Greene County Burial Index

Index of Burials in Greene County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Greene County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page. Lafollett, W. Kerr Cemetery Lafollette, Fronia Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Julia A. Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Nancy E. Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Samuel M. Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Seigle Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Velta Leo Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Willie Blades Chapel Cemetery Lafollette, Willie A. Blades Chapel Cemetery Lair, Jerald Dean Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lakey, Margaret Kerr Cemetery Landers, W.T. Fulton Cemetery Laney, C.C. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Cora E. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Elizabeth Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Ephraim Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Eurit V. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, James A. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, John Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Laverne Lois Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Margaret Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Mary E. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Sarah J. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Thomas P. Blades Chapel Cemetery Laney, Vasco B. Blades Chapel Cemetery Lebolt, Abe D. Temple Israel Cemetery Lebolt, David Levy Temple Israel Cemetery Lebolt, Della Levy Temple Israel Cemetery Lebolt, Irma Temple Israel Cemetery Lebolt, J.D. Temple Israel Cemetery Lebolt, Meyer E. Temple Israel Cemetery Lebolt, Mildred H. Temple Israel Cemetery Lee, Sarah F. Kinser/Lee Cemetery Lee, Thomas B. Kinser/Lee Cemetery Leeper, Andrew Squibb Cemetery Leeper, John H. Squibb Cemetery Leeper, Melissa Squibb Cemetery Leeper, Susan Squibb Cemetery Levistein, Leopold Temple Israel Cemetery Levitch, Lillie M. Temple Israel Cemetery Levy, Henrietta Temple Israel Cemetery Levy, Moses Temple Israel Cemetery Levy, Tess R. Temple Israel Cemetery Librach, Joe Temple Israel Cemetery Liebman, Helen Lasker Temple Israel Cemetery Likins, Fred Garoutte Cemetery Likins, Mary A. (Owens) Garoutte Cemetery Lipman, Ben Temple Israel Cemetery Lipman, Rose Temple Israel Cemetery Logan, Abigail J. Kinser/Lee Cemetery Logan, D.M. Kinser/Lee Cemetery Long, Archie (Richie) Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, Clementine Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, Daughter Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, George T. Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, Infant daughter Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, Olen Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, Otis Paul Cedar Bluff Cemetery Long, William F. Cedar Bluff Cemetery Looney, P.C. Cedar Bluff Cemetery Loope, D. J. Kerr Cemetery Lotven, Jacob Temple Israel Cemetery Lotven, Mildred C. (Raymond) Temple Israel Cemetery Lotven, Morris Temple Israel Cemetery Lotven, Sophia Ruth (Silverman) Temple Israel Cemetery Lovett, Charles G. Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Commodore Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Didama Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Floyd Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, G. Rosetta Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Infant son Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Lovetta J. Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Michael G. Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Ruth Crum Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Stanford Garoutte Cemetery Lovett, Valentine Garoutte Cemetery Lowe, Dortha Mae (Davis) Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lowe, Elvin Franklin Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lowe, Joann Claudia Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lowery, Terry E. Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lowery, Wallace Gene Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lowery, Wreatha Juanita Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Loyd, Alice Kerr Cemetery Loyd, Eli Kerr Cemetery Loyd, Rose Marie Kerr Cemetery Loyd, Sarah J. Kerr Cemetery Loyd, William Oscar Kerr Cemetery Lucas, Albert L. Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Lurie, Edward Samuel Temple Israel Cemetery Lurie, Jeanette Miller Temple Israel Cemetery Lurie, Sidney Eugene Temple Israel Cemetery Luther, Riley S. Cedar Bluff Cemetery

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