Fairview Cemetery Baxter, J. NDL Antioch Cemetery Baxter, Salina L. 1916 Antioch Cemetery Baxter, William W. 1992 Cross Timbers Cemetery Baxter, Amanda 1910 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Beadle, Percy 1974 Rountree Cemetery Beal, N. M. 1904 Little Niangua / McCain Cemetery Beaman, E. Louise 1987 Lehman Cemetery Beaman, Melvin S. 1996 Lehman Cemetery Beamon, Doris 1994 Jordan Cemetery Beard, Hollis R. 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Beavers, Joseph 1878 Antioch Cemetery Beck, Anna E. 1903 McCracken Cemetery Beck, James W. 1912 McCracken Cemetery Beck, John 1903 McCracken Cemetery Beck, Nellie 1905 McCracken Cemetery Beck, Carrie 1997 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Charles H. 1987 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Clinton Henry 1955 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Beck, Eldo 1970 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Ellen M. 1964 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Infant son 1933 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Jesse A. “Jess” 1996 South New Home Cemetery Beck, John H. 1941 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Myrtle C. 1991 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Nelson J. 1937 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Nelson J. 1996 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Waldie 1939 South New Home Cemetery Beck, William George “Blackie” 1984 South New Home Cemetery Beck, Wilma 2004 South New Home Cemetery Becker, Yvonne J. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Beckman, Husband and wife NDL Clark Cemetery Bedsaul, Kenneth W. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bedsaul, Mabel G. 1990 Dooly Bend Cemetery Beem, Garland E. 1998 Crutsinger Cemetery Beery, Bruce E. 1996 Nemo Cemetery Beery, Earl J. 1979 Nemo Cemetery Beery, Mildred J. 1997 Nemo Cemetery Beesley, Walter 1908 Sapp Cemetery Beets, Edgar Lamar 1951 Gardner Cemetery Beets, Hazel 1906 Gardner Cemetery Beets, J. E. 1936 Gardner Cemetery Beets, Martha L. 1957 Gardner Cemetery Beets, William C. 1963 Gardner Cemetery Begeman, John F. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Begeman, Mary E. 1971 Robinson Cemetery Belanger, Douglas S. 1995 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Belisle, Ida M. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Belisle, Lowry M. 1974 Robinson Cemetery Belisle, Mabel (Weatherford) 1989 Robinson Cemetery Belisle, Margaret E. 1927 Robinson Cemetery Belisle, Rigan 1944 Robinson Cemetery Belk, Basil 1995 Macedonia Cemetery Belk, James W. 1989 Macedonia Cemetery Belk, Lola V. 1968 Macedonia Cemetery Belk, Mildred 1917 Macedonia Cemetery Belk, Phyllis Jean (Jackson) 1963 Macedonia Cemetery Belk, Willard A. 1951 Macedonia Cemetery Bell, Carroll M. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Bell, Ida M. 1938 Robinson Cemetery Bell, Laura May 1979 Robinson Cemetery Bell, Lawrence E. 1986 Robinson Cemetery Bellew, Allen Everett III 1989 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Bellstrom, Hilma C. 1891 Fairview Cemetery Bellstrom, Miney E. Ester 1890 Fairview Cemetery Benedict, A. Catherine (Maberry) 1996 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Bobby 1995 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Carrie Adeline 1978 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Charles E. 1971 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Charles E. Jr. 1984 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Jennifer Lynn 1975 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Leola H. 1977 Nemo Cemetery Benedict, Malinda NDL Nemo Cemetery Benker, Emma C. 1988 Souders Cemetery Benker, Henry Otto 1988 Souders Cemetery Bennett, Asa 1980 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bennett, Austin 1882 Sumner Cemetery Bennett, Bill NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Bennett, Ceborn 1876 Sumner Cemetery Bennett, Ceborn E. 1946 Sumner Cemetery Bennett, Earl 1892 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bennett, Elias B. 1950 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bennett, Harry Lee 1961 Sumner Cemetery Bennett, Herbert A. 1999 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bennett, Mabel L. (Paxton) 1967 Sumner Cemetery Bennett, Margaret Myrtle 1992 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bennett, W.B. 1884 Sumner Cemetery Bennett, William Jr. 2001 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bennett, Cleo (Wente) 1963 Crutsinger Cemetery Bennett, Goldie Mary 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bennett, Harry 1964 Crutsinger Cemetery Bennett, Herbert D. 1945 Fairview Cemetery Bennett, Hubert D. 1945 Fairview Cemetery Bennett, Infant son 1900 Macedonia Cemetery Bennett, J. L. 1923 Macedonia Cemetery Bennett, Jerry NDL Gardner Cemetery Bennett, Lafayette 1910 Macedonia Cemetery Bennett, Lewis NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Bennett, Lucy Alta (Crooks) 1918 Macedonia Cemetery Bennett, M.C. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Bennett, Mary E. 1879 Gardner Cemetery Bennett, Rebecca J. 1928 Macedonia Cemetery Bennett, Seth 1985 Macedonia Cemetery Bennett, U. O. 1931 Robinson Cemetery Bennett, William 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Benson, Abel 1890 Pittsburg Cemetery Benson, Dick 1901 Pittsburg Cemetery Benson, Lee 1913 Pittsburg Cemetery Bentley, Charles Lynn 1894 Hermitage Cemetery Bentley, Charles M. 1949 Hermitage Cemetery Bentley, Emma B. (Lord) 1909 Hermitage Cemetery Bentley, Wallace Glenn 1891 Hermitage Cemetery Bently, Ralph Duane 2001 Clark Cemetery Berdolt, Emma B. 1984 Mt. Zion Cemetery Berdolt, Hubert A. 1931 Mt. Zion Cemetery Berdolt, Mary 1907 Mt. Zion Cemetery Berdolt, Mary Ada (Bailey) 1967 Mt. Zion Cemetery Berdolt, Paul 1909 Mt. Zion Cemetery Berg, Alva 1985 Lehman Cemetery Berg, Corda 1935 Lehman Cemetery Berg, Dona 2002 Lehman Cemetery Berg, John 1901 Lehman Cemetery Bergman, Donald D. 1999 Robinson Cemetery Bergman, Doris