1850 Hickory County Mortality Schedule
1850 Hickory County Mortality Schedule
Name Age Mrrd/ Born Month Occupation Cause Days Ill Widow Died of Death BRIGGS, William R 2y MO Sep Chronic 12m BURTON, Nancy J 23y Md MO Oct Typhoid Fever 60d COOPER, James E 1y MO Oct Scarlet Fever 26d CRANE, Mary E 1y MO Oct Whooping Cough 20d DOOLEY, Henry E 52y Md GA Nov Farmer Typhoid Fever 31d EDDE, Polly 52y Md KY Nov Rheumatism 20d GILMAN, George W 54y Md VA Apr Blacksmith Typhoid Fever 19d GLANVILLE, Mary J 11/12m MO Feb Pneumonia 30d HATFIELD, Aletha 5y MO Mar Scarlet Fever 3d HUFFMAN, Samuel 26y Md MO Dec Farmer Typhoid Fever 6d LITTLE, William T 17y IN Sep Appr. Blacksmith Accident Sudden MARSH, John J 44y Md SC Jan Farmer Infl. of head 5d MILLS, John G 44y Md TN Aug Farmer Typhoid Fever 10d MURPHY, Alexander 50y Md PA Apr Distiller Accident 5d MURRAY, Mary 32y Md KY Jul Cholera 1d PALMAR, Columbus W 2y MO May Worms 7d PITTS, Americus T 2m MO Oct Inflammation 9d PITTS, John 67y Md SC Jan Farmer Pneumonia 20d SHOOK, Mary 1/12m MO Nov Croup 5d TAYLOR, Samuel 49y Md KY Dec Farmer Pneumonia 21d WOODS, Matilda 36y Md KY Jul Consumption 5m YORK, Elizabeth 61y Md PA Jun Unreadable 60d
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