J. NDL Robinson Cemetery Bergstrom, Anna 1923 Clark Cemetery Bergstrom, Emil O. 1956 Clark Cemetery Bergstrom, Florence 1976 Clark Cemetery Bergstrom, Frances 1953 Clark Cemetery Bergstrom, Henry P. 1941 Clark Cemetery Bergstrom, Infant son 1907 Liberty Cemetery Bergstrom, Ingrid 1924 Clark Cemetery Bergstrom, Ora R. 1907 Liberty Cemetery Bergstrom, Peter 1909 Clark Cemetery Bernard, M. H. 1887 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bernard, Mansfield 1889 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bernard, Ottis 1886 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bernard, Abigail (Harper) 1889 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Drusilla 1968 Robinson Cemetery Bernard, Eliza NDL Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Ellen G. 1916 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Estella 1892 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Fresca 1912 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, George Ann 1862 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Hannah 1871 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, J. M. “Mack” 1949 Robinson Cemetery Bernard, John C. 1894 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, John W. 1897 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Joseph V. 1912 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Martha A. 1894 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Mary E. 1921 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Mary R. 1874 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Nancy 1920 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, Sarah A. 1868 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, William L. 1956 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, William M. 1864 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bernard, William T. 1885 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Berrian, William F. 1904 Nemo Cemetery Berry, Abther 1879 Sumner Cemetery Berry, Christena 1879 Sumner Cemetery Berry, Elberta (Anderson) 2002 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Berry, Infant 1933 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Berry, Sarah 1917 Fisher Cemetery Berry, Von Ray 2001 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Berryman, Elfa Belisle 1993 Robinson Cemetery Berryman, Felix G. 1903 Tillery Cemetery Bertina, Charles 1934 Robinson Cemetery Bertina, Eva 1958 Robinson Cemetery Bertina, Walter A. 1925 Robinson Cemetery Bertram, Abe 1922 Antioch Cemetery Bertram, Elizabeth E. 1922 Antioch Cemetery Besser, Amy F. 1993 Crutsinger Cemetery Besser, Ann 1995 Crutsinger Cemetery Besser, Carroll L. 1936 Crutsinger Cemetery Best, Bernie Francis 1970 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Best, Capitola 1990 Robinson Cemetery Best, Lloyd B. 1966 Robinson Cemetery Best, Rebecca Brown 1974 Pittsburg Cemetery Bethard, Leah D. 1925 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bethel, Rufus T. 1943 Fisher Cemetery Bewley, Mary Estelle 1997 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bewley, Milton Virgil 2000 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bewley, Edward H. 1980 Nemo Cemetery Bewley, Minnie L. 1986 Nemo Cemetery Beyer, Amos Levi 1972 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Beyer, Effie M. 1904 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Beyer, John C. 1937 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Beyer, Mamie M. 1975 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Beyer, Mary I. 1936 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Bigler, Elgilene J. NDL Antioch Cemetery Bigler, Fena 1932 Antioch Cemetery Bigler, Gettie 1965 Antioch Cemetery Bigler, James E. 1993 Antioch Cemetery Bigler, Monroe 1951 Antioch Cemetery Bigler, N.C. “Chet” 1952 Antioch Cemetery Bigler, Twin infant sons 1918 Antioch Cemetery Bigler, David 1971 Crutsinger Cemetery Bigler, Don 1925 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bigler, Eva 1953 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bigler, Geneva NDL Gardner Cemetery Bigler, Thomas 1958 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bigler, Willis P. 1965 Gardner Cemetery Birchfield, Alfred L. 1974 Macedonia Cemetery Birchfield, Vernice 1974 Macedonia Cemetery Bird, George L. 1915 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Bird, M. Lizzie 1916 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Bird, Mildred 1902 Bird / Harryman Cemetery Bird, Sarah 1891 Means (Meins) Cemetery Bird, Edgar 1929 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bird, Edgar Bernard 1992 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Bird, Rosa 1940 Bernard Chapel Cemetery Birdsong, Abbie May 1970 Robinson Cemetery Birdsong, William S. 1959 Robinson Cemetery Bishop, Infant son 1911 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bishop, Wilbur Lee 1990 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bisplinghoff, Bessie (Branaman) 2003 Nemo Cemetery Bisplinghoff, Gus T. 1985 Nemo Cemetery Bitner, Madeline L. 1994 Robinson Cemetery Bitner, Philbert 1990 Robinson Cemetery Black, A. G. 1891 Walker / Wright Cemetery Black, Edith 1918 Walker / Wright Cemetery Black, James M. 1864 Black Cemetery Black, Jeff 1946 Walker / Wright Cemetery Black, John 1856 Black Cemetery Black, Rosa 1946 Walker / Wright Cemetery Black, Sarah 1879 Black Cemetery Black, Sarah A. 1911 Walker / Wright Cemetery Black, Sena 1855 Black Cemetery Black, Charles T. 1946 Robinson Cemetery Black, Ettie 1954 Robinson Cemetery Black, Geneva 1997 Robinson Cemetery Black, Horace 1942 Robinson Cemetery Black, Nancy 1861 Pittsburg Cemetery Blackwell, Amanda C. 1939 McCracken Cemetery Blackwell, Elizabeth C. 1918 McCracken Cemetery Blackwell, Hiram C. 1916 Means (Meins) Cemetery Blackwell, James O. 1914 McCracken Cemetery Blackwell, James S. 1911 McCracken Cemetery Blackwell, Joseph Thomas 1899 Means (Meins) Cemetery Blackwell, Nelson R. 1946 McCracken Cemetery Blackwell, No first name 1899 Cooper Cemetery Blackwell, Scina A. NDL Means (Meins) Cemetery Blackwell, Vernon B. 1913 McCracken Cemetery Blackwell, America J. 1910 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Arlie 1901 Clark Cemetery Blackwell, Atha 1897 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Bettie 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Clarence E. 1976 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Dora B. 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Elizabeth 1929 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Elon 1927 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, George Henry 1910 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, George M. 1967 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, George W. 1924 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Grace V. 1988 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Harrison 1888 Clark Cemetery Blackwell, Helen R. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Ila 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Infant 1880 Lehman Cemetery Blackwell, J. Lorene NDL Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, James S. 1980 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, James S. Sr. 1938 Clark Cemetery Blackwell, Jane NDL Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, John S. 1926 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Joseph H. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Loren A. 1995 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Mona 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Myrtle 1900 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Nancy C. (Wallen) 1893 Gardner Cemetery Blackwell, Oleva G. 1977 Robinson Cemetery Blackwell, Osia 1899 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Phillip 1979 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Rena 1890 Clark Cemetery Blackwell, Sada C. 1986 Nemo Cemetery Blackwell, Samuel 1906 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Samuel S. 1910 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Samuel S. 1941 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Sarah E. (Bartshe) 1952 Clark Cemetery Blackwell, Unknown first name 1869 Hermitage Cemetery Blackwell, Villa May 1898 Clark Cemetery Blackwell, Walter Lee 1986 Nemo Cemetery Blackwell, William E. 1879 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Thompson 1874 King Family Plot Blair, Clifford A. 1967 Robinson Cemetery Blair, E. Dee 1955 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Edith M. 1951 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Ezekial D. 1903 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Helen H. (Sherman) 1998 Robinson Cemetery Blair, Henry 1927 Robinson Cemetery Blair, Jocie 1923 Robinson Cemetery Blair, John R. 1937 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Mildred Maxine 1989 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Nancy F. 1919 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Stella 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Blair, Susan M. 1899 Robinson Cemetery Blair, Winnie 1885 Hermitage Cemetery Bland, AnnaMae 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bland, William J. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bliss, Elizabeth 1894 Guier Cemetery Bliss, Geo. Henry 1870 Guier Cemetery Bliss, Henry 1914 Guier Cemetery Bliss, Lavina M. 1920 Guier Cemetery Bliss, Florence 1962 Fisher Cemetery Bliss, George A. 1957 Fisher Cemetery Blodgett, Clarence A. 1996 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Blodgett, Lelia 1979 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Blowers, Ichabod A. 1915 Nemo Cemetery Blowers, Lois J. 1905 Nemo Cemetery Blue, Jack Clifton 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Blue, Cora (Mason) 1921 Souders Cemetery Boatman, Beatrice J. NDL Hayden Cemetery Boatman, Ted 1978 Hayden Cemetery Boatright, George 1909 Nemo Cemetery Boaz, Daniel A. 1864 Fisher Cemetery Bodine, Wm. 1871 Ben Scott Cemetery Boissy, Joseph D. 1988 Dooly Bend Cemetery Boissy, Velma B. 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Boldra, Rev. Benjamin Seth 1995 Gardner Cemetery Boldra, Ruth E. NDL Gardner Cemetery Boles, Zachariah R. 1987 Robinson Cemetery Bolinger, Mary 1840 Pittsburg Cemetery Boller, Tara LaChere 1980 Dooly Bend Cemetery Boller, Betty R. 1999 Hermitage Cemetery Boller, Dorothy Dickinson 1953 Hermitage Cemetery Boller, John Charles 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Boller, Robert O. 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Bollinger, Henry W. NDL Tillery Cemetery Bollinger, Jacob 1850 Tillery Cemetery Bollinger, Sarah (Moreland) 1868 Tillery Cemetery Bond, M. A. NDL Tillery Cemetery Bonds, James M. 1877 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bonds, John W. 1880 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bonds, Mary M. 1873 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Boone, Gus NDL Gerber Cemetery Boone, William W. 1876 Boone Cemetery Boone, Alice H. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Boone, Edith Ann 1962 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Boone, Eliza Ann (Hughes) 1870 Tillery Cemetery Boone, Harriet E. 1921 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Boone, Jesse 1876 Tillery Cemetery Boone, Joel N. 1902 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Boone, Mary A. 1904 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Boone, Mary Roman 1954 Robinson Cemetery Boone, William E. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Booth, Charles Ivan 1995 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bordes, Vercissa Elizabeth 1870 Fisher Cemetery Boren, Eleanor E. 1948 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Emma E. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Lou (Griffen) 1941 Fisher Cemetery Boren, Mary Ann 1936 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Mary E. 1926 Tillery Cemetery Boren, Millard A. 1993 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Millard F. 1941 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Millard F. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Raymond 1934 Robinson Cemetery Boren, Sarah 1888 Tillery Cemetery Boren, V. Olena NDL Robinson Cemetery Boren, William Andy 1947 Robinson Cemetery Boren, William C. 1936 Tillery Cemetery Boruff, Rita E. 1970 Hermitage Cemetery Boruff, William E. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Bossard, Edwin 1904 Clark Cemetery Bossard, Eliza 1899 Clark Cemetery Bossard, Henry 1904 Clark Cemetery Boswell, Alice A. 1950 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Eddie 1937 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Edith 1854 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Effie 1914 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Gladys 1980 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Infant daughter 1872 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Irene 1938 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, James M. 1861 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Jesse M. “Tiny” 1971 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, John E. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Lloyd W. 1979 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Louis 1979 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Mary J. 1906 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Matthew 1852 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Ovid Matthew 1945 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Robert S. 1869 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Robert S. 1910 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Sallie Janae 1952 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Sarah 1861 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Settie Jane 1952 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Sidney D. 1983 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Sylvia M. (Langston) 1984 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, Thomas M. 1972 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, William M. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Boswell, William S. 1839 Robinson Cemetery Bowcher, Anthony W. 1938 Fisher Cemetery Bowcher, Louisa H. 1939 Fisher Cemetery Bowcher, Wm. Wayne 1888 Fisher Cemetery Bowen, Bonnie B. NDL Antioch Cemetery Bowen, Callie 1955 Antioch Cemetery Bowen, Charles W. 1885 Antioch Cemetery Bowen, David M. 1898 Antioch Cemetery Bowen, Henry R. 1948 Antioch Cemetery Bowen, Peter T. 1959 Antioch Cemetery Bowen, Rebecca J. 1907 Antioch Cemetery Bower, John T. 1924 Robinson Cemetery Bowers, George H. 1937 Robinson Cemetery Bowlin, Mary R. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bowlin, Virgil M. 1992 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bowman, Nancy G. 1894 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Bowman, S. P. 1890 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bowman, Frances M. 1994 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bowman, George Leroy 1972 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bowman, Jane D. 1876 Gardner Cemetery Bowman, Juanita Lee 1992 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bowman, Russell G. 1981 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Box, Catherine M. 1923 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, David V. 1983 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, Everett E. 1946 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, John C. 2003 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, John P. 1971 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, Marion L. 1988 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, Mary C. 1971 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, Myrtle M. (Stephens) 1986 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, Robert 1991 Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, Ruby D. NDL Mt. Zion Cemetery Box, W. M. 1907 Mt. Zion Cemetery Boyce, Infant son 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Boyce, Margaret 1943 Hermitage Cemetery Boyd, Infants NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Boyd, Veta A. 1907 Dooly Bend Cemetery Boyd, William 1879 Sumner Cemetery Boyd, Aaron 1920 Liberty Cemetery Boyd, Betty Jo 1936 Crutsinger Cemetery Boyd, Beverly Kay 1942 Crutsinger Cemetery Boyd, Eunice Wise NDL Fisher Cemetery Boyd, Fannie McCubbin 1968 Fisher Cemetery Boyd, J. P. 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Boyd, James A. 1949 Liberty Cemetery Boyd, Joe L. 1974 Fisher Cemetery Boyd, Nancy E. 1933 Liberty Cemetery Boyd, Nettie 1961 Hermitage Cemetery Boyd, Watie B. 1899 Liberty Cemetery Boyd, Wilbert Lee 1973 Fisher Cemetery Boyd, William Claude 1996 Crutsinger Cemetery Boyd, William H. “Bill” 1991 South New Home Cemetery Boyle, Beatrice 1929 Dooly Bend Cemetery Boyle, Earl 1960 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brace, Clarence A. 1962 Robinson Cemetery Brace, Phoebe 1957 Robinson Cemetery Bracken, Wiley NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Bracken, Cal NDL Fisher Cemetery Bracken, Mrs. Cal NDL Fisher Cemetery Bradford, C. Eileen NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradford, Carl A. 1989 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Alva 1886 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Ambrose Jr. 1876 Lewis Cemetery Bradley, Benton B. 1907 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Dorothy M. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Bradley, Edgar 1905 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Eliza D. 1929 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Eliza Jane NDL Lewis Cemetery Bradley, Hanna 1857 Lewis Cemetery Bradley, Hiram B. 1905 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Infant daughter NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Ira 1884 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, J. J. 1901 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Liza 1876 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Noel 1893 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Paulina 1876 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Pearl 1887 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bradley, Raymond E. 1978 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bradley, Alonzo Clarence 1940 Gardner Cemetery Bradley, Bertha Nora (Pine) 1938 Gardner Cemetery Bradley, Burke W. 1970 Gardner Cemetery Bradley, Catherine (Garmire) 1906 Gardner Cemetery Bradley, Leah (Stine) 1984 Gardner Cemetery Bradley, Oatas L. 1929 Gardner Cemetery Bradley, William F. 1876 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, Alta “Goldeva” (Garrison) 2003 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Alta M. 1914 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Amanda L. 1969 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Anna Hinkle 1896 Clark Cemetery Bradshaw, Bobby D. 1972 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Earl Eugene 1991 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Ernest 1885 Pittsburg Cemetery Bradshaw, J. R. NDL Pittsburg Cemetery Bradshaw, Jack D. 2001 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, James C. 1962 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Jim 1983 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, Jimmie L. 1999 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, John Wesley 1947 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, L. G. 1922 Robinson Cemetery Bradshaw, Leo James 1994 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Bradshaw, Lottie 1968 Hermitage Cemetery Bradshaw, Martha 1883 Pittsburg Cemetery Bradshaw, Martha J. 1918 Pittsburg Cemetery Bradshaw, Mary Polly 1921 Robinson Cemetery Bradshaw, Peggy S. (Lovell) NDL Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, Richard 2001 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, Thomas 1883 Pittsburg Cemetery Bradshaw, Thomas 1940 Robinson Cemetery Bradshaw, William 1931 Robinson Cemetery Bradshaw, William 1962 Gardner Cemetery Bradshaw, Winnie I. 1998 Gardner Cemetery Brakebill, Iona 1868 Walker / Wright Cemetery Brakebill, Jacob B. 1889 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brakebill, Alpha 1964 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Clara B. 1964 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Ernest J. 1959 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Henry H. 1896 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, James A. 1895 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, James A. Jr. 1949 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Mary A. 1916 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Mauna L. 1962 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Mollie P. 1945 Fisher Cemetery Brakebill, Zula 1897 Fisher Cemetery Bramberg, Catrina M. 1887 Fairview Cemetery Bramberg, Ida 1887 Fairview Cemetery Bramberg, Jno. J. 1904 Fairview Cemetery Brandis, Durward Howe 1964 Hermitage Cemetery Branham, James 1981 Antioch Cemetery Branham, Martha E. 1954 Antioch Cemetery Branham, Samuel 1907 Antioch Cemetery Branham, William H. 1956 Antioch Cemetery Branham, Wilma 1987 Antioch Cemetery Branham, Ellen Peterson Clark 1953 Clark Cemetery Brannon, George A. 1874 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, Harry 1917 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, Infant twins NDL Old Pitts Cemetery, moved by Corps of Engineers Brannon, J.H. 1880 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, James 1872 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, Johnny 1944 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, Martha 1948 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, Mary 1857 Old Pitts Cemetery, moved by Corps of Engineers Brannon, Mary E. 1924 Antioch Cemetery Brannon, Barbara E. (Darby) NDL Nemo Cemetery Brannon, James L. 1988 Nemo Cemetery Brannon, S. F. 1891 Pittsburg Cemetery Bray, Delma 1986 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bray, Vern A. 1999 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bray, Elijah W. 1976 Clark Cemetery Bray, Gladys 1996 Clark Cemetery Bray, Jacob N. 1943 Clark Cemetery Bray, Lucy A. 1984 Clark Cemetery Bray, Sarah Ann 1903 Clark Cemetery Breazeale, Elizah J. 1959 Hermitage Cemetery Breazeale, Winifred M. 1966 Hermitage Cemetery Breck, M. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Breck, P. NDL Cross Timbers Cemetery Breedlove, David Cameron 1981 Robinson Cemetery Brenner, Alma Fern 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brenner, Lucille 2002 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brenner, Raymond O. 1961 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brenner, Wayne O. 1890 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brent, Dee 1979 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Elmer R. 1956 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Icel M. (Wilson) 1963 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, James B. 1989 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Joyce 1937 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Marcus 1934 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Mary 1913 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Mary Ellen (Capehart) 1955 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Mrs. Dee Brent 1990 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Romeo V. 1934 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brent, Sarah H. 1894 Dainley Tuck Farm Cemetery Brent, Sarah H. 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery Breshears, Amanda 1936 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Andrew Jackson Jr. 1952 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Andrew Jackson Sr. 1924 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Atsey 1888 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Aunte Rhode (slave) aft. 1878 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Berchie E. 1971 Sumner Cemetery Breshears, Berdet 1878 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Birchie M. 1939 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Birdie 1902 Jones Cemetery Breshears, C. Noel 1907 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Child NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Clarence NDL Jones Cemetery Breshears, Cora Lula 1962 Sumner Cemetery Breshears, Daughter NDL Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Effie Jane (Powell) 1920 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Eliza Ellen 1947 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Etta (Baugh) 1962 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Etta Frances 1956 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Etta Lula (Owen) 1949 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Eva L. (Crates) 1972 Sumner Cemetery Breshears, Everett Dean 1998 Cross Timbers Cemetery Breshears, Fratie E. (Henderson) 2003 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, George M. 1888 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Gould B. 1946 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Henery G. 1891 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, Henry B. 1948 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Henry Jr. 1860 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Infant son 1908 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Ivan N. 1978 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, James A. 1857 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, James A. 1871 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, James H. 1879 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, John Franklin 1956 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, John H. 1867 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, Joseph Dell 1955 Sumner Cemetery Breshears, Leander 1876 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, Leaner 1924 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Levi R. 1919 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Lige 1924 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Loie E. 1928 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, M. Myrtle (Button) 1911 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Mabel A. 1977 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Madison 1899 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Margaret 1864 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, Mary J. 1880 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Breshears, Mary J. (Parsley) 1940 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Maudie J. 1879 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Monroe Marcus 1909 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Odie R. 1987 Cross Timbers Cemetery Breshears, Olan 1937 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Ray 1998 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Roscoe D. 1978 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Samuel 1878 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Samuel 1930 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Samuel A. 1873 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, Sarah E. 1909 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Sarah E. NDL Jones Cemetery Breshears, Sarah Elizabeth 1909 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Stephen B. 1943 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Sylvia Jane 1898 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Thomas 1866 Pippins Cemetery Breshears, W. M. 1885 Jones Cemetery Breshears, Wane Eugene 1925 Jones Cemetery Breshears, William A. 1988 Sumner Cemetery Breshears, William R. 1937 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, William W. 1949 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Wm. James 1985 Sumner Cemetery Breshears, Zelma 1970 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Ada Ray 1964 Crutsinger Cemetery Breshears, Alva 1978 Crutsinger Cemetery Breshears, Amaranda (Paxton) 1944 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Aubra 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Barbara Dean 2002 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Blanche 1995 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Buell R. 1921 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Burnettie A. 1962 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Charles 2001 Fisher Cemetery Breshears, Eliza 1958 Gardner Cemetery Breshears, Emma J. 1899 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Eugene 1924 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Fannie 1962 Pittsburg Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Breshears, George W. 1927 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Gertrude 1966 Robinson Cemetery Breshears, Harold Dean 1993 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Harriett E. 1941 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Harry 1964 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Hettie F. 1973 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Hugh W. 1952 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Infant child NDL Gardner Cemetery Breshears, Infant daughter 1917 Gardner Cemetery Breshears, Infant son 1917 Gardner Cemetery Breshears, Isaac Lynn 1957 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, J. E. (Bud) 1991 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, James A. 1947 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, James H. 1955 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Jerry Gale 1997 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Breshears, Jessie Ruby 1919 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Josephine E. 1986 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, L. R. NDL Beyer Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Laura Lee NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Breshears, Lola 1918 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Lowell 2002 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Loyd 1992 Crutsinger Cemetery Breshears, Lucila J. 1884 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Mary A. 1890 Beyer Breshears Cemetery Breshears, Mealie (Southard) 1958 South New Home Cemetery Breshears, Michelle Lynn 1989 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Norris 1964 Gardner Cemetery Breshears, Norval J. 1994 Crutsinger Cemetery Breshears, Santford 1984 Robinson Cemetery Breshears, Seth Warren 1994 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Theodosia E. 1886 Macedonia Cemetery Breshears, Theresa Jean 1982 Robinson Cemetery Breshears, Vivian (Tuck) 2004 Crutsinger Cemetery Breshears, William Clarence 1975 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Breshears, William Robert 1944 Gardner Cemetery Bresheers, Emma V. 1881 Pippins Cemetery Bresheers, Leerhoi 1894 Pippins Cemetery Brewster, Edwin J. 1889 Fisher Cemetery Brewster, Elizabeth 1938 Fisher Cemetery Brewster, Ella M. 1889 Fisher Cemetery Brewster, Infants NDL Fisher Cemetery Brewster, Lena 1938 Fisher Cemetery Brewster, W. R. 1928 Fisher Cemetery Bricker, Jack Arthur 2000 Fisher Cemetery Bricker, John A. 1975 Fisher Cemetery Bricker, Laurie (Kays) NDL Fisher Cemetery Bricker, Marjorie “Dolly” 1979 Fisher Cemetery Bricker, Robert L. 1983 Fisher Cemetery Bridges, Frona Stout 1923 Antioch Cemetery Bridges, Rosa M. 1984 Antioch Cemetery Bridges, Albert N. 1939 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Daisy NDL Robinson Cemetery Bridges, Earnest 1909 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Elta M. NDL Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Gracie 1944 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Infant son 1908 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Lucretia 1908 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Olan 1913 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Othel C. 1977 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Rachel E. 1940 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Stella (Pope) 1961 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Virgil 1902 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, W. T. 1932 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Walter B. 1953 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bridges, Wm. T. 1895 Fisher Cemetery Briggs, Arthur 1958 Fairview Cemetery Briggs, William B. 1960 Robinson Cemetery Brinegar, Buford G. 1952 Robinson Cemetery Brinegar, Esther 1956 Robinson Cemetery Brinegar, George 1957 Robinson Cemetery Briner, Leroy (Roy) 1951 Dooly Bend Cemetery Briscoe, Rose Zetta (O'Bryan) 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Bristow, M. B. 1893 Robinson Cemetery Bristow, Susan L. NDL Robinson Cemetery Britton, Julia 1931 Crutsinger Cemetery Britton, Rev. G. W. 1948 Crutsinger Cemetery Britz, Dorothy P. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Britz, Nicklos Peter 1984 Robinson Cemetery Britz, Robert W. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Britz, Ronald E. 1990 Robinson Cemetery Britz, Stella A. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Broadt, Lewis C. 2003 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brock, David NDL Clark Cemetery Brock, David E. 1912 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brock, Thomas 1891 Clark Cemetery Brock, W. H. 1906 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brock, William NDL Clark Cemetery Brooks, Baby 1920 Fairview Cemetery Brooks, Edward L. 1970 Fairview Cemetery Brooks, Effie M. 1937 Fairview Cemetery Brooks, Elmoore 1887 Hayden Cemetery Brooks, Glen 1929 Fairview Cemetery Brooks, Henry Floyd 1910 Fairview Cemetery Brooks, Sarah Vanie 1908 Fairview Cemetery Brooks, Viola Chlaretta 1919 Fairview Cemetery Brookshire, Twin sons 1892 Sumner Cemetery Brookshire, Charles C. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Elsie P. 1984 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Harriett M. 1933 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Henry Clay M.D. 1928 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Henry Lee 1963 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Mabel L. 1989 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Nancy J. 1966 Robinson Cemetery Brookshire, Roy L. 1934 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Artie NDL Dooly Bend Cemetery Brown, Bertha M. (Scott) 1907 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Cyrus Glenn 1986 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Daughter 1877 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Brown, David F. 1892 Sumner Cemetery Brown, Eurela 1971 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Fay A. 1981 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Frank 1939 Bethel / Harper Cemetery Brown, Harriett E. 1937 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Henry H. 1883 Walker / Wright Cemetery Brown, Hoyt E. 1963 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, J. S. NDL Walker / Wright Cemetery Brown, James A. 1869 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Brown, James J. 1977 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Brown, Jesse C. 1961 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Brown, Jesse L. 1996 Sumner Cemetery Brown, John Henry 1962 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Laura B. 1970 Avery/Breshears Cemetery Brown, Lillard E. 1947 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Lucille 19?2 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brown, Margaret J. 1875 Walker / Wright Cemetery Brown, Mary E. 1892 Sumner Cemetery Brown, Minnie Bell 1964 Cross Timbers Cemetery Brown, Mollie 1869 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Brown, Mrs. NDL Jones Cemetery Brown, Sarah J. 1875 Walker / Wright Cemetery Brown, Ted V. Jr. 1998 Dooly Bend Cemetery Brown, William C. 1854 Cook / Pine Tree / Lone Pine Cemetery Brown, A. 1890 Hermitage Cemetery Brown, A. F. 1946 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Annie 1892 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, B. E. 1881 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Brown, Baby NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Barton L. 1985 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Benjamin A. 1959 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Bernie 1899 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Bertha 1933 Fairview Cemetery Brown, Berty C. 1885 Hermitage Cemetery Brown, Charles O. 1909 Souders Cemetery Brown, Charles W. 1966 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Claude E. 1971 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Cordelia M. NDL Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Dawna C. NDL Hermitage Cemetery Brown, Doris G. NDL Fairview Cemetery Brown, Edd 1956 Souders Cemetery Brown, Elijah P. 1911 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Eliza A. 1895 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Eliza A. 1896 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Eliza J. 1921 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Ella B. 1879 Weaubleau Congregational Church Cemetery Brown, Elsie M. 2000 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Emmitt D. 1924 Crutsinger Cemetery Brown, Erma L. (Bybee) 2000 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Francis K. 1906 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Gentry 1966 Souders Cemetery Brown, Glen R. NDL Robinson Cemetery Brown, Guy M. 1988 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Helen 1916 Souders Cemetery Brown, Helen J. (Strauch) Brown-Denchfield 1996 Jordan Cemetery Brown, Henry H. 1877 Tillery Cemetery Brown, Ida E. 1947 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Infant 1891 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Infant 1893 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Infant 1938 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Infant daughter 1919 Souders Cemetery Brown, James C. 1901 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Jane 1879 Tillery Cemetery Brown, Jean E. NDL Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Jennie 1946 Crutsinger Cemetery Brown, Jewel C. (Parke) 1971 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Brown, John B. 1886 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Jonas 1868 Jonas Brown Cemetery Brown, Kimberly A. 1958 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Laura 1955 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Laura Ann 1949 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Laurel H. 1992 Hermitage Cemetery Brown, Lee 1910 Nemo Cemetery Brown, Lena B. 1969 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Leonard J. 1992 Jordan Cemetery Brown, Leonard John 1992 Jordan Cemetery Brown, Lester Dean 1986 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Louis C. 1859 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Lucinda 1892 Dainley Tuck Farm Cemetery Brown, Margaret J. (Lively) 1911 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Marsha Colleen 1978 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Mary J. 1868 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Mary M. 1930 Souders Cemetery Brown, Melvin 1955 Souders Cemetery Brown, Merle C. Sr. 1990 Hermitage Cemetery Brown, Milton S. 1867 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Myrtle 1905 Tillery Cemetery Brown, Nancy R. 1884 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Nancy R. 1926 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Nancy S. 1864 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Naomi J. 1902 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Nellie D. Griffin 1934 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Nellie M. 1972 Fisher Cemetery Brown, Nettie Moore 2001 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Nona 1976 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Nora B. 1909 Tillery Cemetery Brown, Ollie 1949 Souders Cemetery Brown, Orval T. 1940 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Perry C. 1956 Robinson Cemetery Brown, Robert N. 1997 Hermitage Cemetery Brown, Sarah J. 1932 Fairview Cemetery Brown, Sarah L. 1901 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, Stephen W. 1884 Rountree Cemetery Brown, Thomas M. 1868 Pittsburg Cemetery Brown, W. H. 1926 Fairview Cemetery Brown, Walter A. 1946 Fisher Cemetery Brown, William A. 1928 Souders Cemetery Brown, William Aubert 1963 Robinson Cemetery Brown, William B. 1932 Durnell Chapel Cemetery Brown, Willis F. 1952 Fairview / Butcher Cemetery Brown, Woodrow W. 1981 Fairview Cemetery Brownfield, Patricia R. 1996 Dooly Bend Cemetery Browning, Florence Ellison 1963 Hermitage Cemetery Browning, George William 1965 Hermitage Cemetery Browning, Roy 1947 Hermitage Cemetery Browning, Ruby May 1962 Hermitage Cemetery Brownlee, Anna H. 1874 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brownlee, George G. 1894 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brownlee, Hon. Alex W. 1889 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brownlee, Jane A. (Goodrich) 1932 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brownlee, M. L. Larue 1879 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brownlee, Robert H. 1893 Mt. Zion Cemetery Brownlee, Robert H. 1934 Mt. Zion Cemetery Bruce, Maxine Lenora (Staten) 2003 Gardner Cemetery Brummer, Jacob E. 1898 Gerber Cemetery Bruner, Alvin T. 1954 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bruner, Everett Chaney 1976 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bruner, Everett E. 1970 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bruner, Lou C. 1973 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bruner, Martha 1960 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bruner, Maye E. 1949 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bruner, Wilbur Y. 1964 Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Bryan, Hugh M. 1987 Liberty Cemetery Bryan, Lois C. 1994 Liberty Cemetery Bryant, Wanda 1991 Dooly Bend Cemetery Bryant, Clara A. 1957 Robinson Cemetery Bryant, David C. 1960 Robinson Cemetery
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